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It's Worst Than You Think
Dramatis Personae

Thorne and Tucker

27 October, 2015



They're on a bit of a time crunch. In the 'we don't want these things to get out' sort of way. So as soon as Audrey was aware Tucker was visiting the woman at the hospital, she sent word for him to stop by her place after. It's a bit after dinner, but she said there'd be food. And indeed, there is the smell of it once he's let in the door. That unmistakeable, ever-loved smell of pizza. Through the parlor, to the kitchen, and there it is on the island. Pizza and a six-pack of beer. Something local. A porter. Bit heavy, but goes well with the dinner of choice.

Thorne grabs a slice, a beer, and settles into one of the chairs at the island. "Alright, so what've you got? I plan to sit down with Mike once more before we delve in, so anything I can bring will help decide how we handle this."

Tucker grunts as Thorne takes a seat. "Nice place you got here. Beats the shit out of my apartment." There's a flash of an amused smile as he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out his notepad. "There's a slight problem. The lady at the hospial? She's out and I couldn't get her contact information. She was very hesitant to get involved when I first talked to her, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I did, however, run into another one of the women from that night."

Flipping open his notebook, he glances down and reads: "Aislinn Joshi. She was the redhead with the very defined jaw that I was telling you and Mike about. She was acquainted with one of the other women who was there that night, a woman who died though I didn't see it, I was busy fighting the teethmonster thing. The vic's is Anya Joshi."

There's a notepad and paper nearby and Thorne reaches over to grab it. She chews on her pizza as Tucker speaks, making a somewhat frustrated sound that the woman in the hospital was unreachable. "Well, maybe whatever she saw scared her bad enough that she won't say anything to anyone." The names given are jotted down, lips pursing in a frown. "Her sister, then? That's no good. How's she doing? Aislinn Joshi. Anya Joshi. I'll get their names to Mike. He may be able to do something... for them, or about them." Thorne shrugs, vaguely. The slice is set down and the already-opened beer picked up. She takes a long swig. "Alright, so what'd Aislinn have to say about things? How's she handling her sister? Has the body been recovered? ...Is there a body?"

"Sister? Oh, no. Wife." Tucker says with a nod. "They were married, but she does seem to be managing things better than I would've thought someone in her position would handle them. I don't think she'll talk the media or anything about what happened. In fact, she seemed to wonder how I would have reported such a thing. As to what she had to say? Well, I'm afraid that you're not going to like it. I guess she was paying better attention to things than I was, she said she counted at least eighteen of the creature-things."

"Married. Oh." Audrey looks briefly embrrassed, but drowns it under some alcohol. "Well, then. She might be in shock. A few more notes. One altered. "Wonder what she might know, if she was asking how you were going to report it. Either way, whatever names we gather of people there should be passed along to Mike." Another sip, then she's finishing off her slice of pizza. Mind, she almost chokes on it at the last. A coughing fit later: "Eighteen?!"

"I agree that Mike should be given the names." Tucker grunts and nods as Thorne almost chokes on her pizza. He glances down at his notes and then says, "She said she saw around six in the lighted areas and maybe another dozen in the parts of the warehouse that were especially dark. Do you want to hear more bad news?" He looks up, waiting for her to finish her slice off before telling her the next part.

"Shit." Thorne wipes the back of her wrist across her mouth. She picks up her beer and downs a bit to clear her throat. A slight shake of her head and a sigh as she gestures to Tucker with the bottle. "Go on. Let's get it all out. This is all good intel. If there's that many of them, three or four of us may not cut it."

Tucker nods and dives right in. "Her thoughts on the events? That whoever is behind it kidnapped us to be used as prey as part of some training exercise for the creatures. She said that they were being taught how to kill groups of people." He gives Thorne a look. "I think this all got much, much worse. I'm glad I got to talk to her, because I'll be honest, I was too busy trying to keep one of the things from biting my head off to get this much out of it."

"Oh, lovely. Remember what I said when you brought it to Mike and I? That I wondered if the lesson was for them, not you. Like how predators train their young." Thorne doesn't seem surprised. Unhappy, but not surprised. She jots down some more notes, chewing on her lower lip for a moment. Beer is lifted, the rest drained. She sets down the pen and reaches for another bottle and the opener. "That does imply they may be young, inexperienced. Might work in our favor. But it lends to the need to get out there ASAP."

"I agree. I've tried to get in touch with Dash but he seems to be in the office when I'm out of it and out of the office when I'm in it." Tucker shrugs, shaking his head. It was the way of things wasn't it? "I'm not sure what the plan is from here, but just let me know and I'll tag along. It will feel much better to shoot one than to hit it with an old and rusted tool."

"I'll get ahold of Dash, even if I need to get his address from personnel and swing by his place. I'll also make it abundantly clear that he is to follow orders and behave himself." Thorne takes a long drink, closing her eyes for a moment. Her lips move after she swallows, but her words aren't spoken. Nope, it's silent. Like a prayer to self, perhaps. Finally, she continues: "We'll shoot 'em. Burn 'em. Whatever needs be done."

Tucker nods, flipping his notebook closed and standing up, slipping the notebook into his coat pocket as he does so. "Sounds good. Let me know if there's anything else I can do between now and then. I'll try to see if I can't try and find either the girl from the hospital or one of the others and get any more information." A pause. "Shit, it almost makes you wonder what else is going on and how things like drug smuggling are even a problem compared to shit like this. I mean, I'm not saying that we shouldn't be out there solving other crimes, not saying that at all... it's just... ya know?"

There's a quiet laugh from Thorne, almost under her breath. "Tucker, look... I don't feel like I'm the best one to go into it right now, but there's shit out there. Shit you probably thought was just in movies." The woman lifts a hand, pushing fingers through her hair. "You still remember everything for now, so someone thinks it's worth you knowing. Just... keep your eyes open. Things aren't always what they seem." A pause as she takes a long drink. "For example? Vampires? Totally real, apparently."

"Jesus." He reaches up and rubs at his temples. "Are we talking Twilight vampires or are we talking about Blade vampires? No, nevermind that we don't need to have that conversation right now. I'll take your word on this for now. I'm already having enough nightmares about some of this shit so I'll wait for those to go away before trying to find out what else is true or isn't true. Anyway, give me a ring if you need anything." He turns to leave and go drink himself to sleep.

"Fuck if I know. I'm guessing not the sparkling kind, since I hear they're fuckers only worth being destroyed." Thorne shifts slightly in her chair before getting to her feet. "Anything you come across, anything that seems weird... Let me know, yeah? I'll see what I can do. Me or Mike, really." She makes to follow hi to the door.