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Darkest Night of Winter
Dramatis Personae

Abel, Kharn, Banes, Andre

8 February, 2018

Uratha gather to seek the blessing of the spirits, to aid them in persisting despite the darkest season of the year.


Daywood Farm

Once all have been gathered around the ritual circle, Abel shrugs off the overcoat he had worn while going near the entrance of his farm to gather Uratha. He steps out of his workboots. He faces the cold of the night naked, with all the associated growing pallour, trembling, and difficulty associated on this cold Maine winter's night. Even in his Dalu form, better insulated with more flesh and hair, it is cold. "Please, everyone bare yourself to the winter's cold. How much you do is up to you, but we are meant to feel the cold," he offers with a shiver to the group.

He then retrieves a pair of lean, underfed rabbit carcass from nearby and throws them down on the ground in the midst of the circle. Bending knee in the snow, he waves everyone forward. "Everyone, come and eat this meagre meal," he invites. There is not enough for everyone - bellies will be left hungry.

> Abel to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
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==================================> Wits + Composure + 3 [No Flags] <

Andre shrugs off his heavy camo coat. He then peels off the insulated shirt he's wearing under it. Looking down at his boots, he decides it would take too long to remove them and begins shifting into dalu form as he steps towards the circle.

When Kharn comes into view, he's already donned his near-man form and lumbers toward where the others are gathering. At Abel's instructions, he removes his clothing. There's hardly a bit of his flesh that isn't covered with scars or tattoos, all Norse in design. The only thing that remains is the pair of leather bracers. As he approaches, the faint crescent moon glints off his Purity brands. A moment later, they burn brightly and then dim to a glow, illuminating a small area around him. Where there may be a faint mist of heat in the cold air coming off of his skin, essence also flows freely into the air around him. He takes a handful of food, just enough to partake but not rob others of their share.

GAME: Banes shifts into Dalu form.

Banes arrives and following the others he shrugs off his heavy coat, peals off his shirt and kicks out of his shoes as he shifts into Dalu form. Walking into the circle he stands, breath showing in the cold air as he tries to fight down the shivering from the cold.

Once the eating is complete, Abel steps back from the stripped bones left in the middle of them all. He wipes blood and clinging gristle from his moustache and beard with the back of his hand. Swallowing the last of the tough, cold meet, he says, nodding toward Kharn, "I invite each of you to tell the story of the death of a Uratha from this past year. We will begin with the most esteemed among us." Then, switching to the First Tongue, he adds, ~Ghaz-Ur, I ask you to honor us with your tale.~

Ghaz-Ur had just gone ahead and crunched the bones to bits as well as the meat and eaten all of what he had taken. He rises from a crouch to his full height and nods to Abel's suggestion. "Of course. It was about a year ago, we had been fighting the Beshilu at every turn. There seemed no end to their machinations. Time and time we drove them back, spilling as much of our own blood as theirs. Then, all the pieces seemed to fall into place and they had gathered their forces at Star Lake. There were so many of them, but that has never caused us to shy away." Ghaz-Ur grins at those assembled, his already glowing eyes seeming to gleam with the idea.

"We had overwatch by an Uratha rifleman, we had a Ritualist, myself on the front line...it was a fine night for war. But then, one of the rat-priests drowned himself in the lake and from the water sprang an abomination we could not hope to defeat without heavy losses. I rushed toward the battle, but my dear friend made the ultimate sacrifice. He was a Bladewolf, and he did what a Bladewolf must never do. He plunged his blade into his heart and snapped the blade, setting the Spirit within free. She vanquished our foes, and we lost only one. I visit the spot where he died to this day and pay Chiminage."

Abel listens quietly to the tale told by the large Icelander, nodding slowly with a thoughtfully furrowed brow. He notes in the First Tongue, shivering as he does, ~A tale worth telling. Thank you.~ Turning his gaze to the next Uratha in the circle, he lifts a hand in invitation, urging the story-telling to make its way around the circle.

Andre lowers his head as Ghaz-Ur tells his tale. A moment after Abel finishes speaking, Andre lifts his head and scans the assembled. "I do not know of any Uratha who have died this year ... and I am not as good with words as Kharn, but I know of some of those who have gone before; my father died at the hands of the Pure." He looks off into the distance a moment before returning his gaze to the assembled. He nods to Abel to indicate he is finished.

Banes listens and nods his head respectfully to the stories told before he speaks. When the eyes of those present turn to him he takes a moment before speaking in a strong, clear voice in the first tongue. "My mentor Banisher was a strong warrior. While learning with him in Arizona this past year he fell to the claws of the Pure, a Predator King that I killed with my own hands to avenge and honor him." Pausing he looks to the group as if he would say more but stops, nodding to show he's said all he will.

> Abel to Here <======================================================

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===================================> Harmony + 3 + 2 + 2 [No Flags] <

GAME: Abel spends 1 Willpower

> Abel to Here <======================================================

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===============================> Harmony + 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 [No Flags] <

Abel nods, silent and respectful during the telling of each story. At the conclusion of Banes' story, he offers his own. ~I travelled for much of the year. For a time, I worked with a pack in Kansas that was short of a ritualist. We found a spirit that had grown bloated on essence of rot where a killer had hidden many bodies. It was an enclosed, putrid place, the smell of death strong enough that I can smell it still. There were also vengeful dead in the area, past but not gone. The combination proved too much in our first hunt, as our Rahu was dealt a blow that would have killed most of the rest of us. He flew into Kuruth and tore an Irraka packmate, Sun Never Shines, to pieces.~ Lowering his head, furrowing his brow, he adds, ~The pack was left with much healing to do, but we united around the common goal and even called in another pack to assist. We all remember the failure of that Rahu, Burning Rage, but that we all face the same when we hunt, that Luna blesses us with strength but demands discipline - the lesson of Sun Never Shines' death.~

He draws a breath, steadying himself in spite of trembling body and shaking voice. He then adds, ~The nights of winter are long and dark. Even when the food is meagre, even when death dogs us, we will persevere, for Luna gives her warriors the strength to do so.~ He takes a breath and offers a wan smile. ~Now let's get inside and have a drink,~ he invites, the ceremony having ended with an unusual lack of fanfare for such things. Such is the way of the darkest night of winter.

The pale light emanating from Kharn's brands dwindles as Abel invokes the Ritual itself, becoming inert and leaving only the glowing orbs of his eyes, silvery green, while he dons his clothes again. Kharn watches those assembled and says to Banes, "I've not met you before, friend. What is your name?"

GAME: Banes shifts into Hishu form.

Shifting back into hishu form, Banes takes a moment to look over the ritual site before being addressed. Turning he gives a smile and polite bow of the head, "I'm know as Banes, Bone Shadow of the Lodge of Echoes. I'm from Fallcoast but spent most of my life in Europe. Thought it past time to return home." There is only the barest hint of an accent that colors a few words when he speaks.

Andre nods to Banes, "Welcome home." He puts his thermal shirt and coat back on, moving towards the wolfblood gathering.

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