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German Sparkle Party
Dramatis Personae

Bethany, Brand, DaisyLu, Dora, Dottie, Edith, Eleri, Elmo, Erik, Grace, Ihrck, Isa, Lex, Mei, Odie, Olivia, Reiz, Sloan

September 9, 2015

Dottie Skinner wants a German Sparkle Party, Dottie Skinner gets a German Sparkle Party! The Lost of Sentinel Rock are encouraged to swing by Dottie, Dora and Odie's home to get their party on, BYO strongly encouraged, but highly sparkly nibbles will be provided. Given Grace is making them, they'll likely also get you sparkly high. Party pants are /strictly mandatory/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-jN3vH26NQ


Crumbling Manor

Watch out epileptics. The main lights are off, leaving the main illumination in the form of a metric fuckton of fairy lights. They're strung up inside and outside the house, marking out the areas people can converge. They're strung up in great bundles under eaves and along walls, and outline the tables, chairs, stereo, ice buckets, fridge, bathroom door, etc. Every last one of them is set to erratic flicker mode.

There's a literal mountain of cup-cakes on display, artfully arranged into swirls of vibrant greens (vanilla), blues (chocolate) and reds (banana). Each swirl of glitter-encrusted icing is also blue, green or red, though not in coordination with the colors or proportions of the cupcakes themselves. The cupcake stands have been repurposed from strips of still-branded beer-crate wood into multi-tiered stands, and little signs are affixed in multiple locations to explain the color coding: blue icing (the biggest group) means 'plain', green icing means THC, red icing (the smallest group) means LSD.

Speaking of music: a laptop has been hooked up to an old but very hearty speaker system that has no trouble shaking the walls; a very varied playlist has been set on shuffle, and tabs are open for YouTube and Spotify, the system left unlocked for anyone to take a turn as DJ.

The invitations circulated in verbal form and rarely seemed to include any specific time beyond 'after dark'. By the time the sun has slipped below the horizon everything is set up and ready to go at the house, doors and gates open to invite people in from all directions. In the lull before people arrive, Grace sits out on the patio with a glass of red wine in hand and her (currently rather glitter-coated) hedge-rat on her shoulder, staring off at nothing in particular.

Elmo Abernathy, fashionably on time and... well, fashionable. Perhaps he didn't understand the whole concept of 'German Sparkle party' but he did bring a bit of a shine, some sparkle and glitter. He is dressed in a suit, well tailored, crisp and fitted, dark grey, and, yes, sparkly. Grey slacks, coat and vest, gleaming and shining with sparkles, a black dress shirt underneath, with a glittery tie. (http://imgur.com/m75Q2Kp) His expression is one that is 'putting up with a lot', as he steps inside the house, in the company of his Grand Niece/Ensorcelled Human Companion, Isa. "As I said, relax, no one here will eat you." he pauses, and with a bastardly smile adds "Probably." The lighting already has him wincing, black eyes narrowing to slits as the thumping music assaults his ears.

Dottie's set out her own spread of food, barbeque for the ages, stacks of it, meat, meat and more meat. The types are varired, the causes are varied and among them the famed 'Skinner Creeper' rumored to be spiked with hot pepper moonshine. Dottie's capering around in her high heels rocking out to the playlist that Herpe has been picking out with his musical antennea. Happily putting for the absolute beast of the worst types of music there is; but since it's right on the dot, Sparkle Party starts in as people arrive.

MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-jN3vH26NQ

Off at the edge of the main house, Brand Walker parks his 2014 Dodge Challenger and kills the engine. He's already covered the inside of his own vehicle in enough sparkle-glitter to make people think it's Ron Jeremy's hooker-mobile, but he's got drinks in his passenger seat. Cracking open the door, Brand lights a cigarette and screws off the top of a bottle of spiced rum and takes a long pull. Fuck it. If you're gonna do this, do it. A few deep breaths later and Brand emerges from the car in less clothing than he spent a fifth of his time in Arcadia in. A bottle in each hand. Trailing smoke and wearing dark sunglasses, he lifts a bottle in salute to Grace and the others as he arrives. "Holy god it's a Sparkle Parteh." Brand calls out. There, and not technically wearing pants, Brand saunters in.

Isa wanders in with Elmo, her attire no where near as outlandish as most of those here. She's found a tiny pink strappless, squin dress that hugs tight to her torso and lifts up her bust to give her more clevage then she usually has. The fluttery shirt of it hangs down to just down past her rear. (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a0/d3/85/a0d385b820d253fc775109b46b494e79.jpg). Some strappy rhinstone smattered high heels that look like she got them from WholeSale Stripper Supplies bump her up a couple more inches in height She slathered on some body glitter on her clevage and legs and managed to locate a rhinestone hairband and some glittering hairpins to keep her dark hair up off her shoulders. She looks around as she's let in and pats Elmo's arm knowing just how much he hates all of this, then around again cause holy crap all the Changelings. "You see Dot or Dora?"

Edith sparkles. Of course, Edith -always- sparkles, will she nil she, and the only way she could really sparkle -more- would be if she removed some of what she's wearing. Which consists of a midriff-bearing silver sequinned top and tight black leggings both spangled with glitter and littered with hundreds of carefully wrought holes. So why does she sparkle? Because she's made of living, faceted glass that catches, reflects, and refracts the light in rainbow motes, especially where her horn is concerned. Her pretty little glass hooves chime as she is dragged in by someone, her expression rather resigned, her silvery, almost translucent tail barely twitching. No matter how unenthusiastic she might be, though... she sure does sparkle. Like. A _lot_. She is made of sparkle. Also, with her arms bare, the truly astute might notice an odd marbling effect on her inner elbows, but with all that glittering, it could go unnoticed, too.

There is a table at the entrance attended with glittery bowlers, fake glasses with gold stars, hardhats in neon colors with glitter, and an assortment of clothing that looks like the local highschool is missing a lot of sequined outfits.

As the people start to arrive among them is Sloan, still a bit new to town he did not want to miss the party. He walks up to the house, true is hotfit shimmers mroe then sparkles but he is trying. The cupcakes draw his immediate attmtion and he goes for one with the blue frosting. He loosk around and grins, "I not think I have ever seen this much sparkle before."

"Nobody's eating anyone at our party without permission," comes the reply from behind Elmo, amusement thick in her voice. Having just finished putting a few last things into place, Dora swoops in out of the flickering dark and steps up just behind poor Elmo and Isa, a green-iced cupcake in one hand and a broad grin on her face. "But the important thing is, you both made it! Dottie's here, definitely -- I think she was putting the last touches on the food table when I saw her last, if you want to check in that direction." She looks over the two of them then, and her smile only grows a bit more. "Excellent suit, sir -- and your glitter, miss, is spot on." She carefully tears her cupcake in half then, and holds out half toward Isa. "Want a bite? I can only imagine it's even more overwhelming that in it would be if we weren't all dressed up like this."

Bethany looks like she explodded out of a 1980s Children's girl's cartoon, or perhaps a Katy Perry Video. Because she's pink as can be! Especially all the glitter on her already transluscent skin. She is sort of swaying and dancing without seeming to realize it to the beat as she walks in, a stupid and impish grin on her face and a mad look in her eyes. Her steps are taking her quickly to the food and booze!

Elmo spots Dot and tilts his head towards the Skinner hostess, his lips peeling into a wide and sharp smile. "I see one of them." bumping his hip against Isa before Elmo starts making his way towards Dottie, only to stop with a start when Dora appears behind them both, startled and making a 'Gah!!' sound. He looks behind him to give his fellow Autumn a nod and then pats Isa's shoulder. "See? Safety." and then, leaving Isa with the oldest skinner sister, he continues towards Dot, aiming to sneak up behind the little zombie and surprise her.

Isa uncurls her hand from Elmo's arm and grins when she sees Dora, "I hope you don't mind, I've volunteered you for Human Sitting duty so Uncle Elmo can go dote on Dottie. You will keep me out of trouble I hope?" She ask reaching over to pluck the half cup cake from the librarian. "Thank you."

Grace looks up at the sound of a familiar car, watching the entry to the yard until Brand comes into view. When he does the Telluric blinks, slowly lowering her glass down to the table and exchanging some quick and quiet words with the rat on her shoulder, though her eyes don't leave the other fairest as he reaches the house. The glinting stars in her empty eye-sockets are whirling rapidly by the time he reaches the front door, and she's laughing-- and a good thing she put the glass down, because she's laughing hard enough that Pitseleh abandons ship for the table as well, just in case. "I can't believe you wore that! Though," she pauses, taking in the view with an easy appreciation, "It's nice that you did."

Olivia's arriving on Erik's arm, though it seems less a date and more the beginning of some kind of social divide and conquer tactic. For the selkie's part, if someone told her that the higher the hair, the closer to God? She has taken it to her heart, her hair teases up and back in a fierce mane that sparkles. Her skin is also doused liberally with body glitter, and there seems to be quite a lot of body to glitter, since all she's wearing on top are a pair of glittery pasties. A pair of very, very, scandalously short booty shorts and clear (aka stripper) heels? And voila! One selkie, ready for a Sparkle Party.

Dottie wolfwhistles at Brand as she spots him pointing at him, "Hardcore Dance!" She shakes her butt in time to the peppy euro-electronic song playing in the background. "Welcome my Sparkle Friends!" Each new entrant gets a bigger and bigger smile. "So much glitter, hot damn." This means Dottie is vulnerable to being snuck up upon, the scent of food and all these people assailing her nose.

Dora blinks curiously as Elmo takes off, but grins as she sees the direction she's heading. She turns back to Isa then and tilts her head before letting out another laugh. "Oh, such great respnsibility! I think I can manage not to get either of us into too much trouble. Besides, it'll give me a chance to introduce you around to all the best people." Which is when she hears Dottie's wolf-whistle, and turns to scan those coming in before she too spies Brand. "Oh my god!" Giggling helplessly, she claims Isa's arm and starts to head that way. "The Fates have spoken, you need to meet Brand."

While Erik does indeed have a bit of sparkle on his own, it is mostly confined to his horn. That thing is brand new, and shines like the polished family silver. Apparently it is not enough for him (or more likely, for his companions). No, there is definitely more sparkle than that on display. First of all, a pair of scarlet, sequin-spangled booty shorts don't leave a whole lot to the imagination. Nor does the pair of lederhosen, likewise sparkling, that connect to them. The fact that he has a pelt rather than skin is likely a blessing, or it would be sparkly, hairy chest time. But that's not all, folks! Act now, and you'll get a growling, scowling black unicorn with glittering red eyeshadow and bone-white lipstick. It also look like a tube of glitter threw up on him, liberal flecks of the stuff scattered through his fur. His boots? Yellow rain galoshes. Sadly devoid of sparkles aside from potential friendly fire from the glitter he's wearing.

Lex saunters into the party with a smirk. He's not so much sparkling but shining. Silver lame pant slung so low as to be indecent, a spandex shrug shirt, just barely covering his nipples, and huge, chunky platform boots. (http://postimg.org/image/mzxl2405j/ ) He's brought absinthe, though that shit isn't getting distilled tonight as he comes to find Dottie. "Hallo Liebling." And... he's out for German. Maybe Danke and Bitte. He'll see if he can work those in somewhere. He hands her a bag of little pills with smilies on them. "Cheers."

Isa waves to Dottie before she curls her free hand around Dora's arm, as is sorta her habit these days, always keep a hand on the "responsible" changeling. She nibbles on the cup cake ad looks around curiously, "Everyone looks so..." Even with out the sparkles amazing. "Do I look horribly dull to all of you? Who's Brand?"

"I can't believe I wore this either, but fuck it!" Brand laughs and reaches out to Grace as he nears her. Why? Because how often can someone plaster GRACE with glitter? Bottles held out, he laughs at the wolf whistling and wraps Grace in a hug, then waves Bethany over towards him with a broad grin. Catching Dora out of the corner of his eye heading his way, he shakes a bottle at the skinny woman with a laugh. "This is going to be the most fucked up party ever, and I've yet to pay my respects to the anniversary-folks. ODIE!" Brand calls out, then turns, stops. ERIK. Lederhosen. "ERIK. YOU ARE THE FUCKING MAN." Brand hollars, hefting a bottle of Bacardi Oakenheart to the man. Come get some.

And sneak Elmo does, all the while glittering in that suit of his, though in this environment it's practically camouflage. Ever closer until he's behind the hostess, wrapping his arms around Dottie's waist and lifting her into the air, putting his face into her shoulder and biting. "I've got you!" he says with the same inflection someone might instead say 'Gotcha!' but this is Elmo and things are never so simple. He doesn't set Dottie down just yet, rather mindful of feral zombie retaliation.

Edith looks around at all the people, people she doesn't really know, at once fitting in - because of the fact that sparkling comes naturally to a glass Mannequin - and... not. She skirts the edge of the crowd, abandoned almost at once by the girl that dragged her here, and sort of eyes everyone, light constantly bouncing off her horn. Unicorns are _supposed_ to make rainbows, if you ask any eight year old girl. However, eventually Olivia and Erik are spotted, and she starts to sidle towards them, giving the latter a rather incredulous sort of look. "That is... kind of appalling, Erik." She glances at Olivia, and adds, "You look great, though."

Is that... that cannot be John Ihrick. Oh hell no that's not a linebacker on wheels. Oh yeah this is truly frightening. You want to start at the black glittery roller skates, or the bedazzled denim short shorts that wear like a speedo? Maybe it was the purple sequin pasties on his broad and fantastically chiseled chest of the linebacker that lets too much light bounce off of him. The frozen rime on his skin glittered, the purple hair fall extensions that lit up (oh yes, lights, bitches) or the glitterific tinsel tied into his beard. Yup. No expense was paid to cause a scene. The man paid out all remaining dignity on this one or maybe it's intact enough to just have a good fucking time. He wheeeeeeeeled over to Brand and leaned an below on him. He glanced around and threw the horns with his free hand, "Fuckin rock n roll guys, this is a hell of a turn out!"

The outfit: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJVNWv5WEAAsSBf.jpg

"Gosh, thanks." says Olivia with a wide smile. "I dressed him." This to Edith, right after she calls Erik's outfit appalling. She doesn't seem to mind too much though, and once she's had some booze she'll mind even less. There's a side glance at Brand, and she gives him what might best be described as a snarky look before turning back to Edith. "You look great too! I plan to sweat all the glitter off me if I do this party right."

DaisyLu walks in just behind John. She's wearing tiny, tiny little black lace shorts, (the thread is embedded with silver, too,) and a black-and-silver lace bra over silver body chains. She's got silver, lace up sandals on, and her hair is in a pony tail on the top of her head, wrapped around the base with more silver chains that have the ends swinging through her hair. She's wearing a lot of body glitter and a lot of smoky/silvery makeup. And hot damn, is she enjoying the view!

Hey look, it's the third sibling, Odie! Or, really, don't look. I mean, given he's basically dressed all in black leather covering as much of his skin as he can.. and, yeah, no sparkles. So either he sticks out like a sore thumb, or you don't notice him at *all* in the sea of glitter and brightness. He's just stepping out of the manor, rather hesitantly- had he not promised Dottie he'd at least try and attend, one might get the feeling he wouldn't be here at all. He eyes the crowd with his pale blue eyes (ringed with yellow circles that are particularly bright tonight, warning markings for any predator thinking the shy zombie is a meal) rather dubiously, all the skin on display just hitting his anxiety buttons repeatedly. "... ohgod.", he mutters, then winces as he hears Brand calling loudly for him, freezing in place, trying to decide whether to flee back into the manor, promises be damned.

Grace gives as good as she gets, between the natural dusty glamour-trail she leaves in her wake and the obscene amounts of red glitter worked through her hair which won't fade away so conveniently. She picks up smears of silvery glitter in the process of hugging Brand tightly, and leaves trails of red behind in her wake, glancing down at her bare mid-section with a laugh. "That's two," she declares in the tone of someone who's planning a much higher count, then waves enthusiastically when she sees Bethany. "You look great!"

Bethany seems a bit nervous about going over towards Brand with all the people who are gathering near the shockingly dressed rockstar. Party doesn't start indeed! Though with a drink in her hand and the wave, well, the pink clad dancer moves her way over, and every single movement looks like it could have been choreographed, especially when she grabs a cupcake and pirouettes en pointe (effortlessly at that) back to start moving to him. "Hey!" She greets, raising her bottle in a wave. Then she grins to Grace too, "You too!"

Dora laughs brightly, and leads Isa through the gathering crowd in Brand's direction. "That," she says with a grin, pointing in his direction with the cupcake, "Is our personal rock god, Brand. Brand! This is Elmo's niece, Isa, recently accepted among the Right People, if you know what I mean. Don't eat her alive, I've got dibs." She winks, then scans around quickly before catching further arrivals -- and how could she miss Ihrck and Daisy. Her eyes go huge behind her butterfly sunglasses before she puts her fingers to her lips and blows a sharp whistle of her own. "Stud on skates, coming through!" Though to be fair, she's giving Daisy just as much of a look-over as the man on wheels. Eventually, though, she remembers to pay attention to the woman she's chaperoning, laughing as she leans in to murmur something more quietly to Isa below the level of the growing din.

"Thanks, you mean it?" This is said to Edith in a dry, flat tone. "You look good in ripped up clothing, Mare. Reminds me of the crystaldiles." Erik tips his head to her before looking up at Brand's call. Booze makes the world go round, and so it is that he wends his way over to get some of the mentioned drink. "Shit, Brand. It looks like you fucking went down on Tinkerbell." Classy bitch that he is! He takes a long, steady pull of the drink before looking around. He spots Ihrck and Daisy enter, and blinks. "Oh fuck my eyes, that's nothing I wanted to see. JOHN! PUT SOME DAMNED CLOTHES ON! Rainbows, I blame you for this!"

Sloan seems a bit stunned for a moment by the masive ammount of sparkle. He grins a bit and walks over ot he table near the intrance and clains a sparkily bowler as his own for hte moemtn to give his outfit more sparkle then he looks around, "Well we have music, lets find some dancing.' he says to himeslf as he moves through the crowd.

Isa stares at the gaudy mess that is Brand and then looks to Dora and back to Brand. "Yes please no eating me alive." She stammers a bit, her fingers squeeze on Dora's arm a bit nerviously. Like being eatten alive is a legit fear in her life.... but then her uncle does date Dottie. She blushes a bit to what ever Dora says to her, "Thank you, really."

"No amount of sweat can rub off my sparkle. Were that it would." This is a mutter, just about, from Edith, who squints down at herself, and all that exposed glass, with a wrinkled up nose. Erik gets a smirk. "Good times, Stud. I'll have to tell you about the god damned obsidian feathered bird, tore me up pretty good, but I got it. Got its feathers. The rapier is done, I'll show you some time." She turns, and looks over the party, then tries to stomp off to get a drink, herself, though it's hard to effectively stomp when one has delicate hooves that make a musical bell-like chime when one brings one down upon hard surfaces. She does spot Odie, and grins faintly. "Hello, Bowtie."

Liquor has been set out, there's scads of it. There are some set to the side with skulls drawn childishly on them. One reads 'Fireshine', one reads 'peachshine' and the last says apple pie. All have warning written on them, though mostly spelled wrong and missing g's. The Absinthe can easily be settled with the rest.

Dot lifts rust colored fingers and waggles them Lex's direction until he stuffs the baggie in her hand. She coos, "You're the fuckin best! Love the boots!" Isa gets a smile and a nod but that makes Dot currious asn she turns to sniff the air just in time for Elmo to sneak up on her. She yelps and flails head slamming back instinctivly - what's a little violence between loved ones - before settling. "Fine, you got me. Are you hungry? Heeeyy.." She says surprised at Elmo's sparkle and she beams at him. "You're the best, Mister Abernathy!"

The music changes: care of Herpe the Cockroach. Off into something sufficiently dancey..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOi8Gnq_z_U

DaisyLu heads over. "Hi, Dora!" she yells, with a grin, and just looks insanely proud of herself. "Erik! Fucking lederhosen? How awesome can you get? Brand...you weren't kidding, man, that's fucking amazing!" How many more times can this particular unicorn say "fuck?" "FUCKING HELL, OLIVIA! That takes some /balls/!" She is as delicate as an orchid.

Compared to everyone else, Elmo, in his sparkling suit, seems to be the most reserved and formal of the lot, and this suits him perfectly. And then Odie upstages him! There's a /crack/ as Dottie's head impacts against Elmo's and he all but drops the Skinner girl on her butt, but manages to let her down onto her feet, still holding her around the waist. "Owwwww!" he groans, but there's laughter in it too, knowing he should have expected that. Close up Elmo smells of wine, and weed. "I could eat." he says "But first..." he doesn't finish the statement at words, but instead presses his lips to Dottie's, hard. PDA? Yeah, Elmo has no real sense of the appropriate, and his affection is rather demanding before it breaks, looking around. Then he spots Odie and murmurs "Is that your brother?"

Odie keeps hanging back near the manor, close enough that he could run back in and close the door behind him if it all starts to get to be too much for him- which it almost certainly already is, to be honest. When Edith spots him, he gives the sparklecorn a weak smile back. "Oh. Hey, hello.", he murmurs, and steps back and away- his new armor had done wonders for his ability to be close to people, but the sheer size of the crowd and all that vulnerable exposed skin all around is undoing much of that. "Uhm. Enjoy the party.", he adds, trying to be a good host, because he's sweet like that.

Ihrck grinned to Erik and upnodded with a laugh, "Missed you too, man." The wheels spun the large man in place and he gave Dora a wink, "What's new, pussycat? Other than Erik's lookin like a Leprechuan or... whit those are Irish or somethin aren't they?" Olivia got a second look over and it was to Dottie he said "SHould make it a challenge to make this a seasonal thing."

Somehow the memo of adding sparkle to your clothes and such must have been missed by Mei as the woman arrives with nothing more than her usual dark, plain clothes and a sea monkey perched on her shoulder. There is a strange calm to the Summer that seems somewhat out of place as she surveys those gathered, taking note of faces, the cupcakes, lights, everything.

Erik inclines his head at Edith as he swallows another blast of Oakenhart. "Good on you. Have to show me that sometime when it doesn't feel like my eyes are bleeding. How do women /deal/ with this shit?" Daisy makes him smirk, showing off pointed teeth. "Better be, this is just about the only time you'll see me like this. John, leprechauns are green and Irish, yeah. I'm very red and not at all Irish. I'm more like....I don't know. Gay wetdream Santa. Or something."

"Unlikely, but thanks for the thought." Edith downs her drink, and looks around. "...yeah. I... too much sparkle." And she fades away. Normally, that might be difficult for her, but with this much sparkle, it's like... natural cammoflauge. And she's gone. But at least the Sparkle Party got a Sparklecorn. However briefly.

Olivia is walking around in pasties, booty shorts, and stripper heels. Oh, and epic tons of body glitter. "Thanks, Miss DaisyLu." she drawls playfully, doing a little turn around. "You look pretty bad ass glitteratti yourself." She seems perfectly at ease to navigate the party on her own, and then catching Ihrck's comment, she laughs. "John, honey. They're lederhosen. And they're leather. It's a German sparkle party, ja?"

To john Dottie laughs, "Hey, sure, never turn down a reason to see men packed into hot pants." Dot's all giggle recovering from where she was dropped but she's quick and just in time for the kiss. Dottie flails a little but it's only for a moment as she returns the kiss and hugs Elmo before peering towards Odie. "NNhmm.." Is her replies patting Elmo as she turns to bound a few steps wth alyrical 'OOoooodieeeee!' which really does sound like 'incoming'. The mad little zombie a sparkeling dart through the air with an attempt to clamp onto Odie like a monkey. "Did you see, there's all this stuff." She looks up, "Hey everyone, enjoy yourselves, inside is open too! I stored the perishable and veggie foods in there. Dancing all night long! Also be warned if you party fowl you will get pranked!"

Sloan notices an unexpected familiar face in the crowd and moves towards Mei. "Hey there. Didn't realize you were in this neck of the woods." he extends a hand to her, 'Good ot see you again though."

Lex blinks at Dottie and Elmo and the crash, then decides, being the new guy, he'd better start talking to some people. He waves to Sloan first, since he knows him, but doesn't interrupt. Intead, he aims at the pretty dark haired woman and makes his way over there. "Hey there, is it Isa? I'm Lex. How's it going?"

Odie looks over as he hears Dottie calling out to him. She and Dora are probably the only two persons in this whole town that can get that close to Odie without him immediately freaking out, and he hugs her tightly through his leather armor as she clings to him. "Hi Dottiedot.", he says, rather more subdued than her- someone is clearly not in the Sparkle Party mood. But at least he came. For however long that lasts, anyway. He does wince as she announces that the house is open too. His sanctuary, gone!

Isa looks over Lex curiously and then offers a smile, her hand keeping her well anchored to this evening's Human Sitter (Dora), "Yes, pleases to meet you. In all this... shine. Are things a regular occurance by any chance or are most of the parties here more color coordinated." She gives Dora a glance belated - should I talk to this person?

Elmo smiles after Dot as she goes to leap upon her brother, being a twin himself, Elmo is rather understanding, following in Dottie's wake much slower. His eyes lock on Odie himself, recognizing the man from the Charity shindig, but not having the context then to put the pieces together. He slows as he enters very near personal space, still studying the male Skinner sibling with some clinical interest. "You are Odie then? I am Elmo Abernathy." look at him being all respectful and formal and shit, doing his best to ignore the loud music laying siege to his brain.

As the previous song ends Herpe works his magic antenna to getting the next song going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xat1GVnl8-k

Dora watches Brand wander off to torment and horrify other partygoers, and likely to drop off the booze as well. "All right, let's see who else you should meet...or Lex can introduce himself first, it seems." She gives Lex a lookover and a broad grin, then briefly leans away from Isa (though she doesn't step out of range entirely) to throw her other arm around Daisy's waist to pull her in for a half-hug and a firm kiss on the cheek. Hopefully she'll be forgiven for the little extra squeeze she gives below the waist as well, given the way the unicorn looks in those lacy shorts. "And you immediately remind me that I've been way too busy in work, and need to come back by and have you mix me up another drink -- or try to lure you out for the same when you're not working." Grinning warmly, she looks back over toward the woman on her other arm. "Isa, this is Daisy Lu -- one of the best bartenders I know. And this is John Ihrck," she continues, grinning at the man on skates. "If you ever need patched up, he's a guy who knows what he's doing. John, Daisy, this is Elmo's niece, Isa. She's new to all this, still dipping her toes in the great Well of Sparkly Secrets, as it were."

Eleri slips in, peering up and around at the frenzy of fairy lights, then grins at the wide array of, well, sparkles. And skin. And glitter. And food, because food. She's by her lonesome although clearly someone has had in dressing her given that she's currently wearing a sequined gold bra-top with dangling belly chains and a pair of sheer black pants with sequined and beaded floral applique - and body glitter, because body glitter. She isn't quite managing to make a cloud of it, but it's close.

Bethany finishes brief chatting with Brand and Grace before she turns to head over towards whatever seems to be the dance floor. Whatever cupcake she had is finished, but she's still drinking from her glass of apple pie. But she pauses mid step as the next song starts and her mouth slowly opens, "Is this... OH MY GOD, it is!" And she suddenly laughs loudly and quickly finishes her drink to set it aside and move to start dancing the Bad Touch Song in what is no doubt the most graceful way it has EVER been done before!

Mei comes to a sudden stop when Sloan appears in her path, eyes narrowing for a fraction of a second until recognition flickers across her face. She reaches out to awkwardly take the hand, giving it a shake that at least attempts to follow the rules and ettiquette of handshakes, "I had not expected to see anyone I knew around these parts, admittedly.

It's the Bloodhound Gang, and with that, Olivia seems to magically have a solo cup in hand, the other going over her head as she begins to dance in place, turning around in little circles. There are few who will dance by themselves. Fewer still who can actually make their own party of it. Who wants to be down in her South Seas? Seriously, if a half-naked selkie can't inspire others to dance, there is no hope for this world.

Isa looks over Daisy and John and nods readily really trying hard no to gape and stare but holy hell John is big and kinda scary seeming. "Good evening it's a pleasure to meet you both. And yeah I am new so I'm sorry if I'm gaping at all of you you're just all so... stunning."

Sloan smiles to Mei, "Neither had I, at least not someone from back down south." He then says, "Welcome to the sparkle party." She would now that his current outfit is nothing like what Sloan normally wears. And he offers her his be-sparkeled bowler if she want ot join in hte sparkiling.

Lex looks at Isa back curiously when she looks at Dora for permission to speak to him. He seems a little unsettled by that. "Sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." He apologises. "Ummm... Yeah, no, I'm pretty new. I'm not sure if all the parties around here at this sparkly or not. Kind of wild, yeah?" He gives her a grin, which he hopes is reassuring and then sort of gives her some space, not exactly sure why that made him feel bad. Time for Absinthe.

"Yeah, lederhosen." Erik nods his agreement to Olivia's sartorial dictates. The bottle is handed back to Brand as he meanders his way over to the cupcakes. He stares at the placards for a moment before making one of the very few smart choices he's likely to make this week. Down the hatch with a blue cupcake. Then there's apple pieshine, and of course that needs a taste. He hasn't hit the dance floor yet, instead looking around him with moderately-well concealed unease. He -does- tap his feet slightly, though.

Dottie smiles at Odie and knocks her head against his smiling at him and pressing her nose to his temple. "We got this. There's still the tower. Take it easy, take it slow. You got this." She looks up and over at Elmo as she untangles from her brother with another muppetish side check beaming her Cheshire blank eyed smile at her brother before letting them meet. Her attention, turned to just staring at all that flesh.. her mouth slides open a little. She's not exactly drooling..much.

DaisyLu hugs Dora back, in an exuberantly good mood. It's almost defiantly good. "Nice to meet you, Isa! I'd tell you to come by where I bartend, but it's the Bella Gentleman's Club, so unless you want to come watch hot naked women, it might not be the best place. But it's nice to meet you!" She glances at John and her smile is warm and fond. "He's only stunning until you get to know him. After that, he's phenomonal."

John-on-Wheels grinned to Liv and gave the other Sparklecorn, Daisy, a half hug. "Duly noted. I know nothing about the Germans, I'll be honest." He spun in a circle at Bethany laughing and he paused and just grinned at her. Hey, there was something about her being delighted that was maybe infectious. He spun in a circle and grooved where he was on wheels trying to get himself a drink, not slip and die, and not startle Isa in the process. He looked at her with a wink, "Don't think we met. I'm John. It's okay all the glitter will go away tomorrow I promise. Or maybe it'll haunt us forever. I'm hoping the former."

Isa shakes her head back to Lex. She's the odd one out as the only "Human" in the room. She shakes her head. "No no discomfort just... navigating this new world. Dora here's my chaperone, if you guys don't all know him, this is Lex you said right?" Isa waves from Lex to the giant on wheels and the sparklepony. Social Facilitator, it's one of the things that makes her an awesome Earth Human Companion (EHC). To DaisyLu she raises a brow then nods. "I wouldn't have seen you there the I've never been there but cool." And to John she just sorta stares again. "Nice to meet you.... and yes I do hope it washes off, I don't know if I could handle shining like this forever."

Odie keeps leaning close to Dottie, taking comfort in his twin's physical closeness- he knocks his head back against her's affectionately, not seeming worried about the actual physical contact outside of his protective leathers, the only sign of relaxation on him out of all the things in this party that are just pushing his buttons- and then to top it off there's an Elmo. He gives the man a dubious look, chewing on his bottom lip a moment. "Uhm. Hi. Yeah, Odie.", he says. "Nice to, uhm. Meet you." He squeezes Dottie's hand (his own still in its protective leather glove) and gently nudges her towards Elmo. "You two should go. Dance. Drink.", he tells them both, then, more to Dottie, "... I'll be okay. I got this."

A wide grin to Olivia also dancing. "Come on everyone! We ain't nothing but mammals!" Regardless of the iffiness of that statement for some 'lings now! "Dance with me!" This is probably the most manic anyone has ever seen Bethany, her eyes are just sparkling wildly and she's still grinning that stupid look while she works in some pantomime with the otherwise silly dance. "Just like this." She demonstrates how the dance goes over and over with all the elegance she can muster - which is a fair bit! Right down to the spanking and hip thrust motions. She's singing along with that impish look too.

Dora grins, and gives Isa's arm a little squeeze. "You'll be fine, promise." Looking over her shoulder, she catches sight of Lex as well, and gives him a reassuring grin before she adds to the overwhelmed woman, "And I promise: if they're here, they're safe to talk to. Even if they're folks I'm just meeting myself." Which is when she half-regretably lets Daisy go, twirls herself around, and offers Lex a hand. "Dora Skinner, glad to meet you, and welcome to the party!"

DaisyLu raises her eyebrow back at Isa, then lowers it and grins. "It's just bartending, the tits stay put away," she tells the EHC. "Can't dance for shit, anyway, but I'm sure as hell gonna try tonight!" And with that, she finds a drink and takes a good swig of it, before she starts proving that she's got a sort-of-sense of rhythm, but she does, indeed, dance like a white girl.

Mei lifts her hand up at the offer of the hat, shaking her head very slightly, "It is quite sparkly, isn't it?" She wonders, letting her eyes scan the lights once more before she shifts her look firmly away from the flickering lights, "Do you know most of those here, or...?"

Lex offers his hand to Dora, "Real nice to meet you, I'm Lex Ashfield. Just sort of, getting back into things." He tries to apologise. "Anyway, yeah. Well met." he smiles and raises he glass of green absinthe.

"A pleasure Odie, I look forward to meeting you in a less... chaotic environment." then Elmo makes a face as the word 'Dance' is mentioned. "No, I do not dance, I do drink however, and I brought some more weed." He glances over his shoulder, scanning the party to make sure Isa is getting along alright, but his attention moves back to Dot and her brother, reaching out to put his hand on the sisters waist. "You mentioned food?"

Dora grins at Lex, then turns and watches Daisy go off and shake her booty before she lets out a happy little sigh. "Dot has the best ideas, I swear." Grinning impishly, she looks toward Isa again and asks, "Want to try and meet some more people? I see a few others out on the edge of things I know as definitely good people who aren't distracted by the music yet."

Sloan shakes his head, "No I do not." he then puts th bowler back on his head, "Though I do know of wone way we can fix that." He the nsays, "come one lets join the dancing." He motions for Mei to follow him and he goes to Beeth Bethany and join in her dance. He might not have a matchign grace but dances with enthusism.

Dot nods at Odie and squeezes his hand kissing his cheek, "OKay, but don't miss the snipe hunt and the glitter cannon fights. Even if you don't take part." She wiggles her brows, "And I think Gracie even managed to get me a bubble machine." She nods her head and then looks towards Elmo and then Odie squeezing her twins shoulder. "I love you." She juts her chin the direction of the people, "You wanna go make the rounds or wanna watch me. I intend to be throughly up in the glitter so.." This is the only warning he gets. "Food's over on the patio, veggies and stuff inside, Gracie's sparkle treats should be in there too, lots of them. Suuper tastey and very much inclined to get one fucked right up."

The next song starts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMUDVMiITOU and Herpe sets the lights to going with it.

Isa winks to Lex and then to Dora, "Sure if there's anyone else you think I should meet especially Autumn people... I don't see Thorian sadly." She snags another cup cake but stays away from the booze as that just seems to be the safest thing to do.

"I...thank you, but I don't dance." Mei replies with a quick shake of her head as Sloan heads towards the dancing. She then turns her attention back towards the rest of the people, scanning for more potentially familiar faces in the crowd.

"Uhm, yeah, sure, sometime.", Odie replies to Elmo, hesitantly, then gives Dottie a weak smile. "I'm good right here. You go, sis, be awesome. I love you too.", he says, and kisses her cheek back, another utterly rare instance of him physically touching someone without hesitation. Either she's immune to his natural poison, or he just has that much control around her and no one else. He then steps back, making shooing motions at Dottie and Elmo.

A smile greets the dancers on the floor, but for the moment Eleri seems rather fascinated by the towering icing-coated piles of cakelets; she peers curiously at the different signs, but after a few moments manages to determine exactly what is safe to eat; claiming a treat, she straightens, unpredictably licking at the best part - the frosting - before offering a cheerful wave at the DJ cockroach and turning towards the crowd. Dottie is given a bright smile as she moves in that direction, apparently to say hello.

Olivia lets out a laugh as she dances near Isa, Lex, and Dora. Eavesdropping selkie is eavesdropping. "Thorian would wear too many clothes for this. Even if he could argue that his hair fulfills the dress requirements on his own. Dora! This is a fantastic party. Well done." There's a nod to Lex, possibly uncertain if she's met him.

Dora mmms softly. "Let's see who we can grab...MEI!" She shouts this last, even as Sloan starts leading the woman past toward the dance floor. Only there's no leading, so dragging Isa over to her is much less a matter of moving targets. "YOu just come following the sound of the music, or was it the lure of staring at the locals in glitter?" Her smile is broad as she gestures. "Oh, yes: Mei, this is Isa -- very new to all this, thanks to her uncle Elmo -- " She pauses to point Elmo out as well through the crowd, for Mei's sake. "Isa, this is Mei, Captain of her own ship and sadly only visiting so far while she makes repairs. I'm still trying to convince her that here is clearly the place to be."

Lex grins at Olivia. "Hey there. Were you at that Toga Party? I met a lot of people, I can't remember now. Anyway, I'm Lex, it's nice to meet you if we didn't meet." He watches her dance on by. He's a DJ, he knows not to disturb the groove.

Bethany keeps grinning and dancing along, helping lead the ones who at least do join in! Bad Touch is finished and then comes that next song, which Bethany shifts into a more club dancing style instead of the lewd line dance she was leading. That wild look of mirth is offered to all those who have joined in and she keeps moving along to closer to the others, swaying, utterly to the beat. A pouty look is given towards those who are avoiding the dance, but then back to the other dancers the mirth returns, "You have fun at least!"

Isa waves to Lex before she's yanked on to be shown off to the next person. She looks over Mei her eyes wide, wow. Wow. "Um." She blinks twice and shakes her head, gonna have to get used to some of these people. "A ship? Like a passanger ship or a cargo ship?" She tries to focus. "A pleasure to meet you."

The song changes, and Daisy slows to a halt. Not that she doesn't like the song, she does, just it doesn't make her want to shake her ass. So, she heads back over towards Dora and Isa. "This is /clearly/ the place to be. I didn't say thanks for throwing it yet, but thank you for throwing it, Dora!" She glances around, checking for certain people to keep an eye on them, as promised, and then back to the conversation.

"I like shiny things." Mei admits before she glances at Isa, then towards Elmo when he's pointed out, then back to Isa to answer her question, "Like a pirate ship." She replies before sketching a slight bow, careful to not knock the sea-monkey off her shoulder with the motion.

Sloan changes to the new dance as the music changes. He smiles to Bethany, "Well it is nto a party with out dancing." he lts out a mirthful laugh as he moves to the music. He notices Mei did not join him on hte dance floor and gives her his thoughts on htat decision by sticking out his tounge.

Dora turns back toward Olivia as she makes the comment about Thorian, and can't help but grin. "We could hope that someone would have convinced him to dress appropriately, if through the sheer power of peer pressure. And please," this last addressed to both Olivia and Daisy as the latter comes back their way, "I'm a slacker tonight, for the most part. All the praise should be heaped on Dottie and Grace, I just made sure they didn't always have to use a ladder to hang high things."

Isa smiles to Dottie when the little Zombette joins them, albeit nerviously. She looks around past her for Elmo immediately as well. "It's a lovely party Dottie, is it your birthday or some special occation?" She blinks at Mei confused and then absolutely fascinated. "A pirate ship? Who do you sack and pillage?"

Dottie gives Odie one more quick squeezr and an encuraging smile. Her fingers brush her collarbone and she drags her fingers through her hair before booping his nose. She's up, then, and off to close the distance on Dora when sees Eleri headed her way and lifts a hand to wave eagerly, "Hi, hi!" She greets vibrantly her smile huge and her weird glitter 'bodysuit' thing shimmering as she does. She leans on Elmo a moment, "Last chance!" She means for him to escape before she's tiltin her head to Eleri, "it's been a while, welcome to the Party! I see you're partaking." She brightens, "Oh right." She pops open a baggy and pops a pill past her lips tucking the baggy away. "Where's Mister Thorian Eriksen? Too good to prace around in booty shorts, my god the asses..." She pops her teeth together giving a good long gaze about butt level. "Rawr." She looks to Isa, "Hedge Birthday!" She nods, "Like an Unbirthday, but only, not so much." The little spring flashes a feral smile.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzQ8GDBA8Is

Ihrck saluted a drink to Mei and Isa and offered the 'human a nod'. Maybe it was a mercy or an opportunity to clarify pausing to note to Olivia, "Liv, please tell me you know how to get glitter off so Erik doesn't wind up dead by dawn?"

Elmo follows close to Dottie. "I am here for you, I can endure whatever you bring." refusing to back down, keeping close to Dot as they join the group. Looking to Isa he smiles "Doing well so far?" and then mouthing a 'thank you' to Dora. Mei then get's a long look, a strange face, studying her.

Eleri beams at Dottie. "The decorations are much fun, and you look nice." Apparently weird glitter bodysuits are nice, in her book. At the question about her motleymate she sighs, ticking off on her fingers, "Thorian is busy with something for the museum, Ryan had a job that he had promised someone he would do, but he may come later, and Mirabella is unwell but dressed me and told me to go." A wry look. "I will have to bring her a cupcake, although I didn't ask her which kind she would like ahead of time." Pills go uncommented on, but she does smile brightly at Elmo. "Hello."

"I know! Right!" Bethany responds to Sloan. "It's what makes me feel at home in them." She continues to move to the beat - right up to the next change of song and she giggles again as she starts to giggle and starts to do an Elvis like dance even as she looks around to see if anyone is going to take her hand for a genuine pair dance, perfect chance to jitterbug!

Lex grabs his phone and checks his messages with a frown. He puts the drink down and starts to head out. "Night everyone. So sorry, have to go pick up Dominique. Thanks for the great sparkle party." And then he slinks back out into the night.

As soon as Dottie's moved away? All of Odie's calm goes with her. He takes a few steps back closer to the manor, then remembers that it's not going to be safe inside there either. He looks up, eyeing the dark tower at the top of the manor, considering going to hide there, away from, well, everything. He then looks back at the party, spotting Dora as Dottie heads to join her, seeing the big smiles on both his sister's faces, the two clearly enjoying the chaos and the company. He smiles, just a little, clearly glad to see them happy, and then quietly turns and starts walking off before anyone else decides to pay attention to the least sparkly dude here. Instead of going back to the manor, he seems to just be heading off and away, having had as much of all of this as one deeply damaged little toxic boy can take.

"A pirate ship, yes." Mei agrees with the faintest of nods, her hands folding together behind her, carefully considering the next question asked of her before she answers, "It truly depends on where I am, but generally....those not my friends." Which sort of opens that territory up to quite a few targets for the pirating. When Dottie and Elmo arrive she inclines her head to them in greeting, then Eleri as well. "I'm sure that it is wonderful here, but I still have business that I have to attend to other places as well. Perhaps I can visit, though."

Isa winks to Elmo and tilts her head to Dora, "Dora is taking excellent care of me thank you Uncle." She glances over Odie curiously when he joins them, remembering him from the art gallary it would seem. Her atetion rivits back to Mei though, "Fascinating.... I didn't know we had any local pirates." The story ideas start churning in her dark little head.

There is the click clacking of heeled boots as Reiz struts in, sheathed in what looks like black PVC, rather tongue and cheek for the chimera as he bears that blue spaded imp-like tail. His face is done up in red rouge lipstick and blue eyeshadow with what looks like glitter along his lips, arms wrapped in shoulder-length black fingerless gloves, a black PVC Leotard synched around his top and nether bits, with a pair of black stiletto thigh-high PVC boots, every bit of it is shining. In one hand he carries a pack of brewskies and the other a stack of white boxes. "C'mon boys, I got beer and pizza," he calls out in his best sing-song voice as he struts in.

Sloan laughs a bit at the music change, "I was not expecting Elvis." he then does his best lvis his swivel attempt and continues to dance. He does don't make a grab for hte hand keeping the dancing mor open less pair centered for now. He does the hip swivel a few more time diring h e sone actually getting almost good at it with practice."

Dottie grins at Elmo, "Nnn.." She seems amused by this statement and so the snarky zombie sound is made. She nods to Eleri, "Always working, no fun." She makes a face wiking at the firey woman. "Bring her one of each." She laughs softly and then lifts to her toes to whisper in Dora's ear pointing covertly at the table of glitter stuff and then joints to John. She nods and winks at her sister before leaning in to Mei, "Hi, I'm Dottie nice to meet you." The bubbly little moppet of a ghoul tilts her head blinking white eyes. "Have you been in town long?" She lets her eyes drift tracking movement a moment smirking at Sloan before turning her attention back to Mei.

Dora grins brightly at Mei. "I'll hold out hope, and still offer any help I can while you're still here." Then, as more people come over, her attention gets caught by Eleri; eyes widen behind her sunglasses as she gives the fireheart a slow look-over from head to toe before letting out a low whistle. "My my. Isa, you said you wanted to meet some of Autumn's people especially? This is Eleri; Eleri, this is Elmo's niece, Isa. Be kind, she's very new to all this." Before she can say more, Dottie's whispering in her ear, and she bends down instinctually to listen. Eyes follow where she points before she grins and kisses Dottie's cheek firmly. "Isa, Eleri, if I leave the two of you in each other's company for a moment, can I trust neither will abscond with the other before I get back? It won't take long."

Beth manages the whole thing, arms pumping up and down at her sides and hips swaying back and forth rapidly as she sways from one side or the other, and still with something that can only be called amazing elegance, it's not just the grace of a Dancer, or a dancer for that matter. But that of someone such comes naturally to. "Me either." She exclaims. "But now I know not to expect anything."

DaisyLu takes her drink over to John, and says something to him under the music, with a huge grin. Then she offers him her drink, while looking around to see if she can see the people she's promised to keep an eye on. She's barely drunk a quarter of what's in the cup, but it's ok, it's a normal human-style drink. Drunk but not high.

Isa looks over fiery Eleri and smiles warmly though she doesn't expect to shake hands cause.... fire. She just nods ad eeps a bit when Dora excuses herself. Left with out anyone to sorta cling to she smiles to the Elemental. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well." She flashes a greatful grin over to Ihrck.

Eleri smiles warmly to Mei, giving her a polite nod, then looks back to Dottie. "It is a problem at times," she says solemnly, then laughs at the suggestion she bring Mirabella more than one of the frosted treats. "I will have to do that," she says cheerfully, then sneaks another lick of frosting in before turning to Dora at the whistle. She doesn't /quite/ blush, but it's a near thing; she does grin. "You also look very nice," she says cheerfully before giving Isa a bright look. "Hello," she says, "It is nice to meet you." The hand not holding to cupcake is offered to her. Dora's request garners a laugh. "I will not steal her and I don't think she has any reason to want to steal me." Turning back to Isa, she tilts her head. "I should not be scary, then?" She seems to be teasing, but it's hard to tell.

Herpe tapdances across the screen of the ipad and oncomes the next song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lur-SGl3uw8

Sloan calls out to Bethany as they dance, "I'm Sloan. Nice to meet you." He then laughs, "I guess we have to expect the unexpected then btu I am nto sure that is possible." He then smiles big as 99 luftballoons starts. "I am not exactly local, it was simply happenstance that I washed ashore here." Mei replies with a shake of her head before she offers a bit of a smile to Dora, then she thinks, "Maybe two months? Roughly....but not very long. It was about the time that the red sails were seeming to be very active. Mine are black, for the record."

Isa nods to Eleri greatfully. "Scary I can handle but this is so much.... glitter." She stares around the room and shakes her head. "I don't think I'ver ever seen so much...." Changeling really or glitter. She shakes her head and pulls her attention back to Eleri, "Well as my temperary gardian I should get to know you, I'm a writer. Do you do something? Are you a pirate too?"

As the next song starts, and she closes her eyes and sways just a bit to the slow begining, "OK, should have expected this." Then the pulsing beat begins and her movements chane to match with that. "Bethany. Likewise." Then the beat picks up and she actually starts to bounce along to it, and even plugs her nose and does a momentary finish to The Swim.

Once assured that her charge is in good hands, Dora slips away briefly and heads toward one of the tables covered in all sorts of sparkly paraphernalia fo those who didn't bring enough of their own. She hunts a moment, then picks up a long, squat tube painted in pink sparkly 'camo', with some bracing that looks meant to go against someone's shoulder. This gets carried over to John Ihrck and then presented with a deep bow of her head and a slight curtsey, held out in both hands almost as one would present a sword to a knight. She says something, but it's pitched for only the man on wheels to hear.

It is quite a lot of glitter," Eleri agrees with Isa. "I could argue that it, perhaps, is scarier than many other things tonight, although not all, of course." At the question, she smiles again. "What sort of things do you write about?" she asks with interest before replying, "I do many things, but I am not a pirate. Sometimes I work in the archives at a museum, and sometimes I spin fire at faires and festivals. It depends upon the day." Ihrck has been filling Isa in on the who's who and broke away to look at the toys. The lights in his pigtail extensions seemed to change and blink with the Nena song and a grin stretched on his face. He took the pink glitter-flogued shoulder cannon and leaned to give Dora a kiss on teh cheek. "You bring me the best damn shit." He reached over and took it in one hand and held it aloft and declares "WITNESS ME! Meet me at ze Schparkle party shiny und chrome, ja!" He spun on heel and pulled the trigger repeatedly.




A dozen rounds of glittery ammunition exploded in Red, Orange, pink, lime green, confetti and puce... oh... so that's what colour puce is. Well now we know. Purple, blue, teal, and kept going. He declared, "Now is zee time on Schprokets vhen ve dance!"

Sloan starts to bounce along with the music not payin a lot of attemtion to those around him and he rocks out to the shong even itf it is not a song normally rocked out to. He maanges ot dislodge his bowler and it rumbes off of his head just in time for the glitter arillery barage from Ibrck, leaving in covered by it's multi hued rain.

So many people, loud noises, violent assaults to the eyes. Elmo has gone quiet, staring, watching, quiet. He cocks his head to the side, watching Eleri, listening, and watching. Whatever is going on between Dottie and Dora is going over his head. idly, he starts tapping his pocket, before reaching into it, taking out his cigarette case, and then, without opening it, putting it back again.

And then there is glitter, and Elmo flinches as the sparkles rain from EVERYFUCKINGWHERE. "Oh god damn it." he mutters, looking down at his brand new glittery suit.

Strutting over to set down the pizzas somewhere, and the beer, Reiz-devil sweeps that long black hair of his back, motioning for others. "There you guy, mangia, mangia!" he grins a little, apparently setting the stuff down for everyone as he grabs a slice of a pizza himself. Just then however, glitter explodes everywhere, getting on his skin, hair--heck, it was hard to tell what glitter he'd applied to his makeup and what he hadn't himself! "Oh my, going to be washing this stuff out for a week at least," he sounded like such a diva, too. Oh those springs.

Dottie blinks at Mei and then looks at Elmo and shrugs, "Awesome, well welcome to Fallcoast." She bobbles her head, "I don't do much but if ya need a party just call me?" She winks, "I'll make that shit happen." Eleri's given a headbob but any answer is cut off as she looks at Isa, "Hardcore German Sparkle Party. We're not even close to the fun yet, no one's touched the moonshine." She winks. "Ladies, if you'll excuse me.. I'm going to find somewhere to be." She bounces away letting Isa nad Eleri and Mei talk. She leans up to Elmo and murmurs to him as she dance capers in time to the music. John's sudden revalation of his sparkle cannon has Dottie sort of shoving Elmo behind a tree with a cackle of glee. as she's half coated in glitter. She'd only gotten her half behind the tree - OOPS! This only makes Dottie laugh harder, tossing her head back and giggling manically for a moment.

DaisyLu finds herself laughing out loud, and twirling in the rain of glitter, becoming a sparklecorn for reals! She doesn't even remember to keep her mouth closed, so she's glittery EVERYWHERE.

Bethany suddenly has to look over at Ihrck's outburst, but does not even miss a beat. Then? When the explosion comes she bursts out laughing again and actually goes up en pointe and spins around in a flawless ballerina pose even as the glitter rains down over her already glitter covered body!

Someone has a sense of humor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQAKRw6mToA&list=FLtQd0G9zpvTG6Rk6PMFHSpw&index=22

And now there's more glitter. Isa looks up at the falling shinies and can only laugh and shake her head. To Eleri she continues, "I'm write horror novels, I don't know if you've ever read any of my books the primary series I write is about a psychic named Carole Angel who investigates horrible supernatural mysteries. Oh you work with Thorian then?"

The glitter explosion is watched with an expression that could be slightly disapproving, but it doesn't last. Mei nods to Dottie, "If I have need of one you will be the first that I approach. However, could you tell Dora that I will speak with her another time, please?" She reaches up, pulling the sea-monkey off her shoulder to give him a bit of a shake, then she tucks the little monkey beneath her jacket.

Sloan picks up his bowler hat and puts it bacck on his head, "I have a feeing i will be sparkily for weeks." He looks over to Dottie whne she says the magic words moonsine nad asks Bethany, "Want a drink?"

Dora grins broadly up at Ihrck at the kiss to her cheek, then quickly backs away so she doesn't take the glitter-explosion quite so head-on. Of course, she's not so far away that she doesn't end up with a rainbow coating her exposed skin and all through her wig, dancing her way back over toward the others. "It's not a sparkle party if your underwear isn't still glittering in a week, I say!" Just in time for Mei to make her excuses, it turns out; she doesn't hide looking disappointed, but smiles nonetheless. "Give me a call later this week? I'm glad you at least could stop by."

DaisyLu hears the beginnings of the song and laughs harder. "Oh, hells yes! Now it's a fuckin' party!" she announces, and tries to dance to this one. After all, what's funnier than a glitter-covered unicorn dancing to a German disco song about Moscow?

The explosion of glitter - or maybe it's the glittery man on skates - is met with a laugh from Eleri, who simply picks the bits of foil out of what's left of the frostinig on her cupcake in amusement as she chats with Isa. "I don't know that I am familiar with that, but I like to read, so I will look it up," she says cheerfully. "And yes, I work with Thorian, at least some of the time. I enjoy the museum; there is always something interesting to be found there."

Elmo is pushed behind a tree, but too late! He looks for a moment, cranky as fuck, and then lets out a long, much put upon, sigh. "Dottie, my Love, there will be revenge." his voice calm as he pulls her closer, and then smacks the little Zombie girl rather firmly on the ass. He shakes his head in the wake of such excitement "I think I need to be a bit more fucked up for this..." he looks around, and then heads for the booze, squinting at the labels until he finds the 'Fireshine' and picks up a jar.

Isa nods to Eleri, "I find it all rather fascinating as well... the stories behind things. I was hoping that Thorian would be here tonight so could ask him more about it. Do you enjoy it? Ever find anything particularly interesting?"

Dottie squeaks at the spank and she laughs wiggling her fingers after Elmo, "Enjoy. I..." She poses dramatically, "Must dance." And so she bounces off to oin DaisyLu on the dance'floor' area and doing ehr best 'Hardcore Dance' to it. Dottie's..well.. she's a little graceless. But she makes up for it in enthusiasm! Stopping only to go collect a couple of the party cupcakes and tossing them into her mouth. Looks like the drugs are kicking in.

The dulcet voices of german disco ends so does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTidn2dBYbY begin..

The switch of song has Beth's head tilting to the side for a moment, and she ends up staying en pointe - again without even showing it being an effort - and spins and goes through actual on the spot choreography for this song, via Russian Ballet standard forms. She looks torn at the offer too, and finally seems to follow it by little toe steps to the table.

The moonshine botles do actually have little no smoking signs on them.

"Certainly, I will be certain to call you later this week." Mei replies with a nod, pausing as she glances around, "Perhaps we can speak somewhere more quietly later this week." She gives Dora a bit of a bow, "Thank you for letting me stop by."

Sloan smiles, to Bethany as she dances over to the tble and pors her and him each a glass of moonshine. he hands her hers and then takes a swig downing most of his, then he refills it. 3... 2... 1... and the swig hits him and his face immediately turns into a goofy smile. He then woblles a bit and grins, "I think maybe we need dance more?"

Ihrck was down with moonshine and with glitter and dancing on skates right now... Someone might die. Either John or the person he falls on. It will be a glitter epic demise though and isn't that what being Lost is partly about? Dying in an explosion of glitter on someone's livingroom floor like a rockstar? yeah let's try to avoid that. Glitter bomb montage to Hasselhoff. Either way the Jotun was somehow still managing to dance on skates. They teach you this shit when you join a fraternity apparently.

Dora grins at Mei. "I think I've been to bar fights that are more quiet than this, but...we'll find something, I promise." She winks at the departing pirate, then finally closes in on Eleri and Isa again. "Sorry about that! Now: either of you need anything to eat or drink? Or are we set to just wonder if John's looking to try out for that revival of Xanadu they're always whispering about?"

DaisyLu bursts out laughing and says, "John, I just want you to know, I am objectifying you even more right now." She manages to wipe some glitter out of her mouth, and looks down at herself and over at everyone else. "We are all going to be infected with craft herpes for MONTHS."

"Working at the museum? I enjoy it, yes. And there are many interesting things I have found, although I don't know that everyone would agree with me about the definition of 'interesting.'" Eleri grins at Isa. "Are you looking for story ideas?" she asks curiously. "There are certainly all sorts of things that we have had on display that have fascinating histories." Looking back at Dora, she smiles. "I was going to get something to drink at some point. The cupcakes is good, but is making me thirsty." A laugh at the mention of Ihrck. "He is very festive."

"Enjoy." Elmo says to Dottie as he opens the moonshine, sniffing at it and making a face, coughing once at the strength of it. At this point he starts to search for mixers. Yes, mixers needed for this for sure. Then Daisy mentions herpes and Elmo looks up, confused. "I am not fucking anyone who has herpes. I was also not aware it was that kind of party." Yep, the joke going /way/ over his head.

Bethany does a little curtsey motion as the drink is offered her and she takes the drink, "Thanks." Then she takes a sip and her eyes go WIDE! She even coughs a bit. "Holy crap." Some more coughing. "That's strong." She's even a bit flushed. Then looks at it. It even stopped her from swaying around for a time too. She looks closely at it, then another sip causes nearly the same reaction. "whoa, no kidding." Her head bobs, "Dance!" She giggles as she looks over to DaisyLu - "Now everyone will see me sparkle." Yeah, with that impish grin, they're gonna think she's even crazier on the boardwalk. She's already swaying and making her way back to the dancefloor.

Up next for those swangin dancers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z13qnzUQwuI

The barbeque's near the sweets table and there is a lot of it. She snorts at Elmo and grins at DaisyLu as she bounces about. The bubble machines had been set to go off; and so bubbles start floating in the air and piling up towards the dance floor from four directions.

Isa winks to Eleri, "I am ALWAYS looking for story ideas. It's sort of a hazard of the trade." When Dora returns Isa reaches for her arm again. Yeah life preserver is back. "Missed you."

Sloan follows Bethany back out to the dance floor. HOne hand clitching he glass of 'shine tight as he heads out there to dance once more. he is a bit slower and off a bit compared to before but that does not seem to deter him in the slightest.

DaisyLu yells back to Elmo, "Glitter! It's like herpes: it stays with you forever. But it's for crafts, so craft herpes!" OOOOO! Bubbles! Daisy was gonna go for barbecue, but she has just been successfully distracted.

Dora blinks once as she finds her arm suddenly claimed, but immediately grins as she steps in a little closer to Isa. "See,I told you you'd be safe and sound here with Eleri. It's why she's some of my favorite people." The smile she flashes Eleri is unmitakably fond, though she then gets briefly distracted as she watches the bubbles kick off; that alone is worth a few moments appreciating Sloan and Bethany out on the dance floor, among others.

Bethany continues to somehow find exactly the right beat and work along with the beat, but the look on her face for this song is one of horror. "Oh. My. God." She is saying. "Like... is that... like.. did he say what." Her mouth falls open and there's just more laughing. It's affecting her almost as much as the booze.

Mixers! Elmo finds them, and starts SERIOUSLY diluting the moonshine, tho when he finally takes a sip he still winces, but then takes another drink. He's a wine drinker, so hard Alcohol and him are not the bestest of friends. Still, alcohol is his friend and he feels much better now that he has some. Taking his diluted drink, leaving the super flamable stuff back, he heads around the dancers towards Dora and Isa again. Daisylu's explanation also illuminates Elmo's confusion and he nods, learning a new modern colloquialism, filing it away for later use.

Sloan had not really paid attemtion to the words until Bethany calls attention to them hten he blushes for a moment hten cracks up laughing. "either he did or we are both hallucinating." He then says, 'Not sure which is more likely."

Eleri smiles at Isa. "I will keep that in mind," she says before finally starting in on the cupcake proper; she makes fairly short work of it and the rest of the frosting before laughing at Dora's words. "I don't bite when I am told to be nice," she says to the darkling, winking; she follows the other woman's gaze curiously for a moment, then grins at the bubbles. "Mirabella will be sad she missed these," she says, stepping close enough to the floor, reaching up with fingertips to 'catch' bubbles.

Isa grins to Eleri, "Wonderful and thank you for keeping an eye on me while Dora was off plotting our glitter shower I presume." She looks side ways to Dora and squeezes her arm. It's Elmo's approach that evokes the biggest grin from Isa though, "Uncle, are you enjoying the party?"

"I know what Grace put in the cupcakes." Bethany says, the look in her eyes... well, it's absolutely devilish. "so... Yes." She holds her hands over her chest and tilts her head to the side, acting along with the song like she were singing it in a musical... for one line, "Oh, you touch my tra la la... ahahaa!" before she loses it again. "Wooooow." Then she notices the bubbles and starts to grab at them.

Dottie laughs and starts dancing over to the cupcake table again grabbing another to pop in her mouth. The girl's going to be high as a kite for the night. She twirls in the bubbles with a delighted whee. Then pauses, "Oh!" She calls over the music, "There's also a snipe hunt, it oh, it begane when everyone got here. I just forgot, so.. somewhere in the yard there are some snipes. I think there were prizes, they're stuffed in them." She then resumes twirling in merry dizzying circles in the bubbles.

Elmo considers the question for a long moment, taking another sip of the seriously spicy drink he's procured, the fire starting to burn the inside of his mouth, causing him to take another drink to quench it, which only makes it worse. "In a manner of speaking, yes." then he passes the drink to Isa, and should she take it, pulls out his cigarette case again, opening it up, and selecting among the cigarettes, a joint. Then the case is put away, an antique lighter produced, and a moment later he's inhaling fragrant smoke, holding it deep in his lungs. Gruncle Elmo needs to be more fucked up than he is.

Up next: some groovey funk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzoEK545j64

Isa has been avoiding drinks all night but the one Elmo hands her she takes with out any hestation and takes a sip greatfully, grining to her uncle. She leans over to brush some glitter out of his hair while he lights his joint.

As Ihrck skates by, Reiz is shocked by the display and actually has to point a finger, despite his own rather provocatively dressed self. "Oh my god, look at it, the shade is real honey!" Reiz grins and claps to Ihrck, standing and watching him roll by as he drinks a beer and finishes that slice of pizza. The bat-eared imp-tailed lost has to follow along with Ihrck a little bit of course, those stiletto heels of his thigh-high boots click-clacking up a storm.

Dora grins impishly, even as she watches Eleri try and catch the bubbles. "We'll have to bubble up Mira's life some other time, make up for her not being able to come." She laughs then, leaning lightly against Isa as the woman squeezes her arm again. "Not so much plotting as enabling the real plotter..." She nods then toward Dottie, shaking her head with a fond grin. "All her, this." She grins at Elmo as he joins them as well, just before the new song starts and her eyes light up. She doesn't move away from Isa, but the darkling definitely starts to sway in place to the beat, head bobbing a little.

Ihrck finished his drink is a way that might kill most people. No he didn't slam it but try drinking moonshine on skates and stay standing. There's an olynpic sport there for you. He spun in a circle anit might not have been on purpose but he was making the effort post-facto to make it look deliberate. It was to Eleri and her gold sequin extravaganza, "You look like Solid Gold and Soul Train collided. Fuckin love it." And that said he was when he rolled by he gave one of Reiz's ears a friently batting at (no pun intended) and said "Snipe hunt on the lawn!"

Sloan looks over to Bethany, "What is a snipe are they good to eat?" he asks, evidently not fmiliar with this American custom. "Shall we join the hunt." Heis eyes dance a little at the prospect.

The new song comes on and Bethany starts to sway around and look more comfortable with the music when she isn't laughing herself silly. Now she can rock her hips along and run her hands up from her ankles to her head after dipping down. At least when she isn't just kicking out and dancing crazily however the music takes her. "You should totally join if you don't wanna dance more. Or dance. I'm not a hunter." Yep, still looking impish.

Isa lifts her glass to her lips and drinks more when Dora beside her starts to sway she does too cause it's infectious. She blinks a bit at her drink and looks over to Elmo then shrugs, drinks more. "Alright now I'm feeling kinda good...."

The music cuts out and suddenly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

A bright nod to Dora. "We will, yes," Eleri says. "It is too bad her birthday has already passed, but we owe her a party still, so that is something to consider." Ihrck's compliment is met with a brilliant smile. "I will have to let Mirabella know." Her eyes twinkle. "Thank you." Dottie's announcement garners another grin, and the elemental finally goes to claim something boringly alcoholic and involving vodka on the way to hunt snipes, pausing only to hug Dora from her free side and offer Isa a cheerful, "I will have to make sure to see you later."

DaisyLu gives in and heads into the yard, shedding glitter with every movement. She is hunting Snipes, yes she is! If one can hunt snipes while shaking one's ass to whatever music can be heard.

Dora is right in the middle of leaning into Eleri's hug, and just about to plant a big wet kiss on her cheek, when the music switches. She freezes immediately, then bursts out giggling. Sad, it lets Eleri slip away to go hunt the elusive snipe, even as she turns to lean into Isa a bit instead. "So what did he mix up fo ryou to drink?"

Sloan dances in place to the new song obviously torn between dancing with the new person he has met and wanting to go on the hunt. He looks between Bethany and the darkness when the mysterisous snipes may be. He then gives in to his desire to hunt and heads out after the snipes.

Isa shrugs a bit at Dora an finishes her drink. "I don't know." But beyond the half a cupcake Dora gave her Elmo's the only one she will just blindly take things from with out a hint of concern. "It was strong and spicy... like peppery. But now I feel nice and warm."

Beth brightens at the song and starts to sway along and sing, the expression on her face one of someone who doesn't know what a rick roll even is, and seems to like the song too! "Have fun! Call snipe snipe snipe!" She calls out as Sloan slips out too. "It calls them!" Yep, she's not hiding the mischevious look on her face or in her tone... She spins around and folds her hands over her heart and shakes her hips as she sings along.

Elmo is in no hurry to take his drink back, rather content with his joint, focusing on relaxing, despite the lights and music, taking deep lung-fulls of intoxicating smoke, trying to find his 'zen'. When the mention of a 'snipe hunt' reaches his ears, he opens his black eyes again "What is this 'snipe hunt'?"

DaisyLu heads off into the field, leaving a trail of glitter. She might be dancing just a little bit, or even a lot, because she unironically likes this song now that Rick Astley is rickrolling people. She's doing better at dancing when it's just walking and shaking her ass and moving her shoulders than when she has to try to coordinate that in place. Meanwhile, she goes hither and yon, into dark corners and then lighter ones, until lo, she trips and falls on a snipe. Hey. It's dark.

Sloan follows Beths asvise and he searches in the dark he clls out, 'Here snipe, snipe snipe." Over and over as he trys to find one of the illusive creatures. He balls up his fights ready to combat thiese creatures once he finds one.

Dora grins at Isa, and leans in a little closer. "Nice and warm are definitely good things to be, especially tonight." She watches the woman finish off the drink, then turns that grin on Elmo. "Just what it sounds like, really; it's a bit like an easter egg hunt, just...you're looking for snipe. I think Dottie's even got prizes set up for anyone who finds them."

Reiz grins a little and laughs as the shorts-wearing rollerman playfully dabs at his ears like that. "Ooh, a snipe hunt huh? is that a code word for something?" the drag queen chimera's tail lashing about a bit more excitedly, as if this seemed to get Reiz' attention even moreso. "Alright, catcha later then, roller man," Reiz blew the large man a kiss as he seemed to be finishing his drink and heading off, clearly having fun and being a ham, showing himself off.

Isa seems okay with Dora invading her space given she's stoned and Elmos like right there. She grins and sets down her glass looking around curiously, even through the blurr of drugs and alcohol her gaze seems incredibly sharp. "Here snipey snipey...."

Dottie continues to dance, up next, a happy little tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z4m4lnjxkY

The darkness that the trees around this old place helps to make the hunt weirdly creepy and also exciting; the fairie lights Grace carefully string bling at odd times so it makes shadows cast oddly. For people who are high, or drunk, it's hard to see at first as they all seperate.

"Interesting, and calling it's name helps?" Elmo asks Dora, following people towards the field. He picks up the drink after Isa sets it down, and, double fisting booze and weed, he starts his own hunt, which involves him walking out towards the center for the feild, and scanning the dark with eyes like twin tar pits, looking focused, if starting to get a little wobbly.

Isa lets go of Dora's arm, "I'll be right back." She moves over closer to Elmo and mutters something near his ear.

Ihrck looked to Elmo and Reiz, then DL, then the door and said something to Elmo in his ear before setting the depleted sparkle glitter shoulder cannon down. He waited for the path to clear and built up some speed from teh hall yelling "Now ist zee time on Schprotkets to hunt zee snipe! Hut eet! INBOUND!" And with that rolled full tilt and managed to clearthe porch, land, and miraculously coast down teh path to the mailbox. He couldn't stop the the momentum so, fuck it. he hopped the curb and continued up the street.

Dora laughs softly. "It can; I don't know if it will in this case. Saying one way or the other might give things away." She nods quickly to Isa, then actually slips over to grab a drink for herself while niece and uncle join in on the hunt; when she's not busy fixing her glass, she watches the pair of them with a grin while also scanning the rest of the party like a good assistant hostess.

The dance area is currently playing happy musical varients of Trolololo while the new darkness broken by blinking fairie lights is host now to a Snipe Hunt as people crawl over the outside yard to try and find things. Ex cept John, who appears to have lost control of his skates; a magical sight inspiring, no doubt, many in his path.

Olivia finally makes her way back from...whatever it was, or whoever it was, she was doing. She certainly does have a glow about her, and some of her body glittered could probably be called smeared, except really, it's body glitter, so it always kinda looks that way, doesn't it?

DaisyLu watches John go, distracted from her hunt by his full-blown snipe hunting cry. She starts to laugh so hard she has to lean against an old tombstone, right opposite another one that has an angel as part of the tombstone. She laughs. And laughs. And laughs. And sheds glitter. And laughs. And realizes she can see something nestled in the angel's hands. She'll get to it in a minute, she's busy enjoying people being loons.

A raised brow as the song seems unfamiliar to Beth, but it doesn't make her miss a beat. Her manic steps slow down into something more smooth - and starting to integrate some ballet in again, which as the song goes on means she is spinning up en pointe again, even extending her leg once. Then her feet down and quick little en pointe steps and plies to it.

Sloan stumbles around in the darkness still calling out, "Here, snipe, snipe, snipe." repeatedly as he searchs for these creatures not queiting even has he starts to doubt he will find one. He does pause now and again to sip from his cup.

Isa pulls away from Elmo with a smirk and stumbles towards the pond. To go looking.

Elmo tilts his head towards Isa, listening, a sharp smile on his lips, arm moving around her back, resting on his hip with his drink as he murmurs something back to her, looking around and starts to lead her, all super casual like, towards the the Koi pond.

At the koi pond, with Isa, Elmo picks up something on the ground, partially hidden. It appears to be a black plastic egg with feathers hotglued to it, some googley eyes, pipe cleaner neck and legs and a pullfball head. He cracks it open and looks inside, smiling at the sheet of paper. "We appear to be victorious." he tells his Neice, who is, by now, more than a little tipsy. So, he leads Isa back towards a place she can sit down, murmuring to her that he'll be close by.

Whatever Ihrch whispered to him earlier, gets a nod from the Elemental and a 'Thank you' (super belatedly)

DaisyLu finally stops laughing long enough to go grab what she finds out of the angel's hands. It's a black plastic egg, turned into a cute little animal with the help of hot glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaner neck and feathers. Inside is a Golden Ticket, which has her singing, "I've got a Golden Ticket", which she tucks away inside that bra.

Sloan stumbles out of the darkness unable to find any of the snipes and he walks back over to the dance floor looking a little down, "I ahve failed ot catch one of these snipes." he shakes his head a little.

Dottie coos, "The snipes are found!" She laughs looking around before waving, "All right everyone. Thats all I have for party favors. PLease feel free to eat, like, eat a lot because there's a lot. Oh and take stuff home to people had to miss the party! Next time they'll know what they're missing and show up!" She calls brightly.