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Darn that Abernathy!
Dramatis Personae

Hawker, Samantha, Leora, Miki

15 January, 2017



Maddy's Waffle House

GM NOTE: There was previous social RP, but I didn't log it...only started when I started STing as it were.

Leora must be the bringer of bad luck..because as she enters..street lights are going off..one..by one. Like some thing is walking -towards- the Waffle house. Blink..blink..shatter pop. Some closed and disused shop fronts actually show their security lighting inside blinking out. "Ahh.." Hawker just says..as the lights less then a block away go out and a low moan..no wait, that is just the wind right? Nothing is out there, is it?

Samantha blinks and looks slowly about, "What...." setting her cup down in the dark,

Miki waves the waitress over for a refill of her cup, adding another heavy dose of sugar to it. Lights going out? Wind in the trees? A silvery man crying in his coffee? Ah, well. "The Jims would have loved all of this. Could have worked themselves into fits trying to write out new scripts."

Leora had smiled when she saw Jalal, even if her friend was heading out. When the lights flicker outside, she raises a brow lightly but continues on with her business. A waitress is flagged down and she orders herself some waffles and scrambled eggs. And a milkshake, because why not!

Power outages aren't the most common thing..but when it reaches Maddys..most people outside..or inside...collapse. <Except the PCs, cause we be speeschul>. "The Jims?" Hawker asks before the sudden failure of light..and he rests his Zippo on his table, flicking it for feeble illumination..even as the door groans and creaks from metal drastically cooling. Also..there is what looks like ice, forcing claw like shapes into the door..trying to force it open. "My my..maybe they followed Miss Red?" He asks..sarcasm, only Hawker can find impending doom amusing..

Samantha blinks and looks up and over at the door as the lighter illuminates it. The poor young nusre stands slowly and starts to take steps back and away from the door.

"There's... probably an exit in the back we can get through," Leora points out to the others that haven't passed out. She's pulling out her phone and, if it has a signal, dialing 911. The great multi-tasker that she is, while she's trying to call for help, the red head is making her way to the kitchen area if there's not an apparent back door in the main part of the restaurant.

Miki notices Samantha moving away before she ever notices anything at the door. It isn't just willful ignorance, but a total apathy after months of 'tricks' being played. Some more elaborate (and possibly real) than others. "Bit late in the season for Halloween, isn't it? There's the scary stories leading up to jump scares, then that odd Thanksgiving thing with lots of zombies giving way to animated snowmen and talking deer. Does Jack Frost make post New Year stops, now?" Perhaps a bad attempt at lightening the mood?

Hawker was going to quip..but he didn't..nope. Because as Miki tries to be funny..red gore splashes on the front window. Doesn't look human gore..but that just means things are bad. "You might not want to go out back either." Hawker says, moving to..light a cigarette..though the door is groaning..and glass slowly cracking..and things are getting -much- colder. "I'd find a bottle of oil though, dump it in a metal bucket with rags." He offers..has Hawker seen these before? Why yes he has!

Samantha nods to Leora and pulls o ut her cell trying to get the flashlight function working and point it to the back of the room trying to find the emergency exit, her eyes keep moving back to the front door though a tremor running though her.

"Why would I put oil in a bucket? I can't even see anything back here," Leora replies to the stranger who seems too strangely calm about everything. So, she assumes that he's with the zombies. She continues trying to find a back exit in the dark.

Miki sighs, carefully placing the book back into her pack. Because it isn't her's to let get messed up. "And then what? If you are going to suggest introducing fire to a bucket full of oily rags, I think I'd rather take my chances letting my feet carry me faster than whatever THAT might be."

Hawker is slowly stirring. "Actually it's for the light and warmth." He says, even already there is ice crystals forming all over...and breath steams when exhaled. Course there is a back door..already covered in ice..and some thing pounding away at it. "I think they're about to get in." He says, tapping ash into an ashtray he snags from another table, free hand now resting in his coat..and goes to blow out the zippo, to plunge every one into darkness..except for the natural light from the stars. Which make the shape at the front door rather easier to see..along with others joining it. "See..I think how it is..they know some people don't forget..so they try to kill them..then draw energy from those who do.."

Since Leora's idea of escape is blocked off, she moves to hide under a table in a booth.

Samantha finding the escape route blocked does what any good mortal would do at this point, she panics and slips under the table with Leora, huddling

Miki mutters under her breath, digging into the bottom of her backpack. What she comes up with is an old (circa WWII) desk lighter that she strikes several times to get the wick going, then sets on the table. Well, it's light! "Still not too certain about lighting up the grease in a place soaking in the stuff. Seems a daft idea, to be sure, unless you want to grab the extinguishers while we're at it." As long as one person remains calm, she can hide behind that and pretend!

Hawker is slowly drawing a revolver out..and the door gives in. Some glass breaks, but it's mostly ice that was holding it shut, and the thing outside tries to get in. In time for a bullet to suddenly bark out, striking it in the chest..it rather..breaks, shatters in a way. Things as cold as ice tend to -break- like ice. "Well non believers.." He says, moving to stand up..like he's about to leave them the other things closing in on the waffle shop! "Since the Gypsy says these aren't real..they can't be real, right?"

Leora remains as calm as she can underneath the table, trying to comfort Samantha. She lightly wraps an arm around the other woman's shoulders.

Samantha reaches up from under the table to grab the glass salt and pepper shakers hold thime as is she is going to pitch them...

"No gypsies here. You're one one in the shiny costume," Miki grumbles, grabbing her things and skating back away from the door and whatever the ice shattery thing was. "Hope you've a license for that thing. Cops tend not to like discharges inside the city, particularly this close to downtown." Like that makes any sense at all given the circumstances.

Hawker just gives a grin at Miki. "If the cops were awake.." He says and suddenly goes out the front door. If people want to follow relative safety, follow the man with a revolver! Course..you can hide here too. <Either way, in about a half hour..things come back to normal. A cop -does- show up..to respond to a broken window, some one told them a kid throw a rock into it! Or is it an iceball? Also people are reporting animals missing from the area..mostly strays. Also a few homeless!>

Samantha bites her lip and looks at Leora and shivers, "What that hell is that.

Miki sits on the bench at the table where the other two are hiding, placing the burning lighter between herself and the door. "That was... I don't know. Collegiate level pranking? A waste of catsup?" Yeah, she doesn't believe that, but is it plausible? Who wants to taste the 'blood'?

"I have no idea," Leora replies, peeking out from under the table briefly. "As soon as it looks safe outside, though, I'm making a run for it." Samantha nods and says, "I am with you on that." she shakes her head looking shooken.