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Calm Before The Storm: Beta Facility

"What's the plan?"

Dramatis Personae

Eric, Nate, Gale and ST


The Changing Breeds go to check out Beta Facility. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


Greater County Area

The Pendragon Corporation has been a pain in the ass for a number of months to the Changing Breeds community, not to mention Gaia in general. It had been blissfully quiet, but recently, Pendragon had started moving again. Starting with the construction of a new building in the Greater County Area. This is the building that Archie had sent people out to look into. The place is set far back from the road, and there's lots of places to take up survelliance if one would like to.

He's not exactly a new face in the area, being a Nicks. Nor is he entirely new to the shifting game. He's just been...withdrawn. As perhaps fits the Strong Norse Bear (tm) persona he walks around with. But now, for whatever reason, his consciience has pricked Eric enough that he won't sit idly by and do nothing. So the man, all seven feet of him, is waiting patiently with thick arms crossed over his wide chest. He's wearing earth tones today, brown, heavy canvas pants and a moss-green long sleeved shirt that allows the very edge of some black tattoo near to the center of his chest to peek through.

Nate shows up at the agreed upon meeting place for doing this. Nate comes from the woods walking slowly without hurry. No sense in making yourself more visible by moving to fast. Not to mention.. the noise. Once there, he just waits.

Gale is new to the area, but she is willing to help. From what she's heard, these Pendragon peeps are serious bad news. She'll have a grassy green shirt on and earth toned pants. She has sturdy shoes on, but there's a distinct lack of tattoos. She looks to the others, uncertain on if she should speak.

The place is gated for the time being, warning posted about trespassing and other things. This is the middle of the woods and there's no cameras thankfully. The foundation is the only thing up for the moment and the flimsy sided trailers that house foremans when construction is going on.

Eric speaks, and his voice is just one would expect out of someone. Even when he's whispering, it has some respectable bass to it. "Does anyone have a plan for this, or do we just stumble in?" His tone says that he doesn't really have much of one himself, and is fairly comfortable with just such an arrangement.

Nate says, "Planning seems to be something this community resists." He takes a breath, "Let's see if anyone is working for a start. Might be able to get into the trailer to see the plans. May be even run photo copies using their own equipment. Still, need to know if anyone is about."

Gale hesitates. "I did not wish to plan since I thought someone else would do so better. I would imagine finding an office or trailer with a map would be the best bet, yes. I can step across to the shadows if we must go that route, but given the nature of their business - I have an odd feeling they may have a sentinel or ward," She remarks.

"From what I know, that might be a bad plan. The Shadow, I mean." Eric considers for a moment, then nods at Nate. "Some sort of outbuilding or small structure might work best, yes?" Eric glances between his two companions. "Eric Nicks, by the way. Or Guards the Storm, if you're formal."

Nate says, "Just Nate.. Shall we have one or two watch from a place near as one or the other two circle the area to return to the spot?"

Nate inquires of Gale, "How confident are you of your ability to cross to the other world to see what is there? And do so without serious danger to yourself?" He then looks to Eric, "At your size, your not what I would consider stealthy.. though I did know this amazon of a woman that could disappear into the woods with amazing skill... a while back. She left town I think.."

"Well, let's check for normal security. I don't see any cameras about. I don't know if there are any dogs or guards," She muses. Gale is not the leader type, but she's offering what she can. "And what's odd about the shadow here?" She asks. "Um. I can do it pretty well, I guess."

Nate nods to Gale, "What do you think? You hit the shadow.. I circle on this side. We see what we can determine with Eric watching from a hidden spot, ready to make a diversion if needed so we can escape.."

"I am concerned because Eric said the shadow may not be such a great idea. And I am Gale, by the way. Um. No deed name," Unless Grazes-the-Lawn is a deed name. Then she's all over it. Gale pauses. "I can help on either side, yes."

Nate says, "Then we do not cross.. we peek."

"I can peek, sure," Gale nods.

Nate says, "As can I. Then if we change this.. I circle clockwise, you counter clockwise.. pausing every so often to peek across. Return here and compare notes.." He looks at Eric, "And you provide the base point of the circle"

Eric shakes his head heavily, as though coming back to himself. "Yes, that sounds doable. As you said, I am not the most stealthy of creatures." He doesn't sound terribly pleased by this. Dark blue eyes look between the pair. "Be careful, you two. And if you need help, don't be afraid to call."

There's only one guard on duty and he leaves the door to the trailer open from what Nate can tell. As Gale and the tiger move they don't get noticed by said guard. Neither does Eric. He heads off down a path, probably to go get his lunch out of the truck. So they've got a few minutes.

Being bold.. a tiger's trait after all, Nate slips towards the trailer. Yeah.. lets get in there. Never know if this chance will come again.

Well. Gale can help. She slinks in along after Nate. Back up is important and you only split your party a little in horror movies, right? Right. She'll start peeking around in there.

Eric finds himself hunkering low to the ground. Though he may not be particularly stealthy, he at least knows how the land feels, and how he stands out against it. He goes down to his hands and knees, until only his eyes are peeking out above the obstructions of the foliage.

Gale and Nate slink inside of the trailer and there's paperwork laying out on one of the tables. There's permits for building and other things that they can go through. There is also onstruction plans as well as copies of them. So it wouldn't be too hard to get a copy of them. It's getting out without getting caught by the guard that will surely be coming back.

Nate is quite, "Gale.. I'll start copying things and you keep an eye out for the guard. Let's hope that we can pull this off before he returns. If he gets out of his truck, let me know..we'll just have to exit as best we can hoping he doesn't see us"

Gale nods, and peeks out, to take watch as Nate asks. She's thinking. She is not the most combat adept of ferals.

The sound of a car door echoes down the road and there's the crunch of boots on gravel, but Eric and the others can hear this, so they've got time to get things that they need.

Nate gets copies of the plans to hand to Gale. He then starts writing quickly going through the permit information. When the sounds are heard, "We need to move Gale..." The pad is snatched up into his hand..and away he will go with Gale.

"okay, let's grab the stuff and get going," Gale urges. "They are definitely on the gravel," She nods. She accepts the copies and will start out once they have the things.

Eric growls from where he crouches, turning his head toward the sound of boots on the gravel. He doesn't move from where he is, instead tracking the approach of people as best he can from his relative safety. He appears to be waiting. If there's a peaceable resolution to this, he'll accept it. But if it turns darker? He won't cry over it.

Once out of the trailer, Nate moves to use the trail to screen their movement back into the woods. No running as fast movement always attracts attention.. stay low and keep moving is the rule of the moment.

Stay low, keep moving. Even for a herd animal, that's fine. She moves quickly, but cautiously. No all out sprint for Gale. She clutches the plans close, keeping them hidden from one side.

Trailers make for a good way to block line of sight as Nate guides Gale back into the woodline. Once there, they slowly circle back to where Eric is supposed to be. Tempting to remain to see who showed up with the car.. but not when you have this much information to work with.

The Changing Breeds manage to slink out of the trailer without the guard noticing them. There's a path that leads back to where Eric is and they are free to do as they like from there. At least they had plans and numbers now. It was another step in the plan.