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It's A Thing
Dramatis Personae

18 July, 2015

Part of The Abyssal Temple


And so a coven of wizards find themselves in the less than reputable parts of town, the sky is covered in dark clouds and what little sunlight comes through almost makes the world seem grey. Here especially is located under one of the highway bridges settled going out of the city. It is a known spot for the less fortunate to gather, small camps of tents and improvides sheds spread around even a few actual vacant buildings at the far side.

The girl they are after, far as Sand was able to gather with a few dollar bills, dropping names and some asshole remarks is called Jessica and apparantly sleeps here. The man he spoke with last seemed the superstitious kind and seemes -afraid- of the woman, and told them to stay far away from her.

Who listens to that stuff anyway?

Now coming up on the parking lot just before the 'camps', even now during the day thirty or so people are loitering here. Sleeping, watching TV on some old box thing, drinking and that one guy in the corner is probably doing drugs.

Sand has a way with words. And people. Well, people like this. So with a rag tag group of magical miscreants, including his longtime cabal homie, Sand finds himself in hobo town. He's been here before. Sleeping one off, making friends and getting his shoes stolen. The suit clad Libertine cups his hands around cigarette and lighter. Sparking up as he surveys the ramshackle establishment the cities down and out have cobbled together. "Should have brought an extra pair of shoes." Taking a long drag, he glances to those gathered before upnodding to their destination. "She's in there, boys. Try not to spook the herd or she might bolt. Anybody got a few more bucks on 'em? I'm tapped."

"Yeah, sure, man," Urverk said as he slipped him a twenty dollar bill. A beat-up one at that. "I'll try to be careful."

Always act like you're part of the group, Urverk thought. This wouldn't be hard. He was not homeless, but he was the next best thing: working class. He walked up to the television where the guys were sitting, took a seat himself as casually as he could manage, and...nothing. Just paying attention, looking for any interesting women, doing some crazy shaman shit.

Weird things anywhere nearby? Sounds like a reason to roll out of bed for Gregory, and with his hair vaguely ruffled into an acceptable shape he shambles his way to the place of disturbances. He at least doesn't smell like one of the street people, he's even showered and his clothing is clean. "Mmm, I love the smell of weird in the..." glancing at the sky, he scrunches his eyes a moment. "daytime. Yeah, daytime." He rubs his nose with the back of a hand though as he makes a face. "Less the smell of what's around the weird though. Can probably toss in a couple bucks though if it helps." Glancing back at the herd, he hrms and looks to Sand. "How less spooky should we be? Go full on boring?"

Kato is keenly interested in anyone who goes around spooking crooks and streetfolks, considering that his own wheelhouse. He hooks up with the other mages, dressed in an embroidered violet smoking jacket, a pair of leopard print lounge pants, and sneakers -- all well-worn and ratty -- and carrying his cumbersome 'cane' slung over his shoulder. "I have money," he says around the wooden tip of a black & mild. He glances at Sand. "For this specific purpose, not to just share around."

Reaching in to the inner pocket of his jacket, Azrael pulls out a folded set of bills held in metallic money clip. The bills are handed off as the well dressed mage in his tailored suit takes a moment to look around. "I'm sure we can find you some shoes if you're not to picky on the smell. Or, I can seek out the one that robed you and get'em back." A smirk is given at that as Azrael combs his fingers through his dark beard. "Let me bum a smoke." Reaching out for the crumpled pack he knows his cabal mate has the bearded mage gives the others a polite nod of his head in greeting.

This seemed like an obvious proposition. The goal was to find her. If there was trouble, well, figure that out later. So he decided to use the best approach: cast a spell. If she was a Mage, she'd know. And if she wasn't, well, he'd be able to find out soon enough. Staring into that television, and zoning out a bit just like the crowd, he attempted to cast Second Sight. The Mage spell.

Scoring a twenty from one, he holds out his hand for more from Kato. "Yeah, for this specific purpose." Sand assures. Free hand adjusting his sunglasses, he soon manages to add Azrael's cash to the pot before he hands off a pack of cheap menthols from his inside jacket pocket. "Nah, man. Those shoes are long gone. Brother Quiet, hook a brother up and let's get in there. See if we can find our gal. Shouldn't be that hard. Just ask around for any weirdness or about who to avoid. I'll take up with the guy snortin' over there."

They earn a few odd looks, but in general the locals don't seem mind, giving them wide berth. Except Urverk who settles in with the three men by the box TV, they shift and stare at him. "What do you want?" one asks, a middle aged man in a coat with a lazy eye. There's a clear sense of him and his companions being well, nervous.

With all the bills going to Sand already, Greg keeps his pocket money pocketed at least as he has a look about. "Right, super boring, look around for a weird lady, triple check." Shoving his hands in his pockets he shrugs his shoulders in and does his best to look small and not worth noticing as he adjusts his steps to the cracks in the minds of the world around him and keeping his eyes pealed.

Kato eyeballs Sand, reaching lazily into an inner pocket of his jacket and producing a couple of bills to hand off to Sand. "Lead the way, Sandman," he says with a jerk of his chin, perfectly willing to let a more gregarious person take point. He's more of the joint-breaker type.

"Right now, I just want to sit here for a minute," he said. He looked him in the eye. "I don't mean any harm. Just let me be for a bit."

Since he is looking for something strange -- hopefully something supernatural -- he starts with this man. Maybe his female heuristic wasn't right. But if this guy doesn't check out, he's turning to one of the women. He stares this man in the face, trying to keep it civil, but looking tired. Or hopefully, anyway. That's up to this guy to interpret.

With Kato's money, Sand pockets the whole wad of bills with absolutely no intention whatsoever of using it for this goal. He has some bets on the line tonight and tomorrow, after all. Taking one last drag, he drops his smoke and starts toward the crowd. Not doing a thing to make himself less noticeable. He's one of the Southside Kings, baby. The streets are his bag. So into the crowd he goes to start asking around. Nothing too forceful, he hopes... Sometimes he has a problem with taking his own advice.

Taking the offered pack, Azrael shakes one of the filtered ends loose from the pack and pulls it free with his lips. The pack is handed back and then he's sparking the cigarette to life, puffing until the cherry blazes brightly and the air about him is full of cigarette smoke. Plucking the cigarette from his lips he gives Sand a nod and then slips a couple of ones free from the man's grasp. Moving to where Urverk sits he hands off the bills to the men the mage sits with for their trouble then makes motions with his hands toward Urverk and makes a face like, "What can you do?" Shaking his head he moves back to where Sand stands and shrugs, "Let's get a move on. Should we ask around or just walk?"

The three men just look at Urverk and then shift, shaking their heads they never the less leave him be, and don't move the TV atleast, not yet. The show on is an old rerun of Spongebob Squarepants. Meanwhile Sand leads his crusade of .. asking nicely? And a few short choice conversations, eventually lead him to a fellow called George, big man in his thirties who is sat on the side holding a bottle in a paperbag staring at a wall. And as they approach he squints at them "What do you want?"

Nothing. Nothing there. Urverk looked at him in the eye for a nother moment, and said, "I just want to sit, okay? It doesn't have to be a big deal."

He turned away, trying not to start a fight just yet, and looked into the crowd for the first woman that catches his eye. Since they're mostly men, if Jessica is in this crowd, she'll be identifiable.

Georgie. Target acquired. See? Didn't even have to pull a knife on anybody. Maybe he's settling down in his old age. Or maybe he's just painfully sober and doesn't mind a lazy route. So to George he goes. He doesn't offer cash, he's keeping that. Credit or no. A sharp, shrill and brief whistle hopefully gets Azrael's attention. Maybe some more of the group. If not? Him and George have a chat to get down to. He does, however, offer the man a cigarette as he lights up yet another for himself. "George. Sand. Got a minute?"

As they move off a look is given to Kato as he taps Sand with his cane. Azrael looks between the two men but doesn't speak, instead he follows to give George a look with one dark brow raised. That whistle got his attention though and he looks from Sand to the man they came to speak to. A slow look is given to look him over, checking for weapons or other signs of danger before allowing his gaze to move over their surroundings.

George squints at Sand, before he nods "Sand." a brief look to his company and he raises a brow as he takes a drink from his paperbag "Bringing a whole posse? What you here for?" he snorts, as he shifts to face them. Tugging his jacket closer around himself.

With a whistle from Sand to draw them over, Gregory meanders closer not that anyone particularly cares about captain boring. George is at least an interesting fellow to keep track of, possibly. This was all being far less weird than he was promised, and mostly smellier. He does smile at the idea of being in a posse though.

Only two women in this whole damn camp? Okay. That makes sense, maybe. Women don't stay homeless for long anymore, that's for sure. So it's time to try a different approach. What that approach is, is left up in the air. He decided to actually watch the Spongebob rerun unironically for a moment, to think about it. I mean, if this guy had a real beef with him sitting there, he would've kept up on it.

"Good episode," he remarked. "I remember this from when I was a kid."

"What can I say, George? I love an audience." There's no smile from Sand. His tone is flat, bored. Sobriety doesn't suit this man one bit. "You mighta heard of me. Might not have. Don't care. What I do care about is lookin' for a girl. Little weird. Maybe a little scared shitless. You help me out and my buddies here will hook you up."

George gives Sand a sceptical look, but the hooking of the up seems to catch his attention. "I know some people, this girl got a name? Helps. - Are a lot of scared girls around this city you know." he sighs and casts a look down the road. "Twenty bucks." he finally says. "And you telling me why you're after her, and I'll help you out. - Won't be part of any sick shit."

Kato puffs on his cigar, the sweet smoke helping with the smell. He peers through the fumes, making out the semi-substantial forms of beings in the Twilight realm around them, keeping one ear open as Sand talks to his contact.

Something else strikes Urverk's mind. Maybe he could look past the Gauntlet. He stares into that television as the image becomes more symbolic, more otherworldly, like one might imagine a television program on magic mushrooms looked like. He gulped, as it got more intense. More real, even though it wasn't. He was going to see what was on the other side, and he was going to see it through that screen. A view of the world on the other side. The other other side, not the one Kato wanted to peer into.

Peering into the whole scene that was his environment through that television, what did he see? What part of this area had the most... interesting, resonances, and why?

Sand gestures to Kato and Azrael before he upnods to George. "You heard the man. Make him comfortable for a little while." Taking a hard drag off his smoke, he plucks it from his lips and nods in agreement. "Jessica, I think. Been around and around, not staying too stationary. Heard she might be -here-." Tapping ash off his smoke, he shakes his head. "No sick shit, brother. I pay for that on my own dime and my own time. Want to help her out. She's in a bit of a spot, you know? Call it a favor that she doesn't know we owe her."

There are a few ghosts lingering here, three exactly. A young woman lingering outside the vacant buildings out at the far side of the 'camp', pale and filthy she soon after vanishes through the wall. Beyond that two men, eerily similar hovering above the man sat at the side, sniffing from what appears to be glue. The two men are clad in suits, but mangled and broken bones poke through and bones.

Nodding to Sand with a smile the bearded mage taps Kato on the shoulder and says, "Pay the man." Nodding his head Azrael takes a heavy drag from his cigarette while listening to George speaking.

Kato does not appear to be even slightly amused by Sand and Azrael. He studies the ghosts present for a moment, then looks to Sand. "Pay your contact, before I do," He says, hefting his cane off his shoulder and wrapping his hand around the shaft of polished bone, preparing the 'cane' to be swung.

"Jessica." George repeats handily "Might know about her yeah. - No sick shit? Fair enough, you should be able to find her with Elizabeth, she takes care of girls, mostly runaways and the sort." he gestures with his bottle towards the rundown vacant buildings. "In there, doesn't take too kindly to people asking for them though. - Lot of violent dicks and sick psychos out there." he sips from his bottle.

A nod of thanks to George and Sand gestures to the building that the man pointed out for them so helpfully. "Well. There you go, boys. Go rescue the damsel in distress. Don't be dicks about it either." That said, he takes a seat next to George and sparks up a joint. Yup. Sand's work here is done. Time to get high and hang out with some homeless dudes.

Continues to peer into that television. "Good episode," he repeats himself, murmuring softly this, looking deeper and deeper, like he is going down a rabbit into an alien place with alien rules. Everything is novel there, but he was looking for something that distinguishes itself. Something about this place that doesn't quite fit in with the homeless hobo routine. Something... off.

Does he find it?

Kato relaxes his grip on his cane, shouldering it once more as George gives up the goods. He almost looks disappointed -- speaking of violent dicks and sick psychos -- but it's not easy to tell with that stony face.

Following the line of the bottle towards the vacant buildings, Gregory tilts his head. "Good to know." He nods a bit to himself as he glances towards the others, then raises a brow at Sand. "You aren't curious all? Ah well, I'm sure you'll find out later." He offers a little wave to the now drugging fellow and offers a shrug before heading towards the indicated building, hoping there wont be any...unpleasantness.

Azrael gives a slight salute to Sand as the man drops out of the group once his work is done. Nodding to George the bearded mage pays the man for his trouble and then clasps him on the shoulder to leave him hanging out with his cabal mate to burn one. Nodding to the group he then motions with his head in the direction they should travel before smiling to Kato. "Keep it up, you'll learn how we got our reputations. Or if you prefer you and I can speak alone once the work is concluded and I'll show you just where that cane belongs on your person." A teasing wink follows those words and then he's heading off.

The pointed at houses, vacant and rundown are present. Walls covered in graffiti, an older woman is stood outside smoking currently, talking in a cellphone but it seems otherwise unremarkable. A short stair leading up to the main door.

Kato walks after Gregory, glancing askance at Azrael at the teasing. "You are a very funny man," he says seriously, "And you are welcome to try me any time, funny man." He looks ahead, studying the graffiti that they pass, then glances towards the door. He nods Gregory on.

This woman might be her. So it's time to give her a good look. A careful one. He glanced around to make sure he wasn't being watched too closely. If he wasn't, if someone wasn't about to come at him, he would scrutinize her, as well. This might be it. This might be the one. If not, she's not to be worried about *too* much.

Making a little gesture that he would try and go ahead of the others, Gregory does as he gestured. Figuring that he may wish to just press his luck, he makes his face look like he was soul deadened inside and slouches slightly more in on himself. If he was lucky then cellphone listening lady wouldn't even Care he was there in the first place, let alone impede his progress.

A simple nod is the only response that Kato gets from Azrael as the mage takes a final drag from his cigarette. The smoke is held within his lungs as he drops it to the ground and then crushes it out under the sole of his boot. Unbuttoning his suit jacket the bearded mage looks at the rest of the group before following Gregory's lead to head inside.

Gregory heads inside without any issue, it looks like an old apartment building which was shut down for now rather obvious reasons, cracks in the walls and paint peeling, broken pieces of metal on the stair to the second floor which could impale a man and only every third or so lightbulb seems to actually work. There is the sound of people inside though, moving on the second floor and further in here. Muffled conversations by distance.

Kato brings up the rear, keeping his eyes peeled for threats on either side of the curtain.

Urverk was already there by the time Gregory got in. "This place is important," Urverk said to them. "Be careful."

He quickly glances over the Gauntlet for obvious threats here. But he keeps his eyes and his ears here. It's just a glance.

As they step inside the building, Azrael pulls one of his throwing knives free from the bandolier hidden beneath his jacket. The blade rests easily in his right hand and with his left he pulls the handheld LED flashlight free should it get any darker. A look is given around their surroundings before he looks to Urverk to ask, "Important? Is this a gut feeling or do you have some information to provide to the rest of us?"

With the others around him, Gregory places a few fingers against his temple as he concentrates, his mind reaching out to the other minds on the floor, flowing around and over and through the various inconsistencies in space that makes up the surroundings.

Blinking a few times, Gregory rubs his eyes with his palms for a moment. Still looking somewhat spacey, his hand points up in the direction of the twisted thought process. "I think the one we seek is on the second floor. They stand separate and disjointed from the rest of the world. There are three others though, so be careful I guess not to disturb them." The gesture hopefully conveying the location of the room on the floor well enough.

Urverk decides that even though it will carry this weight on him, it's worth it to push himself in terms of his spell carrying ability. He decided to put up a shield. Just in case something bad happened. Just in case.

"I'll lead the way..." he said, as he cast the spell, and began going up the stairs. Quietly, slowly, and alertly...

Azrael listens to the other speak and once the location of their target is pointed out he gives a smile. "Good work." he says simply to the mage and then pauses to let Urverk lead the way. More than willing to let the over eager mage take the first position he follows with his knife and flashlight at the ready.

Coming up the stairs behind the others, Gregory gestures down the hall to the left. With a lowered voice "That is the one we seek I think. We may want to... be surreptitious with doors open. They can probably hear us if we're too noisey." He thinks a moment, "Unless any of you can make it quiet?" He glances to Quietus with a minor bit of expectation.

Kato considers Gregory, then shrugs. "The best I can do is to improve the hinges and latch. Perhaps that will be sufficient." At any rate, it's the most he can manage.

He peers into the room that has the two women chatting, but then looks at the two other Mages with him, and nods. He found the building. This other guy found the woman. Now this third one can get us in her room.

"Yeah," he said. "Let's try that.""

Standing on the second level with his knife held in a concealed grip in his right hand and his flashlight in his left, Azrael looks back to Gregory and lifts a brow before moving to the door. A look is given to it and then the handle before he places his hand on the knob and gives it the barest hint of a turn to check the lock. Shaking his head he steps back and puts his flashlight in his hand. Getting his knife read and in a throwing stance he motions to Urverk to open it.

Kato reaches out, touching two fingers to the portal, focusing his will for a moment. He steps back, giving a nod.

Gregory stands to the side of the door, and at Kato's nod he breaths softly and twists at the handle in a slow and controlled manner. It's almost as if the little mysterium mage was a Sneak or something...

Opening the door, inside is a rundown two room apartment, a kitchen and bedroom. On the bed is a young blonde woman in her 20s, pale and thin as a stick, skirt and blouse. Her stomach swollen with the veins presseing against the skin. She is sweating and her eyes closed, mumbling in either her sleep or in her fever. Either way she looks quite ill.

He walked in, slowly, as quietly as he could. Which wasn't that quiet, but still, about as quiet as the other guys. He looked at the two men who showed up with, and then at the woman. Back at them, and then at the woman. He put his finger up to his mouth for them to be quiet, and then decided to find out what's wrong with her...

He worked his Magic to diagnose her. To see if it was just pregnancy, or... worse than that.' Suddently the womans eyes go open and she screams in pain, a hand going to press against her swollen stomach. She whimpers and curls together, shutting her eyes tight seemingly not even noticing the four strangers in the room. A strange alien sensation spreading through the room.

Azrael lifts one dark brow from the doorway and once the other mages step inside he steps out and shuts the door behind him. A The knife is slipped back in its place hidden underneath his jacket and then he's looking around and going back to the open door to peek inside, knocking lightly on the door before saying softly, "Anyone home?"

Kato, inside with the others, watches the woman skeptically. He frowns, releasing the spell he had cast upon the door and instead summoning his Grim Sight.

"That's not a baby in her. This woman is fucked. Up. She's on her way out." he said, looking back at them. And then back at her right as that weird sensation comes across the whole room. It's do or die. This thing is going to fucking act. "Get ready for some action, boys."

Following his own advice, he puts up a shield. A Spiritual one, though, this time.

Kato grimaces faintly, feeling something... different about one of his most trivial spells. He approaches, beginning to scrutinize the woman.

With a feeling beginning to exude from the lady, Gregory chooses intelligence and safety over curiosity for a change and he takes a step back and warps his position in space to protect himself.

The woman screams again, before her skin suddentloy bursts in a gory display of blood, flesh and some manner of black ichor seeping out. Her swollen stomach up to her throat split open as large spiderlike limbs reach out, covered in blood and impossibly .. smooth, soon a body follows which is hard to look upon. It is WRONG, especially to the Awakened Souls. It should not be. It does not belong. The woman still screams.

Urverk jumps in shock, but immediately kicks into gear. He has to grab this little fucking thing. He lunges for it, going to grab its torso if possible and its legs if necessary. Fuck this little fucking thing.

"What the fuck is are you?" he demands, raising his voice now.

The Thing, as per the movie lets out an unnatural hiss after Urverk grapples it, legs squirming and slamming into the man as it escapes his grasp like an oily snake, it jumps towards the other end of the room. Seemingly racing towards the window, albeit not reaching it yet.

Gregory rapidly spins his hands around the world sphere's rotation as he focuses on the world ahead and with quick swipes of his fingers against the imaginary object in his hand he wraps magic around the window ahead of the monstrosity to keep it from escaping.

He has an idea. He'll have the vermin come at this thing. Even the fucking rats and centipedes and whatever the fuck else is in here reject this abomination. He licks his lips, as blood comes down his nose. Sweat pours from his brow as he gives a maniacal grin to this little shit.

The rats come squealing, the centipedes, the roaches, the ants. It's time to feed. "Even the vilest little beasts fucking reject you," he said trying to hold back laughter as they dramatically descend upon him, crawling over the woman like she wasn't even a person and appearing from holes nobody even noticed existed in this place.

As the rats swarm around the thing, it lets out a shriek, a shrill thing with no physical source and a ping of supernatural power goes over them, before the entity is simply gone. Leaving nothing behimd but black ichor and rats, a fair few number of them.

Urverk has to catch his breath from the effort exerted there. But he does, and he raises his hand as he does so.

"Yeah," he said. "I'm a Thyrsus."

Shaking his head Gregory frowns. "I did not walk that path." Glancing at the rats and the remaining ichor he hrms. "We need containers. And jars. And... a containment crew yes?" He scratches his head, then goes rummaging through the cabinets looking for jars or tupperwear or even ziplock baggies. "Samples of the stuff would be helpful to figure out what it was."

Kato grits his teeth, then nods to the wreckage of a woman on the bed. "Check the girl," he suggests, "She was moaning a few seconds ago." He nods to Gregory. "Careful not to touch anything obviously Abyssal. The Awakened soul is sturdy, but not invulnerable."

"It's an abomination," Urverk remarked, with a disgusted tone, rummaging through the apartment for a plastic baggie that someone used for weed or crack or whatever the fuck. After finding an old zip loc brand name that had some brown crud on its exterior, he casually picked up one of the legs of the thing off of the ground and put it in the thing. He clearly wasn't afraid of bugs, at least. Or the rats for that matter. He pet the rat that was still gnawing on the leg of the thing to calm it down, and put it in there, ignoring Kato's advice. "She's either going to be fine, or she's already dead."

His whole bearing was so matter-of-fact, like he's seen things such as this before.

"Well yes, that much was obvious. But I meant more that a sample may be able to provide more clues," Finding an old jar of something he is having a hard time identifying in the fridge he rinses it out in the sink and grabs a rusty old spatula before scraping some of the remaining goo into the jar Very careful not to let any touch him. "What about the bugs and rats? Should we take them as samples or get them incinerated in case they consumed anything tainted?" He thinks then takes out his cell phone. "Either way, we should call the Concilium to have someone come out to... cleanse this place."

Stomped every one of those rats, insects, and whatever. Every last one he could find, until they were all gone. He lost his breath from the physical exertion he had to exert to do it in a timely enough fashion. Crunch, crunch, crunch, snap, crunch. His boots were getting covered in blood and ichor. His face was disgusted, but stern.

"We better leave," he said, looking at them and shaking his baggie after his stomp fest. "The police will be here before long."