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Calm Before The Storm: Recon Needed

"Sounds like a plan."

Dramatis Personae

Alyssa, Julius, Nate, Maleko, Randy and ST with Archie


Archie sends word to the Changing Breeds to get them moving again. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


G01 The Butoka

The days are getting longer so that means it's still a bit sunny when the meeting time rolls around. Archie, the big bear of a man that runs the Butoka, is already got everything together and there's a bit more of a smile on the man's face today. Better than what was going on last time. There's refreshments and things, but otherwise, it looks like a small meeting for the night.

Coming out from the medical bay, Julius has at least swapped from scrubs back into outdoorsman wear of jeans and a button up flannel. He seems a tad bit nervous but he heads towards the refreshments table figuring he can eat his feelings for a few while he waits to see who is coming tonight.

Randy snores quietly in his nesting box at the meeting room. He got there a bit early, living extremely close and has huddled in there with his giant bag of bottlecaps within wing's reach. He's on the other side of where Julius last saw the owl. The nest apparently extends to the inside. But it's still late for an owl, and thus the owl sleeps.

Pushing the door open and heading inside with a six pack of bottled beer, Maleko asks in a loud bass voice, "Does this place even have a pool? I hope so..." He pops the top off one bottle and is ready to start drinking it down half way before looking around in the sanctuary. "I mean you do save fish and other water things too, right? Not just leggy stuff?"

Nate and Alyssa arrive shortly after the sound of a motorcycle is heard outside. The couple walk in together, "Big guy over there hon, that's Archie." He points out the big bad bear to the young woman. "And you'll get a chance to meet others. I think Randy is here for a guess.."

Archie gives a nod of greeting to all, "Good evening and thank you for coming. I just wanted to give an update and a bit of a task to whoever would come, nothing serious. But should get us back on the right track of things with Pendragon." he tells them. "So hopefully we can get that done and not take up a whole evening." he smiles to them. Then there's a look to Maleko, "There's a pond out back." he nods towards the doors. "So get something to snack on and have a seat for now." he tells them all.

"Pond? Uhh... nevermind." he grunts out with a chuckle as Mal offers a hand to Archie. "Don't think we've met, bro. Maleko. Mahalo!" the muscled headed surfer greets and then gives Nate and Alyssa a wave since he knows them, "Sup, brah?" He offers beers to those who wish to partake, and carries the rest to a seat to flop down and listen to the pendragon stuff.

Alyssa walks hand in hand with Nate and notes the large man, "Ah" she says, "I guess there's still many people I haven't met yet. Now is the right time I suppose."

Nate says, "Good to see you big guy," Nate says to Mal. And then "Hey there Julius and I think that could be Randy in the corner.. Bird Brain that he is."A bit of a chuckle there on Nate's part.. "Not as many people as I would hope. But it does reflect on the rather independent nature of our people. Good to see you again, Archie.. this is Alyssa with me."

Randy is ruffled fully awake by Archie's words and then hops his way in. He gives a little wave to those who are familiar with him and such. At the very least his collection sack is recognizable enough. He gives little waves to Julius and Nate who likely recognize him. The owl shoots a look at the beers. He makes a slightly grumpy face at Nate's comments once he comes around from his sleepyness.

"How you been, Tom?" he asks Nate likely having forgot his name but remembering him as a tiger....cause that is just how he remembers things. "Sup bunny?" he asks Alyssa with a nod and a big flirty smile before reaching down to grab a bottle of beer to toss at Randy, "Head's up brah! Beer incoming!" He looks around and makes sure everybody else is good on beer and settles in to ask, "So where did things go while I was gone. We get anywhere?"

Alyssa looks over to Archie as she's somewhat introduced and says, "Nice to meet you." her tone of voice polite, yet casual. "Seems like a pretty good group, though mixing your alochol could get anyone in trouble." she grins.

Julius gives a nod back in greeting to Nate and offers a smile to all the others coming in. Glancing back to Archie he tilts his head. "The update is appreciated thank you. "

"There's ocean access close to here, and the Warden would probably laugh if there was a shark on land, so maybe the ocean is better." Archie chuckles as Maleko turns down the pond. Then there's a smile to Julius and then to Randy, "Nice to see you two again." he states. Then there's a look to Alyssa and Nate, "Yeah, maybe people were busy or just have stuff going on. We don't need a lot of people yet, but if you will pass the word around, it would be appreciated." he tells the tiger. "And it's nice to meet you, Alyssa, I'm Archie." he offers in greeting.

Then he retakes his seat and gives the others a moment before he speaks again, "We need to have a group do recon on a new building that we found being built. I have it from a good source that it's not a happy thing with the local environment and when we looked into it, Pendragon was behind it." he frowns. "So, if any of you, or others would like to check this out, please do so. I would go do it, but I'm driving the kids up to Canada where we found them a place to stay." he smiles.

Randy yelps and shifts back into his regular beardy self to catch his beer and then takes a seat with the rest of them. He's in a black jumpsuit. Alcohol and iminent danger could be a powerful motivator. He pops the beer open, inspecting the bottle cap and then the lable meticulously. "So....anything new with anybody?" Randy nods to Archie. "Well that's all good news right?"

"Oh man, count me out on the scouting thing." Mal says with a soft laugh and shake of his head. "Now if you want to send a message...I'm your shark." he tells Archie with a wide grin. "Especially if you want a boat or something sunk..." He drinks his beer and glances around at the others. "Maybe Gale would be up for it. She is like a magic spirit talking goat chick...I can ask her when I see her."

"Me.. always in." Nate smiles, "I don't mind scouting and doing what I can. Besides.. need the eyes of a scientist on site to catch things others might miss." He looks to Alyssa, "And if your up for it.. I'm game with that too. So.. they have another site and making a mess of things. When will they learn to change up the tune?"

Alyssa tells Nate as she listens to more of the conversation, "Sure" she replies, "No reason not to be. Besides, if something is afoot then it's very important to have witnesses."

Julius frowns at the askance of scouts and looks down at himself. "I don't really think I'm particularly suited to scouting. I can't even really throw a punch yet, let alone pretend to sneak up on... well that," he gestures vaguely. "What does all this scouting entail for you guys normally? Remember, I'm new to this. I got to stay home and keep my head in the sand before this."

"I mean...I can hang back and chill in case things go gnarly. Then I can mop up the bad." Maleko notes with a smile and offers an alternative, "I'm just not so sneaky on land you know..." He sips his beer and finishes it off, then pops open another one. "Of course we can spread the word. Maybe see if we can't find others. I know some of us are sneaky. Right?" The big surfer glances to Julius and chuckles, "Well if you want to learn, let me know, brah."

"There shouldn't be anything to mop up or to attack. This is strictly going out to figure out what else might be going on. While my source can talk to spirits, they can't see them. So might be good to take someone that can." Archie points out. Then there's a look to Julius, "Everyone can do something and you could go along just in case someone gets into some trouble and needs healing." he adds. "Just the usual deal. Don't engage unless you need to. Don't upset the area more than it already is." he tells the group.

Nate nods, "I can see spirits, but this Gale.. I have run into her before. She is more up on spirits than I am. And it never hurts to have an overwatch." He smiles a bit, "Easy to get into something you don't like and discovered that the door was closed the hard way when trying to exit the problem."

Julius seems to relax more at Archibald's suggestion of duty. "Oh yeah, duh. That makes sense." He chuckles a bit, in a better mood. "Yeah I can do that. I was expecting like going in like ninjas and then all guns ablazing, well claws ablazing to get out." He runs a hand through his hair nodding to himself at the silliness of his assumption.

Maleko laughs lightly and shakes his head at Julius, "No way dude...its more like that new game Gang Beasts. Check it out bro, it's worth the time. I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself." He gives Nate a little nod of his head, "Always good to have back up. Nothing ever goes exactly as expected."

Archie gives a look to the group and there's a smile, "Alright then, that was all I was needing to ask on things." he admits. "I've got an early morning since I'm driving, but I'll be back by the end of the week." he promises. "The cordinates and things are in the folder there. We'll see how things go once we get that place scoped out." he nods to them.