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Dead Zone Induction: Holmes

"You get the hang of it. It all makes sense, and you become something... more. You become not just who you are, but a part of the fucking wheel itself."

Dramatis Personae

Holmes, Molly, Rictus, Kilo and KiloST -- Mors'_Dirige_Kharon's_Lucerna

18 March, 2018

The Mors' Dirige Kharon's Lucerna Krewe adds one more to their fold as Holmes is inducted by Domitia and the rest of the krewe.


The Dead Zone at Pompeii

It's time! After what seems like months of getting to know Holmes and having him learn about the krewe, (and the krewe learn about him!), it's finally time to make it official and take the journey to Pompeii's dead zone to induct him into the Mors' Dirige Kharon's Lucerna krewe. Rictus and Molly have volunteered to accompany Kilo and now everyone is meeting in the Forbidden Arts basement haunt in order to go over all the last minute details and questions before they strike off into the Underworld.

Kilo is dressed in her customary ceremonial white: white top, long white skirt, white sandals and her hair pulled back with a white velvet ribbon to keep it out of her face. She has a messenger back packed with the usual bits of food, water, flashlights and other little treasures as one never knows who you'll meet and who you'll need to barter with on these excursions. And now she waits patiently for the others to show.

As he checks himself more time in the mirror, Holmes is dressed in a simple white t-shirt, cotton linen pants, and his white sandals that he sold from Vandal. He has his hair pulled back into a tailored ponytail, with white leather tied tightly around the base. He swings his white satchel over his shoulder filled with a few things this time because he has lived and learned as he takes a deep breath and makeshis way downstairs.

As he walks into the basement, he smiles slightly clearly looking nervous as he says, "Hopefully my induction won't cause all those dudes to try and burn down the place like they did to Darius."

Rictus is already present, as well. He's wearing a pair of white slacks, a shirt t-shirt, and a white jacket. He also has his messanger bag filled with supplies at the ready. The mohawk is combed back, covered in a white beanie at the moment. He also carries a few ceremonial objects, such as those flutes.

He's hanging out, enjoying some vodka, as he waits for the others to arrive.

Molly arrives, dressed in full turn of the century sailor regalia, though all in white as well, even the vest is white leather and white three cornered hat, white plume feather. A saber at her side, a satchel of various Underworld be at across her back. Pulling out a bone hand clenched around a torch, she looks around then hands it over to Holmes. "You can light the way, sailor. You ready?c

Kilo gives Rictus a hug and a none-to-chaste kiss, then moves to hug Holmes and Molly, inviting everyone to have a drink if they want it and to get ready for the ceremony that will take them on the fast-track to Pompeii. "OK, before we get started, is there anything else you want to ask or know Holmes? Because now is the time to ask. Maybe specifically about the krewe's duty or ban, which ultimately are your truest responsibilities to the krewe? I know you've had lots of time to ask about all this, I just want to make sure you're comfortable with everything before we throw you to the proverbial lions." She gives him a lopsided grin. Would she throw him to the lions? Nooooooo!

As he takes the torch from Molly, he smiles to her in thanks, "I have only been there once. So I might not be the best person to lead. It is only my second time down there." He grins at the idea of a drink, "I plan to get shit faced after but thanks." He cocks his head to the side, "No. You guys are my family now. I mean I am sad the rest of the Krewe couldn't be here but that's life. Shit happens...they can join the celebration later if need be..." He adjusts the strap of his satchel and hmmms, "Protect the innocent, kill the bad guys, Krewe first...hoes second. Did I miss anything?"

Rictus returns Kilo's kiss and stands up, going about helping get ready for the ceremony as Kilo asks Holmes if he has any more questions. Ric's done this a time or two, so he knows how it goes. He gives Molly a salute and a lopsided grin, but otherwise lets Kilo do the finalizing before they head out on their way. He smirks at Holme's answer, "Yeah something like that. Only it ain't just about having each other's back, but about maintaining the wheel of life and shit. Sometimes you gotta make tough calls. But it /is/ like a family, for sure."

Molly nods as she grins to the others, "Yeah, Krewe before all else but but to the beliefs. Not just some rag tag gang but we have principles. I will do anything to protect the krewe but also we have to be able to sacrafice for our ideals, not just the people, which means letting me die if you are holding to our teachings...then you let me die."

Kilo smiles at Rictus and Molly -- they know their shit! -- and then nods encouragingly at Holmes. "You've got the idea. But we follow the teachings of Proserpina of course, and..." Then Kilo recited, word for word, in Latin, the Duty of the krewe, after which she explains in English.

"The duty of those who would walk in the footsteps of Proserpina is to be the agents of Khaos within the world and guardians of the wheel of rebirth. By delaying their own destinies and joining with an aspect of the divine spark they are given enormous power over life and death. They must guide those souls who have become stuck within the wheel, acting as guiding lights through the darkness."

Kilo pauses then. "Does that make sense? Ghosts and people for that matter, who are not where they are suppose to be? Your duty to the krewe is to help them move on or get unstuck from where they're at. And considering you are an Advocate, this becomes a very special roll for you, Holmes. A very sacred duty."

She looks around now and nods. "OK if that all makes sense, let's get going! We're going to do the Sepulchral ceremony as usual, everyone hold hands, I'll give you a lump of grave yard dirt to put under your tongues and then when we walk through the gate there will be a path lined with bones... /don't/ stray away from the path as we make our way to Pompeii, right? That would be no-bueno." She readies thing as they follow instructions and soon the ceremony is rolling and they're on their way.

As he listens, Holmes nods and smiles, "I am down for helping any and all who need it. That is just my nature." He grins a bit more playfully, "And along the way...if I get to shoot a few bad guys or kick some in the nuts. Well that can be fun too." Holmes straightens up at the mention of him being an Advocate and adds, "It is important to help those who can not help themselves if you have the power to do so. I read a book once that in the time of Pompeii a servant of the people often was the poorest because they sacrificed all they had for the people."

As Kilo gets ready to start the ritual Holmes watches intently and curiously.

Rictus nods at Molly's words. And then at Kilo's. He is familiar with the ceremony, and the path of bones, and so waits to get started, ready to get started. At Holme's words, he does add, "It's not /always/ about helping people. It's about keeping the wheel turning, like Kee said. Sometimes you can get those who'se lost their fucking way unstuck by helping them. But not always. You have to be prepared to do whatever ti fucking takes. Sometimes it means sacrifice, and not always yourself. Every situation is different."

Then he's flashing a lopsided grin. "You get the hang of it. It all makes sense, and you become something... more. You become not just who you are, but a part of the fucking wheel itself."

Molly smirks, "Not the part if the wheel that gets rolled on though. You may already know it, but our order is ancient and serves a purpose. You will do well by it. It's the best group of people I have ever had the privilege to be with, before or after death. As great as I am, and make us, it's the others I mean on for strength that makes me...complete." Drawing quiet, she finds her rum. "Kilo, if you need me to hang any of the ceremonies, let me know. We using sepelchur?"

Kilo nods. "Yeah! Do you want to do it Molly? That would be really cool. You're our designated Ceremonialist anyway. You always know what you're doing." Kilo beams and steps aside so Molly can do her thing. She takes Ric's and Holmes' hands to start a circle for Molly.

Molly reaches behind the couch and pulls out what looks like a bundle of driftwood, fishing line and netting formed into a triangle, like Blair Witch at sea. Holding it up, "Excuse this part. " Clearing her throat, "Screw off Deckard." As she says it the gateway starts to ripple, skeletal hands coming out and clawing our from the wall a gateway of shells and bone. More and more her ceremonies have this nautical bend to them. A stiff wind blows from within,"There, should take us to Pompeii."

After Molly gets them on their way, they take a long walk in the dark, and are deposited without incident into an area of the ruins of Pompeii. The boney path ends at a dried and antiquated roman fountain Avernian Gate, to which the group makes a short but awkward climb through and finds themselves back down in the Underworld, in the middle of an eerie if not utterly macabre little ancient city of what can only be the dead zone mirror of Pompeii after its destruction, but in the Underworld. The would-be warm, creamy coloured sandstone buildings and columns of the old roman town are covered in a grey, ashen filth, significant of the destruction and death that rolled through there like a super-sonic, super-heated monster of death; sucking the very life out of each and every denizen that stood in its way until it was finally spent.

What remains now is a smattering of grotesque ghosts that float around stiffly, as if any movement will cause them to loosen the fragile dust their bodies have been charred and burned to, and they’ll be left in a heap of ash, like so much other ash scattered, littered and clinging to the streets and every other available surface. They appear to be skeletal structures; their eyeless, teethless faces frozen in screams of terror; frozen at just the exact moment of their death and captured there for eternity.

The town seems to be little more than shells and husks of what must have originally been the thriving metropolis of its day, but anything that could disintegrate and burn did, and what is left are the heartier columns and walls of thick stone; homes and businesses and government buildings and.... A few of the temples to various gods seem to have survived. Now it is just a matter of getting back to temple of Proserpina where Domitia will be waiting for them.

As he watches Molly open the gate, he lets out a soft whistle, "That never gets old. So cool to watch...but every time it's equally as unnerving." He smirks softly as Holmes follows the group in, and lights the torch. He holds it up high as he follows the path set before him only stepping where Kilo steps. However, he can't help but looks around as they make their way towards the temple. The investigator in him is dying for a closer look but he doesn't given in and follows silently. That look of excitment and nerves play on his face.

Rictus heads through the gates with the others, following the path towards Pompeii. He's always alert in the Underworld, taking it all in, but he keeps to the path. Once they're in Pompeii, he takes that in as well, noting any changes since the last time he's been there, then heads with the group toward the temple of Proserpina.

Molly seems to actually relax more once she arrives in the dead zone with the others. "I have been here alot lately, catching up on things with Domitia. She really is a treasure chest if knowledge." Walking along with the others, her hair catches the snow of ever drifting ash from the eruption. Not just the ghost of the populace but one of the few ghosts of a full city. "I think it wouldn't be such a bad place to spend a week or so, they arnt land locked at least. "

Kilo nods at Molly. “We really ought to come down here more often. Rictus was talking about dealing with the CoV the other day too.” She looks around at all the graffiti that now litters the pristine walls of the ancient city. “We’ll have to figure that out.”

The group then finally then arrives at their destination; the temple of Proserpina, with its tall, ionic columns supporting a pediment and gable resting on a stereobate. Those Romans definitely knew how to rock the architecture, that's for sure.

And as they step in off the street, a beautiful woman, well, a girl really, maybe her late teens or so, floats out of the shadows and makes herself known to them. "Kilo is back and Molly and Rictus too!... And you’ve brought ... was it Holmes? Are you planning to become a new member?” She smiles now, her emerald, ghostly-glowing eyes nearly glittering in the pale shadows of the temple. She has light auburn hair, braided and pinned up as was the ancient style, and pale skin, though she's dusty and ash covered, it would appear she must have died from something more akin to asphixiation that didn't ruin her outer beauty. Clothed in a roman stola which would have been typical at the time, she wears a palla on top; a sort of shawl-like coat with a voluminous hood that partially shrouds her features from view. But not those burning eyes.

She then turns back to Holmes as introductions are made. "I'm assuming you came to seek knowledge? Or perform ceremonies within the sacred halls of our temple as Proserpina stands watch over us all. Or an induction perhaps?"

Kilo jumps in. “Holmes is to be our newest member of Mors’ Dirige Kharon’s Lucerna and we’d very much like it if you could do the induction.” Domitia nods and smiles, back to Holmes. “Are you ready then?”

As the young man stares at the woman in awe, he jumps slightly when she addresses him and nods. He opens up his satchel and pulls out a pure white rose. He extends it outward to Domita, "I would be honored to become a part of this family and will do my best to represent the Mors' Dirige Kharon's Lucerna to the best of my ability." Holmes places a hand over his heart as he bends slightly at the waist while holding the rose for the spirit.

AS Domitia makes her appearance, Rictus offers her a respectful bow. "Domitia. It's good to see you again." He has a lot of questions for her, but for now he holds back. He can ask them after the ceremony. In the meantime, he opens hi messanger bag and pulls out a few items for the ceremony, including those flutes.

Molly gives Domitia a gentle bow and smile. "As always, wonderful to see you. " Molly grows quiet and starts to assist Rictus in gathering the needed items.

Without any further delays, Domitia is eager to get started. "Master Marrick Abernathy, prepare to take your rightful place within this krewe." She leads him to the ceremonial altar and has him kneel in front of it instead of lying on top of it. “Rictus, we’ll use the flutes next time when you bring me a founder. Just put them t the side for now; aren’t you a dear for bringing them...”

With a nod to the rest of them that she will now begin, Domitia uses magic to light all the temple's and altar's candles, which shed bright yellow light through the room for a single moment. They then sputter and begin to burn a deep blue. The priestess's voice takes on a slightly hollow and spectral tone, " Master Marrick Abernathy, you have come before us as a supplicant. Will you abide our vision, become a guide to the living and the dead and take up the burden of the Gods?"

As he kneels before the alter, Holmes bows his head and listens to Domitia. He waits for her to finish speaking when he looks up and nods slowly saying outloud, "As an Advocate it will be my goal to do just that, as a member of this Krewe I will do what I must to support the other members, but as Marrick I will give my life to making sure the wheel is turning until I no longer walk this plane."

As Domitia speaks to Ric, about the flutes, the man actually flushes slightly. He's not the smartest of men, and while he means well, cermonies and the like still sort of confuse him. And she called him dear! He clears his throat and murmurs, "Right... I was just, ah, testing you." He tucks the flutes away and offers a beaming smile and another little bow before he's stepping back to allow the ceremony to continue. That simple moment, however, has ideas forming in his head.

In the meantime, he takes Molly's hand, and Kilo's, joining with them as he watches Holmes move forward to become part of the Krewe.

Domitia then nods, acknowledging Holmes, then Kilo and Rictus and Molly in turn, and finally makes a gesture with her hands as if wrapping her fingers around something. As she does a silver dagger forms in her hands. Her voice remains calm and spectral, "Master Marrick, you have come before us to be inducted into a Truth. You have asked guidance on this journey and as is my duty I offer you that Guidance. To see what must be seen our blood must blend, the sight must come from one to another, through the path of life and death." She runs her palm over the blade and glowing ectoplasm wells up. She then offers the blade out to Holmes and indicates he needs to do the same then hand it to Rictus, Molly and then to Kilo. "Mingle your blood with mine and that of your brother and sisters and see what I have seen!"

Kilo then also runs her hand down the blade to mix with the others, while Domitia’s voice remains a spectral echo. "As our blood mingles, let our knowledge mingle, let our sight mingle. See then as it was!" As she speaks the candles flare sharply blue again, casting insane dancing shadows over the walls and then everything goes utterly black as they burn out.

It begins as nothing, and Holmes knows there is nothing there. The moment seems to last forever, for time itself does not exist to happen inside of. Then, suddenly, the eternity of nothing ends. Suddenly there is everything, every possible thing that could happen, might happen, no matter how unlikely, and it is all happening at the same time.

Into that mad maelstrom there is a mind, a single overpowering one formed of possibility, its existence one an infinite number of possible things, and in forming, it classified some of what it saw.

It Divided the Dark from the Light, and thus the Dead from the Living. That impossible mind existed for moments but the very act of perceiving the Chaos, Khaos gave it some small amount of form. Death is not less than life, nor is it more here, they are perfect twins, made up of the very stuff of creation, the divine essence of all things, and as he watches the classification of Chaos continue he can see the birth of the world. The birth of Gods, both those of Life and those of Death. The many varied palettes of both realms Tartarus and Gaea unfolding before his gaze as they sweep forward into additional lore...

That knowledge burns in Holmes and as it sweeps forwards he sees the Gods of Death look sometimes with favor upon the living and craft something in its image, an imperfect dark mirror in the Lands of the Dead.

The first Ghost born in joy of the Gods of Death.

Holmes sees them create the Kerberos as the Gods above create Man and Monster, populating their dark realm with their own magnificent creations, not merely mirroring another.

He sees the first Geist, a frail fragile Ghost that has sought the deepest depths of Tartarus and finds a Gate to the mind within it. He finds the moment where that Ghost touches the gate, and the Mind of Chaos within and is given to match the spark of Divinity within the live, the Dark divinity that resides in the hallowed halls of the dead. And he sees the fierce flame that is lit with that divinity to seek out a like spark of the living Divinity to join the two together again as a force for change and possibility. All this in a moment, though the visions linger in a spectral pattern to be repeated many times in dreams and nightmares later on.

Then the darkness fades to the dim light of the single candle shattering that sepulchral vision and returning the Bound sharply to the more mundane reality.

As he goes through the motions, Holmes does as instructed. He cuts his hand with the blade and his ectoplasm seeps out. As the blade is passed around, he stands up and moves to stand before each person present and holds out his hand to mix his blood with theirs. When he finishes with the final person he moves to kneel before Domitia once again as the visions begin to flood in.

He throws his head back and closes his eyes. He lets out a ragged breath a few times as he absorbs the information. When the visions begin to fade, he opens his eyes and looks up at the woman. A soft smirk on his face, "They don't have that ride at Disney." He leans back on his haunches to steady himself as he bows his head, "Thank you for the well of knowledge." Holmes says respectfully.

Rictus watches the ceremony. So different than his own, but with similarities. Otherwise, he doesn't have much to add, not knowing what Holmes himself experienced. So he waits and watches.

Kilo witnesses the visions through Holmes’ experience as she has through countless others and realises no matter how many times she experiences it, the process never ceases to spell-bound her. She feels utterly wiped out after seeing those things and knowing them, though she knows them already. It's a very exciting and humbling experience as one realises, over and over, just how powerful the Underworld is and how insignificant each and every one of them are in the great scheme of it all.

Spent, Kilo smiles weakly at Rictus and Molly, who she knows too have already seen these thing, but mostly is fascinated to find out what Holmes thought of the whole thing, and to make sure he is OK.

When all is over, Domitia brings the lights back up in the expected yellow glow, the knife disappears and any blood, plasm and ectoplasm that might have been spilled is gone. “Congratulations, and welcome Marrick. I know you will be a strong and capable member of this group. That you can always be counted on and respected and looked up to in everything you do. Kilo, Molly and Rictus would not have brought you here if you weren’t such a person.” She offers all four members a small, respectful bow of her head that Kilo at least returns in a deeper manner. Kilo has –no- fucking clue if she is doing that right but she goes on instinct and so far Domitia hasn’t kicked her to the curb. Then suddenly their priestess is gone, disappeared back into the depths of the temple. Just like that.

”Congratulations Holmes! And now for the journey back.’Krewemate’.” She grins.

As he slowly stands, his knees wobble slightly. Holmes looks over at the group and smiles a bit broader now. "Thanks. Happy to be here..." He holds up one finger to ask for a moment. He walks over to the alter. Holmes opens his satchel and takes out a very large book. It has to be maybe 1000 pages. The book looks old, and quite fragile. It is in a plastic bag that Holmes takes the book out and gently sets it down on the alter. He pats his old text. As he turns he begins to walk back to the group, "That book is one of maybe 10 in the world. It has been past down through my family for years. It is said that my great great great great great grandmother slept with Shakespeare and stole it from him because he broke her heart." He chuckles softly, "I was going to sell it and pay for school but something tells me it will do better here in her protection and my tribute for today." Holmes looks over his shoulder at the fourth folio of the Bard himself and then looks back at the group. "Whose ready for a party. I need a drink!"