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High School - The Party

Part of High School

Dramatis Personae

Beatrix, Bowie, Eugene, Sophia ST:Darwin

28 August, 2015

Hunters check out a frat party where a dealer is supposed to be selling the strange weed.


St. John's University


It's the time of the 'weed party'. This is the gathering where their witness claimed was going to see more of the new drug on campus. It is a loud party. It is a big party. Plenty of underage drinking going on along with dancing and a seeming desire to wear one less piece of clothing than respectable. At least to older eyes.

It is taking place in a three storey fraternity house on the edge of campus. People are strewn over the yard as well, dancing and making out for the most part, but there are a couple with 'special cigarettes'. Sophia and Bowie would be able to get in without any problem at all.

Bowie is decked out for a party, a tight sorority shirt cropped to show her midriff and tight cut off shorts with heeled clunky ankle boots to offset how short she is. Not a lot of places to hide a weapon but she throws a mean punch too. For now she just looks around her and Sophia doing her best imitation of an airhead.

Sophia giggles at Bowie for something she 'said' as the girls walk into the party, arm-in-arm. "He said that? Really?" she asks in her best airhead but not valley girl voice. She is dressed similarly to her sorority sister, in a pair of tight shorts and a tiny tank top. She's in flats, though, doc martens. "Wow, like, I didn't even think he -liked- me."

Eugene is in the van. The man is lounging back, out of sight, listening to the conversations and everything on his headset as he quietly loads riot rounds into his shotgun.

"Hey girls" grins more than one guy at the pair as they enter the house. There is a haze in the air, the tell-tale smell of weed, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is all from one source of course. The lounge room is where the DJ has set up and it is packed with sweaty, gyrating bodies...at least they are only dancing for the moment. The stairs upwards are occupied by couples discussing physics assignments...by making out.

"OMG, totally. Like, I can't even. And such." Bowie says rolling her eyes at Sophia before murmuring, yay mics! "No sign of a white male with cornrows yet. We should find a druggie and ask where we can buy something for the party." She smiles and winks back to some of the calls coming their way.

Sophia chuckles under her breath, and scans the room. "Hey, um, cutie?" she calls to a nearby brunette man, about 20, wearing a white muscle shirt and jeans. "Like um, where can we buy party favors?" She tilts her head and grins at him endearingly.

An obviously inebriated male stops next to the girls and offers them a leering grin. "Hey, Babes. How ya doing?" He's all charm this one...even while swaying from side to side. "You girls need a hit? You know...the good stuff." He mimes inhaling and then starts coughing. "Shit...sorry about that" he snorts before pointing upstairs. "Head upstairs to Heaven. Tell them 'The Doc' sent you."

"Oh, like, thanks man." Bowie giggles "I mean, Doc." She says to the guy and grabs Sophia's rear lightly. "Come on babe. Let's go to heaven."

"Ooh!" Sophia says with a wicked grin, slipping her hand into Bowie's back pocket and walking with her up the stairway. It's a tight fit, but the girls are thin and Bowie's tiny, so it works. "Heaven, huh?" she giggles. "I thought you took me to Heaven last night, babe."

Of course Sophia's last comment gets Doc coughing again...and then walking into the wall when he tries to head to the lounge. As the pair ascend there are less and less people on the stairs and landings. Some of the rooms are obviously occupied - people really need to oil their springs - but at the top of the stairs stands a rather large man who does NOT go to this school. He glares down at the approaching women.

Looking all the way up at the large man, Bowie has a hand on Sophia's ass playing shameless lesbian at a frat party. They've found themselves going up to the second floor to "Heaven" to get some "Party Favors". "Ummm, hi, Doc sent us up here, not like for privacy or anything. We don't mind sharing." She says and smiles at Sophia.

Sophia smiles back at Bowie, and winks at the big guy. "Yeah, like, Doc said it was cool," she agrees, pulling Bowie close, hand still in her far back pocket.

Frat parties tend to be the sort where more than a few people need a drive home when they don't live on campus. A bit of a change for the French girl. Dressed for the occasion the blonde girl has her tightest jeans on along with a tight little tee with a silhouette of the standard mudflap girl. Pink printed on the black material. Some blue hi-top chucks on her feet and her blonde hair set in some high set and sort of short pigtails. Spotting a couple friends planning on heading upstairs she grabs a beer randomly and heads up behind them. "You girls were gonna start without me?" she says in a mock pout with her French accented voice and slips hands at both Sophia and Bowie's waists.

The large man at the top of the stairs seems rather unimpressed with the shenanigans of the lovely trio. He continues to stare at them until finally he growls. "Doc, huh?" He looks them over again...though without any trace of attraction or lust...before he steps aside and indicates a door at the end of the hallway. "Knock three times. Enjoy your trip to Heaven."

"We usually do." Bowie says with a wink and tows the two other women down the hallway. "Oh my god Bea, you look so cute, like OMG." She tells the French hunter just gushing and loud. "We should totally take a selfie together while our makeup is all cute."

Sophia nods her agreement. "Like totally," she says, cuddling back into Beat for a second and kissing her cheek, before walking with Bowie. The tallest of the girls smiles saucily at the mountain of a man, before she moves in to knock with the hand not squeezing Bow's butt.

Beatrix agrees with a nig nod of her head and a grin to go with it while the girls head past the hall guard. "One from each of our phones so we can cover all angles!" she further suggests while the knocking is repeated in triplicate like suggested. The beer in hand half downed quickly and left to dangle from fingers by its neck and bounce against Sophia's hips.

As the trio wander down the hall being all giggly and flirty...with each other...Bowie spots something and nudges the other girls. There is an open door being closed as they pass it but they briefly see the interior. There is a round table with three men around it. One sit and has his bare arm stretched out over the table. Another is holding the sitting man by the shoulders...though he doesn't look to be restraining him. Yet. The third man places what looks like an egg on the table next to the bare arm but it is covered with grass and leaves rather than an eggshell. And just as the door shuts, the egg cracks open and a vine shoots out towards the naked flesh.

A trio of knocks on the door has it soon opening and a tall blonde man, his hair in cornrows, stands there looking them over. "Shit...looks like we got midget lesbians in the house" he laughs before looking back at another two men in the room...who immediately start laughing as well whether they think it's funny or not. "Come on in, ladies" he grins with a gold tooth or two.

Smiling at Cornrows Bowie flutters her eyes. "Oh, we're like team players but the boys were all busy and lame so it's ladies night you know?" She asks and leads the two into the room looking at the other men curiously. She does lean in to nip at Bea's neck so she can murmur "Room down the hall, egg, plant monster seed."

Sophia watches Bow and Bea, and grins up at Cornrows. "Besides, like, I love my girls. They're always there for me," she says, in a low, seductive purr.

Beatrix has to fight to not whip her head around when she sees that seed thing sprout. Instead she focuses on keeping up the act with the girls. Easy enough when you actually are gay, means she can enjoy when Bowie necks with her a moment ad whispers to her. The girl instead mmms and nods her head at her, as much to acknowledge and to let Bowie have the access to her. With the joke about midget lesbians made she just chuckles and rolls her eyes. The girl making sure both hands can be seen roaming the girls though the one with the beer bottle does add said bottle in application to Sophia. "And she knows how to treat us just right in return!" she purrs in that accent of hers.

Cornrows nods in appreciation of the banter before offering them the couch to sit on. "I guess you want some of the special weed, right? Well, maybe we can organise a way for you girls to get a discount?" He nods to one of the other men and he slips a bag of weed from his pocket and places it on a round table in the middle of the room. "Interested?" His eyes roam the young women with undisguised lust. "So what do you say? Interested in a nice discount?"

"A discount? Like, what?" Bowie asks playing the more innocent of the trio as she moves to a couch and reaches for her girls "shyly". "It's locally grown right? I read that really helps with allergies to stick to local produce."

Sophia cuddles into Bowie's side, letting the tiniest be in the middle. Then she smiles 'shyly' at Cornrows. "You want a show?" she asks. "I dunno, I'm not much of an exhibitionist. The girls are shy, too..." She bites her lip and looks toward Bowie and Beatrix, watching their reactions.

The French girl has a fair idea what Cornrows might be hinting at. "So maybe you want us put on a show for that discount?" she suggests to the man and joins the girls on the couch, making sure she's nice and tangled up. The beer in hand quickly finished and set down not too far from her. Which frees them both up to rest conspicuously on the other girls. She's a little more courageous than the others but at least she's being mindful of the other two. Giving a reassuring squeeze of knees. "I suppose it would depend on what kind of show but I think I might know what you're expecting."

"I like you" Cornrows grins at Beatrix, "And I hear Italian girls are hot in the sack too." He nods slowly. "You get the idea. You three put on a show and you get a discount. Put on a show and let me and my boys join in...you get the good stuff. The /real/ good stuff." A nod to one of the other men and he places a box on the table...big enough to hold an egg.

Rolling her eyes, Bowie laughs. "Ooooh, that's all. I was thinking like snuff film. I've been playing too many scary games." She says and straddles Bea since she's the French girl has the most experience and not put pressure on Sophia. "Well then bae, wanna give the boys something to cream themselves about?" She asks leaning in to nip at the girl's lips and uses that mic again. "Found our target. Next step?" She murmurs against Beatrix's lips.

Sophia smirks and moves to pull herself close to the girls, nibbling along Bowie and Beatrix's jawlines. She's silent otherwise, eyes sparkling with mirth and a bit of fear. But the fear is well-hidden behind the mirth--only Beat and Bow will notice it, because they know her well enough... one hopes.

Beatrix giggles as she finds herself with a Bowie on her lap. Hands groping rather obviously at the other tiny girl's backside with one while they kiss and use the position to murmur back. "Think we need to get the thing in the box." she suggests in a soft little breath while a hand slides over Sophia and pulls her close, tilting to nibble her neck. "I can do that." she says and gives Sophia a reassuring squeeze. Looking around the girls she keeps up the blatant groping of the girls while grinning at Cornrows. "Well we can start with a show for a warm up. But I can help you boys all out myself while my girls keep going afterwards!" she purrs wickedly.

"I guess what they say about sorority girls is true" grins Cornrows to his buddies. He starts to undo the studded belt, his leering smile rather ugly with malice. And there is a scream. Maybe not unusual at a party like this but it is easy to tell it came from the room with the other egg. A man's scream followed by the crashing of wood. "What the fuck?" Cornrows and his buddies rush for the door and fling it open. The door of that other room is wrecked and strewn across the hallway. An unconscious man, the one holding down the guy at the table, is lying amidst the debris. The giant bodyguard is heading for the commotion.

"Fuck yes!" Bowie whispers and jumps up running to the door and putting a hand to her mouth. "Like oh my god, oh my god!" She screeches providing more distraction so the other girls can snatch the egg. "Was there a fight? I like, know first aid."

Sophia glances to Beat, and snags the baggie of weed. She slips it inside her bra carefully while the boys aren't watching, then lets Beatrix deal with that big, awkward box. "Like, holy crap, oh my god. Do we need like, a doctor?" She dances around uncomfortably, peeking between her fingers. "Like, oh my god. Is he bleeding?"

With all the men distracted and the possibility of a gangbang averted the relief on the French girl is palpable. "Oh thank goodness." she whispers with a shake of her head as she watches as best she can what's going on out in the hall and other room. With the girls untangling from her she grabs the weed and the box with the egg seed in hand. To Sophia she nods her head. "Grab her and we run once it's safe." she states in a whisper, softly while flitting her eyes to the scene to look for room to bail without getting caught stealing all the stuff.

The trio of men are blocking the hallway for now as they too watch the scene unfold. The giant bodyguard disappears into the room. There is the sound of fighting, barely heard over the thumping music downstairs, and then suddenly the wall of the room the huntresses are in explodes outward as the giant man is thrown through it. As the dust settles they can see into the other room. Standing there is the man who was sitting at the table but half his body is now green and sprouting leaves and vines. He reaches out with a hand that is more twig and leaf than bone and flesh before shambling forwards.

"Window. Head for the window." Bowie submics and backs away from the door and the shambling plant man. Her eyes are huge right now and with all the screaming someone must have called the cops surely, so it's times to bail.

Sophia nods once and heads for the window, trying to open the thing.

"Oh I am so glad I'm not hiding this thing in my ass." Beat says while she looks down at the box cradled in her arm like a football. Looking to the other girls she makes an Oh Crap face and nibbles her lower lip. "Yeah I think we should go." she says and starts stepping warily of the creature. "And here I am without a chainsaw."

The window is easy to open and there is a blast of summer air into the room. Outside is a tiled roof sloping down and then a one and a half storey drop to the ground. Should be survival. Should be. At least more survivable than the half-man, half-plant staggering forward. Cornrows does not look like he's interested in taking him on. "Grab the stuff, guys, we're out of here." Yet when the guys look for the stuff...

Bowie is more than happy to dash for the window and slide off the roof with a rolling landing straight out of Mirror's Edge or something. The gymnast turned hunter is good with falling and landing. She holds out her hands for the box so the girls can jump too telling Gene to start the get-away van.

Sophia slides and jumps, landing beside Bowie and getting the hell out of the way for Beatrix's slide-and-jump routine. However, she's not as pretty as the gymnast's routine, just landing and running a few feet away.

Beatrix waits for the other girls to get out first before she makes her own dash. Box with egg in hand. The sloping roof outside making the drop down to the ground just a little easier while the landing probably isn't as pretty as either of the Sorority sisters. It's enough to not hurt. The box is passed to Bowie and bangs on the van to get going. Making a dash for her own car she tails the van once it's rolling.

Back at the house the Cornrow Gang realise their shit is gone...and they have a good idea who took it. One of the boys has his pistol pointed out of the window to shoot at the trio before Cornrow pulls him back inside. They obviously don't want to make a (further) fuss. Besides, they have a grassman to deal with. The Huntresses make clean their getaway and the party continues.


A fraternity at St John's University has had their accreditation suspended after causing fifty thousand dollars damage to the university owned house they occupied. Celebrating the end of summer vacation, Delta Epsilon Rho - Dudes Eternally Rule - organised a party on campus which authorities claim went well beyond its pre-agreed limits.

"It was really awesome" noted attendee Chip 'Horndog' Philips. "The music was pumpin'. The booze was flowing. The girls couldn't keep their clothes on. There was even, like, this stripper who did this thing where.. not sure I can say it on TV. And the weed.. ".

Mr Philips lawyer advised that he cease talking at this point. Campus authorities claim that a fight broke out on the top floor that has severely damaged at least two bedrooms and the hallway. Dean of Students, Mr Mark Frick said, "This University has a long and noble tradition as a prestige place of learning since its founding by the Catholic Church. We will not put up with behaviour that attacks our core values and principles even if we are no longer a private institution." Police are currently asking for witnesses to come forward to identify the specific culprits who caused the damage.