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Do You Want a Cookie or a Medal?
Dramatis Personae

Jenny Thorpe, Harrison Cavanaugh, Henry Webb, ST: Dash

9 January, 2016

When a snatch and grab goes wrong, Fallcoast's finest is right behind the perp.


Fallcoast Commercial District

It's midafternoon on a Saturday in Fallcoast, and that means shopping! At least it does for the most hardcore of shoppers who have somehow managed to not only survive the holiday season, but to thrive or recover as well. As such, the shopping district is seeing its fair share of foot traffic walking down the street. The light rain drizzling from above does hamper the experience somewhat, and dampen down (see what I did there?) turnout for the most part.

Shopping? Perish the thought, Jen's not much of a shopper: never has been, never will but. BUT when Grams asks her to pick something up for her,Jen (without question) acquiesces - elsewise there might be a dearth of cookies or other fine foods for the tiny little scavenger of a cop. And, since she'd called while Jen was on patrol, she arrives in the nearest shopping area, rain gear over her uniform, calling in that she's taking a few moments of personal time.

The shopping experience is somewhat average. People mill about, some standing to the curbside of the sidewalk to talk to each other while some walk in either direction past the various stores. Some, perhaps more roudy that the others, run through the throngs, attempting to get to one place or another. There is a moment of quiet, when things seem to simply exist with no agenda, when there is a loud crash and a scream. The crowd seems to part, surrounding the form of a woman and a young man in a grey hoodie, both seem worse for the wear of the collision, with the lady on the ground with her possessions strewn about her and the man seated next to her, only just getting up with his arm around his guts and a grimace on his face.

Turning at the sounds of the crash and scream, as well as outcrys from other pedestrians and shoppers, Jenny regards the scene and with nary a bit of hesitation, makes her way over in that direction because: police officer, protect and serve. That warm, criendly smile of ehrs that reaches to the corners of her eyes, is shown to one and all as she draws closer, ignoring any drizzling that might be gathering on the rain gear before stopping and asking "Well, now, what happened here; can I give either of you a hand?"

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 2 6 7 8 >

=============================================> 3 + 2 - 1 [No Flags] <

The woman on the ground seems shocked and dazed, looking up towards the police officer with blinking eyes. Her mouth moves, but she can't seem to form the words for what has just happened. It takes her a moment, but she does blurt out, "I'm -- fine. I'm--"

Meanwhile, the young man in the hoodie has rolled over with a groan, looking back towards the police officer with wide eyes. He casts his eyes down towards the items gained by the woman during this shopping trip, working his way up to his feet, almost in a runner's starting position. A hand darts out, picking up a small bag from a jewelry boutique down the street, and with a powerful kick of his legs, he takes off at a run in a direction somewhat away from the police officer.

Jenny lets out the briefest of sighs as the young man takes off, while she was saying "Well, that's goo...." then as the alleged perp takes off, Jen starts off after him. "Stay here. I'll be right back." before she spurts after him, head simultaneously dipping to her radio to let Dispatch know that she's in foot pursuit of an alleged perpetrator.

Rascally rabbit, you can't escape the long arm of the law, or at least escape their sight as Jen keeps him in visual. "Halt, FPD." as if the kid din't already know that but warnings have to be issued, after all. Dodging pedestrians and calling at them to get out of the way, she continues onward, "Don't make this any harder on yourself than it has to be!" The young man pushes people out of the way, and the headstart has just barely saved the young man from getting collared. He continues picking his way through the crowd as quickly as he can, pushing innocent pedestrians out of his way. He glances back behind him, looking towards the patrol officer chasing after him with no attempt to hide the fear in his brown eyes.

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 3 4 6 10 >

=========================================> 3 + 2 - 1 - 1 [No Flags] <

<<City Dispatch>> P5309 Jenny says, "cd 1P5309 in foot pursuit of an alleged assailant, high pedestrian traffic, location XXXXX (OOC So, if anyone not doing anything wants to show and the ST don't mind...)"

<<City Dispatch>> Detective (1D1100) Harrison says, "1D1100 here. I'm near XXXX. Please give direction and bearing. En route." <<City Dispatch>> Webb says, "Dispatch, 1P02501. En route."

There's no way she'll pull a weapon and fire; indeed, the situation isn't that dire that it requires that at this time since the man's only running away, not offering any violence - so far. "You'r emaking this harder than it has to be..." not seeming too winded since she is in shape even with all the food she's known to eat...all the time

> Jenny to Here <=====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 1 6 7 9 >

===========================> Stamina + Athletics - 1 - 1 [No Flags] <

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 3 5 9 >

=============================================> 3 + 2 - 2 [No Flags] <

It's like chasing after than elusive apple in the trash can, the one that's not all brown and yucky and starting to rot (not that it would in her other life) dismay Jenny. But she's just shy of the man, he seems to be a slippery little weasel as he remains just out of her reach. Amidst a bit of huffing and puffing (since it's hard to speak and run at the same time, sometimes) Jen calls out on the radio a basic description of the boy, as well as a short mention of a pedestrian knocked over and what he /may/ have taken before he started his mad DASH (see what I did there?) for freedom - along with the current path. "Halt, you're only going to get hurt," as she avoids another pedestrian.

The young man continues to run, looking back over his shoulder again to check the progress of the officer on his tail. With a frustrated and fearful growl, the perpetrator turns to the left and dives into a clothing boutique with an open door. Finding the area less trafficed, but with more obstacles in the form of clothing racks, he continues to push towards the back of the store, giving the shoppers and employees somewhat of a fright.

With an effort to make herself sound even more intimidating that her someone diminutive stature and physique belie, Jen growls out herself, "I said halt" as she follows the boy in the grey hoodie in his mad run through a boutique, heading towards the back of the store, trying to avoid any shoppers and displays as she does so. Another breathless call on the radio: description, location of pedestrian who was involved in this before the footrace began. She mutters, "And all I wanted was to pick something up for grams."

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes 
   < 6 8 9 >

=============================================> 3 + 2 - 2 [No Flags] <

Harrison, hearing the location as relayed by Jenny, drives his cruiser to a spot ahead of the chase, rather than behind it, hoping to get into a position to cut off the assailant. He leaves the car at the curb, locking it, the plainclothesman ready to join the fray...

> Jenny to Here <=====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 1 1 2 7 10 >

===============================> Stamina + Athletics - 2 [No Flags] <

Henry comes angling in, in his cruiser. Rolling by himself, for once - no partner. His eyes are alight - this is way more intriguing than paperwork.

Oh, the youngster knows Jenny is behind him, but what is in that bag could feed him for a month, buy him a new set of rims, or keep him playing new PS4 games for at least a little while longer, so he's not supremely interested in parting from this particular prize. In spite of the crowded and hectic nature of the store he barrels through, he makes a bit progress away from Jenny, starting to pull away with the aid of the placement of the clothing displays, which make some of the dresses just catch the eye of a passerby. Narrowly avoiding a display rack Hoodie Boy pulls over in front of her, Jen narrowly avoids it and narrowly avoiding getting entangled in this month's latest fashions. Her sister, Nicky, would be upset about that one. Another short burst of breathy words of location and "The longer you keep this up, the worse it will be" and of course, she still wont fire because civilians,a thought she can imagine smacking the kid upside a brick wall in an apropos train of thought.

GAME: Jenny spends 1 Willpower with reason: Damn you, you're taking away from cookie time

> Jenny to Here <=====================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes 
   < 1 1 3 6 6 8 9 10 >

=======================> Stamina + Athletics - 1 - 1 + 3 [No Flags] <

Having not gotten a location update recently, Harrison says into his radio, << Update on the perp? I'm at 1st and 14th, outside my cruiser, ready to pursue, but I need your 20.>>

And Henry's requesting the perp's heading, also looking to cut off another escape route. This poor guy is about to have more cops than he can possibly handle up in his face.

The Kid with the Hoodie does a Bo Duke hood slide over the counter, diving into the back door of the shop and into the storage area. He ever so slowly (relatively) makes his way through additional racks of back stock, trying ever so diligently to make it to the back door and to freedom. There's times in a young man's life where he realizes a few key points:

- Life isn't like Grand Theft Auto.

- Bad decisions can be made in a blink of an eye.

- Doesn't matter if you think they're real or not. Don't ask.

He breaks through the majority of the backstop, running towards the back door and freedom.

Just as Jen was calling the general location out, voice breathless, she catches up to him, "In sight at XXX" before she calls out one mor time, "Don't make me have to wrestle with you. Just stop, hands on your head, lay down on the ground." She eyes Hoodie Boys feet for a moment, that's usually where you can tell (and the hips), if they're going to keep trying to be stupid, free hand drifting towards the weapon now that they seem to be out of the fray of civilians.

Getting the location, Harrison begins running towards the back door of the store. He's in plain clothes, so people aren't getting out of his way right away... and considering that this isn't an armed robbery, he isn't going to scream out and pull his gun... and so he wends his way through as quickly as he can for now.

It's an utter relief to have another nonlethal means of stopping someone...even if it's hardly standard issue. But he has to be eyes on the guy to even try TK, so Henry's running. Not graceful, but efficient.

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 0 Success 
   < 2 3 4 >

=============================================> 3 + 2 - 2 [No Flags] <

The Kid with the Hoodie hits the door running, throwing it open, and dashing out the back door and hanging a left down the alley. He is in view of both Harrison and Jenny now, but the kid has decided in his frustration to run the other way. Jenny is still hot on his heels, with Harrison about 20 yards from the door he just exited. Who knows where Webb is. The kid is running down the alley with alacrity, that's for damn sure. Future college track star, here.

> Jenny to Here <=====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 1 2 2 9 >

===========================> Stamina + Athletics - 1 - 1 [No Flags] <

And, so, he couldn't make it easy on himself, or on her. No, Hoodie Boy just HAD to keep running, and Jen has to run out after him. Now that they're outside, the weapon is drawn and she calls out again, "HALT!" Maybe she catches sight of Harrison in the distance, maybe. Of course, does she recognize him? That's hard to say too. You paged Jenny with 'Are you unsure of your options at this point?'

Harrison is old. Well... oldER at least. He's in his 40s... and he's a detective now. Certainly not used to running! So a little breathless, he catches up a bit, but is not doing the best job. He does manage to catch up to Jen, gasping, saying, "Is he armed?" as they run. "IF he is," says Henry, as he comes into earshot, "He's not dumb enough to get into a firefight with multiple cops." A beat, he grins, and says, "The species is improving."

> Harrison to Here <==================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 2 6 9 >

===============================> Stamina + Athletics - 1 [No Flags] <

The Kid with the Hoodie looks over his shoulder again, and realizes with contempt that he now has two people chasing him. Not the best day of his life apparently. He faces forward again, still attempting to put distance between himself and Jenny, and further down, Harrison.

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes 
   < 1 3 9 9 >

=============================================> 3 + 2 - 1 [No Flags] <

Since the kid won't stop, and there are others on approach now, Jen's hand stops its move to her weapon and takes a running dive at the man's feet. "I told you to stop!"

> Jenny to Here <=====================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 5 5 10 >

==================================> Strength + Brawl - 2 [No Flags] <

Harrison has been on the force for a VERY long time. By now, his coworkers are aware... if he takes a shot... he makes it. He's a trained sharpshooter. What he is not, however, is someone willing to shoot an unarmed person. And thus his question. And so not seeing any sign the boy is armed, Harrison isn't drawing his gun. Instead... he heads over to a parallel street, bearing off from the two, saying into his radio, "I'll be one street to the right... if you herd him that way..."

GAME: Webb spends 1 Willpower

> Webb to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 2 5 7 8 >

=================================> Stamina + Resolve - 3 [No Flags] <

Henry's close enough to help now, and so he does. Rather than helping her by getting up close and personal, he reaches out with his power and helps pin him. IT's like a weird, suddenly imposed paralysis. He's not slowing his run, though - that wouldn't make any sense, just strolling up to an altercation involving another police officer.

> Dash to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 0 Success 
   < 3 7 >

=========================================> 3 + 3 - 2 - 2 [No Flags] <

The Kid with the Hoodie is grabbed by the patrol officer chasing him, and then seized upon by some unseen force. With a surprised cry of alarm, he halts in his forward motion, his eyes rolling wildly to find some means or way to escape and find freedom. Only no such thing is coming for him.

Jenny's hands manage to grasp around whatever part of the anatomy she'd been angling for, and with an OOF Hoodie Boy is tackled. Hopefully neither he nor Jen, go falling face first into any refuse but there ya have it. Before trying to rise, she mutters, "You couldn't just STOP now could you....and BE STILL" as the Kid continues to flutter about.

Harrison finally turns around the corner... and begins walking towards the patrol officers. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his badge, which he places in his belt at his waist, the man starting to just keep an eye on the crowd and act as perimeter. This is hard - trying to concentrate and retain the grapple, even as he gets up close. All he can really do is offer Jenny his own cuffs, open and ready for use. Henry's sweating with the effort.

There's not much left for this kid to do but get arrested. He looks around, his head turning left and right to look at each of the officers approaching him from being face first on the ground, "What is this? What the hell is going on?" He's probably not talking about the foot chase. He can't move, he's not sure why, and fuck his life.

Harrison looks to Henry, then to Jenny, then back to the people nearby, the man now keeping people away from the arrest in process, because, well... someone's got to!

"This.." as Jen reaches back to take the offered cuffs, "...is you having resisted apprehension," starting to click the silver bracelets on his wrist. "Why'd you have to run? This could have been over quickly and less trouble for you if..." she oomphs, "You'd have just stopped."

"She's right," Henry observes, sounding all too cheerful, as he releases his telekinetic grip on the poor slob. He's gone white, now. Surely he can't be that out of shape. "Why'd you do it?"

"Now now, no reason to just watch... move along, kid..." Apparently there were a few teenagers just watching - one pulling out a phone to film the kid being cuffed... and Harrison is moving them along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Catching his breath with big gulps of air, the kid finds himself able to move once again. He is summarily cuffed, replying to the questions of the police officer, "I have Google, you know. I know handcuffs mean I'm under arrest or we're about to do something we don't see with safe search on. I'll be exercising my right to remain silent now. My dad's lawyer's phone number is in my wallet."

He is lifted, walked, thrown into the bag of the car, the bag which started this whole mess was checked into evidence.

Jenny's grandmother is going to be a little late with the items she asked Jenny to get...