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Don't Forget To Lock Your Office
Dramatis Personae

Det. Dash Smith, Det. Lt. Tucker Wayne

18 January, 2016

Dash breaks out the tarot deck for Tucker


Tucker's Office

The door to Tucker's office is closed, and the blinds are tilted shut. There's an odd smell of sharp incense iminating from within the room, but thanks to a rather good ventilation system (required on account of the SWAT team) one would need to be pretty close to actually smell it. As the door opens, one would find the lights turned off in a rather smokey room, with smaller sources of illumination providing the ambient light which casts shadows on every wall, sourced by everything.

Detective Dash Smith sits behind the Lieutenant's desk, his hands skillfully manipulating a deck of cards held in his hands. He takes turns fanning them out, and then pulling them back together, his eyes moving up towards the door every so often.

Tucker strolls into his office, a New England Patriots cap on his head, the man obviously proud of the job his team did in putting down Kansas City over the weekend. The first thing he notices about his office isn't the blinds, no it's the smell. He takes in a whif and stares at the man sitting behind the desk. "Goddamn it Dash, what are you trying to do, call in Bloody Fuckin Mary?" He shakes his head and plops down in a seat across from his desk. "I take it you've got something to talk about. Is it about that girl who was impaled the other night?"

Dash raises an eyebrow, a thin grin crossing his face for a moment, "No. That's a myth." He pauses for a moment, "I think." He then shakes his head, "No, this'll be much cooler!" As Tucker sits down across from him, Dash begins to riffle shuffle the deck of cards in front of him, peering across the desk towards the Lieutenant, "No, I'm here at the beckoning of the ancestor spirits. Little known fact is that I..." He pauses for a moment, his voice taking on a serious timber before he continues, "...am one-quarter gypsy. This has given me certain insights into the nature of the world, and of the future." He cuts the deck, laying the cards of the tarot out in front of Tucker.

It's really a slick move. One wave of cards reveals the smaller deck of the Major Arcanum, and a longer wave reveals the much longer Minor Arcanum.

Dash continues cryptically, "Each of these cards hold an insight into the future. Their various combinations, measured in the millions, can pull back the tapestry of time and reveal the fate of the person I focus my mystical energies on." He leans forward, whispering conspiritorially, "Lucky for you, I'm only one-quarter gypsy, so I only ever get paid one-quarter of the going rate for a tarot card reading." He smirks, "Don't you feel lucky?"

He sits up straight in the chair, collecting the cards and settling in to shuffle them once again.

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes 
   < 1 2 3 4 4 5 5 6 8 9 >

===================> Intelligence + Investigation + Time [No Flags] <

GAME: You spend 1 Mana with reason: Casting Divination on Tucker

"Don't you mean the Romani or whatever? Isn't gypsy a term that's frowned upon?" Tucker's not really serious about that as evidenced by his little grin. Dash was in one of his little moods it seemed and so he was entirely willing to go along with this. Especially as it would help take his mind off of other matters. More seirous matters. He stares down at the cards and frowns. "Are those tarot cards? Jesus Dash. Or should I call you Madam Cleo? Okay, proceed."

He waves Dash to continue. "Reveal my fate, huh? Tell you what, you get me a winning lottery ticket and I'll kiss you on the mouth and give you a couple million, alright?"

There is a soft shrug from the detective behind the desk as he continues to shuffle the cards, "I'm only one-quarter gypsy, so I give only one quarter of a fuck." He stops shuffling for a moment to wave off-handedly, "It's barely worth mentioning." He finishes the last of his shuffling and lays the deck on the table. He pauses a hand about an inch above the deck, his eyes focusing intently on Tucker. He picks up one card, turning it over and placing it before Tucker, "The Page of Wands. This card generally refers to you, or a presence in your life that isn't neccesarily you." He then shrugs, "Some believe it also marks the beginning of a new project, relationship, or chapter of your life with uncertainty and a lack of confidence."

Dash takes a moment to look towards Tucker, grinning, "This is only the first piece of the puzzle. Try to keep an open mind."

Nodding, Tucker waits for this little thing to get going. When the first card is drawn, he leans forward to look at it. Page of Wands? "Hrm. Well I did start seeing someone. Is that what that means?" No need to mention any names of course, but he also felt the need to frown slightly. Maybe a lot of this was pure bullshit but there -had- been a recent new beginning in his life. Even if the thing with Nicole wasn't more than testing the waters... it was still something new. "Alright, go on."

Dash tilts his head, a grin playing across his face, "Did you really? Tell me about--" He then trails off quickly, shaking his head, "Actually, don't. There are more important forces at play in this room tonight. Let's keep focused on the cards." To that end, he turns over another card. It is the 8 of Cups. Dash takes a moment to look at the card, then hmms, "Whatever this project, journey, or relationship... It will turn out to be an important journey of self-discovery for you. In the next few months of your life, it will be very important to you to be aware of everything you're going through, as what you think may be the point of your existence may yet be of little actual consequence, and what may seem of very little consequence will be the focal point of your journey." He sighs, "This is obviously not an exact science."

He turns yet another card over, and it is the Eight of Pentacles. Dash smiles, "This isn't surprising at all, actually. This undertaking will require diligence on your part, and the Eight of Pentacles is a good card to come up in your deck, as it denotes that your attention to detail will serve you well."

Tucker's a little relieved that Dash doesn't want more details. It's not like he wants to broadcast out that he might be seeing Jenny's sister. God only knows that he didn't need that kind of drama going on at work. Maybe he'd talk more about it if things went anywhere.

When the 8 of Cups is drawn and Dash explains it, he frowns. Maybe the first card wasn't referring to Nicole then. He couldn't see any sort of relationship turning out to do all of the things Dash was talking about. Then the 8 of Pentacles. Hrm. There were a lot of 8 cards being drawn here.

"Does that 8 of Pentacles mean that my attention of detail will have something to do with the journey of self-discovery you mentioned earlier?"

Dash nods his head slowly, "Right, but like I said, it's not surprising. The 8 of Pentacles is a craftsman at heart. He plies his trade in pursuit of mastery, and of the various craftsmen in the tarot, he is most likely to succeed through intellect over bruite strength."

The smoke in the room is actually starting to get thicker, as Dash reaches for the next card. He draws the King of Swords, placing it on the table in front of Tucker. He taps the card for a moment, considering its implications before he speaks, "This card is self-referential. The King of Swords is an authority figure who wears the yellow crown of mental energy. He wasn't always a king, however, and it denotes a transformation of some kind. You'll notice the small butterfly on the crown. He is one who has fought many psychological battles, and remains just in his undertakings."

Dash nods his head slowly, "So we're starting to see a pattern form in the deck. I'm seeing an important journey in your future, one requiring diligence on your part, which will be a transformative experience for you."

A craftsman? Hrm, maybe that meant more like a professional or something. Tucker could see that, he was a professional detective after all. He leans forward again for the next card and nods. King of Swords? That made sense. He was an authority figure. The other stuff he wasn't so sure on though. "Hrm. You're seeing an important journey in my future? But what about this?" He points at the King of Swords.

Tucker considers it for a moment and then asks, "Is that supposed to represent me now or me at the end of my journey? You said that it denotes something of a transformation... does that mean I'm going to make Captain or Chief at some point?" Okay, Tucker could like this card reading thing if Dash was going to tell him he was going to get promoted again at some point in the future.

Dash's facial expression becomes one of barely veiled concern. He frowns slightly, "Patience, Tucker. All will be revealed." He turns another card, the Ten of Wands. Rather than waiting, he deals one more as well, the Four of Cups. Dash groans, looking towards Tucker for a moment before he explains, "The Ten of Wands is a contentious cards. It threatens overextension of self and urges caution. It depicts a man with many irons in the fire, just moments away from being burned. The Four of Cups is also an emotionally tumultuous card, depicting man in the midst of a deep existential crisis or feelings of loneliness." He then quickly draws another card, placing the Tower in front of Tucker, "Ahh, this is a discordant card. The Tower is indicative of the conscious mind and purposeful destruction."

He draws back for a moment, smoke swirling around him, "You face an important journey of self-discovery, requiring the utmost attention to detail. It will be hard, and it will be transformative. It will be, at times, desolate. Yet, for all its hardships, there will be purpose to it, Tucker. An important purpose."

He reaches out, tapping the deck with a steady, contemplative beat, "You have one more card."

Tucker watches Dash pull card after card, listening to each explanation, his frown growing deeper. The earlier cards all sounded so positive. These all sounded so negative. Was this supposed to be some sort of balancing trick? Make the good and the bad equal out? Or was Dash holding something up his sleeve... trying to make the last card something far more interesting.

"What do you mean purposeful destruc... you know what? Go ahead, draw that last card. Let's see what it is." A part of him hopes it's another good card.

Dash looks across the desk, "You seem concerned." He pulls the last card, holding it up for Tucker to see, though he has yet to see it himself, "There are very few journeys in life, real good journeys, that don't come with hardship. If you want a transformative journey without hardship, rent an RV. That's not the reading the spirits are giving, though." He wiggles the card he is holding up, "This is your last card, Tucker. Most of those bullshit fortune tellers would give you a ten card reading, but this is prison rules, bitch."

"Do you want to know?"

He is holding up the Magician.

To be fair, Tucker had considered renting an RV at some point and heading out to Yellowstone for a couple of weeks for some chillaxing. Still, he stares at the card for a good long minute before nodding. "Prison rules, huh? Good to know you have a firm understanding of things." He smiles a little and then points at the card. "So what's this card mean? What are the meanings behind it, I guess I should ask. Does it mean something good?"

Dash smirks, "Don't say you aren't getting your cards read by the best, man." He turns the card over, dropping it down almost haphazardly on the hand of cards that he has dealt Tucker. He stands from the chair is is in, pausing to look at the card. It seems to be an almost sobering experience for Dash, has he looks at the card as it if is a snake about to bite him, "That's the magician."

He leans heavily on the table, looking towards Tucker, "Your journey will bring you a certain amount of power. The magician has mastered the four tools of the tarot. The pentacle, the cup, the sword, and the wand, which symbolizes the elements of earth, water, fire, and air. The magician's power is the power of creation. The power to bring things from the spiritual or psychological into the physical world."

He then shakes his head, "This is neither a good card or a bad card, because with that power, comes a price, and a lesson. One must watch what they bring into their life, as well as what you bring into the lives of others. Practice what you espouse, and be decisive in which dreams you choose to make reality."

The Magician. Tucker looks at the card again as Dash explains about the card and what it means. "So what you're saying is that my journey will be very difficult and I'll deal with a lot of hardship along the way, but somehwere in that journey I will have a transformative experience that leads to power and authority?" He gives that some thought and then slowly nods. "Okay, I was a little hesitant about this at first, but I think I like what you are telling me, Dash." Because you see, Tucker thinks that this all means he'll get a nice promotion and a bigger office somewhere down the line.

"Now, get this all cleaned up and get the smoke out of here before someone gets on our ass for causing a potential fire hazard." He stands up, reaching for his door. "I need some coffee."

With a roll of his eyes, Dash comments wryly, "Your ability to boil it down is mind-boggling. There's times to take things like this literally, and times to accept the cards you are dealt for what they're worth, and watch how they are applied as your fate unfolds before you." He narrows his eyes as the smoke swirls around him, "At least that's what the spirits are telling me."

As the door closes, Dash takes a look around. He uses his shoe to kick the trash can out from behind the desk, which has quite a fire burning within the confines of the metal bucket, fueled by various odd papers that Tucker had laying around his office and that he probably mostly didn't need. He picks up the fire extinguisher from beneath the desk, saturating the can with fire retardant chemicals.

With a short chuckle, he begins gathering up the cards, placing all but the Magician back within the deck. This card will need some further thought...