Logs:Calm Before The Storm: The Return of Pendragon

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Calm Before The Storm: The Return of Pendragon

"There's always more."

Dramatis Personae

Akio, Bayou, Grellsy, Nate, Shaoshi, ST Archie


Pendragon returns on the night of one of the Changing Breeds calmest nights. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.



It's a very cold night and there's a light dusting of snow coming down. The Great Hunt for Winter had went off without a hitch, the two targets for this year being a few boar that Archie had trucked in. Because sadly the wilds of Hanging Hills didn't have them and he didn't want to chance mistaking a Gulikan for a wild boar. The large grizzled man had lead them out and they were close to their quarry.

Showing up, Nate comes into the area as a man. Once his eyes meet with Archies, he defers out of respect for the old bear and then shifts to his dire form.

"Tu peux boire du Scotch, tu peux boire du Gin, tu peux boire du Whiskey, tu peux boire la Limonaaaddeee.."

Bayou's singing is the stuff of nightmares. For a start, there's a definitive lisp to his Acadian-accented french, and secondly, the man simply cannot sing. He makes no attempt at stealth - he simply walks - using movement and two heavy-duty blankets as a sort of coat.

"That is singing about drinking." He states to the individual that walks alongside - silent to his rather haphazard method of getting through the woods - and he raises a hand to wipe at his chin, before swiping some of the snow that has gathered on his shoulders. "It is very popular, you hear? Because we like to go chavier 'specially when it's so gosh dang cold."

It appears he's the talkative one.

The dire monkey arrives with a wave of his hand to the others, he's large, an extraordinary specimen to be sure with powerful muscles and strange amber eyes. Able to speak in any form he says to the group, "Hey... I'm Akio. Good to see you all."

Archie gives a wave to those who are arriving, "Welcome! I'm guessing we're going to have a quick hunt given the weather." he chuckles in his usual deep way. "Good to see you, Nate." he gives the Rajanya a nod of greeting. Then there's a nod of greeting for Bayou and Shaoshi.

Jessamine's not too far from Archie and she's currently in her Throwback form. This Brythian wasn't white though, she's black as midnight. Umber eyes look from Archie to those arriving and she gives a nod of her head to them. Then there's a shake of feathered arms to clear the snow.

Grellsy didn't really have the details, well if she did she probably didn't pay a ton of attention to it, the young woman had an issue with getting distracted sometimes but there was supposed to be some sort of hunt and she figured it would be something fun to do. After a long debate on how she should show up she ended up coming as a human, wearing a warm coat. Bright orange red hair and her odd colored eyes. She'd glance around to the others that were gathered, "Well isn't this a colorful gathering... Uh, hi. Was I supposed to come as, well, something else?"

If they were meant to show up as something else, it appears Shaoshi also missed that memo. The strange-eyed figure merely stares toward Bayou for a few long moments as his song goes on, the skin above their nose wrinkling in a vague creasing. She doesn't nod back to Archie, but it doesn't seem as though it's a purposeful snubbing.

"Ain't a fan of all this cold. Got a trailer with a space heater I could be sittin' in." Is Bayou's estimation of the whole weather situation. He raises his arms to pull the heavy blankets further around his form, tightening it up as he comes to a stop. He apparently has then decided that where he's at is good enough - as he sits himself down, in some effort to hunker down and keep some of his body heat entirely to himself.

The blanket is lifted, dabbed against his face - where it then sticks to one of the snaggleteeth, and he pulls it away with a tearing of fabric. He grunts. "Salaud. My blanket." He utters, before staring back off towards Archie - he nods, and attempts a smile. Doesn't work. At all.

The dire monkey listens to the introduction and then turns his amber eyes to study the rest of the group before he spots Jessamine on the back. A teasing waggle of brows is given along with a covert wave if his fingers in her direction. "I'm ready for the hunt." Akio says as he looks around to the others to add, "We're hunting as men?" Looking between the group he adds, "Err, people... humans?"

The striped Pleistocene version of a Tiger gives a chuff to Archie in reply followed by a rather deep voice that is off and struggles with some words, "It .. not.. Amur ... but.. works." He looks towards Archie, "Hunt good. No miss." His nostrils flare and his mouth hangs slightly open as he inhales to gather the various scents about him. His head moves as his eyes take in each person here. He shakes a bit to fluff out his fur, "Like Cold. Feel Life." And his toothy feline grin comes equipped with dagger like fangs. "Lys sha say Hi, Arky." the last offered as a forgotten after thought.

Archie gives a look to Grellsy and there's a smile, "No, you can come as human or animal. Whichever you're more comfortable with." he tells the redhead. "Some of our friends aren't fans of the cold." he nods in agreement with Bayou's statement. "And you can hunt in whichever form you choose. The Hunts are meant to bring the community together. If you don't want to hunt then you can stay back or heal should there be need. Like Jessamine does." he points to the Brythian. Then there's a look to Nate, "Tell her I said Hi as well, Nate." he smiles.

Jessamine gives a smile when she sees Akio and she waves to the monkey. "If anyone gets injured and they need healed, I'll get them healed up pretty quickly." she states to the group. Then she goes back to being quiet.

Grellsy lets out a sigh, "Ok, well if that's the case I should probably uhh... Well I'm gonna step away for a minute and I'll be back." She'd glance around for a good spot, "I'll just have to go... get changed." Rather than strip in front of the group since she has trouble actually changing while dressed. She'd run off a little ways to 'change'.

Bayou's body grows in height and width until it becomes a 10ft tall throwback of the dinosaur age. He has become Bayou-Throwback.

There's a sudden snap of Shaoshi's head to one side, chin lifting as their eyes narrow sharply, one hand placing itself on the blanket-covered back of the enormous brute that's accompanying. "Two come." They speak quietly, head tilting to the side, eyes sliding closed. "Trying to hide." A huffed breath, "Cannot hide..." She murmurs.

There's a heaving breath that Bayou gives as the prep for the hunting starts getting on its way. The man hauls himself to his feet, muttering and cursing under his breath as he rests his palms on the small of his back. He rubs for a moment, before turning and lurching back off in the direction that he came from. He reaches there, reaching down and shuffling through the bushes for a moment - and grasps a firm hold of a massive metal impliment. He hauls it out as his body changes - bigger, meaner.. Somehow, magically, uglier. He brings out an ax - just something that someone would think would be for cosplay, if it wasn't made out of metal. "Rrright. Idiotssssh."

Without another word, the small figure of Shaoshi is slinking off into the shadows to stalk the prey that dared try their hand at being predator. Her feet manage to avoid snapping cold-brittled twigs, masked and muted by her choice of footwear and careful placement of footfalls.

Off to the side of the group where Shaoshi had heard the noise from the two incoming humans. There's no scent of Shifter on them. They are dressed in what seems to be some sort of dark military gear that has patches on their coat arms. The guns they are carrying are not legal to be carried by just everyday hunters either. So that's not the case here. "The lab just wants us to grab one if we can. Dead or alive." one of the men states.

There's something that sends that small figure flying into a rage; what it is is anybody's guess, but the sounds that then come from the forest surrounding are nothing short of nightmarish. Tearing out of the barren underbrush is a creature furred and leathery, with a maw that gapes with fangy goodness and more jaw than anything should ever have. It comes crashing into one of the hunters with all the force it can manage, teeth plunging down into the collar area with bone-snapping force, drawing out a horrid wailing.

Akio follows and launches a vicious attack of fluid blows at a hunter in black military gear. The dire monkey is a flurry of clawing strikes mixed with kicks that tear into the human hunter and making him cry out in pain as he falls back from a vicious kick from the monkey that sends the man flying back from the force of the attack.

Grellsy wasn't sure at all what was going on. The young woman who stepped away was gone, her clothes laying in a pile on the ground and a healthy looking red fox having taken her place. She'd move out trying to figure out was going on. It certainly didn't sound like any hunt she'd ever done. She'd try to stay low, stealthy and unseen.

Bayou has decided to axe the individual in question, well. A question. It's a physics question.

What happens when you have an angry warbat screeching through the air and biting the hell out of you, providing all that moving mass - which is then brought into collision with the sharp edge of an ax that is so large that it's as large as the average man?

Answer: Death. It doesn't help that Bayou exhales a breath that stinks of bourbon to go with his rather dead reptilian gaze. Too close to the Butoka. Sorry, is what the gaze might say - but a filmy lens blinks before Bayou does, and the thought is pushed aside.

The huge cat goes from zero to... WOW in a split second, charging the one Akio sent flying, the saber toothed tiger hits the hunter so hard that man and cat go rolling through the snow. One could swear the bone screamed instead of cracked as the Pleistocene nightmare on four legs decorates the snow in a virtual explosion of limbs, parts, and blood. Jumping up after the attack, one might think the cat is pouting? May be disappointed that his ~toy~ broke... darn it.

Jessamine sees that people start wading into the surrounding forest and the Brythian follows Nate when he goes all King of the Frozen Jungle on things. She realizes that the enemy is dead though. She looks to Akio and the others, "Nobody is hurt other than them, are they?" she asks. Wanting to make sure. Though she looks back to the Sun Wukong to give him another look over.

Grellsy got to see quite a bit of brutality... The fox just sat there, she didn't even get to try to hunt but well this at least let her get a look at how terrifying some of the shifters like her could be. She sat there in the snow, staring at the mess the others made. Unsure what to do now.

Many-jawed and oddly mutated bat-face girl stands looming as the hunters are struck down, breath visible on the air as it spills from that open and ever-hungering munch-portal, red eyes aimlessly wandering in pointless searching of the darkness that cannot be lit. Shaoshi's head turns toward Bayou, long, thick and pointed ears swivelling this way and that as she listens for signs of any other 'predators' approaching. Her body hunches and she slinks backward toward the trees as the sounds of Akio and Nate erupt in their masterful takedown of the second black-clad fellow, her mouth slowly closing with a wet snapping as she begins to revert to her less intimidating self.

"Will be more..." Her voice dances, the sound of it nearly ominous, like the creeping dread of childhood campfire ghost stories. "... always more..." She murmurs, turning quickly to flee the gathering crowd.

Archie was about to shift into his war form and come crashing through the trees, but everything goes silent. He sniffs the air and then heads over to where the others had disappeared to. He looks down to the two dead men and their gear and there's a sigh, "Pendragon is at it again I see." he states. Then he spits on the two dead bodies. "I'll get these cleaned up. You all get out of here before anyone comes looking. Nate, if anyone calls the noise in can you tell them it was just some kids being stupid?" he asks him.

Shifting back into his human form, Akio checks his nails as he dusts off his zippered hoodie. A chuckling he gives a wave to the others saying, "Good work... Good work." A look is given back to where Jessamine stands and he makes his way back over, pausing he listens to Archie, nodding he moves to his girl and wraps her in a big hug. "I'm fine love." he whispers softly to her.

The huge saber toothed cat nods to Archie. He then shifts back to human again, clothing just flowing back on to his form. To the bear he then shrugs, "Not a game warden.. but I'll do my best." He then walks towards the fox, "Thanks for keeping an eye on our backs. I swear.." Nate hooks a finger towards Archie.. "He's going to pull something and I'll be stuck as a game warden instead of doing science.." He sighs.

There's a few heaves from Bayou as he tries to yank his axe out - instead he drags the torso a bit until the body dislodges. He turns his head from side to side, huffing streams of foul breath from his heaving torso. The blank reptilian stare cotninues as his head swings to Jassamine, and his grip shifts on the axe for a moment.. Two moments.. Three.. "Filssss de pute!" Comes the curse from the maw as Shaoshi's voice catching him a moment before. Well. His brain was in a bad place, and now it's back to normal before he could have caused a problem (And most likely gotten himself torn up). He drags his axe upwards and thumps it firmly against his shoulder.

"ENFOIRESSSS PUTAINSS!" His reptilian tongue lolls from his mouth a moment, before he simply swings his massive bulk around. There's no subtlety as he leaves - just like he arrived, just this time he follows after Shaoshi, rather than the other way around. "Sssalaud.. Y'all bessst thank the girl who rhaaan off for lissstenin' real good, oui?" Comes the gutteral voice, attempting to be polite even as he departs.