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Calm Before The Storm: Butoka Briefing

"Anyone is a viable target."

Dramatis Personae

Jalal, Julius, Bayou, Shaoshi, Alyndra, Grellsy, Maleko, ST Archie


Archie calls a meeting for the Changing Breeds. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


The Butoka

It's not too cold outside and it's not raining or snowing so Archie just outside of the door to the open wilderness center. There's no real food set out. There's no warm welcome like the Storm Bear is usually known for. He's a bit disappointed in himself and it shows. He's waiting for people to gather so he can address those that decided to come out and warn those that are new to the area of the problem that has resurfaced.

Julius makes his way out from the wilderness center itself, having swapped any scrubs out to be wearing a flanel shirt and a pair of jeans tucked into comfortable boots. He hadn't heard anything going on around today, but the meeting had been called and he was here after all. The bears have to tend to the den after all.

Jalal has heard about the meeting and makes sure to let his friends know about it since it is not often a gathering takes place. Once he arrives he nod respectfully to Archie and stays near the edge of the clearing to watch the proceedings.

Crashing through the foliage comes Bayou, his lumbering form apparently a bit too much for any sort of stealth. He simply snaps branches and crushes small bushes that get in his way, leaving a path for the rather silent Shaoshi that walks behind him - so at least he apparently has a reason. He doesn't hover around at the edges, but instead lumbers his way in enough so that he can simply sit himself down on the dirt and offer his award winning smile. Shaoshi. Not so much for the smiling.

Pulling up in his old Wrangler, Maleko hops out and grabs his beverage from the cup holder before heading for the entrance of the center. Archie gets a big grin from the shark and 'cheers' motion with his paper cup surely full of something sweet, "Aloha, big bro." With that he slips into the center to give a glance around, checking to see who has shown up and if any of his missing friends are here. He is a bit disappointed at the latter. "Hey, everybody." he calls out, lifting a hand to wave.

Grellsy made a much quieter approach than Bayou had. Though she arrived in her beast form so a the odd-eyed fox crept right up and walked past Jalal, wanting a closer view for the meeting. The Red fox has a bit of dirt and mud dried onto her front paws right now, she likely spent a while just digging for whatever reason while waiting for the meeting. She'd glance slowly around to see who was at the meeting.

It's almost as if she appeared on a whisper of a whisper, Archie was looking away for but a moment when next he turned to see a giant of a woman who was not there but a moment ago. Her sharp brown eyes stare at him for a moment, her head tilting to the side as she smiles at him as he opened the door for her to step into the safe haven for their kind. She is in her human form, as she did not wish to stick out any more than she already does. The massive white haired woman stands there, looking at all of this stuff. Never did she think that such a thing could be within the city, guess it was proven wrong. Her eyes move to look at all those in attendance, she is here because Jalal risked his tail to venture out into the woods to find her, and she did not want to make that in vain, so here she is, the silent giant.

The big storm bear greets everyone as they arrive. "So guys and gals. I'm not going to make this a long drawn out affair. We've got a real big problem and we've recently been attacked by Pendragon again and they were sending men to try to catch one of us." he states with a bit of a growl. "To those of you who are new to our community, Pendragon is a huge pharmaceutical company in the human world. Over the past few years they've branched out and tried to capture our kind and Werewolves to see if they can use our genes for...experiments." he explains.

"Is someone in particular they're looking for? Or just any of us at all that they're going for?" Julius inquires with a tilt of his head. The vet seems concerned, and his gaze passes over the ferals present, thinking of those who haven't come in tonight.

Jalal smiles as he notices the Fox and giant woman arrive but he remains silent listing to the news. His features do start to show sign of worry though.

"We're all viable targetsh." The mouth of Bayou isn't so good at talking, no. Too many teeth and a bit of a heavy jaw make talking a pain. Which is probably why he doesn't open his mouth too much. He raises a hand up and wipes some saliva from his chin, before shutting his maw back with a pleasant enough smile.

Alyndra frowns a bit as she hears this terrible news. Kidnap? For their genes? "And how do they find us?" She starts. "Do they have any means to track us down, besides when someone is careless? Is there anyone that they might already know?" As she speaks, her voice is found to be soft, friendly, and worried. "Might not have been to meet out in the city, where we could be found as a group..." She states, with a move to cross her arms.

The fox lays herself down as the others talk, even as a human she wouldn't be sure what to say. It's not like she had many details about it even though she was around during the recent encounter with them. Grellsy would just have to wait to see if there was any extra information.

"Pendragon doesn't discriminate when it comes to species and things. I know that when we first had run ins they were trying hard to get a Ketea and a few other water based of our kind. Then there were the Royal Apes and things. But no, there's no clear targets." Archie states with a shake of his graying head. "The person that runs the group is named Alexander Pendragon. I'm guessing that he has Beast Kin and others in his employ that work for him. And we aren't meeting out in the city." he points out to Alyndra. "We've started to work on setting up more security for the Butoka. As this is our Sanctuary and we're not going to be chased off." he adds. "The main things I wanted to remind people of are to not in any way go to Pendragon on your own. A few people tried to retaliate against them and well...we didn't get them back." he frowns.

"What should we do then? I mean, there's running and hiding, but if they're coming out into the wildernes searching for us..." Julius offers a shrug, figuring the predators among them are going to do what they're going to do. "Guessing we never had much luck getting accountants and lawyers to try and deal with them through red tape either." He sighs and shakes his head. "We need some solution to what they're doing to us"

There's a squint of red and black eyes as Shaoshi stands motionless somewhere near to Bayou, leaning like a shadow on lazy afternoons. Her head tilts and turns, the occasional clicking sound interrupting her silence, a breath huffed out as arms come to cross over her chest finally. "Why hide when we could do experiments of our own? They come here seeking our blood and our secrets, why not return the favour?" Her voice is deeply accented, low enough that it could be masculine, soft enough that it suggests otherwise. "When you make the risk not worth the reward, people stop hunting their fortunes."

There's a low 'hrr' 'hrr' 'hrr' noise from Bayou. It's almost a chuckle. "Natural schelection in actshion." He utters, idly picking at a scaley patch of skin on the back of his hand. He worries overly thick nails into it, picking and tugging before he then flicks an errant piece of it out. "Nobody should attack a larger predator in itsh den. Ashking for trouble." He continues idly picking and flicking. Picking and flicking. Even though it is already beginning to heal back, just as hard.

"Eventually it won't be cosht effective to schend out individualsh to chase us." His hand raises up, and he jerks his thumb towards Shaoshi, slightly yellowed thumb-talon and all.

Alyndra snaps, and fingergun points to Shaoshi with the hand she was tapping her chin with a few moments ago. "Exactly. Find their big wigs, find who is in charge, and... Well, do what needs to be done. My only fear is that it'll create a power vaccume and suck in the one who might want to hunt us even more because of it." She watches the picking at Bayou and how his scaley skin keeps regrowing. Kinda reminds her of GoT... But she does not say anything on it. "And are they pushing out into the forests? I've not seen anything going on in them recently, save for some things on a different topic and for a different time... And just the occasional out of season hunter. But no men in black, big game hunters."

"Not sure if I can be much help...I'll do what I can." Mal comments with a shrug of shoulders. He drinks more of his cola beverage and crosses his arms. "If they were transporting on water or their base was like right on the water, I could be useful." The shark leans himself against a wall and goes back to listening to the others talking, falling silent.

"I'm not saying anyone hides. I'm just asking them not to go to the Lab that's in the Industrial District." Archie states with a look to everyone. "We will however be wanting to do some recon, to see if we can find out why here and why now. So if people want to go as a group then that we'll set out to do. We've still got the locations of some of their locations that Nate had notes on. He couldn't be here tonight sadly. Then there's a look to Julius, "I'm saying we be smart hunters. We have to hit them when they least expect it." he states. Then a look to Shaoshi and the others, "And what you have said." he nods to that. "We won't be hiding. But I wanted to let you all know that we are going to be doing something and that I will need help with it if you are willing." he states.

Jalal speaks up for the first time, "How much do we know about them?" he asks, "I mean it sounds like we have the basics but are the publicly traded? If so we could get thier annual reports anf filings from websites and learn more about their holdings." he offers, "Or instead of goign to attack as any of the more sneaky types of animals did a bit of recon of thir place?"

Grellsy would let out sort of a high pitched growl, showing her discontent about the whole situation in that way since she couldn't really speak. She wasn't always the best at expressing her feelings whether as a beast or human. Feeling a bit restless the fox would then start moving in wide circles.

"Don't go to their labs, got it. But I will be watching things over the next few days, or weeks, seeing who goes in an out, what their driving, or who is driving them, where they go... Anyone got an idea on what some key players look like? What does this Pendragon guy look like?" Alyndra says, tapping her chin with her finger again. "So, you're all about water, huh?" Alyndra states, looking over to Mal. "I'm sure, since they were taking fish folk, that they got some aquatic operations going on that you might be able to investigate."

"Yeah I'm all about the ocean." Maleko replies to Alyndra with a big of a nod. "I could totally check things out in an underwater operation." he remarks with a tip of his head to her. "Not sure what happened to all of my fish friends. Haven't seen them in a while now, I'm kind of the only one around lately. Maybe it's just too cold for them." His dark eyes linger on Alyndra and he shrugs a bit, "You know how to swim?"

"I can swim. I mean. I caler better than most." Bayou laughs at his own joke, a low 'hur hur hur' noise, before he cracks a fully toothy smile. Nice and bright. Nice and wide. All mostly sharp and jagged. He pauses, reaching out to stretching out behind him. "Prefer swamp, though. Swamp's nice. Good soak. Plenty eatin'. But those ocean waves, urf. Rather get some things together an' make some fricot."

Jalal walks over to the the upsest fox and offers his arms as a place to jump and he talks ot her, "Easy there, no one like this but we will figure something out."