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Calm Before The Storm: Strike Force Update

"The kids could use some TLC..."

Dramatis Personae

Nate, Jenny, Randy, Jade, Dinah, Millicent, Miguel, Kaleo, Masika and Archibald_NPC


Archie updates everyone on the aftermath of the strike force team and what was found. It's not good. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


G01 Bower Animal Rescue

It's been a few weeks since the Pendragon installation out in the woods had been taken down by the Changing Breeds. One small victory in a line of small fights that would no doubt be coming up over the next few months. What the group that stayed behind had found was a bit disturbing.

Archie had decided that they needed to spread the word and have as many people as they could get in for a meeting in. He's asked for everyone to meet at Bower and to go to the medical facilities. The big Storm Bear is in a bad mood this evening, probably just because of the subject matter. Not his cubs coming in.

At the call from Archie, Jade comes sauntering in with her eyes bright and curious. Obviously, she's always interested in the news of what's going on next. She pauses as she sees the grumpy bear and then smiles before fully stepping inside, "Hey..", she say with a casual wave before finding a place to perch or lean against.

Millicent has been here a few times before, but never did she invade the medical facilities. Wearing scorched and stained boots, jeans, flannel, and mustard colored Dickies jacket, Millicent limps her way to the location of choice. Leaning heavily on her carved walking staff, she has a perpetual scowl etched into her face - making her look older than she is.

Nate walks in and finds himself a spot to sit where he has a good view of things. Grumpy Storm Bear.. nothing to write home about in his book. He nods to others as he sees them, for now.. keeping quiet.

Miguel walks in wearing a hat, coat, jeans and shoes. He waves to those that he knows as he had a grin on his face. He just seemed to be in a good mood. HE turned to look at the man that looked grumpy raising an eyebrow before he found a wall alway afrom everyone to lean on so he was not in anyone's way for the talk.

Dinah walks into the called meeting, her eyes looking about the area curiously and those present. Today she is wearing a skin tight long sleeve black sweater with white wool leggings, black knee high boots and upon her bright blye hair is a white hat with black panda ears a top and long sleeveish things that her hands are tucked into currently that look like paws blacks. Her footsteps taking her to a counter top she can sit upon, and lifts herself to be just there.

Kaleo enters the meeting with an arm draped over Masika's shoudlers, following in the wake of the willowy brunette. The pair heads to claim a single chair, Masika seating herself while Kal crouches next to her, balanced on the balls of his feet.

Jade gets a nod from Archie, "Evening." he grumbles as he straightens up from his seat. There's a look over those that he's familiar with and then others that he's not, "Sorry I'm not in a better mood and I'll try to make this a quick and painless meeting." he tells everyone. "When our strike team finished clearing out the Pendragon facility they found a lot of weird shit to be completely honest." he tells them. "I've made some folders with the information, you can look through them, but it's best not to take them out of here as if the mortal authorities got ahold of this we'd all be in danger." he tells them.

"First thing that needs to be talked on is that they are trying to mix our genes. Trying to create Hybrids of us. It's not going so well from what our digging reveals. And sometimes it's just downright gruesome." he admits. "Secondly. We've found three dead at that facility and we don't know them here. Which means they are taking us from other places and bringing us here. There were two left alive and that was barely. A young boy and a young girl. We have them here and they are recovering. But we aren't sure what to do further than that for the moment." the Storm Bear states.

Nate frowns a bit, "I'll be glad to look through the data with anyone else. I'm a Zoologist. However, I bet this will take several specialities. Any idea where the three dead came from? Or the two kids? And has any activity been observed at that Lab since the strike?"

"Makes sense. Hunting us around here will draw attention, and we'll go searching. But if the kidnap victims are taken farther away, then the search parties are looking in the wrong directions." Kaleo grumbles, inheriting a bit of Archie's mood as he takes in the news. He cocks his head, looking at his wife, "Masika, did you talk to that Mako we rescued? I didn't think to ask where he'd been nabbed, since 'the Atlantic' was a perfectly reasonable answer at the time."

Sitting on a counter or something, Jade leans forward, her hands on the edge as she swings her legs to listen to Archie. She tilts her head thoughtfully as she listens, an eyebrow rising at the mention of mixing genes. She is silent though and glances over at Nate and then the others curiously, seeing what their reactions are. "Have the young boy and girl spoken yet? Their names, their families? We should contact their families maybe, so they can rejoin them? If they have any... that is."

Millicent finds a spot where she can hold up a chunk of the wall, clasping the carved staff with both hands. "I can help heal the children, if they're in need." Gruff and grumpy, her bad leg aching like a rotten tooth.

Masika gives a shake of her head to her husband, "I didn't get to catch him. I'll see if I can get a hold of him though. There's a few other Ketea that can be found around where I work. So I can give them calls." she admits. There's a look back towards Archie and a frown graces her face at the news though.

Randy arrives from the Visitor's Area.

Miguel does not move the only thing that shows the man was listening at all was his eyes moving around the room to watch those that were speaking. He took everything that was said not commenting instead listening carefully. At the questions he wanted to see what the answers were. Though after a bit he did move his hands to cross his arms across his chest.

Randy trudges in smelling like he lost a fight with a giant stack of old newspapers and a tired look on his face. The ,an

the man has a thermos grasped in his fist. He gives Nate a lazy wave.

"Nate if you want to go over files with people that'll be great. I know we've got our hands full here for the moment, so any extra help going over files, samples etc is appreciated. I can also let people use the facilities for things." he tells them. "As for the children, I'm pretty sure that their parents or family were the three adults that were found dead. So technically for the moment we are their family." he tells the group. There's a look given to Millicent and a bit of a smile, "If you want to give healing a go I'm all for it. Might help them come out of their shock earlier than anything else. I can't get them to talk." he grumbles.

Dinah remains quietly sitting upon the counter just quietly listening to the statement and the questions and responses. Her eyes shifting from person to person as they speak.

"If anyone has a comforting pet form, that might help if you adopt it and go with Millicent. Cats and dogs might be reassuring, though depending on their treatment, you may need to beat a hasty retreat if they react badly." Kaleo suggests, looking around at the others. "I'd volunteer, but I highly doubt giant octopus is their comfort animal."

Nate inquires, "Did we manage to get any personal items for those people? Might provide hints to those that are skilled at investigating. And I take it no one has seen if Pendragon has reacted to what happened then.." He hmms to himself. He looks to Jade and then Randy.. "Perhaps the two of you can check out the area where the lab is to see what if anything is happening there? After all, it can't be operating in a vacuum." He nods his head, "Yeah.. I don't think I would make a good cuddly either."

Jade tilts her head again and look over at Nate. She seems about to offer to help then pauses at Kaleo's words, and her eyes fall back to him. "Do we know what the three adults were? They might find comfort in something familiar? I'm not threatening but I'm not a comforting animal either. I might make them laugh perhaps ...." She hesitates, thoughtful, then looks bak to Nate. "Oh I'd be good at that one..", she smiles.

Dinah pipes up "I am willing to. I make something very cuddly actually. Will prove it if everyone likes. I am a cat to be very exact." Offer a kind smile as she words leave her lips.

Millicent nods. "It's no trouble. The kids won't heal up as fast as a shifter, but they'll heal faster, bout half as long as usual." she says, lips tightening into a thin line. All the grump.

Randy shrugs. "I mean people find me...petable and not too out of place. But certainly not a pet and certainly no kitten.." He glances at Nate. "Sure I could scout out. Maybe I'll find something. Who knows..."

Jenny arrives from the Visitor's Area.

"From what we've seen, Pendragon hasn't sent anyone back there and hasn't called the mortal authorities. Not saying that they won't take a team back in to sweep the place. They might." Archie states as he looks to Nate. Then to Jade, "I'm trying to find out what species they were. Sadly it's taking a bit longer, but hopefully soon." he tells her. "For now, if anyone wants to heal or talk to the children, we can get that started in the morning." he states.

"The last matter that I need to talk on is that we got word that Pendragon is starting to move a lot of animals from overseas. Exotic creatures. I'm not sure what they are bringing over. But when I have a date and time when their shipment is coming in...we're going to hit them and take them. They are doing it illegally. So shouldn't be much of a problem." the man states. "For those that want to go back to the closed facility, we'll work on that as well." he nods to Nate and Randy.

Miguel raised an eyebrow "Exotic creatures? Interesting." He said the first time he spoke while here. "I would go talk to them but like some said I doubt I would be the best unless they want something big to hug." He said with a shrug. "Though for the animals I can help if anyone wants me along." He said with an odd grin.

Jade's dark eyes slide over to Dinah and she smiles, "WEll, you take care of the kiddos... Of course, they might pull your tail.", she teases. Then her attention is drawn to Nate and then Randy, the latter getting her scrutiny for a moment before she nods, "Sure no problem, Nate, I can ride in like silence." She hops off the counter, as if sitting still is hard and walks over towards Nate to linger near him. "Exotic, does sound interesting. But yes, I'd rather we get what they want away from them, because they don't want it for the right reasons.", she smirks. "Either way, I am available for whatever. My job is when I want to do that job thing..", she smiles.

And, harkening back to someone's earlier pronouncement re: Mortal Authorities, in walks an officer of the law, complete with uniform and badge. Does it strike fear into the heart of those present? Not hardly, they're all beasts at heart (or is it by nature? or both?). Regardlass in walks Officer Thorpe, Jenny, one each as they used to say back in the Army. She stands in the rear of the room and just listens for a Yes, just listens. Yes, there's food somewhere near her/in her possession, as well as a tumbler of coffee. Yes, she appears quite interested in what's being said. But since she arrived late to this hootenanny, she doesn't have much to say OR do for now since she needs to play catchup. Oh wait, there's Jad. And Nate. And Aquaman. They get a small wave and a gleam of merry brown eyes as she sips from the aforementioned tumbler.

"Another late night docking with the harbor master paid off?" Kaleo asks of Archie. After a moment, he looks around and clarifies, "Oh, Nate and Jenny are the only ones who were around then. We intercepted a Pendragon boat bringing in a tranquilized Mako Ketea shifter. I believe they had tranferred it from another ship off shore."

Nate chuckles for a moment and then says to Jade, "I think your better qualified than me to check that site out after the fact. But if you want ground crew.. I'm your man in stripes." He pauses for a moment, "You know... they have to have a facility set up for the animals. Means something somewhere got set up. Plus arrangements for food and waste management. Means.. money and supplies involved." He rubs his chin, "Might provide an indirect way to figure out where they mean to take the animals before they arrive." He then nods to Kaleo, "I recall, I was there. Saw the escape.. think Jade was there too."

Dinah giggles at Jade's teasing and comments "I think I shall live." She slips off the counter and stretches a bit then asks "When might I be needing to become said cat for comfort? Need to get some of my assignments turned in early for school is why I ask."

Randy pats Nate on the shoulder. "Well it looks like its settled. You know where to find me. I am going to keep an eye on things back at the base.." He grins and adjusts his knit cap. "Good night and good luck everyone." Randy goes outside, slipping into the shadows, then flutters off into the distance

Jade's attention perks up as the Law eners. Aka Jenny. She smiles brightly and naturally saunters over towards the food, because, well, food? "Heyya!", she says cheerfully to Jenny with a warm smile. Then she looks over at Nate, "OH I can do the scouting, love doing it..." She grins and looks over at Randy, pauing as he heads out.

"Alright. That's all we've got to share for now. We'll get something going in the next few weeks. Hopefully hit them before something bad weatherwise sets in." Archie states. There's a smile to Jenny and he gives a wave to the Archunem as she comes in. "If someone can get Jenny up to date that would be great." he tells them. Then to Kaleo and Miguel, "Yeah, seems to be exotic creatures. The boat might be harder to spot since it's not registered...and they might have bigger guns this time." he frowns. "We'll figure it out. For now, going to take these two back to see the kids." he states as he waves Millicent and Dinah to follow him.

Jenny, likewise, perks up a little, not even bothering to guard her food or rather the food. her eyes watch those departingbefore turning to Jade and saying, "How's it going? Haven't seen you in a bit. You all going to need some recon?" Witha glance towards Kaleo's direction, sliding from there to Nate and back. "We did that bit out in the woods. I could be up for it - with some warning. Sorry I'm late by the way....had a last minute bit of paperwork to finish."

Millicent nods slightly and pushes off the wall. A glance to Dinah and that curmudgeonly scowl settles more. Gotta get her good deeds for the day done so she can back to her hermit hole. Limping heavily, she starts to follow after to go tend the children.

Nate says, "Archie was filling us in about the data folders that we can look at. Plus he got a heads up that it appears that Pendragon is bringing in some exotic animals using illegal transport, etc to the area. Lastly.. the two kids that were rescued haven't been to communicative .. they need a bit of TLC and may be cuddly cute animal help." He pauses a bit, "That is the short version of what is happening."

"With a date and time, we should be able to extrapolate currents and weather to predict where the shipment has to travel before docking, and based on where it's docking a rough size. That might let us hit it further out, where shooting isn't going to attract as much attention." Kal suggests, rising up in a lanky stretch and reaching for the ceiling. He offers his hand to Masika and helps her up. "So, paperwork for the moment? Might be some shark in the mix, given their previous kidnappings."

Jade reaches for the food and leans towards Jenny with a smile as she begins to happily munch on whatever it is. She says around a full mouth, "Well, Nate wants to recon the place in the forest again to see if we've missed something. And Pendragon appears to be moving some exotic animals illegally, we wanna take what they are moving cuz it's obviously bad. Oh and um, they're trying to mesh us all together into hybrid strange animals and it's not working out well and o course the two kids... that need some TLC." She gets all that out in one breath and goes for more food, "I was gona go with that other guy but he headed off, if you wanna come, that'd be cool."

"Well," as Jen takes another sip, "....we can do that. You got my number; First of the year is over so it should settle down for abit with the holiday calls and all. Been a bit slow so, you guys set it up and I'll make sure I don't pull a shift that night. And yep, doing the forest again might be good, couldn't get as good of a lok as I'd have liked to and an aerial lookout would be good." As Jade fills her in more, her face darkens; well, she scowls at least. "I can help with the kids if they'll le tme. Or, I can at least bring them some Grams food because she'll make them cookies and treats. Food is love, after all." She pulls out her cell and looks at it, "You wanted to go now? I could change into some spare clothes I have in my truck," gesturing out towards the parking area where a dispreputable red Isuzu is parked.

Masika takes Kaleo's offered hand and gives a soft smile when she stands up, "Sure. Doctor Iona can help with the aquatics if needed." she tells him. Then she zips up her jacket fully, covering the tentacles that are tattooed at the sides of her throat and disappear under the back of her shirt. "I'll visit the kids tomorrow, when there are less people. Might bring Mini for them." she grins.

Nate smiles a bit there, "Does my heart good to see so many here. I just hope we keep this up."