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Council Meeting: September 2017

"This meeting is now adjourned."

Dramatis Personae

Bezoar, Yossarian, Hollister, Priscilla, Bones, Davin, Black


The first Council meeting in a while happens.


The Cannery

The Council getting back to functioning has been months in the making. And they still have to see if they can get through one meeting before it's actually official. The Hierarch, Bezoar, is already seated at the long table with a binder in front of him, flipping through things. He's an older gentleman that screams retired authority of some sort. Dressed in a suit that looks a bit rumpled, but hey, it's a nice one. His face is set in a glower as he looks over things.

To his left is Councilor Proserpina of the Silver Ladder. She's dressed in a burnt orange sweater dress with brown riding boots. Given the storm outside there's definitely a bit of a chill. Next to her is a very large white dog with a service vest on. His head is resting on the arm of her chair.

Merek has taken his time to put on his robes before he steps within, and then slides on his gloves. He seems to be satisfied with that, and pulls up the hood. It's black silk upon leather with silver details on it. In his hand he has a stave which is made with platinum reinforced wood as he steps into the main area, a crossbow on his back. Let it not be said he doesn't come prepared, even a sword upon his hip. Though all this is mostly peace-bonded for the sake of the Consilium. Can't be too safe with Seers about. He moves to take the seat meant for the Mysterium Councilor, at least enough so that people recognize that is who he is. He looks up from beneath his hood, "Weather's nice today," he offers.

Yossarian is present though seated off to the side. Neither councilor or provost, though he could theoretically sub in for a provost if necessary, just for old times' sake should the dog need to step away, but is more present in an advisory role, wearing his factotum's robe with the fancy high legalese on the shawl, worn open over his work clothes. He's got a couple of tomes on Lex Magica precedent as well as a computer on a small side table, so as not to take up a seat at the official table. Private citizen, nothing to see here.

Bones is wearing his standard suit and tie, plus a heavy coat to keep the rain off it. He moves to the seat reserved for the Councilor of the Guardians of the Veil, hanging the coat from the back of it. As he sits, he nods to all assembled one at a time, resting his hands on his knees.

In a seat propped against the wall, so as to give the Councilors and their Provosts room at the table, sits Hollister, Consilium Herald, decked out in his usual Stetson and blue jeans and silver cross. In one hand he holds an old oaken stave, which he rests on his shoulder. With one leg crossed over his knee, he balances an old Gideon's Bible, upon which a yellow legal pad is placed. In his other hand, he holds a pen, scrawling notes. A little red and white bullhorn sits, speaker down, next to the chair.

When everyone filters in, Bezoar stands, "Thank you all for coming, please have a seat and we'll get started." he states as he motions everyone to seats. "For those that don't know me. I'm Bezoar of the Silver Ladder. Hierarch of the Granite Coast Consilium." he tells them. "Our Consilium has been floundering for quite some time and I would ask forgiveness for some of it as I am the leader and I should have been leading." he offers. "So. We are here to pick up the proverbial dropped ball. The youths of the Ladder have been helping to get this meeting a reality and I thank them. I also thank all of you that have stepped forward for your Orders. Whether you are here as an official Councilor, Provost or just standing in to help. Us regaining our footing and rising again is what we should be focusing on." he admits. "But, we have problems at the moment. The biggest problem right now is the Seers of the Throne." he confirms. "Not to say that Abyssals and Infernals are not big. But, they are not actively trying to take out our leadership." he adds.

Davin is not really sure what to do here. He mostly hadn't heard from many of the other arrows at all and wanted there to be a representative here. He is dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, with a leather jacket. He slips in just as Bezoar asks them all to be seated and then does just that, finds a place and takes a seat.

Merek looks up from his seat and towards Hierarch, "It is good to have you back, Hierarch," he tells him, and inclines with respect in that direction. Then he seems to settle in a bit. However he does have a question it seems, "Seers... You know, I'm new to this Councilor position, and no one's shared quite at the moment as of now... When did we ever make a /treaty/ with them?" he asks that outright, because well. That's a thing that he can't fathom, and he wants, more than anything, answered. His gaze curious from beneath that hood.

Bones nods at Merek's question then looks to the Hierarch for his answer.

Yossarian shuffles through an accordion folder, producing the notes of the resolution in question and surreptitiously slides it onto the corner of the table to inch it in front of Bezoar.

"We've had the truce with the Seers for a long time. Most just forgot about it. It's what happens when people don't stay around. Don't pay attention to things. The younger generation that was under the local Seers did not like the Truce. So they killed the men that were responsible for it and started their own revolt. When Deacon Yossarian and a group of Mages went out to investigate, they uncovered that the group is planning on trying to kidnap our leadership. Probably killing them or holding them hostage." he admits. "The Deacon managed to make a dent in their forces, but I'm afraid it's only riled them up more." he frowns.

Merek looks to the Hierarch when he explains that information, then over to Yossarian, before he shakes his head a bit in thought. "I personally believe a treaty was foolish to begin with. Especially with folk who would want to reinforce the Lie." He lets out a sigh and leans on his stave to the side a bit, while he listens to others take on it, as well as any further information. Sometimes it's better to listen, but now he knows where the treaty /came from/ at least.

Davin doesn't really know too much so doesn't want to speak out yet. He is listening then. The abyssal remark from earlier did have him raise his hackles at least a little bit, arrows have been having issues with them lately.

"This was before you were born I'm guessing, Councilor Black." Bezoar states to him. "When we murder each other in the streets does that make us any wiser?" he poses the question to them. "I would take a few years of peace and people calling me foolish as opposed to the amount of blood I've seen spilt for different reasons in our society. Hell, even in the human society." he states. "But, we won't be having a truce going forward." he states with finality. "So now we turn to shoring up our defenses. Filling out the remaining positions that need to be filled within the Consilium. Sentinels will need to be assigned from each Order. Councilor Bones, I think Shrike is the Guardians of the Veil Sentinel. If you can confirm that within the next week I would be grateful. The rest of the Orders have either lost theirs or they've not submitted." he tells them.

Bones nods at the Hierarch, "I will certainly look into that." He frowns at the final words of the Hierarch, continuing, "That's unfortunate, but I'm sure the other Orders will find capable members to fill that much needed position."

"I was the Sentinel before I was the Councilor, I've been working on finding interest, but people have been... Lax, to tell the least," Merek tells Bezoar, and then takes a moment to motion with his stave a bit, "... I'm not sure what to tell you, Hierarch. I understand what peace is worth, but when we have a treaty with the Seers, think of how many men each day will never Awaken as the Lie becomes more powerful. Already there's rumors from around the world Awakenings are on the decrease. All that aside, I wanted to make a proposition to the Council related to this Seers business and the Sentinels, when you have time for me to bring it up." Perhaps he has something against the Seers. Who knows? He sighs thoughtfully.

Davin nods, "The Arrows are scattered and fighting on multiple fronts, I will pass along though and see what we can come up with." he says and he could see himself as Sentinel, though he has a feeling that he might have to do something a bit more.

"Thank you, Councilor Bones." the Hierarch states. Then there's a look to Merek, "Thank you for your opinion, Councilor Black." Bezoar states. Then he gives a nod to everyone, "This will not be built overnight. We just need to drive people to step up and take places. Obviously we would like people who can function in the position and aren't just a power junkie. There will be a lot of work that goes into this and there will probably be heated talks and tempers flaring. But it is good to remember that we do not need infighting. We need to not be distracted from our goals and protecting our Consilium and other important matters." he states.

Yossarian keeps his mouth shut, he's here as counsel, not council, so stretches his legs out, idly typing with one hand as he keeps the minutes. His gase peers at each of the councilors in turn, and then Bezoar as they go over the agenda.

"Councilor Black. You had something for us?" Bezoar asks as he finally settles himself into a chair.

Siting in the corner, impassively listening and scrawling notes, Hollister has been watching Merek, only sparing slight glances for the Heirarch when he speaks. As the Heirarch relates the current state of hostilities between the Consilium and the Seers to the group, his gaze rises to watch the back and forth between Bezoar and the Mysterium Councilor, grimacing at each mention of 'Seer'. At the Heirarch's nod, the young Texan quirks an eyebrow, returns the nod and grunts out a curt "Hunh," before returning to his papers.

Merek nods to the Hierarch and looks back to the table while he leans on his stave. He seems to be in his thoughts until he's called on for the idea, or until he is asked to speak on a matter. For now he listens as he was before. He looks over to Hollister, and tilts his head a bit.

Hollister notices Merek's attention and looks up, giving him a blank look and a noncommital shrug. The man taps his bottom lip with his pen, ponders for half a second and points the writing implement in Councilor Black's direction, proddingly. "Carry on," he drawls.

Davin has gone back to sitting quietly and listening for the moment. Sometimes better to be seen than heard, Hound thinks to himself. He doesn't know much about the Seer issues anyway.

Bones nods to the Hierarch, "Is there any more specific information regarding the Seers or should we move onto the next topic?"

"Councilor Black. You had something for us?" Bezoar asks as he finally settles himself into a chair. "And we have some information on where the Seers last were before they had an explosion happen." he states as he gives a look to the Deacon sitting over by himself. Then he looks back to the table. Waiting.

Merek looks over to Bezoar, and then dips his head with a nod. "I have... Many resources and monetary gain. When the Sentinels are chosen, and any other Officer that wishes to be tasked with fighting against the Seers, I would like to move to vote in an armory that I'm going to help fund just for them, with various gear of all kinds, depending on what is needed, to give us the innovation needed to fight Seers. They are powerful and we'll need all we can get," he admits. "This armory would be controlled by the Council and only those approved for missions against the Seers would have access regardless who they are in any case."

Bezoar listens to Merek and there's a bit of a nod, "While that sounds like something a Gaoler would take care of, for the moment we don't have one. So hopefully that can be worked out." he states. "We'll add it to the list of things to decide going forward. We'd need to make sure that the people that use the weapons can use them effectively. So maybe the Arrows could offer additional training." he looks to Davin to make sure he's paying attention to things.

From the back wall, the sound of a cellphone beeping can be heard as Hollister pulls out his phone and begins checking his bank balance. With a satisfied smirk, the Herald clicks the phone off and returns it to his pocket. Unsuprisingly, the Texan in the room seems to like the idea of keeping a small arsenal of weapons at the ready.

CuChulainn is paying attention as he hears that mentioned, "We should have enough people to at least do some basic training, I cannot speak for others fully, but myself I can instruct in most melee weapons and some unarmed. I know of a few others that could train in other areas. The biggest training too will be making sure there is good knowledge base for defensive, offensive, and counter magic." Hound is still fairly knew to full magedom but he has been around and trained for such things most of his life, and awakened strongly.

"Understood, thank you Hierarch," Merek tells Bezoar, as he inclines his head a bit, and blinks over to Hollister. Afterwards he opens up a black book with silver written upon the front. He takes a few of his own notes, "I can put some of our younger Mystagogues on task that don't want to be Officers into investigating interests of the Seers they might have in Fallcoast, as well as anything else we can use," he offers. He looks to the Arrow and nods in thought at his answer to the Hierarch. He 'hrms'.

There's a quirk of an eyebrow from Bezoar when the phone goes off, but he doesn't rush over to smash it into a thousand tiny pieces. He does look back to the table and takes a breath, "Working on establishing a full retinue of officers will be a big task. One that we'll need to balance with making sure the Seers and other threats to the Consilium are being investigated and dealt with. I know we have Abyssal intruders in the city and there's...cannibalism going on. One of our newer Magus' are looking into that. So we have a lot on our plate." he states. "Do the Orders have any business they would like to announce?" he asks as he looks to each Councilor.

Bones shakes his head. "The Guardians of the Veil have no business we wish to discuss with the Concilium at this time."

Merek looks up for a moment, and then makes a statement, "I'd like to do a few things, but it would take a few meetings. I'd like to re-visit our Charter, review the Recognition of Cabals and their current status, and also I told Madame Curie I'd present her Academy for approval to the Consilium to officially recognize it so that it will have our backing to help with teaching new Magus coming through. None of these are specific to the Mysterium at this time however. But all are viewed as important."

Bezoar gives a nod to that, "We will need a few more meetings. Tonight was to get the biggest things out of the way." he nods. Then he looks to Merek, "It was my understanding that the Academy was a Mysterium holding. Teth was the headmaster and I think went on walkabout. Has the Mysterium agreed to let Curie take it over?" Bezoar asks. Yes he knows of the Kingsport Academy.

Merek takes a moment to consider that question, "Since Teth's disappearance, it seems no one is left to speak for it as I'm one of the few ranking members left. Madame Curie has stated she knew Teth, and has made agreements that while she's to teach innovation, and some of her ideals, she said all Orders will be treated equally and not have knowledge kept from them based upon that. It's not something I'd voice lightly, but in lieu of having the resources to devote to debating over it for weeks with so many Mystagogues busy, and with the Seers active now, I'd state that given your permission as it's a separate holding, to Recognize Madame Curie as the official Headmaster of it at this current time. I've heard there's already students coming to be taught by her, so." He motions a bit, "I'll let the rest of the Council chime in on my thoughts as you wish."

"This is the problem, Councilor Black. I have no authority to give the Academy to anyone. If you wish her to run it then that is for you and your order to decide. It is not a Consilium property. It wasn't offered as one when Teth started it. So get with the rest of the Mysterium and you guys work out a decision and if none of your Order take issue with her being the responsible one for the property, then you can place her in Teth's spot." he suggests.

Hollister looks up from his notes, points a pen at each officer of the Consilium in turn, checks his notes again and scratches off several checkmarks, then checks off a few more lines. This Very Important Business attended to, he sighs and begins scrawling again, recording bullet points for the next agenda. The Herald spares a forlorn glance at the bullhorn sitting next to him, folds his hands and looks back at the proceedings, awaiting further business.

Merek nods to the Hierarch, "I'll present it to the Alae Draconis for review. It shouldn't be an issue in that case, thank you Hierarch," he offers, with a polite nod of his head. "I've nothing else for this meeting to bring up personally," he adds, as a statement he is finished talking.

"The Silver Ladder has no further business, Hierarch." Proserpina states in her accented tone. "I don't have any business either." Marshmallow states as he turns and heads towards Yossarian. Then he lays down and gives the Deacon a look.

Yossarian continues split his attention between a law book and the computer, but when the talking dog judges him, he reaches into his pocket, finding a rice krispy treat and setting it on the floor. The provost has been most patient. "The defense rests."

Bezoar gives a look to all of them that are in attendance, "Thank you for attending and thank you for being flexible. It is appreciated. This council meeting is now adjourned. Councilor Proserpina will let me know when the next one is. Have a good night and be safe." the old Moros tells them. Then he's standing and moving off to his office.

Bones stands and retrives his coat from the back of his chair. He moves towards the door, nodding to each of the assembled mages as he puts on his coat.

Merek stands up, and then inclines towards Bezoar. Afterwards he uses his stave to walk towards Hollister, and then inclines, "I'll be needing your services more than likely in this next week," he states, while he motions a bit, and then looks to Priscilla, "Thank you Councilor, for helping get the meeting all set up. It's good to get somewhere."

Davin rises and shakes his head just a little bit. He had hoped that someone else in the Arrows would have shown. He shrugs a bit and dips his head to the others before starting to move towards the exit.