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Hunter Week 2018 - Ride With the Valkyries

Part of Cabot Cove

Dramatis Personae

Angry, Anna May, Brigitte, Brittany, Iezika, Kian, Winston Carmichael

3 February, 2018

The town of Cabot Cove has disappeared under a blanket of fog. Hunters have been called up from Fallcoast to help out.


Cabot Cove

There has been an urgent callup of the Hunters of Fallcoast. Regardless of Compact or Conspiracy, there is a major event happening that requires everyone and anyone. They gather at the Society building but as soon as there are enough to fill one of the Humvees parked there, they are loaded in and sent on their way. There will be a full briefing at their destination but for now they can chat among themselves. They were told to bring their equipment but weapons will be supplied if needed. Angry was specifically told NOT to bring Bolgar.

The Humvee heads northwards out of town. The driver is silent...and uniformed. The first group consisting of Brigitte, Union veteran, Angry, Knight of St. Adrian, Anna-May, new Long Nighter, and Iezika, even newer Loyalist of Thule. They look to be taking the coast road and moving at speed. Brigitte checks her shotgun before moving to the pair of pistols she always carries. She's been shot up quite a bit lately. "I'm getting too old for this shit" she mutters under her breath.

"This is really interfering with my new day job." Angry notes casually, "Or, night job.. depending on when I get called in to work." He did not bring Bolgar, the Chatty One. But he did bring his shotgun! Unlike so many others, he has not named his shotgun anything in particular, at least nothing he has said out loud. He glances to Brigitte, "Too old, though? I don't know. You look pretty spry for someone at your advanced years.." he hms, "I should have brought coffee. Never seem to be time to pack a thermos, you guys ever noticed that?"

The short blonde encased in chainmail (including a coif with her hair piled up into a bun underneath it), the shield tied to her arm and the sword sheathed over her right shoulder? Yeah that's Anna May. She clinks and rattles her way into the Humvee and buckles herself in, glancing at the others that have filled up the interior, "Well hey there folks." She offers up a warm smile, her voice a combination of southern belle and redneck accent, "Anyone wanna join me in a prayer?" She's got a silver crucifix hanging out over the chainmail, a belt around the waist keeping it from shifting about too much, and underneath it a simple strapless tanktop and a pair of skintight black athletic shorts to keep mobility high!

The short brunette looks worried. Well, at least she managed to find the society building. She wears a leather jacket, one of her beloved Napoli Jerseys and a pair of sweatpants. and underneath she keeps her Beretta. In her hand, is a borrowed shotgun, a Saiga. "Too old? I am sorry, but... you don't seem to old. And look on the bright side, at least we get to help people." she smiles at Angry "Maybe we should introduce ourselves to each other? I am Zika. I... just joined the Loyalists recently. This... is my first job." Around her neck, there is a fellow crucifix.

"My last two missions I got shot up pretty bad" Brigitte grumbles in her French accented voice to Angry. "That is what happens when you go solo too much. At least now there is more than one of us." A pause. "Advanced years? Fuck you" she smirks at Angry before looking Anna-May over with some disbelief - there's armor and there's armor. "I am not one for praying but, hey, it cannot hurt in our profession. "Your first job?" she says to Iezika, "Let us hope it is not your last. I am Brigitte Chasseur. Union."

Angry glances to Anna-May, "Praying?" he wonders, "Last time I prayed before a mission, my face was almost eaten by a demon. First time that happened, really." he grins, "I'll do my prayers once I dead. It'll be between me and the Almighty." he eyes Iezika, "Just call me Angry. As in the nickname, not the emotion. Yeah." That shotgun he has with him is a Mossberg 930 Semi-automatic shotgun. It looks to be in very good condition, "I am a Knight.." he pauses, looking at Anna-May, "Although, you'd think she was the one that would be." he grins, "A Knight of St Adrian."

Anna May playfully sticks out her tongue at Angry, then offers up, "Miss Anna May Winthrope Collins, at your service, member of the Long Night and devout Christian gal." She reaches up with her left hand, resting the crucifix in her palm as she bows her head and closes her eyes. "Dear Lord, please watch over my companions, give us the Strength to overcome the challenges you place before us, the Courage to protect others, and the Wisdom to see your Path. Amen." She lets the crucifix fall from her hand as she raises her chin up.

Iezika smiles "I hope to survive. I mean... Elsa would kill me, wouldn't I return. But I will return, won't I?" she asks, some fear filling her voice, "And... if any of you get hurt, at least I study medicine..." she laughs nervously, before pulling out a rosary bead to pray "Patri Nostru, ca siti nno cielu, fassi santificatu lu nomu vostru, vinissi n presciu..."

"Yeah, we'll all survive" Brigitte nods to Iezika, though she doesn't sound too comforting. She will keep quiet while everyone prays though she's more with Angry on this one.

"We're here" states the driver. The road has been winding through a forested coastal region for some time and up ahead of them there is a clearing to the side that has been converted into a huge military camp. Tents sit in rows. Crates of equipment are piled high. Four armed helicopter gunships squat on the far side of the camp, their rotors turning idly as they are kept warmed up. People in uniform are everywhere - though it is no military uniform, it is that of Task Force Valkyrie for those in the know. The Humvee pulls into the camp near a large tent with numerous dishes and antennas around it. "Briefing will be in there" explains the driver.

Down the road, in the direction they were heading, can be seen barricades. Some of the soldiers are erecting what looks to be some kind of fence, though it consists of some kind of pulsing lights rather than wire and steel. Beyond the barricades, the road turns so all that can be seen is a slightly hazy line of trees. A guard holds the tent flap open for the new arrivals.

"I will be honest, here. I am getting some serious Outbreak vibes here." Angry notes, seeing the camp and the barricades, "Or Zombies. Don't tell me its Zombies." he sighs, "I was never that good with headshots." he waits for the 'vee to come to a stop before he piles out of it, still with a firm grip on his shotgun. He will not be ditching that shotgun anytime soon. It’s his best friend, after all, "Good thing I didn't pack any ammo." he says cheerfully.

Iezika smiles at Brigitte. Zika's voice has a very strong Brooklyn sound "Outbreak doesn't sound good." she gives a weak chuckle, before going into the tent, ready to listen

Anna May glances around as they pull into the encampment, "Reminds me of how I dun got started in all'a dis." She says, the look of an awestruck amateur plainly written on her features. Once the vehicle comes to a stop she unbuckles herself and follows along, a-jingling all the way what with her chainmail get up. "Hard fer dem nasties to get a good bite in on yah what wit ringlets in the way." She comments to anyone that'll listen. The shield and sword look rather old actually, several slight dings in the shield's face and the leather wrapped around the pommel of the sword thinned in some places from years upon years of use. Their style also indicates an era of smithing commonly associated with the Crusades, though perhaps they are also just really good and detail-oriented replicas.

There is a large table in the center of the tent beside which stand two men - Winston Carmichael of the Society and a man in uniform who is probably the TFV commander. "Ah...here they are" smiles Winston to the new arrivals. "The first of many veteran Hunters to assist in this matter. Please, come in everyone."

The sides of the tent are lined with monitors at which sit more soldiers. Some monitors are showing images of what looks like a lot of fog. "I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here" Winston smiles. "Well, it seems we're having a little problem with a portal to Hell. In that it has opened." He indicates the map on the table in front of him. "This is the town of Cabot Cove, population 3650...at least it was a couple of days ago. Now...we're not so sure. A fog has covered much of the town and in that fog there are...well...let's call them demons for brevity's sake. And, unfortunately, most of the population has also been possessed by demons. They've been turned into rather angry, bloodthirsty, exceptionally fast version of zombies...that are also quite happy to use any weapon they can get their hands on. TFV have set up a base in the city hall. From there, we need to rescue survivors, destroy the demons and find out what exactly is going on in there. Any questions so far?'

Iezika nods "So, we need to help survivors. If you don't mind... Who exactly is that TFV?"

"Well, technically speaking.. a Zombie is animated dead flesh with no real mind of its own. If its a townsperson possessed by a Demon, is it really correct to label them Zombies? Might get one a wrong idea.." he pauses, "That’s just a sidenote, though." he shifts his shotgun in his hands a bit, "Short order, though, intel is sketchy and you don't know who has been and how has not been taken?"

Anna May frowns at the news, but stays quiet for some time, "If they are Demons, I should be able to see who is and isn't Possessed. I think... I've never actually tried this but in theory it should work..I mean it works for Spiritual Possession so.. I don't know, I can try at the very least. The one thing I have qualms with is if these people are possessed against their will... it doesn't sit right with me to kill them. If only my pastor were here, he would know what to do about this." She's still frowning heavily, a look that isn't quite as pretty as some others on her face."

"Task Force Valkyrie is an international military force that deal with Vigil incidents" Winston explains to the newbie. "As you can see around you, they have the budgets and equipment that some of us are lacking." A snort from the TFV commander before Winston adds. "Though their budgets are being cut back just like everything else. The cover for this incident is a chemical spill. Helps explain the fog over the whole town as well."

Winston peers over the map of Cabot Cove and starts to indicate various buildings (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Cabot_Cove). The City Hall, which we're using as our forward operating post, is near the wharf as you can see. We have been receiving signals from other buildings that suggest that there are some still unpossessed." He points to each building in turn. "Hill Church and the Cabot Cove School. It may be simply because they have floors that are still not covered by the fog. People are taking refuge above the infection."

"You are quite right, Angry. They are not zombies by any means but I thought it would help to describe them. How fast are they? A little faster than they were in life. We've had reports of rather obese citizens running a hundred yards in ten seconds. The demon inside them doesn't really care about the damage it is doing to its host" Winston explains before a sigh at Anna May's words. "You are quite right but unless you mean to capture every one of them...and remember they are trying to kill you...then you have to defend yourself. If we can find and destroy a cause, perhaps it will free them, but I'm afraid you will have to think of your safety first. And that of those who have yet to be infected. Any other questions before we chopper you in?"

Kian heads in wearing a Saville Row 3 piece suit that is probably more expensive than most people would consider in good taste and is entirely unsuited to hunting (unless you can spot the fact it’s made from thin weave bullet proof materials). He’s smoking a black treasurer cigarette and looks bored "Ok what idiot called me out of a speaking engagement? You know some of us have a day job." His polished leather shoes clack on the floor and he looks unarmed unless you are able to spot the holster at the small of his back which is holding a .45 pistol known as Barbra.

Angry gives a quick nod to that, "Right. Demons tend to not want to leave their host willingly." he pauses, then looks to Iezika, "Think of them as .. uh .. Zombies. Already lost to us. That should help things." He tries to avoid looking directly at the commander that he just told zombies was a bad label to.

Iezika nods and sighs "I should have grabbed a baseball bat." she glares at Kian "And brief question. Why could Mr. Fancy over there arrive in his beamer, while I couldn't get on my Bonnie? Would be more comfortable than a Humvee..." she explains, kicking at the ground with her trainer "So, do we get gasmasks? Or don't they work?"

Anna May nods, "Aye, the situation is grim, and I didn't say I couldn't do it, jus' that it ain't gonna sit right in mah gut." She draws the sword from her sheathe with the smooth 'shiiing' of the metal scabbard scraping lightly against the blade, looking over its edges before sliding it back into place over her shoulder. "An' whutyah got for us to keep -us- from gettin' grabbed up by dis fog 'ere and us turnin' 'gainst each otha?"

"Mister King, so nice of you to join us" Winston greets in his most patient manner. Then perhaps a little sigh at Iezika's complaining. "I do apologize, we though it was better that you come up in groups and in a protected vehicle and at speed. We're sorry we did not think of your comfort as we tried to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. We don't think the fog is the source of the infection, but I would suggest not letting one of the Possessed bite you, scratch you, or vomit into your mouth. If you need armor, we have some available. Weapons too, though our ammunition stocks are low on special ammo. Grab what you can." A shrug for Anna May. "If you get possessed, then I suggest you hope that your fellow Hunters put you down before you lose your soul. The helicopters await. Be safe. We don't need this contagion spreading."

"I used to have a soul, but am almost certain that Bolger killed it with his constant yammering about a week ago." Angry replies to this, "I am good, myself. Well, perhaps a vest would have been nice, but to be honest.. if they go at us with teeth or nails or worse, a vest won’t do shit." he eyes Anna-May, "If you go down first, I'm taking your chain. Just so you know."

Iezika gulps "I should have a soul. One final thing... uhm... if I get killed, you will take care of Elsa, right?" she asks, complaining again, clearly far too nervous "Any armor you recommend?" she giggles, looking more and more scared "I do hope you pay benefits to fiances..." she looks scared, running to the armor stockpile.

Anna May flashes Angry a thumbs up, "Also, take my sword and shield and return it to the Long Night? It would be appreciated, they've kept watch over these items for centuries." She pats her medieval style kite shield almost affectionately, then nods as she glances at the map and works on memorizing it as best she can (which probably isn't very well!).

Kian smiles to Iezika as he goes up to the group "ever hear of the military industrial complex that hippies complain about? Imagine me as its embodiment. Perks of the resources." he looks at the notes and the maps "So runner zombies? They aren’t something more powerful like revenants or wights are they? Just headshots to clear them up?"

"Oh, there are definitely other things in the fog, Mister King" notes Winston. "As for whether a head shot will take them down...no faster than anything else so far. I suppose demons don't hide out in their brains. Remember that they are demons. They live to trick. When you put one down, think about shooting it a few more times to make sure. When you reach the city hall HQ, you may be assigned to different missions. Loyalists, I expect, will be helping research the cause and a solution. Those good with a gun...or sword...will have other tasks."

Brigitte takes a deep breath before making for the tent flap. "Let's get this show on the road." She will grab a few pistol magazines of compound rounds but doesn't bother with the armor offer.

The blades of two choppers start to spin faster. One is loaded with ammo and supplies for those already in the town. The other is for the Hunters, Brigitte piling in like she's done this before. Heavy machine guns poke out each side of the chopper.

"Well, no one's as good with Demons as.." Angry pauses, "Well, no one is good with Demons, really. Just do your best." he grins widely. He does not bother with armor either. At least not yet. Instead he gives a nod, "Well, I'll meet you at the helos." he then starts to move out of the tent as well.

Iezika grabs the heaviest armour and helmet she can find, a few spare mags and gets in a chooper. Once in there, she looks as if she was sitting on needles. "I will survive, won't I? I will get to see Ellie again, won't I?" she asks, looking worried and breathing heavily, not looking relaxed after the chopper lifts off. "See you in hell!" she says, trying to inspire confidence, missing in her.

Kian sighs a little "Ok someone call the local bishop. were gonna need holy water and something blessed and very large. preferably silver or gold. A censure filled with frankencese or rosemary would work best."

Anna May is loaded into chopper, a little bit more of a task than most of the others considering how much extra weight she's hauling around what with the steel encasing her form. "One day, this is gonna suck even more, but I'll look cool as hell." She remarks to no one in particular as she gets into one of the seats, straps herself down and grabs one of the headsets left near the seats for passengers to communicate without screaming. Speaking into the mic she tells Zika, "Do not worry, your faith in God will protect you from these evil creatures, as will mine. The others... we'll have to believe hard enough for them." She smirks a bit, then closes her eyes and bows her chin for the rest of the ride to the town proper, lips moving in silent prayer.

Kian gets his dragon skin out of his trunk and straps a fairly extensive sampl...I mean medical kit to his belt as well next to a new autoadjust holster. His long ass kukri is strapped to his back and a long US arms carbine is taken out. 2 clips for each gun is taken too. He also has one of those insane flashlights that can burn people if they are too close and several road flares. He doesn’t seem to mind putting that on over his suit but the jacket is put in the trunk and a long coat that says 'Excite Chemicum Sum' on the back is put on along with the RAA crest.

Kian taps his throat mic to test it and doesn’t seem to want a helmet. Demons rarely use guns and if they do then they are fucked anyway "Looks like know who’s gonna carry the holy shit then. Any of you guys church hunters? we really could use holy water and something to chase demons off."

The helicopters slowly rise into the air. Intercom helmets are available for each of them to talk over the sound of the rotors thumping above them. Brigitte raises a curious eyebrow at Iezika's statement about seeing Hell before nodding at the armor. "If you're not used to wearing that, you'd better stay in the back. And I'm sure you'll see this Ellie again." She does her best to relax into the chair, even closing her eyes for the last rest she may get for a while.

The choppers turn north, rising to only a couple of thousand feet as they head for the town of Cabot Cove. It can be seen within moments...or at least the fog that blankets the town can be seen. A thick stew with only a couple of buildings jutting out of the whiteness. The fog is noticeably absent near the wharf where the City Hall is located.

"Black sun" mutters one of the pilots as he points to the orb low in the sky. It seems to be turning black as they watch though the light does not diminish. "Two of you want to get on the machine guns" the pilot asks the passengers. "The rest of you get ready to shoot." The 'cloud' that blackens the sun starts to dissipate. It is coming towards them, breaking into dozens of smaller objects. Leathery, reptilian wings flapping as what prove to be creatures comes closer and closer. Little demons - imps. Red-skinned. Winged. Screeching as they charge the helicopters.

Upon hearing shoot, Zika raises her gun, and aims at one of the harpies, before squeezing the trigger. She manages to shoot one down and hurt a few further ones with the spread of the pellets "So, how were your first jobs?" she asks, trying to relax the situation. As if she wasn't in a life and death situation. the less adrenaline, the better she can shoot, after all.

Kian doesn’t do much to shoot at the harpies. the damn things won’t be much to a chopper "Ignore them. flying monsters don’t do much to a chopper unless they are really big. The wind from the blades will throw them around. Let the army pukes handle it."

Having no weapons on herself, nor the desire to unbuckle and potentially end up being sent flying out of the chopper just to get to one of the guns, Anna May just brings her hand up, clutching to the crucifix and continuing her prayers of safe passage.

Brigitte stares a little as Anna May and Kian don't seem too concerned. A shake of her head before she unhooks and rehooks to one of the heavy machine guns. "Aerodynamically, they shouldn't be able to fly at all" she points out to Kian. "And what makes you think that they can't hurt a chopper? You know what talents they have?"

The one that Iezika shot spirals towards the ground before, with a cackle, it swoops upwards, underneath the chopper.

Iezika aims at the centre of the flock of harpies again, squeezing the trigger. She needs to number them down. She didn't notice her previous target survived the pellets, yet. Again, one is hit dead-centre, while more are hurt less severely by the spread

A sensation comes to Anna May, perhaps an answer to her prayers, and without thinking just doing, she lifts her chin up, shifts her position to unbuckle herself, and tethers onto the gun opposite of Bridgette. With a calm and almost serene detachment with what is going on around her, Anna May picks one of the Harpies at random and begins firing in small little bursts, using the tracers to calculate how much lead she needs to give the gun until finally narrowing in on the correct position and letting loose a few more rounds that should hit the creature dead on.

Kian looks over at the girl with the gun and sighs before calling over to the pilot "How far to the LZ?!?" probably planning to help somehow

Thankful that Anna May has at least got on the other weapon, Brigitte has a flashback to her French Foreign Legion days and starts blasting with the heavy machinegun. Five of the imps turning into floating soup.

"Not long" replies the pilot as he does his best to weave through the imps that continue to swarm around both helicopters. The Hunters can hear something scratching at the floor beneath them. Nails tearing at metal.

The supply chopper is in worse shape. Imps crowd around one of the guns. Even as some of them fall to the ground, others get through, grabbing the gunner and hurling him out of the helicopter. His screams drowned out by the sound of the rotors overhead as he plummets towards the town below.

Iezika aims at another Imp, to fire another shot "There goes our food!" she shouts "Shit! Do you think we'll get resupplied?"

Having a better idea of how the gun handles and the current levels of wind resistance, Anna May swivels the gun on its mount and targets two imps that were working towards the tailsection, letting out a stream of bullets intermittently lit up with a tracer round, still in this state of calm and relaxed serenity, some sort of trance perhaps.

Kian doesn’t get an answer about a flash bang which is pretty good against these tiny bastards. He sighs and gets up making sure to clip himself to the chopper frame so he doesn’t get pulled out like an idiot and brings his rifle up to start shooting at the ones who might have a shot at hurting his ride. He cant fly...yet.

Brigitte grins as Anna May starts taking some of the imps down. "Don't get cocky, kid" she teases before blasting some more from the sky. The imps are not stupid. No longer feeling a need to be shot, they both disperse to come in from many angles, and also congregate against the other chopper - since its gunner is now splattered over a road far below.

The Hunter's chopper descends quickly, heading for a landing pad that has been cleared out in front of the City Hall. The fog is thick and not too far away. Snipers sit atop the flat roof of the building, scanning the perimeter of the thick mist.

A two feet long section of the floor of the chopper suddenly peels back. A giggling imp poking its head in. Its claws tearing at more of the metal to widen the entrance.

The supply chopper is filled with imps now. It jerks suddenly in the air before it starts to dive downwards. It does not look like a very controlled dive.

Iezika sends a loud, very much M-rated stream of Sicilian cursed. Something about food can be caught, the rest remains cryptic. She fires at the Imp. Miraculously, she manages to miss it by a mile, hitting another section of the floor, in fact. Must be the adrenaline

With a screech of metal being audible, and the sudden howling and change in wind from a new opening ripped into the chopper interior, Anna May turns to watch Zika just barely miss shooting the creature in the face. Without a second thought Anna May shifts a bit, puts her shoulder against the doorway, and lashes out with a booted foot to plant it squarely against the side of the creature's face with as much force as her diminutive frame can muster (which is surprisingly quite a bit, because muscles mean nothing.)

Kian looks over and curses under his breath "Seriously? They are this embodied? this might be dangerous." he pulls his rifle around and shoots the thing in the face with an annoyed look on his face

A combination of a boot in the face and Kian's shot are enough for the invading imp to be sent back into the sky...and it doesn't look like it will be flying back up. The chopper slows as it comes into land. A bump as it hits the ground, a bit quicker than normal but necessary. The remaining imps, very few of them now, head back into the sky. Seeming to dissolve as they approach the sun.

To the north, deep in the fog, there is the explosive sound of the other helicopter hitting the ground. All that ammo happy to explode as well. And yet there is no visualisation of billowing flames through that thick fog, just the sounds.

Brigitte unhooks and leaps out of the chopper, keeping her head low as she makes her way towards City Hall and the greeting Task Force Valkyrie agents. "I hope you enjoyed your trip" greets a female soldier with a wry smile. "Welcome to Cabot Cove. I'm glad you're here. We need the numbers. I'm Murphy. But you can call me Britt. Let's get you inside and sorted out." Anna May in her armor gets a few looks but, hey, everyone counts.

Iezika follows out, slowed down by the armor. Good she didn't hit the gas tank. She follows Brigitte's example and enters the town hall "That was a trip. A baptism by fire... Were your first jobs similar?" she asks the hunters from the chopper, seeming surprisingly chipper after her encounter with death

Anna May is right behind Brigitte and Zika, nodding at the TFV members, and saying to one of them, "When's the last time you seen a vamp able to bite thru solid metal hun?" A little wink from the southern girl, a slight giggle before she's back to all business.

Kian unhooks himself and jumps out when they land "Always love a good ride with ya love." talking to Brigitte as he looks around and activates his demons eye making his eye turn into a blood red insect looking thing until it turns back into his normal one letting him see auras. He clicks his tongue "This is gonna be fun..."

Angry also makes his way out - he probably slept through it all. Brigitte rolls her eyes at Kian's comment - is he ever going to give up? Soldiers watch the wall of fog from barricades. A couple of armed vehicles idle nearby. The chopper they arrived on is soon lifting up again, a few wounded taking the place of the Hunters...and some gunners added for protection.

The windows of the City Hall have been barricaded. Many of the doors as well. The place is abuzz with Hunters of various types. Britt leads them to a room. "You can catch your breath here. We'll assign you soon...if we don't get attacked here again first."

Iezika sighs and nods, reloading her shotgun just in case for that "I hope we won't. As I said in the chopper, I wish to return home."

Iezika smiles "After all, I have a cute redhead and a dog to take care off, once I return. A medical degree to study for AND a life to return to." she shakes her head "I wonder what my job might be?" she smiles at Anna "I suppose your praying brought as good results. Somehow, we all managed to survive..."