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IScream Social
Dramatis Personae

Hoyt,Elmo,Wendell_Goldman,Dottie,Dolly, Tock,Dora,Georgia,Brand,Shyla,Nemo,Breccia,Thury,Shelby,Nikki, Odie,Guy,Ritter

June 22, 2016

Dottie Skinner hosts a zombie-themed ice cream social.


From Crow Hollow Reservoir, narrow roads wind their way from the reservoir into a thickening forest which lines the two-lane roads with walls of tall trees. Much of the light of the sun's blocked until high noon. Occasionally a side roads leading to homes, an abandoned house, small family farms or even a clearing to park for forest walks joins the narrow roads here. Potholes from winter freeze/thaw cycles make the side roads precarious, and some roads may merely be gravel; there the gravel is often semi-evenly placed, leaving the chunks of the road as bare dirt.

There are also paths parallel to the road that show wagon ruts, as though there is or once was a small caravan that travels alongside the road using older methods of transportation. The area is not as populated as it once was; since logging left Crow Hollow and has been replaced by conservation, businesses are rare, but there are still dwellings littered along the road or deeper into the countryside. Anyone who does live here has to make quite the effort to visit a neighbour. The land has recovered from the predations of loggers in previous decades and hunters rarely use these woods.

Two flatbed trucks with camper covers have been driven out to the woods, in the bottom of both rows of car batteries are lined up and the trucks covered in camo-webbing. They have plugs lined through the nearby trees to generate the speakers and the projectors which are currently shining light onto the softly dancing shapes of white, well mostly white. The sheets have been hung between trees so they stretch across the dark forest and flicker like whispers of ghosts in the night. A small well lit area surrounds what appears to be a hopefully legally acquired ice cream truck. There are a scattering of various and obviously Skinner borrowed chairs that are in the area for the social part. The area around it is lined with covered platters of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other confectioneries.

The snip hunt is going from the time people arrive in the area. Little leftover cheap Easter baskets sit stacked near the social area with little slips of paper printed out. There are lots of 'snipes out there' - pictures of camouflaged Easter eggs with googley eyes, feathers and little orange beaks glued to them are given as identifiers. There is also one 'golden' snipe which has a special prize. (If you were willing to have donated prizes, please page Dottie and she'll add them to the Random list. At the end of the night everyone will get to break open their snipes to find out what they won.

he zombie game ribbons are available from any of the Skinner Kids hanging about, everyone is given a yellow band for human and a red band for zombies. The rule is, if you're wearing a ribbon you're in the game. Since the game spans the area the sheets 'mark off' the area is large and not always well lit. Zombies can attack from anywhere! Once your ribbon is changed you then get to be a zombie too and find victims. The Lone Survivor will be determined when there is literally only one yellow ribbon left. So be cunning!

DOTTIE ST - It's the middle of the night, thankfully it's Spring and therefore warmish, a light jacket will suffice or in Dottie's case a nice King's colored hoodie to keep her comfortable. A pair of camo cut offs ugs her otherwise along with a screen printed wife beater that has Elmo, the Seaseme Street character, holding a knife with the words 'Tickle my now, Bitch'. Untied red keds complete the ensemble. She's licking all the icing off a cupcake currently while other Skinner folks run around getting things ready in the darkned woods and the cousins in the ic cream truck are tellign Dottie they were able to get the daquri ice she wanted for the lactose intolerant folks. All in all this party looks set to go.

An F-350 King Ranch dually pulls up, the rumble of its diesel engine cutting off as Hoyt cuts the engine. He'd backed it in, so the ass end can be used to sit upon or even lay in as needed. He did bring blankets and pillows which are all in the back seat. Climbing out of the truck, he's wearing a pair of gym shorts and an Under Armour sleeveless hoodie, his muscles and tattoos on show for all to see. It's a time to relax and enjoy, he really didn't feel like dressing up. And he changed at the University in the gym bathroom. Reaching into the backseat, he pulls out a duffel bag and shutting the door he throws it into the truck bed. In case it gets cold. "Alright, time to get this started." He says, making his way towards the gaggle of people.

Elmo, the man, is blissfully ignorant of the name of the red muppet on Dottie's shirt. He is here for two reasons. A) There's a whole lot commotion in his woods (all woods are his woods), and B) It is Dottie hosing this party after all, and Elmo tends to at least drift through her events on general principal. So, Elmo, wandering out of the woods, not dressed up for this fancy event, looking at all the cacophonous lights and whatnots with an expression both grim and perplexed. Dressed in black and white, dark slacks, white dress shirt, black suspenders, black boots and his sleeves rolled up in the SUMMER heat. Drifting without purpose untill he spots the little Zombie in question, Elmo's steps find purpose as he closes in on Dot.

Wendell bikes to the ice cream full speed on his mountain bike. He gives the bike a couple of rings as he zooms in. Wendell hops off of the bike and wrinkles his nose. He sniffs. "Ice cream? Ice cream! I know ice cream is here somewhere." He walks around, clad in his ordinary leathery outfit. He's got that large hiking back strapped to his back. When he sees Dottie he narrows his eyes at her. "Hrrrm. I would like ice cream. There is ice cream yes?" Wendell walks up to the drop and orders the largest serving possible of chocolate ice cream. He starts to slurp it a little noisily. "MMMmmm ice cream. Best part of summer cuz it keeps me cool."

Dolly loves the woods! So she was happy to help ge tthings ready! Her two pups, or at least the two fully grown german shepards she calls pups, are wandering around with her! She has some face paint to suit the theme, but it's that dollar store halloween green a few years past its prime so it can hardly be called anything special! Her outfit is otherwise much the same as always! An ill-fitting wife beater and cut off shorts, with bare feet! By now she's mostly gone from 'HELPING!' to wandering around and finishing up her preparty drinking so she can start the actual party drinking! It'd be terrible to get off schedule!

As usual, Tock looks slightly out of place. Or time, as it were, her clothing both too vintage and too formal for the setting. She wears a full-length dress of airy black tulle spangled in glass beads, the sleeves sheer and the bodice ornamented further with a medallion design made up of smaller geometric patterns. Her hair is swept back and decorated with fresh jasmine blossoms tucked into it here and there. Her usual jewellery is present in the form of a silver and gold woven metal bracelet circling one wrist and a locket bearing a stylised alternating current symbol clasped at her throat by a black velvet ribbon. On the crook of one arm she has hooked the handle of a travelling basket, from which she produces a bottle of hard cider with a red and gold label. Approaching Dottie, she waits for an appropriate pause in the inevitable pile of people having questions for the hostess. ???Good evening, Dottie. This all looks wonderful. Is there a table where I can put this???? This being the bottle, one presumes.

His woods eh? Then what's this being that slips out of the woods, one moment not there and the next Georgia's walking out of it, barefoo. When she heard of the party, she had to look up the word Zombie. What she found made her laugh, she didn't even need to find appropriate clothing. She wears the same almost sheer white dress she always does. A few holes in it, stained with dirt, slightly yellowed with age. He hair is blond, long and matted, filled with twigs and forest debri. Her eyes are red-rimmed but the pupils a vivid blue color. Her lips, pale, cracked and beneath them slightly yellowed teeth. She has short, but pointed nails, with dirt trapped beneath them. Finally the smell of moldy leaves, wet soil and the sickly sweet scent of decaying meat follows her. Still...despite all that, she smiles friendly like.

Shyla shows up once again to an out of the way party, having heard of it from mutterings around the university. She is wearing a short sleeved leather vest, a vneck black shirt underneath. He sports a gold necklace that pretty much covers most of her neck down to where her shirt's neckline ends. Her shirt is short, and sometimes the flatness of her tummy is shown off while a grey pair of cargo pants covers her legs, suitably baggy over her thighs and calves but nicely snug upon her impressively tight rear. Knee high black books completes her look, as well as a chain wallet that in hooked into her back pocket. How did she get here? That isn't obvious, it almost looks as if she just showed up from the darkness of the woods. At any rate, she's hanging around behind all these strangers, going on her tippietoes to look over the shoulders of a few of the partygoers.

Brand Walker's 2014 Dodge Charger, black with a white racing stripe, joins the collection of cars at the edge of the white-sheeted line. Like motorcycles in front of a Patrick Swayze roadhouse, there's no real parking spaces, but leaving a number of feet in between his car and the next seems like the right plan. When Brand emerges from his car, he's left behind his old, battered leather jacket in favor of a simple, black tank top, one that doesn't truly hide a few fresh scars near his shoulder. His hair is down, flowing on either side of his eyes when he dips to light a cigarette. Skinner party? He's brought a few knives, the largest being a knive tied down to his belt at the small of his back. He plucks the cigarette from his mouth and eyes the others before stepping over fallen logs and weeds, quietly inserting himself into the throng of people, trailing smoke.

Not exactly dressed for a night of rough-housing in the woods, Nemo, all four feet and eight inches of her, makes her way into the event area all on her lonesome, workboots crunching here and there on twigs and pebbles as she goes. Mind, anyone paying very close attention to the dark ground in the dark forest at night might note that she leaves no tracks, despite this fact.

When she arrives, she props small hands on hips and looks around at the commotion, standing back against a tree trunk where she won't be run over by, say, giant men on mountain bikes. Her token 'zombie' effort has been made by dint of the cropped skull tee she wears, ratty black pleated miniskirt, black and yellow striped knee socks and, deliberately modest to combat the skirt's inevitable rise, the radioactivity symbol printed on her backside's black and yellow boyshorts. Nemo makes a beeline for Elmo and Dottie once she spots them, however, eeling through the others to reach their side. "Hi!"

Wow, someone is really not fitting in. That would be Huge McFuckingTallWideBitch over here, in her steel toed and overalls. Someone doesn't have a second outfit... at least it's clean, if a touch threadbare, and still slightly damp where she'd washed it out. She's very tall and very big and very quiet, her movements careful and often as not sidling sideways through groups of people. Though given the informal nature of the outfits et al, maybe she's not so out of place. Breccia looks out of place though. She seems to extrude an air of awkward and other. But she's trying. She wants to at least try.

She's been around for a while, but Thury has been a bit of a recluse regarding the social scene. She's usually so busy with work, school, and her Orphois duties that she often neglects the fact that she's supposed to have fun, sometimes. So, when she received the invitation for the iScream Social, she made a point of making sure she could attend. They might need medical assistance, after all. Fun, games, and drinking often leads to unexpected accidents. So, when she arrives at the location, she's dressed casually, comfortably, and has her pack with her, slung onto her back. Her short-sleeved t-shirt is off one shoulder, and her cut-off shorts really allow her to blend in fairly easily with the majority of people around. Her blonde hair half up in a loose braid, wisps of babyhair tickles at her face in the breeze as she walks through the crowd of people, smiling lightly and nodding greetings. Spying Tock in the crowd, Thury knows her through Orphois work, so...there's that. If she can't get up the nerve to talk to anyone, she can go talk shop with Tock!

DOTTIE ST - The younger Skinners are moving around and one brings around a glass of what looks oddly like a soft violet colored drink before bustling off. Heading to check the projectors. Others stand waiting with ribbons or ot hand out easter baskets. Another Cousin whoops and suddenly, off between the trucks, a massive ring of lights starts up and probably the rickitiest old ferris wheen starts up, wood and metal and barely probably considered legal or safe. But alas there it is, the bucket seats slowly creaking as the wheel starts to go in circles. And of course one slightly tipsy skinner and his girlfriend are the first in. It doesn't collpase so maybe it's sturdier than it looks.

ST DOTTIE: Dot glances up from drinking her lavander and honey cordial and her brows lift as she raises a hand to wave enthusiastically at Elmo. "Hi, Mista A!" She glances at Hoyts distant arrival with a slow blink. Wendell distractsher though. "Hey, yeah, sure. Help yourself." She thumbs over he shoulder at the 'ice cream' truck where one of her cousins is serving. (for new arrivals l IScream) Soon as Wendell is dealt with Dot hops up with a smile at Tocks arrival, "Hey, hey. Good to see you made it! Yeah sure, just, pick a table. No real like, method or nothin. Folks just kinda help themselves." Nemo's given a headtilt and an upnod.

Dottie ST: Brand's arrival is greatd with swueals and some of the early comers and of course Skinner girls are on him like white on, well, him.

Hoyt smiles as he turns and creeps past people towards the food and drink table. Soda first, food can be thought of second, but his mouth was a little dry after that drive over here. He really should have stopped for something, but he was afraid of being hungry and getting food at the same time after looking at drinks. "Excuse me." He says, passing one guy decked out in zombie outfit and smiles at him. "Sorry." You do apologize when stepping on someones foot, right? As he makes it to the drinks finally, he actually says "Finally!" And he goes about getting something to drink to quince his thirst, all smiles now.

Wendell gives everybody a big friendly wave. "Hey everybody." He says between ice cream slurps as he eyes the familiar faces. He gives Tock a wave as well as Brand who he hasn't seen in a while and even Nemo. He slowly moves through the young skinners to get at more ice cream and then gets himself a nice big glass of cream soda. "Mmmm....soda and ice cream. Good combo. Very good combo."

Georgia doesn't belong here, she knows nobody. The lure of food was too strong though. Look, one of the snacks are talking right now. She doesn't know what iscream is, but she doubts she would find it palatable. She walks to the table, grabs a drink and moves away quickly. Georgia's eyes slip over each person, still grinning. You know, still....friendly like.

???Thank you for hosting,??? Tock replies to Dottie with a little bob of her head. ???It is good to see you, as well. I will get this set down before I warm it too much holding onto it.??? This last she says with an uptick of a grin before moving toward the refreshment tables. Noting Thury's gaze, she lifts the bottle to her in greeting, as if toasting with the whole bloody thing. Having deposited the drink on the table, she turns back to scan the party and partygoers. Wendell gets a wave in return. ???Brand! Good to see you! It has been forever!??? she calls with a hand cupped by her mouth as if to help her voice carry. She isn't going to try to compete with fangirls for proximity just now, but it /has/ been forever and that seems to need saying.

Sure, Dottie is hosting the event, and fielding questions and greeting people, but to Elmo, does that really matter? Other people are just... distractions. The Elemental starts to close in around Dottie, and soon the distance between them ceases to exist. Elmo, without care to whom Dottie might be speaking to or addressing, wraps his arms around the small woman and lifts her off of her feet in a hug, and smooch, for a moment of rather oblivious and blatant PDA before setting her down again. "Hello my Dear." he finally says to the girl "You will be cleaning up after, yes." the smile that comes with it, sinister yes, but with an edge of teasing as he releases her. Then Nemo's familiar voice calls out and he turns to see the diminutive mechanic approach, inclining his head to her as well. "I was not expecting to see you here."

Shyla bites her lower lip, getting a bit more and more selfconscious with the realization that she knows absolutely NO one here. Also, everyone here do seem to be from a different part of town, mostly, from her university peers. She does sliiiide her way over to the table with the ice cream, her head held low to kinda 'blend in' while she grabs at a paper bowl and scooping some ice cream into it. Vanilla if anyone was curious. With that success, she slinks away from the general crowd and leans on a tree, dabbing her spoon into the ice cream and licking at it ever... so... delicately... as she watches everyone curiously.

With another look around once Dottie has acknowledged her, Nemo considers the others there, thoughtful, not to say hopeful, because she is totally hopeful and poorly concealing it, before stating an optimistic, "Doesn't look like there'll be as many naked bodies this time." Silence. "..Right?" Bright eyes slide between Elmo and Dottie during the propinquitous PDA, then off toward the motion in peripheral vision, Wendell's wave just barely caught. He's big, and Wendellish, so he's hard to miss. The tiny woman lifts a hand, but doesn't try to yell over the noise. That done, she fixes her attention on Elmo, still hopeful. "Yes? It's safe for me to not be blindfolded and huddled in a treetop hiding?"

Shelby parks her '70 El Camino, maroon and shiny and copiously custom. It's a party, so Shelby tops off her party mood by vacuuming a quick rail of white powder off the dashboard. The first one has barely kicked in yet, so she might as well do a second. Then she hops on out of her little truck and looks around, rubbing and scratching her nose and blinking her eyes as she wanders about. Shelby fits in, probably. She's got an incredibly faded Rob Zombie t-shirt that is way, way too small for her, and probably an antique. That covers the zombie part. And her camo short shorts help her ample hind quarters blend in with the woodlands. It's a whole theme. Then she's got heavily tattooed arms, tons of jewelry and her hair in a pair of braids that fall over her shoulders. And a fanny pack. And hiking boots on her feet, because last time she attended a Skinner function in heels, it was a waste of a good pair of heels.

Brand, almost as if not expecting such a sudden response, looks up surprised. Squeals? He still gets SQUEALS? His lips part quietly in a smile at the oncoming rush of Skinner clan girls his way. Before the flood gets to him, really, it's probably only a few, he holds his cigarette out to the side and above his head, so that he can tangle into a quick group hug and capture a few, one whose name he doesn't remember, into a kissing greeting. He talks quietly with them and laughs lowly, then throws his arm around two and jerks his head towards the others. "Tock. Wendell. Dottie. Elmo." Brand calls out as he approaches, calling out the names he knows with a bit of grit to his tone. "It's always too long before I see the lot of you. How has everyone been surviving? Assuming we're making it through the night without getting murdered..."

Wendell nods his head. "Yeah definitely. Thanks for another great party." He looks around. "Huh never noticed how the people was dressed here--not there there's anythin' wrong with it. I mean I barely even like wearing shirts." He clears his throat. "Anyways, yeah. Good buds, and good foods I've been fine by the way...I'm sure everything will go fine." He grins to Brand, then gets back to slurping down more ice cream. After all what else would a Wendell do.

Taking a long drink of his soda, Hoyts eyes drift to Shelby. Women, no matter the size, wearing tight clothing look good. Especially when they have ample... assets. It's just a man thing, apparently. He chuckles, shaking his head, as he looks around realizing he's been involved with so much other things he actually really doesn't know anyone here himself. Well, what better way to change that, then now? With that decided, he tops off his drink again, and sets out to figure out who to introduce himself to first.

Dottie ST: Dot was just about to greet other people who're coming into the light, so to speak, and as screams echo in the woods around her from the movies playing through the woods she's plucked up and smooched. Dottie throws her arms around Elmo's shoulders and returns the kiss with probably far too much cheer and effort, legs lifting and kicking in the air making him hold her up before she rights herself. Then, without any further aduei, does an dabout face and waves to, the young woman who's now gone. A small frown hits her face but then she sniffs deeply and starts looking around to greet others. "Of course, Mista A, I've bought off the kids who'll come looking for leftovers tomorrow." It's a useful tool, bribery. Georgia gets a beaming smile, "Hi, hi, nice to see you. I'm Dottie. Welcome to the party." Shyla gets a grin and a gesture towards the ice cream truck or the .. terrifying ferris wheel.

Dottie ST: Shely's car arrival though has Dottie squeaking and another full-arm wobble-wave is given to the familiar car. There are no doubt drugs here after all. This is a Skinner party and liquor and drugs ar and in hand with anything Dottie does. Already there are people breaking off to 'hunt' snipes or to find a nice quiet spot in view of their favorite horror flick to get fucked up and make out. Dottie gives one last thumbs up of apprival at Shelby's attire and wolf whistles.

Dottie ST:The snipe hunt, for some, is full under way and by the screams in the woods. So is the zombie hunt. Well one hopes that's where the air of fear, desire and anticipation wipping up in the air is coming from. it gives the begning ice cream area something of a shivery feeling. Like old abandoned 50's towns. The Ferris Wheel spins and another couple gets on. That's two. So far. But still the ancient piece of equipment seems willing to hold up to the abuses it probaby hasn't seen since the fifties.

Dottie ST: Dot grins at Wendell and upnods towards Brand. She doesn't seem suprised to see im but the pale Skinner isn't known for her memory or brains so it's entirely plausible she thinks she saw him yesterday.

Thury's eyes brighten at Tock's greeting, and she smiles at the woman, lifting a small hand in a whisper of a wave. She finds herself in the middle of a pack of kids running through the area, squirting muddy water and fake blood at each other from squirt guns--it's a zombie party, after all. She laughs and does some fancy stepping to avoid getting hit, forgetting her nerves for a moment as she experiences the joyful exhuberance of childhood vicariously. Then, she has to spin out of the way of rushing, squealing girls all zooming at quite a handsome man who greets them with obvious pleasure. She smiles faintly, observing the fellowship exchanges from a distant place in her mind. Her smile is a little bittersweet, but not maudlin. And, it disappears as she moves her gaze to other places, as so many interesting things are happening and so many interesting people are all over the place. She decides to settle on a cooler to sip her drink from a Solo cup, which was passed to her by a harried-looking woman with armfuls of drinks.

Hey look, it's another Skinner. Nikki Skinner that is. The dark haired woman is clearly high as hell as she makes her way into the area. Having arrived by foot. She's got her hands in her pockets, and her glossy blue eyes scan the area. A slow blink of those eyes is given. "Oh." she says mildly, and then moves toward the ice cream truck to just sort hover near it, looking lost.

Announcement: Kerfuffle shouts, ???Event 3472, iScream Social is happening now! (Officially starting in 3 minutes) Poke Dottie for an invite and +meetme if you wanna! Yelling loudly is fun!???

Odie Skinner wanders up towards the party after parking his bike somewhere off in the distance where it's unlikely to get stolen or vandalized- tho most of the Skinner kids who might be doing the stealing or vandalizing know it's Odie's, and so they know better, anyway. He's puffing away at a joint, likely needing the bit of chemical reassurance if he plans to stick around one of his twin sister's parties for any decent amount of time- there's always so much skin, and so many people, and it sets his teeth on edge. But, hey, he's here, at least! Dressed in his riding leathers, gloves on, making sure most bits of his own spare skin are covered in case any of the partygoers gets handsy, he wanders towards the ice-cream truck. Sugar before socialization.

Oh she's being spoken to. Georgia turns her eyes on the host and her already friendly smile widens. She speaks then, heavily accented. Maybe Russian to the unfamiliar. Ukranian to the ones who are. "Tak, thank you. Curiousity took Georgia hold. Had to come. Tak?" She says in a soft voice. Her eyes study the woman for a moment and then chuckles. "Very good theme, very, very good."

Shyla seems to be overly stimulated. That is, she is constantly looking around at all the activity about her, people running around in the woods looking for stuff ("snipes" was it?) and others seemingly attacking each other in a playful, if a bit violent, manner. She dips her spoon back into her bowl of ice cream, sucking at the tip of it... nursing it and fully appreciating the taste. Spotting Nikki near the truck, she hesitates, but seeing someone lost... well, she's pretty lost herself! The brunette pushes herself from the tree and prances over to the dark-haired Skinner, hopping next to her, "Hi!"

???I think the murders planned for the evening are the play-acting variety,??? Tock replies to Brand, willing to get a little closer to conversational range once he is less swarmed with squealing girl-creatures. ???I have been surviving remarkably well, in some cases despite my better efforts, depending on whom one asks.??? This last comes with that slightly tinkling sort of chuckle that she has. ???I was told there should be ice cream. It is officially summer now, so it does rather ask to be eaten...??? Which brings her closer to the ice cream truck and sudden Odie. ???Odie, hello!??? she greets brightly, stopping in her path to offer a wave, as well.

"You so sure, Wendell, Tock? Skinner parties are ones with not whom to fuck; Sincerely, I was murdered at one, once." Brand twists his head and offers the large man a toothy look, eyes narrowing just a little, like so. The cracked marble tattoos lining his arm shifts as he comes to a stop, twisting his smile around to Dottie and Tock with a dip of his head. He looks to the unnamed Skinner girl on his arm and presses his lips into her jaw and pats her lower spine, half of her backside. "Could you be the best thing ever and find me something strong and filled with rum and cola so that I'm drunk by the end of the night?" Brand offers to the woman, then extracts himself from her body and re-flits the cigarette between his lips. His own person, now, Brand tucks a thumb into his belt buckle and lifts a brow to Tock. "I /am/ back home for a while now, for the record. For the record's record." One eye drifts closed in a subdued wink. Blink?! "Odie?" Brand turns with a swish of chain wallet and bandanna.

Elmo seems rather pleased after he sets Dottie back down, as pleased as Elmo ever looks, which is usually either cruel or faintly less grumpy, and then gives her an extra foot of space, the movement an after thought as if wondering to himself that it might be considered polite to give the hostess a little room to do hostess-y things. Then, Nemo finally gets a larger degree of his attention and he says "I have no intention of removing my clothing in public this night." So very comforting, yes? Brand get's a glance, a lingering look and a flicker of surprised interest, and then his attention moves again. So many people, so much noise, so much... much.

Nikki turns at the sound of someone's voice right next to her. She looks toward Shyla, but seems to having trouble focusing. A frown is given and she says, "Neh?" Those big glossy blue eyes shift over Shyla and toward the woods, focusing somewhere else. "Um, hi." She says, not looking straight at the other woman.

"For a murdered man, you look to be in fine fighting shape." There's a grin audible in that voice, even, as Dora steps up just behind Brand in time to add her little quip. "Also, damn good for a missing one -- When the hell did you get back?" She's dressed in a gauzy white dress pre-splattered with blood, a vision right out of a horror movie. She steps around the man to give Odie a quick squeeze around the neck. "Hey bro," she says cheerfully, before flashing Tock an even broader smile. "Did someone say ice cream?"

Dottie ST: The rules of the snipe hunt are easy; you get one snipe. just one. But you can pass one over to keep searching for more but you cannot tell anyone where the snipe you previously found was. Someone will eventually getthe Golden Snipe. But they will not be allowed to say they have it so that the hunt will continue tothe end of the evening. At which point 'results' will be shared publically. There's some rumors that there are vouchers for Skinner Moonshine in there, baggies of weed, other things, tickets for massages, free lapdances, and other various 'adult' treats. The Goldn Snipe it would seem, has something entirely unique and wonderful from the Hostess herself.

Dottie ST: Dot blinks at Georgia and blinks slowly, lifting a finger to scratch at her cheek as she puzzles at the other womans words. Dottie pauses to aside to Tock, "The night is young." She winks. A glance back to Georiga, "I dunno what you said but I really likehow you said it. Want some moonshine?" She offers her mason jar. A quick glance around sees that a cousin, she thinks, is taking care of the shy one and tat Shelby's lookin good, per the norm, and Hoyt seems taken care of. Immediate attentions dealt with Dot's attention is drawn by a cousin whispering in her ear. Dot nods and the other scampers off to do, well, something. Starting to offer yellow and red bands to thsoe in the zombie hunt.

Taylor leaves back to Crow Hollow - Hanging Hills

Shyla tilts her head in a way that a puppy might, an overly-sharp angle as she focuses her own blue eyes upon the obviously high Skinner girl. She then follows the other girl's eyes toward the woods, blinking slowly, then narrowing those peepers of hers to try to focus at whatever Nikki must be looking at. During all of this, she keeps on dipping her spoon in her ice cream and taking a little bit for her to suckle and swallow. "W... whatcha looking at?" she asks finally, glancing back at the girl.

A bunch of people doing pretend murders, zombie chases, and other hijinks? Why yes, one of the local lawyers would like to show up and watch the proceedings. Abraham very clearly isn't here to, you know, 'participate' or anything of the sort. He is off keeping to himself on the side, tapping on his cellphone and occasionally glancing up to see what is going on before looking back to his phone.

Nikki's eyes flick toward Shyla once more at each and every movement. Back and forth, back and forth the looks go. Focusing briefly on the ice cream. A frown is given and she says, "I want ice cream." A pause and then she looks back out toward the woods. A small tilt of her head is given and she says mildly, "Huh? Oh. I'm looking for snipes." From by the ice cream truck. Without moving. Of course she is.

Shelby stands there a while, looking around with her hands on her hips, constantly tugging her t-shirt down and her shorts up, though she does raise a hand to toss a vigorous wave in Dottie's direction, followed by a wink. "Hey!" she yells out, then resumes wandering, taking in the crowd of Skinners running to and fro. She's getting fidgety and her pupils are growing very, very big. She sidles up to some assorted Skinner, apparently one she's familiar with, enough to borrow his mason jar of moonshine after a little familiar hugging and possibly grinding. She takes a swig, coughs out a "Holy fuck!" and hands it back over, then swaggers on, a finger twirling her necklaces and making them jungle as she starts looking about for snipes, or zombies, or devils, or lizard people.

???I did say the /planned/ ones,??? Tock quips back at Brand with a bit of a smirk. ???I can handle myself.??? Not visibly armed, she tap-tap-taps each of the fingertips of one hand in turn against her hip. Emphasis on the 'visibly'. ???It is good to have you back. We will have to get you back into the swing of things. There have been...a lot of changes.??? Then there is a Dora! ???Dora!??? Tock calls louder than necessary considering the proximity, bouncing up a little onto the tips of her short-person toes for a hug and smiling broadly. ???I did say. Probably others also did say. There is a truck.??? That big thing right there with the ice cream in it. ???I was going to get some.???

Georgia looks to the moonshine and tilts her head. She shrugs and nods taking moonshine in hand. Brings it up to her lips and pretends to sip. "Thank you, for drink friend. Very many friends you have." She gestures at the crowd. "Very noisy friends too..." She observes, she studies some of them. So many people near her woods. So much blood...She sighs.

"I'd love that, Tock. Truly. I am, as always, at everyone's worthy disposal." In his turn, cigarette setting off an arabesque of smoke that dissipates with Brand's own blowing smoke through the chemtrail, Brand stops to spy Odie and Dore before him. His tongue presses out to scrape over his teeth, and his jawline tightens in a sudden moment of thoughtfulness. "I got better, Dora Skinner. I also got better at sneaking around if I was able to make it back in town and you never found out." A beat. "It helps that I didn't exactly text anyone to let them know first." Brand steps over to Dora and leans in, pressing a peck to her cheek, then reels back just in time for a girl to shove a SOLO cup of sugary booze under his face. Brand collects it and drinks, since the Skinner girl who got it for him looks nothing like Bill Cosby.

Hoyt takes a small sip of his drink as he moves towards Shyla and Nikki. As he approaches, he carefully raises his hand, "Hey there." He says to the pair, "I'm Hoyt, we haven't met but I really don't know anyone here so... I figured I do the awkward thing and introduce myself to everyone and make a fool of myself." He grins, taking another small sip of his soda.

A laugh almost escapes Thury's throat. So many people around that she's not been really seen nor greeted by anyone, except Tock. She thought that going to a social event would push so much socializing on her that she wouldn't be able to handle it... But, she's hardly had any! And, mm, this drink is good, whatever it is. But, with Tock surrounded by people, all of whom seem to know her and have things to say to her, Thury considers the ice cream truck and moves in its direction, still holding her mostly empty Solo cup. She gets in line behind other people waiting for ice cream and tucks her hair behind her ear, waiting patiently to make it to the front of the line.

Guy has managed to get into a party above his station - again. He hops on in, delighted, and sidles towards the ie cream truck "'Scuse me! Very Important Person Coming Through!"

Dottie ST: The Ice Cream Truck has all the typical flavors, of course, it's not being handed out to order unless someone says they're lactos intolerant. Why? Well, because if you don't want the flavor you get, find someone who does, and exchange. That, of course, doesn't mean that the Skinner behind the counter cannot be bribed..

Odie grins over to Tock as he sees her approaching. "Hey hey! Wasn't expecting to see you out here- so. Zombie, or human?", he asks, winking. "I mean, I'm obviously pro-zombie, but, y'know, biased.", he teases. When Dora comes and hugs him, he leans into his big sister and grins. "Hey hey sis. Dunno how long I'm sticking around, you know me- only so much I can take. But figured I'd at least provide one more Skinner ass to be ogled for a while." And then Brand's reacting to him, and he laughs, giving the guy a wide grin. "Yo! Long time. No see. Glad you're not dead!"

Nikki turns to look at Hoyt, her gaze not focused on him completely. She blinks several times, lifting her hand to rub her eyes. "Hello." she says mildly to him, "Nikki." A tilt of her head is given and her gaze swings back toward the forest once more.

Nemo, upon NOT hearing confirmation of any kind from Dottie, promptly gives the other partygoers a more dubious look, Elmo's assurance of staying-clothed-ness accepted with a roll of bright eyes and a shift of weight. Hip-shot, one hand still lazily propped on ratty cotton pleats, the tiny woman's attention slides over faces familiar and un- before lifting to Elmo's face again to ask, "You wanna go lurk in the trees somewhere and scare kids silly? Dunno what to do out here with all the drinking and the eating and the talking." Among other things.

Shyla blinks slowly while she listens to every word Nikki says, nodding at key points. "Well... err... " she looks down at her bowl of ice cream, already half melted due to her taking her time with it. As if making a super-hard decision, she shrugs and then offers the bowl of ice cream to Nikki, "Here, have some. It's vanilla, I hope you like it! It's good." She pauses, then asks, "Snipes? What is a snipe?" She waits expectently, that is until she hears someone introduce himself and she flashes her signature megawatt smile toward Hoyt, "Hi! I'm Shyla! This is.. err.. Well, I don't know who she is, yet. Her nickname is Snipe-hunter." After Nikki's introduction, though, she just adds, "ERrr.. Nikki. I meant, her name is Nikki, of course."

Dora grins at Odie. "Hey, you came at all. That earns points." Then she's getting hugged by Tock, and the tall Skinner sibling positively beams as she quickly throws arms around the woman in her old-fashioned formal dress and picks her up for a quick spin. "I'm definitely up for joining in that hunt." Even as she sets Tock back down, she leaves one arm around the other woman's waist. Brand's comment about getting better earns another laugh, and she grins at him quickly as the man leans in to kiss her cheek. "See, that's the first rule of being stealthy, though: don't give away the game. So well-played!"

Dora and Odie make it onto Elmo's radar in this crowded place, and both of them get a long stare, one that comes with one of Elmo's elusive smiles. No verbal greeting to his Motley-mates, but acknowledgement all the same. To Nemo he looks next, an eyebrow raised while his brows knit "What would be the purpose of frightening children? I Imagine they would taste delicious yes, but... such fear comes all too easy."

Guy skeddaddles around the outside of places, looking for someone - anyone he knows. Chances are that for once, he barely has a friend present. As long as he can get icecream without anyone noticing he should not be here? He will. He uses those sharp little elbows of his, and his own winning smile, to get to where he can get an icecream "Excellent! _So_ much nicer than the bloodbath the last party was!" he declares, and then looks around to find somewhere to hold court "Okay! Dr. Love is in the house. If ANYONE NEEDS ROMANTIC ADVICE I'M HERE." So. You can yell through icecream.

Hoyt has been around people that are high, and been high himself. Even high and drunk. He knows the signs. He whistles a little, "A pleasure Nikki." He says, and as he catches that beautiful smile. "Wow, that's a different name." Then there is a large laugh, "Well, of course! I mean, what else do you call someone in her condition doing that thingy a bobber." Hey he's from New York, snipe is not something he knows. "A pleasure to meet you as well."

Downing some more of his rum and coke, Brand waggles his brows to Dora as he drinks. She knows the game. He points to her with his cigarette hand and then turns, lightly slugging Odie in the shoulder with a grin. "Life hasn't killed me, yet, Odie. It's good to see you again, too. I'll come by in a few and we'll catch up, all of you, it's been so long." Then, contrast to the Brand of six months ago, he turns and creeps off alone towards the Ice Cream Truck, eyes turning to ponder the white and red armbands. Predator or Prey? Hard question, truly. The aimless step-after-step he takes through the clearing is slow, unpointed.

???Ice cream eater. Does that count? I am not really up on the latest party games.??? Tock gestures to her own lack of ribbon at the moment, at Odie's question. Oh, then there is spinning! It is not a difficult task with her very slight frame. She squeaks a little and giggles more, clinging on a bit tighter until she is returned to her feet. ???I wonder if they have any cones????

Nemo frowns at Elmo, glancing around to gauge the nearest partygoers' changelingitude once the man mentions children tasting delicious. "Uh. To give us something to do other than stand here in the middle of a bunch of people staring at stuff and feeling weird." A hand lifts, scratching the side of her head, and the little bug's expression firms with silent decision the instant before she reaches down to snag one of the taller man's hands and start tugging him off to the side near where some other party folks are watching a scary movie. "Come on, let's go do dark stuff. You can tell me all about how Autumn will be so much cooler than Summer." Literally and figuratively.

Thury finally makes it to the front of the line and is prepared to ask for chocolate when she's handed a bowl heaped with strawberry. Ahh, well. She smiles, thanks the Skinner that handed it to her, and walks over to one side to give the next person in line room to move up. She backs up a bit, taking time to enjoy her ice cream--which is very good, even if it's not chocolate. She then continues to people watch as she slowly eats her ice cream. Her blue eyes skirt over someone who stands out, yet again, meandering in the direction of the ice cream truck--that man, whom everyone seems to greet with warmth. enthusiasm, or both. He cuts a fine figure and that's why Thury can't help but stare a moment or so before fixing her gaze on her ice cream. Mm, strawberry.

Odie chuckles a bit at Dora. "True, true, gotta gimme credit for participation.", he admits, then waves at Brand as the man heads off. "Later, man!" He seems a lot chiller than he used to be last time Brand saw him. He steps back while Dora twirls Tock around, and grins back at Tock once she's been set down. "Ice cream eater it is. Come on, let's go get some. Dora, coming?", he offers, as he moves off towards the truck.

Nikki takes the bowl of ice cream from Shyla, a faint smile is given in response. "Thank you." She doesn't seem bothered by eating after someone else. She takes a bite of ice cream and says, "Ah." A glance around the area is given, "Where are the baskets?" There's probably one about four feet from her but she just keeps over looking it, a frown on her face. To Hoyt she says, "In my condition? I'm not dying or something, weirdo." She blinks those too glossy blue eyes and says mildly, "But we met the other night. Remember? That stupid ass blonde girl who was crying because she's ssoooo pretty?"

After his announcement of Romantic Advice Provided, Guy's mobile phone starts to buzz. He peers at it a little, and then he shakes his head, puzzled at something on it. Glancing aound, he then wrinkles his nose "Come on! I'm sure _someone_ out there needs my advice!" He takes a big bite out of his icecream "I'mf af proffesffional!" Om nom nom. Guy narrows his eyes a little "Hey, randoms - I know fuckall people here. I'm alone! I hate being alone! Someone, anyone, give me an excuse not to be alone. I'll give you some...whatist. Chocolate mint icecream!"

"You better!" Dora calls after Brand, watching the man slip off with small, fond shake of her head. She grins then at Tock, and notes, "Only one way to find out, really. And hell yes I'm coming!" She takes a step to the side, then offers Tock her arm with exaggerated formality. "Shall we investigate the proliferation of frozen treats, and the manners in which they've decided to serve up such delicacies today?"

Shelby goes look for snipes under and around some of the parked cars, particularly the more muscular rides, even peeks in some windows just in case a snipe got inside, probably. That done, she sets course for the ice cream truck. She's fully clothed, though that's a lot of rosy Shelby on display from the waist on down. Once by the truck, Shelby waits, but not patiently. "Jesus." she taps a foot, scratches her nose, sniffs hard, twirls her braids, pulls her rings off and puts them back on. She shoulders ahead and claps, holding her hands out for a bowl while she checks out her neighbors. There's Guy, and she stares at him with a raised eyebrow and a puzzled grin, "Dr. Love?"

Shyla watches Nikki take some of that icecream, seemingly enjoying the other girl's... enjoyment. She just glances back at Hoyt and shrugs, as if saying, "Dunno what's going on with her", indicating poor Nikki. Witht he mention of baskets, well, she starts looking around too, bouncing a bit in order to look 'over' things, "Basketsbasketsbaskets... I see no.." another distraction, "A blond crying because she was pretty?" she asks curiously.

Dottie ST: Georgia swings the honey lavander liquor, it's potent so even if she's faking it the smell will hit her. It's poweful liquor, made easier to swallow by the honey and lavander to cover he taste of burning that everclear leaves in the mouth.

Dottoe ST: Why nemo is susprised Dot didn't promise she wouldn't get naked is beyond Dot. So she just beams at her boyfriends wife and the bounces a few feet away to whack Brand in the shoulder and grins at him. "You oughta try the ferris wheel if you aint huntin." And then she's moving to give her older sister and brother some much needed headbutts. Full on I love you headbutts, her hollow skull knocking against them both before she bounces to grab a ice cream cone.

Dottie ST: A curious Skinner Cousin inches up on Abraham giving him a look. Another trio of screams in the distance means someone got zombied or is really excited that they found a snipe!

Giggling again, Tock sweeps a well-practiced curtsey in return...which is only ruined a little by the giggling. Naturally, taking that offered arm with as much ease afterward. ???We shall, indeed.??? She gives Odie a little pat-rub on his back with her free hand, encouraging the whole group in that direction.

Dottie ST: Most of the folks here who are in a relationship are off watching Night of the Living Dead, Creature from the Blac Lagon, or something equally bizarre and making out. Though a couple of the skinners give him a side eye and sort of sidle away. Shelby gets respect for being brave.

"Heyyyy, Shelby!" says Guy, who hops up, with his icecream "Fuck yeah!" He sidles on over, carrying the choco-mint "I dunno, babe, just my way of meeting people. I'm not gonna go for the zombie-licious thing. Too much weird shit in my life anyway." He wriggles his toes "Like the fact that everywhere I go, the lifts suddenly break - at home, at work. It's driving me crazy. Makes it hard to do laundry. Tell me howya been!"

Times change, ages pass, civilizations advance with telegraphs, and telephones, mobile and now Iphones, things get faster and more noisy, life moves in a blur that is too fast for the dead to keep up with but some things never change. You can't take the down home out of humans. It always finds a way. The rumors of a social draw the attention of one of the damned, Kennith Dartford, who longs for the good old days.

Dressed in long, dark flowing robes, he walks unseen through the forest, far away from his normal haunting grounds drawn by the sounds of family and laughter. Staying on the periphery of the celebration, away from the bright lights, standing next to one of the trees behind one of the vehicles, he watches and he remembers. He feeds the spark of his humanity with the sounds and smells of life.

"I WILL." Brand laughs back to Dora and Odie, growling and flinching as he's smacked in the shoulder by Dottie. Turning, he steps backwards and bangs a shoulder into the ice cream turck. "I'll go to the Ferris Wheel in a second, I just need to find someone crazy enough to get in it with me. Ferris Wheels without making out is a long, lonely ride." Brand points out with his cup, voice echoing as he drinks, then turns to spy Thury looking his way. His eyes widen a little over the lip of his cup, and with a crooked finger, he beckons her closer his way. "You." Brand suddenly decides. "Were you going to go onto the Ferris Wheel?"

Abraham turns his phone towards the curious cousin come to check him out, taking a photo with the flash on, before going back to what he was doing. "Nice talking, try not to make the paper."

Dora beams as Tock takes her arm, and then quite happily starts off after Odie. Their path is interrupted, of course, by sudden arrival of Dottie. Dora grins as she gets her turn at a headbutt, giving her sister a playful swat as she swirls off again in search of her own ice cream. "Great party, as always!" she calls after the younger sibling, as they continue weaving through the crowds toward the truck.

Odie returns Dottie's headbutt easily, chuckling. "Hey Dots! Bye Dots!", he calls, as the hostess with the mostest bounces off again. He leans a little into that patting hand from Tock, and grins. "Alright. I'm a chocolate man, all the way. What'll it be, ladies?", he asks Dora and Tock.

ST: Unseen senses for mage stuff poke me. :D

Wendell narrows his eyes at Brand then shifts his feet around uneasily. He gets himself another chocolate ice cream cone and just a tiny little glass of rum. Rum goes with ice cream right? He looks over at the mason jar. "You know, I think a lotta drinks look more delicious in jars. Wendell sniffs a little bit. "Well if there's trouble I'll be ready to sniff it out so it can be smooshed." He nods his head. "Dunno about the snipe hunt. None of the prizes are foods. Not sure what the point is there. Ice Cream Eater is the best party game for me right now!" Wendell narrows his eyes at Guy then. "Ooooh advice eh? I could use to advice come to think of it." Wendell jobs on over at the offer of ice cream. "It's uh...kinda embarassing tho, mind if we go some other place so people don't hear my weird and embarassing question?"

Hoyt looks to Nikki with a chuckle, "That much I know." He says, "I was more thinking about what you ingested." He pauses and looks to Shyla, as he leans in and whispers. "Drugs like a mother." He says, with a grin. But as he hears things going on, he starts looking around himself. "What the what?" He says, with a grin.

At Brand's beckoning, Thury's eyebrows lift in questioning. 'Me?' they seem to say. Perhaps Brand has a question, or something. Maybe she's got icecream on her face, after all. She starts moving closer, surreptitiously trying to wipe her face off without being too obvious about it. "Oh," she says, stopping short. She glances in the direction of the ferris wheel and her brows knit upward a bit at the creaking and groaning happening in its vicinity. "I hadn't thought to, but... I suppose I might." She doesn't want to insult anyone... It could be /his/ ferris wheel, after all. Or, something like that. "

Elmo's hand is tugged, and he allows himself to be dragged off towards the fringes by Nemo, away from the peopled and towards the forest and quieter places.

Dottie ST: The rules of the snipe hunt are easy; you get one snipe. just one. But you can pass one over to keep searching for more but you cannot tell anyone where the snipe you previously found was. Someone will eventually getthe Golden Snipe. But they will not be allowed to say they have it so that the hunt will continue tothe end of the evening. At which point 'results' will be shared publically. There's some rumors that there are vouchers for Skinner Moonshine in there, baggies of weed, other things, tickets for massages, free lapdances, and other various 'adult' treats. The Goldn Snipe it would seem, has something entirely unique and wonderful from the Hostess herself. (re)

Shelby has a bowl full of vanilla, and spoons it into her mouth, wiggling her way away from crowd massed around the ice cream truck so she can look at Guy. "Ah, it's just like a freakin' easter egg hunt, but like with a Halloween thing, but in freakin' June, right?" she explains, talking pretty fast. Her accent's even thicker than usual. And her pupils are the size of black saucers as she blinks them in Guy's direction. "Yeah, but love doctor? This crowd's all gonna be fuckin' in the freakin' woods, I give it another half hour." another spoon goes into her mouth, and she talks over it, turning her head to check out of the more interesting locals.

???See, that sort of statement is going to get people threatening to lick you,??? Tock answers Odie's claims of chocolatiness. ???I like fruit flavours. Oh, or mint. Or chocolate, chocolate is also good.??? Probably she doesn't think there are many bad flavours when it comes to ice cream. She chuckles again at Dottie's head-smashing manner of greeting her siblings, following said siblings through the ice cream truck line.

Shyla blinks and leans toward Hoyt as he whispers to her, the young woman seemingly totally oblivious to what the man is actually telling her. "Drugs like a.. huh?" however, when the man starts looking around and asking what is going on, the brunette finds herself doing the same, glancing about almost frantically, "What?"

It takes her a little bit but Nikki finally manages to find one of the left of easter egg baskets. It's held up triumphantly toward Shyla and Hoyt, "Here." says Nikki, and she sets aside Shyla's ice cream. She blinks a moment or two and says, "Yeah. There's this chick I ran into... Talking about how it was so unfortunate and sad that it was that she was soooo pretty, and not to pay any attention to her preeetttiness." Nikki starts laughing, shaking her head back and forth. "Oh god its still fucking hilarious. Um, so like." A glance is given around the area and then she leans forward and asks Shyla, "Are you looking for snipes?"

Abraham glances around, frowning at nothing in particular in the crowd. Or maybe he is just frowning at the crowd, that could also be what he is doing. It'd fit. Sighing he turns his attention back to his phone with a shake of his head.

"Oh gods, I almost want to watch someone try that," Dora says with a giggle. Terrible, terrible older sibling. As they do get closer to the ice cream truck, though, she starts considering the options -- though Tock going through so many of them just has her grinning as she listens. "I think this is where you opt for multiple scoops," she suggests, before looking back at Odie. "I think I'm in a mint chip mood. Definitely in a cone."

Ahalf naked body flees, giggle-screaming her topless way along through the woods. She's not exactly terrified, but she's holding her yellow ribbon high with a peel of laughter being chased after a zombie that is conspiciously wearing the bra on is head as he shambles after, really getting into his act. As if exptic bird call cries answer in the distance followerd by muted laughing.

Dottie ST: A half naked body flees, giggle-screaming her topless way along through the woods. She's not exactly terrified, but she's holding her yellow ribbon high with a peel of laughter being chased after a zombie that is conspiciously wearing the bra on is head as he shambles after, really getting into his act. As if exptic bird call cries answer in the distance followerd by muted laughing.

Georgia sets down the moonshine when no-ones looking and wanders off into the woods. Couple minutes later she returns with something in hand. A snipe! She juggles it back and forth studying it. Not having any pockets, she just holds it. Maybe it'll hatch a bird!

Guy brightens as Wendell comes on over. Clearly _he_ likes the idea of being regarded with respect, despite...whatever weird thing he has going on about stairs at the moment. He grins and hops back up again, and then he says to Shelby "I have no idea if I can cope with another halloween thing. As far as this crowd goes? Look at this fine young fellow!" He offers his hand to Wendell "I can help you! Let's go talk in private!" And off he goes, just like that, though - he leaves his chocolate and mint icecream with Shelby as an apology.

Brand's brow lifts as Thury approaches, and in leaving his cigarette in his lip, he tucks his hair behind one ear as to not burn himself or his precious, stupid hair. He brushes a hand down the front of his tank top and then takes his cigarette back, stepping forward and turning, offering an elbow to the woman, escort-style. "It's dangerous and tragic to be standing alone at a Skinner party, so we can help each other with that." Brand offers to the woman, then sips from his drink. With his drink hand, he points to the ferris wheel in the distance. "The question is, are you doing anything else of importance right now? For me it's the ferris wheel, or tacking on a zombie or prey armband and trying to not get an elbow in the face." Has he introduced himself, yet? No. Brand looks up from Thury's face to watch the streaker, then smirks his way back to her. "Is this your first party here? They're treacherous."

"That would be a pretty terrible mistake.", Odie replies to Tock, with a low chuckle. "Well, I mean, if I was single, I'd let *you*, try, but...", he adds, with a teasing wink. Dora's words bring a smile. "Mint-choc for everyone, in a cone. Extra scoop of something fruity for our lovely Tock!". And with that, he goes about getting their icecreams cheerfully.

As the girl looks about, Shyla does give a quick glance at Nikki as if she were making sure her 'friend' is keeping out of trouble. Easter bucket found and shown off? Well, that makes Shyla smile even if she doesn't really understand what is the deal about this odd game. "Yay! You found a basket!" She nudges Hoyt a bit too hard, "Look! She found one of those baskets... laying around... all suspiciously..." She pauses, listening to Nikki before asking, "S... sure... I am... Snipes, yeah, totally want one of those. Hoyt here too, right?" She gives a sidelong glance to the man and gives a jab to his ribs.

Dottie ST: The ferris wheel driver's a mostly-toothed smiley guy in a trucker cap and coveralls and probably nothing underneath. Skinner stock no doubt. He tips his hat to Brand and Thury as they approach and slows he ricktey ferris wheel with a screechy eeee of wood on metal The gondola's shake and one of the girls squeels and clings to her co-rider who looks pleased. The ancient old thing looks like it's made of wood that's been salvaged from railroad trcks, rebar, and some girders and little more. The gondola's look suspiciously like handbaskets.. "Jump on in." Sutter drawls.

The damned watch, listening, unmoving from his place in the darkness. They have pretend zombies and Halloween themes. It's too bad it's not more of a costume ball. He might have actually came out of hiding but alas, watching is all he can do. Kent stands, as always, on the edge of life hungering for it's warm embrace but happy others can still enjoy it so fully. He does make note of the ferris wheel. Once all the living people are gone, he plans on riding that. You have to try and enjoy the small things in unlife.

Thury's smile is wry at the comment about her standing alone. She accepts Brand's proffered arm, setting her bowl of ice cream down on the ledge of the ice cream truck. It's too cumbersome to carry that and a drink, and hold onto Brand. So, pragmatically, she chooses to keep her Solo cup of amazing moonshine. "Well, you know. Dangerous is relative, and tragic is in this season, so I thought I'd take my chances. And, look what happened. Someone's asked me to ride in what might turn out to be a death trap," she grins mildly, her voice soft and almost difficult to hear over the general noise of the gathering. "It is, in fact, my first time attending a party here. I've been...unforgivably unsocial," she replies. "As penance, let's give the death trap a test."

???Life is no fun if you never make /any/ mistakes. Clearly that would be doing it wrong,??? Tock teases back with a wicked little grin. That a little pink triangle of tongue-tip chooses that time to moisten her lips could be entirely coincidence. Or anticipation of the upcoming ice cream, perhaps. ???Ooo, chocolate raspberry...??? she observes as the truck tender scoops.

Shelby accepts the chocolate and mint. "Is he for real!?" she asks, staring dumbfounded between Guy and Wendell. Her head shakes again, and she looks down at her bounty. "How the fuck am I gonna eat this now?" she gasps, but still guards her two bowls jealously close to her bosom as she wanders about. At some point, she obtains a human wristband but, really, she's got so much stuff around her wrists that it'd be pointless. Plus, Shelby is a lover, not a runner. Now, the ferris wheel, that looks like good wholesome fun, and she sways on over with her ice creams.

Hoyt winces, all fake like, at the jab, "Yeah, of course I want one as well. We all want one, who wouldn't." He says, with a chuckle. Finally moving to a place where he can catch onto everything. "We all need one so we can have it as a trophy.

Hoyt winces, all fake like, at the jab, "Yeah, of course I want one as well. We all want one, who wouldn't." He says, with a chuckle. Finally moving to a place where he can catch onto everything. "We all need one so we can have it as a trophy." He moves his hand and offers it to Shyla, "Shall we go hunting together?" He says with a grin.

Dora laughs. "Of course it would be a mistake, but I'm the /mean/ sibling, remember? I mean, just ask anyone." She grins fondly after her little brother as he heads off to fetch them ice cream, then turns toward Tock as they wait. "Fruit flavors, mint, and chocolate, hrm? That apply just to ice cream, or to your favorite desserts in general?"

Brand crushes his cigarette under a boot, freeing the last of his fingers to come to a stop before the opened box on the Ferris Wheel. He tilts his head ever-so-coyly to the man in the cap, then steps forward, lifting his hand and stepping into the box first, guiding Thury in after him. "Tragic is always in season, it never gets old, does it?" Brand cracks a quiet grin, his chain wallet rattling against the rickety wood as he sits down. Uninvited, he extends and arm for Thury, offering his arm around her shoulders when they sit. "There's really no way to say this without coming across as crude, but these parties end up toxic in all of the better ways, but at least when this thing's at its apex we should be able to see a lot of it and throw in peanut gallery commentary." A beat passes. "I'm Brand, by the way, Brand Walker."

Shyla still has NO idea what a snipe is, so she just nods at Hoyt's statement about everyone wanting one. Heck, if everyone wants one, she must want one too! She glances down at that offered hand, staring at it as if expecting something to just pop out, like some sort of magic trick. "Well, sure... but I must warn you, I'm not really good at "hunting"" Another pause, then she grabs at Nikki's wrist, "Ok! Let's go!"

Odie hands Dora a cone of choco-mint ice cream, and Tock some of the chocolate raspberry, smiling warmly at her, before grinning at Dora. "Yup, you're the mean one, Dottie's the wild one, and I'm.. just me. Which is not a bad thing to be at all.", he says, with a wink and a slow lick to his own mint-chocolate cone.

Dottie ST: Sutter grins broadly and Brand and Thury are loaded, 'secured' with a suspicously wobbly lap bar, and sent on their way only for the old Skinner to kwelcome Shelby into his squealing contraption.

A couple of skinners pause and then blink at Kent, others blink at Abraham. "Why don't ya'll go get some Ice Cream." It's a little eerie that it kinda hppens right at the same time. Or maybe it's just the atmosphere..

Wendell goes somewhere somewhat private in the party where he can asks for his advice from this self-proclaimed love doctor. Of course he has to pick up yet another mint-chocolate ice cream cone on the way. He clears his throat. "Well like I said it's kinda a weird hypothetical question but I could prolly use some advice here...." He leans in to whisper the odd little personal question.

Guy waves a cheerful hand at Shelby, but then he is off, with Wendell, pretending to be something he is not - an expert on anything aside from computers, that is. He leans in a little, face moving into a curious expression. All solemn "Oh, that's fine," he says to Wendell "I'm all ears. Shoot!"

Nikki grunts a moment at Shyla and Hoyt, "You two are weird." But she still sticks close to the two of them, nonetheless. A frown is given and she mutters to both of them, "I'm /not/ supposed to help you. But I'm /also/ not one for being told what to do or not to do." She flashes a smile, that holds more than a little hint of naughtiness in it. She turns and heads into the woods a moment, stopping somewhere and says blandly, "I'm not helping either of you. I'm just standing here."

???I am sure you could only be the mean one by such friendly company,??? Tock answers Dora's rhetorical question with a little squeeze of her arm. ???I think that might well be a general one. Oh! Also caramel, but not by itself. More on other things.??? She tilts her head to give Dora's shoulder a quick little nip, mostly against the fabric of her shirt. ???Not 'the sweet one', chocolate man???? she asks Odie playfully as she accepts the ice cream cone when he returns. ???Oh, thank you.??? Mm, sweet chocolatey-fruity goodness to lick.

Thury offers a slight smile and nod to the ferris wheel operator Skinner and accepts Brand's hand and assistance as she delicately makes her way into the gondola. She sits down next to him with a brief flick of her blue eyes before she closes the door of their gondola next to her. She lowers the lap bar and places her small hands upon it, because...well, nerves. Brand probably noticed, before, when Thury spoke to him for the first time, that she possesses a bit of an accent. It's not very thick, but it's definitely noticeable. Scandinavian, hinted at in her rolled r's, thick th's, and crisp s's. If it wasn't apparent, before, it becomes so when she pronounces her name, which is quite thick and definitely spoken in her native tongue. "Thury Rosmundsdottir," she says, smiling prettily and offering her hand to shake. That's polite, right? "It's nice to meet you, Brand. You seem...very popular, here. And, very knowledgeable about what happens at these parties. I'm grateful to have a guide," she says, rambling on a bit.

Dottie ST: A couple of skinners pause and then blink at Abraham. "Why don't ya'll go get some Ice Cream." It's a little eerie that it kinda hppens right at the same time. Or maybe it's just the atmosphere..

Hoyt shakes his head, with his hand still there, left hanging and another shake of his head. "Well," He says, following the two women into the woods, like a horror movie or two that he's seen before. "What exactly do you look for, when looking for snipes?" He asks, his head glancing around. At least he feels that whatever is out there, he probably can bludgeon to death with his fist.

Dora grins affectionately at Tock. "Actually, I suppose really I'm 'the one who does the taxes', whatever that makes me." There's definitely a look as if she's filing away this information regarding Tock's dessert preferences, but then Odie's back with ice cream and she turns back toward him, claiming her cone with a bright smile. "I think it makes him the cute one, really. Heartbreaker, even if he won't admit it to himself."

Abraham waves off the skinners showing an interest in him, seeming unphased. No, he isn't getting ice cream it looks like.

Odie laughs, cheeks darkening with a faint blush at the words from Tock and Dora. "Me? Heartbreaker? Nah.", he says to Dora, then looks to Tock. "Haven't broken *yours*, right?"

Guy looks a bit uncertainly at Wendell at _that_ love question, and then he leans in, low-voiced, attempting to provide advice.

Shyla goes with her companions into the woods, walking juuuuust a step or two behind so to let them take the lead since they have more experience with these kind of things! Nikki's sudden stop and comment gives her a slight quiver, feeling a chill in the air and a full-on creepy vibe that surrounds her. "ERrr... you sure? I mean, I think Hoyt and I need all the help we can get" she points out to Nikki, leaning over to try to look into the stoned girl's face in the dark. Is she taking a sniff as well? Probably not, that would've been weird.

???'The responsible one',??? Tock answers Dora solemnly. ???Poor you.??? Her eyes widen for comic effect as she looks back at Odie and slowly shakes her head side to side. ???Given, it would be really hard to break my heart short of a severe over-winding,??? she adds at a near-whisper, given the mixed company. Then she is back to tracing little spiral pathways over her ice cream scoop with her tongue.

Draping his hand with his cup over the lap bar, Brand turns and takes Thury's hand into his. Four rings around four fingers wrap in her hand, a network of skulls and rock paraphernalia in total, squeeze her fingers gently for the shake. "Thury Rosmundsdottir," Brand repeats, sans the accent and a hint of her dialect. "That's an amazing name, for the record." He frees her hand and shakes his head, casting his hair back over his ear. "I really do know a lot of these people, though. We've been friends a long, long time, but I normally don't get this kind of response. I only just got back into town a few days ago, so for some of them, it's the first time they've seen me." Switching his cup to his right hand, Brand settles back into the rickety wood, eyeing the bolts in quiet wonder. His arm lifts up and over Thury's back, resting across her shoulders atop the back of the bench. He looks back to her face. "What do you do, Thury Rosmundsdottir? And where did you learn to use the letter 'R' so interestingly?"

Wanting something to remember the night with Kent the unseen presence moves closer to one of the parked trucks and kneels down behind it. Bony, pale fingers reach out and begin to unscrew the bolts on the license plate. That is going home with him. He collects them. Everyone needs a hobby. He finds the most rare plate and takes it. Something from out of state or with a farmer's work plate, anything that makes it unique. Custom plates with those witty logos are the best. He so enjoys those.

Dora sighs melodramatically, and lifts the back of one hand to her forehead. "Oh woe, my lot!" Of course, even as she looks tragic, she lifts her other hand and carefully paints the tip of Tock's nose with her ice cream. "I don't know what to do with myself and all this terrible, terrible 'adulting.'" Somehow, she manages to keep a straight face through all this, even as she licks off the dent she just made in her ice cream. "And you," she adds, finally looking back at Odie. "Just be careful with those tickers. All the heartbroken girls start pounding on our doors, it's gonna be me they come wailing to first, I just know it."

Shelby heads up to the squealing contraption, but she waits a second before stepping in, holding a hand up. Well, she holds a bowl of ice cream up, because she's got two. "Anyone wanna join me in this thing and have a bowl of ice cream?" she yells out. Then, after a look at the gondola, and a look at her hips, she shrugs, and inquires in a quieter voice, "Anyone skinny? Or not!" and doesn't wait much longer before stepping up and sliding herself into a seat. She tried, at least.

Nikki smiles at Shyla and then points downward, while her gaze is out looking around. A small frown on her lips, she scans the woods but doesn't move from her spot. While continuing to point downward, occasionally glancing down by where she is standing as if trying to get Shyla's attention there.

Odie chuckles at Tock, shaking his head, and then laughs brightly at Dora's acting. "Oh, woe is you. I give you my full permission to comfort any girls who's heart I break in any and all ways you see fit, is that better?", he says, with a wink.

Dotie ST: "Ma'am." Drawls Sutter as he sets the loose lap band for Shelby. With the addition of three new people the mortor starts to make an odd noise but on it goes. Round, and round..

Dottie ST: Just as kent, poor man, gets close to the trucks he starts to smell ozone and sees a little fizzle..and then a fizzle pop hiss.

Dottie ST: Screams start again as people chase, but then, something strange starts to happen in the dee dark woods of Crow's Hollow off the Resivior.. The lights start to flicker. They dim and dip and strobe for a few seconds, movies skip, music sips, sounds stop and he ferris wheel gives a high pitched noise..

Dottie ST: That's when the majority of the batteries blow... sizzles and blue blinding flashes happening in the vinicity of the flatbeds.

???Because you're the responsible one,??? Tock teases Dora again, just in time to get ice cream dabbed on her nose. Dilemma: she has one hand on Dora's arm and the other holding her cone. She moves her ice cream away long enough to stretch her tongue out to reach the tip of her nose and clean off...well, the worst of the ice cream there, anyhow. It isn't the most efficient method given the configuration of human faces. ???Help,??? she says to Dora in a playfully pathetic tone, with a hint of a pout to go along with it.

Thury can't help but take in all the interesting details of Brand's appearance, including his tattoos, and jewelry. She's never really been around someone like him, before--except London, and she didn't count.. Thury nods in approval as Brand repeats her name, smiling lightly, fleetingly. It's almost as though she finds the action to be inappropriate, that her serene, placid expression is the more appropriate state for her face. She listens, however, to Brand with interest as she allows her eyes to drift over the view offered by the creaking, groaning ferris wheel, her heart only racing a little as the gondola reaches its pinnacle before beginning the slow descent. "Were you gone for a long time?" she asks, not asking anything more pointed or personal. As his arm settles around her shoulders, she seems unfazed--neither pleased, nor displeased...simply accepting. "I am a pre-med student and I work in a hospice to help cover my other needs," she smiles, seeming instantly more comfortable talking about what is clearly her passion. "I suppose I learned it back home, near Reykjavik. Iceland. It's the same as bread, to me," she says. "Not so interesting, but many people seem to find it interesting."

Hoyt looks around as he takes a few steps away, his eyes starting to adjust to the new darkness and none of the lights around. Some are still casting shadows around but very dimly. His reflexes start to heighten in the dark, and he has to bite his tongue, so he doesn't cast any of his mage tricks. They would be helpful but in front of them... not so much. With Shyla talking to Nikki, he watches Nikki motion and he starts to glance around the ground looking to see what is going on.

Guy is talking all low-like to Wendell, but as something starts to go a bit odd, Guy jerks his head up, and he _stares_ out there at all of those lights, all of that strangeness going on "What the what?!"

Dora can't help but watch Tock struggle to clean off her nose with a growing grin, barely biting back a giggle. She loses that fight as the woman pleads, laughing even as she turns toward Odie with a wicked grin. "That'll work, I think. Good division of labor." she winks, then turns back toward Tock and leans in to delicately lick whatever ice cream is left off the tip of her nose -- just as all the batteries on the trucks pop and spark in a spectacular flash. She leans back with a blink, sparing only a quick glance toward the trucks before turning back to Tock. "I didn't do it?" she pleads, a bit wide-eyed but still smiling.

"About half of a year, I was." Brand nods to Thury, dipping his chin. His facial expressions are never second guessed; he's given far too many interviews to not natually fall into a cadence with his words and body language, confident when he wants to, too confident when he wants to as well. "I have to travel for work often, not to Iceland, but we had a layover there on our way to the United Kingdom. The view on the flight in is amazing; it's so green." Brand tilts his head a little, eyes widening at the final word. Comfortable, he lifts a shoulder and opens his mouth, words forming on the tip of his tongue. "How do you like medic-" And then...the Ferris Wheel stops, with their cart high in the air. Everything comes to a whining stop and Brand's back straightens, eyes tearing from Thury to survey all of the lights going on. "...oh shit." Brand laughs. LAUGHS. His arm tightens around Thury's shoulder. "Whatever happens, don't try to climb down. Trust me."

"I'd have offered to help, Tock my dear, but, well..", Odie says, and shrugs, smiling. "Dora's got you anyway.", he adds, as Dora's leaning in to take care of Tock. And then there's the sparks and the flashes, and he looks around. "Huh. I thought the ritual murder spree wasn't for another hour.", he says, then calls out loudly to Dottie, wherever she is. "DOTTIE! DO WE START WITH THE MURDERS NOW? IS THAT THE SIGNAL?" He then looks back at Dora and Tock, the most purely innocent look on his face.

Shyla doesn't seem too worried about the door. Actually, she acts as if there -isn't- a lack of light around, those blue eyes of hers fully dilated. She does follow Nikki's direction and looks down at the floor at the other girl's feet, looking for ... well, whatever she is expected to find!

Wendell shakes his head. "Naw. In this scenario they not good. They're a dick, there's prolly no way that's gonna work out good but thanks anyways." He crosses his arms and frowns. "Maybe a man needs to move on but I also gotta smoosh what I gotta smoosh." Wendell shrugs. "Well I dunno what I expected." Wendell yawns. "Man all this ice cream is making me sorta sleepy....."

Abraham mutters something under his breath and turns on the flashlight feature on his phone. Battery hasn't failed him yet, but he is giving the phone a bit of a workout tonight. He glances over to Odie's shouting, flashing the light over in his direction a moment. "Oh bloody hell." He seems to recognize Odie, and not favorably.

So, who's this guy? Someone's angry dad? Ritter looks far older than the mean of this crowd, clad in jeans and t-shirt, scanning the gathering as if in search of someone. He doesn't seem annoyed, though. Sort of hovering around the edge, at the moment.

Tock gives a pleased little hum at that method of assistance with her particular plight, leaning against Dora a bit...and then there are literal sparks. Her breath catches for a moment, then she giggles back at Dora's wide-eyed innocence. ???I beg to differ,??? she purrs softly before looking around. ???Probably I should volunteer to help with that unless there is someone on it already,??? she says a little reluctantly, though Odie's silliness soon has her giggling again.

Dottie ST: Everything seems really quiet at first. Really quiet. Because people are confused. There are some moans and other rustling noises about the dark forest but otherwise it's quiet. From their vantage Brand, Shelby and Thury can see dark figures in the shadows lit somewhat by the moon. And then, out of their shock and the smoke drifting in off the batteries in an acrid odor the Zombie Skinners all cheer suddenly like a tiny viking hoard .. only zombies. And rapid shuffling towards the darkened forest starts to occur. Like a zombie game of marco polo in the dark.

Dottie ST: ritters arrival has been met with, flashes of light, smoke, and then sudden pitch night lit only by moon and stars above. What an entrance!

Dottie ST: People still mill around the treats nervously until a zombie Skinner plows through one sending forested cakes and screams in every direction. Ice cream isflung as people scamper.

Nikki tilts her head upward at the mention of murders, a frown on her lips. Her fingertips twitch but she doesn't do anything else. She looks toward Shyla and says mildly, "Yes, that is a snipe." Whatever a snipe is. And then toward Hoyt she asks, "Have you found one yet?" A look is given around and she blinks, shaking her head a moment. The her pupils shrink ever so slightly and she focuses on Shyla's face for the first time, "Oh." She says, "That's what you look like. You're cute."

Thury smiles, again, when Brand mentions her homeland. This time, the smile holds a wealth of emotions in it--nostalgia, eagerness, hope, sadness, longing... To hear more, she would love to listen for hours to others' experiences about her home country. Alas, it is not to be, this evening. She does well and doesn't let her disappointment show. "Yes, because of the name, many people mistakenly think it is nothing but ice," she laughs softly, tucking fine blonde wisps of hair behind her ear before she drains the rest of her drink. Setting her empty Solo cup beside her, between her hip and the door, she's caught off-guard when the ferris wheel halts. "Oh, I.." she starts to say, but cuts off, her crystalline blue-eyed gaze whipping to Brand's reddish eyes in startlement as his arm tightens around her shoulders. "I.." she says, her brows knitting upward. "I won't. It'll be okay. If I fall, it won't hurt," she says, though it's unclear as to who she's trying to convince.

Guy pats Wendell on the arm, and he says to him "Okay, look, why don't we stat with this - in order to get a girl, basically you gotta be yourself. If someone _else_ has been yourself, then you gotta say to her 'Babe, I don't know what got into me, but I'm going to demonstrate by my +actions+ an' +meaningful fuckin' change+ that it's okay now." He frowns a bit, and he says "And even if it don't work out, well, people will be: he tried to be a decent hombre, okay?" HIs eyes light up as he spots Ritter, entering "Hey, it's the cops!"

Dora can't help but grin at Tock -- and is that a touch of a blush on her cheeks? It could just be the chill from the ice cream, after all. Odie's shouting, however, earns an outright giggle from her, even as she awkwardly punches his shoulder with the hand still holding her cone. "I don't know if anyone's on it..." And then there's that first scream, and suddenly she laughs. "Or maybe that was the pre-arranged signal. She suddenly lifts her voice in a shrill, horror-movie-quality shriek. "THEY'RE COMING TO EAT US!"

Hoyt chuckles, "You just noticed she's a cutie? I noticed that when I saw her from afar." He says, with a grin on his lips. "And no, I haven't found a snipe at all. Is there any particular tracks I should look for, any signs? I'm a city slash beach guy, I don't know all this backwoods stu..." His voice trails off as he spots something in a stump and he wonders over to it. "What the..." He pulls out a piece of paper, a voucher and holds it up trying to angle it so that he can see it. Once he reads it, "I think I found my snipe." He says, laughing as his eyes catch the words. "This might come in handy, I tell you." The weed not so much, he's already got his own hookup for illegal substances if he so chooses. But it's that moonshine that'll do the trick.

Odie gives a low chuckle as he's punched in the shoulder. "Just helping set the mood!", he protests, then grins as the screaming starts. "And *theeeeere's* the Dottie Skinner special touch." When Dora gives that shriek, he laughs, and gives his big sister a polite little golf-clap. "Damn, sis. Impressive."

"What the freakin' shit fuck, the hell!?" Shelby is all expletives as the ferris wheel creaks to a halt. She's all by herself in her gondola, with her bowls of ice cream. She's just got one tucked between her bare thighs, so she can dig into the choco-mint, but this is interrupted. For two seconds. Then she has another spoonful, twisting about to squint at the darkness below. Her pupils were already dilated beyond reason, anyway. "Get this freakin' stoved up thing moving already down there!" she bellows further, leaning forward over the bar, then slumps back into her seat with a grunt, making the whole gondola sway and creak. "Freakin' Skinners."s she grumps in a more moderate tone, snorting out a laugh, and finishes the first bowl in a couple more spoonfuls.

The old Immortal's pale gaze lights on Guy, and he grins. ALmost wolfishly, really. And Ritter picks his way through the horde to the younger man's side. before summarily grabbing him by the scruff, as if he really did intend to drag him off. "Cops, eh?" he says, before giving Wendell an upnod. As if he really doesn't expect the Ogre to mind if he totes Guy away.

The sudden flashes of light makes Kent jerk backwards and crumble to the ground, a bundle of black cloth until the fireworks are over... but then everything goes dark. He stops and makes the first noise of the night, a sigh of relief. The vampire looks around to make sure the lights aren't going to come back on any time soon. Seeing as everyone is relying on hand held lights to navigate he feels more emboldened to make an appearance.

Moving like a dark shadow over towards the woman who invited anyone 'skinny' to join her, the robed figure of the damned starts to dance his way, swaying back and forth towards her. He moves over gracefully towards the rather large lady having no problem seeing in the dark. Unseen, he approaches her silently then he is just there, standing next to Shelby a dread, fear like death just walked into a bar washes out from the Nosferatu as he appears next to her in the dark, a black, faceless robed figure, just standing there, inches from her waiting for her to turn around and see him, like the reaper come to harvest her soul...

Shyla blinks as she looks fully downward, seeing that basket with the 'snipe' in it for the first time. Letting out a little squeal of glee, she reaches down to pick it up quickly, wiggling it at facelevel to both Nikki and Hoyt as if she found this utterly by herself. "Wow! Looky looky! A snoop!" The girl reaches into the basket to pull out the egg, eyeing it then leans over to ... sniff... it. "What am I supposed to do with it?" She looks up at both the man and the girl she's keeping company with in an expectant manner. As for Nikki's compliment, well, Shyla can't help but beam, flashing her pearly whites before poking at the egg once more, gasping as it pops open! Another sniff at a baggie she finds, then stares at a note she finds. "Oh! A lapdance! That's cool right? I've never had one of those." She beams at both her new friends once more. "Yay!"

Abraham flicks the light on his phone off, slipping it into his pocket and walking back off away from all the action. Why did he even come, if he wasn't going to enjoy himself?

Oh, too bad it is too dark to really see that blush. ???Ah,??? Tock says softly as it seems like the power loss might have been deliberate. Repair work might not be needed, after all. She bites her lip and chuckles a bit at Odie and Dora's antics. ???But I haven't even finished my ice cream yet. I promise I'll taste better /after/ I get to eat it.??? Probably that is a good tack to take under an impending zombie attack, right? She sets back to swiping her tongue over the ice cream with a touch more haste.

Nikki looks at her snipe for a moment or two, and then holds her prize out toward Shyla. "Here." The voucher is handed over to her. "Not my thing." A look is given over the area. A sigh is given and she says mildly, "I think I'm done here for the night." A shake of her head is given and she pushes away from the forest.

Somehow, Brand was expecting things to explode into terror. The screaming and the moaning from the woods, and the sudden emergence of a zombie crashing through people and treats below, Brand claps his lips shut at the sight and leans up, looking down the other side of Thury to watch it all unfold. "I'm not going to let you fall, Thury Rosmundsdottir, no worries about that. In theory, the cannibals will probably get us, first." Brand ticks a brow down to the ground, then pulls back to look at her full face, his own features a calm, passive pasture, lacking concern. "We've got each other, we'll be //fine//." Brand points out, then down the last of his drink. He reaches past her hip to collect her solo cup, sliding it into his to double the weight, then throws it down towards one of the zombies. Brand Walker then reaches out to tuck a lock of Thury's hair behind her ear and smiles coyly to the foreigner. "Truly, I'm lucky to /maybe/ be dying tonight in a Ferris Wheel with a really interesting girl. I think we made the right decision to come up here."

Dora looks pleased as punch as she winks at Odie. "It's a gift," she says lightly. Eying the oncoming chaos, she notes, "perhaps, in the interest of not being devoured, we should take ourselves and our ice cream to at least some sort of defensible position. Mind...given the setting, finding that sort of thing's going to be damn hard. Which was probably all part of the point."

Guy is being dragged off by Ritter now, and he says to him "There are zombies in the woods, you know!"

Hoyt oh's as he looks to Shyla, "Where at?" He says, "Maybe we can go together, the three of us I mean, and have fun and a few drinks or something." He says. "I got a voucher for weed and moonshine." He says with a chuckle, then he looks to Nikki. Wait, that's not right. "We can't let you go alone, can we Shyla? It wouldn't be the responsible thing to do. How about I take you two ladies someplace. I've got a big enough truck to fit everyone in." He goes into his pocket to fish out the keys from it. "That is if you two would like the company and Shyla is willing to go." He is grinning though, as his other hand pockets the voucher.

Odie raises a brow as Tock mentions the whole 'tasting better after ice cream' thing, and he chuckles, biting his lip, and being good. He then nods to Dora. "Good plan. I'd hate to accidentally hurt any of the kids that got too excited and don't recognize me in the dark."

"Indeed," says Ritter, sounding utterly unperturbed by t his revelation. "I think we need a drink, either way." And now he's looking about, as if in search of a source.

The sudden flashes of light makes Kent jerk backwards and crumble to the ground, a bundle of black cloth until the fireworks are over... but then everything goes dark. He stops and makes the first noise of the night, a sigh of relief. Darkness being his friend the vampire regains his footing and moves away from the trucks assuming someone, at some point is going to come try to fix the batteries. (Fixed)

Wendell looks around and realizes this must be the part of the Skinner party where it gets kind of racy. "Hm?" He says in response to the guy's pep talk. It's like he's a little unsure. He thinks about it. He stops to stroke his chin. "So I must just...be myself?" He smirks, he doesn't even really register Ritter dragging Guy away. "I can do that!" Wendell cracks his fingers. "They as good at smooshed." He gives Dot a pat on the shoulder. "Thanks for the ice cream!" Wendell jumps on his mountain bike and speeds away with a few rings.

???Hm. Out here there are not a lot of excellent options. Could always go up a tree, I suppose,??? Tock muses between licks of her ice cream. ???Higher ground, at least. Probably they won't try to set it on fire.??? Another lap of chocolate-raspberry. ???Probably.???

Dottie ST: Where is Dottie Skinner? She doesn't seem to be around at the moment. But tat's neither here nor there. People are getting zombied at. Ic cream, cake, all kinds of things are flying, or being consumed in corners by giggling cousins. It leaves some doubt as to wether Dottie is responsible or not. because would she really let them harm the food?

Dottie ST: Sutter wasn't expecting it. he's growling and making noises and seems to have found himself a tiny light by the screen of his ancient Nokia phone to attempt to head towards the truck. "Workin on it." he grunts at poor Shelby.

Guy seems relatively content just being hauled along by the back of his shirt, and he says "Okay! Can someone give me alcohol?" he calls this out through cupped hands "I've had a hard time recently!" His white clothes are a bit shabby - for whatever reason? Guy has not been going downstairs to the washing machine recently.

Nikki tilts her head toward Hoyt and Shyla and gives a shrug of her shoulders. "Okay." And then she heads off after getting more ice cream. She doesn't seem bothered with Hoyt and Shyla following her.

Nikki leaves back to Crow Hollow - Hanging Hills

Ritter mutters to Guy, at that. As if reminded of something. He's settled Guy on his feet, but he's still all but frogmarching him, as if he really were the cops.

"Torching the place is definitely more the local mob of angry farmers sort of thing, not the zombies," Dora reasons. "Though there's always an accidental 'knock over a lantern' scenario." She gives Odie a quick, symapthetic smile, then squeaks and ducks as some cake goes suddenly flying and nearly hits her in the face. "Whatever we're doing, though, we should either do it quick, or join in the mess!"

Shyla tilts her head while looking at both Nikki and Hoyt, then toward the general direction of where most of the cars and trucks are parked. There's a slight hesitation and a look of concern on her face before she takes a deep breath and straightens up some, tilting her chin up, "Sure! That would be cool. I have no clue what is going on here, anyway, so..." She glances down at her hands where that voucher and baggie of weed is. There's a confused look on her face when it comes to the bag, but she soon pockets it as well as the voucher. "Yeah! So Nikki, where to?" The coed turns fully to face the Skinner girl, waiting expectently. The other girl just wanders off to get ice cream and then to parts unknown, making Shyla look at Hoyt with a questioning glance, then hurries after.

"Yeah, this is the part where I'd disappear, but I don't want to abandon you guys either.", Odie says, then motions for Tock and Dora to follow him. "Behind the ice cream truck? At least we'll have our backs covered!"

Shelby sets one bowl aside and sits back with the second. After digging her spoon in the dark, she leans forward over the bar and yells down towards Sutter, "No hurry!" she digs into her fanny pack and produces the yellow band she collected earlier, then ties it about her wrist. Then she tries to force the bar to open so she can stand up in her gondola, while bellowing to the undead hordes below. "Come freakin' get me, you zombie bastards! Hah!" she brandishes her spoon, and takes another mouthful of ice cream.

???The way they are going for the dessert tables? I suspect the truck will be a target. I suppose we /could/ toddle off to another location if you were needing to go anyhow, Odie???? Tock observes, again with laps of ice cream punctuating each sentence. She does walk as she talks, following after Odie.

Guy says to Ritter "Because the _lift_ is broken!" He glances around "Am I being kidnapped? Man, not even in a sexy way - look Shelby is over there!"

"Also, even with the rampaging horde, I'm sure we'll be fine," Dora assures Odie with a smile, even if she is on the move following him as well. She really should be paying more attention to her own ice cream, as it's starting to seriously melt at this point. "That said, ice cream truck is better than nothing, so hey!"

Thury leans back a smidge, as though apologizing for taking up space Brand needs to lean into in order to see better. With him so close, the clean, soft scents of coconut and lime can be detected from Thury--perhaps her hair, a shampoo or conditioner. It seems Thury is actively working to cultivate a simple, soft image--unobtrusive, inoffensive, forgettable. However, being so Fair doesn't really make that an easy thing to accomplish. Her clothes fit her well, and are quite stylish for being so casual--perfectly suited to the party. Her hair isn't flamboyant, but neither is it boring. She wears no makeup, but her lips bear a soft sort of sheen, as though she wears lip balm. But, all of this is irrelevant to the moment, being trapped up high while zombies straggle through. "Yes... We'll be fine," she repeats, nodding her head. "I... How are we going to...deal with this?" she asks, biting at the swell of her lower lip with a thoughtful expression. "Is it part of the party?"

Ritter glances over that way, squinting. "And about to be eaten by zombies, if I understand the rules of the game," He pauses, looks at Guy. "What do you mean, the lift is broken?"

???That works for me,??? Tock says amiably enough, shrugging her shoulders. Her eyes are adjusting to the dark enough to improve some details. ???You're dripping,??? she informs Dora before leaning in to lick one of the trails up the side of her ice cream cone. ???Can't let it go to waste.???

Dottie ST: The Skinner Couples on the ferris wheel's lower portions have already scrampled out sicne they knew about the shennanigans too and they're scampering around joining in the hunt for all partygoers. Of course there are zombie bastards who hear Shelby, and see her. And most Skinners are more fun loving han smart, at least the ones here, and about a dozen start swarming for the ferris wheel and the three stuck inside.

Dottie ST: ice cream is throws like snowballs by a human trying to protet his cowering girlfriend. The drink table is jostles and cans and bottles have cascaded all over along with chilling ice. There's a cousin under the table, drinking a bottle of rum, who looks up at the request for liquor.

Dottie ST: That's when Dottie appeas, hopping onto the ice cream truck, rambo red headband tied on, shooting a paintball in the air she ululates and then starts taking aim a tthe zombies with her paintball gun, and a sack of similar, tossed to the food smeared ground. She takes aim and the flashlight taped onto the paintbll gun illuminates a Skinner Zombie.. and she plasters him with bright yellow paint and he drops.

Guy shrugs, looking up at his much taller flatmate "The lift is broken," he repeats "I can't get into her office to clean it, because I can't get up there." He sighs "I mean, I wouldn't just not do the work - Butters rides me enough as it is, man. But until it gets fixed, I can't get up there." He looks around himself at the madness, and he says "...do these guys just have money coming out of their ears?"

"That's a fair-", Odie starts to say to Tock and Dora, before his twin sister climbs up onto the ice cream truck, doing her best Paintball Rambo impression. He blinks, and facepalms. "Remind me again which one of us was adopted, Dora?", he asks, with a goofy smile.

Hey, look at that, from the other side of the ferris wheel than the other zombies, even in the dark people might notice a black, cloaked figure scaling up the side of Ferris wheel. Black cloak in the bare moonlight it's hard to make out what it is, one of the zombies maybe? It seems to be scaling the Ferris wheel moving towards Shelby's gondola. As it gets closer to her, she'll feel the cold, dread presence of death around her until the silent figure climbs up along the side of her seat, a faceless dark form draped in black cloth. It's.. just.. there is something not right about who ever it is but it must be part of the party, right? "Need help down, Ma'am?" a voice from inside the dark hood asks with a slight southern accent.

Trapped in the rickety box with Thury, tucked in close, Brand Walker smells, oddly enough, like the long-haired rocker should. The faint hint of leather mingles with a touch of cologne, cigarette smoke, and the alcohol he's consumed. In another era, gunfighters smelled like that, but it's a party; on a long enough timeline, everyone smells like alcohol and smoke. "Well," Brand dents his lip with his teeth, deep in thought as the zombies rush the Ferris Wheel. "Would it make you feel better if I told you that I didn't know?" Brand's tank top tightens against his belly as he reaches behind his back, tugging a sheathed knife free. "If they get close enough to kick you, I don't think they'd mind if we kicked them first. If they bite? We use the knife." Brand blinks as the sound of a paintball gun go off behind him. His mouth parts, teeth gritting, and then he turns to Thury and leans in close to her, close enough to whisper. "If it's not part of the party we should probably kiss, at least once, because it's been a great conversation and we might not survive long enough for a normal kiss."

After yelling out her challenge, secure in her higher ground and invincibility, Shelby settles back down to finish the second bowl of ice cream. It's not like she's hungry, but it's ice cream, and she goes through it with small spoonfuls, making all kinds of sinful sounds. One might think, in the gondola below, that Shelby is enjoying some personal time. Then there's whatever that thing is climbing up into the gondola. A shiver runs down her back and she twists around, staring with her mouth hanging open and her face scrunched into a look of vague horror. Horrified, weirded out, same thing. "The hell!? How the fuck did you get up here? No, I don't freakin' need help to get down this stoved up god-damned contraption. Who the hell are you?"

Dora stares up at Dottie as she goes Full Assault, then laughs helplessly. "Sorry, I was there when they brought you both home. No getting out of this one." She starts to say something else, but gets totaly distracted by Tock licking her ice cream. She just blinks at the woman a moment, starts to say something, then stops and shakes her head with a slow grin. "Don't know what I'd do without you," she says seriously. "In the meantime -- I think sis just give us weapons to fight the apocalypse. Want me to hold your cone while you defend us from the End Times?"

Thury's eyes widen as the knife is pulled out, and her hand goes up to her throat for a moment. Reflexive. Strange, perhaps, to those paying attention to such things. Perhaps she's just nervous. "I... Well, how can I blame you for not knowing what to do when I don't, either?" she asks, not expecting an answer to her rhetorical question. She steals another anxious glance at the hordes of zombies shambling below, listening to Brand as he lays out a basic plan. Now, yes, this could be part of the party, but Thury has seen things that have taught her never to assume something is safe or that ridiculous things don't exist. So, better to be safe than sorry. Thury nods, "Okay. I can kick, if it comes to that." Her voice is breathy with her heightened pulse and the adrenaline of concern, possibly fear. Then, with Brand sweeping so close to her, his breath on her ear, she shivers at his words. "Kiss?" she whispers, not making eye contact with him. "It...has been a good conversation. You don't think we'll die, surely!" She swallows thickly and looks at him with pale blue eyes and flushed cheeks.

"Possibly," Ritter's voice is dry. He snags a bottle of ....something, from the wreckage of the table. But with Guy in one hand and booze in the other, he doesn't seem inclined to hang about and re-enact 'Zulu' with a bunch of people in zombie makeup. "On we go," he tells Guy, blithely, heading for the bit of the woods that looks least zombie-infested.

The robed dark figure of Kent says, "Oh, that's not important. I just wanted to offer to help. But if you don't need it, I'll go." the creepy man in the dark robes says then he starts to climb back down but more slowly giving her time to change her mind if she wants to have company, even creepy terrifying company while she waits for them to fix the wheel.

Dottie ST: People are scampering about. People who had their snipe running from groups of cousins. Off in the distance Sutter swears at the trucks and ries to figure out how to get the things rigged up properly again. Finding the trap that had been laid by some of the zombie conspirists he swears up a colorful storm.

People tae the second hand, and in some suspicious cases brand new, paintball guns and start to fight back. None the less, some people still go down under roving zombies.

Dottie ST: The horde that's trying to climb up the rickety old ferris wheel is making the machine groan and creak in a terrifying manner. A paintball smattering whizzes past and plasters a bunch of trees not far from the ferris wheel in an almost glowing neon pink that flashes in the makeshift lashlight sight. It is indeed, battle royal!

Guy finally ends up in teh area out in the darkness, with some booze, and Ritter "Why is everyone on my back about it all," he mutters under his breath, and then he looks at the ferris wheel "Man," he tells Ritter "My eye teeth to be an insurance lawyer at this point..."

Tock just grins and finds another drip of Dora's mint chocolate chip to rescue. ???I can defend, but likely not in the most appropriate way for fun and games. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone by accident. Guns aren't my...we let Owen do the guns,??? she admits with a rueful sort of smile.

Odie laughs, watching Dora and Tock, and glancing up at Dottie a moment, before turning his attention back to his sister and her companion. "Up to you guys.. I don't see this getting any calmer any time soon. Might be best if I skeedaddle before I get pulled into the fray, for obvious reasons.", he says.

Abraham finishes slipping off and away from the zombie ice cream ferris wheel of liability mess taking place, finding where he parked his bicycle and just pedalling off. Whatever happens next, he doesn't feel obligated to stay and witness it. Or worse, actually participate in something.

There's a mock zombie apocalypse going on. But the pair of Immortals, young and old, have withdrawn to a presumably strategic distance on the fringes of things. Ritter's snagged a bottle of booze, which he takes an occasional swig from, between passing it to Guy.

Shelby just stares at the robed Kent. In her hand, a spoon full of melting ice cream. It's dark, and she can barely see the figure at all, but squints her eyes and leans hesitatingly after him, "Like hell that's not important, you know how creepy that is? Are you trying to get your damned self killed? Jesus." and she squeezes herself back into her seat, "I'm sure they'll get it goin' soon enough." she twists about, listening to the creaking of the rickety structure below her.

Dora smirks as Tock licks her ice cream again, then looks over at Odie and nods. "You're probably still a better shot than I am," she notes to Tock. "But that said, perhaps we should go with the better part of valor and run like rabbits?"

Tock takes another lick of her own ice cream, then nods at Dora and Odie. ???That seems prudent. For the safety of the ice cream, foremost. We should get it to safety.??? Priorities.

Brand learns quickly that Thury doesn't like the knife. He looks down to the sheathed knife in his hand and cringes, putting it down on the seat beside him. His hand snaps up, empty, waving in the air as if to say 'forget about the knife for a second'. All around them, the Ferris Wheel rocks and groans as bodies start to climb all over it, and somewhere in his strange eyes, it dawns on him that the thing might actually fall over. "No one knows when they're going to die, Thury Rosmundsdottir, but on the off chance these people just drank a gallon of PCP and actually believe that they're zombies? My car is the Challenger, that way." Brand points across the front of her body, to where the cars are parked. His eyes capture her stare as the hands of 'zombies' begin to claw their way up to the cart the two are riding in. Brand leans forward and presses his lips to hers, leaning into the kiss. A snarl comes. A hand reaches out for them. Brand's lips snap free of the kiss and he turns shoving at the zombie's chest and pushing it back with a snarl. "It's a good thing you're pre-med, Thury!" Brand grunts.

Guy takes a big swig of the bottle, staring up at the ferris wheel, and then looking back at Ritter "Seriously, this has to be the weirdest shit I've seen recently - and to be honest, that takes a lot of effort. I just got told there would be _icecream_."

Thury watches in surprise as Brand puts the knife down, and accomodates her fear. Her brows knit together as she tries to remember why it is that knives make her feel uncomfortable. She doesn't have long to think on it, because this really isn't the time. "No, no. You need it," she insists, pointing in the general direction of the sheathed blade. "Just in case.

"Well, there *is* ice cream," Ritter allows, in the tone of one compelled to honesty against his will....or better judgement. "I've seen very few towns that are stranger." He seems quite content to watch....but the Ferris wheel does seem to make him uneasy. No longer here for amusement, but loitering in case someone needs medical attention, or rescue. Against which eventuality....well, Guy at least will feel the flicker of a power in use.

Thury watches in surprise as Brand puts the knife down, and accomodates her fear. Her brows knit together as she tries to remember why it is that knives make her feel uncomfortable. She doesn't have long to think on it, because this really isn't the time. "No, no. You need it," she insists, pointing in the general direction of the sheathed blade. "Just in case. I mean, I'd rather that it not be needed, but you make a good point. PCP, whatever it is, could be very dangerous," she says, trying to take a hold of herself. She's come across things in the Hedge that threw her composure for a loop, but she usually got it back under control relatively quickly. Her eyes follow Brand's hand as he shows her where his car is. A Challenger. Whatever that might be. A vehicle, of course, but which? She nods, though, not wanting to make a bad situation worse. And, before she knows it, this handsome man's mouth is pressing against hers and she inhales deeply in surprise. She seems uncertain, at first, but she doesn't pull away, and even softens to it after a moment, perhaps returning the affection. Delicately, as she does most everything. Then, Brand is shoving at a climbing zombie PCP person, and Thury gulps, pressing her fingertips to her lips, her flushed cheeks hot. Before she has time to do anything else, a streak of white zips toward her from the edge of the cart. She yelps in surprise, until she realizes it's Isa. "Oh, my gods, you scared me!" she laughs, cuddling her mink to her body. "Are you okay? What's going on? No one stepped on you, did they?"

There's a disaster afoot? Enter Jesse. Now there are two. He ambles in, hands shoved in the pockets of his jacket. He pauses. It's kind of hard not to notice the Ferris Wheel swarming with bodies. He goes through the motion of nibbling at a cuticle despite not actually having them. Or any other subtle flaws. It's like he just stepped out of his original mint packaging. When he spies Ritter and Guy, he makes his way toward them, though most of his attention remains on the Wheel Of Zombies. As he draws near to the pair, he says, "Is that supposed to be doing that? Then he feels a twinge of power in use and looks at Ritter, then back at the wheel. "Could we even budge that?" he wonders aloud.

"You can't hold that up, dude. It's too motherfuckin' heavy," says Guy, eyeing the Ferris wheel "I don't dare get closer to it. I mean, ugh, I guess if something goes wrong, we should go and. Help?" Because they _will_ survive, no matter what. Jesse is arriving, and Guy offers him the bottle "I don't _think_ so - all the electrical stuff shorted just before." He adds quickly "It wasn't me. I think? My fu seems to be acting weird recently."

"No," says Ritter, rather absentedly. "I don't think I could. I do think I may be able to keep a fool or two from a broken neck or broken bones," he adds. He gives Jesse a smile, and it's the kind that lights his whole face. Quite the transformation. "'ello, love," he says, fondly.

Kent sees she's not in the mood for idle chatter so he decides to spend this time building his brand instead. He starts to laugh as he takes hold of the wheel's main strut and slides all the way down it to the ground. The laughter is.. creepy and wrong... just... it's the sound of someone insane, demented and terrifying. He keeps laughing as he lands on the ground and starts to walk off into the forest, a twisted laugh tainted by his inner beast that tends to make the skin crawl. The strange figure just walks away, into the forest, into the dark but the laughter can be heard lingering in the distance for several minutes.

Shelby might be slightly above Brand and Thury, so the zombies haven't gotten to her yet, though the robed figure has. That weirds her out enough. "Jesus fuck, what the hell is that, Beelzebub Skinner!?" the blonde yellos out, and crosses herself just to be on the safe side. One of those necklaces she's wearing is probably a string of rosary beads, too. Once he's gone, she tries to get another look at the sceney below. Pushing up the bar again, with a little force if necessary, she decides to stand up in her precarious, creaky, swaying gondola.

Jesse takes the offered bottle from Guy, and he maintains eye contact with him as he has a long drink from it. As he passes it back, he smiles. "Hey, Guy." Then that smile goes a little sappier as he tells Ritter, "Hi there." Looking back to the wheel, he says, "If I have to catch one, I'm making them do a flip." He flexes his fingers, but he doesn't whip out the mojo just yet.

"Well, I don't know where you two are parked, but my bike's a couple minutes walk that a way. Don't know if I can get you both on it- least, not without *someone* ending up in the kind of position that would lead to a shotgun wedding if we were down in Mississippi.", Odie tells Tock and Dora, already leading them away from the chaos and towards his escape vehicle.

The cart that Brand, Isa, and Thury share rocks and shudders with all of the extra weight on it. Still feeling the ghost of Thury's lips -- it's probably gloss -- Brand leans up in his seat to wrestle his arms with a zombie-person trying to get onto the cart. His tank tup is pulled on, revealing a duo of old gunshot wound scars on his shoulder, but they don't seem to be hindering his efforts to fight the zombie off. Finally, Brand bunches his shoulders together and shoves, sending the zombie-person flying off of the Ferris Wheel. Is it a long way down? Brand doesn't care. He shoves. Another pops up behind Thury, and Brand twists and rounds a punch into its head. The yelp sounds decidedly MORTAL, but the zombie-person rattles down the Ferris Wheel, too. All whiteboy skin and flying chain wallet, Brand stands, momentarily, victorious. "So, this one time?" Brand peels his hair back over the top of his head, looking from Thury, to Shelby, "I got chased with a chainsaw and it had an actual blade in it, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was /fine/. I'm still here, but if it looks dangerous, it probably is." Not helping Brand is not helping. He looks down to Thury and puffs his hair away from his eyes.

Guy eyes Jesse in turn, and he smiles, suddenly, tentatively. He looks up at Shelby, and nudges his two friends "Let's catch her first," he decides. Not that he can help very much, in all honesty, but? Apparently knowing Guy _is_ good for something. Then he points at Brand, Thury, and Isa as the zombies are climbing up "I think your healing skills may be needed anyway," he mutters to Ritter.

Dottie ST: Sutter is still trying to get everything woring. people are screaming, snies are getting nocked out of the bushes. And doubtless, soon, there's going to be alw enforcement. Just as soon as they can figure out which logging road they have to take... so.. eventually.

Dottie ST: It's lucky someone is prepared because one of the zombies is pushed, looses his grip and starts to fall. Now, it's only two or three stories so it wont kill the guy. But thankfully straighter heads are present and prevailing..

Dottie ST: The gondolads aren't really meant to be stood in so they creak, and sway nd wobble..

There must be some sort of safety precaution in place. Or a very busy flock of guardian angels. The ones that get shoved off don't merely plummet down - they seem to be caught, at least for enough of the fall that it's merely bruising and not life-threatening. Ritter puts out a hand to Guy for the bottle, never looking away from the Ferris wheel. Help a brother out.

???I'm further back. Past all of the trucks,??? Tock informs Odie, still steadily lapping away at her ice cream as they walk in the general away-from-zombie-mess direction. ???We wouldn't want to overtax your poor bike.???

Dora laughs, and at least starts eating her own ice cream even as they sneak away, not that they're being terribly stealhty about it. "Or shock anyone into requiring marriage proposals. I mean, we're Skinners, we have to have...some standards?" She winks, then says, "I'll just make someone drive me out to get my car tomorrow. Let's get to your bike, and then I'll make sure Tock here gets to her car safely and we'll go from there."

There is another flicker of a power coming to life, for those who can sense this sort of mojo, and Jesse lifts a hand as he keeps an eye on the Ferris Wheel. "Nice," he tells Ritter as the plummeting zombie gets a softer landing than gravity intended. As Guy mentions Shelby, Jesse glances up at her and he smiles as he says, "I've got my eye on her." And he does, though that doesn't keep him from conversing or stealing glances at the rest of the wheel. "So that guy who wandered off into the woods, did the rest of you see him or am I having another episode?"

Thury's body jolts as Brand successfully pushes a person off of the ferris wheel, and she feels her anxiety levels rising. Her mien is slipping, and there's not much she can do. That Brand might see this is horrifying to her, but she doesn't have many options, right now. It's not like she can leap out and run away. So, she just takes her hair down and lets it shroud her face a bit in the dark... Maybe this will suffice. As Brand punches the person who popped up behind her, Thury sqyeaks and starts to curl up as small as she can, trying to squeeze into the foot area of the gondola.. Except her body's changing with her nerves, and certain aspects are making it more difficult to..fit. "Isa," she whispers, hugging him close to her. "I've got to calm down." She peeks up as Brand finishes his story about being chased with a chainsaw and she ducks her head down as she realizes that her face probably doesn't look quite like herself. Oh, this is just the worst.

Guy reaches out to hand the bottle back to Ritter, without blinking over much. He is focused on all that potential damage and danger over there "Oh, well caught," he says, and then he says "The really creepy one? No, I saw him. Freak. Wonder what the hell he might be doing here. Probably casing the joint - he looked like the type." And then he says "Some of them are like, genuinely upset. I don't think this is all for funsies anymore, but I don' think I can do much, amigos."

Shelby's feeling pretty confident in the condition of her gondola and her own sense of balance, even stomping a foot down as she stands there and pivots about to peek down past the edge, "Ah, Jesus, leave those poor freakin' zombies alone. They got you, they get to eat you, fair and square!" she calls down to Brand, then sits down again, kicking one foot up onto the bar that should be securing her in place. Next she grabs one of the bowls, runs her fingers along the inside and feeds them traces of ice cream to her mouth. "I'm invincible! Never gonna get me! I'll be the freakin' last man standin' or whatever that was.!"

Dottie ST: it's true; but it is the rare skinner party that doesn't have someone leaving traumatized. That's the rub of coming to a party. Most of the screams are all in good fun but tey don't drown out the ones that aren't. Though, so far, it doesn't seem like anyone's gotten hurt. Still the lights start to flicker and the ferris wheel starts to move as lights flicker all over, starting to come up slowly as more and more of the batteries are connected back up to the grid. It's probably a good thing people will be buy to pick it up later. It looks like an eighties child's birthday party went to war..

"Might've been a vampire," Ritter opines, after another mouthful of whatever rotgut he's dug up. Like you just find them digging through your trash, like raccoons. "Some of them look bloody weird, so they go for the concealing clothing. They tend to be the crazier ones, too. I think I noted 'im. One in the cloak, weren't 'e?" Might be the booze, might be the effort, but his accent's blurring, getting stronger. Get enough liquor into him, and no one will be able to understand a goddamn word he says.

The gondola rocks and sways, and Brand wobbles his arms about, trying to catch himself. His back bends and he nearly falls over, but by the grace of balance, he catches himself. "You're not helping me here, lady." Brand calls out to Shelby above, lifting his middle finger and a silver ring with the Count from Sesame Street on it to her. Bling! Then, unceremoniously, Brand lowers to the bench of the gondola and lays out, above Thury in the foot section, and catches his breath. "Hey." Brand breathes, reaching down, he collects his sheathed knife and pats down to Thury's shoulder until he finds her. The gondola shudders and moves again, and he's trying to find the other woman's hand to pat. Pat. PatPat. "We're okay." Brand leans up on an elbow, peeling a strand of hair away from his face and behind his ear. "You need to calm down? Did I hear you right? Come up here," He offers his arm to her and sits up, finding room somewhere at the edge of the gondola for his booted feet. "I'll get you out of this thing and we can walk." In the dark? "By the cars."

Tock leads the way to her vehicle, still eating her ice cream all the way out. ???I can give you a ride if you want???? she offers Dora as she beeps the doors open.

"Oh, everyone's a vampire to you," Jesse says. He takes the bottle from Ritter and has another swig. Mmm, goes down like a lit match. "Remember, had this been a real zombie invasion, we wouldn't have to outrun them. We'd only have to outrun Guy. Wait..." He squints. "On a scale from Thriller to Walking Dead, how real are these idiots? I can't tell the difference anymore between the restless dead and people in numbers making terrible life choices."

Dora looks around as the lights start to flicker back on, and chaos still abounds. "Yes, please? I promise I'll be careful not to drip any ice cream on your upholstery, even. or if I do, I'll pay for the cleaning." She grins sheepishly, even as she slips into the passenger side.

Guy says "I have no idea," to Jesse, a little uncertain "I mean. They _look_ right, but I don't think I believe in zombies, and if they're human, or real, then someone could be about to get actually hurt." As Jesse speaks, Guy rolls his eyes "Had this been a real zombie invasion, I'da made all the electronics fucker-up by now. But..." Then he says to Ritter "Dude, if everyone weird-looking was a vampire, half of the city would be making withdrawls at the bloodbank...hang on a moment." He cups his hands around his mouth and yells "Hey! Motherfuckers! Does anyone want any help?"

Tock slips in behind the wheel, leeeeaning across to catch another drip from Dora's cone. ???Just catch your drips. No wasting ice cream,??? she says in a mock-stern tone before getting them on their way.

"I think it's a bunch of gits in make-up and fancy dress," Ritter's voice is dry. "This is a party. Not an actual necromantic ritual." Because he's attended plenty of both? He flicks a sidelong look at Jesse, amused. "I'm just saying," he notes, "This is the kind of situation some of them like t' go 'unting in. Lots of booze, dimly lit, plenty of fools with no sense. 's like a buffet."

Dora giggles, and quickly licks the other side of her cone as well before it spills over onto her hand. "Yes, ma'am," she says quickly, even managing to buckle her seatbelt before Tock gets them out of Dodge, as it were.

Dottie ST: With the lights comes the relisation that in the very faint distance.. sirens can be heard. And this means, of course that though the offer from Guy is made, it is certainly not nearly as deafening as that sound. And people start to scatter. Dot still on the ice ream truck tilts her head, eyes darting about. Her paintball gun lowered but not dropped as she survies the party as it rather abrutply starts to break. "Toodallooo Motherfuckers!" She shouts and glances to make sure her siblings are getting Tock safely out. Her eyes zip to the ferris wheel.. noticing it's moving, at least for the moment, though there's no one to stop it. Tuck and roll's the name of this game..

As the ferris wheel comes back to life, Thury feels the whisper of relief creeping in. Getting lower to the ground is good. This is progress. Things aren't over. She watches Brand through the curtain of her hair, and when he stretches out on the bench and breathes, all he can really see of her is the back of her hair--which seems...blonder, and less realistic. She flinches only slightly as his hand touches down on her--but, it could've just been from the jolting movements of the gondola. She nods, "Yeah, calm. Just need to be calm." Her voice sounds strange. Thicker accented, and breathier--like a. well, like a phone sex operator or something. She purses her lips together and rocks a bit. Breathe, be calm, breathe, be calm. She pets Isa rhythmically. At the offer of Brand's hand, she swallows and offers him the hand that's mostly back to normal. She's slowly getting control over herself. "Yes, that'd be nice," she exhales.

"Damn it, for hell's sake!" Shelby throws her hands up in the air as the wheel resumes turning and she hears sirens in the distance. She rubs both hands vigorously at her face, crawls about in her seat and peers out the back of the seat. Then the front. Then she stands up again, one hand on the bar, the other covering her eyes, suddenly sensitive to the light. She takes a breath, flexes her arms, flexes her legs, and gets ready to jump off as soon as she figures the height is reasonable. Given her current state, her assessment of reasonable heights to jump from maybe a little too optimistic.

"Like there's a difference in Fallcoast," Jesse snorts. "What's the difference between a party in Fallcoast dark ritual to summon the eldrich horrors of the deep? The color of the streamers." He fixes his attention on Shelby, one hand up like he's honing in on a target. The visuals help, okay? "Do a flip!" he yells her way. In any case, gravity goes easy on her when the time comes. The sensation is weird, like how one goes a little weightless when an elevator going up stops. Distracted, he says to Guy, "That's your line, huh? Zombies?"

"Does it matter?" Guy asks Ritter, as he tries to get the bottle back himself "Most of them don't cause too much trouble - an' being bitten feels fuckin' awesome. I reckon if they're not hurting anyone, let them go have fun too, right?" He sighs. Maybe he misses his crazy dead paramour. Then? The sound of sirens. He blinks "Ahhh. IT'S THE FUZZ! LET'S BOUNCE!" And he starts to get up, and he says to Jesse "No, my line is the _cops_. Dude, come on. We gotta run!"

What's more calming than running from the police? Everything. The gondola reaches the ground level by the time the sirens start to wail like banshees in the distance. Brand rises, arm straining and flexing when he pulls Thury to her feet. He doesn't let go, and instead, he clips the knife to his belt and pulls his keys out of his pocket. "Change of plans, Thury Rosmundsdottir!" Brand exclaims with a whip of his hair and a spring to his step. Kicking up gobs of dirt, he tugs the woman after him, racing towards the car. "We'll figure it out on the road, fuck it, we've got to get out of here." Pendant swaying around his neck, the car unlocks automatically as the key-bearer nears. The car knows who its master is. A little touch only a Fairest could appreciate. He opens his driver's side door and kind of...piles on in behind the doll-like woman in a half-carry, helping her into his car. When he presses the starter...something horrible happens....



"Fuck!" Brand coughs and slaps at the radio. The cops really don't need to chase after the asshole in the muscle car playing Motley Crue.

That earns Guy a *look*. Smallest Immortal may have forgotten the lectures about not letting vampires bite you, but Ritter has not. "Aye," he agrees with Guy, "Time to go. You lads go on ahead. I'll make sure no one breaks their fool neck getting off that Catherine wheel. See you back at 'ome."

Thury doesn't have time to protest, or worry about what Brand might think if he takes notice of her appearance... Because it's time to run! From the cops! GODS ABOVE! She prays to Freyr for strength and speed, and to the Allfather for protection, all in her native language, as Brand pulls her along. Thank goodness she wore her tennis shoes to this thing. She's in great shape, too. So, keeping up with Brand is no real issue. In fact, running seems to expel some of that nervous energy, dispelling the fear--endorphins, and /action/. So, she's more or less herself whenever they reach his car--the Challenger. And, she sinks down into the seat with Brand's help, closing the door just as she pulls her legs into the footwell. Her eyes widen at the music, but grins, too. She's not familiar with the music, but it sounded interesting. "Where are we gonna go?" she pants, trying to pull her hair back out of her face and into a messy bun on top of her head. Isa, for his part, is crawling all over her, and finally settles around her neck, draping himself lazily on her shoulders.

Shelby was already doing a flip. She trips over the safety bar as she tries to jump to freedom, and that's enough for momentum to carry her over, limbs flailing about. That's a lot of flailing. It's possible she'd be more impressed by the sense of weightlessness if she wasn't already floating in a haze of awesomeness and victory. This barely surprises her. It just means she's even better at the whole acrobatics thing than she thought. She'll just have to start doing this sort of thing more often. "Woooooooo!" she hollers as she goes down.

Guy grabs Jesse's hand "Comeawn, comeawn. I don't want this to be a re-enactment of that time in Tijuana!" He is _dragging_ the older Immortal! Draggin him towards somewhere - anywhere? - else.

Yeah, yeah, the police are coming. Jesse holds a hand out as though to stay Ritter and Guy's urgency. His attention is on Shelby. Once she's safely on the ground, he pumps his fist in the air. "Yes! That was awesome." Then he's being tugged, and he's jolted out of his sense of victory. "You mean the time I convinced the border patrol my friend was a total stranger who jacked my car and kidnapped me? ...wait, I totally threw him under a bus. Good call." He lets guy drag him off. "I could help, you know," he calls to Ritter. Could, but ain't gonna.

Leave it to a Skinner party to bring out the crowd participation element. Brand's skin is positively glowing as he yanks his door closed and looks into the rear-view. He jerks hard down onto the gear shift and starts the car in reverse, throwing the wheel to skid in the dirt and point his car in the direction of a side road. He throws the car into drive and presses down on the gas pedal, which kicks up a spray of dirt and pebbles high into the air. "We're going to zag the streets until we don't see any cops, and then I'll take you somewhere you can get ten minutes to breathe." Brand mutters out of the side of his mouth as the car rockets forward. The first few feet are a chore to keep the car from fish-tailing, but somehow he manages. While he drives, he pulls out his cell phone, tapping into it with one hand. He sends a message, then tosses the smartphone onto the dashboard. "I can't wait for the next party..."

"You can't get away from the cops the same way I can," Ritter notes. Satisfied no one else is at risk for a broken neck, he starts strolling into the darkness of the woods. All the better for a chance to ninja vanish, should he need to.

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