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Fear Fair Halloween Party

"So let's honor the spirits, lets honor Autumn and most of all...lets celebrate tonight as we conquer fear by becoming one of the fearful ourselves!"

Dramatis Personae

Isrieal, Ish, Betty, Ezra_Brixton, Hikaru, Tomoko, Wendell, Stefan, Vesna, West, Marley, Absinthe, Ambroise

27 October, 2017

Isrieal hosts her second annual Halloween party, Fear Fair! Lots of food, fun and performances done by many locals.


Old Harvest Fair Grounds

The Fair Grounds have been set up like a carnival where all rides and game stands are decorated in flashing orange and black lights with hints of purple and greens tossed in here and there. Everything from the food to the prizes is Halloween themed. Ghost cookies, orange cotton candy, all sorts of treat bags with all kinds of candy! Prizes range from stuffed animal pumpkins and goblins to cool and creepy plastic reapers and skeletons.

Dry ice machines constantly cast a swirling mist about the grounds and mixed with the orange and black lights gives the place an ethereal dreamlike quality. Music plays over the speakers, Oingo Boingo, Birthday Massacre, Midnight Syndicate and more that fits the night.

All game hosts and employees for the night are dressed in some sort of carnival esque fashion. From clowns to masquerade styles of blacks and oranges, plague doctor birds stalk around the park and other actors dressed in Dia De Los Muertos fashion, or cloaked reapers interact with the crowds.

At the center of the fair is a large stage set up with microphones and drums. Black and purple garland hangs over the framework and wraith like decorations hang from it, long shredded cloaks billowing in the wind. Some with the faces of skeletons and some with the faces of angels.

A man dressed in a black and white pinstripe suit and top hat with quality skeleton face makeup greets all who enter the archway leading into the Fear Fair and passes out LED skeleton and pumpkin necklaces as well as a ticket for people to vote for best costume.

Time. It is what Stefan knows. And so he's here promptly, one of the first to arrive, offering a curious smile to the skeleton greeter and taking a pumpkin necklace and voting ticket before stepping in, looking around with eyes as wide as a child's in a candy store. So many fun things. He heads towards the food stalls; for this, he'll need sugar.

Wendell frollics over to the fairgrounds in his own somewhat crude and even childish Halloween costume. He made an attempt however. It's made of a combination of old thrift store clothes and the occasional small, cheap costume piece that you might get from a Halloween store or a joke shop. In any case the ogre is excited for one of his most favoritest times of year. The fluffiest ogre wears an ill fitting brown suit with shoulder pads and black boots that he eventually takes off when he gets over to the cookies. On his head is what looks like a toupe and on his neck ara a pair of fake bolts. A pone scar is across the Wendell's forehead and along his cheek. The ogre's large black eyes look around in wonderment. His nose twitches as he sees the candies and he does not hesitate to dig in. Pretty much to the exclusion of noticing everything else.

The advertising for the fair had been all over the city, it was impossible for Sin not to have seen it. A halloween fair? Just her sort of place - and they even wanted costumes! She'd let the boys go for the night, getting into their costumes of zombies, frankenstein's monsters and other store bought wash outs. She'd waved them off and scoffed at their choices.

So as the roar of 1000cc's of pure power came up to the parking area, she'd already 'acquired' her costume elsewhere. How she'd found a full cop's uniform to fit her 5'1" frame was a mystery. But it looked authentic right down to the gleaming badge with it's number and name - a name that didn't belong to the small Shadow. From hat down to gleaming black shoes, with the full belt, gun and cuffs included and a radio that looked scuffed but servicable. It even squarks with a dispatch update now and then! Now /that's/ commitment people!

Of course she'd had to forgo her normal makeup, her eyes their natural pale jade green and skin a soft pink from the blood she'd burnt for the effect. A rarity in and of itself. All this was obvious even in the dark, what wasn't, and what only becomes apparent on closer inspection is the small bullet hole in the shirt just above her midriff. Or the larger hole that matched it in the back. The black shirt did a good job of hiding the badly washed out blood stains, but surely that was all for effect right? Probably.

Leaving the bike, the little lunatic manages a cocky walk towards the doors, twirling a nightstick in one hand as she grins at the skele-guy, getting her ticket and necklace (both of which are deposited in the nearest bin before she does a slow three-sixty turn on the spot, drinking it all in. "Time to have some /fun/!" Absinthe chimes in her high-alto, southern English accented voice. All sweetness and light... For now.

Marley has been completely sequestered for what has felt like months. Now, she's wearing a glowing halo that seems to hover above her head and a pair of beautifully hewn white angel wings. She looks more ethereal than anything else, collecting her pumpkin necklace and ticket. All alone, the pale and delicate creature approaches this new social situation with a heavy measure of interested caution.

Hikaru arrives in a red and black victorian style ballgown. Her skin is a very pale white, which contrasts with her dark black hair and bright red lips. Though two things don't really match her vampire costume, a black guitar case she is carrying around with her as well as a long thin white cane, which she holds out to probe things in front of her so she doesn't walk into anything.

Try something new. That's what West is doing here. He even got a costume. Sure, he's not an actual fan of Star Wars, but he's seen the new movies. So as Kylo Ren he takes the stage, parking his big ugly Ford Raptor in the parking lot, he's sure to carry his helmet and mandatory red lightsaber toy in hand. After taking his ticket and declining the necklaces (they don't go with the outfit), he loiters around the center of the fair, checking out the attractions from a distance. Selecting a simple candycane stand for further perusal, he dons his helmet, then sets off at a brisk pace, like he really is Kylo Ren and he expects everyone to move out of his way.

Tomoko wouldn't normally do any of the Halloween stuff, the woman could scare to easy with some of it but she didn't have anything else to do on a Friday night. What she was wearing seemed more like Cosplay than a regular costume and it had quite a bit of pink with some sort of yellow stuffed animal at her waist and a wand in one hand... She was dressed up as Card Captor Sakura, a character from an anime almost as old as she was, but she seemed mostly in the halloween spirit - just not the scary side of it. She wasn't sure if she knew anyone there but it didn't really bother the Asian woman dressed as a magical girl. She took her ticket going in, but refused getting an LED necklace, she already had a ribbon up at her neck and thought it wouldn't fit together.

Marley is caught in her own little world, wide eyed -- her makeup is more glowy and ethereal than anything else, having tried to make every angelic mark possible. She's cradling a little harp in her arms that actually plays music, even as she fails to move out of West's way, and instead, steps right into his path without even paying much attention -- there's going to be a collision, and Marley is one hundred percent, hilariously at fault.

The Boy Wonder, 35 years worse for year and stinking of gin; Ishmael Cavanaugh (the third of his name, each more foul than the last iteration), is also here. The briefs are very bright and very brief, the cape is yellow, and the boots are practical, which is to say they were made for walking. He will take the ticket, and the garland. Thank you. "Hello, old friend," he says to a reaper who seems familiar, indiscretely offering the costumed volunteer a taste of his flask. Having been declined, Ish wanders around, enjoying the soft lights and artificial warmth of alcohol, though not exactly enjoying the gusts of wind.

Tonight Isrieal is dressed in a black dress with a silver, metallic corset overtop of it that mimics a ribcage. The skirts flow in wispy black shreds to her upper knees and black boots cover her legs to her thighs where black fishnets peek out from under the skirts. Her hair is done in flowing white curls that tumble about her frame. Her makeup is bold, black and painted like wings across her eyes with hints of glitter. Her lips are painted black as well and she has vinyl black gloves drawn up to her elbows. On her shoulders black angel wings are fastened, definitely on the higher quality end and the light feathers gently sway with each movement.

She walks out to the front of the stage that's covered in smoke machine mist and where other figures stand in the shadows. She's really had to amp herself up to get into this mode, but its Halloween and thats what she's best at!

"Good evening Fallcoast, welcome to my second annual Halloween party in this city. I hope there will be many more to come." She says with a smirk. "I hope you enjoy it with all your hearts content, we have a few special performances tonight to entertain you. We have drinks to get you drunk and if you aren't completely out of it by the end of this night then I haven't done my fucking job. Have I? So let's honor the spirits, lets honor Autumn and most of all...lets celebrate tonight as we conquer fear by becoming one of the fearful ourselves! Nothing can touch you tonight...not here." She says with a grin.

"So tonight! I open you all with a few new songs I've been working on since I've been here and I do hope you like it. So welcome my angels of death to the stage!" She steps back as purple and blue lights flash on, revealing guitarists and drummers in cloaks and reaper like capes, some with wings and some with skeletal hands and faces. All costume of course. And then she begins with the a perfect intro that leads into the first song...

Lights and music draw the lunatic's attention like a moth to the flame. People heaving close together as they start to dance and bounce to the music. Some folks have obviously been drinking before they even got here, and these Sin takes note of as she passes with a grin. Easy pickings for later should she want them.

Maybe it's her manic grin, maybe it's the too-perfect policewoman's uniform - whatever the reason, Absinthe finds it easy to get to the front of the area, standing before the stage looking up as her septic little beast coils and twists in her breast around so many beating hearts... And there's kin out there too. Her grin broadens, set to split her face as she begins to sway in time to the music, watching Isrieal perform.

A good costume is only half the work. You have to act it too. And most of acting is body language. As such, West looks like he's simply going to trample anyone that doesn't move out of his way. Luckily, he has a clear path ahead of him... Or so he thought. The sudden welcoming by the dark angel Isrieal makes him turn his head for just two seconds. But those two seconds are long enough for him to barrel directly into the light angel Marley. It's not a little shoulder bump, either. It's helmet-to-head, full body flailing, the tall man losing his balance and using the poor girl's wings to keep himself steady. The momentum makes that a valiant, but utterly useless try, sending him sprawling to the ground.

"Yay!" Wendell cheers as he claps and shifts from foot to foot. He gets back to stuffing cookies into his mouth and his crummy brown suit has crumbs all over it by this point. He gives a sheepish wave to Stefan and Isrieal but as always it seems that his stomach has his mind set pretty much entirely on all the snacks. He wrinkles his nose as each new person comes in but besides that it is snack time.

One of the female clowns with blue hair and a black and white dress passes through everyone, offering drinks out of different halloween themed cups to whoever cares to take one. It looks like blood, but really just vodka mixed with things.

This is kind of a comedy of errors. All Marley sees is a shape moving toward her, her eyes widen, and she feels the air escape her as she's barreled into by Kylo Ren himself. The angel goes sprawling, dropping her harp and skinning her knee. The little blonde's silvery hair goes swish, falling into her face. She's an awkward tangle of limbs, pushing her hair away and looking around with wide eyes. Apparently she's a little big confused about what happened -- but she does see the Dark Side's Lord there, and clears her throat. "I'm so sorry!"

Buying up two big sticks of candyfloss, Stefan makes his way over to Wendell, offering one to the ogre and grinning at the costume. "Nice - Frankinstein's Monster?" he guesses, before pulling off a few bits of his own spun-sugar treat and eating it. Messily, because there is no way to eat candyfloss tidily. Then Issy is up on stage and he turns to watch and listen to her introduction, gaze remaining on the stage as the group start their set.

Hikaru is a bit too young to be drinking, so she will pass on that for now. Instead she makes her way over towards the stage, with her white cane in front of her as she tries not to bump into anyone. All the while she is listening to the music.

Tomoko still wasn't sure why she showed up but hey if anyone asked she could at least say she didn't stay home all weekend, and her Card Captor Sakura costume was pretty cute. She looked around at the games and figured she might try some snacks but the girl seemed to pretty much avoid alcohol, though for all anyone might know she could very well be someone's Designated Driver. She looked around, a lot of spooky costumes here - especially from the staff. She hasn't seemed to have mustered up the nerve to talk to anyone.

The games Tomoko sees range from tossing darts at red balloons, very IT themed. And tossing knives at a skeleton on a wheel. Also some cute games where you can win some little fishies! Of course funnel cake stands and fries and all that good stuff.

Hikaru soon hears a voice at her ear. That blue haired vegas clown. "Darling, no ones going to bat an eye if you cheat for the night, eh?" She asks with a smirk while offering her a drink. Of course unless she truly doesn't want to.

The first song ends and Isrieal only briefly scans the crowd, waving to Absinthe whose right up front but she can't get too distracted yet. "I think the angels love you Fallcoast! I see one who hasn't quite turned yet." She points to the white angel at Kylo Rens feet. "Lets fix that. This next one is for all you who deal with the crazy in this town." The music starts back up again to a second song.

With his ass still planted firmly on the ground, West pushes himself up on his elbows, looking beside him. No sound comes out from behind the mask. It looks fairly ominous, silent and staring. When the Sith Lord removes his mask, it's a far friendlier looking face staring at Marley. With a wide grin and mirth in his eyes, he says "Have I died and gone to heaven? Because you look like an angel!" Yes, it's one of the dumbest, cheesiest pickup lines in history. But he really isn't wrong either. Even the singer on stage agrees. West looks over there and when people turn around to stare or possibly help, he holds up a hand to ward of anyone. "I got this!" he calls out as he starts to rise, simultaniously helping Marley, if she needs it.

Hikaru doesn't notice the person offering her the drink at first, and isn't sure she she is talking to her but then realize. She smiles gently, "Oh thank you, but I will pass." She is too nice to say it but she definitely never accepts drinks from strangers.

The Card Captor wasn't going to pass up on funnel cake, getting herself one and having to try hard to not get the white powdered sugar all over her pink outfit! Though she couldn't really see all the powdered sugar she was getting on her face. She was really glad there were some tasty things to eat here!

She looks pretty damned relieved that West isn't acting like an actual wanna be Sith, not that Kylo is Sith but whatever. Still, she looks at her knee, and pushes her dress over her knee to cover it. When she hears Isrieal speak, she looks up doe eyed and climbs to her feet with the elp of West -- using his weight to drag herself upward. Marley is tinier than one might think, but she seems to be in the business of not making a big deal out of her knee or about stepping right into his path. "I am an angel, I guess. Thanks for the save."

Vesna weaves her way through the various attendees at the party to get some sweets. Most of the fun of fairs is indulging oneself after all, and tonight she wants to indulge in some orange cotton candy. One arm carries her basket, while her other hand holds the the treat and she nips at it delicately. Cotton candy that doesn't match my hair." she grins and says to no one in particular as she looks around, eyes sparkling. She admires costumes and looks around for someone or something to catch her eyes.

Spying another familiar face, Stefan nabs two drinks from a passing clown and weaves his way through the assembled bodies towards Vesna, his smile for her a bright one. "Little red riding hood?" he guesses of her costume, offering her one of the drinks as he does so. "It's good to see you again. Enjoying the fair so far?"

Vesna smiles brightly as she notices Stefan and happily accepts the drink from him, giving it a little sip without apparent concern before returning to the candy, nipping at it in a playfully delicate way, as though it might bite her back if she isn't careful or quick enough. "It's nice to see you too. Is the new job treating you well? And yes, it's so very... lively!" she exclaims, then nods at her self as best she can, arms spreading a bit to show off her costume "That was the idea!" she confirms, "What do you think?"

Isrieal pats Hikarus hand mid-song, she can't see her after all, but she's aknowledging her! And once finished she prepares for the final song she plans to do. "Alright guys! Last one. Superhuman. Because we all are tonight." Eh? The death angels start up one last time. "Im the fallen angel at your side, with a broken halo stopping time, Im the chemical that gets you by, Im in your blood Ill get you high...." They play on, a more bouncier type song than the last two.

The blue haired clown offering drinks skips by Vesna when spotted. "Want one??" She asks with a tip of her head, offering the blood red drink.

"....Ill swallow your heart." Isrieal points with a smirk as she continues on. "You'll be the last to know." The lights shift between blues and purples and reds and she can withstand the small blast of pyrotechnics! Even if fire isnt her thing.

When the song finally fades out the lights dim back into shadows and the figures depart. "Thank you Fallcoast! Enjoy the rest of the night and welcom Ezra to the stage!"

Sure the music is good and the singer has a nice voice, but it isn't really up West's alley. "Oh, I'm pretty sure you are." he smiles at Marley, bending down to pick up his lightsaber. The milky white translucent tube is bent in the middle, looking even more rediculous now. Trying to right it, he missed the skinned knee being covered up. "It's my fault anyway. I can't see that well in the helmet. So... Apologies, miss." Shoving the lightsaber behind his belt, he offers a black gloved hand at the angel. "My name's West."

Made comfortably remote by the settling haze of liquor and festive crowd vibes, Ishmael, no, Robin, can appreciate the grossest offerings of the festival, though the Glamorous play that unfolds beneath the more consensual reality remains outside of his sight, outside of mind. What is seen and heard and tasted; death angels, games, noise, and free liquor from clowns, is enjoyable and easy, easily enjoyed. Ish literally bumps into Hikaru while she is propositioned by a naughty clown, turning her reservation and good judgment into his opportunity. The middle-aged man Robin offers his opened flask to the blue-haired clown. "Holy Halloween! Sorry they shut down the circus." Hardly sorry, but it is kinder to pretend. "Nice dress. What are you supposed to be? Aside from warmer than me," Ish asks Hikaru, snickering at his own joke.

"Aw man, you bent your lightsaber." She winces; a Star Wars nerd through and through. The Angel pushes her hair over her shoulder, and reaches her hand back out to West. "Marley. Nice to meet you," she offers rotely. Marley is slightly socially awkward and it seems that she's going through the motions with extremely blushed cheeks. "Sorry, I mean -- yeah, awkward apologizing is a thing I do sometimes. Anyway, um.. good music, yeah?" She says offhandedly.

"Very pretty," Stefan assures Vesna, eating a bit more of his candyfloss, nowhere near as delicately. "New job? I've got four, now. It's going well, and things are settling," he adds to the other Lost, seeming much happier than the last time she saw him.

It never fails that there's that one costume thats going to embarass her and its what brings pause to Isrieal when she hops off side stage and bounces around to join everyone else, grabbing a drink from the passing clowns tray. Forget about swallowing hearts, she just staaaares at Ish for a long moment and blurts out the first thing she can process through that mind of hers. "Well holw cow Robin, where the heck is Batman?!" Then she looks to Hikaru. "You came! Thanks!" She quickly downs after half her glass just then.

The lights dim down in preparation for the oncoming set, and there's a sort of electrical energy that hangs in the air as the speakers fall to absolute silence. There's a soft, increasing whine of feedback that becomes shrill screech, before fading back into silence.

"Little black submarines Operator, please Put me back on the line"

The plucking of a guitar fills in, taking up the melody to back the crooning, but mournful voice that fills the air by the magic of PA systems. A single light shines down, a golden white light, splitting the darkness of the stage and illuminating a ghastly figure sitting on a stool in the center. He looks like a greaser kid from the 50's. Skinny. Pale skin. Dark hair kept in a perfectly held pompadour, greased to a healthy sheen. He wears a plain white shirt, and a red and gray letterman jacket, with a pair of plain blue jeans, rolled up over a pair of red Converse. But ghastly, you ask? Well, half of his face is torn, flesh shredded to reveal bloodied, glistening bone. His body fares little better, with his clothes shredded to one side, revealing ribs and pale, exposed muscle on his chest, a gleaming polished bone at his elbow, and various wounds indicative of a severe case of road rash. Propped against his stool is a bloodied baseball bat. Film fans might recognize him as The Torn Prince from a particular horror movie of the early aughts.

"Told my girl I'd be back Operator please This is wreckin' my mind"

His foot starts gently stamping on a hollow wooden box placed next to the stool, creating a deep, hollow thud sound, not unlike the sound of a bass drum.

"Oh can it be The voices calling me They get lost and out of time I should've seen it glow But everybody knows That a broken heart is blind That a broken heart is blind..."

The beat slows, coming almost to a standstill, before the Torn Prince stamps down on a pedal next to his set up. There's a moment of silence as the light dims back down to leave the stage dark. Then, cutting through that dark stillness, the distorted wail of the guitar comes crashing through with a vital energy. It's infused with the spirit of rock and roll, rebellious, but sort of retro in it's own way. The light kicks back on, and the Torn Prince is rocking his head back and forth. His foot stomps against the wooden box, alternating between toe and heel to create different a heavier thud with a lighter tap between kicking out the beat that times his talking guitar.

"Pick you up, let you down When I wanna go To a place I can hide.

You know me, I had plans But they just disappeared To the back of my mind

Here, the pace picks up, and there's a nervous sort of tension from the figure on the stage as he plays, his voice carrying higher and louder.

"Oh, can it be The voices calling me They get lost and out of time I should've seen it glow But everybody knows That a broken heart is blind That a broken heart is blind"

"Treasure maps, fallen trees Operator please Call me back when it's time Stolen friends and disease Operator please Patch me back to my mind"

"Oh can it be The voices calling me They get lost and out of time I should've seen it glow But everybody knows That a broken heart is blind hat a broken heart is blind

That a broken heart... is blind..."

The thumping of his foot and the dissonant wail of his guitar alternate in time with one another, creating a frentic juxtaposition of one against the other in short bursts, rising to a crescendo of manic energy, reflected in the way he heaves to and fro, rocking in his seat, face downcast and eyes fixated on the guitar that his deft, skeletal fingers pick at expertly. And then, that tension, that energy, that wail, comes winding down just eneough to give a cathartic release before an abrupt stop with a thud of finality.

He pauses for just a moment, before lifting his head. His dark eyes peer out over the crowd, and despite his mangled face, the almost boyish charm still bleeds through when he smiles and says in his thick, almost drawling Sheffield accent, "Ey up, Fallcoast."

Hikaru turns her head in the direction of of Ishmael, though it can't really be said she is looking at him as her eyes are closed. "Hello. I am a vampire. What are you dressed as?" Hearing Isrieal, Hikaru smiles. "Yeah, I thought I would check it out, and I brought my guitar to play a few songs as well."

Vesna gives the clown a look for a moment, then shrugs and takes another drink, picking it cleanly off the tray and downing it quickly before returning it, leaving the one offered to her by Stefan still in her hand to sip out. An impressive bit of dexterity to hold them both and drink from only one. She reaches out to tap at the pipe erupting from his chest, experimentally "You look like a zombie of some kind. Like Dead.. what's it called... Dead Island?" she asks, glancing over to Izzy with a little grin, her mantle fluttering slightly as she does so. She pauses to watch and listen to the performance, smiling as she absorbs the tension of music.

Tomoko listened to the music while chowing down on that tasty funnel cake, she didn't really seem to go for any of the games but was happy enough to just watch people playing them. She also moved her head a little along with the music playing. There were a bunch of neat costumes to look at too, and a group of people that looked like they were socializing but she just kind of stood back and watched.

West just shrugs over his lightsaber. It's not like he'd ever use it again after tonight. He gives Marley's hand a little squeeze, then lets go. "Let's say we're both sorry and forget about it. It's nice to meet you Marley." he smiles. After a look at the stage, he gives a non-commital wave of his hand. "This guy is pretty good, but the girl before. Nah." When the song ends, he gives a whistle by shoving thumb and index finger in his mouth. A few claps later, he turns back to Marley. "How about I buy you a drink? Or do you want to indulge a sweet tooth?"

"No one ever complained that a robin got stuck in their..." And Ishmael trails off, Hikaru's earnest question nonplussing him into silence, a silence protracted by attention split between the new performer and Isrieal. He kind of likes the music, judging from his vague swaying motions. The song ends and in the relative quiet Ish can only laugh and admit defeat to Hikaru. "I accept that you're in-character and refuse to recognize a pop culture reference, vampire lady guitarist!" Sure thing.

"Huh? Oh, no. Not a zombie, though somebody's probably written that fan-fic already," Stefan tells Vesna with a slightly sheepish grin, not going so far as to illuminate what his costume actually is. Guess or die! Or.. well, guess or fail to recognise. One or the other. "How's things been for you?

Lets see what Ezra can do, Isrieal right up at front stage for the moment listens and is quite impressed. Her certainly has the vibe she'd expect from him, the older people seem to like him a lot too then compared to her stuff. Isrieal lifts a brow at Ish. Stop. Just stop. "Oh of course!" She says to Hikaru. "Go on up after Ezra." She tells her. She glances to Ish. "Once second...I have to socialize." She catches Vesna's wave and she trails over towards her and Stefan. "Hey guys, having fun? Nice costumes.

She seems happy to forget about whatever embarrassing crap occurred earlier, and so she does. She stretches her shoulder a little, having tweaked it when she went flying after getting in his way. "He is really good," she describes of Ezra, looking over toward the musician's direction with interested silvery blue eyes. Then, there's the offer of a drink and sweets. "Why not both? I like both. Funnel cake and beer, maybe," Marley adds, canting a look at West from the corner of her eye before she starts a glance around the wider area -- looking at faces, checking people out.

Vesna gives a little shrug of her shoulders "Well, I can only think of one character I know of with a shirt like that.. plenty with blond hair, and none that are famous for having a pipe." she replies to Stefan "Oh well, it still looks cool even if I don't recognize it." she says, tapping at the pipe once more before sipping at her drink once more. Her cheeks are already slightly pink from the drink. She is tiny after all. "And I'm doing well, no big events since the fall celebration." she says, nodding to Isrieal as she approaches "Four jobs though, I barely have the one, I can't imagine doing so much." she smiles at Isrieal "I feel like you owe me royalties or something she says with a giggle, eying her costume in good spirit.

Rising from his stool, Ezra, The Torn Prince, slides the black and ivory Les Paul Custom guitar around to his hip, via the strap wound diagonally across his body. "Nah then, I won'keep ya long. Our hostess Isrieal jus' asked me t'do a lil' thing for th'show, an' who can resist a lady that looks like that, reyt? So, I'm Ezra Brixton, some o' ya might know me. Others might no'. Some o' ya might know m'band. Others might not. But what I don't 'ave much'a is spooky songs, reyt for the night, so I ask ya t'pardon me doin' some covers for t'night. This next one is called Deep Red Bells, by a lady named Neko Case. I 'ope ya enjoy it."

After his introduction, Ezra reclaims his seat on the stool, swinging his guitar back around to rest in his lap. His head lowers, hiding his shredded half-face in the shadows of cold, blue white lights that shine down on him from either side, making his pale flesh seem to glow as if he was truly the specter he's representing. He taps a few times on his assorted pedals, adjusting the pitch and sound of his guitar as he strums a few test chords. Finally, he settles onto a sound that is deep, rich, and classic, calling to mind the songs of classic country stars like Cash and Travis, or like the semi-dreamy love songs that were popular in the late 90's, performed by the likes of Mazzy Star. When his fingers glide down the fingerboard, deftly dancing along the lowered, flattened frets, the music that issues forth is resonant and haunting, but builds a sense of dread from the start.

"He led you to this hiding place His lightening threats spun silver tongues The red bells beckon you to ride A handprint on the driver's side It looks a lot like engine oil and tastes like being poor and small And Popsicles in the summer"

His voice calls out, almost howling with sorrow, as his guitar picks up to lead into the melancholy refrain.

"Deep red bells, deep as I've been done Deep red bells, deep as I've been done"

"It always has to come this Red bells ring this tragic gun Lost sight of the overpass The daylight won't remember her When speckled fronds raise round your bones Who took the time to fold your clothes Who shook the Valley of the Shadow"

"Deep red bells, deep as I've been done Deep red bells, deep as I've been done"

Ezra lowers his face from the mic as he sways and plays a brief, poignant guitar solo, letting it end with a deep, dark note that speaks of a certain finality.

"Where does this mean world cast its cold eye Who's left to suffer long about you Does your soul cast about like an old paper bag Past empty lots and early graves Those like you who lost their way Murdered on the interstate While the red bells rang like thunder"

Ezra starts this last build up with only his velvety voice crooning out to the spirits themselves, before his guitar kicks in halfway through, plucking and chiming a repetitive tune that's quicker to match the cadence of his words, something far more akin to classic folk or country, but no less chilling for it.

"Deep red bells, deep as I've been done Deep red bells, deep as I've been done Deep red bells, deep as I've been done..."

Hikaru isn't really sure what Ishmael is talking about, "Umm okay..." She gives a gentle smile, "Having a fun time? It sounds like people are having a good time tonight. A lot of people around too."

"I am a leaf on the wind," Stefan tells Vesna with a little grin, sipping from his own clown-delivered drink and turning as Isrieal approaches, bowing slightly towards the Scarecrow. "Great fair," he voices, finishing his cotton candy and disposing of the wooden stick somewhere. "Didn't know you could sing?"

When the second song start up, West's head does that involuntary head swaying that almost always happens at concerts even when you're not actively listening to the music. "Both is good. I wouldn't have pegged you for a 'beer' kind of girl." he says to Marly, walking with her towards one of the stalls, incidentally the one everyone else is at. He doubles down on the order, taking a beer and funnel cake for himself as well. "You came here alone?" he asks Marley before taking a bite of the funnel cake. It's going to be hell on his all-black costume.

Tomoko spots a middle aged looking man dressed as Robin, well she has some thoughts about that and against what should be against her better judgment she approaches him and just starts talking, "Robin huh? At your age I would have probably gone with something more like nightwing, then again if I was a guy I'd probably ignore DC and go as Tony Stark."

"No, I love beer," she answers cheerfully. It's an acquired taste, but once you acquire it.. "I came here alone," she confirms, watching him dust himself with powdered sugar, which makes her snicker. Her dress, slightly tattered from her fall, is white. No risk here, just angel stuff. She eats the fried cake like it's the best thing she's ever had, in any case. "I guess you came alone too?"

Wendell claps along to the say. "Wooo. Good job." Wendell wrinkles his nose again. He looks around at Vesna and Israel and narrows his eyes slightly. He turns around from his feeding frenzy. "Sooo, what's good to drink? Eh guess I'd better have a soda." He hears the mention of candy floss. "Ooooh I loves cotton candy. It's like the time I went to the circus..." Wendell grabs one of those too and walks around. he looks over at the red liquid cups. "Hrmm that don't really look or smell like blood but good try!"

Isrieal wishes she could turn to a leaf on the wind right now. "Oh! Singing is what I did when I first...'arrived'." She hints to them. "I just didn't want to become famous so I stopped performing and just decided to locally every now and again or toss some music out. Just a hobby." She says with a shrug then glances briefly off towards Ish and Tomoko, but she stays the hell out of that and plucks another drink from a tray. "God I love vodka.." She does slightly blush when Ezra points her out as well...too bad he cant see what she /really/ looks like, though thats hard to miss as well.

Oh god. Ishmael swallows his smile, unsure of how to interpret Hikaru's uncertainty, a feedback loop that leaves him awkwardly shifting weight from foot to foot, unsure of what to do with his hands in his drink-fueled mania. And her question prompts a loquacious response: "It's fun, yeah! I mean, I shouldn't dance to it. It's spooky music. But I like it, and I'm really looking forward to whatever you're going to do," And on and on he goes. He uses many words, the best words, shouting to be heard comfortably over Ezra's performance, and loving the sound of his own voice. If Hikaru prefers to listen to it instead of the concernt, he has not noticed, and presses on, until another clown catches his eye and he waves her over. "Holy Honkers, top me off!" The clown rolls her eyes but abides, then retreats before she is victim of whatever Stockholm syndrome spell he is in the midst of casting on poor Hikaru, to whom she offers a sympathetic smile. Ish either does not see or chooses to ignore it. And then another victim, "Tony Stark is the alcholic billionaire whose heart has been replaced? Bit too on the nose, but hey! It's Halloween, you can be whatever you want, even a prostitute from a Japanese video game!"

"Oh!" Vesna gasps, sounding excited, then giggling "I get it now." she says to Stefan, nodding her head "I didn't think about that at all." she glances around some more, eyes sparkling as she inhales deeply as she glances over the angel and sith, then grins "I should go to a fair every day." she comments almost idly before returning her attention to those closer to her "Very nice fair. I feel like my decorations weren't very much for you compared to all this, but I didn't have a ton of time to set it up either. Hope you liked them at least." She frowns at Wendell, head tilted curiously for a moment "Maybe you haven't tasted someone properly drunk before." she grins and finishes off the first drink she got, her second total. "Don't you like singing though? If you do, you should do it more." she tries to encourage Isrieal "I do like the costume by the way though, goes very well with your look. Did I inspire it at all?" she asks with a sly little grin.

"I just moved here a couple days ago actually." West says after his final bite of the funnel cake. Now he looks like Kylo Ren with a bad cocaine habit, white dust on his chest and fingers. He tries to brush some of it off, but it just burrows more of it deeper into the fabric. "I was bored of unpacking and being cooped up. So I came here to... Well... Be social." To those words, he lifts his solo cup of beer to clinck it to Marley's. "Hey look, it's your counterpart." he grins, pointing to Isrieal. "I don't have to worry about a heavenly battle, do I?"

Isrieal laughs to herself. "Maybe you inspired it a bit." She tells Vesna then keeps glancing towards the 'situation' over there. He is so...LOUD. "I...oh hey Wendell!" She waves to the glaring Ogre then looks to West. "Oh it seems I do! Don't I? I don't know...do you /want/ to worry about a heavenly battle?" She asks with a smirk.

"Moving sucks. I just moved, too, to a house instead of an apartment. I don't know where anything I own is." She seems amused, taking another drink of her beer before she looks over at Isriel. "Oh, no heavenly battles here. I'm the lazy nice kind of angel. You know, not some battle ready seraphim or whatever the heck they're called." She clinks solo cups with West, and adjusts her cocked to the side halo. Marley licks some powdered sugar off her fingers, which is like the stickiest stuff ever.

Hikaru might not get it, but she doesn't mind chatting and is a fairly friendly person, so there doesn't seem to be any problems. Though she also listens to the music being played as well. "Has your heart been replaced? That sounds rough."

Wendell extends a fist bump to Isrieal. He slowly turns over to Vesna. "Uhhhhhh not really and even still it's totally different." Wendell says as he twitches his nose. He adjusts his bolts on the neck and turns back to Issy. "I'm a frankystein!" Wendell tells her with a big big grin.

After his last song, Ezra gives a moment, tuning, and adjusting his guitar, strumming it to make sure it sounds just right. "So, I only 'ave one more song for ya tonight. I 'ope y'don't mind. I just couldn't let ya all outta 'ere without givin' ya, at the very least, one love song. This'un 'as a lot'a personal sentiment t'me. Don't worry, though, loves. It's not exactly a 'appy lil' bit. Still might be a good one t'grab y'girl an'dance with 'er, though."

As he strums the first few chords of the next song, his dark eyes seek out Betty standing off to the side of the stage, dressed up in a nude colored body suit, covered in lacerations that ooze blood, with her dark hair matted down and wet, and her beautiful eyes filled with black sclera contact lenses. The Angry Princess, with the Torn Prince. He flashes her a lopsided grin, that makes him look like a boyish rogue, despite his grizzly costuming. It's just a brief moment, before he gets serious again, and closes his eyes. Leaning forward, his lips nearly touching the mic, his voice issues forth as soft and delicate, filled with a sense of anguish and overwhelming yearning in every syllable.

"Oh why can't I be what you need? A new improved version of me. But I'm nothing so good no, I'm nothing... just bones, a lonely ghost burning down songs of violence, of love, and of sorrow. I beg for just one more tomorrow! Where you'd hold me down, fold me in deep deep deep in the heart of your sins."

"I break in two over you I break in two and each piece of me dies and only you can give the breath of life But you don't see me. You don't."

Ezra, the Torn Prince, is swept up in the music himself, his mangled looking body rocking back and forth, his foot lightly tapping the beat on the old wooden box on the floor of the stage. The melody is simple, but entrancing.

"Here I'm pinned between darkness and light, bleached and blinded by these nights. Where I'm tossing and tortured till dawn by you, visions of you, then you're gone. The shock bleeds the red from my face, when i hear someone's taken my place. How could love be so thoughtless, so cruel? When all, all that i did was for you..."

"I break in two over you I break in two and each piece of me dies and only you can give the breath of life But you don't see me. You don't."

Here, Ezra's foot steps down on one of the many switches and pedals surrounding him. His guitar strumming comes to a slowed, quiet standstill, replaced by a tinkling piano playing a simple, delicate tune. A few measures of this, and he kicks back in with the guitar, playing deeper, more vibrant, his fingers strumming each of the strings to give the chords more of a richness and depth of quality.

"I break in two over you I break in two and each piece of me dies and only you can give the breath of life But you don't see me. You don't..."

"I break in two over you I break in two over you! Over you I'd break in two I would break in two for you. Now you see me Now you don't. Now you need me... Now... you... don't..."

The lights dim down, fading to darkness with the gentle repose that finishes out the final song, and again, the amps and speakers all fall to an eerie level of silence. Slowly, the lights start to brighten again, as Ezra stands at center stage, holding his guitar at his hip, his other hand clutching his bloodied baseball bat and leaving it resting over his shoulder. He speaks into the microphone, craning his neck downward to do so in a way that makes it almost seem like he's bashfully bowing. "Thank y'lot. You 'ave been truly, truly lovely. Enjoy the rest o'your evenin', and get reyt sloshed good an' proper!"

With that, Ezra nods his head and gives a wave with the hand he can afford to let slip of his guitar, before exiting the stage.

Tomoko didn't quite expect that response from the guy she decided to question the costume choice of, "Well yeah but I would have gone more with the Genius, Philanthropist, Playboy part of Tony Stark but that works too."

Vesna grins "Ooo, a Heavenly battle would be fun." she comments, frowning a bit at the Angel's apparent Sloth, then shrugs it off "Too bad. Well, I'm happy to hear it." she says to Isrieal, giving a curt little nod, then grinning "Still, you make a very convincing Angel of Death. I don't think I'm one of those at all." she says, sounding perhaps a bit thoughtful about the subject. Her attention turns to Wendell and she giggles at him adjusting the screw "Very convincing screws." she teases happily. She tilts her head "Wait, am I the only one not dead?" she asks, glancing around at the others she is talking with "Dead pilot, dead monster, Death angel... yeah, I guess so."

"Here's to moving, then. The good and the bad parts of it." West says, holding up his beer in a toast, then all but knocking it back completely. His head swivels on his neck between Marley and Isrieal, a grin showing. "I might be on the Dark Side, but I think I'd have to root for the side of the lazy, kind angels if it would come to blows." When Ezra announces a love song, he raises an eyebrow. His eyes wander over to Marley for just a moment, but he doesn't offer to dance. Sith Lords don't dance. "Oh, and euhm... Nice singing." he says belatedly to Isrieal, giving her a toast with the remainder of his cup.

"Holy gullibility, philanthropy is a lie," Robin deadpans for Tomoko's benefit, deathly sober for a split second. Then Ish takes another sip from the flask and offers it to Tomoko. Ezra's instruction to find someone to dance with is followed, and Card Captor, Vampire Guitarist, and a different poor clown, male, are all treated to whatever passes for the middle-aged man's moves; a dosey-do, a slow dance, a waltz, all remixed into Robin's courtship dance, moves pantomimed with a ghost of a partner if they decline - and the clown does, immediately. That is not in the contract. As for Ishmael's literal heart, he maintains uncharacteristic silence.

Finishing his drink, Stefan listens to Isrieal and Vesna and Wendell for a bit, then makes a quiet excuse - something about a shift at work starting soon - and begins to meander towards the fair's entrance/exit.

When Ezra finishes his performance, waiting for him backstage is his beau, Betty. Her costume for the evening is a body suit that upon first inspection will make one thing she's actually nude, with slashes all over it as well as her face. The slashes have blood dribbling and smeared from around them. Her hair is also matted in blood, and her eyes are completely blacked out with contacts. In her right hand she holds a butcher's knife, also caked in blood. She is The Angry Princess to his Torn Prince. "Babe, dat performance wus wonderful!" She tells him, in her thick Irish accent. She looks absolutely overjoyed... for a woman who looks like she slashed herself up and just came back from the dead.

Tomoko holds up a hand and shakes her head at the offer of the flash, "Ah... No thanks I have to drive after I'm done here." She didn't have to but it was easier than explaining that she didn't drink. She watches 'Robin's' dance moves though with a quirked eyebrow not sure what he's doing at all, "Is that... Some sort of performance?"

"Where on earth did you come from anyway? I'm from here, all the Cavanaughs are. I guess it's a thing." Marley offers to him with a little quirk of her brow. "We're totally socializing though. You're reaching your goal," she adds, grinning brightly. The Angel draws her hand through her hair carefully, sweeping it behind her shoulder. She finishes her beer then, "I'm buying this round," she adds, slinking off toward the beer vendor with him in tow. Liquid courage! Marley fetches them both a beer then.

Hikaru smiles slightly, "Speaking of performances I should head over for my turn. Wish me luck!" She heads off to go prepare for her performance and the lights on stage go off as she has things set up.

"Aw," Ezra says as he slides his guitar behind him and wraps his arms around Betty's waist, pulling her close in against him. His head leans to one side as he stares at her blacked out eyes with his own whited out eyes. He leans in, giving her a soft peck on the tip of her nose, before he rests his forehead against hers. Sticky fake blood be damned. "Thanks, luv, but y'might be a wee bit biased. Now, c'mon. We didn't go'n make ourselves look this good f'nothin'."

"I wouldn't fight something that innocent anyway." Isrieal comments and toasts West back. "Thanks." She tells him then takes up a seat on the edge of a game counter to watch Ezra finish up. "Ooh the Torn Prince and Angry Princess?" She asks when she can finally see the pair off stage. "Those are my 'favorites' from that movie. And yes, you are quite the monster Wendell." She watches Hikaru curiously as she drifts off to set up. Curious what she can do and then Ish gets another glance.

Betty's nose wrinkles when it's kissed, reaching up to slide her arms over his shoulders, holding him close. "Well, oi would 'ope ya think I look tha' good!" Betty says in jest. "Oi'm practically naked out 'ere, 'n I feel dat way too! Y'better not lose me, ya know. Oi don't 'av me car keys or me phone on me neither." Betty turns her attention now to Izzy when she hears their costumes being called out. "Thank you!"

Vesna frowns as she realizes she wasn't paying much attention to the music. Her body moved with the beat of it, but she didn't seem properly aware and didn't even grab a partner. Oh well, there is always another chance to dance. Her attention turns more to the Angel, looking at her curiously for a few moments, a little grin on her lips, giggling softly as she splits from Isrieal to wander very discretely in the light Angel's direction, weaving through the crowd seemingly aimlessly, and not seeming to pay her further attention, though slowly drifting closer in a manner only a master of being in crowds can manage.

Smoke slowly raises up from the stage, as lights come on showing the silhouette of a woman in ball gown holding a cherry red electric guitar. She begins to play a fast paced guitar riff as the smoke clears to reveal an almost inhumanly beautiful vampire in a black and red victorian style gown. She smiles and shows off her fangs as she starts to sway back and forth and she bobs her head as she starts to settle into a slightly slower rhythm. Her bright red lips part and her sweet angelic voice raises out as she begins to sing, "The sky burns with a blood meteorite. A sign that all is not right. We have entered a dark twilight. Where the vampyr begin their first flight."

Her loud and fast playing style leans towards rock music, though her sweet and angelic voice smooths out the song a bit more towards pop. Which gives her the unique style that clearly identifies her as the lead guitarist and vocalist of the pop rock band Star Explosion, Hikaru Suzuhara, which is recognizable world wide.

As Ezra's song draws to a close and the stage empties, Robin's tenor voice quiets to merely conversation: "You've never heard a song that made you move?" He asks Tomoko skeptically, silver brow arching. "I guess your body was made for other movements." An overlong stare at her Card-Captured cleavage is followed by a noncomittal shrug, and Ish turns to see the next performer, the woman who ignored him - too exhaustive of a list to be a useful descriptor if it had not just occured.

West gives Isrieal a goodnatured nod of approval. "I'm originally from Salt Lake City." he interjects without focussing on the question. The movie villain throws his solo cup in a nearby trash can before he follows Marley back to the beverages stand. "Cavanaughs? You say that name like there's half an army of them. You've got a big family, then?" He suddenly turns around sharply, looking as if something bit his ass by the way he frown at no-one in particular. Rolling his shoulder, he takes a deep breath, then turns around again to face Marley once more.

Tomoko let out a short laugh, "Oh I can dance, just it looks like shit. And it's not really this kind of music that makes me move, it usually takes something a little more... Well, I know it when I hear it." The next show is on, it's really nice but she's not really sure she could dance to it either, "It's also better if I actually know the words."

Isrieal waves as Vesna hops off. 'Somethings' caught her attention. Then Hikaru is highlighted on the stage and she merely blink blinks a few times. She was not expecting /that/! Its amazing! She finishes off her current drink, whatever number that is and sets it aside, still sitting there which probably means she's had enough already.

"Y'look sexy as fook, luv. That's no'a bodysuit yer wearin'. It's a sawed off shotgun, an' it's pointed reyt at me," he says to his beloved with a playful wink. When Izzy makes her comment on their costumes he looks over his shoulder at her and beams. As Hikaru comes on and starts, Ezra slips around beside Betty, keeping one arm laced around her middle. His free hand comes up, thumb and forefinger inserted between his lips to give a loud whistle of approval from just off the side of the stage. Then, he starts to lead his love off the side of the stage, back towards the ground, his hand slipping to the curve of her lower back. Thumbing back over his shoulder, he says, "Th'girl's reyt talented. Love it."

Vesna dances along to the music as she walks, her movements sending her skirt and mantle swishing about tantalizingly. She seems to move naturally to the music. It's more up her alley than the previous performer. Her eyes cast around again, still sparkling with amusement as she takes in another deep breath and beams as she lets it out. Without breaking her stride, as though it is part of the dance she is performing, she picks up a drink from a passing clown, spinning as she lifts it to her lips to quickly swallow it down and replace it before the clown even realizes the single drink is missing.

Hikaru hips sway back and forth and her head bobs up and down slightly as her fingers work rapidly along the neck of the guitar and the polished black pick dances across the strings as she plays faster and louder. "A blood bath, as they rage upon their warpath. Get out the holy water, or it will be a slaughter. Fight to your last breath, for all that waits is death." The song is entirely original and made up for the halloween theme party, a bit darker than what she normally sings but that is halloween! The song continues on, detailing some bloody vampire war against the humans.

"Thank you!" Wendell exclaims at Vesna's compliment. "Yes. Screws are very important for a frankystein. Its what keeps em goin' and stuff!" He nods his head. Wendell slowly turns to Ezra. "Hrrrm. That's....something." He strokes his chin. "Is frankystein dead? I guess he is. I do wonder..."

Isrieal does rise after a moment and trails her way back towards the stage to watch Hikaru close, she does walk carefully as she tries to stay on balance and then leans herself against the stage once there. Hikaru, dressed as a vampire in a ballgown, is now in the middle of performing one of her songs with an electric red guitar. Others mingle and drink, eat orange cotton candy and talk amongst one another.

Betty laughs a little at her love, and averts her eyes for a moment. "Stop it! Yer makin' me blush!" She leans in to give him a peck on his lips, leaning into him as his arm laces around her waist. "She is quite gran', aye." She takes a moment to look down at her knife. "Don't wan ta stick ya wi' this. Oi probably should've gotten a proppa one, aye?"

He may not have worn a costume but that doesn't mean that Ambroise can't enjoy the fair just as much as anyone else. Unfortunately things at school have kept him late and so it is only just now that he arrives. While he didn't put on a costume he did at least have time to change and now wears a gray canvas jacket over jeans and hiking boots as he makes his way through the milling crowd.

A Middle-Aged man dressed Robin, Boy Wonder, disagrees with Card Captor Tomoko. They stand askew from the main crown. Unable to articulate his argument in favor of wordless music, Ish has fallen dumb, staring at the performance by Vampire Hikaru. It is a radical departure from what he was expecting, and the novelty amuses him. That's a pretty sick riff, after all. "Yeah, it takes a special person to dance to this," Ish finally concedes to Tomoko.

"Speakin'o' stickin' things..." Ezra mutters quietly as he leans back, casting his eyes downward to take a good long gander at Betty's rear in that snug fitting bodysuit. A hand comes crashing against her backside with a playful slap, and he leans in, his teeth capturing her earlobe and tugging it before he says, "I think'm ready t'call it a night." And with that, Ezra and Betty will make their way back to his car to head home.

Vesna for one does dance to the music, apart from anyone at the moment, mixed in with the crowd, for the moment content to position herself on the fringe of other groupings as she decides which one her currently fickle seeming attention is most drawn too. Her cheeks are slightly flushed with the drinks she's had. It isn't a large number, but she is a small woman. Her eyes sparkle around at various groups, letting them flick from thing to thing.

Tomoko chuckles a little, "Do you think you could manage to dance to this? Really it's good, but like I said I'm a pretty shit dancer even if it's music I know. But I won't even try outside of a couple groups I listen to and more classical music." She twirls her staff a little, as she talks, "I prefer trying to sing though anyway. I think I'm alright at that."

Isrieal , still supporting herself against the stage turns her gaze to actually look at Ish now, blinking a few times and does happen to catch Ambroise wander in. She offers him a wave and soon a hostess clown is offering him a drink. The white blonde then staggers her way over towards Ish and group.

Hikaru smiles as she looks up towards the sky with her eyes closed as she sways about on the stage and her playing falls into a much slower beat for a moment as the song comes to an end. Though soon she jumps into the next song, one with a more catchy and upbeat tune. "The wolf howls, he growls! He seeks you eat your bowls, and then he howls. The moon is high, and you do not want die, so let out your cry. The wolf howls, he growls! He seeks you eat your bowls, and then he howls."

"Eat your bowls." Vesna giggles to herself at the lyrics. Still, the music is good for dancing in her book, and despite it being a new piece, she seems to be able to match its beat perfectly, as though she'd already choreographed with it. She spots Ambroise through the crowd and grins as she lets her dancing carry her next to him, doing a little spin that shows off her outfit quite well for a moment "You're late, and not in costume." she comments as she mutes her movements to talk, though doesn't stop entirely.

As he makes his way through the revelers Ambroise spies Isrieal and returns the wave with one of his own. He picked up one of the skeleton LED necklaces when he entered which he now wears around his neck and as the harlequin hostess offers him a drink he gratefully accepts it, only taking a cursory sniff of whatever is in the glass before taking a sip. He flashes a quick grin to Vesna as she dances close to him. "Unfortunately they were all out of Big Bad Wolf costumes at the costume shop," he quips to her.

"Like her?" Ish asks Tomoko, pointing to Vesna, the mite of a human that thrashes about despite her size; Trve Kvlt. "I don't know! I think people like it, maybe I could learn to dance like that." Though he reserves the full weight of his doubt for Isrieal, who receives a tight smile. "You also put on a wonderful performance. Is the glitter easy to wash out?" And the smile falters and cracks into a broader grin. He is drunk, and dumber than usual. "Miss Sinclaire, meet my friend. She likes classical music, and her name is, uh..." Hmm. He never asked. "Anyways, I'm Ish. Nice to meet you!"

Isrieal draws in a breath. "For the love of god, its Isrieal." She tells him then looks towards Tomoko. "Isrieal, is just fine." She tells her. "But, thank you." She tells Ish. "Yes it does wash out easily, why? You worried about it getting on you?" She asks with a lift of one of those brows and a hint of a smirk.

Tomoko let her eyes drift toward Vesna, definitely someone dancing, "Well some people are built more for dancing than others." She shrugs with a short laugh, "Yeah you didn't bother to ask my name, I'm Tomoko Yamana, I'm not really from around here." Ish and Isrieal she can remember that.

Vesna laughs happily "I can't imagine why they were so popular this year!" she exclaims with a grin, glancing down at her basket and lifting a corner of the cloth covering it to peek inside, then wink at Ambroise. She grabs Ambroise's hand and drags him over to Isrieal and the new group she has formed. Whatever drew her attention away from the Death Angel seeming to have lost her attention again. "Sinclaire?" she asks with a grin, smoothly inserting herself into the conversation "I like Isrieal much better." she agrees. "I'm Vesna." she offers as though she was part of the introductions from the start.

Hikaru smiles as she plays the song and it repeats a little and goes into other random and often bloody things werewolves do. The lines are short and rhyme with a catchy beat, another halloween original. "...and then he Howls!" She screams out a howling yell herself. She stops for a moment as she takes a few deep breathes, "I think I got one more for you all!" She raises her right hand into the air and suddenly the stage lights go out, leaving it dark for a moment.

Ambroise lets himself be dragged along by Vesna, taking another deeper swallow of his drink now as he goes. "Ambroise," he says by way of his own introduction as she pulls up short and adds her name to the list of names being exchanged. He jumps slightly as the lights from the stage suddenly go out, the events of the past few months having set his nerves just a little on edge.

Wendell yawns after cramming a couple more snacks into his maw. "Okies. I am sleepy." He stretches out. "I'm gonna head back to my place but it was real real good to see all of you people. I wish I could stay longer but eats lotsa cookies makes me sleepy sometimes." The Wendell gives everyone a wave. "Good night and happy Halloweeen!." He exclaims as he frollics, then slowly fades into the woods.

Vesna lets out an enthusiastic and somewhat impressive given her size howl at the last line of the song before the lights go out. She glances around for another clown with the wonderful drinks, finding one and sipping at it before giving Wendell a small wave. She doesn't really know him, but seems to be a friend of Isrieals, and another Lost is always a welcome sight for her.

That jump does not go unnoticed by Isrieal. Its a small trickle of fear, but one she drinks up from the man none the less. She does keep glancing back towards Ish silently and something for some reason causes her to blush but she focuses back on the crowd. "If you want to get technical I really like my nickname people have given me too." She tells Vesna then awaits to see what Hikaru has in store.

"What nickname is that?" Ambroise asks, taking the bait. He looks over at Vesna as she gives a howl and chuckles. "Ok. Maybe you should be the Big Bad Wolf," he says to her, "but there's no way I'm dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood."

"Your people? Baba Yaga?" Ish jokes with Izzy, his shoulders raising as he, again, laughs too hard at his own joke. But he turns back to Tomoko, as if recalling some detail. "Yamana," Ish repeats, rolling the name around in his mouth like an aged scotch. "That sounds familiar." In formal Japanese the Middle-Aged Robin states, "I did not know that surname was in use today. You should meet my client, I think he would like you a great deal, Miss Yamana."

The spotlight comes back on as Hikaru swings her hand down and plays very loud note that rings out and echos across the fair grounds. The guitar squeals and cries out and she suddenly skips across the stage, then does a moonwalk back the other way. She stops only briefly as she spins around then heads back, all the while playing with her eyes closed. After all she is blind, and can't see anyway. She smiles as she stops to spin again, then skips forward across the stage as the song speeds up to very quick pace and becomes almost heavy metal, a pure instrumental song focused around her guitar playing skills. The song starts to go crazy as she showboats while dancing around the stage, hoping on one leg. She whips her long hair around as she bangs her head and does a twirl, causing her frilly ball gown to sway about around her. The guitar squeals as it hits it's highest mark and there is a loud vibrating echo and then everything goes silent instantly. She smiles and gives a deep bow, "I hope everyone has a happy halloween, and enjoy the party! Remember do not drive home if you been drinking!"

Isrieals eyes get wiiiiide but luckily Vesna just sees the hollow sockets. She coughs some but then looks to Ambroise. "Its Spooks!" Would he expect any less? She looks to Ish then, maybe not catching that the Baba Yaga was a joke. "Oh. You definitely don't want me to show you the Baba Yaga." She warns him. However then admist her dizzyness of thoughts in her head she's snapped too by Hikaru's high energy performance, watching in awe and when it ends she claps. "Amazing!" She calls.

Vesna makes a little sound between a bark and growl for a moment, then giggles as she winks at Ambroise "I bet you'd look good in red." she teases, tilting her head curiously at Isrieal and then over at Ish, and not leaving Tomoko out of getting a look either. She pouts a bit at the foreign language. "Don't Understand." she says in clearly amateur Japanese. She looks up to the stage and smiles, enjoying the performance for a moment, looking a touch thoughtful as her weight shifts in a rhythmic way with the music, dancing slightly without moving her feet.

Tomoko gives Ish a grin, "Well you're close. Outside of Japan you don't really see it much. It's a pretty old family name in Japan. There have been a lot of ups and downs for it though." She focuses mostly on her conversation with Ish, though her eyes go over toward Isrieal and the rest occassionally, "I'd have to set up an appointment if I'm gonna meet anyone though - I can be kind of busy some days." She wasn't usually since she made her own schedule but she didn't know much about Ish or this client of his.

With a drink in one hand and Vesna holding the other Ambroise isn't able to clap for Hikaru as she concludes her performance. Instead he stomps one foot in order to applaud her as he gives a howl of his own to cheer her performance.

"See, you can be a wolf too." Vesna grins over at Ambroise, then turns her attention back to the group at hand as the performance closes. She finishes her own drink, her the redness to her cheeks is fairly apparent "No driving for me." she comments with a little giggle at Hikaru's last words. She looks at Isrieal questioningly for a moment, a little frown on her lips as she tries to puzzle something out.

"Relax, killer," Ish chides, placing a gloved hand on Isrieal's shoulder as a means to reiterate the joke. His costume is bright and corny compared to hers, serious and stylish, and the dissonance could be jarring - or amusing, depending on how someone chose to look at the situation. This is the first time he has stood directly beside her and at no point has the contrast been more obvious. "Clear your schedule, Miss Yamana. You will not be disappointed," Ish continues in Japanese, maintaining the formal style when he realizes Vesna is at least bilingual. Then he says to Vesna, "And plug your ears, wolfling. Important strangers are talking." And finally, in English for the benefit of all, "Taxi." Ish lurches for the exit, mind made up but steps uncertain.

Isrieal tenses some with that touch on her shoulder, watching him but something Vesna does catches her attention and she double takes to her questioning. She furrows her brow some. "What?" She asks her. What is she possibly questioning. Then Ish is mentioning something about taxi's and she looks back to him. "You are leaving?"

Hikaru packs up her guitar and gets her cane out as she heads back off the stage. She moves pretty good on the stage, when she does the dimensions of it, but is a bit more careful wandering around a fair grounds packed with people, and she holds out her white cane to make sure she doesn't run into anything.

"I've just had the one," Ambroise says to Vesna, twisting his wrist to swing the bottom of the cup in his hand in a circle to make it clear what he is referring to. "I can go ahead and give you a ride home, if you need it." He then takes another swallow of the swirling drink.

Vesna looks at Isrieal for a moment longer, giggling very slightly, then trying to look a bit more serious for a few moments. Her skirt shifts in a breeze as she continues her slight dancing. She gives a shake of her head to Ambroise "Not yet, unless the fair is over all the sudden." she says, frowning a bit "Also, you have to accompany me all the way to my room if you take me home. It's only proper." she giggles, longer this time, overly amused with something it seems.

Tomoko unzips the side of her Kero plush she has on her hip, seems it's a bag and she digs out a card with her name and number on it, and speaks to Ish in Japanese since he apparently speaks it, "You will need this to contact me." She tries to slip the card to him before he gets too far away and goes back to english, "It's pretty late and he didn't choose the best costume for staying warm... Besides mixed with alcohol it's definitely helping to lower his body temperature."

Isrieal stares after Ish a moment longer, considering something but Tomoko's scientific explanation just irks her back to reality. "He can anwser me himself." The goblin aegis quips. Did he? She seems to have gotten some sort of response even if unheard. Then she's staring at Vesna again and she puts a hand upon her hips. "What is it to you?" She asks her, not certain what the circle means though.

Hikaru is a bit tired after her performance and decides to head off. So she gets out her cell phone and calls a taxi to come pick her up. Though while she is waiting she stops to get some cotton candy before heading out.

Ambroise cracks a lopsided smile to Vesna and says, "I wouldn't dream of letting you stumble up to your room by yourself. There's no telling what you might run into along the way, and I didn't mean we needed to leave right this moment. I was just letting you know that you've got a ride home, if you needed it."

Vesna simply bursts into laughter at the response that she seems to get from Isrieal. It takes her several long moments to recover herself well enough to response "Weird pairing." is all she manages to get out as she takes breaths to try and calm down again. "I'm glad to know." she finally replies to Ambroise as her breathing returns to normal, though her eyes continue to sparkle. "You seemed to change your mind in a hurry." she says, glancing between Isrieal and Tomoko as she says that, making it unclear which of them she might be speaking to.

Tomoko sort of shrugs when Isrieal doesn't seem happy with her speculations on a possible reason Ish had left, "Huh? Changing minds, about what?" She didn't seem to catch that part of the conversation.

Isrieal lifts that brow even higher. "Well he doesn't dress like that every day!" She blurts out. As if thats the only thing that could possibly make it 'weird'. Isrieal's notorious for older guys but whatever happened to the last one she was with is a downright mystery. Funny how she can get so snappy so quickly but goblin aegis' can do that.

Like Tomoko Ambroise seems to only be catching half the conversation going on, some kind of communication going on between Vesna and Isrieal that he isn't privy to. As a result he just smiles a bit wryly as he watches the exchange between the two.

Vesna is overtaken by another little burst of laughter at Isrieal's reaction once more. "I'm sure he doesn't." she manages to reply, her laughter a bit more controlled this time, though the drinks she's had make that difficult. She frowns for a moment as her weight shifts a few times, not really in a dance this time, but as though uncomfortable. Finally she sighs and says "You should call me later though." in a tone that almost sounds serious. She turns her attention a bit more to Tomoko "You giving him a card." she replies "You didn't seem to want to deal with him." she says in a light tone, conversational.

Isrieal still just seems downright confused over Vesna's seriousness. "Why? Fine, I'll call you later." She waves the thought with her hand. "I know what I'm doing." She adds. Whatever Vesna is trying to convey she just can't seem to make out. "Though I..." She glances towards the exit. "I should really get going. Its getting late."

Tomoko nods at Vesna, "Ah, I got it. Well I never said I wouldn't deal with him just that I'd need to set up an appointment for it. I do business with lots of people..." And it seemed like by this point many people were actually making their way out, it was rather later she should probably head home soon as well, "...And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little curious."

Vesna frowns at Tomoko's answer, then gives a little shrug "Maybe I've had too much to drink." she says despondently, glancing around as the fair seems to be starting to clear out, many of the vendors closing up their shops and calling for last orders. "Well, maybe I should take that ride now." Vesna says, brightening up a bit as she leans against Ambroise a bit, seeming to need his support due to having had too many drinks.

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