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Calm Before The Storm: The Assault Mission

"Knock knock..."

Dramatis Personae

Nate, Samantha, Sken, Tess and ST


ACTION HAPPENS! Calm Before The Storm plot.


Woods of Hanging Hills

It's been a bit since the other group had went and gathered their intel on the little base tucked away in the woods of Hanging Hills. This is the sort of deep woods where you expect banjos to start playing back and forth or other weird things. Where there was no signs of foot traffic back in early October, it's changed a little. There's been more people that have traveled through here.

It's currently fortyfour degrees and there's a chance of it raining. Which wouldn't bother most of the Changing Breeds gathered here. It really wouldn't. Given that it was close to the colder months there's not a lot of staff around the facility. But there are armed guards inside.

The gathered see the lights on, so someone must be home. They might not want company though.

The darkness is a welcome respite, but the cold is always irksome for Sken. He's bundled up to make do as best he can, black eyes weary as he stares at the supposed target. He keeps at the back of the group, focus ever on the building as he keeps his left hand clasped around the other side's wrist.

Cold, dark and a chance of being wet.. Nate's idea of a fun day, especially as he can draw on a bit of fur and strength even if he is larger. He comes by stealth to the area, frowning a bit as tracking signs point to more activity.. nothing else as he pulls his hoodie down to allow his ears freedom to focus on sounds.

The spread of information is a trickle throughout the community, some more invested than others in the circumstances arising with the now-infamous Pendragon labs. The laboratory itself is situated for enough back that it takes Therese Keller something of a hike to reach an agreed upon location in the near pitch black of the woodland. Her bike, parked some miles away and hidden out of sight, is nowhere in evidence. Instead, she's present, on foot, and awaiting among those she might call comrade this particular night. Tess's clothing strains at the seams, larger still than her typical attire, but still ill fitting against the muscled bulk of her present frame.

The now shaggy-haired, bestial-seeming blonde practically looms at over seven feet and appears largely unaffected by the brisk weather judging by the natural warmth that radiates from her. Even though she is nominally human, Tess still yet smells of her ursine cousins amid the layers of denim and cotton she wears. She lingers nearby at Nate's approach, kicking the odd stone nestled in the dirt restlessly, running blunted, pseudo-human claws against the bark of the nearest tree.

Samantha striding next to Nate not knowing the others really is Samantha in her equally massive throwback form. Though unlike him shes a white bengal tiger and also she looks lazy even in this form, sniffing the air snowly she pads abit behind him letting him soak up trouble if it comes.

The words are softly spoke so that those close by can hear, "Shall we just knock and see if we can borrow a cup of sugar?" Yeah, a bit of Nate's nervous humor there. "Or something a bit more direct.. or even indirect?" Humor yes, but something in all seriousness needs to be asked.

Sken lifts a hand in objection, and then places it back at his wrist for now. "I'm not the one who knocks," he says with an odd, unblinking stare. "At least not if Sky won't offer his aid. I'm more indirect until the moment comes." He gives Nate a toothy smile before walking off to the side, "Neighbors don't like giving me sugar anyway."

"I thought we'd just tear a door off its hinges and let them know we're home," Tess replies, equally chipper. Her voice is richer and deeper, nearly a growl that passes between teeth that don't fully fit a human jaw. Sucking in a deep breath, Tess tosses a glance over her shoulder, peering through the darkness of the woods towards the lit laboratory with a frenetic energy that surges through her in a palpable excitement. "I can knock. I'm not shy about it. We're neighbors, after all." The woman's fingers flex unconsciously, curling and uncurling from fists. There's a jerk of her head towards the building, one that rustles her too thick, too unruly hair.

Samantha just growls and licks the back of her paw letting them do the planning. Shes not exactly the leader here and doesnt want to be. she shakes a little to get some of the moisture out of her fur.

Some of the Changing Breeds that are gathered are capable of stealth. Then the others are well, subtlety isn't their thing. And sometimes that's alright. There's a moment where a camera pans over and catches the movement from Tess and Samantha and whoa something is not right!

A few heartbeats later? There's the sound of an alarm going off, not that it's very loud on the outside, but the inside is suddenly slammed into high alert. Sadly, the doors to the woodsy lab don't slam shut like in a movie. They are just regular doors.

Sad for the people inside that is.

Who loves a distraction, has blue "skin," and has webbed fingers? The fishy jackass skulking in the shadows that pauses for a moment to appreciate someone else causing concern. For now he hastily moves toward the building from the shadows, smiling as the hunt picks up.

Tess's idea of stealth is comical at best, and dangerously incompetent at worst. Something about tip-toeing. It's not that she steps on branches or trips, falls, and bangs about. It's more that the well muscled, hulking throwback of a bear-woman is tall, imposing, and moves too slowly to avoid being caught on camera. Once the alarms being to wail, Tess spits a snarl under her breath and starts with a great deal more blundering haste towards the most obvious entry point to the building itself. The sprint sends her careening quickly towards it, full stop, while others more subtle than she lurk closer.

Alarms.. how annoying to the ears. The Man-Tiger in the shadows makes his way to the building, heading to the opposite side of the doors that Sken goes to. His ears flatten a bit with the annoyance and his whisker's first flatten to his cheeks and then flare back out.

Samantha is worse than Tess. Her first instinct when the alarm goes off is to stop moving and to try to look like rather oddly place Art in the middle of the forst. Hey hipsters are wierd. They put statues at the bottom of the ocean. Someone might do that in the woods too. She quickly realizes that thats silly and just follows nate

If there was even a single person in the facility still unaware of the growing feral presence, Tess spoils the surprise. She's still running full force towards those doors, and she doesn't slow as she approaches. It's less a ripping the door off the hinges as it is the throwback bear-woman crashing full force into the barrier that protects the facility from the external threat. 'Protect' is a strong word. Under the assault of her solid weight, momentum, and sheer fury, the doors buckle and are left dangling partially from their hinges, a mangled wreck that leaves a gaping entrance for her companions.

That's a big fucking...woman bear? Woman thing. MONSTER! There we go, there's the word! The first guard nearly bowls the two men behind him over as the door comes crushing inwards. From around the side come another two guards with guns drawn and starting to close in on the group that's quite literally about to storm the castle.

Men with guns are a good enough reason to let it rip, and so Sken does. He lets loose a whisper for Mother Ocean, and yanks his bow from his wrist. He takes a deep breath, and readies himself when eyeing down his target. Slick fingers pull back the bow's string, and an arrow forms as needed. Immediately, he lets it fly with an exhale, and eyes the guard to catch his reaction. Either that or the other man might be pretty.

Sken takes another deep breath, and counts a few seconds over as if he's waiting for something. Okay then. That didn't work. He readies another ephemeral arrow, and lets it fly a bit more obviously this time. As the guard turns to the sound of bow string snapping he finds an arrow lodged into his left eye. At least the right one is fine.

The arrows are flung past Tess by the string of Sken's bow, but Tess is too fixated, too focused, to mind the projectiles that lodge themselves in the man's face that presents itself as the first target. Another snarl under her breath, one of frustration, and she's moving forward. Her momentum isn't lost even in the seconds it takes her form to shift with an audible grinding and crunch of resculpting bone. In a blink, the muscled woman is no longer and is instead replaced with a hulking, heavily furred behemoth that thunders down the hallway with sizable thuds from its padded, and clawed, feet. Maw open, teeth bared, the first of the approaching guardsmen is felled beneath the brown-furred and oversized monster with a bone-snapping bite.

Samantha isnt about to go charging in like the others. Shes a decent fighter but apparently these others have an unhealthy amount of practice at this. She does though step forward at the guys charging them and roars out a sound that shakes the air. She has alot of vocal practice

From the shadows, the man-tiger rushes one of the outside guards as it expands in an explosion of growth and a creature more suited to the ice age lashes out with a claw. Several parallel red lines are seen to develop a moment later on the guard's uniform.

Part of being in the back tends to be loneliness, but that's quickly remedied when you can talk to yourself. "Knock, knock," says the fish-man as he pulls the string back again. Another arrow whistles through the air, and when it's aim strikes true Sken smiles. "Death who... Wait..."

Beneath the sheer force of the bear's swiping paw, the guardsman buckles. Tess doesn't give a second thought, or a pause, for her victim as he crumples to the floor in a slowly spreading pool of his own blood. Something tickles her particularly sensitive nose, a myriad of scents entangled with sounds. Furry, rounded ears flick and the bear bares her teeth with another low, rumbling growl. With a loping stride, she covers the short distance to the next set of doors that bars their passage more deeply into the facility. Picking up speed, Tess treats herself as little more than a bear-shaped battering ram fueled by some internalized anger and bloodlust, colliding with the doors with the bulk of her weight behind it.

With the tigers outside handling those walking the facility's grounds, that leaves Sken and Tess the business of investigating the interior of the building. 'Investigating' for Tess consistents of making whatever entrance necessary. The doors gives a protesting crunch before they give under her weight and raw strength, buckling inward while she gives an undignified wriggle to force the entry way wider. The doors squeak, squeal, and teeter on their hinges; they'll never function the same again. With a snuffling sort of snort, the indignant dire-shaped bear, a monstrous sized animal the likes of which hasn't been seen since the last ice age, lumbers awkwardly into the room.

"Gotta learn to do the knock knock right." Sken plays catchup to the bigbear, and eventually catches up to her without a sound. He stops to admire her handiwork a bit too long, and ponders aloud, "Wonder how much they get paid to die like that? Think the folks here might be up for hiring? I was just-" The door coming down silences him at least for a moment, and then he's off behind the bear again, bow raised as he awaits a new surprise. "So, you ever think about robbing a bank?"

Your probably wondering why everyone was running away and towards the side of the building? Well, it's smaller than one would think, that's for sure. The hallway curves away from a security station and then it goes straight for the side doors which lead out to a helicopter pad.

Oh what's that, Lassie? You hear the sound of something taking off? Apparently people were getting the fuck out of dodge and leaving everything. Which is not surprising when a group of shifters attacks and you are underpowered.

If they look out the side doors? There's a chubby security guard that's dangling from the foot rail on the helicopter. He keeps looking down and seeing if he's going to drop down and be mauled like his compatriots. He manages to barely hang on with the help of a woman in a white coat, looks like some kind of doctor or lab assistant.

Down an open door that leads to a stairwell that descends into an underground complex one can hear the cries of a child.

The fleeing helicopter, once discovered, is allowed to go in peace as far as Tess is concerned. She can't fly; bears don't have wings. The woman that massive beast becomes is at once surprising, yet not terribly so. Even as a human, Tess is not a fragile woman; tall, leanly muscled in build, confident in the way she holds herself. Her clothing hangs a little limply upon her body, a few sizes too large--likely for her previous form. The hand marked by the blood of the downed guardsman is wiped off on the too-big jeans, which are hastily cinched tighter with her belt, the other is run through her tousled blonde mane to brush it back from her face. Exhiliration washes off of Tess in waves and the grin she throws Sken's way is fierce, feral. "I've thought about it, but what would I do with all that money?" The cries don't fall on deaf ears, because it provokes her to cock her head, seeking the sound once they're back inside from the helipad.

The whirly bird gets all of Sken's attention until the cry of a child breaks his focus. The few seconds distraction are enough for him to lose sight of a decent target, and for him to frown. "Bastards," he grumbles. Shoulders slumped as he turns to Tess, he shrugs in reply. "Never really thought that far ahead, but you're strong enough to rip off one of those vault doors."