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Calm Before The Storm: Something Fishy


Dramatis Personae

Eir, Noah Ravenwood, Nate, Kaleo, Jenny, Tess, Tank, Lisa and Wendigo ast ST


A group of Changing Breeds are lead to the docks by their information giver. It turns out to be fishy. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


The docks

There's been things all over the news lately with Pendragon Laboratories and their supposed testing of animals. The latest news is quiet though. Not a lot of media coverage, but there's been a lot of gossip coming from the Butoka.

Archie had been talking on a few things. Mainly that there was a large research vessel that was dropping off things on the coast to one of the smaller Pendragon boats that belonged to the company. The boat usually got into the harbor about three in the morning. So Archie has tasked as many to go check it out as possible and to make sure to watch out for their fellow shifters. Archie was always worried about them. So however the group gathered they find themselves on the docks rather early in the morning and waiting for the ship to come in.

Eir arrives, dressed not in her usual flowy skirt and blouse, but instead in comfy jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, her long hair caught up in a ponytail, with a thermos clutched in her hands. Having pulled up in an old VW van which she leaves parked a short distance away, the blond girl trudges her way onto the dock, looking around and stifling a yawn.

Well, early mornings for Nate are old hat and so perhaps to some.. he is awake and not showing those signs of *OMG.. to F*ing early*. He is wearing an old dark plain windbreaker, black jeans, boots and some might catch greyish t-shirt beneath the windbreaker. a few traces of what might have been a breakfast burrito are on the side of his lip. He walks with a lighter and quiet step for now, stopping to take a look about for a decent vantage point to observe.

Jenny stifles a yawn, as she arrives in her beat up old red Isuzu, it giving a final cough as it stops. "Needs a tuneup," thumping the tire with a foot as shecloses the door, then starts towards where everyone is supposed to gather.. She'd gotten off a midshift at the station, then jetted back to her apartment and took a nap. Naps are important, especially the day after one of Gram's meals. But, for all that, she's bright eyed and bushy tailed - her trusty extra bag of clothing with her - just in case. She's even eating the last of a breakfast burrito she'd brought with her. Eyes brighten as she takes a look around, and even on this someber occaision, she walks up to Eir and says, "Hey, Sparkles," before the last bite gets tossed in her mouth.

Tess Keller isn't much of a morning person when she can avoid it, but this is one of those times when it just can't be helped. Traditionally, she gets her gossip from Archie, from the Butoka, from hanging around; she isn't especially against people, just the hour. Her bike is parked about a mile away, safe and sound, and she'd 'hiked' the rest of the way to the docks. She's hanging around the loose gathering of folks, eyes sharply keeping a look out for any stragglers, strangers, or new arrivals. Dressed in a white cotton 'wifebeater', jeans, and laced boots for the warm summer weather, Tess is gnawing away at a hunk of brightly colored bubble gum with energy, hands stuffed casually into her pockets. "Smells like shit out here," Tess declares in a friendly tone.

Lisa was getting there in the normal average gear of hers. Her vest hanging a little loose, but she was walking with the boots of hers on. Giving a few moments, the giant of a woman was coming along a little closer to the gathering of the group. She had gotten close to the docks and left the smaller car she had there. She was already in a bad mood, but the shirt at least said "Scream like The School Girl." She was looking over the others but came to be closer to Nate as she gave a smile, popping her back with her arms above her head, "Morning.." sounding chipper.

Grumbling as he exits his personal BRT, Tank gathers his Irons to keep them handy. He's actually taken another night off. Mostly out of the need to follow the kid sister and keep her intact more than watching a ship which may or may not be Bad. His left hand grabs onto his coffee mug and he trudges off after Jenny for a little distance away. "Welcome to the wetlands." Tank rumbles for Tess' sake.

A wake of ripples approaches the dock from further out in the marina. Slowing as it approaches, for a brief moment there is a flash of orange visible in the water, before it resolves into a dreadlocked man in a wetsuit. Kaleo treads water and glances up at the gathered shifters, waiting for the others Archie said to expect to arrive.

Ah, glorious sunlight. The day's perfect for the Hatara, but not so much for the arrival of someone without a car. His appearance is out of the way, and hidden away from humans when does arrive in the skin world. Blue t-shirt and khaki shorts are the uniform of this Wind-Dancer, but clearly shoes didn't come into the equation. When he gets to the others he gives a quick wave in greeting, and then turns his attentions towards their objective.

Tess, her hair wind tousled despite the braid into which the blonde mane is weaved, flashes Tank something of a grin. "I've been here before. More times than I'd like to count, and the smell never really grows on you. I'm more of an open water or river person for... reasons." Shoulders bare from her choice of wardrobe, Tess gives a shrug and finds something to slump her weight against while more and more beasts gather. The sharp-eyed blonde keeps a watch, but somehow manages to make it seem lazy more than intent.

The gathered can hear a larger boat that starts to make its way into the dock area. It's a really nice boat and equipped with state of the art equipment. It also appears to be equipped with something of a containment device as well.

But what really gets the attention of the group is the screaming coming from the deck of the boat, if you've got good hearing it is, "Fucking thing took my hand off...!" and it continues to grow louder and louder as the boat docks finally.

"Hey, Jenny!" Eir is perhaps a bit too bubbly for the hour, even if it is followed up by another yawn. "Early enough for you?" She waves at others arriving, regardless of whether she recognizes them or not. When Tank comes ambling up, he also gets a smile, and then a slurp of the herbal tea in her thermos is taken. All smiles fade, though, when she hears the screaming, and her eyes go momentarily wide, before she starts to push forward. "They're going to need a healer," she says, already pushing up her sleeves.

With her trade mark grin and sparkling eyes, "Zero Dark, I'm used to, most of the time. Just took me a moment to get out of sleeply land." Jenny also head tips back towards Tank. "Sparkles, my brother's here. As usual, thinks he has to take care of me but don't let him scare you. If he does, I'll smack him on the nose for you." Her tone was soft, in keeping with the gatheirng and the intent mood of all the others. She falls silent though, head perking up, tipping form side to side, then turning towards the sounds, nose wrinkling.

Well, this is interesting. Nate looks for anything stacked he can climb up on for a better view. Yeah.. watch and learn .. a way of life for him.. then act.. if needed.

Noah shakes his head at Tess' admission, and retorts. "You had me until open water and rivers. A small, tidy lake's good enough. Maybe. Just maybe a stream. I mean, if we're gonna talk about the wa-" The shouting from the boat yanks his attention back to the boat, and all he can do is snicker.

Lisa gave a moment to look up towards the Boat and then gave a long sigh. She gave a moment to crack the knuckles on her hands, "oh fuck.." Giving a moment she pops her neck to the side but was watching, then looking around she started towards the boat. Looking at it as she starts walking down the doc, adjusting the vest a little, and tugging out a ball cap to put in on her head.

Kaleo submerges and swims into the shadow of the dock, trying to get closer to the incoming vessel without drawing attention to himself. Only after it comes to a stop does he surface, frowning at the loud complaints of extremity removal.

"Don't like the taste of salt in your mouth?" Tank rumbles as a question. "I find that's my issue when I swim. I prefer fresh water than the salt for that reason." Tank turns his attention out to the boat and the shouting from onboard. He furrows his brow and then blinks at the sound of his sisters voice. "You're my baby sister." He puts some emphasis on the word 'baby' at that. Rumbling he shakes his head. "Why she keeps thinking a nose flick will work for me..." He ruffles Jenny's hair and headware if she has some in the way and steps closer towards what could be a better outlook, though he chooses to crouch down a little to do so. Sighing, out of his back pocket he pulls an old battered shemaugh and starts wrapping it about his head and face.

Nate finds a convenient pole with ropes secured to it to climb up smoothly to get a better vantage point to see what is happening on the boat.

"Lake is alright. Stagnate water doesn't smell too great when it starts to heat up. Good for fishing though. You're right about the salt." Tess jerks her head towards the docks where the water is largely, although not entirely, still. Stretching a little, joints popping as the woman leans back and offers a jaw-cracking yawn, the sound of the incoming boat and the voices upon its deck stifle her momentary reprieve. Dropping her arms and relaxing with a roll of her shoulders, Tess starts forward with an easy, too-casual stride to have herself a better look-see.

There's a few loud clangs of something large bashing against metal. The containment unit that's up on deck shivers and shakes and then all goes quiet for a moment. There's then people rushing around on deck, someone screaming for a medic but there's also one thing that people can notice. Those are pretty high powered guns on that boat.

Was coming closer towards the boat, her hat tipping down as she was keen on seeing the commotion. Moving a few other small things to keep a closer look but watching what was all being done. Giving a moment to focus slowly.

"I can change, sneak up on the boat, try to get a closer look on board." Jen's eyes peer towards the orange suited man in the waters near the boat, "I'm a bit smaller and quieter than some of you." Tone getting somber and darker, and lower, more of amutter than anything." She puts the offer out there, since Kaleo can do aquan surveillance, hers might be useful, even as people start to jump off the boat to tie the boat off. Then, she goes and and changes: her small form becoming even smaller as she moves to the nominal coverage of a stack of crates, and she shrinks. Clothes dont get damaged for her when she goes to breed form; it's that other one that causes issues. She waits, on four feet, whiskers twitching, to hear what the others think, fluffy tail, brushing back and forth.

Eir makes a small sound, and hurriedly backs away and tries to duck out of sight, after catching sight of the armed people, winding up in a crouch behind something bulky. Her brown eyes have gone wide in alarm, but the doe is, at least, not fleeing for the hills.

"Fuck 'em, let 'em bleed," Tess all but growls at Eir's earlier suggestion of healing. Initially, her hands move as if to crack knuckles almost stereotypically, but Tess resists the urge and drops her hands, fingers flexing. "Just don't get your ass shot off." Her dark brown eyes follow the raccoon until the raccoon becomes more difficult to see, and then instead shoots a glance in Eir's direction as the doe takes safety precautions against the impending arrival of the boat as it docks. Moving forward, she seeks her own vantage point as the boat comes more clearly into view, booted feet thudding as quietly as she can manage over the battered, aging dock.

That silence only lasts for a few moments before there's the sound of metal being rended open and the side of the containment contraption is kicked off. Or more appropriately, it's busted off by a large...shark? that's inside. There's a short-fin Mako that is trying to break it's way out of the prison that the humans have him trapped in. No wonder he ate someones hand!

"It's getting loose!" comes a booming voice from the back of the ship and the man it belongs to is older and clearly someone in charge. Or at least funding this show.

Noah keeps his distance from the boat, and from the water. Can't be too safe around all these people. As the men gather their quarry for whatever it is they plan on doing he whistles in surprise. "Note to self. Stay out of the fucking ocean," he mutters. A huff and then he speaks in odd, gutteral tones. To those still near he says, "I can probably do something to get us there if you all don't mind a trip away from here.." He then starts backing up slowly as a small fog rolls up behind him. His next step takes him inside the fog, removing him and his scent from the skin world.

With the clatter of the boat above, Tess has slunk closer despite the woman's not terribly stealthy manner. It just requires a bit of footwork, picking her way across the short, cluttered distance to where the boat rises from the mostly-unmoving water next to its mooring. Upon reaching the boat, the mayhem on deck ends with a sharp clang, one that sends a warped sheet of metal tumbling over the side. Reflexively, Tess ducks aside, sliding several feet sideways as it strikes the ground too close for comfort. Swearing under her breath, she turns and appears poised to consider climbing until Noah's voice garners her attention. Distractedly, Tess reaches up and almost caresses the copper armband encircling her upper arm. "As good as any." Tentatively, the woman moves the short distance easily and steps into the unsettlingly summoned fog.

Eir worries at her lower lip for a moment, but then she darts out of hiding in the wake of Noah's words, to follow the other Wind Dancer out of this plane of reality and into a nother. "If I have to, I can attack," she says quietly.

Nate slips down the pole and moves towards the aft portion of the boat. He avoids the cloud trip to the shadow side of things.. No words for now on his part, as to what he will do.. hard to say.

Lisa gave a moment as she kept her hat low, starting to get a chance to get up the plank a little, trying to keep herself from being noticed all that much

At the sound of metal hitting the dock, quite possibly causing small tremors on the dock as well, even the raccoon, jumps slightly. Skittering slightly away from where any impact from the container might be, Jen seeks further cover and concealment, albeit slightly closer but not too close. Makos have many teeth and it's obviously not in Bruce mode even if it is or may be 'one of them/us'. Her nose lifts, eyes peering towards the male voice that shouts, edging minutely closer to view it. /He/ interests her. How close can she get during any noise and confusion? But, her head darts towards Nate, and movement then takes her that way. Any further cover and concealment is useful: take advantage of all the things! Scamper, scmaper - into the fog.

Ah the Shadow! The Shadow knows. It also remembers. Once Noah and the rest of the Changing Breeds that stalk across the gauntlet are welcome to a more bloodier landscape. The docks beneath their feet are slick with it and there's tiny motes of spirits that zoom about their heads. A few bigger and more defined spirits look their way but pay them no mind.

The people that don't go into the Shadow are probably up for a more adventurous morning. It certainly spooks the crew on board when a few of them are seen and one of them raises their gun at Lisa, "Ma'am, I'm not sure what you're doing. But you don't have permission to be on board and we will shoot you if you don't get off the boat." he states. There's also a look to Nate as well, "You as well, sir." he states.

MEANWHILE! Our Mako friend has managed to get through the last of the holdings but is having problems trying to switch back to his human form it would seem.

This isn't Eir's first rodeo. She's spent plenty of time in the local Histle before, and likely will do plenty more of it. Wind Dancers are weird like that, sometimes. She looks around, though, and wrinkles up her little nose as the coppery smell hits. She does look down at the raccoon-Jenny, though. "Hey, you. Been in here before?"

Past the fog lies the reflection of the Skin World, and pure madness. The oceans rises higher than should be logical, crashing upon the docks with unerring force. However, most of the spirits that reside betray man's dominance of the coastline. The many reflections of fishing re dwarfed by those of the many boats that move about in the ocean. The newest, oddest spirit belongs to that of the newly docked boat. Despite the strength of the Atlantic it sits stock still. Noah points to it, and says, "That's our way out." He then takes off running, waiting for the rest to follow or stay around. The second he gets to the edge of the docks he jumps onto the boat, and immediately opens up another cloudy portal to the skin world and the back of the boat.

Lisa kept her hands up giving a gulp, "Just heard some problems.. and Saw nothing.. Heard nothing.." She ducks turning to try and get the hell off the ramp and as quick as she could.

Raccoon's nose is busy - sniffing. The smell of blood doesn't seem to bother her, nor the appearance of it. As for the Hisil itself, maybe her fur puffs out a bit. At Eir's voice, even as those tiny black eyes keep scanning the area, even in this realm, seeking out that voice that had spoken aboard the ship. A minute pause, and an unmistakable shake of her head in the negative. Curiostiy and such propelled her to an area she hadn't been before, for good or ill.

The Hisil is not familiar to Tess and the Shadow is fascinating to those unfamiliar. Her mouth falls open a little and her eyes follow a number of spirits as they flit about, some as curious about their entrance as she of them. Noah's voice pulls her from her curiosity and she grunts slightly, falling in behind Noah. The scent of blood so pungent in this place makes her own sing and Tess grins fiercely as they approach the water in search of an escape. As Noah dashes forward and leaps the distance to the boat's deck, Tess follows suit. She begins her change mid-air, takes the span of a breath to assume a far... far larger identity, one armored in a dense, shaggy coat of blended brown fur, her clothing no longer visible or relevant to her chosen form. The half ton bear lands heavily behind the much-lighter Noah.

Eir makes a small sound, and takes off running after Noah. "I must be crazy. I must be crazy. I -must- be crazy!" But... she runs. And she runs forward, even. For Eir, that's a good, good thing. She does try to keep close to Jenny, though, in an almost maternally protective way.

Pulling out his wallet, Nate goes for the quick bluff, "Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.. you have a permit for a live capture of a Mako?" And he flashes the badge.

It's the tiny and cute factor, that's what it is - everyone wants to take care of the tiny cirtter.. No one ever saw or head what happened /over/ there or they might not think cute so very much. Still, raccoon shows no fear and follows the trio before her...still seeking that man voice.

Kaleo manages to avoid detection, but decides that was more luck than skill. A thought sends his skin rippling through the shades of the harbor, causing him to blend in with the surrounding water even as his form melts from human shaped into a massive dire octopus. Perhaps that grants him enough reach to pull his comrades out of the line of fire, if it comes to that.

The Mako finally manages to flop itself off of the metal bed and it starts to slide down into the water. Fuck yes, freedom! He doesn't go very far though. Sinking for a moment while it tries to get fins to work again.

"God damn it, Jimmy!" comes the voice of the man in charge again. He's climbing down from the captain's den now. "Put the guns down, we aren't savages." he tells the people pointing them. Then there's a look to Nate, "Yes. We have our permits, your people are aware of this. But if you are going to come down here and bust my crews balls at 3am I'm sure you might be new or not in the loop." he tells him. "Jimmy. Get the paperwork and give them to him to look at. We're done here for the night as it is." he sighs.

Lisa down off the dock, she keeps the hat down little, looking back towards the ocean and gave a sigh. She turns to get back down the dock, towards where the car of hers was left.

Nate comments, "Well looks like the paperwork might not be at issue now. Looks like your prize is making its escape... " He looks up at the man that was yelling about things. "Or someone is screwing with both of us for their jollies.. Have a good morning." and with that he turns to head back onto the dock. After all.. what good is checking on a permit when the subject has exited stage water..

It doesn't much matter if the Mako might be friend or foe, Kaleo is having none of it once the large shark flops into the water. His body puffs up momentarily and then expells all that water as a jet, propelling him out away from the capture boat and its mystery, and into the darkness beneath the dock two rows over, with no sign of slowing.

Noah, for his part, eyes up the man talking to Nate. ~Monsters will die. Strung up by guts.~ he says in the Babel-tongue. He mutters, ~Crackle,~ and immediately a blast of lightning sails down from the to strike the boat.

Alexander Pendragon looks so miffed, "Yes, thank youu. We'll just have to see about the research another night. We're trying to get samples and all." he nods to Nate. "A good morning to you as well." he states as he turns to start to walk away and then there's a crash of lightning that hits the boat and the man almost jumps out of his skin, "JESUS CHRIST!" he shouts and then makes his way at a quicker pace down the steps to the galley. Meanwhile there's the smell of smoke as something has caught fire and crew start to scramble to put it out.

Eir hesitates, but doesn't follow Noah back through for a moment. She peers through, instead, and then jumps when lightning cracks. Maybe she doesn't realize it was him. Maybe she does. "Come on." She makes a grab for Jenny, and dashes out of the shadow and beelines back to the boat, trying to get back to the deck in the confusion.

Raccoon's attention while over /there/ was still garnered by the person now revealed to be Mr. Pendragon, Alexander, one each. Her eyes fix on him for a time, nose twitching, watching him. And when Noak opens the way home, she leaves with the others, looking like the raccoon version of Teddy Ruxpin when Eir grabs her - still watching the boat. Ok, so there was lightening, and perhaps now her fur stands up some more and not from being in the Hisil.

Nate turns at the dock, not quite jumping out of his skin with the lightening bolt. He can't help but chuckle some, "Guess more not your night than mine.. " his flip phone conveniently forgotten for the moment no dialling 9-1-1 on his part. "I think you might have a problem with your boat, thought something that expensive would be grounded better.." With that, Nate heads off into the night.

Noah doesn't move until the Pendragon starts rushing off and then opens another hole in reality when the last one shuts. He repeats the process when the gathered group is away from the boats, and lets eeps the door opened until they pass through again. When back on the docks all he can say is, "This is why I'm afraid of the water."

Eir flees through whatever means are available, clutching a rather poofy looking raccoon to her chest. Only when safety is reached and there is something between herself and the boat does she stop and set Jenny down. "Goddess. I need a joint after that."

With no way out but with Noah's guidance, magical or otherwise, Tess takes the option as soon as it presents itself. Her muscular, furry bulk lumbers forward, but the conversation reaches the soft, rounded ears atop the monstrous bear's head. The portal lingers and, after consideration, the woman reverts to her human shape. Cotton wifebeater, jeans, boots. She could be a regular dockworker, nothing to see here. The grin is gone from her lips, her expression one of grump; there's no reason to cause a stir, to seek anyone's blood. Blowing her breath out in mild frustration, she cuts a look around and helps herself down from the deck while the remaining men are distracted and/or absent. "It got away, right? The shark?" Her voice is pitched lower once she catches up to Noah, still half strutting.

Raccoon likes water. Normally. it's not true that they wash their food, they're just sort of playing things. And, once back on the other side, after being let go,she goes to where her clothes were doffed and then puts them back on, back towards the others from behind a stack of crates. This ain't no peep show, people! At Air's words, she chuckles. She'll pretend she didn't hear that; after all, it could be medicinal. Besides, you have to look the other way....sometimes. She's got the man's scent now, so even if she has other methods to track him, she now has an additional one, should it be needed.

Rough waters this morning, as a series of smaller boats further down the docks get rocked askew by the departing octopus. Any sleeping aboard are jostled awake, but will be rocked back to slumber before morning.