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Expanding the Business
Dramatis Personae

Alldrich, Shu, Violet

1 July, 2016

Shu meets a party planner and a former boxer - plans are made.


The Mobile Mandarin, University City

It's summer vacation time so the university is mostly empty but those who are still residing aren't known for their home cooking, so Shu's mobile food van should be able to do some business before heading off to where the pubs are closing. Should...but at the moment it is pretty quiet. The chef/cook/owner staring out through the serving window at the campus while speaking Cantonese to the old woman who is snoozing in the driver's seat. There is no reply other than a loud snore and Shu frowns and decides to check on her simmering food instead.

Violet taking a walk around town and having Alldrich in tow. She had her arm wrapped around his forearm as they walked not too far from where she lived. She takes a deep breath. "I like night time walkies." She is saying, pixie looking woman was in pig tails hair half blond and brunette, purple color since faded out. She is in a puffy skirt with picture of donuts on them and a pink polo shirt. She smells something good in the air as she spots the food truck. "Oh look!" She points and tugs on Alldrich's arm. "Street meat.. come on." She led him right to the truck and she looks over the menu. Only 5'4" she looks a little odd with the tall and foreboding Alldrich.

The giant walks with the small woman. He's grinning at her with his lumpy smushed lips from too many blows to the mouth. Strangely though his teeth are gleaming white and perfect. "Walkies?" he asks in his deep rumbling swamps of Georgia accented voice. His nose already caught the scent of the meat and he shrugs. "You know I was thinking. I can eat meat anytime, maybe I should go, you know...half vegetarian. What I mean love is just around you, ya know. To make it easier yeah?" He says to the smaller woman, letting her lead him. Obviously smitten with the /MUCH/ younger and insanely attractive girl who’s attached herself to an old, beastly monster of a man.

Customers! Shu rushes to the window at the sight of potential eaters...isn't everyone? "Welcome to the Mobile Mandarin" she smiles out at the unusual pair but she isn't one to judge. He could be rich! Which is a judgement so she quickly gets it out of her mind. "How can I help you both on such a lovely night?"

Violet sulks up at Alldrich. "But I like making you happy. You sure you want to eat more vegetables with me?" She smiles though, twinkle in those dark brown eyes. She is only 21 years younger than Alldrich, and she wasn't going to say anything. She didn't notice the difference. She smiles at the adorable woman at the food truck. "Evening!" She chimes so cheery. She looks over the menu again. "You have any vegetarian dishes?" She asks in a friendly tone and hugs around Alldrich's arm again. She barely comes up to his shoulder.

He nods. "Yeah, should be eating healthier to keep up with you /appetite/." He jokes and looks to the woman at the food truck, then looks to the sky. "Yeah, ‘spose it is. Would be a good night for camping..." He mutters and offers a grin to the woman. "Vegetarian is like...salad and stuff right?" He asks with a small grimace, but he's dedicated now!

"Of course I do vegetarian" Shu enthuses before pointing out a few. "Stir fry...of course...but also roasted vegetables and I can even do a salad if you wish." She looks over Alldrich and muses that he probably hasn't eaten a lot of salads in his life. Shu grabs a paper plate and serves up some stir-fry vegetables. "Try it" she smiles, offering a fork to each of them. "Free sample. You like to go camping?"

Violet blushes at her much older boyfriend as he teases her. "Ali.." She has a soft scolding tone. "Oh yeah.. when did you want to go camping?" She is eager to change the topic of conversation. She looks at the colors of the truck. What a find! She pokes Alldrich in the side. "Not salad, there is more to vegetarianism than salad." She smiles at his dedication to this. She takes the sample fork and takes a bite. "Mhmm the sauce is delicious." She compliments. "You run this truck by yourself?" She nods at her. "He is trying to teach me the joys of the great outdoors." She watches how Alldrich enjoys the vegetables.

He brings the plate up level with his eyes and looks at it, using the fork to push it around and then sniffs at it, quick short sniffs like a dog would whose unsure about the new food in its dish. His brows furrow as he twists the fork into the stir fry and then brings it up to his lips. He pushes it past his lips, chews and then grunts. "It's alright, could use some shrimp or something." He says, which is practically a glowing review. He does grin at how uncomfortable Violet is. "Dear, you took me out in public, you know I'm an animal and my filter is broken."

"I am glad you like it" Shu smiles to the pair before nodding to Alldrich. "I can add shrimp to your dish if you wish." There is no accent to the Asian woman; other than a little Californian tint. "It is my truck" she nods to Violet as she serves out some proper size meals. "My aunt does the driving..." a nod to the sound of snoring, "...but the rest is up to me. My family owns restaurants on the west coast and this is me branching out to the east." A little laugh. "Yes, a Chinese girl moving east." She hands over full plates to each of them, Alldrich's with added shrimp. "How much joy is there in the outdoors? I help out a lot of homeless people and they do not seem very joyful." Her eyes narrow as she looks over the large man. "You look familiar."

Violet blinks at him watching him squirm. "You can order meat when we are out Sweetie." She at least has compassion. She scowls at him. "We haven't been out much." Apparently, really easily embarrassed by his lack of filter. She had a glow to her freckled cheeks. She goes into her strawberry shaped purse and tugs out her business card. Pink embossed. Her name, number and her title. 'Profession Party Planner.' "I'm Violet June. Have you ever considered to vendor for special events?" She smiles toothily. Always working it seems. She gestures to her tall companion. "This big lug is Alldrich." Is a chirper west coast girl. She giggles at Shu's charms. She frowns about the homeless, seems like there are more here than back in LA. She thinks of the outreach programs out there. At the word 'familiar' she looks back to Alldrich for an explanation. How does he know this cute Asian girl?

He grins at the edition of shrimp. It's not red meat but he's fine with it. He starts eating it like he's been starved for days on end, he listens to their conversation nodding at the appropriate times and looks up when she says she recognizes him. He looks her over. She doesn't seem the type to follow his previous career. "Oh yeah?" He says around a full mouth of food. "Maybe saw me moving boxes on the pier or sitting in a bar or something?" He asks.

Shu takes the card and looks it over, nodding in reply. "I would be very happy to cater for events" seeming to memorize the details on the card before placing it on a table behind her in the van. "Do you have any upcoming? I was on the Master Baker show here a few months back. Did you watch it? I didn't win though. I was hoping that would be a good advertisement for the business but..." A shrug. "There hasn't been a second episode so I guess that shows how popular it was." A curious look at the giant man as he is introduced "Alldrich...ah! I know!" She dashes off out of view for a moment before bringing back a large, well-thumbed book. It looks like a reference book of some kind rather than a novel. "Ah...here you are." She holds it up and turns it to show the pair a picture of a boxing Alldrich along with his record and years of competition. "I do MMA as a hobby" she explains. "The meals are on me."

"Oh...that was a different life." One thing he doesn't have in his trailer is pictures of himself or his boxing career. No magazines, no books, nothing to suggest he was once a champion way back in the day. He manages to not look completely crushed by the picture. That Alldrich is no less smaller, but he's not broken yet. He's actually good looking. Strong chin, the hundreds of scars that now cover his body don't exist. A dashing and charming smile even when fighting, though the grin is no less feral than the one he holds now. He casually turns away from it and finds something to look at. "MMA is hardcore." He says trying to change the subject.

Violet is very polite when she eats, good manners even with street food. She watches Ali talk and eat at the same time. She sighs and shakes her head slowly. Maybe one day he'll be housebroken. She thinks about upcoming events and to Shu she mentions, "No. But I always have curious clients. I can send them your way." She shakes her head. "I watch so little TV. That must have been exciting." She is leery of how they know each other. She peers at the book. Her eyes go wide. She points. "Ali! You didn't tell me about this." Not directly anyway! She whistles. "You just scored us free food babe." She hip bumps him. "You look like such a kid here." She points at the book. She tugs on his arm a little. "I got the upgrade version didn't I?" She is being so sweet to him too and she winks.

"MMA may be hardcore...but not the way I do it" Shu laughs before pursing her lips in thought and then offering the book to Alldrich. "Maybe you could train me? Could you autograph your picture?" she asks brightly, even grabbing a pen for him before he has a chance to answer. "Any customers you want to send this way would be great" Shu smiles to Violet, "And if you need me for any party then I will gladly come along." A pause, "To cook...not to just go to a party. The show was very exciting but the woman who won deserved it."

"Train, autograph." Woah, too fast. His head spins for a moment before he gathers himself, he shrugs and looks to Violet. "I...don't know. Train, uh...I've never trained anyone before." He takes the pen and scrawls his name across the photo. Might as well humor the girl. They'll probably never see her again...right? He caps the pen and sets it down with his empty plate and wraps a arm around Violet to help ground himself. "What do you think...about training?" He asks her. "I'm not sure I have the...personality for it."

Violet stands on her tip toes and whispers in his ear. She smiles and looks to Shu who has a profession adoration for her boyfriend. She hugs Alldrich back, tight squeeze. "Why not? I mean it's a way to pass down your knowledge darling.." She reassures. "But it is up to you." She pats his arm, being supportive.

Shu takes the book back and admires the signature a moment before closing it up and putting it on the table behind her. "I do not want to pressure you" she assures Alldrich. "I realise you have better ways to spend your time." A little glance at Violet with that remark. "I can pay you if that would help?" Then a little laugh. "I do not think any good trainer is a 'nice' person. What would you like to drink? It is also on the house."

He frowns at the whisper. She knows it's sorta a sore spot. He nods. "Alright, I'll think about it then." He says rubbing the back of his neck. "It's old school boxing though, I don't know any of that...Jackie Chan stuff." he warns and then leans forward to peer in the food truck. "Don't happen to have any Whiskey in there do you?" He asks and then switches off. That grin coming back, nice and friendly like.

Violet stands on her tip toes to try to get eye level with Shu. "Oh! Do you have Green tea?" She inquires with thirsty interest. She looks back at Alldrich with some concern. She leans back into him and nudges. She goes quiet for a time.

"I will teach you the Jackie Chan stuff then" Shu laughs before nodding to his drink request. This is a party van...of a kind...that serves plenty of drunks after closing time. There is a couple of bottles of whiskey. A drink is poured and handed over to Alldrich. Green tea for Violet...that's easy. And it looks like other customers are on the way. "It was nice to meet you both" Shu smiles, "And I hope we will talk again soon...and train...and organise parties."

"Sure, uh..." He looks around for a piece of paper and finds a napkin, grabbing that pen back to write his number down he slides it forward. "I guess we can discuss you know price and stuff. Uh...thanks.." He says grabbing the whiskey drink and sipping it. "You know give me a call and we'll set it up."

Violet takes her tea and smiles. Sees the drunk crowd coming in. "Nice meeting you.. Call me anytime." She holds her fingers up like a phone. She opens her bottle and sips her tea. She reaches for Alldrich hand to hold as they head back. "She was nice.." She says as they walk away, eyes of concern on her tall companion. She leans in to whisper again.