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High School - Finding the Egg

Part of High School

Dramatis Personae

Duana, Irenicus, Merikh Special Guest Appearance by Gregory ST:Brigitte

20 November, 2015

Some mages try to find the egg that spawned Mr Tibbs


St. John's University


Delta Epsilon Rho has been closed down by the university authorities after a party got way out of control - drug use, violence, loud music, girls and boys within ten feet of each other. It was crazy! It is also the place where Mr Tibbs was discovered and abducted. A couple of students have moved into the three storey building but for the most part it is empty and some of it is still being repaired - namely the third floor.

Tonight it is quiet. A single light glows over the porch but otherwise it is dark. Though that doesn't mean it's unoccupied of course. Irenicus for the first time does NOT have a mask. Still he has the plastic glasses on and that same walking stick that a blind man uses. He wears black with white and silver streaks pajama pants and a black hoodie with white letters of SJU (St. John’s University with a silver logo of the university mascot. He still has his tarnished silver flask and is smoking a cigarette. Hopefully Alex remembers the cane over the mask as he waits for the group.

Irenicus apparently does not seem so different that Alex is unable to find him. She approaches the other mage, taking a deep breath as she does. "It's been awhile since I've visited St. John's campus. They actually know me here. I've given a couple lectures." The diminutive woman nods to Irenicus and then looks over the Delta Epsilon Rho building as she moves. "So... Where is the site precisely...? I need a precise location."

Merikh walks over dancing a bit to music only he could hear. He was in the same style of outfit as he had on the night they met though this time he had on a darker colored hoodie. When he got to the two he stopped with a wave for Irenicus and a wink for Alex. He looked around a bit "Man I should come out this way more often damn." He said a bit quietly. He turned waiting to see what way they want to go and such.

"Duana, we just need to get inside. It gives you a good cover story. Blind new student, but well you could be here to tutor a student." He nods to Merikh. "This is just surveillance and learning so we can back-track and so we can front-track." Irenicus takes another drag from his cigarette just to calm down. "So it’s 3rd floor, its being rebuilt but the structure wasn't extremely damaged. It’s on the right side so the room with the most work needed is the room we should need. And well if need be we can just check multiple rooms hopefully."

"Let’s move out."

"Well... Yes. Let's take a look. I can think of something if someone finds us in any case." Duana nods and then begins toward the building with firm steps. She moves to open the door so that Irenicus can pass her in order to enter. "If you need anything other than the scrying then let me know. The Wyrd might see fit to show us something if we ask nicely. Let's move forward." She takes a deep breath while she waits for others to pass inside. "Best to move quickly."

Merikh nodded to the other two as he followed them "Alright lets go party." He said with a grin as he looked around. Though he stood away from them a bit back from them so it was hard for others to know that he was with them. After they went inside he looked around the building commenting on it like he was thinking of moving in or something though he does not do it very loud.

The lobby is empty. A few scraps of paper on the noticeboard there - nothing interesting. A staircase leads upwards and there are some communal rooms off the lobby. Merikh's mutterings cause a young woman to poke her head out of one of those rooms...a library. "Hey" she smiles to the trio. "Looking to move in? That'd be pretty cool. Sometimes I think I'm the only person in the world at night. There are some others around but..." She shrugs. "Don't really see them. Have a look around. If you have any questions I'll be in the library. Though try not to walk into anyone's occupied room" she giggles.

"That I am, moving in. I got Astrophysics 102. I do have a question though." Korbin taps his glasses and lifts his cane. "Where is the stairs?" And if she inquires about being blind. *"Yes, yes I am."* But he will still head towards that area. "But I figure I'll be back. I like listening to folks. But do they have brail books in the library?" Korbin inquires a bit inquisitively. "Take care." He adds at the end. He looks to Duana and Merikh "Well that was easier than expected." He adds as a murmur.

"It's student housing. More people come through looking to move in the better. Open during the day usually in any case... So, third floor you said?" Duana is casting about for stairs. She'll head in the most probable direction, looking to ascend as quickly as possible. She's 'leading' Irenicus, of course, so she'll have to stop if he refuses to move. "The hard part is at our destination."

Merikh grinned at the girl "Yeah thinking about it. Figured I would come in and check it out." At the giggle his grin changed to be a bit wicked "Ah well hopefully they figured out a way to keep others out." He turned to walk following the others. When Irenicus nodding but not saying anything else.

The stairs creek underfoot - they've had a lot of use. The second and third floors have landings to reach the rooms on each level. The third floor has a sign that says 'Caution: Loose Footing' and it doesn't seem occupied at all. The doors all open up there. The room where the tussle occurred is off to the right.

"It’s this room. We want to look for August 28th Ten Eighteen PM. I made note of it when doing my logs for the Censorium." Korbin follows up and he points with the Stick. "That room. I need you to go and tell us how the transformation happened and how long it took." Korbin takes a sigh and drinks from his flask. "Please, Merikh make sure no one comes up the stairs while we get the info we need."

"Do we have anything belonging to the person this happened to? Or the plant itself? Something to tie me to him. This will take a moment and that might speed things along." Taking a deep breath Duana begins toward the room in question. She tilts her head to the left as she considers the doorway before stepping into the room.

Merikh grinned "Alright got it." With that Merikh moved to lean on a wall near the stairs. He put some headphones on before he started to dance about in place. Looked as if he was just trying to relax a bit but if anyone got close to him they would note there was no music on. He turned to the others giving them a thumbs up before he went back to the job he was given.

"So Merikh. It won't take too long I guess, she will be able to at least confirm what was going on." Korbin takes a deep breath again as he waits. "Merikh do you think we can grab a beer when this shit is over with?" Korbin shrugs for a moment. "So what do you think about my blind man disguise?" He pauses for a moment. "I mean who really stops a blind man?"

Alex takes a deep breath, starting to chant as she moves. The slender woman is circling the center, her eyes wide as she traces a circle with her shoe, keeping herself oriented toward the center. She takes a deep breath as she reaches the left side and points. The chanting stops. "Here. Several people at the table... From this vantage I can't see how many. A blonde man, giggling. He seems to be directing the others. They've taken another man. Dark haired... and put him against the table. His bare arm is out... There's an egg-like pod on the table. It splits open and vines wrap around his arm, driving beneath the blonde's skin. He's screaming now..." Alex shakes her head. There's sweat on the woman's brow but she seems calm as she continues to speak. "His skin starts to turn green as it enters him..." She pauses. "That is as far as I got. You want me to do another scrying, I imagine?"

Merikh turned "Yeah we can go out for beers and no worry I can wait. Not too much of a big deal to me." He said to his friend before he went back to watching the stairs. He did not ask anything figured if they wanted him to do something or tell him they would later.

"Right, so I could gamble a chance to find this thing. But i figure I remember a blonde man. Let’s find a way-- So we should change focus to the blonde man." Korbin looks to Merikh "So what are your thoughts on this. I trust someone here is an apprentice in space?" Korbin passes the flask over to Merikh. "So we know we are dealing with an Item not a spell."

"Wait Alex go farther back and see if names were dropped."

"Well, I can't look at a specific person. Sympathy for a room is easy. But sympathy for a person? I need things. I would be very lucky to see anything at all..." Alex takes a deep breath as she circles the room again. "I can see what happened from right in this spot, like I was standing there. Good enough for a room this small but not perfect. But let's see what I can find regarding names." Chanting again, more careful movements, a deep frown. "I am not - finding what I was looking for. Let me try again."

No one seems interested in the trio on the third floor. Someone does arrive back at their room on the second floor but judging by how many times they walked into the wall they were probably pretty drunk.

Merikh takes the flask before shaking his head "Nah I have to work on that. Will do that though will be usefully for next time." He said snapping his fingers that he had forgotten to work on that. He took a sip of the flask as he waited for more information. When he was done he passed it back.

"But I remember a blonde punk come down the stairs shortly afterwards. Maybe after this we can follow the trail of the blonde punk, on the staircase." Korbin takes his flask back for a moment. He turns back for a moment. "But you look for certain people during certain times and follow the path of the person during that time."

"What I am seeing is... The man who was being held down is telling the blonde man with the corn rows that he sent the money. Blondie thinks he is being cheated. Blondie says, "I know you wanted to see where the drug came from..." And withdraws the egg. "So I'll show you," he says." Alex is shaking her head and looking up from what she is doing to scan Korbin's reaction. "I'm not going to get a name this way. I am going through the day second by second. My mastery of Time isn't sufficient. I'm sorry. I think we have a fair amount to go by?"

Merikh raised an eyebrow "Drugs? That I can help with." He said with a grin "If we figure out the type of drug I can see about to where to find it or how to get it so we can test it. Would need some cash for it. But hey." He said to the others to see if they wanted him to do that or not.

"Yes, I think we need to move on. Drugs are involved. An Egg. And a Blonde man. Well Merikh. It appears that girl in the library may know about what sort of drugs are being used for recreation mainly around here." He pauses and takes out a cell phone. "I'm calling Vatu. The big guns when it comes to finding things." He looks to both of them. "He is a reality stalker. And a damn good one." He starts throwing out a text.

TXT From Korbin to Gregory - Hey Vatu, I need you to scry and find this. Its a Green Egg that opens up with vines.

TXT From Gregory To Korbin - Couldn't be any more specific than that? Let me peer through some cracks, give me a few...

TXT From Gregory To Korbin - Someone rich must have it. Find it on a mantelpiece in a well-lit room with a lot of books. Nobody is there at least, enjoy.

"Right, so someone rich has it. Mantlepiece, well-lit room with a lot of books." Korbin nods "Perfect. Well that narrows it down to how many rich folks."

TXT From Korbin To Gregory - Apportate it? And we break it down to study. Classification Ultra Violet None outside Mysterium. I'll look for the general area to look for your spatial disturbance left behind and investigate it. But leave a spatial disturbance behind for me to find. My vision will make it easy.

TXT From Gregory To Korbin - You sure do know how to mess up a night of Netflix and chill. Nah, I was busy spying on a neighbor. I'll make a hole and just see what falls through.

TXT From Gregory To Korbin - Done. Got some nice mantle accoutrements too. Also, sunovabitch that hurt. You owe me.

Korbin sighs as he finishes off another text. "Right. So now we have to look where this spatial anomaly in the rich part of the district." Korbin then looks like his face has gone deadpanned as he starts scanning house by house. "See how many rich people are there in Fallcoast? Trying to find a single spatial disruption in an entire city I should have thought this through better."

"Merikh care to talk with that lady, we do have to figure out what the drug of choice that has a more organic base." Korbin looks to Duana "Things are looking up. I believe we need to find the person now. But I have a feeling we need to reach out to the drug dealers. Do you know of any?" Korbin then shrugs for a moment. "I could check my sleeper job. To see who I have defended on who to ask."

TXT From Korbin To Joss - Vatu with me Found the Source to the whole creating of the half-plant-man. It’s an Orb. I am thinking we can censor it for the time being while it is studied and then later may declassify the item. I don't think anyone outside the order needs to know at this time.

"Well, it is a good start. And I am afraid drug dealers are not people I'd have any contact with. I'm pretty much entirely above board in that regard." Alex shakes her head slowly before taking a deep breath and looking back over her shoulder as she considers this. "We have a lot of leads. This was good. Legwork... Hm. If they are selling it on campus we should check the school grounds for leads on the drug, perhaps."

Merikh turned "I could talk to drug dealers or find some to talk too. I am not the best guy to talk to people and get them to answer me. But if it is criminal I can find you something or at least a place to look." He said serious. "But if you really want me to give it a shot I can go talk to her see if I could use some of my charm on her." He said to both of them.

"Right, So I'll keep looking for expensive houses with a spatial disturbance. While Merikh charm her. I trust you." He looks back to Duana "I think we should break in to the school security and find out who are the suspected drug dealers and known drug dealers and compare them to a blonde guy who looks like who we have seen."

"Wait if that means the egg was stored *here* someone living here may be a part of this magic conspiracy." Korbin waits for a moment. "I should look for the people that stay here. I mean why would you leave something so powerful lying about in the library?"

"It might just be one of a thousand of them. They said a drug... Hmm." Alexi s frowning, squinting her eyes slightly as she considers something unseen. "People have been talking about selling marijuana. It's supposed to be four or something times stronger than normal. I didn't really pay much attention at first. But there was supposed to be some at the party that got this fraternity thrown out of the school..." Alex is tapping her foot against the floor as she speaks. "Does that mean they are making people inhale spores, maybe? There's a scary thought."

Merikh turned "It was here? Great sounds like that could go sideways so fast someone's heads would spin and we would get whiplash. Just from looking at the spinning" He said to Korbin "But yeah seems odd to do that." He said thinking a bit "Unless they knew it would be the last place someone would look for it." He offered "If I was trying to hide something like that I would put it somewhere no one would look and the library fits the bill for that." He stopped to look at Alex "Oh yeah if it makes a drug like that they would hide it in a place lik the library last place people would look and you can go in and out without it seeming funny."

"Right, so further study is necessary. I'll have the magical tech guys come in with new information and pass what’s needed to know. I have a feeling the Curator himself will want to know." Korbin seems a bit annoyed with that statement for some reason. "Yes, there could be multiple ones and that would be even scarier. Let’s leave this place. We have what we need. Hopefully the Thaumacologists can whip up some antidote." Korbin heads down towards the exit.