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Down Where It's Wetter
Dramatis Personae

2 August, 2015

Part of The Abyssal Temple


A few days have passed before the Wise make their return to old Thirty Four, a rundown grimy vacant boathouse still standing in the southern parts of the Hanging Hills Marina. From afar it looks quite filthy, even spooky. At a closer inspection? It is much worse, the entire building seems to have a lingering taint to it, a perversion that is thick in the air and makes the skin crawl by its utter wrongess, it shouldn't be. And to those gifted with sights beyond the mundane? It is laced with lingering remnants of something wrong, something tainted. Which eventually leads down into the waters. Which is to explain why our gathered Wise today shows up with scuba gear and flippers, ready like boyscouts.

After the odd crew of Mage's last trip here, Sage leads them directly to the node of nastiness near the sea. "This is it," he says with a nod towards the boathouse. "As far as we got, but shit leads right into the ocean." A sigh follows the quick explanation, and he curses Poseidon, "Fuck the oceaan."

The youngish reality stalker is busy doing the last adjustments on his scuba gear, somewhat struggling with the weight. "Ya know, I've gotta say going underwater sucks." He nods at Sage's comment though explaining the search for the nastiness and frowns. "I had been monitoring the residue with no luck thus far. It seems we have to to things the new, old fashioned way." He does double check the spear gun he brought, somewhat amused by the thing. "I apologize ahead of time when I miss."

Lance is dressed up in various clothes that he doesn't mind wet. He has brought the scuba gear with him that he will use, and once within the area as he's followed with Sage, he pulls it all on with his slow work but doesn't quite activate the gauges. The willworker nods a bit as he takes a belt which he slides various tools onto, "Just don't miss right into someone," he mentions, with vague amusement.

Sage takes a running start, and jumps ass first into the tainted water with a cannonball. After a few seconds in the water he sheds himself of his clothes for what's coming, and tosses them onto the docks. After a quick, silent prayer he dives down with a call to the Primal Wilds, shifting and distorting his form until he's now wearing the skin of an enormous shark.

Splooshing into the water, Gregory trudges until he manages to get deep enough that the bouyancy starts doing more of the work. "Whoa, shark." He shakes his head but shoves his rebreather into his mouth and dives down beneath. Swimmy swimmy he goes into the dark depths of evil ville. He gives a nod to Lance as he lights up the sticks and follows after the lead shark.

Lance activates all the gauges, while he watches Sage when the man decides to call his inner beast spirit animal. Or whatever shapechangers call it. The willworker then takes a moment and positions his hip and takes a clean dive so he can follow into the water with them, a glowstick flicked up and bent so he can use it. He will follow the shark.

Sploosh. Down in the water, it begins growing darker almost immediatly, although not so bad here by the marina. The trace they are following however continues deeper and our into the sea quickly, proving this won't be a quick affair by a long shot. Sage in his aquatic form, proves much quicker than the others even as they follow the large shark.

The great white nee Sage doesn't go too far down on his own lest he be caught unawares, and, worse, without his clothes. He doesn't smell blood, but the scent he follows is enough to keep his attention going further into the great below.

Humming the themesong to the snorks, Gregory is mostly mentally complaining about the dark, wet and nasty water, thankfully to himself. He does however keep his eyes peeled for anything... Fishy. If this thing is out there mucking with reality, perhaps it would be leaving perturbations in reality to be concerned with.

Lance does his best while he follows the shark, and it looks like he tries to keep formation with them because he doesn't have the same weaponry capabilities. He has little of an issue with the underwater, because his glowstick and keen eyesight keeps his perception clear. He is focused upon his travels.

It is dark, dreary and cold. Only growing worse as they descend further and further into the sea, at this point having left the marina a fair bit behind, swimming for perhaps twenty minutes as the trace seems to grow fresher, if nothing else more potent. The creeping sensation now tangible, and even to those without other senses offered there is a strange sensation of being watches, for the shark manifesting in a scent which appears and then dissapears just as quickly.

The trace leads forward and down still, where a large rock foration at the bottom of the sea rises, but one of many barely visible in the dark.

The smell of whatever that is entices the Shark-Monk. Before his mind becomes too far gone to the hunt, he slows down well enough to allow the two men to overtake him. He doesn't see them for food yet, and instead confers part of the Primal Wilds power upon them with a spell. After that's cast he sets off again, going nose first for whatever's making the smell.

Gregory follows along after the shark as he keeps a paranoid map of the area around him. It isn't ideal, but it's better than being surprised in the spooky darkness.

Lance takes a moment as he summons the Imago in his mind to cast a spell which will then be placed upon him. While it doesn't hinder him too much in the physical sense, the weight on his Awakaned soul can be felt further than just his natural stamina. Still, the benefits outweight the setback. He then continues to follow.

Slowly they approach the rock formation, and the trace seems to vanish into it, following it closely they come upon a smooth wall of stone, too much so for any natural formation, especially seeing the symbols settled in it. They are difficult to look upon, something nagging in the back of your head, a pain behind the eyes, but from what is seen they are vaguely similar to High Speech, in so much as they are not a language, but seems to be defined by something other, higher, or perhaps in this case, lower.

As you make yourself look on them, it just gets worse, the pain behind your eyes shifting into a headache, but you manage to make vague sense of them. Portal. Barrier. Temple. Gods. The Other. Chamber. A lot of it is centered around a word, a word you cannot fully comprahend, although you have the distinct feeling it is written there in the stone, but it is beyond you. Not of this world. As you scrutinise the smooth stone, it's clear there is a spell laid upon it, it is not even hidden. Some form of Matter spell, by appearances made to grant entrance settled in the stone. It contains a conditional trigger to spark it, a means to get entrance. It is old magic, the spell has been here for sometime.

Sage swims closer to the stone wall despite the danger present. He goes over the script slowly, accounting for his form's lack of depth perception. He stops when he's done, and only catches the lack of motion when he starts to get dizzy. By instinct he opens his mouth to speak to the others, but nothing comes out. For the time being, the Monk actually has to keep his mouth shut.

Waving his hand to get the attention of the other magicians, Gregory gestures to the rock, gesturing to indicate a Hole and Space. Honestly it's kinda hard to tell but it does seem to be fairly important that there is something in the rock. Of course all his gesturing is making him 'look' at the symbols indicated on the rock and he nods in understanding. Not that he knows a lick of matter, he ponders stroking his chin to figure out what the trigger might be.

Lance does take a moment to look at the wall, and starts to make a gesture which voices his opinions, but it is about the same that Gregory already seems to have come by. It is then he allows an amused little grin, and looks to the other two for any ideas, as he motions a bit vaguely. It is as if he asks, 'What is the key?'

With a push of the Supernal, whatever magic lies within the smooth surface is activated, and with a pulse the stone begins to magically shift into another state of being. The hard stone barrier becomes nothing, vanishing into water which is still held at bay. Before them is a dark tunnel, filled with supposedly air, or vacuum. There is no light inside.

Lance takes a moment and shifts all his attention upon the wall. It looks like he has his focus towards the mysteries which it holds. The willworker makes a gesture which assists with the Imago, and he begins to call forth the Aether. With the innate knowledge he has, he searches through the resonance until like a key he will then turn it in the lock, which simulates activation of the spell. He then holds the glowstick forward as he nods to the others.

With the solid wall suddenly becoming not so solid, Gregory pushes the front of the speargun into the open area first to make sure nothing explodes or anything first. Once it seems it's safe for Objects, he pushes his left hand into the open space to see if its a vaccuum or anything else weird.

Sage, for his part, turns tail when the thing starts moving on its own. He turns around after getting about 2 meters away, and what he sees is enough to makes his spine tingle. He moves forward into the darkness, and as soon as he gets to air he immediately drops down to his knees. He's only in human skin for a few seconds, and then he's down on all fours and covered in scales. The only sound he gives to the others is a crack of snapping jaws, and then he's moving further into the darkness.

As Sage proves, in the shape of a croc. The tunnel seems to atleast contain air, for the croc isn't suffocating. The place is damp and cold, the sound of water crushing down above them giving extra to the eerie atmosphere, the sense of wrong only increases. And as Sage creeps forward, he emerges into a stone chamber with a higher roof. Here the sensation becomes striking oncemore, something almost tugging at their very souls where they stand, erecting a barrier against the Supernal, as low as they are in the real world at the bottom of the sea, it feels much lower.

The chamber is circular shaped, and utterly void of any features other than rocks except a raised stone in the middle, black as midnight it seems dark even compared to the darkness around it, not just due to a lack of light, it almost seems to drink in what little light there is. It is Void.

Lance does take a moment to watch and listen, and when it seems like it might be safe enough, he moves forward as he enters the cave. He then takes a moment to ungauge his equipment, and takes off the mask, but leaves enough room it can be placed upon his face again easily. The willworker holds up the glowstick and his Nightsight allows for him to take better view in the void. When he also reaches the chamber, he frowns deeply. "This godsforsaken place was not meant for mortals."

Stepping into the circular chamber, Greg looks around the darkened chamber in the light of glowsticks and extra sensory perceptions. "Bad news gents. That stone is a portal link, but it is very much tainted. I could... perhaps check where it goes." He frowns and shakes his head as he looks to the others. "Do you sense the Thing we seek?"

Sage, for his part, sniffs the place before pressing forward. He moves around the odd, preternatural dais of their fears. His movements come to a stop as the two others speak, and he pushes himself upward and onto the stone.

"It is non manmade in the natural or mundane sense. So that means that we need to not cause magical interference that could send it upon us. Matter magic, people have been here too, but it's... Pretty old," Lance mentions. He then turns his attention to the dais, which he approaches while he observes Sage. He then glances aside to Gregory in thoughtful curiosity.

As Sage presses his scale form against the stone, it immediatly starts to respond. The strange sensation emitting from it lashes out, throwing the croc off the stone, hitting a wall and falling down onto the ground with a thud. Mere bruises however, the void starts to take shape, although its can only be vaguely said to be a shape. With mundane sight it looks like a moving hole in reality, a void which sucks in light, darkness, everything. To the Supernal, it is much similar although more frightening as the Abyss seems to be spewing forth from it, as much as it is drawing in everything else.

It doesn't speak, and it moves only vaguely as suddently it spews forth dark flames, searing heat which can only be compared to hellfire sorrounding Gregory, searing the flesh of the Stalker.

Lance takes a moment and notices as the Abyssal Guardian awakens from its slumber. He doesn't have much time to think, so he starts a chant. It is Atlantean High Speech which blends with a phrase that trails after, "I dwell, amidst the abounding light of Heaven, thou art at the gate to the Underworld." It is embellished with each power word spoken in the ancient language. His hands move as he also starts to make rote gestures...

With hellfire burning his ass, Gregory fires the speargun at the bastard nasty thing and makes a run for the tunnel to get some space to think and not be on fire.

The spears do little against the entity, and it sweeps its black fire into the room oncemore, washing over Lance this time even as it shifts, keeping to hovering above the stone, which is strangely not as void touched now, the magical having largely left it with the entity.

"COME FORTH, THUNDER OF THE GODS!" Lance exclaims, while he moves his palms to slide both together and interlock his fingers with the final gesture in the rote. From the hands a formation from the Aether is made manifest, a vortex of pure mana has come forth, and it launches right into the creature which sears through the Abyssal entities form in a ripple. While it isn't the most powerful, he has complete control on it. He then tries to sidle towards the cave entrance pathway.

Reaching beyond the dormant Portal, you only manage vague glimpses of what is beyond, a large hall of stone leading up to steps. The walls covered in runes, it is large and awe inspiring, if sick and disturbing. It almost looks like a temple, where it is? Impossible to say, but it looks and feels old.

Sage drops his previously held spell, and for a few seconds stands naked. Thankfully, the abomination has drawn much of the attention in the room. As quickly as he mutters, "Fuck," he's already changing shapes again. Now, he's standing proud as a massive elephant, and trundles forward. After a single blare from his trumpet of a horn he shoves a tusk into the creature to see how it likes a pincussion.

The entity seems to draw the celestial fire into itself, and a shrilling sound coming from it could be assumed to be a scream, the powers summoned from the Aether proving to damage it, but it only replies by spewing forth more shadowflames towards Lance, the hellfire seeking out the Obrimos with a need for switft vengeance.

Lance moves to the side while he then makes the gestures once again, though he allows a growl which echoes through as the shadowflame ripples right into him and pulls into both his pattern and his physical body as burns form and a few trickles of blood starts to seep. It seems like this time Celestial Fire is fast-paced as well as little more than a distraction for the Abyssal entity. As he takes the newfound paradox into his pattern to prevent a foothold for the Abyss, it further hinders the willworker, then he tries to brush into the pathway and take cover.

Burning compatriots and celestial fire? Sure terribly interesting, yes yes. Gregory however is very busy waving his hands around and ripping open small holes in space that he can Learn things through. He is very intent in his staring at some runes showing up in his little space window as he memorizes and tries to read it.

Sage backs up to give the creature a bit of room, but he doesn't allow it to move on by. Instead, he charges again, swinging his tucks like a pachyderm high on bath salts. Luckily, he catches the abyssal intruder with another goring stab before backing up.

The entity, the patch of void washes over Sage, leaving behind a filthy and perverted sensation. Reaching out now, it presses against Gregory, seeping into the Stalkers body and tearing at it, consuming it much as it does light, drawn into the void, into the Abyss. Leaving the Mage falling to the ground behind, but it twitches now, and is smaller. These acts but the last ones of defiance against impending destruction.

Lance moves to take position in the Abyssal entities path so that he can protect Gregory. "Hold on, we'll make sure that you get home!" he shouts back in the hopes his charge will hear him, while he moves his hands to attempt fast gestures. Then he opens them up and a blast in Celestial energy is sent right towards the creature.

It doesn't strike, but he does shout towards the transformed Sage, "Now!" He hopes the distraction prevents room for a strike that will finish the Abyssal, while the paradox is pulled into him and blood seeps faster from the wounds that the shadowflame caused.

Sage rears back, trumpeting mightily when Gregory goes down. He rushes ward without fear of his own massive being and and knocks the abyssal creature straight to the ground. This time, however, he doesn't wait for the creature to get back up because who needs honorable combat. He lifts his forelegs into the air, and proceeds to the stomp the ever loving fuck out of it over and over and over until what remains is a gooey mess left for that one janitor you hate.

And with the abyssal entity banished, torn to pieces and trampled, but not dead. The creeping sensation only partly goes with it however, but the standing stone is revealed now, the abyssal taint largely gone from it. It is quite clearly an imbued item to open a portal, a small bowl carved out atop of it, requiring some liquid sacrifise.

Lance moves to take his fellow willworker into his arms, but he realizes that the one with them also is a mage well skilled in life magic. So he takes a moment to keep the other held on, "Come on, stick with us," he voices, as he pants a bit. His point is to just keep the other alive for the moment.

Wincing, Gregory opens an eye looking to the others. "My everything hurts. I think I have to invent new words to describe what hurts." Slowly dragging his hand up to his chest, mana floods through his form, filling in the cracks gouged into his pattern by the abyssal monstrosity. Of course the healing hands of the Thrysus cause the injuries to melt away as if he had never been harmed to begin with and he blinks. "Thank you. I owe you one."

Sage was a bit too big to put hands on Gregory. It didn't help that his forelimbs were a mess of gore. When he does drop back to human form he's still in his birthday suit, but the Warlock's safety seems to take a bit more precedence. He kneels down, places a hand upon Gregory's chest. It takes about a minute for the Life magic to work, and then his attentions go to Lance. Thankfully, there's no touching this time, but when it's done the other mages are left without a scratch. However, Sage isn't so lucky, and looks like he's had 12 beers too many. Just before he's gone he whispers, "Rosebud," and quickly faceplants hard into the stone floor.

Frowning as Sage drops out from casting so much, Greg raises up and looks around the tunnel. "That's not good. Is he going to be alright?" the question goes to Lance at that, him having no clue how to deal with squishy human medical problems. He does check to make sure that there isn't another incoming doom bringer just in case.

Lance's wounds mend with an ease, as he takes a moment to roll his wrists to observe that he is in peak state once he has been healed. It is then that the willworker notices that Sage has over-exerted, then passes out right onto the floor. "...That much vulgar, pulled into his Pattern. We have enough oxygen and allow him to recover a moment, I would believe." He then presses a hand to the pathway wall and looks to the bowl and next the dais, "..." Quiet consideration.

"Don't touch the stone anyway. When he had touched it, that is what called forth the monster. Either way, it's a gate stone. It connects to a... temple I would think. Ancient and Old." Gregory shakes his head at that and lets out a sigh. "We should bring in a proper team, something that can kill off abyssal monstrosities..." Looking to the fallen Sage, he frowns. "But we may as well study it while we wait for him to awaken."

"Please, inform me what it is that you learn, I shall enter a meditative state, because until he is awake we have limited oxygen," Lance voices, he then moves to settle onto the cold matter magic formed floor and folds his legs upon each other, while he places his hands together in a pattern. He meditates, slows his oxygen consumption rate, and also allows him time to recover and clear his mind.