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Hunter Week 2018 - Ride With the Valkyries Too

Part of Cabot Cove

Dramatis Personae

Alvis, Brittany, Kyani, Nikolai, Winston Carmichael

3 February, 2018

Hunters are called out to investigate the envelopment of a small town in impenetrable fog.


Cabot Cove

There has been an urgent callup of the Hunters of Fallcoast. Regardless of Compact or Conspiracy, there is a major event happening that requires everyone and anyone. They gather at the Society building but as soon as there are enough to fill one of the Humvees parked there, they are loaded in and sent on their way. There will be a full briefing at their destination but for now they can chat among themselves. They were told to bring their equipment but weapons will be supplied if needed.

The Humvee heads northwards out of town. The driver is silent...and uniformed. This group group consisting of Alvis, a Lucifuge, and Kyani, Task Force Valkyrie - so he will recognise the uniform. They look to be taking the coast road and moving at speed.

Having stowed his gear in the back of the Humvee Kyani just sits and enjoys the ride, though as he sits there, he does take a few moments to look and take in everyone who is sitting with him. Before they loaded up, he did make sure to introduce himself, not wanting to be like other members of TFV who seem to be too self important not to introduce themselves, Kyani isn't like them. Though now he seems to be getting himself focused on what they will have to do, granted he doesn't know what they are doing.

With the scale of what's going on Alvis doesn't have the luxury of picking or choosing who he works with. He doesn't have a lot of gear available anymore but gathers up what he has. Basic tactical gear with the exception of a large rifle. One that's situational because of the size of it. He's wearing a simple set of black fatigues with boots. He mostly keeps to himself while he prepares for the trip and gets piled into the Humvee.

There is another stop before the Humvee heads out of town. Nikolai is picked up. He knows no more than the others, only that what is happening must be very important. At least they'll have a chance to introduce themselves as the vehicle resumes the trip northwards with the silent, TFV uniformed driver.

Nikolai has very little in the way of equipment. Just a backpack with a flashlight or two, and his bow. And some paperclips and odds and ends that might come in handy. And of course several quivers of arrows. Different kinds. That takes up most of the space. Well, that and a bottle of whiskey, which he pulls out and takes a swig of once he's in the car, before offering it to others that might want some liquid courage, smiling at those assembled. "TFV. Fun. Team Victory Falcon or something..." he mutters that last part, looking out the window.

As another is added to their group, Kyani looks at them all, he laughs when he hears Nikolai, "I like that one." he says as he looks over to the man. "Kyani." he says to him. "Who are you?" he asks simply as they continue driving up the coast road. Looking out the window for a moment as the other TFV agent is driving them, he would ask where they are going, but hell it would be a dumb question, he turns and looks over to Nikolai.

Alvis looks at the bottle for a long moment. Staring at the temptation it offers. Hr swallows and looks out the window. After a few seconds he turns back to accept the bottle and takes a long drink before handing it back. "Thanks." He looks back out the window. "Alvis by the way."

Nikolai grins. "Niko." He offers Kyani his hand to shake if he likes. "Sorry, I'm a team player but I'm not military material. I mean, technically they did repeal that whole don't ask don't tell thing but you know. I still probably wouldn't fit in well. I have a problem with authority. I'm a rebel, I'm very special you see. Just like everyone else." He considers. "No disrespect. I know you guys do good work. But consider me um. An outside contractor." He shrugs. "Lucifuge. Demon powers. Incidentally, IF by chance you happen to see a blue demon boy with or without black shadowy wings, check your fire, it's probably me. Especially if that demon has a bow."

"We're here" states the driver. The road has been winding through a forested coastal region for some time and up ahead of them there is a clearing to the side that has been converted into a huge military camp. Tents sit in rows. Crates of equipment are piled high. Three armed helicopter gunships squat on the far side of the camp, their rotors turning idly as they are kept warmed up. People in uniform are everywhere - though it is no military uniform, it is that of Task Force Valkyrie for those in the know. The Humvee pulls into the camp near a large tent with numerous dishes and antennas around it. "Briefing will be in there" explains the driver.

Down the road, in the direction they were heading, can be seen barricades. Closer, some of the soldiers are erecting what looks to be some kind of fence, though it consists of some kind of pulsing lights rather than wire and steel. Beyond the barricades, the road turns so all that can be seen is a slightly hazy line of trees. A guard holds the tent flap open for the new arrivals.

Nikolai nods to Alvis. "No problem. It helps, believe me. Before and after." He sighs a little and leaves the bottle in the Humvee as he exits to go into the tent. "Gotta hand it to you guys. You're good at organizing."

Nodding his head, "Well I'm with TFV Task Force Valkyrie." he chuckles. "No worries, I've worked with many of the other compacts so it's all good." he tells Niko. "Nice to meet you and as long as you check your fire, I will check mine." he grins. Once they stop, he gets out along with the others and he nods to the solider and he takes out his go bag along with a DMR and sword. He slings his gun along his shoulder and heads into the tent. He laughs, "That we are."

"Huh? Oh. This part is easy." Says Alvis. "It's the rest that's hard." The down time. When the Humvee stops he climbs out to take a look around at the equipment gathered. The .50 cal rifle is stowed along his back as he moves towards the tent and enters. "Makes me think of the sand box.'

There is a large table in the center of the tent beside which stand two men - Winston Carmichael of the Society and a man in uniform who is probably the TFV commander. "Ah...here they are" smiles Winston to the new arrivals. "More of the many veteran Hunters to assist in this matter. Please, come in everyone."

The sides of the tent are lined with monitors at which sit more soldiers. Some monitors are showing images of what looks like a lot of fog. "I'm sure you're wondering why you're here" Winston smiles. "Well, it seems we're having a little problem with a portal to Hell. In that it has opened." He indicates the map on the table in front of him. "This is the town of Cabot Cove, population 3650...at least it was a couple of days ago. Now...we're not so sure. A fog has covered much of the town and in that fog there are...well...let's call them demons for brevity's sake. And, unfortunately, most of the population has also been possessed by demons. They've been turned into rather angry, bloodthirsty, exceptionally fast versions of zombies...that are also quite happy to use any weapon they can get their hands on. TFV have set up a base in the city hall. From there, we need to rescue survivors, destroy the demons and find out what exactly is going on in there. Any questions so far?"

Nikolai tenses up at the mention of Hell. "The Lucifuge should be made aware..." He says, without any real conviction. They probably know. "The Malleus Maleficarum too. We need to purge them all, send them back. There's an -actual- hell portal? Don't anyone step into it, or fall into it. There is no escape, and the torment will be eternal and everything the stories say."

Alvis listens to the briefing and looks at Nikolai with a smirk then starts to laugh. "Of course it's a portal to Hell with demon possession." Even with the joking he's very attentive on what's being said and the monitors. "I'm sure Lucy knows already." He turns towards the commanders. "Angry fast zombie that use weapons. What about strategy or tactics? Ranged weapons? Do they use bait or traps? Are they adapting to what we're using?"

Kyani walks in and salutes, as the information is provided to them, Kyani is pretty damn quiet. As he listens, he looks to the monitor, "There is a lot of fog." he says as he looks back to the CO. "Are they using the fog to move about and attack, also do we have ammunition and other equipment to be able to combat these demons?" he asks as he looks to them. "Going in there without the necessary equipment will only lead to more bodies and that is something we don't want."

Nikolai crosses his arms. "Yeah, they probably do. I really...can't stress enough how important it is NOT to stumble into a hell portal. You will not just die. You will be trapped, will never escape, and will be the plaything of demons, which are literally worse than you can imagine."

"Everyone is aware of what is going on and they are sending their people...hopefully" Winston replies. "The fog started a couple of days ago. It hides their movements but we don't think it is, in itself poisonous or causing any of the possessions. As for a literal portal to Hell...that is our best bet for the scale of the infestation. There were reports from citizens went it all started but they were hardly experts in the field." A nod to Alvis. "If they can get guns, they use them. They are possessed by demons and demons, by nature, are tricksters. If you think you have shot one down...shoot it again just to make sure. They aren't mindless by any stretch of the imagination."

"We have equipment and weapons that will help. Not a lot of it...budget cuts. We're getting some blessed equipment flown in from the Vatican. Vials of holy water etcetera." Winston peers over the map of Cabot Cove and starts to indicate various buildings (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Cabot_Cove). The City Hall, which we're using as our forward operating post, is near the wharf as you can see. We have been receiving signals from other buildings that suggest that there are some still unpossessed." He points to each building in turn. "Hill Church and the Cabot Cove School. It may be simply because they have floors that are still not covered by the fog. People are taking refuge above the infection. The cover is a chemical spill, helps explain the fog too, but we need to move quick. Maybe some of the possessed are even able to be saved but your safety is paramount. Don't try and capture if you need to get yourselves, or those who aren't possessed, out alive."

Taking in the information, still he isn't speaking at all, the information is needed and they will need to get to the survivors ASAP. Looking to Niko, "Are you able to see the portals or better yet, know how to close them?" he asks. That is a pretty damn important question. "You have any ammo for this?" he asks Winston as he brings his DMR around, "When do we go in?"

Nikolai sighs. "I can't do it alone. It might be best for me to just...focus on helping protect the people who aren't possessed. I can have wings, I can snipe from above...Although with this fog that may not be great. I don't know. But more mobility will help anyway." He pauses. "I sure as hell am not going to fall into the portal." He looks over to the others. "My first priority is the innocents. I can fly over, squat on the building, defend their location.

Alvis looks at the map with his head tilted slightly to the side while listening. "A ritual. Might be able to lead it or at least... don't know if we even have everything needed for it. I can make a list." He reaches over his shoulder to tap the barrel of the .50 cal rifle on his back. "Would need something easier to move around with." He pulls a small note pad and pen from his pockets and starts on the list. "A suppressed M4 would be fantastic." He holds the list out to the commander.

"Equipment will be available at the Forward Operations Post" the TFV commander grunts before Winston resumes his talk. "You'll be on your way as soon as the helicopters have warmed up. We did lose one earlier today so, please, use the machine guns if we don't have a gunner for your flight. Be safe. Individual missions will be assigned once everyone has gathered." A nod to Nikolai. "I like that idea but be careful. A solo Hunter is a dangerous thing to be. And they have flying demons too. Now, all of you. Be safe. Give them Hell."

Nikolai nods. "Alright. Well. I can heal, or I can fly away if it gets too rough. OR I can carry one of you with me up there for support. If you want." He shrugs, and smiles. "Either way, protecting innocents is number one."

Kyani nods his head, he's been silent, allowing the others to talk and answer whatever questions have come their way. He brings his Mk 11 Mod 0 around checking the weapon, a silencer is on the weapon, and it looks to be in great condition, he looks to Niko and Alvis. "When do we leave?" he asks.

Alvis perks up a bit when machine gun use is mentioned. "He grins and points his thumb at Winston. "Give them Hell. We got a funny man here." A pouch of grape Big League Chew is pulled from his pocket. A wad is stuffed in his mouth before offering it around. "Big picture. Greater good. If we need to let one or two innocents slip through to get the portal closed..." He glances around. "..it sucks but will save more. And just think how it'll be if we or the other operators end up taken over." A quick once over his gear and he nods. "Ready whenever."

Nikolai practically growls at Alvis. "DID YOU NOT -HEAR- ME, YOU ASSHOLE? There is NO escape from Hell. And it's ETERNAL suffering. NO INNOCENTS WILL SLIP THROUGH, YOU HEAR ME?" He pokes Alvis' chest. "Let's be fucking clear. I will not let innocents suffer eternal fucking hellfire because you were too lazy to save them because you had some grand noble mission in mind. We're fucking saving everyone."

"Please, gentlemen. The fighting should not be in this tent. Everyone will do their best to save as many as we can. And the sooner you get there, the better. Godspeed" Winston smiles, gesturing to the tent flap.

Outside the blades of two choppers start to turn a little quicker as the Hunters appear. One is loaded with supplies - hopefully it will get through this time - the other is for the Hunters. A heavy machine gun sticks out each side of the chopper. The pilot encouraging two of the Hunters to use them.

Nikolai hops in, pulling out his bow, and a hip quiver of bodkin arrows, attaching them to his waist. "You guys handle the guns. I don't really do modern firearms." He grabs an arrow, and steadies himself on the chopper, intending to help fire arrows if necessary.

Alvis looks down at the finger poking his chest. "So that again and I'm keeping it. I know what's at stake. How many are you prepared to lose in the attempt to save them all?" He follows towards the chopper. "Shoot them if you have to." Cold and practical. He climbs in and performs a quick check on the machine gun. Getting it ready to rock.

Looking at the others, and he agrees and as they all make it to the chopper, "Alright, I'm going to make this as clear as fucking day. We don't fight among ourselves, we work together and we survive, help the hostages and get back home all of us." Kyani says as he looks at the others. "We start fighting against one another we lose, plain and simple." He then gets onto the chopper, he checks his harness and ammo to make sure he has everything he needs. He then mans the big chain gun.

Nikolai had a spike of anger but it's passed. He made his position clear after all. "I'm part fucking demon. Wrath happens. I'm still Lucifuge, and I know we're on the same side. Just don't give me bullshit about the greater good when it means innocents suffer eternal fucking damnation. Let's not fail. It's not an option."

The helicopters slowly rise into the air. Intercom helmets are available for each of them to talk over the sound of the rotors thumping above them. The choppers turn north, rising to only a couple of thousand feet as they head for the town of Cabot Cove. It can be seen within moments...or at least the fog that blankets the town can be seen. A thick stew with only a couple of tall buildings jutting out of the whiteness. The fog is noticeably absent near the wharf where the City Hall is located.

"Here they come again" sighs the pilot over the intercom. A 'cloud' that covered the sun starts to dissipate. It is coming towards them, breaking into dozens of smaller objects. Leathery, reptilian wings flapping as what prove to be creatures comes closer and closer. Little demons - imps. Red-skinned. Winged. Screeching as they charge the helicopters.

Nikolai isn't unskilled with the bow, although it's unfortunate he's wasting bodkin arrows on these guys, and also unfortunate he can only really do one at a time. nevertheless, the arrow finds its mark. "Fucking imps." He mutters under his breath. He -especially- hates imps.

Alvis attaches a short length of rope to his harness and the chopper as they take off so he doesn't fall out. As he spots the cloud he leans out a bit to get a better look. "Well, here we go." He pulls the charging handles of the machine gun to chamber a round and aims...well points it at the imps as he lets go with a long, tight burst that tears through them.

Kyani hears Alvis and Niko, he also pulls the charging handles and loads a round into the chamber, "If your leading, i will follow." he says as he begins firing only a few seconds after Alvis and Niko do. "Call out if they are trying to separate!" he calls to the other two. "Pilots, do your thing!"

The pilots are most certainly doing their thing. Weaving through the masses of imps, some of which have been sent spiralling to the ground in their death throes. The helicopters also doing their best not to hit each other or shoot into each other. The imps disperse, flying every which way, some of which going under the helicopter. It is now that they may notice the patching of the chopper floor near their feet. Like something came up through there. This realisation soon followed by a clawing noise on the underside of their vehicle as metal is ripped by demonic talons.

Alvis leans left and right, forward and back while the chopper does its thing to try to evade the imps. He pulls and holds the trigger as he follows a group of imps through the sky. His shooting not as accurate as it could be with all the movement. The trigger is released and he stomps on the floor twice. "Shit. Now we know what happened here."

Nikolai waits, his bow ready. "The second this fucker peeks his head in, he's losing an eye." He assures the other two as they mow down the ones outside.

Kyani is turning left and right, adjusting his fire and trying to establish different targets. Dropping as many imps as he can, he does stop firing when they come close to another of the choppers, using one of the comms to call in, "Check fire!" he calls before resuming once he sees another target. He sighs stops once they are somewhat clear as he hears the ripping of metal, "Pilots, can we rip this little bastard from the under carriage?" he calls.

"No can do" the pilot replies to Kyani. "The fuckers have wings." More of them are dropping from the sky and the base is getting near. The metal of the floor suddenly peels back and an imp pops its toothy, angular face into the cabin, giggling as it does so.

The second that thing shows up, Niko fires a bodkin arrow directly into its eye. And through its head. "Fucker!" He spits at it as it falls. "Imps."

The corpse of the imp falls back through the hole it made, spiralling into the ocean just as the chopper descends to land on what was once the road outside the city hall. Both choppers made it through this time. The second with some much needed supplies. As the Hunters alight the chopper and wounded are loaded into it, they are met by a TFV agent who introduces herself as; "Britt Murphy. Welcome to the war."

The fog is thick and not too far away. Snipers sit atop the flat roof of the building, scanning the perimeter of the thick mist. Other soldiers watch the whiteness from behind barricades. Military vehicles idle nearby. "Come on in and catch your breath. Missions will be allocated soon."

Alvis looks over at the floor as the metal tears and he prepares to spin around if needed. A nod and he's back to watching the imps fly around. Another burst is let loose into the imps as they start to disperse and he keeps watch as the choppers land. The moment they're down he unhooks and grabs his rifle to hop out and nods to Britt. "Will there be punch and pie?" He lets out a breath as looks around then follows. "This is going to be a good story for the golfing buddies."

Nikolai nods to the woman, happy at least that the wounded are being cared for. "I hate imps so much." He mutters to Brit, as he walks toward her. "Point me to where the innocents are holed up. I'll protect them as best I can." He pauses. "Closing the portal is really important...But I won't just sacrifice innocents to do it."

Kyani let Niko fire into the imp, but his attention was drawn back to the others and firing on them but as they come in for a landing, so far this group already is working well together and that’s all that matters. As the heli lands, he gets out along with the others. Again he checks his harness, than his sidearm. Satisfied that he has everything, he follows the others, and as Brittany introduces herself, he grins, "Kyani Jackson, thanks for letting us join in on the fun." he says. As Niko explains what he wants to do, "Yeah, what he said, I hope you have someone who can close it." he says as he goes into the building.