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Congratulations, Elsa
Dramatis Personae

Elsa, Iezika, Valentina

30 April, 2017

Elsa becomes the first recipient of the Vidal Scholarship


Near St. John's University

The wonders of a Spring morning in Maine - cold and raining. The best way to deal with it is via hot coffee...since it's still too early for alcohol. Valentina has found herself a little cafe near the university which is warm, overpriced and cozy, and sent an invite to a recent acquaintance to join her - Iezika Lucchese.

The Argentinian sits at a table that looks out over a small garden that is currently getting drenched by the rain. At least there is a warm fire nearby to keep them warm. Valentina is dressed in black slacks and white blouse - minimal but designer.

The New Yorker arrives a few minutes late, dressed in a tracksuit. Recognisable as one from Napoli, if Valentina is interested in football. If she isn't, it is light blue with an N stitched on it. "Good Morning, Valentina." she says, smiling "Sorry for being late... I had a problem getting here... they are digging up the street I usually take." she says, shrugging"

"How rude of them" Valentina replies with a smile as she stands to greet her guest with a kiss to each cheek. "Lovely to see you again. Please, sit down." She gestures to the other chair at the table as she sits down again. "Napoli?" A wry smile from the Argentinian. "I should get you Maradona's phone number if you are a fan. How have you been?"

Iezika has her mouth wide open "D... Diego Maradona?" she asks "Y...you must be j-joking..." she says, shocked and happy "And I was well... I am looking for a birthday gift for Elsa, though..." she says, smiling at Valentina.

"Of course, Diego Maradona" Valentina grins in reply. "He lives near my parents. I am sure my father even has some business arrangements with him. He's very good for promotional purpose." She waves over a waitress. "Ah, the mysterious Elsa. I still haven't been able to get in touch with her to tell her the good news about her scholarship. That can be my birthday present to her I suppose. What were you thinking of getting her?"

Iezika blushes "Well... I wanted to get her a copy of the..." Zika turned to silent to be understood. Something beginning with a Ka...

Valentina's eyes go wide with amused 'shock'. "Oh...that is a much better present than I was offering" she giggles. "The lesbian edition I assume?" A wink for her guest before turning to the waitress to order a coffee and some pastries to go with it. Iezika may order whatever she wishes. "Be careful about buying a second-hand copy of that book" she notes, "You never know what the stains on the pages are."

Iezika orders two cups of cappuccinos for herself, as well as a few doughnuts "There is a lesbian edition?" she asks surprisedly "I already had troubles searching for an edition in English... actually, I didn't find any yet." she says, smiling shyly "After all, I can't read Sanskrit and I presume Elsa can't as well." she says

"You really only need to look at the pictures" Valentina chuckles, "You should be able to work it out from those. And I am sure you could use the regular edition. Just replace the penises with a strap-on" she shrugs before taking out her phone. "So you need a Kama Sutra, in English, detailed illustrations, with at least a lesbian appendix? Give me ten minutes." She calls someone on her phone and is soon speaking in Spanish while their orders arrive.

Iezika smiles "Thanks, Valentina..." she said, grinning "How much will I owe you?"

"You won't owe me anything" Valentina assures Iezika before going back to her call. More Spanish before a final nod and she hangs up. "Done. I shall have Enrico drop it off at your place in a day or two. Is that okay? Though I warn you, I may ask to borrow it one night." A little giggle before she picks up her coffee cup to blow over the hot beverage. "I do hope to meet Elsa soon. Now that you don't have to buy her a present, maybe you can invite her here? Is she far away?"

Iezika nods "Uhm... I have no idea, to be honest..." she said, taking her phone out "Thanks, Valentina. And of course, I will borrow it. Which part of it? The appendix or the main book?" she teases, lightly, starting to drink her coffee without trying to cool it. Following this, she dials a number, in order to invite Elsa.

"I'll borrow whatever bit I need...preferably the appendix" Valentina replies with a teasing wiggle of her eyebrows. But then she leaves Iezika to her call and sips at her coffee. The pair are at a small cafe, sitting at a table looking out over a small garden, a fireplace nearby keeping them snug and warm as the rain pours down outside.

Elsa comes in, messenger bag over her shoulder, rushing a bit. Sliding a phone back into her pocket, she smiles once seeing Iezika. "Sorry, I got your text. The bus was running late. The car wouldn't start and I've been jogging for two stops." Her accent is a thick Irish as she comes up next to Iezika, water dripping from her hair.

Iezika hugs Elsa "It seems my 'Death Trap' of a car is better then! You could have written! I would have gotten you then!" she says "And I think we will need to get you an Umbrella." she grins "Ah. And this." she points to Valentina "Is Valentina. Valentina, this is Elsa, my girlfriend." she gives Elsa a peck on the cheek "She loves Frozen." she jokes.

"She looks frozen too" Valentina teases as she stands to take Elsa's hands and give her a kiss on each cheek in greeting. "So wonderful to finally meet you. I have heard so much about you. Please, have a seat. In front of the fireplace so you can dry out. Iezika was right. You are indeed very beautiful. But I would like to talk to you about something else too. About university."

Elsa leans in to return a kiss to Iezika then smiles to both as she sits. "Yes wonderful to meet you...and....that damn cartoon..." She shoots daggers at her girlfriend before sitting next to her with a coy grin, rubbing her arms. "I'll warm up. It was just a few drips between me and the coverings outside." Looking back to Valentina. "Certainly. Attending the University is very important. It's my chance to make something of myself."

Iezika laughs "Hey! There are worse movies! Like... Frozen Land!" she teases "And at least look. It is only 25 years. At least, all the Kevins don't need to suffer anymore." she giggles, wrapping an Arm around Elsa "And look at another good thing! At least, I don't wear my green sweater!" she teases, in an inside joke.

"I met your lovely girlfriend on campus a couple of weeks back" Valentina explains to Elsa as she resumes her seat. "We discussed the university. Discussed Iezika's scholarship. Discussed what I could do to help out. And it was decided that I would also establish a scholarship. Lots of boring talk with financial advisers and such but the short version is - I want to give you a scholarship, Elsa. If that would help you out."

Elsa sticks her tongue out at Iezika then looks back to Valentina with a few quick blinks. "I...would, I mean yes it would but, you don't even know anything about me or anything. My scores in grade school are good and I can prove that. But I am not like, exceptional, not yet. I...hope to apply myself and make an impact on this world." Biting her lip nervously, she leans in against Iezika again, muttering to her, "I think I stink at selling myself."

Iezika cuddles her girlfriend tightly "Elsa... I am sure you can manage, darling." she said, before turning to Valentina and sticking her tongue out, jokingly "ONE week. Easter was just a week ago!" she said "And I met you the Monday afterwards. You really need a Vidal, Ms. Calendar. I mean, a Calendar, Ms. Vidal."

"I know plenty about you...certainly enough to decide you will be the first recipient of my scholarship, Elsa" assures Valentina before smiling to the pair. "That is all sorted out then. I shall get the paperwork drawn up and you can have the first payments by the end of the month...if my calendar is correct." She offers a warm smile to Elsa. "With this assistance, you /will/ be exceptional." A sip of her coffee. "Unfortunately, I must go, and I think you two lovely ladies should celebrate. Do not worry about paying for anything here, I shall let the owner know. Enjoy yourselves."

Iezika waves to Valentina "Thanks for everything." she says, smiling "And I can assure you, we will celebrate!" she starts to grin "I hope to see you soon!" she says, smiling warmly.

Elsa stares back a bit wide eyed, making a point of closing her jaw which had just dropped open. "Thank you so much! This will be...I'll show you what I can do. I'll ...yes...thank you!" Leaning in, she hugs tightly to Iezika.

Iezika kisses Elsa's neck "Now... how to celebrate this?" she asks