Logs:Hunter Week 2018 - Scouting the Church

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Hunter Week 2018 - Scouting the Church

Part of Cabot Cove

Dramatis Personae

Anna May, Brigitte

5 February, 2018

A pair of Hunters are sent out to scout a way to the Church


Cabot Cove

There has been some discussion about how to get to the church to rescue those who are still alive inside. The Possessed have proven to be attracted by sound so a convoy driving up there will probably be attacked all the way. Another suggestion was to send a small team. If not to reach the church, to at least scout the route. That small team proving to be Brigitte and Anna-May.

The Frenchwoman is making sure any 'jingling' parts of her clothing are removed or taped down. They don't have a Malleus priest with them to make them silent today, so they have to do it themselves. It's quite the walk to the church, twice as far as the school, and the last bit will be open ground and up a hill through a cemetery. Nothing worrying about that at all.

The commander of the TFV in his briefing reminds them again and again that this is a scout. They are not expected to even reach the church much less take out the people. If it gets dangerous...get back to City Hall.

Sound was a problem, so this time Anna May is without the suit of dangling chainmail, stuck with some borrowed fatigues (considering her underclothes for the armor of tank top and athletic shorts are not appropriate for fighting). Her dirty dishwater blonde hair is pulled into a high ponytail and her sword is over her right shoulder, the shield strapped to her left forearm, and the everpresent silver crucifix resting upon her chest as she nods to Brigitte, "Righ' then, thinkin' I'm 'bout as ready as I gunna get, you set to go?"

"I was born ready" Brigitte nods with a self-mocking smirk. "Came out of my mother holding a shotgun. Though not this one." She jerks a thumb at the one strapped to her back. The Frenchwoman brings up the map of the town on the small tablet she has been given, then peers up at the wall of fog in front of them. "I'm thinking we head south on Commercial Street for as far as we can before turning east for the church. Any objections?"

Anna May shakes her head a little bit, "None ah'tall, though I feel for your ma." A little playful smirk before she reaches up to gently cradle the crucifix and takes a few moments to mutter a prayer, followed with a soft 'Amen' before she looks up and squints into the fog, "Beeline or creepy crawly?"

"As quiet as we can...and as quick as we can." Brigitte replies. "You know Conlang? All those signs you see people do in the movies, like holding up a fist to halt. If not...just follow my lead as best you can." A deep breath before she adds, "Let's get this done." Brigitte steps into the white soup that surrounds the City Hall.

Anna May reaches up and 'shiiingkt' as she draws the sword and then she's behind Brigitte, moving as quickly yet quietly as she can in the borrowed mud stompers from one of those TFV folks, glancing left and right.

The fog smells of sulphur. It clings to their bodies, cold and wet on any exposed skin. Vision is limited to a few yards. Commerical Street, as the name suggests, is where the shops and tourist activities are. Most of the storefronts have been smashed though not looted. As they get deeper into the fog, they discover barricades across the road made from burning cars or wrecks. The sidewalk remains pretty clear, and there are gaps in the barricades to funnel any intruders - perfect place to ambush anyone. But, so far, nothing evil to be seen...or heard. They pass Standish, Freeman and Center Streets with only an increasing unease of being watched to bother them.

Anna May begins to pant a little bit from the extended jog, but she's in no way out of shape so aside from a slight change to her breathing pattern she's right on the Hunter's heels. When they come to the cross streets Anna May pauses to look both ways from the corner of a building, swirling her sword in her hand, and waiting for Brigitte's all clear before she joins the other. Three similar blocks later and Anna May's short and curlies are starting to prickle.

Brigitte suddenly stops, fist held up before she points to her eyes and into the thick fog. Shapes. Barely discernible at first and not moving. Brigitte gestures to take a few more steps forward, bringing them better into view. They look to be normal people - except for the throbbing veins over their skin, oozing pustules cracking open, lips that look to have been mangled from the suddenly overgrown teeth each of them has. They stand still, heads downcast. As if they were listening. Brigitte gestures Anna-May to come close enough to whisper. "You want to try and walk through them or take a detour." There are about a dozen figures they can see.

"God does not look down upon those that find their own Path as long as it does not stray from his light." Anna May whispers in return, pursing her lips to the side, then clarifying, "That means uh, we dun be crazy and find another way." She smiles a little bit and glances towards the sidestreets, "Yer map got anythin'?"

Brigitte checks the map before gesturing to her left. "We can go up Johnson. Though that takes us right into town, which I was hoping to avoid. Maybe we can find some alleys or go through people's houses. They are not using them. C'mon." With that she turns left up Johnson Street, a street that changes from shops to houses for rent.

Anna May nods, and shifts with the other as they change direction, glancing over her shoulder to see if any of the figures now dissolving back into the mist decide to follow the sounds of the footsteps weirdly absorbed by the density of the fog. The eerie silence is what nags at Anna May the most, her nervous habit of twirling the sword her way to deal with the excited energy running through her limbs.

Brigitte sticks to the south side of the street, the direction of the church. The white picket fences spattered with blood and some kind of black ooze that she has no desire to touch.

There is the sound of a bicycle bell ringing.

Brigitte stops once more. Her eyes trying to pierce the fog for the source.

It rings again. Closer now. Then a voice, more in their heads than their ears. A cold, rasping male voice. "I can see you."

At the voice Anna May grits her teeth and raises her sword upwards slightly and tilted across the front of her form as she slowly turns in a circle to try and determine a form other than theirs in the gloomy afternoon Maine air. She glances to Brigitte with a raised eyebrow, pointing her sword's tip down the street towards their destination, then shifts to point back the way they came.

Brigitte has her shotgun in her hands and she lifts it to sweep the fogbound street around them. The bell continues to ring, but now it is doing circles of them. But surely that is impossible since they are next to a fence...how does it go through the fence? The sound getting closer and closer. Brigitte nods to going back the way they came...if they can.

Now that's an odd thing indeed, one that Anna May can only attribute to a few things, mainly something that isn't necessarily all the way within this world. She brings the sword up in front of her, closing her eyes and the sword begins to glow a soft cool hue of blue, Anna May's eyes changing when she opens them to reflect this same strange glow as she turns once more and does a full sweep of the surroundings looking for anything within Twilight.

The cold grey world of the Twilight reveals a blurred 'thing' circling them. It is about five feet off the ground, clearing the fence easily as it goes around and around. "Can you see me now?" it mocks. Further down the street, Anna-May can see amorphous blobs, standing still, waiting. When the bicycle bell rings, they move forward a few yards before stopping again.

Anna May peers at the blurry figure, then at the blobs, then turns to Brigitte, "I suggest running quickly, we do not have the appropriate things to fight things from the Twilight realm." She doesn't bother hiding her words, but does turn to track the circling thing, "I do suggest unto you that you shy from the Path of Light, for I am a chosen of God and I will find a way to remove your evil from the world so as Armageddon can come to pass as it rightly should. You shall not hold these souls prisoner upon the mortal world no longer!"

Anna May's rousing speech only causes the mysterious thing to laugh out loud. "Armageddon is already here" it snarls before the bell is now ringing in an almost continuous drone. Even Brigitte can hear the running footsteps of the other shapes coming towards them. "Yep...time to go" she agrees with Anna May. She gets up and starts running back the way they came, weapon still raised to fire instinctively at anything that tries to stop them.

"You know not the true path." Anna May says with a smirk on her face in response, another twirl of her sword, and then she turns and books it as well!

They can move when they need to. As the bicycle bell gets further and further behind, they are making enough noise to rouse the figures they tried to avoid in the first place. The snarling, screaming, possessed chasing them all the way back to City Hall. "Incoming" warns Brigitte over the radio, so there is a fusillade of fire greeting the once citizens as soon as they leave the fog. Brigitte slumps against one of the barricades, catching her breath. "Okay...I don't think we can reach the church that way."