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Chinese Takeaway
Dramatis Personae

Adam Thorpe, Kate, Stone

2 March, 2018

Responding to a call, police encounter something strange on restaurant row.



Friday night. The second worst night for criminal activities. Why don't they take the weekend off like everyone else. The sky is mostly clear but it is freezing. The full moon overhead casting a blue glow on everything that isn't lit by streetlights...like the alleyway a trio of Fallcoast's finest find themselves in. Kate has brought along Adam as part of his training. Stone got here first. There were reports of a disturbance, possibly even a brawl, in this alley beside and behind a row of restaurants at the edge of the tourist area. Kate has her vest on and is checking her weapon as she speaks to Adam. "Seems pretty quiet" she notes, "But looks can be deceiving." Next she checks her flashlight. "So, do we just walk away and consider this a fake call?"

"A little to soon for that I think." Adam had his vest on with he gun in its holster. He pulled his flashlight and looked over the area. "Good shot either something was going on earlier or... someone was looking to drag the cops to this area."

Stone wasn't wearing his own vest. He was in the clothes he was typically found in, a rumpled and cheap suit and a cheaper tie. He's at least wearing a nice trenchcoat, though it's well aged, and Kate and Adam can see the shine of his own flashlight before they see the actual inside of the alleyway as the old man looks around. They probably were aware he was there, not only was his Falcon on the road but he said as much over the radio.

"Let me introduce you to someone" Kate says to Adam, with perhaps a little bit of a mischievous smile. Flashlight beam leading the way, she makes her way into the alleyway, calling out to the older detective - even older than Harrison! "Detective Stone. Detective Torres and Academy recruit coming in." When she is closer to the rumpled man in his rumpled clothes she offers him a little nod of respect. "Detective Stone, this is Officer in Training Thorpe..." Yes, another Thorpe. "Find anything?" She shines the torch beyond the other detective and down the dark alley that even the moonlight can't seem to touch. It seems to go for quite some way.

Adam kept watch as they approached then offered his hand when he was introduced. "Sir, pleasure to meet you." He gave a nod of respect and watched the area while listening to what Stone had to say about what he found.

Stone's flashlight shined towards the midsections of the pair who entered the alleyway, and seeing who it was, it lowers slightly while he takes Adam's hand and gives it a shake. "Seems like your family's calling most days." He shakes his head to Kate afterwards. "I only got here a few minutes ago," he tells the woman with that air of world-weary wariness he always has. "Nothing yet. I say we let Officer Thorpe take point and go further in."

Kate has a little smirk at Stone's suggestion. "Sure. Officer Thorpe, please lead the way. Eyes and ears open. Check all cover." With the student ahead of them, she walks alongside Stone...also keeping alert and sweeping the bits of alley that Thorpe may miss. "You think it could be an ambush?" she asks her fellow detective. "Haven't had that for a while. Though those religious nutters up north never rescinded their reward for killing cops."

There drops of blood on the cobbled ground. They lead to a large trash compacter at the far end of the alley."

Adam nods. "Copy that." He removes his handgun and lifts his flashlight. He shines his light briefly on the blood before slowly making his way to the compactor watching for spots someone could pop out.

"I think it's suspicious we got very little information but I don't ever like to assume anything," Stone tells Kate, though at the sight of the blood his hand reaches to his shoulder holster to pull his service weapon, thumbing the hammer back and lifting gun and flashlight both with pressed lips. He remains quiet as well for now, though he shines his light over the blood again after Adam's, almost as if to acknowledge it.

Kate follows a step behind the pair, guarding their backs and constantly checking behind them. Each of the restaurants has a door that opens out into the alley though they are closed in this cold weather. Most of them are still open though. She nods a silent acknowledgement to the sight of the blood. Looks like someone needs to open the compactor.

Adam moves to the compactor looking for footprints or blood around the compactor. He quickly sweeps his light along the rooftop making sure no one tried to go up from the area. He looks over to both detectives waiting for the signal they were ready for him to open it.

Stone moves so he's standing beside Adam, keeping his light shined further into the alleyway, giving his nod of confirmation toward the Thorpe, his jaw clenched warily.

Kate gives a final sweep of the area behind them before training her pistol on the compactor as well. A nod to Adam for him to open it...and the step back quick.

Adam holstered his weapon and pulled out a pair of gloves. Figuring csi would need to dust for prints. He slowly cracks it open ready to redraw his weapon.

The metal lid squeaks open and the stench of garbage rushes out. At least nothing jumps out at them. The shining of flashlights shows the contents. Rotten food and packaging. A dead rat every now and then. A severed arm...by itself. Certainly no body that it was previously connected to. "Do you think it crawled in there itself?" Kate deadpans.

Stone gives Kate a glance aside at her deadpan before he lifts his radio to call it in while looking down the alleyway again, shining his flashlight in that direction, where they haven't been, to see if there's anything else they haven't found. After speaking into it, he places the radio back on his belt, crouches, and shines the flashlight on the blood on the ground to see if he can get an idea on how recent it was.

<Blue Line> 1D1016 Detective Jack Stone says, "1D1016 to Control."

"If it did, that would mean we need to follow the blood trail backwards. Which we will have to do anyway." He keeps an eye on the compactor, something still feels wrong with it.

<Blue Line> 1D1016 Detective Jack Stone says, "1D1016 to Control, be advised, possible 419 in alleyway at <street name here>. Several officers are on scene."

<Blue Line> Dispatch to 1D1016. "Message received. Back-up or CSI required?"

<Blue Line> 1D1016 Detective Jack Stone says, "1D1016 to Control, 10-10, still investigating. Please standby."

The blood is very recent. Still wet...though it is also a cold night. Still warm through the gloves. The other end of the trail seems to end at one of the restaurant doors. Chinese writing on the sign next to it but no sign of English.

Adam shined his light on the door before signaling over to Stone and Torres that they were not quite done. The debate was await further back up to secure the scene and possibly lose whoever was inside.

"Looks like we're going in there" surmises Kate about the door. "Anyone know what restaurant this is? "I'm gonna say Chinese" she continues, "But never assume anything."

"Hilarious," Stone tells Kate without humor, nodding towards Adam then, and towards the restaurant. "We're right behind you, Thorpe," he encourages reassuringly, keeping his gun out but lowering it.

"You want take out Ma'am? Ten Minute!" Adam checked the door handle to see if it was locked.

Kate rolls her eyes at Adam's humor. "Just open the door" she whispers. The door is unlocked and opens into a humid, dimly lit kitchen. An empty kitchen. There is no noise from a restaurant beyond as the police warily step inside. There is, however, a blood-stained cleaver on one counter. One door leads into what must be the restaurant. Another to what is probably the offices. The walk-in freezer door is slightly ajar.

Adam ducks in and checks the entrance. Once clear, he awaits for Torres and Stone to take the doors while he moves to the freezer door. Stone keeps his flashlight on, moving towards the cleaver briefly to see if the blood on it is fresh or not. He nods over towards the walk-in freezer, silent approval of Adam's decision to go there, even while he moves to the restaurant door to guard it for now.

The blood is fresh on the cleaver too. So fresh there are stringy bits of flesh on the blade. Kate guards the door to the offices before nodding to Adam to enter the freezer. When he pulls open the heavy steel door he finds himself staring at slabs of meat hanging from the ceiling. Oddly shaped slabs of meat. They certainly don't look like sides of beef or lamb. And in one of the back corners is a body. Slumped over and leaning against the wall, it looks to be a woman, clothed. One arm missing. The hand of the other arm holding a phone.

"Shit, female, down. Has the phone, likely the source of our call." He checks the inside of the door before moving in.

Stone moves after the younger officer, heading straight for the woman once he's inside after a brief pause at the sight of the hanging slabs of meat. He does check the corners as he comes in, before crouching to check the woman's pulse.

No pulse. Her skin and clothes covered with particles of ice. The stump of her missing arm a bloody, chilled pulp. "Someone's coming" Kate hisses from the freezer door before ducking down behind the central bench in the kitchen.

Adam moves to the back door as quickly and quietly as he can. Opening it like he just entered, he knocks. "Hello is anyone here? This is the police investigating a disturbance call!"

Stone abandons the corpse for now when he hears Kate's hissing, moving into the kitchen. When Adam heads towards the back door he watches the man before gripping his pistol tightly, switching off his flashlight and tucking it inside his coat for the time being.

The noise was coming from the 'office' door. It opens just before the knock and call from Adam. The office door suddenly stops opening. Quick whispers followed by the sound of feet retreating down the hall. "Guess someone doesn't want to talk to the police" she smirks to Stone. "Think we have enough cause to enter the building?"

Adam focused on his breathing before pushing to a dash. "Hold it, this is the police!"

"Considering there's a dead body in the freezer?" Stone asks, not smiling back, but returning her smirk with a knowing nod of his head, already heading for the office door. "Let's go say hi." He moves right after Adam, though he likely doesn't have the same speed the younger man does.

Kate holds back as the boys go rushing down the hallway. Well, one boy does and one older man with some experience, or exhaustion, takes it a little easier. There is the heavy smell of incense as they enter the corridor. They may even notice the hallway slopes downward as they make their way down it. There are no doors in the wall. Just the hall and an increasing heat. Finally, after some distance, the corridor ends in a door. No handle. Just a door.

Adam gets his back to a wall and watches the door as he draws his gun. Once Stone is in sight, he waits for a signal before announcing one final time. He studies the door to determine how it opens.

With Kate hanging back Stone pauses briefly to give her a once-over, to check if she'll be alright in the kitchen before he moves to the other side of the door Adam's by. He keeps his eyes on the younger man, and then looks towards the door, taking in a deep breath and giving the officer the nod to open the door when he's ready. His gun remains firmly in his hands.

"Kick it in" Kate suggests to Adam with a whisper before returning to watch behind them. One strong kick from the trainee's boot and the door flies open to reveal a...cave. Hewn from rock and cast in red light and black shadows by the torches on the walls, a wall of heat blasts out from it. It is damn humid in there. They can make out an altar in the middle of the cave...and someone is chained to it. There is no sign of anyone else.

Adam looks over the area keeping his weapon out. "Clear, eyes on a hostage." He expects one of the detectives to take over at this point while he switches to guard duty.

"...Christ," Stone growls out as he heads towards the altar, keeping his gun up and moving to see if the person chained down to it is conscious, and if not, if they're even alive. "Thorpe, head out front and get the name of this place, then get back here, quick." He looks around, to see if there's any other exits in the cave system.

The woman on the altar is alive...but unconscious. She wears a white dress that is probably not what she went out in the cold wearing. The chains can't be taken off her wrists and ankles but they can be dislodged from the rock. A rock with traces of dried blood in its contours.

As for the name of the restaurant...the other door leads into a small office. No restaurant out front at all. What is on the other side of the office is a small takeaway that has no access to the rooms behind it. The owner wasn't even aware it was there.

Adam assists where he can, letting the detectives handle the investigation and takes notes. He knows what can go in the report and what can't. Every so often he glances towards Torres with a grin and knows he is going to hear it from the other cadets.

Stone likely plays this by the book, after all, that's who he is. He does what he can to free the woman, and contacts CSI to case the rest of the scene while he prepares for the next phase of the investigation: finding out who the culprits are and why they're doing this.