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Cultural Exchange
Dramatis Personae

Teth & Taylor

24 January, 2017

A Mage and an Apprentice meet unexpectedly


The Cannery

Teth is sitting on the old metal stairs, rummaging through his belt pouch. Next to him on the steps are a selection of apparently random items, including a deck of cards, some dice, and other paraphernalia, though he looks up when he has company. He's tall, and whilst not precisely handsome has a vibrancy and enthusiasm to his features that is striking. He's not wearing his coat at the moment, as it's draped over the stair railing beside him.

With an audible bang the heavy metal door marking the entrance of the Cannery is pulled open and a teenager comes into view. Unlike Teth, she is a being of uncompromised beauty, a celestial, angelic being so very nearly alerting every mundane to the existence of the supernatural with her mere presence. And such a presence that is, there is barely room for two in the room, for all eyes, if there were more than just the pair beyond her own would doubtlessly be drawn to hers. It is as though the 'Aphrodite of Cnidus' had descended from the heavens, no doubt such an arrival could inspire fear. She arrives in a plain light blue jean jacket however, unbuttoned with a light pink top worn beneath, matching jeans are worn, as are vaguely heeled shoes to correct feminine shortness. "Don't let me disturb you excogitations..." she remarks in a voice that is every bit as wispy and angelic as her appearance, absolutely breathtaking. The door is pulled shut behind her with another audible bang.

Teth smiles slightly and tilts his head to one side. He appears to be appraising the young woman in front of him - taking in clothing, apparent age, her beauty, even her apparent physical measurements. It's as if he's... weighing her, not in a literal sense, but as if examining the space she inhabits in the literal and metaphysical sense. He laughs, a brief sound that devolves into a chuckle, and shoves the various little items into his belt pouch, except the cards which he's more careful about putting away.

"Eh? Oh! No no. I was just sorting through things, making sure everything was in place. Things can go missing if you're not careful, so I like to make a regular check."

He gives you another appraising look. "My name is Teth, of the Alae Draconis. And you are?" Taylor has been gazed at before no doubt, she merely glances away and draws a deep breath before returning her attentions to Teth, "Delta, apprentice of Viktor... I'm afraid I've not officially been inducted to a particular discipline while I'm still involved heavily in my studies." she remarks in her strikingly soft and feminine voice. "Regardless, it is a pleasure to meet you Teth." A polite smile is offered, a smile that could send nations to war. Respectfully she bobs as a new student will a master, but remains up a few steps from where Teth is sitting, not wanting to pass him till the way is clear. "I must admit I'm surprised to find anyone down here, quite often this place is empty... We are often of the introverted variety after all." Another smile.

Teth isn't looking at you with lascivious intent. Well, he is, he's a red-blooded male, but there's more to it than that. He blinks at the mention of Viktor.

"Oh yes, Viktor. Met the fellow at the Consilium meeting, however briefly. Not leaning towards the Free Council then?". He has a faintly Australian accent. Not strong, but still definite rings of Down Under.

"Well I'm new in town, and still establishing a permanent residence. Literally, really. In the meantime I have somewhere to stay, but it's a little boring. Thought I might wander about this place a little, get the feel for the space, so to speak."

Taylor glances down into the main area of the Cannery, as such is completely empty her attentions remain with Teth, in fact she gently sets herself down a few steps up from him. "To be honest we have not conversed on that matter at all..." she remarks on the mention of the Free Council.

With a quick gesture she slides a blonde ringlet behind an ear, such seems to have escaped her otherwise pinned up hair, magnificent stands piled in a haphazard yet alluring manner, evidently she has no choice in the matter. "I think you'll find Fallcoast an interesting place, it is safe to say that this this city has her toe dipped in the supernatural." A smile is offered again, youthful and teenaged though it is, the coming years will make her life difficult one has to think. "But good luck one your home search, I've been lucky that my master has housed me... He did not have to do that after all."

Teth blinks at that. "Really? How very odd. While you're not obliged to join his Order, it's unusual not to have it spoken about at all. You've been given an introduction to the Orders and their place in Awakened society, surely?"

He smiles slightly, as if privately amused. "Oh my yes, I've already noticed that the city has deep occult currents. I'm expecting an entirely interesting time here."

At kind wishes that he finds a home he grins broadly, "It's coming along nicely. I've found what I need, the space, and I'm in the process of arranging the other bits and pieces that I require. As for your Master... it's certainly true that he isn't required to house you, though our society has significant weight on the bond of Master and Apprentice."

"Well I hesitate to speak too freely on my master's training toward me, I assure you that he is taking care of me in a manner that will see that I'm properly introduced to society when the time comes." Taylor remarks calmly, crossing her legs and folding her hands atop her lap. While she has immense passive allure she is not flirtatious at all, rather she chats with Tech in a dry, relaxed manner.

"It would seem that this city is entirely represented by all manner of supernatural... To my observation it is really quite remarkable, back home we are far less represented I think." A thoughtful expression before light blue eyes return to Teth, "And you are right, I am very much a slave or the time being... So naturally I do my best to keep my master happy."

Teth nods, "Well of course, your education is between your Master and yourself. I meant no disrespect of any sort, merely curious." He tilts his head to one side. "Have you been amongst us for long?" Teth, whilst casting admiring glances, is apparently behaving himself, and isn't flirting. Possibly because they're in the Consilium hall.

"Well, most major cities seem to be fairly well represented. I'm surprised that this area is so... supernaturally vibrant?... given it's a comparatively small town." He scratches at a scruffy cheek. "Of course. And whilst you are bound as Master and Apprentice, he is responsible for your well being, as well as your successes. Or failures."

"My connection to Viktor may come at a cost to liberty, but it is hardly without benefit... Coming to understand the true powers which move the world have been a pleasant venture, even if I'm not the most apt." A smile is offered by the Aprhodite, there is a thoughtful pause before she adds, "I'm still on my given shadowname, I suppose it has been eight months now. It was very difficult at first, as you can imagine. Things are starting to calm down, thankfully."

Teth gives a wry look. "You tend to grow into your shadowname, over time - eight months isn't all that long, really. Some never change it beyond their first, a few even otherwise use their real name, or a part of it. Dangerous, though, that gives someone a strong sympathetic connection." He coughs apologetically, "Apologies for waxing didactic, a part of the job of my Order is education, and I'm a professor at the University by vocation."

"What, if I can ask, brought you here to the Consilium?"

It is clear by Taylor's expression that she is well aware of the dangers of giving out her true name, though she listens dutifully and offers a nod of understanding upon Teth's conclusion of that subject. "I have no doubt that is true, I suppose 'Delta' is the new me." she remarks a soft laugh and another instinctual correction of the hair.

A quick glance of the surrounding area before she dry replies, "Sometimes even a hermit like myself likes to get out an mingle a little bit... Though usually I poke my head into an empty room and pass by, though I am delight to meet a peer that is not my master every now and again. No offence to him of course."

Teth quirks an eyebrow, and his features sharpen, as if coming into focus. "Interesting name, Delta. Dalet in Phoenician - I am Teth, or Theta in the Greek. Dalet. The door. Are you a Mastigos? Or in other ways learned of Space?" He waves a hand airly, and the slightly mischevious, slightly flirtatious expression returns.

"Much the same reason that I'm here; a change of scenery does a body good, so to speak." He grins, "I'm sure he won't take offense. Spending all your time cooped up with the same person is hardly ideal."

"An interesting coincidence with our names to be sure." Taylor admits while exhibiting extraordinary posture on her step, hands still folded on her lap. "I"m afraid most of my studies have gone into the notions of Prime, though I would not claim to be more than a dabbler in any particular field of study. I'm afraid my awakening took my focus, though it remains to be seen if that will persist, perhaps with years I'll revert to my former inclinations." A faint smile, "I could not agree more, you definitely reach a point where the mind will not take more in..." Then her perfectly sculpted blonde eyebrow raises, "Though I am impressed if you are truly fluent in Phoenician, I did not realise that was a deciphered language."

Teth nods, "I've a little knowledge of Prime, though I'm well short of a Mastery of it. Not really my area, you understand? Useful though, very useful." He grins in a conspiratorial fashion, "I understand of course. While at first I focused purely on studies immediately relevant to my Awakening, over time I branched out."

He snorts, "Me? Understand the whole language? Hardly, hardly. But if I didn't at least have a vague understanding of the alphabet when my shadowname is Phoenician I'd look a bit of a tit, wouldn't I?"

"It is my understanding that a shadowname is meant to convey meaning, can I assume that your master had a love for Phoenician culture?" Taylor asks with a tilt of the head, her manner conversational if vaguely aloof. Light blue eyes remain fixed on Teth however, evidently she is interested in how he may reply, "Or of course you have by now named yourself, and it is you that has love for those seafaring peoples."

Teth tilts his head to one side, and examines the woman sitting a few steps away. "A shadowname usually is meant to convey meaning, yes. I've met some who picked it because it sounded cool or mysterious, which I suppose conveys meaning about them, though perhaps not the sort they'd like."

He meets her eyes, her light blue for his sparkling bright blue. "I chose Teth myself. It means 'the wheel', although it's been suggested it also mean 'good'." Taylor straightens slightly under Teth's gaze, though it is likely hard to imagine a more perfect posture. "I see, well I would not want to press you on something so personal." she remarks respecfully, offering a nod of supplication to the master mage. "Forgive me if I broched a subject deemed, disrespectful to inquire upon."

Teth waves his hand in dismissal of that, "Oh heavens no, I'm not at all offended or pressed. I gave a basic answer because most people are rarely interested enough in something like a Shadowname to care to enquire deeper."

He rubs his chin with a faint rasp of his unshaven face. "I like the Phoenicians. They were consummate traders in a comparatively brutal period in history. While the Ancient era was more peaceful than the dark ages that followed it, it was still a time of marauding barbarians and violent city states. And yet, the Phoenicians traded, and were known most potently? For their dyes, especially the colour purple." He grins, "When a people can be an international trade power with multiple nations in a barbaric era? That's something to admire." Taylor's eyes lower thoughtfully as she visibly considers that which is said, more so that the typical teenaged girl, however no awakened it typical. "That is an interesting perspective...." she allows, not offering an opinion on the matter herself. Again she slides a strand of hair behind her ear that has escaped from the the pile of hair held in place with tiny pink-headed pins, "Is it safe to assume that you were a history teacher before your awakening?" she asks with another pleasant smile, not flirtation but passive allure continues to light the room.

Teth shrugs, smiling slightly. He's starting to get the impression she's either unaware of her body language, or the consummate flirt. "I like the Phoenicians. So I picked one of their words for my Shadowname."

He laughs at that, "Me? Heavens no. I only took up teaching after I Awakened, as it happens, and in the occult, not in history. Consider the history thing a hobby - and probably not unrelated to my skill in the Time Arcana." He rubs an eyebrow as if it briefly itched him, "And what of yourself? What did you do prior to your Awakening... and since? Beyond studying with your Master, I mean."

"Believe it or not I played hockey, almost constantly." Taylor remarks calmly, not at all looking to be the type of girl that could handle the slightest physical contact. A hint of pride reaches her expression, "In fact, I was invited to try out for the national team back home... Even a fourth tier men's league in Sweden. Unfortunately I was not Hailey Wickenheiser and did not make either... To be honest my parents let me come to Fallcoast to help me get over the disappointment." Teth looks blank at the name. "As in... ice hockey? With the skates and violence? Or the grass one that involves an alarmingly swift ball?"

He smiles a little, "I try not to judge a book by its cover. People surprise you."

Taylor gives Teth 'The look', "Real hockey is Ice Hockey, I only ever played field hockey in gym class... And sense nobody gives a hoot about soccer back home all the fields were crazy bumpy and that ball bounces all over the place, you can't stick handle or nothing." she remarks plainly, still vaguely emitting a prideful expression, "Yes, before my awakening I was quite the athlete, almost world class even. To get an offer to try out for the national team is no joke, no slouches get asked to do that."

Teth snorts at that, "I'm from Australia, just how much ice hockey do you think we see down there? Field hockey, on the other hand... I've got fond memories of the local oval having teams of girls in short skirts running about with sticks. As a young teenager I'd have killed, figuratively, to be one of those sticks. Soccer, on the other hand, has been about down my way for a long time, usually a bunch of Italian men on their weekend with their own little league, though in the last decade it's taken off as an organised sport."

He grins broadly, "I'm a fairly good boxer, I'll have you know. Never did it professionally, though I was told I could. I don't like hurting people, not even for sport, but I liked that it kept me in shape."

"Yah well I was convinced that was the only reason half the girls were playing field hockey, cause they knew people were watching." Taylor remarks in as dry a tone as her angelic voice will allow. She continues to look on Teth in a relaxed fashion, apparently quite comfortable in their little chat, "Back home, in Canada, the only people who follow soccer, for the most part, are first and second generation immigrants. So every time we open the borders for a bit, the game gets slightly more popular, then over the next thirty years it vanishes again. Though that is not true with our women's team, we are apparently one of the best in the world... But that is likely cause Canada puts more money into women's sport that any other nation, to my knowledge."

Teth laughs, "I'm not surprised, the game of showing off a little to get attention is one both sexes play. As well as the pose of studied indifference whilst secretly trying to see as much as possible.". Teth is interesting to look at, he's well aware, and thus isn't at all uncomfortable being looked at.

"I'm not too surprised, Canada isn't that different to Australia in broad strokes, though I think we're a bit more multicultural than you are. We're both Commonwealth nations, we're both predominantly English in origin, though you've got the French as well. It's our tie to the United Kingdom and the Italian and Greek immigrants of the forties that brought soccer to the fore."

He ponders the last. "I'm not sure there. I know Australia has strong women's teams. Not sure about spending, though."

"Well you would be wrong to thing I had any more than the basic smattering of french... Typically English Canada speaks English, French Canada speaks French and English, needless to say they are rankled over that fact, but I've never been to Quebec to really notice." Taylor remarks calmly, "As for multicultural status, Canada seems like most nations in a strange competition to be the most so, but I could not say how we are doing in that regard. The politics are quite different back home than here, that's for sure." Certinaly she does not talk like the typical teen, doubtless her awakening has given her some time for circumspection.

Teth snorts, "Yes, well, the French - and French derived - are known the world over for being a bit shirty about having lost the culture war to the English." He smiles a little, "Australia has the mediterraneans from the mid-twentieth century and in the late twentieth it had an influx of immigration from South East Asia, China, Japan, and Korea. As a percentage of population for a first world country I doubt we're the most multicultural, but as a breadth of immigration and their influence on our culture and food I think we're doing well. Partly because we're such a young country, we had less of a status quo identity. So to speak."

He coughs, having waxed didactic again. "Sorry."

Teth privately has some opinions about Taylor, but is entirely polite enough to keep those to himself. He might be incorrigable - and encouragable - but he IS a gentleman.

Taylor on her side continues to converse in an amiable manner, still sitting in prim fashion but apparently comfortable regardless. "It would only be a problem if I did not feel as though you knew what you were talking about." she remarks with continued calm, looking 'too cool for school' with the open jean jacket, never appearing to overtly flirt for a second, "I have found that my interests, amoung other things, has changed these my awakening. A much as I still enjoy thinking out my sporting days my mind has recently drifted to other matters yet undefined... What to do, now that I am, wizard." A smirk at the final point, "My master hates it when I describe myself that way."

Teth laughs, "Some of the Awakened can be a bit like that. I don't mind it myself, though I tend to be exacting in my own speech. Ease of use, I suppose."

He smiles at Delta. "So. What to do? That's a big question, both easy to answer and actually very difficult. On the easy level, our job is to understand the Supernal and combat the Lie, though each Order does that in a different way. On a hard level... that's really up to you. Me, I study Space and Time, delve into divinations, explore the Astral realms."

Taylor considers for a moment before replying, "I find myself contemplating the other supernaturals in existence beyond ourselves, I hope to study and understand them. Though I can't say I have a goal behind mere observation at this point, but one has to wonder if such curses and afflictions cannot be manipulated to a degree." The teen's brow quirks, "I cannot really say honestly, I'm still feeling a pull toward a area of study that I yet do not know. I'm still maturing magically, you could say."

Teth nods, "At risk of sounding like I'm giving you a sales pitch, if study is your thing then the Mysterium are ideal. We even have a specific area of study into other supernatural entities of the Fallen world.". He coughs, a little apologetically. "On the whole, careful observation is the best way to go. Interaction can be... deadly. For all concerned."

"That's fair, you're not all that long Awakened from the sound of it, and thus have your career, such as it is, ahead of you."

Taylor visibly tilts her head as Teth remarks to the Mysterium having an area of study devoted to that very thing which she had been eluding. "Deadly, really? I know a vampire or a werewolf must be a violent creature, but I have met others that were not so much..." Then there is a pause before she continues with some awkwardness, "Even myself, before I awakened and I was, what I was, I was hardly a danger to anyone. Most times at least, and it did not seem I had any offensive capability at all, at least nothing that would not cause me a great deal of difficulty."

Teth nods, "Absolutely deadly. Not individually, though their abilities shouldn't be discounted, but they don't have to worry about Paradox, or the Lie. We do."

"He tilts his head at the last bit. "You were a... non-human?... prior to your Awakening? As a Sleeper, I was not necessarily deadly, but give me a shotgun and I could kill one of us all too easily. We're powerful, but we're humans."

"For a long time I kept it hidden, for obvious reasons, but since my awakening I've tried my best to be an open book on the subject." Taylor remarks calmly, still looking on Teth as she converses further. "I was one of the immortals, though the most hated and reviled of all of their many kinds, not to mention rare, I was a body thief. My master Viktor believes it was a psychic power which allowed me to transfer as I did, but having been made magical, such ability seems to have left me... I thank god for that, truly."

Teth nods, in comprehension. "I've heard of the Immortals, and of those able to inhabit the body of others, though there are... well, let's just say that the way you're describing isn't the only way. Far too many ways for that kind of thing."

"Others might know more about it than I, it's not an area of my own study, I'm afraid."

Teth smiles, broadly. "Whatever you were, you are one of the Awakened, now. You're one of us. Do you mind if I have a look at your aura? It's impolite to do so to another Awakened without asking, but I'm curious to see how it compares."

"It could not have happened sooner, I was already so guilt ridden over what I was and I was concerned I was one heart attack away from taking another person... It sounds so ridiculous now, but if it were not for that fear I dunno if I'd be alive right now, I suppose it kept me going till my awakening." Taylor replies calmly, her own smile brightening at the broad smile offered, "I suppose there is no harm in that."

Teth scrutinises Delta's aura, examining it in detail for anything that aligns it to that of an Awakened, as well as any that might differentiate it from the Awakened. Has that past been wholly left behind on Awakening, or has it somehow continued after the fact? Most that have some other... ties... seem to lose it on becoming a Mage, such as the Proximi, but perhaps it's not always the same? Curious, curious, curious. His eyes likely wander a little wide of where they strictly need to, but he endeavours not to stare.

"Fear isn't an uncommon trigger for Awakening, though it often results in... the worst, in the Awakening of a Timori, of a Banisher."

With the cloud of magic blowing over Taylor, her nature is revealed much like that of a finger print suddenly arising from settling dust. She is surrounded in a glittering silver aura, glittering with magic streaked in sadness, though flecks of pink and white are also present. Though there is nothing to finger her as a body thief any longer, it would seem that part of her is gone. "A Timori?" she asks, well knowing she is being examined, "I hope there is nothing too out of the ordinary."

Teth looks up, suddenly aware that he's been staring at her legs. "Hm? Oh! No, no. Your aura is perfectly normal. Not a trace of whatever may have been a part of it before." He grins, "You're one hundred percent Mage. And awfully pretty, though that's not a matter of Aura.

Teth scratches his cheek scruff. "The Timori are... well, Banishers, basically. Those so overwhelmed by fear that it taints their very Awakening, their very soul. They are not truly Awakened, for their exist in a half-state of fear and terror." He locks eyes with Delta. "Don't let your fear rule you, pretty. Be bold."

Teth smiles, gently. "Whatever you were, it's of the past. Be what you are." He taps Delta's nose, softly. "You are a Mage. You are Awakened. You are the potential of humanity realised. Be bold." Taylor's beautiful blue eyes roll at the complement on her appearance, "It is all the tower's doing, I did not look like this before my awakening... This is an illusion, a manipulation, do not hold it in too high regard." she remarks seriously, "The Obrimos tower has sought to make some sort of unknown point with me, but this is all fake, I was never this type of girl before." At that she quickly glances down at herself, "Do not worry about the Timori however, I don't think I'm one of those. Evidently I was turned into something else entirely... I suppose it is easy for you to understand why my post awakening was a little rocky." A gentle laugh as she continues to speak in her dry, off hand manner.

Teth looks wry. "An illusion? You think I can't see through illusions?" He shakes his head, "Have you consider that when your soul was reforged on your Awakening that your body was also? Your soul is far more powerful and far more important than your body. If your Awakening can reforge something so much... more... like your soul, what is your body in comparison to that?"

He grins, broadly, suddenly. "Is puberty an illusion? Consider, perhaps, you've gone through a second, just without the spots."

"No it is not technically an illusion, I'm aware... I just which there was some clue as to why the tower thought that this might be a good idea, or perhaps there is no way to figure these things." Taylor muses softly before adding, "It just seems to me that awakening is more than enough change and nothing needed to add to it."

Then there is a soft laugh at the last part Teth says, "This is my fourth puberty actually... I assume that this will be my last."

Teth ponders, "I can't speak for the Aether, though I understand it's a realm of the bold and forthright. I Awakened to Arcadia, and frankly if a realm is likely to be trolling you to teach you a lesson, it would be Arcadia. There are Judeo-Christian elements of the Aether... perhaps it's a redemption, or the offering of a second chance, to do it over?" Teth muses. "You could always ask the Aeons, I suppose. They might be prepared to clarify things for you."

"It is likely to be your last, yes, unless the Aether has other ideas for you. Probably not, though, it's not a realm of Time, nor of Life. But I do implore you; perhaps think of it as a gift, not a curse or a lesson."

"I will do my best to look at it in a better light." Taylor remarks with a knowing smile and a nod, quickly glancing the empty room before remarking further. Still prim as always, it would seem the Awakening made her perfectly presentable, for she does not seem to tire from her straight posture, rather she looks entirely relaxed, "It could very well be that it is a reaction to the fact I was a body thief... There has been some suggestion that I'm in the image of the Obrimos tower as well, though who can say. You are right though, I should not be embarrassed, it's just, well... You have to understand, when your voice suddenly feels different, or your teeth don't set together the way you recall, these things sound trivial but they can put you in a panic, trust me."

Teth chuckles, "About as strange as one day finding you're able to unravel what you thought was reality up until that point?" He shrugs, and smiles encouragingly, "I have no doubt that you've gone through a harrowing experience prior to your Awakening, and that being given another new body - this time of your own - must have come as a shock." He locks eyes with Delta again. "It may, as you say, be a result of your old life. Or a second chance to start again. Whatever it is, it's your body now. Don't waste what you've been given!"

"There is no wasting, worry not." Taylor replies softly, smiling as always, lightly after she makes a reply. "It is certainly a thought puzzle, but truly, in the last couple months I've been able to ignore my problems long enough to start to get an interest in exploring my abilities further. There is no rush of course, but I find it hard to contemplate having a normal job or anything like that, now that I'm awake. I was working as a cashier for a while, but Viktor seemed to hint that that was beneath me."

Teth smiles slightly, "I understand more than I can really say. Not that I mean to keep secrets, you understand. Or rather I do, but because it's something that I can't really go into with someone outside of the Mysterium. Sorry. If you join us, remind me to go into detail."

He snorts, "Some Mages feel that having a day job is beneath the calling of a Mage. If you've other options, you should taken them; there are better things you can do with your time, as an Awakened. However, you still need some way to pay for a crust, or travel expenses if you don't have other options, and if you have to work as a cashier, then so be it. I work as a professor at the University, which is both a way to earn some money, but also a way of keeping an eye out for the newly Awakened."

Teth coughs delicately, "What you mustn't do is divorce yourself from humanity. It's a temptation that we all have, to pull away and isolate ourselves in our magical spaces, but... well, we're human. Go out and have a drink. Get laid. Eat silly food that's terrible for you. Dance, sing, run in the sand and then regret it when you find sand EVERYWHERE for a week. Live, be human... as much as you need to be more than human. Mages are... special. We remain human, despite our gifts. We are the expression of human potential." pub I think the others can bone whomever they like. Mages do. We can sleep with anything and anyone. Usually do.

Taylor takes all that in with a thoughtful expression, though her brow furrows and instead of replying to anything that has been said, she goes off topic to a degree. "What are your thoughts on our nimbus?" she asks in a manner that any young student would ask, "I've seen it in flashes, but I find myself wondering." Eyes lower slightly for a moment, "Am I the nimbus hidden in flesh and bone, or is the nimbus something else that I'm completely misunderstanding?"

Teth smiles faintly. "The nimbus? It's a manifestation of our Supernally reforged souls in the Fallen world. The stronger we touch the Supernal realms through the conduit in our souls, the stronger our nimbus manifests."

He appears to consider for a moment. "Would you care to see mine?"

"Ya, but it does not seem to do anything... It flashes on for a split second, what is the point of that?" Delta asks with obvious confusion, "Is there any way to change it, make it into something pleasing, if it is just window dressing after all?"

As the question is thrown to out, Taylor glances over him thoughtfully, "But does it mean anything?"

Teth stands and spreads wide his arms. At first there is a faint blue glow, and a... pregnant feeling, as if possibility is weighing down on the moment. He then chants loudly in High Speech and moves his hands in complex gestures, and runs a thumb over a lodestone he pulls from his belt pouch. If you have Prime Sight, magic flares as he begins his spell, and before your eyes - even if you have no sight active, so blatant is his casting - flares light around him. Teth's nimbus surrounds him as a sky blue aura, and a sound that is both heartbeat and ticking clock pulses the glow. In this moment, anything seems possible, the infinite wonders of time are only a choice away. With this greater, with this more powerful magics, the world itself seems to slow and step to that ticking heartbeat, and the blue glow suffuses reality itself, as if focusing all of creation on this single moment, on the pregnant possibilities that wait in the next beat of time.

Teth, surrounded by a blazing aura of light and hope and potential, looks directly into Delta's eyes. Then then slowly and deliberately winks.

Teth disappears from in front of Delta, winking out of the world. His coat is still there, over the railing.