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High School - The Contact

Part of High School

Dramatis Personae

Bowie, Sophia ST:Darwin

5 August, 2015

The Sisterhood check out a contact for the new high grade weed on campus...weed with dangerous side effects


St. John's University


The first word about the ultra-powerful weed came from Winston Carmichael at the Society for the Uplifting of Humanity. Just a casual aside to Sophia as something the Sisterhood could investigate. He also gave her an address. It belonged to his 'informant'. The man who told him about the strange weed in the first place and it is an address on campus - in one of the lower priced dorms. Third floor. Corner room. After Sophia relayed what she had to, and no doubt with Eugene's concerned blessing, two of the Sisterhood have arrived to check it out.

Looking around the hallway, Bowie adjusts her windbreaker to make sure her hunter gear is concealed. She glances at Sophia and sighs. "Alright. So what happens next? Are we buying weed?"

Sophia shakes her head in confusion. "I just got a name and note that it was a contact." She adjusts her windbreaker as well, concealing a bit less gear but still a hefty amount. "I'm going to drop the name of the person I got this dude's name from. Then.... we'll go from there. Plan?"

The name on the card is 'Charles Billings' but the name plaque that has been attached to the door reads 'Chuck Money'. No doubt some hilarious college wit. There is light leaking out under the door and the faint scent of...lawn.

"Sounds terrifying, lead on." Bowie says with a smile. Lifting a hand, she knocks on the door nice and loud. "Ready S?" She asks stepping out of the way so Sophia can do the talking.

Sophia nods, and steps into the doorway, waiting for it to be answered. She stands casually, but not too much so, as she waits.

There is no answer to the knock. Pressing an ear against the door frame doesn't reveal any noise from within either. Maybe Chuck is not home...but since they are here they really should make sure. Sophia turns the door handle...it is unlocked. A gentle push and it opens. The pair of Hunters presented with quite an unusual scene. The entire floor and walls of the room are covered with grass and flowers. Long vines trace their way over the ceiling. Lumps of bushes and flowering plants around the room must be what has become of the furniture. They seem to have stepped into a jungle paradise...inside a dorm apartment.

"Woah. What in the...miracle grow is going on?" Bowie asks peering around Sophia to take in the odd view of the apartment. "Housing is gonna flip if they see this." She adds in a mystified tone.

"You ain't kidding." Sophia doesn't step in, but moves so Bowie can see. "Uh, Charles?" she calls, carefully, not too loudly.

There is no answer to Sophia's query. They can see how the foliage continues down the corridor towards the bedrooms. It is silent though they probably half expect a macaw to start crying. The curtains are wide open, sunlight streaming in and causing some plants to turn towards the life giving goodness.

Then there is a thump down the hall...probably from one of the bedrooms.

"Guess it's my lead." Bowie says quietly, tapping her ear and gesturing down the hall. The tiny hunter checks the shoulder harness and loosens her firearm for ease of drawing before stepping into the apartment and moving towards the hall slowly.

Sophia follows, doing the same, and closing the door silently before she treads lightly after Tiny.

Grass crunches underfoot. An occasional insect scuttles out of the way of their feet. Big insects. Not your usual household type. The air is moist as if it had recently rained but that is, of course, impossible. They slip into the hallway. Ahead of them, to the right, is an open bedroom door.

Stiffening at the sight of a huge bug Bowie resists the urge to squeal and gestures to the open door to Sophia mouthing the words "Come on." Before she takes another step however, she looks for more of those damn bugs.

Sophia stiffens as well, but not at the sight of the bug--she stiffens because Bowie does. Relaxing only slightly, she follows the young woman further into the hallway.

They reach the open doorway after only encountering a few more of the giant bugs - six inches long if an inch. The bedroom is the same. Covered in grass and undergrowth there is a huge lump in the middle which is probably the bed. The grass built up into a mound in the middle. There is a book lying on the floor next to the 'bed'. That was probably what fell.

"Huh." Bowie says aloud, if softly and walks into the room. Looking at the book, she kneels to get closer and see what it is keeping a hand near her firearm.

Sophia goes to inspect the lump on what used to be the bed, peering and poking at it gently with her pistol. "I don't like this, B."

The barrel of Sophia's weapon pokes into a mossy sludge when it pokes the lump. The grass springing back quickly from her impressions. And then the entire lump sits up. Grass covered limbs tear at the roots in front of its 'head' until a space is cleared enough to reveal a screaming...but silent...mouth. Inside that gaping maw the girls can see roots squirming deeper into flesh and tissue. The form struggles upwards and they can now see branches and tubular roots linking its back to the growth upon the bed. Clothes tattered and dirty and stained with dark blood.

"Ah!" Bowie gasps in alarm and jumps back drawing out her hand gun but not firing as she stares at the plants eating the man alive it seems. "Soph, what the fuck is this?" She asks keeping her eyes on the target.

Sophia jumps back, and stifles a scream. Once she regains her composure, she swallows, gun trained on the weed-covered person. "Powerful weed," she says, grimly.

The figure thrashes against the plants that bind him, legs tearing free as it attempts to swivel to the edge. It reaches out for the girls - wooden twigs emerging from its torn open fingertips. It tries to stand, wobbling on its feet as it attempts to speak; earth falling from its mouth. They can see blue eyes through the grass...that slowly turn into green pits.

"Do we shoot? What do we do?" Bowie asks wide eyed. This is a wholly new experience, someone being consumed right in front of her. "Should we burn the plants off? Soph!" The younger maiden's blood looks to the older one and away from the target totally at a loss.

Sophia sounds frantic. "I don't know if we're here in time! We can try? Do you have a lighter?" Then she swallows. "Either way.... we need to get rid of these plants somehow."

The human/plant hybrid staggers forward as if learning to walk again. There is a guttural sound from its mouth. "Get...away..." It almost pleads as it struggles with itself. Vines drop from the ceiling to hook around its arms and thorns dig into the grassy flesh. "Run...now... Get...help..."

Backing up, Bowie holsters her weapon and starts towing Sophia back to the door with a surprising amount of strength. She shuts the bedroom door after them. "We should listen to the plant person, run Soph, go, go, go!"

Sophia holsters her gun and listens to Bowie. She bolts for the door, opening it, waiting for the younger Hunter to come through, and then closes it, locking it shut. "Fuck," she whispers at Bowie. "We need to get Eugene."

"We need to get weed killer. Lots of it. I thought it would be a drug dealer." Bowie says leaning up against the wall in the hallway and zipping up her jacket again to conceal her weapon. "I'll call Gene. Jesus Christ what a tip."

Sophia shakes her head quietly, hugging herself with wide eyes. "Damn. Call Gene," she says softly. It's almost like she's in shock.