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Homicide at the Boardwalk

Dramatis Personae

August, Citlalmina, Harrison, Katherine, Lorelei, Patricia, with Jackson as ST.

25 June, 2016

There's been a homicide at the Boardwalk in an alleyway. It seems ritualistic in nature, with occult symbols drawn on the DB. The homicide victim is a woman in her late twenties, early thirties with dark hair and dark eyes. There appears to be more to this than meets the eye. Fallcoast PD has sent in some of its uniformed officers and detectives and CSI to check the scene. The mayor's on their ass about Fallcoast getting a very blatant murder in the height of tourist season. It's a race against time to find out who committed this atrocity and bring them to justice. Part of the Bleak Intentions plot.


Historical District Boardwalk

The call comes in from an Officer Johns early in the morning on Sunday, June 25th. It's a cloudy day and rain threatens to grumble along the horizon, a nice reprieve from the bout of sun that the coastal town was given. Unlike the last body found in this area, it's not a floater, but something else. The crime scene has been cordoned off by police tape and Officer Johns stands near the front of the line. People have already begun to gather with their smartphones, filming the body. Forensics is called, along with the County ME, and detectives from General and Major, with Katherine thrown into the General Crimes unit as it appears August's partner has asked for furlough over the weekend.

The woman has been posed in an alley, half-in, half-out on her knees with her hands bound in rope. She's been bent over in a kneeling position, stripped naked. She's white with black hair. Perhaps the most curious thing about the corpse is that there's a star drawn on her left shoulder blade on her back with a black eyeliner pencil. Her things have been scattered nearby, her purse emptied and sorted, with makeup supplies in one section, communication and paper and the like in another, and a bottle of pepper spray sitting on its lonesome. Blood is spattered all over the alleyway, and it appears she was disemboweled.

The crowd of people in front of the police tape look mostly like a mix between tourists and locals. Already the mayor is getting a little pissy about all of these murders happening in historical and touristy places during June. It's making people feel unsafe in Fallcoast, really driving the tourist factor of the town down. And considering this crime already seems high profile due to the location and the way she was murdered and the degree to which it was set up, the detectives and officers on scene are already in for a rough ride.

Lorelei arrives on the scene with her CSI badge prominently visible and her kit in hand and ignoring the gawkers with a cool, businesslike manner. She wastes no time getting out her digital camera and snapping pictures, treading carefully around the scene and snapping photos without disturbing things.

"I can't believe you don't like Voltron. I thought you'd totally be into that." Detective Forsythe says to the Detective sharing the vehicle with him. "After all. It's like what the Power Rangers were based on. And we all know that's a classic." Next to him, in the passenger seat, is Detective Reynolds, who had been brought in from Cyber Crimes on this originally to help detect patterns in the killer. August - Detective Forsythe - parks the car and turns to open the door, saying, "Game face, game face. Am I the good cop, and you're the bad cop? Or are you the bad cop, and I'm the good cop?" Then he's out the door, shutting it behind him.

And it is, now, game face. Whatever banter he'd enjoyed with the other Detective, August was now all business. He moves in to assess the crime scene for a moment, flashing his badge and saying, "Detective Forsythe, General Crimes. Hey, Ben," August reaches out to clasp hands with a Patrol Officer he's familiar with. "Increase the cordon on the area and make sure no one with a camera gets in. Last thing we need is a copycat." Then he heads off to inspect the scene, lifting the police tape for Detective Reynolds if she follows him.

Harrison pulls up in his unmarked pursuit charger, pulling off to the side and stepping out. He's dressed in his usual work attire - a blue Hugo Boss suit (a bit classier than your average detective... but he is a Cavanaugh...), with his gold detective badge clipped to his belt. Walking up to the police line, he shakes hands with one of the officers on duty. Harrison is a 20 year veteran of the force... it's not like he doesn't know just about everyone by now! So yes. The old-man-who-has-a-sniper-rifle-in-his-trunk is on the scene. He may be the senior detective (by a lot) here, but as he walks up near August and Ben, he says to the patrol officer Ben: "Oh, and Forsythe here is the official officer in charge." Big praise from the Old Man to the newest member of the team.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: You notice that it looks like this murder was staged. Despite the fact that there's blood almost everywhere in the alley, she obviously wasn't killed here. She was posed here, likely killed somewhere else. You're able to get photos of every angle, like she was posed in such a way that it wouldn't be difficult for people to see. Notably, that it wouldn't be difficult for Forensics to do their job. Odd.

Occasionally, you make a mistake. It happens in life. Katherine's mistake was agreeing to ride along with August. Getting out of the car, she's adjusting her badge at her hip and checking her holstered weapon, a habit. Shutting the door behind her, she looks at August with cop face. "Aren't you always the bad cop, Forsythe?" Katt asks, moving from the banter and onto the scene. Ducking down, she does indeed follow carefully. Stepping carefully to keep from disrupting anything, she lifts her light to shine it further into the alley, to the blood spray and guts. "Well, someone had a bad burrito." Because sometimes, if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

Lorelei frowns, snapping picture after picture and shaking her head gently at the last few she takes. "Who's officer in charge?" She reaches up to tuck an errant strand of hair back into her braid, casting her gaze about and landing on August. Straightening up, the Crime Scene Investigator heads his way, but doesn't speak until she's close enough that her voice will only carry to the officers. "She wasn't killed here. This is staged."

PEMIT TO AUGUST: As you activate the Sight, you see that the woman was killed with a machete to her stomach. She was killed at 7:35 PM, Saturday, June 24th. The cause of death was massive hemmorhaging and blood loss. Judging from the scene, that would make sense, considering that there's a lot of blood in the alleyway. What wouldn't make sense is how someone managed to kill someone here, at 7:30 on a Saturday.

PEMIT TO KATHERINE: This was staged, but you're not sure when or how. It seems like she was disembowled and the amount of blood loss certainly fits the crime. There are some defensive wounds on her arms, so it would be hard to believe that the woman fought back against someone attacking her with a machete in broad view of the tourist district of Fallcoast, so she was likely killed somewhere else and brought here.

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things isn't the same. That would be Dr. Citlalmina Reyes, wearing a white poncho and white sun hat with a gauzy white veil, like a ghostly beekeeper. The beat cops have all kinds of nicknames for the albino woman. No bag, no tools, she makes her way over towards the body. She doesn't even need to show credentials anymore - she kind of stands out by now.

August reacts to Harrison proclaiming him the officer in charge with nary a wince - well, okay. Probably a wince. But he was already on this case, after all. Last time he and Jackson had found the murder weapon, even. He squats down next to the body and, looking up at Harrison, and then Katt, starts to put on his gloves. For the most part it's all show - until Lorelei starts dropping bombs. "Detective Forsythe - I'm the OiC." One glove on, one glove off, he lifts an eyebrow at the woman, then glances at the body and - rather than inspecting the body, starts to inspect the area around it. "Reynolds - can you check and see if there are any surveillance feeds that might cover this location, and see what you can dig up, if possible?" Then he gives a glance over at Harrison as well, "If she wasn't killed here, there'll be drag and scuff marks, and a whole lot of blood... somewhere else."

PEMIT TO HARRISON: Judging from the amount of blood, it would be safe to say that this murder happened here, but judging from the way the corpse is posed, it's very clearly not where the murder happened. Rigor mortis has set in to the point that she's been dead for a while, and the corpse has defensive wounds on her arms. She's likely been dead maybe twelve or fourteen hours, and someone fighting off an attacker with an edged weapon large enough to disembowel someone would be immediately noticed in a public place like this. Judging from the way she's left, it looks like she was posed specifically to the degree that she would be found, and that people would be able to investigate around her. The purse near her was also emptied out in a specific, almost compulsive, fashion.

PEMIT TO AUGUST: As the Grim Sight takes hold, you see that this is definitely not the murder scene. This appears to be a place where the victim was left behind. There's no death resonance here at all.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: You recall something about black stars being a sign of some sort. It was used in some occult ritual you noticed a while back. It's very likely that this woman is one of several murders, considering that the black star drawn on someone's flesh post-mortem was a key aspect in forensics on a report that you saw elsewhere in Maine. You can't quite recall where it was, or who it was, but the case went unsolved. So this is obviously a ritualistic murder of some sort.

PEMIT TO CITLALMINA: You are able to rewind the last three minutes of the woman's life. You see a man with a burlap sack over his head. He's monstrous. Huge. He's probably seven feet tall, maybe bigger. He's dressed in what looks like a butcher's smock, coveralls, and a short-sleeve t-shirt, and his arms are scarred with what appears to be acid burn marks. He's holding a large machete in his left hand and moves to slash the deceased on the stomach. She screams, and you feel the blood weeping out of the wound, and she tries to catch her intestines. The man kicks her over. They're in a room, some sort of cabin, judging from the looks of it. There aren't any windows. Following that, you see the man rummaging through her purse and he grabs an eyeliner pencil -- the same one that's at the scene. He moves out of sight of the victim, and there's a pressing sensation on her back, as though he's drawing something. Then the vision goes black and you see no more.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: This doesn't necessarily have a supernatural origin, but there's an occult origin. Black stars are symbols of the end of the world, of the death of all things. It's said that a black star will appear when the world is about to end and will destroy all things in several occult texts. Judging from the way her things were organized, it appears that the killer was attempting to combine things of equal worth or value, to allow the victim to pay the ferryman with whatever she had available, considering that a stack of coins sits closest to the body. There's also something about the bindings on her wrists; the rope looks handmade and appears to be the kind used in hand-fasting rituals with witchcraft, indicating that she's 'married' to death now.

Already Katt lifts her head, perhaps hearing Lorelei's words. A soft furrow of her brows, the small but powerful pen light is shone across bricks and body once before clicked off. Tucking it into the pocket of her jeans, the cyber crimes woman doesn't opt tonight for business casual. Without looking to August, she responds easily. "I can do that." Now, she's looking up, for cameras, anything that might have caught the scene. Tugging out her phone, she's already swiping through screen. At the arrival of the pale medical examiner, she takes yet another step back to give those who need to deal with the actual body, more room.

There's not a camera, but there is an ATM machine on the other side of the street from the alleyway, next to a bodega in this district. It seems like it would catch the alley. ATM machines are typically pretty terrible with distance footage, but it's a good start, at the very least. Aside from that, there's a traffic camera, which may have caught something, but it's pointed at the road, not at the alleyway.

Harrison looks around, getting a good view of the staged scene, before expanding his field of view to take in what else is around. He walks up to August, and says, "So... I know you're the officer in charge, but... but to offer some advice..." He pauses, and then exactly as one would expect a mentor to do, he asks a question: "Let's say you had committed a murder, and then brought the body somewhere else and staged it. Leaving enough room to look it over... wouldn't you want to watch and see what's going on? Which is easy considering how many people have cell phones..." He then gestures to the youtuber couple that is still hanging out. "I might recommend someone go interview those who are providing that feed... and maybe ask the cybercrimes detective to see if anyone can look into who is watching that feed..." He pauses, and adds, "Just a suggestion..." And with that, he moves on to continue walking around - this time with a wider radius, looking for other cameras and the like, too. He did make sure he spoke loud enough that only August would have heard...

Harrison is a mentor. Really. Because he's old. 43, in fact. Sheesh. Why doesn't he retire already?!?

PEMIT TO HARRISON: You don't notice anyone particularly out of place or interested in the crime scene aside from the lookee-loos. There is one fellow that seems a bit too interested, trying to get as close as possible. He also is slightly out of place in that he doesn't appear to filming or taking pictures or anything of the sort. He's a black male, late thirties, dressed in a polo shirt and a pair of shorts. He's about six feet tall and broad, well-muscled.

"You're right." August looks around the crime scene for a moment, his eyes seeing the myriad flavors of death that settle on the area like a warm, enveloping blanket. The cops have it, and the corpse has it... but the alley itself does not. "She wasn't killed here." He bends a little to look at the body, saying, "Heavy blade. Maybe two feet in length. Caught her just at the top of the belly and she bled out. Looks like... probably yesterday." August glances up at the alley again, then back to Lorelei, "What drew your attention to think that she wasn't killed here, Miss...?" August asks, fishing for a name from the unknown crime scene tech.

At Harrison's suggestion, August nods and then looks back at Katt, then his friend from Patrol, Ben. "That's a good idea. Reynolds - that guy over there with the phone. Can you see if you can get him to talk? And maybe see if he'd have any footage that'd be useful." He'd leave it up to the Cyber officer to see what she could do with the phone, and youtube, and all that. "Hey - Ben." August calls out to the Patrol Officer, "See if you can get in touch with the DoT and get that traffic camera footage from yesterday... I don't know. Let's say starting at about seven at night until about midnight. Let's get that down to Cyber and have them start looking through it, too." Harrison's already looking for cameras, as well, perhaps he and Katt would spot the ATM, but it's obvious that August hasn't. He's still new at this, after all.

Citlalmina circles the body once, then kneels down in front of the victim, lifting the veil of her hat, and squints her dull grey eyes at the dead woman for a long, silent moment.

Lorelei nods to Citlalmina in recognition. CSIs and MEs probably run into each other a lot, and Citlalmina does stick out, after all. Lorelei, much less so. "There was a case like this somewhere else in Maine - I can't remember quite where, but a black star drawn on the victim's flesh post-mortem was a key aspect. It was unsolved. This is a... ritualistic murder." She pauses, fiddling with the display on her camera. "I know a few things about what the black star might mean, the material used in the bindings... why the coins are there." Which is all weird information to have, but then... this is Fallcoast.

Patrol officer Ben heads over to August when called. After he gets his orders from the OiC, he gives a slight nod and pulls out his phone, stepping away from the group. "Hi, this is Officer Ben Jameson, badge number 1129. I'm requesting footage from the corner of Ellison and Hanover street." He pauses for a moment. "Sure, send it to Detective Forsythe, Detective Reynolds, and Detective Cavanaugh." He lists off their badge numbers. "Sooner rather than later, yeah. We've got a situation. Thanks."

Following that, Ben gives a nod in the direction of August and moves to take his spot back to keep the lookie-loos out of the crime scene.

Harrison has been there. Done that. Seen ritualistic murders. All he really needs to do now is drive a Buick and talk in a slow tone of voice and he could be on True Detective. Instead, however, he makes his way over to a guy hanging out nearby - a black male in his late thirties in a polo shirt and a pair of shorts. He says to the man, "Hello, Sir... I was hoping you could help us out... how long have you been viewing the scene? See anything of note?"

Katt, she's got ears like a damn hawk. Not really, but she does seem to hear the older Detective as he speaks to August. Cellphone already in hand, she's already heading back to the car they drove over in as August gives her those orders. It's got a computer she can probably bend to her will, right? "On it!" Katt calls. As she passes the youtubers, however, she slows and gives them one of those bright, eye popping smiles that she hopes is disarming. Katt hopes to take a glance at the screens she passes. Are they filming? Are they watching something else while they stand feet from a body? Looking both ways like she might be making sure the other cops aren't watching and that this is a secret endevour, she turns towards the couple. Instead of attempting to bully them, she simply attempts to talk with them. Why? Because people like to brag, "You got that on HD?" Asked of the couple, as she makes a casual turn to them.

PEMIT TO AUGUST: You recall the following about a black star: there's an occult text and some significance in regards to the works of a few nihilistic existentialists, partically Thomas Ligotti, regarding a black star heralding the end of all things and the destruction of the world, along with a widespread conspiracy against the human race perpetrated by the human race itself, due to their programming as thinking biological machines. Whoever did this was likely interested in fatalist literature like that, and probably has some intense interest in the end of all things.

Glancing at Loreli, August says, "We found another a couple days ago, just washed up off shore. Had been out at sea for days." Creeping a little closer to the body, careful not to disturb the piles of things that were placed very deliberately around her, Detective Forsythe leans her over a little bit to get a better view of the black star on her shoulder. "Hmmm," is all he says for the moment, before he reaches down and starts to examine the body - looking for traces of any blood or skin under her fingernails, or any signs that she might have struggled for her life. Though getting hit in the stomach with, essentially, a short sword doesn't brook a lot of resistance, usually.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: You see, sometime in the early hours of the morning, a man in dark clothing and dressed in what appears to be a butcher's smock, with a pair of coveralls and a t-shirt. His arms are scarred like he's got serious acid burns on his flesh, old scars, as though they came from childhood and he grew into them. You see him drop the body down and begin to pose her. No one else appears to be around. She's already nude by the time she's posed here, and the black star has already been drawn on her skin.

"He's big," Citlalmina says in a flat tone, almost bored. "Tall. The wound has a severe downward angle. The weapon was crude, not delicate. Maybe a hatchet or machete. Bruising on her side suggests she was kicked over before she died. Stains on her fingers - she tried to put her insides back in. She wasn't bound when he did this. Faint bruising around the design drawn on her shoulder means he did that before she died, too." Her head tilts. "Faint abrasions on her cheek from when he kicked her over. Maybe a rough wood floor? Won't know until she's on my table." She rises and lowers the veil again, shielding her from the sun. She looks Augustish-wards. "Put out an APB on Jason Voorhees and start searching creepy cabins." She's joking, right? With her monotone, it's hard to tell. Lorelei gets a nod in return greeting now that she's done.

PEMIT TO AUGUST: As mentioned before, the woman has some very clear defensive wounds on her arms which appear to be slash marks, likely left by the murder weapon. She does have some other signs of struggle. The fingernail on her left index finger seems almost pulled completely off. There are some scuff marks on her knees and thighs, but she doesn't appear to have been violated sexually from what you can tell.

The black man, who's fairly large himself, with large arms that look like he lifts weights, about six feet tall, maybe a few inches taller sees Harrison coming and starts to backpedal. Judging from the look he gives to Harrison, it seems like he's about to bolt. He definitely doesn't want to deal with the cops. He doesn't answer the question.

Meanwhile, Katherine approaches one of the Youtubers who looks at her and then back at the phone. It interrupts their vlogging. It's a woman, probably in her early twenties, with black hair and a blonde streak in the front of it. She gives a nod and looks down at her phone. "Yes, ma'am." She's shut the video off after Katherine approaches.

August smiles, grimly, at Citla before he nods. "Yeah. I saw the stroke-angle and the heaviness of the weapon. Definitely a machete, though. The blade length is too long for a a hatchet." August indicates a section of the body with a finger, then moves across it in a motion, his pinky extended to point. "He hit hard to one side to open her up, then pulled it back through. That's why the back side has two cuts, and the front only has one. Guy used it like a two-foot razor-blade." Whomever they were looking for was definitely strong.

"Also look here," August motions to Citla and Lorelei, now, as they're examining the body with him. "Defensive wounds. She didn't go down easy." All along the arms were slash marks, indicating that she had, indeed resisted. And finally August lifts a hand up, showing one of her fingernails nearly pulled off, her left index finger. "No signs of sexual assault though." Given that he's in the alley, he can't see the scene unfolding with Harrison and Katt. But they'd know what to do.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: Along with the vision of the man dropping her off, who happens to be a white man, but it's hard to tell from the time of day in which this occurred, he brought her here in a truck that was parked in the center of the road. It's an old pick-up, a 1980 Ford F150, with a white stripe down the sides and the rest of it brown. You can't catch a license plate number, it's a bit too fuzzy, but you do see that it's an out-of-state vehicle. Judging from the coloration, it's probably either New Hampshire or possibly New York.

PEMIT TO CITLALMINA: Everything August says seems to ring true with what you saw.

Harrison doesn't say anything for a moment, as if concentrating... and then takes his walkie talkie off his belt, saying into it, "I could use some backup. Heading down Jameson street. Suspect is black male, looking like he's about to bolt..." And that's when he puts the walkie talkie back, saying, "Sir, please stop..." And he's picking up pace to close the distance to the black male, ready to run the moment the man looks like he's going to turn to do so...

As soon as Harrison says that, the black man starts to run, flat out just fleeing down the street away from Harrison. He's running as fast as he possibly can away from the scene, trying to find any other sort of alleyway that he can duck into. The uniformed police notice this along with Harrison, Katherine, and Citlalmina and start to give chase.

Cit nods slightly. "Like I said, I'll know more when I get her on my table and have a little chat." Could she try being a bit more strange? A shrug from the beekeper burqa woman. "Need anything else while I'm--" She cuts short, sighing at the sudden pursuit of the black guy. "He's white. But yeah, lets all chase the random black guy."

Pulling out her phone, Katt smiles broadly, "Look, I'm not going to go all bad cop on you. My bluetooth is on, you send it to me, and we'll call it even." Because information is a commerce, when you're a hacker. Of the pair, she seems to talk mostly to whomever holds the phone. The compaion is just a standby, at least for now, so that person doesn't gain a lot of attention. After that much is done, she moves to the car's computer to try and unlock those cams that might show her... something. She's also planning on checking youtube, tracking any new videos that pop up. Just when she's about the duck into the car, the man bolts. "Shit!" She utters, and turning almost automatically to give chase.

"Yeah, sure," the Youtuber woman says. And then the black guy starts running, and everyone's chasing him. She turns her phone's video feed back on and runs half-heartedly after, filming the police pursuing the black man.

PEMIT TO AUGUST: The black man has some sympathetic threads to the woman, but nothing tying him to the murder. He seems particularly interested in the death of the woman, but other than that, there's not much else. He's running like hell, though.

Harrison calls out, "Sir! We just want to talk... why are you running?" as he chases after the man. He doesn't pull out his taser. He's old school... what does that mean? He doesn't carry his taser. It's in the car. Because he's more likely to shoot someone. Just not with the youtubers filming. And yes... he's running. Full tilt. The old man is fast!

August hears the call after a second on his walkie-talkie, and a brief flicker of his eyelids and a muttered something under his breath is enough to allow him to figure out what's going on. In an instant he's on his own walkie-talkie, urging caution, "Pursuing units, be advised, do not pursue as a suspect. Questioning only. This is a high-profile case, the last thing we need is police brutality and profiling allegations against us."

All three of them are running at high speeds down the block. Officer Ben bolts forward and leaps out to tackle the guy to the ground. The both of them skid along the pavement a short distance, with the black man's face rubbed raw by the concrete. Ben puts his knee between the guy's shoulder blades, and then says, "Got you, motherfucker," he pulls the man's hands back behind him and whips out his handcuffs. He starts to cuff the black fellow and then presses his knee harder between his shoulder blades.

"Shit, man, I didn't do anything!" the man cries out and coughs, spitting blood onto the street.

"Shut your fucking mouth, you son of a bitch," Ben responds.

Meanwhile, the Youtuber has caught all this on the camera. Katherine and Harrison manage to catch up to Ben after he's apprehended the suspect and has him in cuffs.

Lorelei looks up from her position in the road and stares for a moment, eyes wide as the black man is tackled. "...Oh, shit," she murmurs, reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose with a grimace. Bad news bears, here.

"This is why I prefer dead people," Cit says to no one in particular.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: Amidst the chaos, you see that there are some tire markings in the place where the truck was parked. It looks like the killer slammed on his brakes when he got here, which left a tread mark on the pavement. You could likely pull a tire print off of it.

August looks up at Lorelei. He can see, but no one knows that. He winces at Lorelei and says, through gritted teeth. "They tackled him, didn't they? Goddamn it."

Katt skids to a stop, as Ben and Harrison manage easily to outrun her and tackle the subject. Almost like she knows, like she just knows that those damn people with the phone, they're filming this, she looks at the trio, suspect between them. "Take it easy..." Said in low tones as Katt turns on heel and moves with the others to return this probably innocent suspect to the gathering around the crime scene. Looking to August, she hopes to make a small signal like, get those fucker's phone before they post that tackle on youtube, but it's possible he doesn't get it.

Harrison slows down and says with a growl to Ben, "Shut up, Ben... I have him" And then to the suspect, who he takes gently from Ben's grasp, "We need to get you medical attention..." He pulls out his radio, and says, "Medical attention needed at 4 Jameson St. and the Boardwalk..." He reaches for the suspect's shoulder, saying, "Listen, the only reason we chased you, is that when I came to ask you if you had seen anything, you began running... we'll get you some medical attention, ask you some questions about why you then ran... and assuming all is good, you'll be back home tonight, ok? Now... how about we sit you down and wait for the EMT, hmmm?" He makes sure all that is loud enough to get on the video.

Harrison is a Cavanaugh. He knows that perception is everything.

"I didn't do anything, man, c'mon, get off me, I can't breathe!" The man on the ground cries out at Ben.

It doesn't seem like Ben's going to be moving any time soon, judging from the fact that he's pressing his knee a bit further into the guy's shoulder blades. The man beneath him coughs and spits up blood.

Meanwhile, Officer Johns steps away from the police tape toward the woman with the phone and approaches her, "Give me that phone, now." He says to her. This is also caught on film.

The Youtuber responds, "It's not illegal to film the police! You're infringing on my right of free speech."

"Cut the bullshit," Officer Johns says, "give me the phone." He pulls out his baton.

Harrison told Ben to shut up and lay off the guy, so he follows chain of command, stepping off him and standing to his feet. The black man takes a deep breath after that and coughs and writhes against the street. He rolls over onto his side and it's clear that most of his face was torn or scratched up in the struggle with Officer Ben.

"They did," Lorelei informs August. "Hard. Quite hard." She hisses out a breath through her teeth, shaking her head. Still got a job to do. "Tracks here. Sudden stop. Looks like a truck. I can pull a tire print off it." She stoops down again to snap another picture.

Katt is on the officer who is demanding the phone from the people, with the pulling out of his baton. Hoping to approach, gold badge in sight, she clears her throat, "Give me the phone, I'll make sure you get it back, intact." Probably. Maybe. Possibly. If she can muster enough resting bitch face, she jerks her head to Office Johns, as if to say, I've got this.

August just shakes his head, "Johns, get me a crime kit and start dusting all these items for fingerprints - give the CSI tech whatever help she needs. Also get a blood spatter analyst down here." He sighs and then straightens. He wasn't about to take the cellphones from a civilian that hadn't done anything. "And for fuck's sake, no one CHASES anyone unless they've got a machete in their hand." He storms out of the alleyway like a man on a warpath, heading straight towards Ben and the ensuing confrontation.

Harrison moves to try and help the suspect up, saying, "Come on, friend... let's get you somewhere you can sit... what you did... was run. When you run from a crime scene, the police chase you. It really is that simple. But help me help you and give me a reason not to arrest you, ok? I've been working these streets for 20 years. I'm not interested in arresting the wrong guy, hmmmm?" He gives the suspect a Cavanaugh smile, trying to at least gently help the man to a seated position, well aware that this just turned from a murder investigation... to a PR nightmare for the department.

Citlalmina removes her hat entirely as she approaches the suspect so he can see that she's not one of the white oppressors. "Hey, I'm Doctor Reyes. I'm going to clean you up, okay?" She pulls out a small flask that in no way contains an alcoholic substance other than the rubbing kind, honest, wetting a handkerchief.

Officer Johns looks between Katherine and August as he's given two orders. He glances at August and then moves to put away his telescopic baton, slipping it back into his duty belt. The Youtuber woman is shaking, considering she was probably just about to get beaten from a cop that was threatening her.

The Youtuber hands the phone over to Katherine with a shaking hand. As soon as it's in Katherine's hand, she notices that it's set to live stream on a Twitch channel. There are currently fifty-two people logged in to the channel.

The black guy gets pulled up and sits on the street. He looks up at Harrison and then over at Citlalmina. "I'm not going to say anything without my lawyer," he says firmly, and spits blood out of his mouth. He looks to Citlalmina and tilts his head toward her where a lot of his skin got torn away on the pavement. There's blood on the pavement as well from the brutal tackle.

Officer Ben stands nearby, glancing between everyone. It suddenly dawns on him that this was probably a pretty horrible thing, especially considering what August just said.

All this hubbub is going to attract all kinds of people. Especially people who roam the streets actively looking for this kind of trouble. A van with 'Channel 31' emblazoned on the side pulls up and Patricia almost leaps out before it has stopped. Microphone in hand she starts running for where the cop is talking to camera phone girl - she's seen that kind of confrontation plenty of times in her career. Behind her the driver cum cameraman is stumbling along getting his camera started. "Come on, Frank!" All Patricia's cameramen seem to be called Frank...even the last one that was eaten by a zombie zoo animal...so it may not be his real name. "Don't give up that phone!" she shouts out; too late. Hopefully it was uploaded first. A glance over the scene...is that the one black guy in Fallcoast being assailed by cops. Pulitzer here I come. "Frank! Get that!" She points to the black guy spitting blood before pulling up in front of Katherine.

Lorelei nods to Johns, occupying him with holding on to some equipment while she snaps another photo of the tire tracks and then sets about concocting a mixture of powdered stone and water, which she then uses to make a cast.

Glancing at the phone, Katt immediately tries to stop the feed. "Too late." She whispers it practically, looking towards August. "At least fifty people probably saw that. You can pretend that a handful of them didn't record it, but in a couple moments, we could all be youtube stars." Reaching into her back pocket, into her wallet, she hands the shaking woman her card. A simple affair, with name, cell and badge number. "Take a breathe, get something to eat or drink. I'll have this back to you as soon as I can." Hardly before the words scape her, a van pulls up and reports are scampering about. One stops in front of her and she imediately tucks the phone out of sight and assumes cop face. "I'm sorry, you need to back up stay behind the tape please." She has as surprisingly loud voice for her slim figure.

Frank's already filming by the time he's jumping out of the back of the van. He looks through the fold-out display and then glances at the front of the camera. "Patty, this is weird, the camera ain't workin'," he says, then moves to put it down. "I got another one in the back. One sec. It's old school, and isn't linked up with the station so we can't do anythin' live, but we'll get the rest of the footage analog and send it in," he announces, heading toward the back of the Channel 31 news van.

The woman takes the card and the phone back from Katherine and stares down at the former. She looks back up at Katherine. She's still shaking from the potential altercation with Officer Johns. "S-sure," she says, and turns to look at the media van that's approached.

Someone from the crowd that's re-collected around the area calls out, "Police brutality!" It's repeated by someone else in the crowd.

Harrison is focusing on the suspect and watching him get fixed up. He nods to the man, "Of course. Happy to have your lawyer present. I didn't want to even bring you down to the station, but we can bring you down and speak with you there with your lawyer. Not a problem. Do you have any identification in your pockets, Sir?" He speaks respectfully, ignoring the crowd for now, making sure he does nothing that can be taken the wrong way.

August heads straight for Ben, badge out to the woman from channel 31, "Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. This is an active crime scene and civilians are not allowed in at this time. One of the officers will escort you to a safe perimeter where you can make a broadcast, if you like." He glances around and calls out for one of the other Patrol Officers, "Marcus - take her a block out. No active cameras on-scene." He walks towards Ben, Harrison, Citla and the guy who took off, jerking a thumb back towards the patrol cars. "Ben, head back to the station. No questions." The unspoken part of it was, 'We are all in deep shit at the moment, thanks.' Then he moves up to Harrison and leans close, "You got this end, man. Body has defensive wounds, and it's a big, tall guy. But I don't think this is the one. Gut feeling. Don't keep him too long if we can avoid it. But he's very interested for some reason." Whatever that might mean to Harrison, August leaves it. He trusted Harrison to trust him and his intuition.

"I got my wallet in my back pocket," the man says, looking up to Harrison. He sits with his hands cuffed behind his back and turns to look up toward the Channel 31 news van that just rolled up. His face is all torn up and bruised, and he continues to spit blood out of his mouth. It looks like he must have bitten his tongue when he was knocked to the ground as well.

Lorelei ignores the hubbub with the crowd and the press and just keeps working. At a certain point, though, all she can do is wait for the cast to dry. And take notes. The CSI pulls out a notepad and pencil and starts writing. Do not acknowledge the scene.

"I am behind the tape" Patricia sniffs at Katherine before sticking her microphone over the tape and right in the cop's face. "What's going on here? I see that you have a bloodied suspect in custody. What did he do? Anything?" A quick look around. "Quite a high police presence for one man." Frank's words has her calling back to him without looking at him. "Just hurry up, Frank." To the crowd. "Everyone here. I know you all have phones so anyone who can get Channel 31 something worth showing gets a hundred bucks. And they can't take your phones away." Her attention back to Katherine. "Are you in charge here, Detective...can't quite see your badge number. Mind showing it to me?" Noticing the state of the victim she calls out to him. "Are you okay, sir! Did you do anything wrong?"

Harrison listens to August's words... and says to the man, "Got it. He's invoked his right to an attorney. He's not under arrest, but I'm bringing him in as a person of interest... but can't ask him any questions until we get to the station and his lawyer is in. If his lawyer gives me any crap, though, I'm going to charge him for impeding an active investigation." He makes sure the suspect hears that last. He then asks the subject, "Do I have your consent to reach back and pull out your wallet so I can get your identification, Sir?"

PEMIT TO PATRICIA: You see a woman who was pretty brutally murdered in a nearby alleyway behind some crime scene tape. It appears that she was disemboweled, and blood is splattered all over the alleyway. Judging from the forensics officer that's taking tire prints and the like, it appears that you've arrived at an active murder scene, and the cops have detained a potential murder suspect -- harshly, it seems.

The crowd is further enthusiastic by Patricia's call out about the money offered for footage; one of them shouts, "I got the dead body all on tape, and when they arrived and everything!" Another shouts, "I got when they tackled that guy!" Money is certainly a great motivator.

The man that's been apprehended looks up to Patricia and says, "I - I think I'm all right. I bit my tongue," he opens his mouth and a large chunk of his tongue is missing from the side. He spits some more blood onto the street. It comes out with a tooth.

The woman with the camera phone handed back to her nods to Patricia, but she still puts her phone away, moving to rub her arms with her hands and looking down and away from the officers, ashamed and looking somewhat violated by the exchange.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: That's odd. The blood on the walls is pretty extensive, and you know this isn't the crime scene, but getting closer to it shows that the blood isn't human blood at all. It doesn't smell like it, it doesn't seem to look like it; it seems like animal blood. Someone meant to stage this to look like it was done here, and they appear to have tossed buckets of animal blood around the area. Considering that, with the fact that the killer was wearing a butcher's smock, there's a good chance he is a butcher.

While Patricia sniffs, with all the rights in the world to do so, Katt tries to resist the urge to snatch the microphone that is thrust into her face Let us not progress the bad press, right? For a second, as the questions are reeled off, she doesn't respond but the look on her face, isn't one that says she's hiding anything. It's the remark about being in charge, and her badge number that finally rises the plain clothes police woman to look directly in the camera, speaking clearly, "No, Ma'am, I am not the officer in charge. My name is Detective Reynolds." She rattles off her badge number. As Patricia tries to speak with the possible suspect, Katt tries to cut across her, "I'm sorry, no comment." The words clipped, but probably not enough to stop the reporter, let alone the bloody man, from speaking.

Given Harrison's response, August just nods and ignores Patricia - as Harrison is doing now, also. A glance is given back to Katherine, which has August tapping his watch. "Need those camera feeds, officer." He's careful not to use her name. Harrison would handle the business end of the questioning at the moment, and all the cameras would get is after-the-fact footage. He'd seen to that. Instead he moves over to the woman who had given over her cellphone, coming around for some attempted damage control.

"Hey - sorry for the close call. You alright?" He hadn't been able to make it to the scene in time, but hopefully she'd recognise his voice as the one yelling to stand down over the walkie-talkie, if she'd been close enough.

The man looks up to Harrison and gives a slight nod at the question. "Yeah, you can reach behind me and get my wallet. That's fine."

Citlalmina begins to gently clean up the man, muttering under her breath in Nahuatl for what it's worth. And hey! Would you look at that? He wasn't really THAT badly hurt. It was mostly dirt and debris. Really! A few minor scrapes are left, just so it doesn't look TOO crazy. "See? Not so bad."

The woman with the phone looks up to August and takes a step back. "Sorry, I - I just, he made me really nervous. I think he was about to hit me with that baton," she says to him. "You're -- you're the guy in charge, right? I'm sorry. I don't want to be arrested for anything. The woman there says that I can keep my phone but then the cop was going to hit me and I just don't know what to do." It seems she's near tears.

Lorelei frowns, glancing at the hardening cast on the tire tread - "Watch that," she bids her August-assigned helper - and starts to follow something toward one of the nearby walls. Removing a small evidence baggie from her kit, she takes a sample of what appears to be blood spatter... despite it being not all that close to the crime scene. "This isn't human blood. This is a lot of animal blood, actually." She leans in close and sniffs.

If looks could kill. August is reminding Katt that she has one more thing to do, despite the persistant reporter. The poor camera guy, he gets a good, long, hard stare. That line in ger jaw, it tightens and she looks around, trying to look for someone to handle the pair with the questions and no answers. Finally, with a husky exhale of air, "Exscuse me." Katt turns and heads straight to the car, and it's computer. To compose herself and get a moment to think, as she slides into the patrol car, she pulls the door shut.

Patricia makes a mental note of those yelling out they have footage...especially the guy who has stuff from before the cops arrived. That could be very interesting. At the blocking Katherine, the reporter just offers her a wry smile. "You're commenting for your suspect now? That's quite handy. Guess you can get them to say anything that way. Frank! Body! Get some shots." Then back to Katherine and the nearby August. "Has the victim been identified? How was she killed? That man is the murderer?" There is no due process in the media. And then August is harrassing the poor woman with the phone and Patricia makes her way over to put a consoling arm around her shoulder. "Hey, I'm Patricia, Channel 31. You poor thing. You shouldn't be hassled for doing your civic duty and trying to help out your community. Why don't you come with me and I'll get you a lawyer and we can settle all this without you being bullied and assaulted." She looks over August now that Katherine has left. "You're in charge? Would you like to answer some questions or do we live in North Korea now?"

"You're not under arrest. You didn't do anything wrong." August's voice is soothing, but he's still on-edge. "I've got some first-responder EMT's back in the back - do you want someone to take a look at you? It's no trouble." He ignores the crowd, the news, everything. Harrison and Citla have the suspect, Reynolds just say the perfect 'no comment', and the young woman in front of him looks like she's more shaken than anything. "If you don't mind, I'd like to get a statement from you. You were recording from before, right? You saw the crime scene?" He gestures, indicating the patrol cars and police tape a little ways off.

August slants Patricia a look and says, "The department does not comment on active investigations. Thank you. Also please step back, I need to take a statement from her, I will let you know when you can talk to her." He doesn't seem to rise to the occasion, instead keeping himself distinctly professional.

"That's right, my c-civic duty," the woman says to Patricia, turning to look between her and August. She sniffs and tries desperately to stop shaking. "I - I guess I could use a lawyer, since I was almost assaulted," she looks up to August in askance on that, as though she's requesting his opinion.

Meanwhile, Frank is jumping out of the van with his analog old school film camera and heading over near the police tape to get some shots of the woman who was brutally murdered and Lorelei, who's investigating the blood in the alleyway. It's clearly a mess. The woman was disemboweled by something pretty heavy and sharp, and she was posed kneeling with her hands pulled in front of her and bound with a kind of special, homespun rope, from the looks of it. There's a large black star painted on the back of her left shoulder blade with what appears to be an eyeliner pencil. She's nude. Frank zooms in to catch the whole scene.

PEMIT TO KATHERINE: You do find some camera footage from the ATM after some searching around. Though generally you need a warrant for this kind of thing from the bank, it seems that you're able to break into the bank's server and find the footage from the ATM at the corner of Ellison and Hanover. The footage shows a truck pulling up with brown coloring and a white stripe down the center - it appears to be a Ford F150, probably 1980s or somewhere thereabouts - and you also find that there's a man wearing a burlap sack over his head, dressed in coveralls, white, with a t-shirt and a butcher's smock over his body. He gets out of the truck with the woman, then starts to pose her in the alley. Then he grabs some buckets from the back of the truck and starts to splash blood into the alley. He empties her purse and sets out something that you can't quite see. He's big, tall, probably over seven feet. You can't get much else from his features, especially considering he's wearing a sack over his head.

The man shakes his head and looks down at his body and then says, "Well, yeah. I feel a lot," he pauses, looking up to Citlalmina. The suspect seems suspect of her, but he doesn't say anything. "I feel better. I guess it was just a lot of dirt and debris, wasn't it?" He shakes his head and spits blood. No fixing a piece of his tongue bitten off, of course.

Officer Ben steps near the suspect and says to Harrison, "Sir, he keeps spitting. You want me to write him a citation for spitting at an officer?"

Cit almost smiles at the suspect, then turns slowly to look at Ben. "Are you fucking retarded?" It's a simple question.

There is a moment, when you think, wow... all hell could break loose. In the car where Katherine is bent over the computer, if anyone is watching the detective lean over the screen and keyboard they might see her face drop. "Shit." She mutters, snatching August's ticket pad and scribbling down a few things on the sheet of paper as a video rolls onto the screen. When the flickering goes dim within the confines of the car, Katherine jerks the door open. She looks... a little ill. Clearing her throat, "Officer Forsythe!" She attempts to raise her voice above the general hubbub of the scene. "I need your attention." If she gets his attention, she gives him a look that say 'now please', jerking slim fingers and hand at him in a please, come here, motion.

Ben looks over to Citlalmina, then at the press woman. He frowns a bit and says, "No," in an offended voice. It appears he didn't see that as being rhetorical. He huffs and heads back to his police cruiser and gets in, making his way back to the station like August told him. He's angry, so he speeds off, throwing on his sirens and running the light.

Meanwhile, Frank is still focused on getting footage of the woman. He can't really see that his footage will be completely fucked though, considering this is an analog camera with no way to view the footage that he's taking before it gets pulled and the tape gets put into a player. He calls out, "I'm getting some really good stuff here, Patty!"

"Ben. Station. Now," is August's only comment to their errant Patrol Officer.

Reynolds and Harrison were dependable officers. When August hears his name he half turns to see Katt's hand motion - if she said she needed him to see something, she probably needed him to see something. "Miss, please come with me. I'll just have one of my officer's collect a statement from you - this is a formality, but as a potential witness to a crime scene, I need your help. Please. You saw what happened. This can't be allowed to continue. If you know anything that might help..." August trails off, then says, "I can get you a lawyer, if you'd like one. You aren't under arrest, though, we only want to ask about the state of the crime scene when you found it." If he can, he'll steer her towards some of the other officers to get a statement from her, treating her with respect. And then he heads towards Katherine, placing his body between the crowd, the cameras, the press, and anyone else that might get a look.

"What's up, Katt? You got something good?"

Lorelei works to take a few more blood samples from the area, doubling back to where the body was discovered. In the meantime, Johns gets to babysit that tire tread cast.

"Great, Frank. But call me Patty one more time and I'll feed your balls to the office temps" Patricia smiles sweetly to the cameraman before dealing with handsy August. "Okay, go with him but I'll get you the lawyer. Having the cops get you a lawyer is like putting a lion in charge of the zoo. Don't hand over your phone. You can upload the contents to where they can see it but don't hand over the phone. It isn't evidence, the contents are. And record the conversation you're about to have...unless you want me to come with you?" Another sweet smile, this one for August, before she lets the woman go. Officer Ben is noted - angry, disgruntled cops are a gold mine for info. Might be worth popping around to the officer's home for an off the record conversation there.

"Yeah, I mean, I guess. If I'm not under arrest. I mean, I found it probably when the patrol officers found it. There was one guy here that called it in," the Youtuber woman responds to August in front of Patricia and Harrison. One of the other patrol officers moves forward to take her statement, an Officer Eckhardt. She records the conversation, like Patricia said. After getting out a pad of paper, the woman begins to talk again, still in front of Patricia. "He was this real big guy, like seven feet tall. Weird, too. Like he had these burns all over his arms," she brushes at her arms. "I felt bad for him, because it looked like those burns hurt, like he got splashed with acid. But you know how they clean some of the factories and stuff," she explains, "like he was one of them or something. He looked sorta hillbilly-like, wearing coveralls and a t-shirt. He also had some burn scars on his neck and face, I guess," she trails off. "Anyway - so he called it in and told me to stay there, because he had to get to work. So, I stuck around and waited and that guy that was going to hit me showed up with his partner," she nods at Officer Johns, who's babysitting the tire print that's drying quickly.

As August approaches, Katt looks like she's trying to figure something out. A brief nod, a little bit grateful for that block between she and the encroaching press and crowd. Motioning into the car, she lowers herself inside long enough to move to the keyboard again, it looks like she's moving to set up something for play again and then rises up. "Watch, please." Those are the only two words that the cyber cop says to August. Her face is a little tight, but nothing that can't be expected from most normal cops at a crime scene. If anyone attempts to view the screen as the second officer watches the police computer, Katt moves to block it if possible. Suave like, see.

PEMIT TO AUGUST: It looks like Katherine's hacked into the bank server to see the footage from the ATM. This is illegal and can't really be used in court, but it does give the officers a decent view of what happened. The footage shows a truck pulling up with brown coloring and a white stripe down the center - it appears to be a Ford F150, probably 1980s or somewhere thereabouts - and you also find that there's a man wearing a burlap sack over his head, dressed in coveralls, white, with a t-shirt and a butcher's smock over his body. He gets out of the truck with the woman, then starts to pose her in the alley. Then he grabs some buckets from the back of the truck and starts to splash blood into the alley. He empties her purse and sets out something that you can't quite see. He's big, tall, probably over seven feet. You can't get much else from his features, especially considering he's wearing a sack over his head.

Harrison reaches behind into the man's pocket, pulling out the wallet and getting his ID, before putting the wallet back in his pocket. He looks at it and nods, saying to the man, "Ok... wait here. the doctor is working on you..." Then to Ben, "Ben? Get to the station. You're off the street until the Lieutenant can talk to you. Go. Now." He doesn't ask a second time. He then walks over to Patricia, the detective saying, "Hello, Patricia...." He smiles wryly. And then to the cameraman, "Turn that off a sec? I want to say something - then you can turn it on again." He looks at Patricia. "Off the record." After all, when a police officer says that - they know that breaking that means no more scoops. Ever.

The man's ID shows that his name is Tyrone Manning, a citizen of Fallcoast. He's got a steelworker's union card in his wallet, and it looks like he's got about fifty bucks on him in various bills. There's a Chase ATM card, and a business card for Abraham Butters, which is possibly his lawyer. Harrison also finds what appears to be marijuana in the wallet, a joint that's been rolled up and tucked between the money. Marijuana's been decriminalized in Fallcoast, but it's still a fineable offense to carry it around in public.

"This is what the press needs. Take a screenshot of that truck and send it to my phone or department email. Whatever's easier. I won't show them the picture, but I need to be able to describe it." August didn't want to out Katherine, after all. See if you can run a DMV search on anything fitting that description, too." Then he flashes her a grin and says, "You're the best, Katt." And then August spins around and heads right for Patricia and Harrison, slowing to let the other officer speak with her for a moment while Katherine is able to get him an image of that truck. Because that... that needs to be on the 10 o'clock news.

"Doesn't really sound like your suspect, does it" Patricia helpfully points out to the officer taking the woman's statement. A nod in greeting for Harrison. "Have employment standards slipped at the FPD? Or just the training?" At his request she considers him a moment before offering a 'cut it' symbol to Frank and then a consoling hand on the witnesses shoulder. "I'll be right back" she assures her before taking a few steps away with Harrison.

When Harrison leaves her alone with the suspect, Citlalmina offers him the small flask she used to clean him up, which smells a hell of a lot more like rum than rubbing alcohol.

Harrison walks away with Patricia, saying, "Thanks, Patricia..." The good thing about being around awhile. You know the press and they know you! Especially with a record as spotless as Harrison's. "It's pretty simple. There's a murder. We're investigating. I was asking people what they saw. Walked up to this guy and he ran. What would YOU do if someone ran when he saw you asking questions of all the people around... you'd chase. So we did. He hit the ground, got hurt. Adrenalin all around, but as you can see, we're taking good care of him. And now we're going to ask him some questions - with his lawyer involved - and get back to the real issue of solving a murder. So do me a favor? I'll give you the scoop as soon as I can - you over everyone else, but just leave everyone be, don't get the crowd riled up. This isn't us beating a minority. This is a guy running, getting caught, and being asked questions about running from an active crime scene... ok?" He focuses in on the woman intently, being totally honest. Because, well... that's his reputation: It's who he is.

Katt pulls out her own phone, and within seconds there is an audible sound from August's cell phone. The truck picture is now on his phone, the picture well enough for easy description by the officer to the engaging press. After that, Katherine is settled down into the car again. The passenger side is open, kept that way with the wedge of her foot in the door as she does her work, digging into the DMV records.

PEMIT TO LORELEI: One last, final thing you notice that's strange about this: the purse and its belongings were carefully arranged by the killer. You didn't see him wearing gloves. A lot of that can be logged as evidence, most likely. It also all probably needs to be finger-printed, considering his lack of gloves. You also notice that the traffic camera would have gotten a better look at the truck when it pulled up; it might be a good idea to take a look at that footage, definitely.

Judging from the blood spatter, the suspect had to be about seven feet, six inches tall. Everything is splattered high, and it doesn't match arterial spray at all. The victim's wounds show that she wasn't bound until post-mortem, and her hands have no blood loss in them, the exact same shade as the rest of her body, showing that she was bound following her death, which is odd.

Patricia listens to what Harrison has to say - it's not the first time. "If there were ten of me and one of him, would I really need to ram him into the ground?" she asks rhetorically before glancing back at the crowd. "If they have anything interesting on their phones then I'll let you know before I broadcast but I will carfully consider the images before showing anything that could cause a riot. Not that there are a whole lot of minorities in this town to riot..." She purses her lips in thought. "Okay. I'll keep things calm but I get to there for the bust." August's arrival gets a polite nod of greeting from the reporter.

August takes a deep breath, then glances between Harrison and the reporter - whom he doesn't know. But it's obvious at this point that August is the officer in charge, and that he respects Harrison a great deal. "Miss... if I could also talk to you for a minute. We've got what we believe to be a description of the vehicle. I know you want a scoop, and I know things didn't exactly go as I would have - or anyone else would have - liked. But I'd like to ask you - if I give you this, can you promise me that it ends up on the news?" August asking a reporter to report. Do bears... in the woods? They do!

Lorelei turns and looks up at one of the traffic cameras, brow furrowing slightly. Then she's moving back toward the small stacks of belongings by the corpse. "We're going to need to take these and dust them for prints," she announces. MORE BAGGIES ARE NEEDED. SHe casts her gaze about for Katherine. Bag evidence first, then talk to Reynolds?

Harrison nods his head once to Patricia, saying, "You'll get the scoop. I can't promise you're there for a bust, but you'll get the scoop." He then looks at August, saying, "This is Detective Forsythe. Patricia? He's one of the good ones... He also means what he says. And my word that you'll get the scoop? I'm sure August will honor that too. And thanks for considering it. I also ask you not rile people up here, ok?" He then nods to Patricia, and says, "Thanks, Patricia." He then leaves August to speak with Patricia, and heads over to Tyrone. The black (African American) suspect (person of interest). "Tyrone? I'm going to help you up and into the car. We'll head down to the stations. I saw Attorney Butters' card. Want me to give him a call and have him meet us there?"

Katt, she's just not having any luck with the DMV records. That's obvious by the possibly audible swearing that.... if one looks into the police car, seems to be driven directly at the mounted cop computer. Wow, what a mouth. At last, she jerks the door open, stands in the open air for a calming moment and say ... "Nothing." With the crisp, angry snap of some really angry old biddy. "Sorry." She gruffs.

As all of this is going down, Frank mutters something under his breath regarding Patricia and calling her Patty, staring through the camera. "...boot up my ass... ...put a boot up your tight white ass..." he continues to mutter and film, watching Lorelei as she does her thing through the camera lens. He turns the camera to capture the crowd, then back to Patricia talking to the cops. He zooms in on them, then turns back to the crime scene, with all of the blood and ichor splashed around.

Some of the other, lower-ranked forensics people come over to assist Lorelei with little baggies and putting the evidence away. They mark it all down and start to collect the crime scene evidence. The coroner has sent around a car to pick up the body as well, and two County workmen get out with a stretcher, rolling it over toward the body. One of them glances at the blood, then the woman, and lights a cigarette. He's seen worse. They wait until Lorelei's finished before pulling her onto the stretcher.

The man in handcuffs sits patiently and waits, continuing to spit blood that collects in his mouth onto the ground. Eventually his tongue is going to stop bleeding, or maybe he'll bleed to death. Who knows! That would also make for good news!

Tyrone looks up to Harrison and moves to stand up to his feet. "Yeah, could you do that for me? I appreciate it." He looks off at Patricia and says, "That guy, Officer Dan?" He looks over at Harrison, then back at Patricia. "He's a monster, for sure." After getting that last quip out, he waits for Harrison to take him to the car.

Lorelei oversees the march of baggies before heading Katherine's way. "Reynolds? I'm not entirely sure who to go to with this, but that traffic camera up there probably had a good angle to see the vehicle used for the drop-off."

Something in the words of Tyrone, make Katherine twitch. Maybe it was that she came up empty handed and now the anger is just bubbling over. Still perched on the open door of the patrol car where she harnessed the power of the computer... she looks, put out, to say the least, at that 'monster' remark. For just a moment, her teeth flash in a rather carnivorous grin, before she begins to pat her pockets in search of a pack of smokes.

Just about to put a dark cancer stick to her lips, Katt looks at Lorelei and her face drops to something less aggressive. "Thank you." Politely, attempting to bring her angry voice down a notch. "I can take care of it." She actually takes care not to smile, because it might come more as a flash of teeth than something genial.

Harrison nods his head, and says, "Alright. I'll call him." He picks up his phone and dials Butters. Apparently... the attorney is in his phone book, because, well... over the years... those things happen! He says into the phone, "Hey. Detective Cavanaugh here. I'm bringing a person of interest caught running from the scene of a crime - Tyrone Manning - to the precinct. He has your card. Said he wanted you to represent him and meet him there. He was tackled to the ground by an officer. Your guy will probably want to press charges. Just a heads up... it's not so cut and dry, but... he deserves his due process. Anyway, meet us there if you can. We won't question him until you arrive and can confer with him." He speaks softly enough that the press can't hear. But so that Tyrone can. And then he opens the door to his charger and moves to help Tyrone in, hand on the man's head so that Tyrone doesn't bang into the door. Sitting in cuffs isn't always easy.

"Of course, detective" Patricia replies to August. "Things always work best when we work together. See you around, Harrison." She takes the description of the vehicle, scans over it and then gets on the phone with the TV studio. "We need an image of a..." She reels off the description to get the research people looking for the right kind of vehicle. A nod to Tyrone's comments about the monster cop - she'll happily chat with the innocent suspect later.

Lorelei hesitates a moment, because Katherine kind of gave her the willies right there for a second. She is a science nerd. "Okay," she says, attempting a close-lipped smile of her own. "Great, thanks." She edges a few steps back. Then another.

August looks at Harrison, then Patricia. And nods. Whatever the Old Man says is what happens. "Sure, Detective Harrison. She gets the scoop." Now that the adrenaline has passed, August actually extends his hand in greeting. "Detective Forsythe, but you can call me August, if you like. And I am the officer in charge. Sorry about the brusque response earlier. Was trying to get it under control." There's no question of what he means by 'it'. "So... we have what we believe to be a suspect vehicle, a Ford-type, 1980's to early 1990's F-150 pickup, brown with a white stripe down the center. We're still trying to get license plates, but I don't have them at this time. If anyone were to have information regarding this vehicle, please have them give the police department a call. Myself, Detectives Harrison, Jackson, or Reynolds will be available to take leads." He pulls his notepad out of his pocket and starts writing things down - phone numbers for the police department, himself, his partner, Harrison, and Katherine. It is, perhaps, odd that he knows Katherine's phone number without glancing at his phone. "Also, if anyone calls the station, please direct them towards the police department."

Citlalmina looks around briefly before putting her hat back on and pulling the veil down. She's pretty flushed from what exposure she got. "Unless you guys feel like finding a migrant day laborer to beat the shit out of, I'm going back to the morgue and waiting for the body."

The officer that took the Youtuber woman's statement walks up to approach August. "Hey, Detective Forsythe, that blogger or vlogger or whatever said that she got here when the guy who made the anonymous phone call about this was around. He was a big guy, she said, with burn scars on his arms and over his neck, like acid burns. She said he looked like he was a hillbilly, wearing coveralls and a t-shirt, and he was real big, like seven and a half feet tall. She said that he drove off after that in a brown, old-style truck with a white stripe down the center. Anyway, it looks like that negro fellow didn't do anything."

The officer then says, after a short pause, "Because she said he got here around the time when the crowds started coming. She said that Officer Johns," he points him out, over by the tire print that's now dry, "showed up and then the black fella showed up with the rest of the crowd."

So much juicy info coming her way! Patricia does shake August's hand at least. "The best way to calm something, Detective, is to avoid confrontation. I'm only doing my job, just like you." She listens to the description of the possible assailant...of course she does...and maybe a little smile. "Would you like me to put his description in the report as well?" The investigative reporter does a quick look around the scene before holding up a finger, "Excuse me for a moment, Detective." Then she is stepping away and on the phone again. It sounds like she's calling someone from the DMV...traffic violations division.

"Desk jobs. You're all going to be working desk jobs," August mutters to the other officer after the 'negro' comment, then asks him, "Ask her if she got that on camera. And see if she can remember a plate, at least a partial." He was going to give Katherine whatever she could to work with. "That truck is our best lead right now. Also ask her to come down to the station, and get a sketch artist lined up - and make sure she gets a coffee or something." He glances back at Patricia and says, "I'll do you one better, ma'am." He still didn't know the reporter's name. "If I can get a sketch, I'll send it to you for you to put that on the news too. And I'll get you the official description from the statement, in the meantime."

PEMIT TO PATRICIA: Your contact does come through, a bit. It seems that there are five different trucks that fit that description -- 1982 Ford F150s in the state of Maine that have received traffic violations. Your contact reads off the names: Jeremiah Marrow, Matthew Delucca, Thomas Redman, and Travis Cummings. Unfortunately she can't really narrow it down any further without a plate, which none of the footage has shown as of yet. However, they will eventually get that traffic cam footage, which could have a plate for them.

Katt, she's standing there, looking like the stereotypical pissed off female. Resting an arm on the patrol car's top and one on the open door she blocks, she's smoking a cove with deep drag and careful exhales that direct her smoke to the sky. However, despite the angry bravado, she's listening, watching, cogs are turning behind that resting bitch face. After all, she and August mentioned her name, so she's got to play stolid and graceful. Or at least attempt to. Hearing mention of getting a partial, she nods, hoping someone can work the proper mojo. Even if Hal is not on her side at this time.

Harrison sends a text to August once he's in the front seat of his car, and then heads out to the precinct, taking Tyrone off the scene, because, well... why keep the powder keg lit? Harrison out.

Once it's clear that Lorelei's finished and the other CSI techs are finished bagging evidence, the medical examiner team move to put a bag down on the ground, unfold it, and unzip it. As CSI has unbound her wrists and has put the rope into a baggy, she's lifted up and placed into the body bag. It's zipped up over her face, and then she's moved up to the stretcher, which is taken over to the county coroner body truck. After that, one of the workers heads over to Citlalmina and says, "We're all done here, ma'am, if you want to catch a ride back with us."

"I'm parked just over there," says Cit, gesturing to her very doctor-posh white Jaguar. "I'll meet you back there." And off she goes.

PEMIT TO KATHERINE: After some additional checking, you find that you can pull the traffic camera. It's a bit dark, but you can get a partial plate off of it. It's a New Hampshire plate, with the plate reading off J1T- and that's all you can grab from it. That should narrow it down quite a bit, however. You also note that there are a total of fifty-two Ford F150s made between 1980 and 1985, and can get a list of registration names that you can print out. You'll probably have to go through them all by hand, and at least seven have that same combination of letters.

For whatever reason, as the scene comes to a close and the people begin to dissipate, Katt sinks into the car again. Bad? She's probably going to leave it stinking like cloves. Good thing, she's learning over the computer again. Like, really learning over it. Like one might lean over a really well loved car that won't start. Hand on the laptop's screen, she has one hand on the keyboard and there is a flicker of screens, a message for password and after a moment....A thump. That would be Katherine enthusiastically trying to open that door happily, "GOT IT!" She calls, singsong and oh-so-happy. "I'll narrow it down at the office." Now, of course, she's all smiles. Victorious.

August heads back to the car, sliding in opposite Kate. He offers her the keys, letting his head hit the headrest. "Now... about Voltron."