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Fallcoast PD Christmas Party

Dramatis Personae

Amalia, Brodie, Dash, Donnachaidh, Emily, Harrison, Jenny_Thorpe, Kate, Mike, Mona, Robinson, Thorne, Tucker

11 December, 2015

Members of the Fallcoast Police Department exchange gifts and celebrate the holidays.


The Cigar Lounge often serves for private dining and such events. Tonight is one of them. The main bar is still open, of course, but the Lounge has been set up for the FPD event. The tables have been arranged to offer areas of seating, but also decent mingling. One wall is set aside to three tables. One for gifts, one for non-alcoholic drinks, and one for food. It's fairly standard holiday fingerfood offerings, but better than what the bar itself might serve on an average night.

There's some members of the brass around, but not many. They're largely leaving this to the rank and file to enjoy. Some patrolmen filter through, in uniform, to grab a quick bite, drop off (or pick up) their gift, and head back out. Seems the place is booked until well into the night and there's plenty of drink specials for the attendees.

One of those who'll be passing though is Robinson since she's on duty tonight, the patrol officer here for her meal break and a bit of socializing before she has to go back out for the night. In uniform, of course, the first thing she does is head to the table bearing the gifts so she can drop off the one she is giving for the Secret Santa deali-o before she goes to mingle, get a soda and a bite to eat super fast.

Somehow Kate has managed to get an evening off. At least until someone starts butchering someone; happens all the time at Christmas. Dressed casually she discretely drops her present off on the table. "Is this a present stealing Secret Santa?" she asks Robinson before shrugging to her own question. "Hope not. Hard to make it personal. How've you been?" she smiles to the patrol cop. "Haven't seen you since that...never mind. No talking work tonight."

Having just come off duty, Tucker hasn't had a chance to get into something more festive, so instead he is wearing his duty uniform, the dark pants and shoes all cops wear, but also the white shirt of a higher ranking officer, gold lieutenant's bars on his collar. Instead of a uniform jacket, he has a #12 New England Patriots jersey on instead. Tucked under one arm is a box wrapped up in wrapping paper displaying various characters from The Simpsons.

The first thing Tucker does is drop his present off where the other presents are, then it's drink time. Moving up to the bar, he grabs an eggnog spiked with a helpful dose of cognac and bourbon.

Jen's arrival is heralded by the smell of peanc and apple pie, because no way in hel..*sorry Grams* Heck....would she be allowed to attend a police function andbring anything that was made by her own hands. Besides, Grams always sends in a little something to nosh: two of each. Dropping that box off at the food table (and coincidentallly snagging a finger snack to snack on), she heads over to the gift table to drop off her Secret Santa gift: a nicely decorated holiday bag with some sort of woodland seen with various furry critters (so one may be a raccoon, who's to say?) and laughing her head off as she does so. There's a little tag on it, one of those folding hanging kinds, looks like an apple folded in half. And, since she was off duty, she's respendant in her holiday best (for her): new jeans, cleanboots and one of those godawful "Christmas" sweaters: it may be read and white and may look like a robot and a dino are about to duke it out.


"Then she turns, and, of course, heads back to the food after a q ck stop at the drink table. "Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!" waving to a few people here and there whilst sipping her drink and scavenging food.

Yeah, let's not talk about work, especially //that// night. Robinson's still yet to come to the point where she can think about it without feeling a bit more of her sanity fall away, let alone talk about it. "Heh. I've been alright," she answers semi-truthfully, "hope the same can be said about you as well." The gifts are given a glance but she then lets all that be because she doubts anyone would try to steal a bunch of gifts when there are very-obviously uniformed police officers here. "Got any special plans for the holidays?"

Lily glances over to where Jenny and the others are, her gaze bouncing a bit here and there as she tries to figure out who all is already present. "Yeah, Merry Christmas, all," she kinda echoes, trying not to bring up a reminder that the actual holiday itself isn't for another couple of weeks.

Brodie somehow managed to swing the evening shift off, probably having to due with the fact he just came off shift, freshly scrubbed and actually dressed in something halfway decent for once. A nice pair of jeans and a black, button-up sweater. Okay, so it's just an addition of a sweater instead of his usual t-shirt, but for Brodie, that's progress. What isn't quite so nicely presented is the present he carries in one hand, which looks to have been wrapped in a combination of duck-print paper towels and duct-tape. At least the card attached to it seems to be of somewhat nicer quality. The weirdly wrapped present is dropped off at the gift table, a few waves offered to those he passes before he makes his way over to what's truly important at any Christmas party, the beverages, and not those sissy non-alcoholic ones either.

"No special plans for Christmas" Kate replies to Robinson. "I usually work the shifts so that those with families can take some time off. The curse of being single" she smiles. "I've been fine. Working hard. This is the busy time of year as you well know. I'd offer you a drink but I take it you're going out again?" On patrol she means. "Merry Christmas" she replies to Jenny - better get some of that festive spirit going.

Tucker sips on his eggnog and glances around the place, taking in familiar faces. He slaps a guy on the back and bullshits with him for a few minutes. Hadn't seen the guy since his days back in Patrol. Guy is a Sergeant now. Always good to see good people make their way up in the force. He moves on and gives Brodie and Jenny a nod, then another nod to Robinson and Kate. "Who has me?" He calls out. "It better not have anything to do with the Jets, s'all I'm saying."

Jenny heads over toward Kate and Robinson after greeting the cousin known as Brodie. A wave to the new LT and she stands, tring to eat in a fairly lady like manner from her plate. "Hey," having just finished chewing, "Haven't seen you two in abit. How's the arm?" looking pointedly at Robinson. she'd probably make more small talk, but, you know, food.

Robinson nods to Kate. "Yeah, I am," going back out, that is, "thought I'd try to cover tonight so someone who might want to come to the party can." Because it's just a Friday, right? No need to be selfish and not cover someone's shift if they want to come and hang out. Tucker is given a friendly grin, one that just screams 'maybe I did, you'll never know', her way of poking a bit of fun at him. "Oh. Hey, Jenny. Arm's fine. Doesn't even bother me." Only aches when it rains. Or when it's cold. Or... well, she won't confess to that. "What's up? Having fun?" As she asks she scurries to get that food and drink since time's running out for her.

Well, it's a holiday party, might as well be festive and drink spiked eggnog. It's the only time of year to get it anyways. And with drink in hand it starts moving around the room, passing by the food table with only a brief slowdown in pace to grab a cracker and a piece of cheese to shove in his mouth before he's on his circular path again. He finally comes to a stop somewhere near Tucker, just staring at the bunch of people gathered in the room, and even if he knows all those people, the big group awkwardness is setting in. So he just buries his face in his drink and keeps his eyes from resting on anyone for too long.

"Understand totally" Kate nods to Robinson before offering Jenny a smile in greeting. "I have no idea where you put all that food, Thorpe" she laughs, "But if you ever want to share your secret then please let me know." A respectful nod for Tucker...he is her boss now...before she too grabs some finger food from the food table. Or at least what hasn't already been consumed by the twin locust storms of Jenny and Robinson.

Jenny hurriedly finishes what ever bite she was nomming at that point, and calls after Robinson "Nothing much, been quiet last couple of days, knock on wood," letting a free hand (well, she puts the drink down for that), match her words. "And I'm always having fun. It's a gift," to Kate. Continuing, without missing a beat,

Jenny says, “Can't keep a good Thorpe down, you know! Hey, Brodiekins," reaching/moving over in his direction and attempting the snagging a tidbit off his plate, because you know - cousins, it's like that. Then her eyes drift about and latch on to the visage of someone she doesn't know. She may recognize her from somewhere or just be curious, "Do I know you?", directing that towards Lily.”

Tucker continues to nurse his spiked eggnog and shoot shit with various people. He turns and spots Brodie and grins, waving him over. "Brodie, you try this eggnog? It's pretty damn good. How's the food? Any good?" As Jenny comes over, he gives her a smile, then glances over at Robinson. "Her? She's another patrol cop, buddy of Donnachaidh's if I remember right." He's got a lot of shit to remember these days. "So, either of you get my name in this Secret Santa thing?" This question is directed at Jenny and Brodie.

Donnachaidh finally shows up, a bit late because he got stuck on shift so he's even in uniform. Lleu looks around though as he comes in and is carrying a box wrapped in blue and silver holiday paper. It's about 14 inches long by about 5 inches by 5 inches, tucked into the crook of his left arm. "Hey all, sorry I'm late. I got stuck with duty shift so I can't stay very long." He sets his gift on the bar and takes in who's knotted up to chat with whom.

Brodie just sighs as a small bit of the already scant food he grabbed is lifted. But he doesn't complain, he's learned by now that just makes things worse. Though in response to Tucker's question, he just lifts the cup in his hand. "Trying it out right now. If I get a little sloshed you're not going to tell my lieutenant, right?" It's a flat question, and probably meant as a joke, but Brodie and punchline delivery just doesn't go together, ever. "And no, I didn't get you. But I don't think I heard anything over there ticking, so you're probably fine."

Instead of noshing on party fare for dinner Robinson orders herself something a bit more substantial, a sandwich and cola that she can take with her if a call comes in that she has to cover. Will take a while for that to come up which gives her time to do some more mingling. "Hey, Lleu..." Voice dropping off as she sees the size of that gift Donnaichaid has with him, she sizes it up in silence and then glances into Lleu's eyes, so many things that might be said. But no. The naughty banter can wait until after Christmas. "How are you?"

Kate offers a wave to Donnachaidh as he appears with his impressive box. But she too will leave the smutty comments to a non-celebration of the birth of Christ. If the L.T. says the eggnog is good then who is she to argue and she pours herself one before sniffing it and trying a tentative taste. It's only a little wince so it must be alright. With food and drink in hand she makes her way slowly over to the others.

There is no 'late,' really. It's meant as a rolling sort of party. Which means that Thorne arrives precisely on time. The woman must have come off something work-related, as she's dressed in black slacks and a dark red sweater... plus the gear at her belt. Not too heavy, but enough. Maybe talking to a witness. Or dealing with some other call. Whatever it may be, the woman winds her way through Taggart's with a gesture to the bartender on duty for the evening for a whiskey. Then it's through to the Lounge and the party proper. She wears a long-coat and has to make her way first to the gift table to set down a bag. It's a gift bag. A basic one, really. Brown paper, with off-white tissue paper immediately masking the contents within. There is, at least, a more festive snowflake card attached to the handles with a name marked on it: 'Kate.' Once the bag is set down, Audrey slides out of her coat and moves towards an empty chair to drape it over. There's nods, to some she passes, as she gets situated.

A Wild Mike Appears. He pushes through the door in a blue dress shirt and khakis. There's a Santa hat on his head, as well. He openly wears the holster on his hip and there's a holiday card envelope tucked inside with the clasp over top. He's already rolling his shirt sleeves as he heads for the bar. Yep, gonna order a big friggin Irish Coffee.

"Ha, no, I don't give a damn if you get a little sloshed here. Just don't answer any calls until tomorrow." A grin, and Tucker is consuming more of his wonderful and tasty eggnog. He looks up to see Kate coming back over and he gives her a nod. "How's it going Kate? Been keeping busy?" A glance over to the door and he spots Wild Mike. "Oh man, is he really wearing a Santa Hat? Someone get a picture of that to put on the department website."

Lleu gets a bottle of water from the bar and takes his gift box into the lounge area when he notices the table full of gifts piling up. He sets his there, marked for Robinson, and comes to mingle with the others. He stops by Kate and gives her a smile, his baritone low, "Somebody didn't reply to my message about tonight. I'll forgive her." Donnachaidh gives her a wink and nods to Robinson, "Merry Christmas. You should come to Christmas Midnight Mass with me on Christmas Eve. It's always the best mass of the year." A nod is offered to others, "Brodie, Tuck, hey Thorne." Jenny gets a smile, "Trouble." That's her handle tonight. Lleu looks amused, "Did I miss anything?"

It seems Brodie was already thinking on the same lines as Tucker, since he's set his plate aside and pulled out his phone, trying to snap a not-so-subtle picture of Christmas Mike. Probably to send to one of the sketch artitsts later to manipulate with horrible effect in photoshop or the like. Not that he says anything about that. Nope, it's just click, and the phone disappears back into his pocket. Nothing to see here. "Yeah, right, I'd probably end up on sobriety checkpoints for six months if I even thought of going on call drunk. And I hate sobriety checkpoints."

Jenny mock glares at the appellation of "Trouble" but that's all it is as an irreverant grin then fills her face, making her eyes crinkle at the corner. "So, D man. How's it...." pauisng a moment, to nosh on a tidbit and chewing, "...going?" Then, she continues to eye everyone else, and that table of presents, while making her way through her plate of food. Or is it her second, hard to say, she could have gone to refill it already.

Mike hears the clicky of the phone camera. Even the comment. His 'coffee' is served and he heads Brodie's direction. "Nobody likes sobriety checkpoints. Its all the fun of traffic with the paperwork of DUI." He lifts the glass in cheersed greeting to the others. "Hey hey. Good to see you made it el-tee. Brodie." He looks around to everyone else with a wave and nods back at them. "If you want pictures of the Santa Mike, be patient. I have a calender coming out next month that shows off my versatility. Just me and the hat. Giggity." Deadpan serious. Jenny gets a salute and a friendly tap to the shoulder with the fist. "Eyyyy. How goes the world of patrol?"

"Mass, huh?" That is not exactly what Robinson was expecting but she finds herself kind of surprised. "Oh. Sure. Let me know where and I'll be there." Shaking her head in amusement at him, she reaches over to pat him on the arm. "People are just starting to really get into the spirit of the party," she says while giving Mike a wave. "I think that the celebration will really get going now that those who are here are starting to drink." Hopefully those off duty won't cause too much of a ruckus.

Tucker glances between Lleu and Kate a moment. Not sure what is going on there. Out of the corner of his eye he catches Brodie trying to snap a shot of Christmas Mike and he nods in approval. "Good man, and you're right. Sobriety checkpoints are the suck." He gives Mike a grin as the man comes over, "Are we telling Santa Mike what we want for Christmas? By the way, you should try the eggnog. Pretty good stuff."

"Things are okay thanks, Boss" Kate smiles to Tucker. "Well as okay as needing people to suffer to do your job can ever be." Christmas philosophy...and she hasn't drunk much of the eggnog yet! An apologetic smile for Donnachaidh. "Sorry about that. It's been...busy. How about dinner next week though but, Lleu, next time...try to leave the word 'dibs' out of it." A wink for him before all eyes are on Mike...until people see what he's wearing and all eyes are off him again. "I am /not/ sitting on Santa Mike's lap." Kate is immovable on that one.

"It's going, I suppose." Lleu's been a little subdued the past few weeks, busy, less sleep. He's been up to something he's not been chatting about. He opens up his bottle of water and takes a drink of it. Donnachaidh glances back to Robinson, "St Mary's, Star of the Sea church is where I go." He did mention being Catholic. Kate gets a hint of a raised brow followed by a half smile that crooks one side of his mouth, "Deal. Thought maybe I was in the doghouse for someth'n." Mike is given a 'hey there' upnod but Lleu doesn't really know the man other than his showing up at the Costa cabin out by the beaver damn recently. So Donnachaidh turns his attention to Tucker next, "Congrats on your promotion, by the way."

Jenny almost spits out her drink, or her food, which ever happens to be in the process of mastication when someone mentions telling "Santa" Mike, their Christmas wishes. "I ain't sitting on his lap. He's dangerous, you should know that LT. You and your...." she clears her throat and leaves it at thatt. And then she goes back to cleaning off her plate.

A quick nod and a smile for Kate, "Well, just enjoy the time off and think of pleasant things tonight." Looking over at Lleu, he grins. "Seems the brass needed some poor schmuck to replace the last Lieutenant who decided to retire. I was the first bastard that decided to answer the Captain's e-mail. It happens. Star of the Sea huh? Man, I almost don't miss that little nun barking up all her crazy theories about people looking for old tomes." Tucker shakes his head a little, remembering Sister Candida who he hadn't seen in months now. Oh well. Glancing to Jenny, he gives a slight nod. "I'll make sure to be careful where I stand when I'm around Santa Mike."

And with a nod to those that have greeted her, Thorne disappears to the bar. She retrieves her glass of whiskey and leaves an order for a few more. Miss Cleo says she'll need it. The woman returns, tucking fingers of left hand into her pocket and hefting the drink firmly in her right. Angling towards the food table -- other than setting down Kate's gift, she hasn't even looked at the others brought for the exchange -- the brunette begins surveying what's up for grabs and starts making a plate. She'll let the others mingle. She hasn't got enough liquor in her yet for that.

Mike eyes Tucker. "I refuse to drink anything non-alcoholic until I get to my gatorade in the morning. Should I try some eggnog?" Then he takes a mighty sip of the irish coffee. Mmmm. Yus. Then looking to Kate and Jenny, he sighs and shakes his head. "C'monnnnn. I even showered this week. I'm perfectly safe for a few more days." Lleufer gets an upnod as well, lifting the glass in cheers. But he does leer at Thorne, staring at her until she gets the creepy vibe and then looks back to the others.

Dash enters Taggart's Cigar Lounge, toting a large box underneath his left arm. He seems dressed for the occassion by wearing basically, well, one of the suits he usually wears to work. This particular one has the addition of a mistletoe belt buckle. As the door closes behind him, he raises his hand and shouts, "Hide the daughters and release the dogs, Dash Smith just showed up!" He drops an arm and adds, "Happy Holidays, everyone."

It's Jen, she can't help it. Her eyes keep straying towards the gift table. All that sparkly, shiny stuff. she must use extemee willpower to avoid getting sidetracked by shiny when on duty. That or great training. For teh barest of moments, plate #XX is dismissed as she looks over her shoulder and rolls her eyes at Mike. "Still not sitting on your lap." A new voice enters the fray and she looks in that direction.

There's a nod to Lleu. "I remembered. You being Catholic, I mean." Being Catholic herself, Lily would have to be pretty brain dead to forget that about him. "I just couldn't remember the name of the church." She turns when her name is called and her food is set upon the bar along with a soda, both in to-go containers of one kind or another. "Be right back." Best settle her bill now in case she has to run later.

Brodie looks down at the eggnog in his hand, then at Mike and gives a slow nod. "It could be a little boozier, but not bad." As far as he's concerned, everything could be boozier. Though the talk of church in the background has him staring off into the distance for a moment, then shaking his head. No plans to go this year either, it'd seem. There might even be a small step back away form the bulk of the group from him. "Mike, you wouldn't be safe wrapped up in bubble wrap and kittens."

There's a roll of Thorne's shoulders after a moment of plate-loading and she glances over, but... nope. No one looking. Seems Mike has gotten away with it- FOR NOW. The woman finally makes up her mind with her food-o-choice (desserts, mostly, because why not?) and angles her way over to the small cluster that Brodie, Tucker, and Mike seem to have crafted. There's an arch of brow in the direction of the token patrol guy in the trio. "You didn't pick up extra shifts just to avoid this?"

"Who said anything about non-alcoholic?" Tucker asks, a raised eyebrow in Mike's direction as he lifts the eggnog to his lips. "This shit has cognac and rum in it. Tastes great, but I see you have an Irish coffee, not bad. Might get that next myself." A glance over at Brodie then back at Mike. Bubble-wrapped Mike. That'd be an interesting sight. "Oh, looks like Dash has showed up. Should we tell him how much he missed at that karaoke night?"

Choking down a sip of whiskey, Audrey is quick to reply to Tucker: "No."

Amalia is next to arrive at Taggarts with a phone in hand and a small Christmas themed gift bag hooked onto her elbow. Once inside she let go a breath of relief. Not too late but not early either. From the looks of things it seems like gifts were passed around just yet. Winding herself through the maze of tables and chairs she heads towards her group with a warm smile to greet them. "Merry Chris--" Her words are halted when she notices someone wrapped in bubble wrap. Amalia laughs softly while shaking her head. "Well alright then."

Mike shrugs to Jenny. "Well then I'm not giving you any presents that I didn't bring for you. So there." Hmph! Back to Brodie, the guy nods. "Well, where's your flask? Spice it up. I might ask for a top-off on it after I finish my evening coffee. Annnnnd yes I would. If I put the kittens inside the bubblewrap they will provide negative space between me and others. Kittens are awesome for that." Back to Tuckernuts, the guy shrugs. "Wellllll you didn't specify. As an el-tee, you're going to have to get on top of that one, brother. Otherwise people are going to follow the words, not the spirit." Looking at Dash, though, he waves the guy over. "Dash. You missed all the shots we've taken. You're four behind."

"Dog house? Nah, you'd know if you were in the dog house" Kate smiles to Donnachaidh in one of those 'you /don't/ want to find out what that's like/ stares...complete with sweet smile. "From what I hear, Santa Mike, you have a lap that is notorious for not being level...and we don't need that tonight." Half to herself she adds, "Or any night." A wave for Thorne before she drains her eggnog, has a bit of an eye twitch and then heads for the bar. "I'll probably miss Christmas mass this year" she calls back to the other Catholics. Vodka is calling.

Well, all it took was asking, and sure enough Brodie produces his flask, strapped to his lower leg right under his jeans, like it always is. Weirdo. "I thought it'd be rude to start adding my own." There's a small chuckle from him cutt off as he bites the top of the flask. He pulls off the cap with his teeth and pours a little of whatever is inside in his eggnog, then holds it out to Mike, a questioning raise of his brow.

Mike looks to Kate, mocking /aghast/. "I am a married woman, Miss Kate! And you /suggest/ such things. Shame on your house and name. Good day to you." He even flips the Santa hat before grinning. "Take all the pictures you need. Make me famous. Photo me like one of your.. French girls." When the flask is produced, though, Mike watches and waits. "Oh, by all means good sir. Keep me topped and I'll pay to have it refilled." Glass extended, he looks over to see Amalia and grins. "Uh oh. My target has arrived."

Donnachaidh is only drinking from a bottle of water since he's technically on duty and can't stay long at the party. He gives Kate a wry smile and watches her head for the bar. He looks like he'd like to ask her why she'll be missing midnight mass on Christmas, but it can wait. Amalia he doesn't know but Lleu looks her over as she arrives before his attention returns to the others, "If this turns out to be anything like the Karoke party, a scrapbook is bound to show up at the office."

Alas, dispatch calls over the radio, letting Robinson know that something is going down. Gathering up her dinner, a hasty wave is given to all before she's off, the siren the last to be heard as she speeds off.

Dash stops dead in his tracks, looking towards Tucker with wide eyes, "Karaoke night? Realllyyy....." He nods his head slowly as he looks around slyly, "Alright. I get it. Didn't want me singing you all under the table." He looks towards Mike, grinning broadly, "Line up my catchup, I'm going to get this off my hands now." He lifts the box looking down towards the red wrapped monstrosity, "Brodie!" He begins approaching the patrolman, "You're getting somethin' special, my brother in blue."

Tucker snorts, both at Thorne and at Mike. One should always assume that Tucker isn't going to drink something without liquor in it when he's at a bar. C'mon. Still, now that his target was here, he gives the group a nod and then slips away for a minute. Another minute and he's back with his nicely wrapped box with awesome Simpson's wrapping paper. He holds it out to Dash. "Merry Christmas."

Brodie tops Mike off with a generous splash of whisket before he returns the cap to the flask and returns it to his pocket. Finally getting around to answer Thorne with a hapless shrug. "I thought about it, figured you'd probably kill me if I left you alone with Mike at a social function and decided I might as well show up."

"I feel such pity for the man that would marry you," Thorne notes in an aside to Mike with a faint roll of the eyes. There's no protest to Dash. He can go right on thinking they didn't want him to sing them under the table. Yep. She'll take that. Another sip of whiskey and the glass is set on a nearby table so that Audrey can start partaking of her food. No need to get sloshed too quickly, right? As gifts start being doled out, the detective angles her head towards Brodie: "Appreciate that." And then she's sidling away towards the table to grab the bag placed there. It's rather unceremoniously held out towards Kate, without any fanfare. Why? Her mouth is full of cookie.

Mike gives a nod of appreciation to Brodes. Absolutely. Mike nods sagely to Dash. "As you bid, sir." He heads to the bar, sipping his drink and orders 8 shots. Four for Dash, four for... whomever wants them. Because Dash. He leans in to whisper to Dash. "Remember. No turning space time upside down tonight." He nudges the guy with his elbow and a grin. It'll take a few for the shots to be poured so he wanders over towards Amalia. "Hey. Mike Peterson." He reaches a palm out to shake her hand. "And I am your Secret Santa. It took a bit of homework. Had to ask some co-workers. I think I was able to get you something good." Mike reaches into his holster and produces the card.

And then there's Dash. Perhaps of the list of people Brodie'd be suspicious of getting presents from, Jenny would be right at the top of the list. But surely Dash wouldn't be all that far behind. Probably right after Mike. So he's forced to set his drink aside as he takes the red monstrosity of a box in hand and peers down at it. "It's.. not going to bite, is it?" This seems to be a valid concern of his. Holding it as far away from his face as his arms can reach, he carefully flips open the lid.

As the lid of Dash's gift to Brodie opens up, there seems to be a small snap and a twang of a rubberband. Up flips a cardboard cutout of Richard Nixon on the campaign trail, two hands extended high into the air in the triumphant sign for victory. Dash grins, and puts you all to shame with his mad karaoke skills. He spreads his arms high and wide in his own victorious triumph, gyrating his pelvis slowly in his best Justin Timberlake impression as he sings the words printed on the inside of the lid of the box, "It's my dick in a box!" The gyrations go circuler as he leans into it. Either he's really into the song or he's about ready to climax, "A dick in box, baybaaay."


And this must be the fabled Dash. Kate has seen very little of him around the precinct and, at the moment, she hopes that will continue. And there's a package being thrust in her direction by Thorne. "You got me? That was lucky" Kate smiles as she sits down next to her friend. Her eyes narrow as she turns to look at Thorne. "Or not." A little laugh before she opens it up. "Though if this another vibrator like last year... I mean, I don't mind a vibrator but...a second hand one?"

The cellphone in hand is slipped inside the left pocket of her jacket while she leans towards the bar. It takes a few waves to gain their attention but eventually Amalia relays a simple order of Rum and Cock. She returns to the gift exchange group then loosens up the red scaf around her neck. A minimal effort to appear in theme for the evening. Then Mike approaches, Amalia appears in good spirits for the evening. "Nice to meet you Mike." The gesture was returned, meeting his hand with hers. "Hope it wasn't any trouble for ya'." A few moments later she takes the card in hand. She'll exert some seconds of patience before opening the card.

And Brodie laughs. Actualy honest to god laughter, which is not something a whole lot of people have had occasion to hear in this room. He sets the box down where the Dick isn't going to slap him on the face while he takes a moment to regain his composure and try not to actually break into a giggling fit, because that would be embarassing, not like getting a Dick in a box. He finally manages some sense of calm, still eyeing the weird box out of the corner of his eye as he looks at Dash. "Well done, sir."

Mike lets Amalia open the card and look inside. "It may not be what you're looking for. All good. He's just a friend. I can get you something equivalent at another dojo for something else. Up to you. I'd be happy to get it done."

Donnachaidh notices that gifts are being handed out and he goes to get Robinson's, then belated realizes that she already left, "Drat, I'll have to give this to her tomorrow. Somebody's going to need to help her drink this bottle of scotch." It gets set back down and Llue catches the tail end of Kate's comment, doing a double take, "Thorne! You didn't /really/ get her a vibrator last Christmas, did you???"

It was instant her eyes widened, excited. "No no no." She protested. "I love it. Really. Wow..." She's still reading over the card, a goofy grin stretching across her lips. "This is so awesome. Yeeah.." Amalia lifted her gaze to Mike, "Thank you like. So much. Do you train there?"

Tucker almost chokes when he looks at the gift Dash has given Brodie. Jesus Christ. That was hilarious. Hey, at least it wasn't actually Dash's dick in the box, which is at least something to worry about when it came to someone like Dash. Then Donna says something that makes him nearly spill hi sdrink on his precious Tom Brady jersey as he holds back laughter. "Jesus Christ Donnachaidh, you really asking her that?"

With a laugh, Dash shakes his head to Mike, "No gaurantees, Mikey." He stops dancing as Brodie collects himself, pulling his jacket to the side and pulling a large and long bag from beneath, at which point he turns back to Brodie with a smile, "Happy holidays, Brodie. It's been good knowing you, this year." The package contains a simple gift of a bottle of Isle of Skye Blended Scotch Whiskey, aged 8 years, "Enjoy it, man." He turns, looking towards Tucker with a smile, "Thanks, El-Tee!" He takes the gift, proceeding to open it with a smile on his face. The first is open, a coffee mug with a pistol grip. The second, the same, at which point Dash laughs, "Great! Now I can have that movie moment with my coffee that the department won't let me have with actual firearms!" He then laughs. Really laughs. Not the occassionally diabolical, but always lacking in sanity laugh that Dash is accustomed to. Actual laughter of enjoyment, "Thanks El-Tee." He holds up the pack, shouting out, "The El-Tee supplied me with what I need to make..." His voice drops low and horse, and he growls out his next words, "One of those pumpkin spice bullshit things!"

"I don't own any vibrators." It's said with such a deadpan that Thorne might be telling the truth. Maybe. It's for Kate and Donnachaidh's benefit. Nope. Inside the bag is a trio of things: a pack of small, pocket-sized 'rite-in-the-rain' notebooks, a trio of nice pens (black, with a single blue stripe between clip and barrel), and a scarf. A scarf that mimics 'CRIME SCENE' tape. Audrey just looks decidedly awkward throughout the entire thing. She does notice the gift from Dash to Brodie, mind you, and there's a flicker of a smirk that turns into a brief grin. One that's schooled down into something more calm as she watches Kate.. and eats cookies.

Mike looks to Amalia and starts to grin with the expression. "I used to for about a year. The guy who runs it is super cool. Very aggressive, though. He makes the same demands on guys as he does women. Very equal opportunity to get your ass kicked. I sadly don't have the time to keep up, but I can go there with you and do an introductory class the first week if you want." Mike just nods, reaches into his pocket and produces a card for her to take. "This is the address. The reviews on Yelp are shit, but thats because soccer moms don't like vulgarity. You want to learn to fight, and hard, they'll get you there. Its a great way to work off stress." Mike isn't paying much attention to anyone else at the moment.

Brodie accepts the scotch with a grin. "I'll have to hide this from Owen. I'm pretty sure he made a copy of my apartment key and goes grocery shopping in my fridge. Thanks, man." He slaps Dash on the shoulder with another brief smile. "Maybe I can hide the box on my dining room table and he'll look inside, eh?" He finds a place to tuck away the Scotch where no one will touch it as he moves to the table to grab the present he brought, the one with the fabulous wrapping job comprised of papertowels and duct-tape. Because it's nothing if not festive. Or maybe he is that awful of a wrapper, or just forgot to get wrapping paper, or a gift bag. Though that doesn't explain the fact there's an actual card attached to it. He makes his way over to Thorne, stands silently next to her and holds the package in her direction.

Jenny, strangely, has been quiet for a while. Well explainable perhaps between her staring at all the brightly wrapped presents and tearing into the one that was labled for her, from Robinson. It was only labeled from Your Secret Santa but Jenny has her ways of finding these things out. Yep, she's that kid at Christmas who opened things (sometimes resealing them) before Christmas and sits playing with her gift: A bracele, t. It is perhaps one from a tourist-ish gift shop but it's still rather nice. It has little charms that represent various locations within Fallcoast - a seashell to represent to coastline, for example - and a tiny tag that is in the shape of the state with a red enamel heart inlaid in the metal, all in a "silver"-tone.

Amalia stares up to Mike, listening intently on the man's honest opinon of the dojo. She also takes the other card offered containing the address. That is given a thorough look over before stuffing it inside the envelope carefully. "I'd like that. Actually I was just at the gym looking for some boxing classes they offered but this..." She slightly waved the card in gesture, "is so much better. I mean they taught us a few moves in the academy but not enough to really keep yourself safe ya know?" Lacking a purse, she held onto the card for now.

"Hey, not a problem, Dash. Glad you like it. I figured that was just... you." Gun mugs and pumpkin spice bullshit drinkmix? Absolutely Dash right there. Tucker then turns his attention to Kate and Thorne. He has to admit, the scarf is a nice touch. Ooh, and here's Brodie giving Thorne a gift. Tucker sips his eggnog, waiting to see what someone would actually get Thorne.

"It wasn't one of Thornes vibrators" Kate clarifies to Donnachaidh. "It was from a vibrator surplus store so it probably had half a dozen users first" she deadpans as she unwraps her present. Her smile growing with each gift. "I love the scarf!" she laughs before leaning over to hug Thorne. "Thanks" she smiles. "I'll use all of them." Setting them down carefully she finds the package wrapped in 'Officer Dibble' (the cop from Top Cat) paper and hands it over to Mike.

Mike nods slowly to Amalia. "Krav isn't about personal temperance. There's no meditation. Its the art of the takedown and kill. If you want fluid arts and lots of heady stuff, there's a great dojo for that anywhere else. In Fallcoast, for this, you can't beat raw combatives. You'll use it on the job." Mike grins and pats her with a paw on the shoulder. "C'mon. Let's go mingle with the others." She has no choice, bringing her towards the group. "Brodes, Tuckernuts, this is Amalia. She's going to be a badass MMA fighter in three months. Shower her with praise and puts your bets in now." Stepping close enough, though, Mike looks at whats being handed to him from Kate. "I'm EOD. Is this ticking? Is there a trick?" he laughs before starting to open it.

There's a slight twitch of lips as Kate goes through her gifts. "I, well. I figured something practical would be good. I know it's hard to keep pens around the office. Pretty sure Mike hoardes them all. And those notebooks? Army uses them pretty heavily. They're great. Pens might not work as well in the rain, but-" Shrug. The scarf? No explanation for that. It's almost too off-the-cuff for the detective. The hug catches her off-guard and it's a sort of awkward twist of arm that returns it. In comes Brodie with the- that's not a save. That's a gift. Audrey stares at him, stares at the... awkward wrapping job. "Oh." The card earns a sort of snerk and twitch of lips and it takes her a moment to navigate the wrapping 'paper.' When she finally gets through, a flask is revealed. Not just a flask, mind. It's a tactical flask. It's pretty much a holster... with MOLLE... for a flask. And Thorne? Thorne begins laughing.

Dash laughs, nodding to Brodie, "Let me know and I'll help you reset the trap." He meanders over to the bar, looking over the four shots lined up as they were recently poured by Mike, "Thank you, Mikey!" He rubs his hands together, and he scoops up the first shot, pounding it down, "I'm!" He slams the glass down on the bar, at least skilled enough not to break it, and then picks up the second one. Down the hatch it goes, and Dash calls out, "All!" He sets the second glass down quickly as he scoops up the third with his other hand. Down it goes and then Dash calls out, "Caught!" Finally, the fourth shot disappears and the Detective growls through the heat of the alcohol. He finally shouts out, "Up!" He picks up his two pistol-grip coffee mugs again, waving them in the air triumphantly, "Alright then!"

Tucker turns from the Brodie-Thorne bonding experience to give Mike and Amalia a nod. "Badass MMA fighter, eh? I hope so, we could use a few more badasses on the force to knock some sense into the badguys. Nice to meet you, and please, don't feed that one any pumpkin spice bullshit drink." He cocks a finger over at Dash who is waving around his pistol-grip mugs like a damn madman. His stomach rumbles a little then, and the first thing in his mind is bacon cheese fries. Damn, he wanted some bacon cheese fries.

As if a present in this day and age would tick...most bombs use silent timers now. But Mike has not received a bomb from Kate...as much as she thought about it. Instead there is a stuffed Grumpy Cat in a police uniform with a 'Peterson' name badge. "It's also a cooler" she points out, "But I'm afraid you have to stick your hand in an impolite location to get the bottle in and out." And sure enough there is a bottle of scotch in the 'belly of the beast'. Noting Brodie nearby, Kate offers him a nod of greeting...though it looks more like a secret handshake nod.

Mona walks by the bar and figures it's as good as any to stop in for a drink. There's a crack of light, burst of cold air, and all of a sudden she finds herself standing in a bar full of cops. She stops and stares at the party for a moment. There's no guilt in her eyes for those that look, just surprise. But then with a shrug she moves her way to the bar and pulls up a stool and orders whiskey.

Brodie peers at the flask in Thorne's hand, then at Thorne's reaction. "Right.. so. I figured you'll be needing that." He claps Thorne on the shoulder with a half-cocked grin. "It's already filled with Walker for you, in case you need a little pick me up after all this.. socializing." He turns to grab his drink from the table and looks over as he hears Mike's voice offering a new introduction. He nods his head politely to Amalia, even as he's eyeing Dash sideways. "Tucker. I have a feeling you're going to live to regret doing that."

"Yeah?" She queried but before she could ask anything else Amalia was guided towards the rest of the gift exchangers. The nicknames caused her to smirk, along with the MMA prediction. "Nah..." She protested. "More like two and a half." Then her gaze follows the next gift opening. From what she saw these were all great then that reminded her of her of her own. Looking to Tucker her nose wrinkled, "Pumpkin Spice? Never touched the stuff. But uh would you be 'Brodes' or 'Tuckernuts?'"

Taggart's is... well, cop-themed might be a way to put it. One could easily learned it was a retired cop that opened the place. So, no surprise the local precinct is holding their party there.

The laughter ebbs away and Thorne nods to Brodie, casting aside the wrapping -- because, well, maybe someone will need it to clean later? -- and holding onto flask and card. "I thought it felt a bit heavy." A bit of fiddling gets the thing onto her belt with the rest of her gear. Oh, it's totally improper, but damnit Tucker can deal. Moving to retrieve plate and drink, Audrey finishes off the whiskey and starts heading for the bar for another. The glass is raised in greeting to Amalia: "Don't trust any of them," she warns before going to retrieve her next drink.

Mike opens his gift and stares. STARES. "This is WAY cooler!!" Mike starts cackling. "Oh my God this is awesome..." He holds the grumpycat like a baby, cradling it. "I need to feed it booze. Poor thing. My spirit animal." He just grins and shows it around. "Kiss the baby, damnit." This is going on his dashboard. Forever. "Thank you, Kate. Best gift ever." He laughs again and looks to Amalia. "Yeah, don't fear these guys. They've been around the block but they're a bunch of softie bitches. Especially Brodie. He loves to socialize. Just bring booze."

And in walks Harrison, the man having arrived late - although those that would know the happenings at the police station would know that he was working late tonight - and must have looped by home to change. He grins as he enters, saying, "Alright, ladies and gentlemen... the party can now begin..." Yes. He's late. He knows about it, but he gives that Cavanaugh Smile(tm) that just seems to make it clear that he's just here to have a good time. And after all, it's Harrison. He's been here forever, having been on the FPD nearly 20 years here. He's NEVER on time for a party.

Tucker and Kate get a brief fishmouth movement out of Donnachaidh and then a shrug. Yep, he stepped in it but Kate is smooth and rolls with it like it's nothing. So Lleu just sips his water and tries not to laugh.

Mona takes her drink and sips it as she turns on the stool. The congrigation of cops is too much not to look at. They're loud, boisterous, and many. Not that any of these things are bad, hell Mona likes being part of all 3, but it does make for amusing people watching. Her gaze goes from here to there, jumping to particularly uproarious laughter. She seems very amused with what she watches.

"Tuckernuts." Tucker responds, holding out a hand. "Or Tucker if you prefer." He gives Amalia a bit of a grin, before looking over at the Grumpy Cat thing Kate gave Mike. Damn, Kate brought her gift game hard.

Oh Harrison thinks he's going to show up this late and just stroll on in does he? Tucker steps forward and points at the man. "You get to buy the next round, Detective. Welcome to the party!" And with that he pounds down the rest of his eggnog then goes to the bar to grab another drink.

Brodie returns Kate's nod once he notices it, attention turning back to Amalia. "Mike lies, I hate socializing. But do bring me booze, always booze." Brodie shifts his drink between hands, reaching over to the snack table to grab something fried. He doesn't look at it too closely before popping it in his mouth. He's not even bothering to react to Mike's emotional explosion over the grumpy cat. This is just something he's come to expect out of the detective. "So.. anyone notice that most of these gifts involve alcohol or coffee? Just an observation.."

There is a moment when Dash actually does the pistolero version of the running man, then stops to take a look around He narrows his eyes towards Mona for a moment, but he's quickly distracted by the new introductee, who is currently speaking with Tucker. Interposing himself into the conversation, he looks towards Amalia with a slow turn of his head, then shakes his head quickly, "Nobody prefers Tucker over Tuckernuts. Just sayin'..." He then turns his head to follow Tucker, "If he's coming in talking about ladies and gentlemen, he's at the wrong party anyway, Tucker." He then turns to whisper to Amalia, "But we do make certain concessions on certain occassions involving the El-Tee's nomenclature."

Looking up a moment from playing with the sparkly she'd been gifted with, when Harrison comes in, smiling the (tm) smile, she just sort of ducks back a bit. Cavanaugh. She's avoided them since that incident (never proven!!!) in high school. And this guy, he may be ok for one of /them/ but why take chances right? Oh...more food and she heads in that direction whilst playing with her new bracelet.

And along with Harrison is Emily; the Detective's Daughter, a young blond of university age with a rather comfortable smile and coke-bottle curves mostly hidden with jeans and a university hoodie. She moves along with her father, hair pulled back to a single ponytail that bounces along with her and a rather mild smile as she looks about "You always this smug with them?" She grins to Harrison, nudging him with her elbow, and giving the other cops a nod. She's ... not exactly unfamiliar with the local cops. Admittedly, she was -younger- then, a brat being ferried from club to club and occasionally waiting for Daddy to get off duty, but ... mm.

Kate wraps her new scarf around her neck before smiling over at Donnachaidh. "Really, Lleu? A vibrator surplus store?" A light laugh and a wink before she's standing. "Can we talk soon, Brodie?" she asks him before heading over to introduce herself to Amalia. "Detective Torres but please call me Kate. How are you liking the cop life?" A glance over to Harrison and then Emily and she winces a bit at seeing the young woman. They may have met before briefly...and of course she's Harrison's daughter. Time for another drink. "You want something, Amalia?"

Harrison grins at Tucker, and says loudly, "Ok. ok... Tucker made a wish, so I'll grant it..." His voice gets louder, well projected in the ways that officers are trained. "Next round is on me." And a pause. "Oh, and this is my daughter Emily. Most of you may remember her growing up... she's now in college... daughter. Remember that, now that she's older. My daughter." Oh yes. He clearly wants NOBODY hitting on his baby girl. He grins, and winks at his daughter, "Have a great time, dear."

Another plate of food in hand, Jen veers past the gift table and grabs the gift bag dhe'd deposited earlier, deft avoiding Harrison. It's a thing, you know? SHe stops just short of Donnachaidh, hands him the bag and then says "Have at it. " A cheeky grin. "Hope you can get some use out of it"

At the bar, Thorne has a quick conversation with the guy tending it. It's a casual sort of banter; a familiarity involved. This is very clearly home turf. The detective tilts her head in a nod towards Mona. Having come to the event after her duties, she's still dressed in black slacks and a red (perhaps a slight nod towards the festive) sweater... with gear on her belt. Sans gun, but everything else is there... including the new addition of a holstered flask. When Harrison's call goes out, she tilts her head in that direction: "Irish coffee. On him." It leaves her waiting at the bar longer, but she just perches on a stool to await her order. Mike aparently set off a craving.

Mona eavesdrops from coversation to conversation. The outburst about a virbrator surplus store makes her smirk before taking another drink. Half the fun of this game is trying to figure out the connections between everyone, the hierarchy, who really is in control and who just wears the bling. When Thorne comes by she meets her look with a smile and raises her glass. "All of you seem to be having fun tonight. Holiday party?"

Mike heads to the bar quickly and knocks back two of the remaining four shots. Yep, had to happen. He then walks over and hands them out with outstretched arms to Brodie and Tucker. "Eat 'em. Both of you." He does try to reclaim the Irish coffee. "Amalia, how's things going so far with patrol? Saw you were kinda new." Harrison arriving has him nod and look back.

"I'll reserve the former for Mike here." Amalia smirked a little then started to slip the retangular shaped gift Christmas themed gift bag from the hook of her elbow. It was stuffed with white tissue to conceal the three-inch slender box stuffed within. "Then this would be for you. Merry Christmas Tucker." She offered the bag to the man just after Mike had received his gift and apparently in love with it. To Brodie Amalia asked, "Does it matter what kind?"

"A great time involves a drink" Emily says primly; being JUST too young to drink legally publically. She chuckles and nods to Harrison "I guess. Get me a cola or something? If you're buying the round, I'm totally taking advantage" She gives Kate a small, rather uncertain smile and then smiles to the rest of the cops, the easy-going relaxed smile of someone in the presence of reasonably like-minded people. For all she moves like a dancer, there's a good, firm physique there.

There is, handily, a table of non-alcoholic beverages and a table of finger foods and desserts. Surely no one would spike the punch at a cop shindig... Or would they?

"Sure thing, you know where I work." Brodie's comment to Kate is followed by a nod of the head. And just as he's finishing his drink and about to go get another, Mike arrives with a shot. And who is he to argue about downing a shot when instructed by a detective, and so it disappears in short order. "Anything but Jack Daniels. I have issues with Jack.." He looks at Amalia with the utmost seriousness, spoken in a perfect deadpan. Then there's a firm nod as he disappears in the direction of the bar for a moment. "Refill!"

Harrison nods to Mike, giving a wave to Jenny. Why? Because he's both friendly... and doesn't realize she's avoiding him. He makes his way to the bar, ordering a 'rum and coke' and a 'coke without rum'. Drinks in hand, he makes his way over to Emily with hers (the coke without rum) and then heads over to Donnachaidh. "Lleu. How are you tonight?" He give a few waves to others. Brodie. Amalia. Those he knows well, and those more recent. But the whole time, he keeps an eye on his daughter, just making sure she is having a good time, as well.

Donnachaidh gives Kate a shrug, "I don't know a /thing/ about vibrators. Afraid you could tell me anything about them and I have no clue. Don't use'm myself, thanks." He gives a grin and a wink before he finishes off his bottle of water. He checks his watch, "I should be heading back out. Need to finish my shift." Ooh, wait. Jenny's handing him a gift, so he hands her his empty water bottle in turn, "Merry Christmas." Lleu's such a bastard, isn't he? He opens up Jenny's gift and first pulls out an ugly Christmas Sweater with horny Madonna inspired carrot noses sticking out in suggestive places. "Oh, I'll wear /this/ for you, Jenny. Totally." And next he pulls out a 'Grow your own Woman' toy - you just add water and she's an instant date! "I think you made a mistake and gave me Tucker's gift by accident. Hey, Tuck!"

"Yeah. Usually it's just something in the breakroom. Guess someone higher up decided we should do something real this year." Perhaps Tucker had something to do with that? Not like Thorne can remember the timeline of the announcement and his promotion. Dark eyes skim the crowd and she gestures vaguely in Dash's direction. "Just watch out for him." Soon, the bartender returns. He's provided a handy tray, even. There's a small collection of shot glasses, a new bottle of scotch, and her Irish coffee. "Thanks," Audrey chimes, taking it up carefully. She aims back towards the party with a parting nod for Mona. "I don't have to work tonight, so we're drinking." There's not enough glasses for everyone, but that'd require a much larger tray. There's a pause and she adds: "The coffee is mine."

Harrison of course gets shown his new shiny Christmas gifts. Donnachaidh shrugs and smile, "I'm doing all right. Gotta get back to work though. I'm on shift."

Tucker grins at Harrison, shooting a glance at Emily a moment. He wasn't sure she should be at a bar, but he trusted Harrison's judgment. Looking over at Amalia, he takes the bag in hand and opens it up. "Hey, I needed a new tie. Silk? You went all fancy on me. Thanks a lot, Amalia, really appreciate it. Merry Christmas to you too. Come on, have a drink!" He slaps his hand down on the counter and orders up an Irish coffee. Blame Mike. Then he gestures for Amalia to order as well. A glance around the bar and he spots Mona, giving her a friendly enough nod while waiting for the bartender to get him his drink.

Emily smiles to her father, and takes the drink, moving away to sip it and mingle. She looks over the various cops, musing as she studies them with a professional eye, assessing them and considering. She doesn't quite relax - but finds a seat and slides into it, crossing her legs and settling back. Just a little. Cradling the drink in both hands

Mona listens to the explination she's given by the lady cop. "Good for you, you should get out for some fun." she praises. Of course the warning about Dash only makes Mona more curious about him. She doesn't get a chance to ask why, but that doesn't matter. Even with the warning she's not very likely to even talk to the guy. Then when Thorpe feels the need to explain she's not really drinking Mona just chuckles a toothy grin and shakes her head to show she doesn't care in the slightest, she's just enjoying herself as she finishes her drink.

Mike grins to Amalia. Yep, its all good. He takes another shot and then there's a sound. Not his normal cell phone. The guy stands a little straighter and reaches into his pants for the phone while he steps away. Everything said to him seems to wash for a moment. The guy takes the call and gives a firm nod while pulling off his hat. "Copy all," is everything that's heard. He doesn't even say goodbye. Asshole. He just walks out the front at a good clip, taking to a run to the parking lot.

"It's still pretty new. I mean my CO doesn't let me drive. On top of that, I have to remember the way he likes his coffee. And write up all the reports. Am I supposed to be giving him coffee every morning? And getting his lunch? Turning the codes into nursery rhymes?" She asked Mike just before Tucker had opened his gift. "Really? I hoped so. And I have a drink comming already, thanks though." Her rum and coke was retrieved.

"Take care, Donnachaidh" Kate calls out to the man as he leaves. "Are you sure you're not off to find a source of water" she smiles before gesturing for him to call her. And then Mike is off at a rush. Weird guy. Departing from Amalia and the bar, Kate heads for a quiet spot to try out her new pens and pads...because she knows how to party!

"Thanks, Jenny." Donnachaidh's a good sport about it and carefully puts the gifts back into the bag. "I'll catch you all later. Don't drink too much then drive, you know the routine, kids." Lleu starts to head out but he'll pause by Kate for just a moment to pull something small out of his pocket and hand it to her, "Merry Christmas, Kate." It's a tiny little box with colorful wrapping paper. He laughs, "I just drunk a bottle of water. I'll pee on it later when I get bored so I can watch it grow!" He heads on out.

It only takes a moment for Brodie to get another boozed up eggnog from the bartender, and a little nudging to get him to add some extra cognac to the mix. He's rather tunnel visioned about the whole thing to, not paying any real attention to anyone at the bar out of his social circle, other than perhaps a short, slightly awkward glance, and then he's diving back into the more comfortable if still horrendously awkward social pool that is the rest of the officers. He peers at Amalia's list of duties. "Ah, so you're the one doing all my favorite chores."

Mona watches Emily curiously as the girl moves about the crowd. It's clear she doesn't quite belong here, and feels uncomfortable. As the girl slides into her seat she doesn't get up or say anything just idly returns her gaze to the rest of the group, watching them thin out as she nurses her drink.

Jenny looks at the bottle, destined for the trash hip, and gets the faintest of wicked grins on her face. No, her, look wicked and evil? Perish the thought. Bottle goes to the trash and she gives her goodbyes to Donnachaidh, going to find a place to seat, after yet another pass at the food table. And, her phone comes out, camera flipped about so thet in can scan the crowd, possibly catching any cousins in action - things to pass on to family, in all innocence of course.

"Oh it's great. I've been putting together a couple new suits and this one tie fits in really well." Tucker receives his Irish coffee and he lifts it in a salute to Amalia. "So thank you, and if your CO keeps busting your chops, let me know and I'll give him a call. There's giving rookies shit and then there's taking it too far. Some people take things a little too far sometimes."

When Mike flees, Thorne looks after him with a faint frown. Welp. Instead, the tray is set on a table and the woman begins pouring shots. She points at Tucker and Jenny both. "You two. Drinking with me." Despite the Irish Coffee, the woman pours one for herself as well. A fourth, then, this one thrust towards Amalia. "Get used to drinking. It's pretty much the only hobby most of us have." Says the woman with a flask on her hip.

Emily's eyes slip to Mona, the second the woman's own look away. She gives a couple of blinks, a somewhat nonplussed expression at the other's appearence, before she grins and raises the glass, offering a silent greeting before she slides to her feet and wanders across to make it a verbal one "Hey" She nods cheerfully "Having fun?"

Mona catches the raised glass out of the corner of her eye and watches Emily make her way over to the bar. Mona seems to have lost all interest in the rest of the crowd as she studies the girl approaching her. "I am," she replies with a big smile, "people watching is one of my favorite things." Motioning to an empty stool she invites, "Would you like to join me? You look like you've had your fill of the party."

Kate stares at her gift from Donnachaid for a moment before thanking him and slipping it into her pocket. Everyone had two secret Santas...right? There may be a flush of red to her cheeks but that's what alcohol is there to hide. She looks around at the party before jotting down some notes on her new pad...and using her new pen to do so!

Dash looks towards Thorne as he seems to sense he's being indicated. He looks towards Mona for a moment, tilts his head towards Thorne, and shakes his head emphatically, and then adds, "I have no idea what she's talking about!" He returns shortly there after to the bar, calling for yet another shot.

Amalia was the proud owner of two drinks with her own barely touched. She took the drink offered from Thorne and forced a small smile, "I don't--well thanks." She was beginning to protest but the night demanded her to fit in. Using her foot she nudged a chair from the table so she could lower herself onto it and set both drinks before her. Starting with the rum and coke. "I guess I am." She tells Brodie. Then looking to Tucker, "I'll remember that. I mean I get it. But it isn't too bad. Just gets ridiculous."

"I'm not too much of a partying girl" Emily agrees to Mona, taking the invitation and sitting, settling one leg over the other as she relaxes into the seat "I suppose. People do all sorts've weird stuff when they think they're not being watched" A little amusement there, offering a hand. No rings. Short nails "Emily."

Jenny gets pointed at, and looks up from her plate of food. A glance at the finger and then the others who've been told they must drink. Popping up to her grand height of 5'3", she hastily grabs the last bite of noshing and pops it in her mouth, chewing as she makes her way toward Thorne. Stopping, swallowing, "Well now, can't refuse an order, right?"

Tucker nods at Thorne then looks at Amalia. "She's right. Drinking and football are my two favorite things. Let me tell you how much February thru August sucks." He grins a little then takes a long sip from the irish coffee. "Yeah, there's giving the rook shit and then there is taking things too far. Some people don't know when to quit. Jenny." The last is said as Jenny joins the group.

Mona looks back to the man she was warned about. "I'm sure you don't." she laughs and grins back at him. Returning back to Emily she nods, "Oh believe me, I know. Most nights I have the best view in the house for it." she laughs and motions to behind the bar. "Monica." she returns, staring at the hand for a second before giving it a quick firm shake. "So who are you here with?" she asks looking back into the crowd.

"My dad" Emily points to Harrison cheerfully as she chatters to Monica and keeps an eye on her father "He likes to come to these things and I think he wants me along to make sure I don't get into trouble; and he's got a designated driver for the night" She gives the other woman a chuckle and slight shrug "How about you? Good so far?"

Mona looks over to Harrison and nods. "I see. Does he take you to things like this often?" she asks with a side glance to Emily. "Maybe he doesn't want to keep you out of trouble, maybe this is his way of bonding with you? Bringing you into his world?" she offers. The way she says it implies she doesn't really believe it herself, but more of a curiosity. "Or do you really get into trouble a lot?" she asks with a smirk.

"Yeah?" Amalia tok a sip from the irish coffee. A small sip. "What's your team?" She asked Tucker while settling comfortable in her seat. The aroma of food taunted the rising hunger in her stomach. Something she'll tend to later.

"Some" Emily accepts with a little laugh "I mean, I go running around a lot as exercise, and people worry when they see you run past in a chain shirt. But hey, you lot need to do it in more ... I think he wants to follow along in his footsteps eventually, but I'm doing uni first."

"He likes the Jets." Brodie interjects for Tucker with Amalia before shooting the lieutenant a wicked grin. "The more enlightened of us around here are Patriots fans, as is all right an proper." He pulls out a chair and sits himself down, still nursing his eggnog, taking more time to enjoy this drink. Well, after stealing a shot from the tray to chase the first sip down with.

Once everyone has gathered around, Thorne makes sure that shots are doled out. She sips her Irish Coffee between each. "You can decline drinking other times, but tonight is not one," the brunette intones to Amalia. And really, it's one of the only times the detective actually comes out of her own shell a bit. Lifting her shot, she holds it aloft a moment before holding it out towards Kate and grabbing another for herself. "Brodie. You should do a toast."

"Goddamn it Brodie." Tucker glares at him. "Totally a Pats fan. Been that way my whole life as it's the only team up in these parts to root for. Oh there's the Red Sox too when it comes baseball season, but baseball just isn't as exciting." He shrugs and sips some more of his irish coffee, nodding ina greement to Thorne's suggestion of a toast.

Mona looks back to Emily and does a double take. "A chain shirt?" she asks in surprise, "You mean like chainmail? Why on earth would you do that? Wouldn't that hurt like hell?" Despite the surprise and confusion, Mona is far more interested in this girl now.

Kate takes the offered shot glass while smirking at how Thorne deftly avoided the toast herselfl she is a professional after all. She looks to Brodie for the toast.

Jenny takes teh shotglass in hand,holding it towards Brodie (At Thorne's request), awaiting the toast.

"Oddly, no" Emily tells Mona, shaking her head "You wear something under it, of course. Something with padding on the shoulders helps a lot. The weight is spread over the shoulders and upper arms. The rest of it is learning how to move under the weight and momentum; kind've like you lot do with your vests, I guess?"

She laughed. "True enough. Can't surive saying you're a fan of any other team. I never cared for baseball though. Soccer that's another store." When Thorne suggests Brodie presen a toast Amalia grabbed her rum and coke to be ready.

Dash appears in time to take one of the shots, "Don't listen to him, Brodie. I'm pretty sure Tucker once mentioned being a Giants fan. He can't be trusted." He then adds, "Toast, Brodie!" He holds up the shot, seeming to wait.

Mona cocks her head to the side. First in response to hearing that running in chainmail isn't too bad, then the second about a vest she doesn't wear...then it clicks and she lets out an amused laugh. "Oh no, girl. I'm not a cop like them." she giggles shaking her head. "I just stumbled into here on accident. I had no idea this was going on!"

Fastest. Karma. Ever. Brodie teases Tucker, and now suddenly he's roped into having to do a toast. There's a look right at Thorne that speaks volumes. Volumes upon volumes of gummi scorpions and plastic spiders and pumpkin spice candles. Everywhere. Finally he lets out a sigh and gets to his feet, grabbing another shot off the tray to hold aloft, as it's bad manners to toast with a drink that has already been sipped. "Well then, um.." He's looking around the gathered officers and detectives with a bit of a blank look as his brain moves to catch up. "Here's to a year gone, and the year to come. You're all some of the best damn cops I've had the privledge and honor to work with, and hope to continue working with for many years to come. Now drink before I run out of things to say. Cheers, and go Pats." The last part added in with a thumbs up to Tucker, before he knocks back his shot.

"I was going to say" Emily tells Mona with a small laugh "You didn't quite look like cop material" She grins to her and then quiets as the toast begins - nodding to mona and letting the cops do their thing! Polite enough

Mona is hardly paying attention to the crowd of cops now. She's having fun with Emily. But when Emily points out they need to be quiet for the toast, she goes silent and turns and raises her glass. If anyone cared enough to look at her, they would probably pick up she's doing this out of avoiding social conflict than any real respect, but whatever as long as the toast isn't too long.

And all Brodie gets in return is a smirk. He's due. If only for the wrapping job. Thorne remains quiet as the toast is given. She lifts her shot a bit higher in the end, echoing the "Cheers," before knocking it back. The detective claims a seat, then, grabbing the bottle to start refilling glasses. "So, Amalia," this to the newcomer. "Are you a fan of martial arts, then? Brodie's been talking about boxing."

Emily smiles to Mona casually, swinging her feet and musing "So do you know any of that rabble, or you just picked the really wrong bar to take a quiet drink? It won't be quiet once they get going, I promise" She laughs a moment, nodding to Harrison as she raises her voice a touch for that last part

Mona grins from Emily to Harrison as the shot is fired cross the bow. "Not a single one." she chuckles, "and that's a good thing if you ask me." Then feeling the need to quickly add, "No offence. I just feel that it's better for everyone if we don't get involved with each other." she tries to clarify with a smile.

"Cheers!" Jen fully raises her shot glass aloft and then tosses it back as well, only the faintest of throat clearing afterwards. She eyes her cousin for a moment after his toast and then sits back to watch everyone else for a while. She's a social sort of person, most times, and she was earlier. But, she's full *how many plates?* and relaxed, a couple drinks and a shot under her belt. So, now, she's content to sit back and watch, dark brown eyes asparkle.

Amalia's glass seemed untouched. While raised she joins in, "Cheers." Tradition madates she drinks as she was also ordered earlier to by Thorne. Just for tonight. Normally taking it easy with rum Amalia consumed until the glass was half empty. She nods to Tucker after, "Mmhm." Her lips purse as the dark liquid spills down her throat. "I love boxing. One of my brothers used to try and teach me but he wasn't a professional or anything. Just something our dad pushed into a hobby." The rum and coke is set upon the table for now. "I like the skill, how you have to be faster than your opponent and outsmart them in less than a split second. I want to go further so Krav Maga it is."

ash raises the glass and adds his own, "Cheers." He takes down the shot, turning his attention back to Amalia, "Krav Maga is only so-so if you're looking to be a professional fighter." He then blinks, tilting his head to asks, "Are you looking to fight professionally, or was Mike talking out of his fake 'stache again?"

"I get that." Emily nods to Mona a moment "But don't tell -them-. I mean, nothing gets a cop's attention like saying you don't want it. They just love to chase things ..." She murmurs with a chuckle

Kate downs her drink before slamming the glass upside down on the nearest table. She leans over towards Thorne. "I'm going to split. Something I need to do" she whispers to her closest friend before rising to her feet and doing the wave outs. "Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe. Don't drink and drive. And I guess I'll see you at the next bloodbath." Then she is heading out with presents held close.

Mona laughs again and nods. "Oh you don't have to tell me." she gives a sly smile. "Don't get me wrong, I love a good chase, but I know which side is better to be on." And with that she takes the last sip of her whiskey. "And that is the sign that I need to be going." she says putting the empty glass on the bar. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Emily. Maybe we'll run into each other some day. Hopefully not while you're wearing your chainmail." Standing up she stretches her hands over her head. "Tell your father hi, and stay out of trouble." she smirks and walks out the bar.

"Yeah, took up boxing about a month back, been pretty good for blowing off steam. Better than randomly shooting the lab techs with mace anyway. I got told off for doing that." Brodie waves at Kate as she makes her farewells. "Yeah, yeah, got the taxi company on speed dial." He picks up his eggnog again for another sip. "Haven't tried Krav.. yet. Maybe next year, if I get bored of punching the hell out of things."

"I never thought about it." Amalia considers. "I wouldn't turn it down if things were heading for me in that direction. I haven't really like, explored it ya know? Different from being a fan." She tells Dash. "You got a recommendation for something else?"

After watching the revelry for a while, and the camaraderie of her friends (and some family), Jen smiles. And, forwhatever reason, makes to slip out of the room, all quiet and secretive like, without making a fuss. She stops a moment in the doorway and then, poof she's gone.

Dash nods his head to Amalia, "Yeah. From what I understand, Krav is all about 360 degrees of defense. If you're a martial artist for the sake of self-defense, Krav Maga is where it's at. If you're a martial artist for the sake of getting into a ring and pummeling one other person, pick up Muay Thai. You'll last longer in the ring for it." He then adds, "That being said, Muay Thai has never done me wrong in my line of work."

"Wouldn't a well rounded fighter benefit from both? I mean unless you have the power behind your strikes to only be aggressive, wouldn't it be better to also redirect your opponant attack's?" She asked Dash. "I'm not tall. So if I have to go against a 300lbs man that is basically going to overpower me I should be able to have some sort of advantage over them." Amalia reached for her drink again to take another sip before the ice would melt within it

When Kate passes, Thorne leans in to listen. There's a slight nod and an arch of brow. "Call me if you need backup." It's just easy to assume a fellow white hat might get into a rough spot. They put themselves there all too often. Amalia is given a nod, but her eyes roll as Dash cuts in. "Ignore him," Audrey offers. "He's just afraid of a uni kicking his ass." As people begin winding up, the woman leans back in her chair. She eyes the bottle, thoughtfully, as she picks up her Irish Coffee and finishes it. "I figure I'll just walk."

Dash glances towards Thorne, frowning for a moment before he just shakes his head, "That's Thorne's battlecry. Ignore Dash." He sets his shotglass down, "Time for me to go." He then continues, "If you're looking to fight to fight, sure, go do both. There's a lot to turn from each, with Krav Maga being non-linear and Muay Thai being linear. If you're looking for something that helps you take on 300 pound men in the octagon, start by firing your manager. They're not looking out for the best interests of your career." He adds, "Have a good one." With a nod, he adds, "Thorne."

He collects his pistol mugs, hooking them through each finger before he begins heading for the door. He plucks his cellphone from his pocket on the way, dialing and lifting the device to his ear, "I need a cab at Taggarts." A moment later, he disappears through the door.

Brodie drains the rest of his eggnog. "Well, being here does mean I did have to take someone's morning shift, so I better get home and get my drunk ass in bed to, maybe if I hurry I can split the cab with Dash." He works his way to his feet and grabs his scotch, and doesn't forget the Dick in a box, either. Because he has plans for that thing. "I'll see you guys later, try not to burn down the bar." He offers a slightly sloppy salute as he makes his way towards the door.

Amalia laughed a little. "Yeah probably right." She agreed, at least about firing the manager. The evening was begining to wind down and she had just a little bit of her drink to finish. Not to insult the parties around her, Amalia finished it as a good patron would then pushed the empty glass towards the center of the table. She does look to Thorne, "Same here." While she didn't drink nearly as much as the others the single glass had already taken affect on her. "Have a good night." Amalia says in parting to those already. "Thanks, you know, for getting this all organized." The woman relays to Thorne as she stands. "I should get going. I got an early morning tomorrow. See ya around?"

And as folks begin to wind down and let the late-night unis roll in after their shifts, Thorne is pushing to her feet and moving to settle her tab. The woman tucks the bottle she bought into the pocket of her long coat and heads on out the door. It's honestly very likely she purposefully bought a home walking distance from the bar. Makes things easier, really.