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Ghosts and Giants
Dramatis Personae

Levi, Nadya, Alldrich, Katherine

13 May, 2016

Fears are faced, Giants are met


The Crosscut

It's been a few days since he returned here. Last time wasn't great. Levi's sitting in a chair with his back to the main room. A pair of space age crutches sits on the table beside him, trademarks and company logos point towards AllenCo. A steak sits in front of him on a take out plate. But if one is to believe the look of it? It's a marbled Wyagu beef, cooked to blue rare. The asparagus and potatoes are being picked at now and then. But he eats his meal in relative silence. An astray sits not far, a cigarette smoldering in it. Wearing a tee-shirt and hoody, the athletic pants with three white stripes down the legs do nothing to conceal the brace underneath, wrapped around his left leg. For those unaware, there are fresh and rather recent blood stains in the wood not far from the now boarded up way down to the basement. Evidence of the door frames suggest the portal was forcefully opened. Another bite is taken and Ishmael actually pops in to check on the Gypsy, who gives the caring old wolf a half-hearted smile and a dismissive wave. He'll get up if he needs something goddammit.

Katherine ducks through the door, wedging it shut behind her and shutting out the dull sound of the crowd and done of the TV's in the main bar. Adjusting the messenger bag on one hip, she tugs at the strap that runs across her body to loosen it. A brief look over the place, she begins to make her way towards the man who is indulging in one expensive piece of meat. Walking past the door, she gives a low whistle, "Heard about that." She turns to look at Levi, eyes flickering down the man's form. Hesitation, she rocks on the balls of her feet, well worn trainers making only a small whisper of noise as she does. "Need anything?" Asked as she looks down at her feet, hands to set loose in the front pocket of her jeans.

Ishmael is quick to round back to the backroom's section of the bar to give the huge wall of muscle named Alldrich a nod and ask him what he'll be having. Levi is positioned with his back towards the door to the mainroom, his eyes focused sharply on the doorway coming up from the basement. He's got an expensive steak cooked to blue rare in front of him that he's devouring. Alldrich came in and mozied straight to the bar while Katherine slipped in wither usual quiet feet. Levi looks up when the hacker addresses him with that whistle first and he shoots her a crooked smile and a shake of his head, "Curious who's version you heard," he remarks before leaning over to push the chair next to him out. "Need all manner of things, lovely, but yer company is what I'd like right now." He smiles and turns his head to the huge fellow getting beer. A low chuff sound comes, "Ish seems to know you, friend, but I haven't had the pleasure. Guessing a returning face?" Engaging the big fucker can sometimes be dangerous. But uhh, what the hell does a Gypsy know about fear?

His voice is almost on par with the classic animated Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. Slow and thundering. He grins showing, surprisingly white straight teeth. Really the only part of him that isn't a trainwreck. "A chorus line of beer, six deep." He orders and looks to the 'Gypsy', studying him for a moment before deciding on a diplomatic course of action. "Yah, use to make my home here. Had to leave. Now back." He pauses and considers. "Alldrich." He finally offers. "You might know the name, use to be a boxer, might not. Doesn't matter now." He huffs a low laugh.

Nadya moves through the main room of the bar, only stopping long enough to collect a plate of fries and a glass filled with ice and soda. She takes a moment or two to talk to Ishmael, then wiggles fingers in a wave before gathering her stuff and heading for the back. Those present in the main room get a once over, dark eyes scanning the bar for any familiar faces, even though she knows most of them hang out in the back. Once she reaches the door, her stuff is juggled so that she can open it up and slip inside, then uses a hip to get to shut behind her again.

Among the rather larger species of this group, Kat does seem to appear fleet and sleek. There is at Levi's words, a small flush to her face and she reaches to tug at the hem of her t-shirt, which has the simple slogan: No, I won't fix your computer. For the attentive eye, her gun is on her hip as usual, barely concealed in it's holster beneath the tail of the shirt. A glance at the big man and she steps around towards an empty seat, sinking into it and looking at the man's steak briefly. "I heard you got bit in the ass, it looks like the story was a bit off ...." She looks down to where his ass is, mocking it up, looking around the table, "Target." A faint grin. Then her eyes flicker to the big slab of meat at the bar, as words are exchanged. Speaking quiet, "Saw another face in here earlier today, think his name was Drag...." A pause, frowning slightly, "Something."

It's true, Levi doesn't look the part these days, but look close enough and the branding has stuck. That wild mess of chestnut hair, the dark complexion, the scruff, to the rings and bracelets. You can put some old blood Maine in him, but you can't get rid of the caravaning, pocket picket, free-spirit underneath. Ishmael is lining up the six pack for the Giant and throwing a glance at the new arrivals. Levi sets down the fork and knife to reach over and snag up his smoke, tapping the ash before putting it to his lips and pulling slowly. "Can't say that I remember the name, but welcome back all the same. Fallcoast seems to be a vortex of Prodigal Sons. Name's Levi, one of the many Blooded running around trying to help. Shit you should be aware of: The Pure and the Forsaken are currently working together to fight back against Bale Hounds who've taken up residence in the Alderstone Mountain. There are a few packs, none very solidified or active - save Socialist Pack; they don't have an alpha and everyone's equal..or something. About sums up the shit show we've got right now." When that's done, he's glancing back at the door and grinning wide at the presence of the other Gypsy. "Nadya! Happy birthday, baby! Come and meet Alldrich and have some steak since it's your birthday, also Ishmael's got your cake in the back." Katherine's flush is noticed, it's enough to have him watching her for a long moment or five. "No, it bit my leg. Tore a nice chunk out. But all live," he reassures her before nodding, "Dragash? Know him. Been a while since he poked his head out though.

Alldrich nods as he listens taking up two beers in each of his meaty paws. He slams one back, there seems to be some kind of hatch he just opens as the beer seems to vanish down his throat. The other one is brought up and the same is done. He sets the bottles down carefully and grabs a third, content to sip this one. "Well, I don't run with a pack, but ya know, I'm a team player. I'll thump heads that need thumpin." Then birthday greetings. "Birthday, I didn't bring nothing. Sorry little Miss." He says looking properly ashamed with himself. "I'll be sure to make it up next time I see you's. You can count on that like you can count on Crawdads in a creek."

Nadya makes a face at the mention of steak, "I've sworn off meat for awhile. Especially after that wolf took a chunk out of your leg, then ate it. But I'll share my fries, if you want?" She nods to Alldrich, giving him a smile before shaking her head. "I don't need presents. Just happy to be here. Hey, Katherine." Moving, she hooks a foot around a chair, pulling it over to the other side of Levi before sitting down, placing her drink and plate onto the table. "Check it out," She shrugs out of the right sleeve of her leather jacket, turning her arm over so that a new tattoo can be seen. It's the phases of the moon, running along the inside of her arm from elbow to wrist, done in black and shades of grey. "Had it done this morning. Got another one, too, but will leave that for later."

A shudder runs through her, making her clench her hand into a fist before she tucks it away under the edge of the table and into her lap. "Thanks, thanks for that visual." Kat mutters quietly, wrinkling her nose. As Levi says Dragash's name, she nods, "That's him!" Leaning back in her seat, she stretches her legs out beneath the table. A nod is given to Nadya and Kat turns to flip open the messenger bag and dig out a vape pen from inside. Hitting the button on the side, she puffs it a few times before dragging deeply and tilting her head up to exhale a plume of smoke that would make a dragon jealous. Nadya joins them and she offers a nod, straightening up some to take a look at the new ink. "I keep thinking of getting a tattoo." Kat says quietly. Another puff.

Levi gives Alldrich a nod as he taps the ash off his smoke and puts it back to his lips, mumbling around it. "Even if Lone Wolf is your thing? Make some friends. We've lost three Lone Wolves in as many months. It's not safe. Get phone numbers, the blooded in this city are in constant communication making it easy for Wolves to pass things along or just not see each other as their preference lies. You should at least meet Desmond and a few of the other blooded. "Alldrich this is Katherine and Nadya by the by, since they're terrible at introductions apparently." A smirk is given and he eyes Nadya's tat for a long moment before grinning up at her, "That looks amazing, love. Can't wait to see everything. As for presents, you have an IOU and there actually is cake. You liked German Chocolate right?" He asks as if not entirely sure anymore. Katherine's cloud gets a glance and then he sniffs at it a few times, "Maybe I should switch to that.." A shrug and he goes back to his steak.

"Naw, ain't a Loner, I just haven't had a chance to make any lastin friends among the furrier. Got some non furry friends though, not much good it does me there, though ones pretty good with a whip and a ball-gag I hears." He says smirking at some inside joke that he shares with no-one in the room. He nods to the ladies and offers each one a muted "Miss" in greetings as Levi introduces them. "Soon as I make some friends, I'll prolly sign up with a gang."

"Nice to meet you," Nadya puts her arm back through her sleeve, straightening the coat before withdrawing a business card and sliding over toward Alldrich, "Can call that if you ever need anything. I can probably help get the message to whoever it's intended for." She leans back after popping a fry in her mouth and nodding to Levi, "Any type of chocolate is good, babe. Thank you for that." He gets a warm smile from the dark haired Gypsy. "If you decide on a tattoo, Katherine, go visit Kilo. She did mine and did an amazing job. Plus, she's really sweet."

The smoke is surpringly non offensive, hardly a scent lingers and it seems to evaporate fairly quickly. Levi makes introductions and she shoots him a briefly narrowed gaze, but it lasts only a moment. Looking to the big man at the bar, she raises a hand in a rather shy greeting. "Why talk, when I have you for a mouth piece?" This for Levi, her eyes on Alldrich until the big man takes his seat again. The hacker smiles brilliantly to Levi again, puffing against on her vape pen. That is, until someone mentions whip and ball-gag. Kat coughs, apparently she did inhale, the wrong way. And you can almost hear a half muttering of what sounds like Spanish between coughs. Managing to get herself together after only a momentary coughing fit, she says in a slightly strangled voice, "I'll keep that in mind, Nadya, thank you."

Alldrich grins at the vapers reaction and shakes his head at her little device. "Hear those blow up and blind old men." He says and pulls a limp, wrinkled ragged cigar half outta his jean pocket. "I'll stick with the classics, not much harm it can do me now." He observes. He gathers his remaining beers and moves closer to retrieve the card, he squints at it, stuffs it in his pocket and nods. "When I set myself back up, I'll get my digits out there."

Levi gives the huge man a nod and indicates the plus sized chair that's on the wall. Seems Wolves come in Huge often enough to warrant Ishmael buying a chair specifically for the Giants among them - mostly because he was tired of replacing the ones meant for normal folk. "Grab that chair and join us, think Ishmael's gonna bring out the cake any minute, celebrate with us? Consider us the first friends you're makin' - minus the whips and ball-gags...though my mate does that as a side job." He grins at the big guy and gives Nadya a grina nd a nod, "Good, I kinda thought so. Also yes. Kilo did a couple of my pieces too. She's fucking fantastic and she doesn't charge arm, leg and first born. That sassy remark from Katherine has him turning her direction with a pop of his jaws at her. But the wink after is flirtacious and his grin is brilliant. "Got multiple uses at least." to the hacker before he nods at Alldrich. "No rush. If you need employment we know people."

Nadya gives Levi an innocent look, "Kilo charged you? I didn't have to pay a cent." She's comfortable enough leaning back in her seat, one leg crossed over the other, booted feet swinging lightly. "I'm still fairly new to the area, too," she tells Alldrich. "I've been here a few months now, but I like it so far. People have been pretty decent."

He takes the offered seat. He's not rude. "I'm native. I just had to leave for a bit, and I might still have a job at Safeword, not sure. I didn't kind of leave suddenly. But you know how it is when the weird shit goes down. Gotta tell ya, wasn't expecting it when the real world hit me like a train and a slit that smiling bastard breast to groin..." He said speaking like he was talking bout the stock market. "I use to think this town was a shithole." He says in reply to Nadya. "Gotta say, now it feels like home more than ever. Like I need to protect it, magin that's the dog in me pissing on tree's in my head."

"You people and your chocolate cake are far worse for my health than this." Indicating the metallic and emerald green vape pen. The slim little device does indeed carry the components to possibly blow up. However, Kat doesn't seem too worried. Nimbly rolling it in her fingers, she slides it away into a back pocket as she resumes her relaxed, legs stretched out, posture. A nod to Nadya, but playfully she mutters in a theatrical aside to Nadya, "She called you decent, you going to let her talk about you like that?" She asks the man, motioning to the female on the other side of Levi. Setting arms loosely across her chest, "Safeword, that's a joke right?" Looking to the big man then straightening her expression quickly, as to not offend, "Or not." She amends. The hacker falls silent again, at talk of breast to groin, but one might see her visibly swallow.

Levi blinks at Nadya and grumps. "She gave it to you for free? That fuckin' hussy." He harumphs and shakes his head. Stubbing out his smoke he pulls another even as Ishmael is coming out with the birthday cake. It's not fancy. It has flowers along the edges. A round form chocolate on chocolate on fudge kind of deal. Ish cuts it up and leaves plates and forks with a grunt at Levi like he was not going to be doing favors like this again harumph. Beaming at Alldrich he huhs, "Well I guess perspective is one hell of a thing ain't it? Eat up, please." A glance is given to Katherine though, "Of course I am, it's her birthday. She could call me a purple hippo and I'd go along with it." Then he snorts and shakes his head, "No. Safeword is actually the name. I know. I asked, too." Not to give up the fact that whips and chains are hardly out of the ordinary.

A smile of thanks is given to Ishmael when the cake is brought in and cut up, then she's reaching for a plate before passing out others to everyone else. A bite is taken before she sighs, "Chocolate can cure anything, I swear. I don't even feel guilty eating, either. I spent four hours dancing this morning, so I totally deserve this." Again she leans back in her seat, although she nudges Levi with her shoulder, "Thank you, bestie, for remembering my birthday and getting me a cake. I was feeling somewhat bummed about it last night. My mom used to do something special for me every year, but I didn't even hear from her today." The mention of Safeword has her smiling a bit, "I'm not exactly shocked a club is called that. Haven't been to it before, though. But I've been to a few others. Some aren't bad."

"No joke, I mean, I aint into the stuff they sell there. But you don't gotta be to offer thumpins to the grabby do ya?" He asks and takes another long drink of a beer, the mass of swollen flesh that make up his lips seem to not function entirely well and he dribbles a small amount of beer. The back of his arm wipes at his face and he looks between the three and studies the cake dubiously. "Aint much fer sweets. Got a savory tongue. but I aint gonna be rude." He says and takes a small helping. "Safeword is one of them bee-dee-ass-mmmm clubs." He says stretching the letters out. "Nothing pornographic, but yeah, it gets weird in there." He explains further.

Kat chuckles softly, at Levi's remark of purple hippos. Needless to say, the blooded doesn't partake of cake but she does briefly perk her head up and inhale the scent of the chocolate confectionary deeply. A brief close of her eyes and she looks back to those gathered at the table. "Well, I suppose that's a point for truth in advertising, hurm?" Shrugging slim shoulders, the pink in her cheeks fading as she tugs on her eat in a telling motion. Again, she falls silent, listening to the battering of conversation, relaxed. At mention of 'thumpins' and grabby, she blinks stupidly. Her mouth opens, almost as if to speak, then, silently, she presses her lips together. It takes her another moment to speak again. "I am too sober for this conversation." Half laughing as she says it, shaking her head a little.

Levi grins and leans over towards Nadya to wrap and arm around her shoulders and drag her in to press a kiss to her cheek. "You know they're likely traveling and when they do, it'll be 14 hours between pit stops. Give her til the end of the night darlin. Sides, what if they're in California? Ain't even midnight there." Taking a plate for himself he happily takes a few bites before he smirks at Alldrich, "We ain't gonna make you eat, hoss. Just drink your beer. Beer and chocolate don't exactly mix." He waves away the social moors and resumes cake eating. "Well if sober is the problem," he slips a hand into his hoody pocket to pull out a pre-rolled J. "Just aim at the vent." Yer damn right the guy with half his leg bit off is smoking. He offers it to Katherine with a grin, "Tada..."

"You're security over there?" Nadya directs the question to Alldrich, glancing over toward him as she speaks. "Maybe they'll still need you there. If not, there're plenty of places that need security, so it shouldn't be hard to find something." She glances back to Levi and nods, although doesn't look that convinced. "Maybe."

"Yep, I get type casted a lot. A little security, a little bodyguardin and some underground fightin..." He chuckles. "My real passion is drinking though." He says before he downs another beer. "Though doesn't have the same kick as it use ta." He studies the joint a moment and laughs. "Man, nothing changes."

The double take the hacker does is amusing, "That, is an illegal substance, Levi." Well, she almost sounds serious as she says this. Taking up the joint, she holds it carefully with both hands, making a show of inspecting it carefully. A slow, careful inhale, like one might draw in the scent of a cigar. "Yes, yes...definitely going to have to confiscate this." As the woman raises up, she palms the joint, leaning forward to gracefully move in to press a kiss to Levi's cheek. "I have to go home, I have a meeting in the morning." Said to him, just before she holds up the joint, offering it back. "I think right now you need this more than me." Her eyes flicker down to his leg and she tucks it behind his ear, tousling that hair a little as she does and warm fingers gracing his earlobe. Straightening, she addresses the others, "Be good." She adjusts weapon on her hip and bag across her torso. "Have a good birthday evening Nadya." A nod to the men, "Big man." to Alldrich.

"Well, type-casting sometimes saves time," Levi notes with an amused smile towards the other gypsy. Taking another bite of cake he chews through and shrugs at the woman, giving her a knowing look and a regretful smile. The gypsy chuckles towards the big wolf and he nods, "Well I'll spread the word if you end up needing employment outside of Safeword. Otherwise no, nothing changes." he smirks and glances at Kat as she steals the joint for a moment and then tucks it behind his ear. A glance up is given and he ends up running fingertips lightly over the back of her hand before she goes. "I'll share next time, doll," he promises to the hacker, "Also? Never." And he's lighting up the J before exhaling towards the vent and offering to all and sundry.

"Have a good night, Katherine." Nadya calls after the other woman as she starts to leave. She's content enough to eat her piece of cake without saying anything else for the moment, although a shake of her head is given to Levi at the offer of the joint. Not something she often partakes of.

Alldrich nods at Levi and lets out a groan as he pushes himself to his feet. "Well, thank ye for the update, the hospitality and the cake but I best be wandering back to my palace." He says and stretches, joints popping like a semi-automatic going off. He tips his head to Nadya. "Miss." He says politely before making his way out.

And then there were gypsies.