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Eurovision 2018
Dramatis Personae

Aurore, Kirsikka, Toyah

12 May, 2018

Fallcoastians celebrate the 2018 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest


A Pub with Cable

It's that time of year again. Time for sequins, over the top songs, political voting, and lots of wondering what the heck is going on. Eurovision! Like last year, a small bar is showing the event live and the local Europeans have dragged themselves to bicker, snark, and get drunk. Toyah is representing Sweden. Emblazoned in her Swedish football jersey, she looks around for that Italian pair she met as the World Cup qualifier. Not a sign. They don't want to be beaten again. Cradling a drink (or two), she watches as it kicks off with Portuguese guitar - last year's winner? Sung by someone else?

Kirsikka is there representing Finland. Wearing her old army jacket, a bright pink shirt with a cat on it, red slacks and green shoes, she is a sight to behold "Hrmph.... Fado.... am I the only one not being a fan? It is far too sad. I am waiting for AWS." she mutters "Viszlat nyaaaar!" she giggles, smiling at Toyah "Hrmph. Hello. I take it you are from beyond the wrong side of the border?" she asks in surprisingly fluent Swedish.

Toyah glances up at Kirsikka and offers a faint smile and a raising of her glass. "Finland? No, I'm Swedish" she teases in return. "Toyah. Nice to meet you." It seems it wasn't the previous winner but just the start of examples of Portuguese music - which seems to be relying on misery to get its point across. "Sit down. Join me."

Kirsikka nods and smiles, sitting down opposite of Toyah "As I said, wrong side of the border." she winks "Hrmph. Why couldn't sunstroke project win?" she asks "It was nice, happy... and epic sax guy!"

"Wasn't that last year?" Toyah asks as each of the artists is introduced by wandering around a circle. "Portugal really likes its nautical references" she notes. The two Scandinavians already sitting at a table - Toyah with a drink. Seeing a face from last year, she gives a wave to Aurore - also an invitation to join them. Time for hostess banter and then we're off. Ukraine.

Kirsikka nods and smiles "Hrmph. His eye is creepy!" she claims, shrugging "And yes, it was. This year, they sent a worse act. Still, better than Vampovin!" she claims, looking at Aur "And that is Saara's cousin?" she teases, smirking "And hey. Portugal is landlocked, so they need nauticism. I mean, I got to see the country in a summer. Was a pleasant holiday."

Aurore arrives just in time for this year's "vampire rising from a piano-coffin, with a stairway that bursts into flame" number. At least the man can actually sing.

Chuckling in bemusement, the native scholar waves cheerfully at the two Europeans, moving to claim a seat at their table. "Hi there. Starting as they mean to go on, I see."

"Hey, vampires are allowed to participate too" Toyah frowns as the Ukrainian entry arises. "It's not even his real eye...that husky looking one. Wonder what would happen if his piano didn't open? He can't be a vampire, not with all that fire." Up next is Spain.

Kirsikka nodnods "True. It still was scary!"the cat claims "Also, Swedey... you think they have Surstroeming? I could use some fish... and a coke maybe? Silly Americans won't allow me to drink booze." she claims "Ah. Also, I am Kirsikka." she sighs at the Spanish "Damn, the girl has a nice dress.... and her high-pitched Toreador is nice as well."

"I think Surstroeming is illegal everywhere else in the world. Too dangerous" grins Toyah. "I'll buy you some proper drinks. You'll need it if there's going to be more songs like Spain's." The two lovey-dovies performing without noticing the audience for the most part. "So they do this big ballad and don't kiss?" Slovenia of the pink hair is up.

"I think they're trying for 'sweet innocence'," Aurore says dryly, before wincing at Slovenia. "She can actually *sing* when the writing allows her to... but mostly this is just awful."

Kirsikka pouts and eyerolls at Toyah "But.... Slovenia is nice." she grins "And the song has a nice beat. Still, my vote goes towards Hungary! I dig the pink hair, though." she explains, laughing at Aur "Hey. I liked Spain. And now, the incomprehensible Lithuanian weirdo language!"

"Oh, Slovenia is the 'stop the music' one. Though in the semi-final it was a breakdown of the music track. Now it is a 'sing with me' bit." Toyah notes. "I don't mind this one" she winks at Aurore. Next up is Lithuania singing about finding someone to spend your life with. "You're complaining about the Lithuanian language when you speak Suomi? At least this singer is relaxed. Just sprawl on the floor and sing."

"Sumoi? Ah, you're Finnish?" Aurore grins at Kirsikka, then nods to Toyah. "The Slovene's certainly had the best hairstyle so far. And yeah... that was a much better version of the 'stop the music' bit than the fake break-down in the semi-final. But this sounds a lot like English to me, rather than Lithuanian. Very pretty ballad."

Kirsikka eyerolls "Hey! Suomolainen is simple! It just builds words onto words to form words. Like German!" she claims "Just better! We can wordify whole sentences!" she claims with pride, smiling at Aur "And I don't know. You copy Saara's hairstyle pretty well." she teases "And maybe as no one understands Lithuanian? And now... BLUES!" she grins "This will be good!"

"The Lithuanian singer has a Dolores O'Riordain twang to her voice" Toyah notes as ghosts haunt the stage and then some strange audience member pops up to give her a hug...it may be her husband. Then comes Austria. A black singer doing soul. "This guy has been promoted from backing vocals at previous Eurovisions" she notes. "Not sure about the rubber outfit."

"Apparently the Brits turned down the offer of this as their song," Aurore says, cocking her head. "Hate the outfit. Quite like the music, though I'm not sure it'll stand out enough to have much chance of winning."

Kirsikka giggles and nods "I agree. Not tight enough by far." she winks "It was AWESOME though!" she laughs "Still, nothing against Hungary! And now Estonia! The mutated version of Finnish!" she claims, winking "And now the brits have to be SuRie! And now, the Estonia spend their GDP on the costume of the singer. Though I like the dress and the opera."

"I dunno about the superimposing of him looking divine over his singing" Toyah frowns. "How did anyone think that was a good outfit choice? If this was 1990, this would do quite well. Very Sydney Youngblood." Next up is Estonia with the 'cinema screen dress' which cost 65000 Euros and makes her look like a doily.

"Probably the best voice and definitely the best outfit, from Estonia. I love the special effects they do with it." Aurore sighs happily. Kirsikka nods and smiles, looking at the dress "The voice is great! And yes! I love it." she smiles "Though Hungary was good. And now Alex Rybak. Do you think we will learn to write the next ESC hits?"

"It's nice" Toyah admits about the Estonian song. "Those last notes probably had the dogs outside the stadium demanding entrance. And if you went to an opera with her and waited for the fat lady to sing then you'd be waiting a long time. Very nice. The music too." And now Norway with a previous winner doing animated instruments. "He still looks like a leprechaun."

"The song's not that good - especially given the immodest claim "That's How You Write a Song" - but the performer seems to be a born showman. Leprechaun or not." Aurore grins, shaking her head again. "Apparently one of the favourites, overall."

Kirsikka giggles "The eyebrows too! Does he ever age?" she sighs dreamily "You know? I had a crush on him, as a little girl. Once I grew up of the David Tennant Phase. Though the tenth is the best doctor, but that is beside the point. HE doesn't teach us to write a song technically, though! And Fairytale was better. And now, another Pinkette! This time, a lesbian with Lennon glasses!" she grins "Still, I kind of miss Verka. He was a great showman as well!"

"I don't mind the Norway one, but no way is it a winner" Toyah. And next up is the host country, Portugal. "Nothing wrong with pink haired lesbians" the blonde smiles. "I haven't heard this one yet since it wasn't in the semi-final." She listens for about a minute. "When does it start?"

"They're repeating the 'sweet, quiet song delivered in Portuguese' approach from last time," Aurore suggests. "But not trying too hard to win, perhaps. Though they're not in the state Ireland was, while trying desperately to avoid winning - and having to pay the hosting costs - for a third year in a row."

Kirsikka smiles "Nope. Nothing wrong for them." she says "And... it was only a refrain!" she sounds amused "Salvador was better. I still bet either us or Hungary will win. It was so alive." she claims, sighing "I mean.... Ireland is being gay and happy.... but I hope Israel won't win. I hated the chicken. Which reminds me, I am hungry. Think they have a chicken sandwich? Given Sam seems to be scared of the tin of Surstroeming in my fridge, as it disappeared, as they don't have it here. And hey. Ireland always was better than Germany"

"Hungary won't win. As much as I enjoy the different, I'm not even sure they know what kind of heavy metal they're doing" Toyah says during a quick break. "Time to get the drinks in...and sandwiches. Hopefully before the UK starts." She has to hurry as the white-haired cross between Annie Lennox and Yazz starts up.

"Hungary aren't as fun and mad as Lordi, so... I doubt they'll make it." Aurore shrugs amiably. "But yeah, pink-haired lesbians can have a lot going for them, certainly."

Kirsikka nods and grins "Yup! But they are still... alive!" she says "And hey. Blonde lesbians are cute too. I am dating one." she claims, eyerolling "And hey! They sing in their native language! It is a bonus. And urgh. Just not let Israel win. How did that fat chicken get through? I hated her." she says, enjoying Surie "But she can sing as well. I also pondered doing my hair like that when I cut it!"

"SuRie has the hand reaching out down pat" Toyah notes as she returns with food and drink. "Though the Australian entry is even worse. I don't mind this one but...it doesn't seem to have that final kick. Oh dear...disruption from the audience. Good on her for getting right back on the horse." Aurore arches a brow at the unexpected intervention during the British performance. "She did well to keep going.... And yeah: the Australian entry's performance was described as featuring 'drunken aunt dancing at a wedding' level of elegance."

Kirsikka nods and laughs at the intervention "I like Dracula! Though this will get trouble in the Balkans. Also, I should learn a Slavic language. Or five at once, while learning Sebrian?" she offers, grinning "STill, bearded cultish Dracula!"

A slight delay as the Eurovision security figures out how the idiot got on stage but then it is Serbia. And anyone that starts with a recorder is brave. "The singing guy was in Doctor Strange? Or just dresses tht way. He's even got the Eye of Agamotto."

"I didn't manage to catch that film. I'm hoping to get the chance on TV at some point," Aurore says ruefully. "Probably more fun than this, which seems to be taking itself *way* too seriously."

Kirsikka nodnods "Still, better than Germany. They are so bad usually." she groans "Zero points pour Allemande! Irelande Douse points!" she claims, winking "Wait! He is half decent! Are pigs flying?"

Germany is up singing a paen to lost fathers as sung by the love child of Mick Hucknall and Ed Sheeran. "This is much too emotional for Eurovision. It should do well though. Not sure if I'm in the mood to be weepy though." Albania is up next with an 80s power ballad.

Aurore sighs. "That was really sweet. I liked it."

Kirsikka grins "Ah. Albania. the next wonky language!" she claims, proudly "And yup. Germany was cute."

Toyah hides her sniffles after Germany to try and get into the Albanian. "They're clapping a lot quicker than the beat of the song" she muses. "What has he got on his right arm? A tennis injury requiring strapping so he can hold the mic?"

Kirsikka nods and sighs "I don't know. Leather bands?" she offers, wiping her eyes after the German, grinning at the Albanian Axel Rose "And UK gets to repeat. And now the French. Do you think it will be good?"

"France are usually too far up themselves to be entertaining" Toyah shrugs. "Another one I haven't heard yet since it wasn't in the semi-final. Hmm... Not really doing it for me."

Kirsikka nods "True. At least, now we have a czechian nerd." she says, grinning "Better than the stupid French."

Kirsikka says, "And your relatives, Toyah, the vikings!"

"I like the Czech Republic one" laughs Toyah. "So early 90s with that annoying horn riff. And who doesn't like to see nerds have their day in the sun. Not sure about this recent trend to talk to the audience and encourage them to sing for you. They're here to see you song." Indeed it is Denmark up next singing about Vikings. "Your relatives too."

Kirsikka smiles and laughs "Right! At least partially." she winks "The other side comes from Siberia, after all."

"I love how everyone cheers when they do their coordinated stomping" smirks Toyah. "All they're doing is walking! But it's a decent enough song. Should do well. And no other act will have as much beard hair happening."

Kirsikka nods and laughs "Exactly! Though we were as well. Australia sucked though. The girl couldn't sing!"

"Come walk with us?" Toyah smirks about the Danes before it is Australia and her hand work. "She can sing, she came second in Australian Idol...or The Voice...or something. She probably gets tired out by the aunty dancing."

Next up is the Finnish entry...an Englishwoman strapped to a revolving wheel so people can throw knives at her. Or not. "Here you go, Kirsikka" Toyah smiles sweetly, though it seems the Finn has dashed off for a bathroom break. "Stop telling people to sing your song" Toyah sighs with a roll of her eyes. "The dancers look rather...fascist?"

The Bulgarian entry is a super group formed from popular acts in the region, and judging by the black singers, also from the United States. "Have P.M. Dawn reformed to help the Bulgarians out? Oh...didn't one of P.M. Dawn die? So maybe not. Some strange jumper action going on here too...and what on earth is she wearing? An old bathroom mat?" She sips on her drink. "It's okay but doesn't quite make that final push."

"Oooh...it's the Hungarian doritos doing a routine from a 1950s musical" Toyah grins. "What's with all the horn riffs this year? And it's that trumpet slash cornet kind of horn. This is fun enough. Nice to see a woman with two guys rather than a guy with two women."

"And here are the winners." Sweden is up with a relative of one of the Swedish House Mafia...who helped write the song. "Dance You Off? Is that kinky or am I reading too much into it? Lots of dazzling lights. Vocoder!! It'll win easy now."

Hungary is up next with AWS and the hardcore screaming. Kirsikka's favorite. "Ha! The bass player did a swing the guitar around my body move by swinging himself and just carrying the guitar with him. I don't think he understands the concept. It's nice to see something different but that doesn't mean it's any good."

Now comes the chicken noises from Israel. "Who set all those waving cat statues off at once? Other than the chicken noises, which are supposed to represent bullying, this is fun. Not sure what language she is singing in though. Not all the way through."

Netherlands is up with their copy, sorry, tribute to Waylon Jennings by a guy called Waylon. "I don't get this one" sighs Toyah. "Why are the Dutch doing country? Why are there four black men in the band - black people don't do country. Why are those bandmates having fits?"

Kirsikka smiles "And now, the Dutch Leo DiCaprio from African Bon Jovi." she grins "But the chicken from Israel. As I said, I hated her. And now, Irish gayness" she snerks "And hey. If they did it like 16 Horsepower..."

Aurore returns from her own phone call, grinning and shaking her head. "Ah - in time for Ireland's sweet little number. And I missed all save the briefest glimpse of Israel, thankfully."

"One of the songs that lost China TV their right to broadcast the show. They cut it out because you can't be gay on Chinese television anymore. The State says so" Toyah frowns. "It's nice though." And now the hot favorite (pun intended) with Cyprus.

Kirsikka smiles "How couldn't you love the chicken?" she claims, eating her chicken sandwich "I am afraid I missed Saara. Though we still totally beat the Swedes. I mean, you are a fan yourself, Yankee." she teases "You have hair like her! I'll forever wonder whyyyyyy." she blushes "And now the Cypriot girl. And I don't know. I think the Greeks are out. Because they invented gayness. Fecking Greeks." she winks "But... I like Cyprus." "She still hasn't zipped up the back of her outfit" Toyah adds about the Cyprus entry.

Aurore eyes Kirsikka in mild confusion... before looking back to the Cypriot show. "This effectively *is* the Greek entry, I believe. One of Greece's biggest stars, at any rate. With what she claims is 'hairography' as her signature dance style..."

Kirsikka nodnods "But... the Greek was possessed!" she claims "She had a white dress!" she explains "And looked Madd!" she eyerolls "This is Cyprus. Still, I miss Russia. I missed them last year in the Ukraine.... all due to Jamala and stupid politics, and now they didn't pass. And now, I see the Italians for the first time. They seem good. Though, it doesn't fit the mood, I think"

Toyah nods to Aurore. "Yeah, she's from a big Greek girl group." Next up is Italy singing about how terrible terrorists are. "At least they didn't bring out Il Divo. Close though."

"I was glad Jamala won," Aurore says mildly. "But as a member of an obscure non-white minority, I might be considered biased.... The Italian effort wasn't bad, but it doesn't seem like an attempt to win, really." She cocks her head as the recap starts. "We get a *forty minute* interval now? Good grief. This could be excruciating."

"SuRie has turned down the opportunity to perform again" Toyah muses. "Fair enough. She carried on wonderfully with all the adrenaline and probably couldn't do it again. And I would have preferred Australia beating Jamala" she winks.

Kirsikka eyerolls and nods "FOr me, it was far too political!" she claims "And I of course root for Saara." she winks "Or AWS, But first, FINLAND!" she claims "I AIN'T SCARED NO MORE!" she smiles "And what minority are you?" she asks, curiously "Also, that year I rooted for Dami. Also, as I said... we kick Swedish ass!" she says, eyeing Toyah "They don't have enough Sisu!"

"Not a *Yank*," Aurore says dryly. "I have a fair bit of colonist blood in me, of course, but my mother is a member of the Passamaquoddy here in Maine and my father's a member of the Oka Mohawk to the North."

"Now the interminable intermission where Portugal shows us the amazing variety of their music. Umm...eventually?" Toyah smiles as three acts come on that are pretty much the same. "Why is the DJ bouncing around like the song is going more than ten beats per minute? Time for me to get drinks in." She heads for the bar.

Kirsikka smirks "And here I thought all Americans were yanks?" she wonders, teasing "So, you are an Ind..." she bites her tongue "Native American? That is interesting? I am sure you aren't living in teepees, but is there the whole Manitou religion thing, or is that the imagination of a western writer?" she asks, intrigued "How was it growing up here?" she smiles at Toyah "And.... well, I am curious what comes myself. The black guy, all white.... what comes next? Where are the *real* gaudy costumes? Like Verka and Rambo Amadeus? Where is Dzinghis Khan? This was... boringish. I expected grandmas! Though I loved AWS." she pouts "And it sucks I can't vote from here! I demand representation! No taxation without representation! Don't make me throw tea into the sea again!"

Aurore eyes Kirsikka with mild disbelief. "...that might perhaps be rather too 'big' a topic for a first meeting, and what's supposed to be a fun event," she says dryly. "But yes, the Passamaquoddy are an Algonquian people, and the traditional beliefs could be considered closely associated with Manitou, yes."

Kirsikka nodnods "Wait... wasn't Manhattan called Alconquin in GTA 4?" she wonders, smiling "Still, it sounds intriguing for another meeting!" she says, grinning more "So, I take it growing up was bad? I mean... at home, it could get boring, and lonely... there weren't many people close, at home... but it was safe...." she shrugs "Am I awkward again?" she asks "I usually am weird. Also, the retrospect was interesting. Though, I am even curious for Planet Portugal! IT wasn't as cringy last time!"

"I've no idea what any version of GTA used. And... perhaps we should stick to lighter topics?", Aurore tries again to divert Kirsikka from probing into her personal experience of America's racial tensions. "Planet Portugal, I only suffered through the first iteration of..."

Toyah returns with drinks for everyone, just in time to catch last year's winner. "He's looking well after his heart transplant." A pause. "It was a heart transplant, wasn't it? Have I missed anything?"

Kirsikka nods and laughs "Exactly." she winks at Aur "It may get better, Poirot Attenborough." she smiles at Toyah "HE does. Though he lost the Man bun. I am glad he is good post-transplant, though!" she claims, sighing "I like him!"

"I can't remember what he was suffering from, I admit." Aurore frowns pensively. "I do know his sister was cued up to take over on the night if he was too sick to perform. She had to in one of the rehearsals, didn't she?"

"Portugal must be one laid back country" Toyah sighs as more slow, soft, quiet ballads are unveiled. The type where you're not sure the singer will finish the line or not before the music runs out.

Kirsikka nods and smiles "Probably. And.... what was he doing inside that piano?" she asks, shocked "Also, do you guys remember Conchita Wurst? That was weird. But Sal.... he is great and heartwarming. Maybe I should learn Portuguese? But Salvador is friendly and simple.... also, why did I expect the Brazilian to be younger? He looks like at a funeral! Can't he be dressed as easy as me?" says the girl who puts the average Eurovision contestant to shame with the gaudishness "Plus, Sal had a transplant... why did I think it was may, if this is his first performance this year? Didn't they mention it was on Thursday, or am I making something up? Wait.... is the Brazilian even singing? I can't hear him." she smiles "But yup. That is the south." she winks "Unlike the whole Germanic efficiency or Suomi Stabbiness."

Aurore looks as if she's struggling a little to follow the random scatter of Kirsikka's commentary and responses. The version of last year's winning song is at least fairly tuneful, as the exceptionally long interval comes within sight of actually almost beginning to near the approach to the end of the filler material....

It is almost the end of voting so probably only three hours to go before the winner is announced. "Obviously Sweden will win but who is your choice for second?"

Kirsikka pokes her tongue out "Sweden is fifth at best. Of course Hungary wins, followed by Finland, Estonia and Norway!"

And voting starts with Ukraine. "Maybe everyone in Ukraine is a vampire?"

"Cute Ukrainean spokeswoman... though they gave twelve points to the *French*? Good grief." Aurore chuckles, shaking her head. "If that's anything to go by, then I have no idea at all who might win."

Kirsikka nods and laughs "Maybe! But screw Israel! It doesn't deserve points! How can't they vote for Hungary? But Israel. I wanted to tear my ears out. Also, it makes sense, Aur! I mean, Ukraine has the Carpathian Mountains. So, Drac could have dug a tunnel through them over to the Ukraine!" she grins "But yup. The Ukrainian vamp is cute."

"I like how the San Marion jury lead stands in front of the only building they have" Toyah smirks. "White is popular this year."

Aurore shudders as the professional jury of San Marino give maximum points to Israel's parody of a performance. "Austria's soul-ballad is doing rather well."

Kirsikka nods and smiles "Certainly! And so does... Sweden." she pokes her tongue out "But.... how did Israel advance?" she groans "At least Germany does exceptionally well."

"This is just the jury votes though" Toyah points out. "The music professionals who are supposedly above block voting. And there's Israel again." Cringing, Aurore shakes her head at two more sets of professionals giving maximum points to Israel. "Eugh. And the UK are alone with no points? That's... really unfair on that song and performance."

Kirsikka pouts and nods, groaning "But.... musically, Israel was worthless. And now, we have a tie!" she claims "~May the swedes lose." she says in accentless Swedish "Still, we shall abolish the jury and let the US vote! But really... the UK was great." she pouts "Though Hungary was received badly." she laughs at the Latvian jokes "YES! DOUZE POINTS POUR KANYE OUEST!"

"There was a back-up singer for Cyprus to cover her high notes...who was male" Toyah relates with a grin. "But it is a bit rough on the UK. Though again, this is the jury vote and they actually watch a different show than the public."

"Croatia giving twelve to Lithuania was welcome - it was a lovely song. I'm glad the Estonia singer got a twelve as well." Aurore blinks, then arches a brow as the Irish give maximum points to Cyprus.

Kirsikka nods and groans "Israel bribed everyone." she mutters "As they supposedly control the world economy, if you trust the Zionist morons." she smiles "But no one is above corruption." she sighs "Which... may be investigated. I need to rush my law degree, now! Watch out, Jury!" she cackles evilly. "But they probably want to troll. I mean, if countries troll.... and no points for Israel right now, at least." she smiles.

Toyah quirks an eyebrow at Kirsikka's rant. "You're going to be a lawyer? Which country? I might emigrate. Ah...good to see Norway's usual fashion sense."

"Norway give none to Israel? A relief. Even if one of the announcers did seem to be a neon-lit fencing mask and a hoodie...." Aurore shakes her head again. "And yeah: if you want to pursue a career in the law, then... maybe avoid courtroom roles until you can avoid saying that sort of thing."

Kirsikka smiles "Well, I study to be a lawyer here. I mean, they needed help" she winks "And hey. I liked the red hat! I actually have a suit like this." she muses, before eyerolling "Hey. In the courtroom, I turn professional. Out here, I am just joking. I won't ACTUALLY sue them. And I doubt they are corrupt, actually."

"What's with the Estonian's face? Tattoos or a lack of washing?" Toyah laughs before downing another drink. "Sheesh, that Australian guy had an accent. Sweden is on the comeback!"

Kirsikka nods "He seemed a bit familiar, though. Aussie, I mean." she says, downing a drink "And Estii, he looked like heavy metal! Unlike cleany Armenian!" she says, grinning at Toyah "And looks like the S-land will win. You bribed everyone as well!" she teases "You had nothing decent since Abba!"

"Estonia sent the opera singer - and chose him to represent the country? Bizarre double-act." Aurore shakes her head, taking another long hit of her own drink. "Sweden... weren't nearly as annoying as Israel, and I'm glad to see them overtake them. But it was still annoying."

"And Finland has had nothing interesting since Lordi...or before them" Toyah replies with a poking out of her tongue. "The popular vote could make a big difference. I think Australia had the jury vote by a long way but lost out. I see Finland has sent Minnie Mouse as their presenter."

Kirsikka smirks "They are annoying overall." she teases "Sweden is like that usually. And everyone is pissed at Montenegro. And Oulu!" she smiles "MY HOMELAND! EVEN THOUGH WE ARE LOSING" she eyerolls at Toyah "Nuh.uh! And hey. It may not be Mister Lordi, but I like her." she eyerolls " We have plenty of good!" she claims "And at least we had better books. We had the Moomins. Meanwhile, Lindgren was Norwegian, I think?" she teases back "It's good to see Austria pulling away from Israel," Aurore muses. "Cute Slovenian presenter... but what on Earth is she wearing?"

"Now it's time for the prejudices to really get flowing" Toyah grins. "The popular vote. The unwashed masses are released!" She will happily ignore Kirsikka's jibes while Sweden is so much higher than Finland.

Kirsikka nods and smiles "I preferred the Vampire, though." she winks "Also, don't worry about me and Toyah arguing." she giggles "My mother actually is Swedish. Still, I love to tease them." she giggles at Toyah and nods "Oh god! The masses! The masses! Get the hoses!"

"Ukraine in last place is... really unfair given what else was on show. He could actually sing and put on a performance...." Aurore blinks. "Wow. Australia got *fewest* points from the popular vote?"

"Wow...the masses were so different to the juries. Australia will be devastated but it's Israel tonight. Don't think I'll be going to Jerusalem next year to watch it" Toyah sighs.

Kirsikka nods and sighs "Vampy may get much. And.... how did Austria get so little. Well. At least the pop preferred us over Swedes!" she teases Toyah "Just.... don't let Israel win." she sighs "Fuck. They won. the chicken won." she shakes her head "I won't go there as well."

"Maybe with blindfold and earplugs," Aurore says dryly. "That is... bad even by Eurovision standards."

Kirsikka nods and sighs "I know. Even Sweden was better." she teases "How couldn't AWS win?"

"I wonder how many countries won't go next year because they'll hold it in Jerusalem and proclaim it their capital" Toyah muses. "Though this Israel one is very #MeToo."

"I saw a reference to that, but no explanation of why," Aurore admits. "I confess I've never tried listening to the lyrics. The repeated shouts of 'stoopid boy' put me off even trying to make out the rest."

Toyah laughs at Aurore's comments. "It's about women are not toys and men trying to bully them into things" she explains. "I think the 'chicken' talk is stupid boy in an Asian language."

"Ahhhh." Aurore nods. "I can certainly see the message's relevance, but... the delivery was horrible. And if that was meant to be a a serious message as well, why accompany it with the flapping-wing motions and head-ducking? It's... gyah."

"I guess it's what people think Eurovision is" Toyah shrugs. "I guess that's it for another year. We'll do it all again in 2019. If the world makes it that far. Nice to see you again, Aurore."

"And you, Toyah." Aurore grins, extending a hand across the table to formally shake. "A pleasure, as always."