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Calm Before The Storm: All Aboard!

It's VERY hard to make a Rhino sleep.

Dramatis Personae

Nate, Jaymee, Lucy, Kitiara, Anvil, Sheridan and ST


An illegal shipment of exotic animals comes in... Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


The docks.

Known that the Feral community does not always come together as promised. Nate sends out the word with Archie's help to get help to rescue the animals that are being illegally moved by Pendragon.. sadly this means planning is not going to be a tight as some may wish. On the fly seems to be the feral game plan these days to the Rajanya's disappointment.

Lord only knows how the group was going to accomplish this. A few of their key information holders were not here and well, shit like that could get an unprepared group killed. But hey, people can heal with essence! The ship was scheduled to come in during the night, not the early morning like the other one had. But this one wasn't owned by Pendragon. There wasn't an answer on who owned it either. So Nate was in charge tonight. It was his show.

Sheridan shows up. Animal liberation is a new thing for the puma girl. But it's still a thing that needs to be done. Pulling up to the docks on her bike. The girl dressed in some way too tight jeans and a black leather racing jacket. Some comfy looking motorcycle boots completing the look. Riding behind her is a very lovely Asian woman, whatever else she might be wearing jayme seems to have been volunteered for carrying a duffle bag of Sheridan's with a shotgun poking out of it. "So, this your first crime?" the puma girl asks as the bike is shut off while she sees whom else showed up.

In the shadows of the buildings is a rather large person in a torn grey hoodie and black cargo pants. He is looking around to see what can be done to get set for this and whom is showing up for this. Seeing the biker and Jaymee show up he smiles a bit.

Kitiara is walking into view of the others, her path keeping her in shadows which she is dam hard to see, more than she should. Black hoodie-sweat pants both a few sizes too big, and a pair of black sandals are today's adventuring outfit. "Hay all. I'm Kit." Bright green eyes show some out of the hood as she nods to those gathering, then begins to look the place over.

Like a mountain moving out of the darkness Anvil wanders in with his hands in his pockets. He's gone a bit low key, a big, dark leather jacket and some simple cargo pants. When your body is your weapon you don't tend to need much more than that. Seeing the people start to gather he wanders in that direction, smiling a little. His voice is low, only loud enough to carry to those nearby, when he asks, "someone ordered a battering ram?" Then, a look to Nate and he huh's, "that you, Nate?"

Lucy does't have a vehicle, but being who she is, the young asian girl in a school girl outfit gets quickly across town using parkour and drops from a building when she sees some of the others, a couple whom she recognizes by sight or at least can sense.

"This is not a crime" Jaymee smiles before dismouting the bike. She has her own satchel bag over one shoulder, stuffed with clothes...and fighting sticks. "So it's not the first time I have not committed a crim to help animals" she winks to Sheridan. Jaymee has also turned up in black - yoga pants and top, it was all she had! She turns to smile at Kitiara. "Hey, I'm Jaymee. Nice to meet you." She's very enthusiastic in her greeting, even with complete strangers. "Hey, Anvil. So the gang's all here?" Her dark eyes catch Lucy and they go wide for a moment. "Love the outfit." A glare at the ship before she asks, "What's the plan?"

Nate nods to Anvil. As he looks about, "I see some cranes and unloading equipment. Doing this on the fly, anyone good with heavy equipment? Not a lot of us, so dividing up to much is not a good idea. Also they may be expecting us due to the last time."

"Is that what you're calling that thing?" Sheridan teases to Anvil before flashing that grin of her's to Jaymee. "Sometimes you have to go outside the law to do the right thing." she says and unlings her own bag from Jaymee's shoulders and setting it up on her own. "Figure let those of us that can pick locks and sneak in go first. Open up hatches and give everyone room to move before noise is inevitably made. I'm Sheridan by the way for those I haven't met yet."

Lucy cocks her head to the side, "I am probably better in my other form, maybe scout or assult. She smiles at Jaymee about the outfit commnt and then looks at the others, "Oh I am Lucy."

The ship rolls in around the midnight hour. It takes about an hour to dock and get what little crew off of them. There's oddly a lack of trucks to transport the containers and there's a bit of a lack of crew that's actually on the ship. The cargo seems to be four big containers and a few wooden ones that are smaller.

Kitiara bounces on the balls of her feet, eyes intense and smile having a bit of a baring of teeth to it. Obviously eager, very much so, but towards the others gathered, she seems perfectly nice, happy to begin meeting people, and to be joining. Huge people, armed bike people, and a school girl parkouring.. Her grin grows as it's pretty awesome. "Good meeting you too." Listening to Nate, she shakes her head. "Not here. Mostly I am really stealthy if in the shadows and dark, and claw things up. So, as to how expendable the crew is, what are the animals being moved to end up as? " Apparently the idea of offing people holds little hesitation for her, if she thinks they have it coming. And then she is stripping, down from deeper in the shadows, folding her clothes into a sort of satchel, before shifting into a rather large tiger, one with black fur and green eyes... One that begins to flex claws while watching the incoming ship.

Anvil shoots Sheridan a grin and says, "it was that or asking who called in the cavelry, but that seemed just a bit too cliche." He turns his attention to Nate and shakes his head, "Good at moving heavy equipment. Using it, not so much. Not all that useful at stealth, either, but when you need a distraction I'm the guy for it. Just let me know where you need me." His eyes go to the ship and he adds, "Better question is what is it that we're rescuing? We need a plan."

As the ship approaches, "Anvil, can you use the crane to put some of us on the deck. Gang way is a choke point. I think that it will be come more open once we get a few on the deck. Big container ship for so few containers.. Oh, watch out for darts.. they use something that can lock you into your beast form. Did that to one of the Mako shark folk last time we were here."

"I can do waterwork" Jaymee offers before her eyes narrow. "Actually, that sounded different in my head." She looks over the ship and then around the dock. "Where are the customs people? Heck...even a truck or two would be nice." The dolphin girl looks over at Nate since he seems to be in charge. "Umm...does this seem a bit too easy to anyone else? I mean, great if it is and I don't intend to hold back from walking into a trap but...just saying." And then there is a black tiger. "Wow. How pretty are you." She turns back to Nate. "Being locked into dolphin form would not be good on land" Jaymee sagely nods before adding, "I could try climbing up the anchor chain if that will help."

Spotting the boat coming in. Sheridan says with a frown. "One would guess trucks are en route. Figure by the time we've taken care of any security that might be waiting. Can't see squat from here. They'll be pulled up." she guesses. "And for some of us, Beast form might be worse for them!" she adds. "And yeah, I wouldn't mind coming in like a wrecking ball!"

"Sure, just don't blame me if I accidently dunk you instead." The big grin says Anvil is teasing. Maybe. Moving rather silently for someone his size he makes his way over to one of the cranes. Muttering to himself, still silently, he says, "I knew I should have practiced more at those crane games at the arcade..."

Nate nods and points to Kit, Sheri, and Lucy, "Ok, you three take a ride and hopefully.. our friend can get you close enough to the deck to board that way. Once they are there, the rest of us will try at the gangway to buy them the opportunity to approach the crew from an unexpected direction." He pauses and looks at Jaymee, "Your choice what way.. crane or gangway. Hopefully with a two prong approach we can take it down."

The ship docks. There's the anchor that's being let down and the captain comes down from the wheelhouse to start seeing where most of his crew is. Anyone that's worked on a boat of this size knows that most of these ships need a ton of crew, but they are running on a skeleton crew. There's a crane on board that swings around to start pushing the containers on board.

The door to the crane is tried. Locked. With a snort Anvil elbows the window and the glass shatters. Door unlocked, he climbs into the cab and fires up the crane. It's not at all subtle, the crane whining to life. While that might not draw too much attention, yet... it will soon. The crane cable comes down to the group and thumps into the ground. All abord!

Sheridan nods her head and with a tilt of said noggin while looking at the others. "Okay, lets go for a ride. And keep your eyes peeled!" she says playfully as she gets into position to climb onto the business end. Going to need a tight hold once it's going. "Going to be a miracle to not get spotted." she states to her fellow passengers.

Kitiara gives a soft exhaled purr in response to Jaymee's compliment and ends it with a huff of amusement at the mako/maybe-dolphin being locked in animal form. The part about a trap, gaining a lifting of head in agreement after. The fur along her upper/back side bristle as she looks rather more aggressive and any able to see spirits might glimpse a pissy looking Wolverine manifest to merge with her. A weary look at Anvil for the arcade game comment but then lowers her head to Nate and moves onto the platform to gather with Sheri and Lucy. She crouches by lip as if considering to jump off before set down.

Nate keeps an eye out on the ship as the crane group gets ready for their move. Still in his throwback form for now.. but as always, that can change as needed.

To the gangway Jaymee goes, hopefully with Nate close by. Her 'sonar' pinging around her as she walks. Stopping at the bottom of the gang plank she wriggles her pants a little lower and then her shoulder straps a bit more to the side. A smile for Nate. "If we get challenged how about I'm entertainment for the crew, curtesy of Mister Pendragon, and you're my guard? And if they see the girls on the crane...that's just more entertainement. I know it's not much and it's probably a trap but..." She shrug. "...might be worth a try. Oh...and can put people to sleep if I get a chance." A deep breath and Jaymee heads up the gangplank.

Mutter, grumble, grinding gears, the horse in the crane manages to get it moving. He also manages to lift those off the docks and into the air and to get them heading towards the ship in question. "don't drop, don't drop, don't-" yeah, this isn't the kind of stress that he normally finds himself under, but he's making good time. Through the darkness the crew are swung towards the enemy ship.

Nate nods to Jaymee as he now follows her up. The hood pulled down over his head, hands well.. down at this sides as he walks following her. Yup.. no guts, no glory here.

The gangway was lowered when they had docked. These things sometimes happened faster than anticipated. The crew on board is just two for the moment that are on deck. The rest are down in the hold. As Nate and Jaymee head up the gangway there's a look from the captain and a nod, then a double take once he sees that it's a girl in low hanging pants and showing shoulder, "Evening ma'am." he nods.

Then before he can get anything else out there's the sound of a alarm going off below and then the sounds of something below trying to crash through something. There's then the frantic sound of feet beating the metal stairs to get up to the deck. "Oh they don't pay us enough for this shit, Boss!" comes the sound of one of the men.

Even in her human form, Sheridan can hear the racket below decks. "Well that can't be good." she says. "You two might want to stay behind me as much as possible." she says with a frown on her features as the alarm goes off while the girls are being lifted to the boat. "Think we might be later to the party than we thought."

Hearing the alarm, Nate tries to signal Anvil by pumping his fist several times up and down over his head. He grunts to the man, "Trouble.. that I am paid for. Just get out of here.." and he points to the gangway. "And yes, I have friends.. for problems like this." Hopefully seeing a hoodie covered man that is nearly seven-eight tall... "

Well.. No one replied to the Black and Gray Tiger about how expendable the crew are and what the animals are to be used for.. And being predator minded, she peeks over the lip, planning an outside of the heard to inside, attack run. Sheridan gets a flick of ears suggesting a 'no thanks' to the protection offer. The sounds of trouble have her rearing to go and as soon as the platform gets within decent leaping range for her to land behind and hopefully above where the men are coming out of, Kitiara bounds.

Jaymee offers the sailor a warm smile before a look of alarm at the noises she hears...and then an even bigger look of alarm at the alarm. "Permission to come onboard!" she yells upwards as she starts to sprint towards the deck, dropping a shoulder so her satchel bag slides down her arm and into her hands. Hopefully she can reach the deck before a crowd of fleeing sailors are coming down the other way.

"Oh hell-" that's all Anvil can manage to say. He swings the crane over to the ship and then abandon's the controls. It doesn't sound like things are going over there, "why don't we have a com system... we need some coms or some intel or-" he's off in a run towards the gangplank. Mid step he's leaping forward, muscles rippling, bones snapping and reforming. In two more steps he is in full charge, thundering towards the ship, a massive mountain of flesh.

Sheridan gets her feet on something a bit more solid, grinning at the ear flick playfully. That shotgun is drawn from her duffle bag and the safety clicked off. "Room is so going to be a scarcity below decks." she mutters when she hears thumping of hooves and other noises of people going to and from the boat. "Well so much for being quiet."

"If you get paid more for it please feel free." The captain states to Nate and Jaymee before he goes running. They do not pay these guys enough. The other guys come up the stairs and they manage to not plow into Jaymee, but men being men do eye her for a moment as they go scurrying out. There's a moment that quiet settles in before there's the sound of something banging on metal.

Nate says, "Lets go see what the problem is.. " He nods to Jaymee as they get to the deck, "And the Heavy Brigade is on the move and fast.." He moves towards the sounds of trouble at a steady pace. "Jay, can you tell what's in the containers up here?"

"I have 'sonar' not x-ray vision" Jaymee apologises to Nate as they head /towards/ the noise while most of the rest of the world is running the other way. "The noise is below deck though. The crew was coming up the stairs. I could try to put it to sleep...whatever it is...but it sounds big. These stairs should lead us down there." The Eurasian pointing out the stairs the crew were running up.

Kitiara-Tiger while intent on her own actions is keeping aware of her platform mates' actions, tail swishing at Sheridan's words. Hoofs running up and the others on board? Ohh she was soo just about to pounce a rearward deck hand, from a sideward position to clear the range for Sheridan's shotgun but when the Humans just keep on trucking to leave, they saved their own lives. Instead, she pads along her outcropping, leaping from shadow to shadow, honing in on the captain instead. But Nate/Jaymee seem to be doing well there, and she holds off. Ohhh dear Mother Nature, how she wants to pounce though..

Fifteen feet tall, snorting and huffing huge billows of breath the massive stallion comes barreling up the gangplank. When people come running down he doesn't stop, he doesn't get out of the way. He does however swerve to shoulder slam a few of them off the gangplank and into the water, should he be able. Sure, they didn't get paid enough for whatever they were doing, but they did accept money in the first place. Innocents they are not.

"I am kinda wondering if he realises that he isn't getting below decks at that size." Sheridan says as she moves closer to the hatch leading below. Once she's close enough for the others to hear her she peeks down through said hatch. "Figure it's too big to get out or we'd have some trouble already." she points out.

Nate keeps heading for below desks. He notices the tiger in the shadows and comments, "Swimming lessons are good." He moves to go below decks.. following the sounds of trouble.

Down the stairs to the lower level is the shadow of something that's pretty massive. Pretty massive and pretty pissed off. The Rhino is banging against the wall next to the stairs. Probably because he's not able to get up the stairs and he doesn't want to be stuck down here.

Not going all the way down, "think you can tranq our good.. wait.. Jay.. think you can touch his mind. See if he's one of us or an animal with your Mind speech?" He then hmms, "Anvil.. may need to use the crane to open a hatch to bring him up."

Angry animals in confined spaces are never a good thing. Upon seeing the rhinocerous, Jaymee slows down her approach but doesn't stop. "Shhhh...hey...it's okay now" she says softly, offering her open hands to show they are empty. "We're going to get you out of here" she smiles while at the same time waves of calm and peace emanate from her. How hard can it be to put a rhino to sleep...right?

Kitiara-Tiger flicks ears with a tilt and swishes tail again, with amusement at Sheridan's comment. A poignant look to Nate having gained her a response. And as being a Tiger, she likes swimming a great deal... One shadow detaches it's self from the rest, slipping down into the water.. That is to say.. 800 pounds of black tiger with clawed pars stretching forward as if she were pouncing some large hoofed prey, tries to land on the most shoreward swimmer for a huge hard dunk. Surfacing and peering at the more seaward workers with luminescent green eyes and a display of long arched fangs.. Maybe they want to swim away, out to sea, and try going around the back of the huge ship rather than swimming up to the large feline. Kit is no good for quieting a pissy huge herbivore and if anything her scent being added down there would just make things worse.. So she occupies herself with trying to keep the workers out in the water and not calling anyone. Or at least this all is the intent.

"You're kidding, right?" Anvil's voice is pitched low and quiet in answer to Jaymee's question, ducking down the stairwell with the rest after shedding his massive form. He stays in the back, for now, waiting to see if he's going to be needed. Big, angry rhino in an inclosed unfamilure place. There is no way that that is going to end well. He reaches up, stroking something underneath his shirt, focusing his will upon it.

VERY HARD! It's very hard to put a Rhino to sleep! There's a snort from the big beast and then another crash into the side of the ship. It doesn't try to attack though. And Jaymee can tell that the Rhino might be having trouble seeing. Maybe the dark or it's just disoriented.

Nate remains with Jaymee and calls back, "Anyone find a tranq gun.. got a rino down here.. and he's not happy"

Jaymee winces at the continued distress of the rhino before summoning up her courage to get a bit closer, hand turned up as she approaches. A nod to Nate. "Plan B sounds good" she sighs, "I think it's either just woken up from being drugged or something's happened to its eyes. I guess if it was drugged then there may be some tranq around but rhino skin is like armor." Jaymee will attempt to look the beast in the eyes and reach its mind. To speak to it...and hopefully it will understand English.

The Puma lets the others keep the Rhino's attention while she starts to look about for the aforementioned tranquilizers. The shotgun she already has more likely to just piss the thing off before it can bring it down. "Keep it distracted. If I can find one I'll get into a better position." she says softly before she hunts.

There's something talking to him and it's not trying to shock him or anything else? The Rhino sniffs once and then tries to turn from the wall, but it's a tight fit. It's calmed down at least and doesn't try to run Jaymee through. So she's got that going for her!

"so far so good," Anvil murmurs, walking over slowly. His movements are slow, steady, nothing to startle the poor beast. He does, however, position himself so he has one shoulder between the Rhino and the Jaymee. If it changes its mind and charges, he wants to be there and be ready. "Someone getting that tranq gun down here? It's time for this one to go night night."

Jaymee sighs in relief at the calming rhino. "It's not one of us" she says to the others, her eyes still on the giant beast. "We need to get it out of here before the authorities, or Pendragon, show up. And we should be looking around for other animals too. This poor guy won't be the only one. I'll stay here with our friend to make sure he doesn't go ballistic, you guys check out the boat and get everyone moving." She notes the gun in Sheridan's hand. "He's okay for now and there may be others that need it more."

Nate nods, "Lets start going through the place and see what we have. then we need to get them out of here.. unless someone can drive the boat. beach it someplace else."

Sheridan finds what she's looking for a big grin on her features. Moving quietly back to the group she keeps one of the Tranquilizer guns at the ready. Who knows how many shots she has so she's assuming just the one. "Okay. So lets set this guy up for a nap." the second tranq gun held out for anyone else fancying themselves a decent shot. With her own, she takes aim, moving casually. Rhinos at this kind of range make big targets so with a pull of the trigger there's a fwip sound and there's a dart in the animal's side. "Alright we wait for it to nod off then get to work."

Nate nods, "Anyone see any big flat bed trucks on the way in out there. And Anvil.. can you drive one? If not.. may be beaching this will be a better idea."

Anvil chuckles... "You have never seen me drive, and it's for a good reason. I don't fit in most trucks. But," he cracks his knuckles and looks at the rhino, "Get me some room, I can get it out of here. Once he's gone to sleep, of course. I'm going to need a cargo net."

Nate says, "We may have other animals to.. hense truck.. and I think the tigress has been having to much fun with wacka crewmen..." He heads to the upper deck to see what is in the few containers there."

The Rhino goes to sleep, thankfully not getting aggressive again given the soothing from Jaymee. He does manage to wedge himself between the rails that start the bridge across to the other halls in the lower decks. Thankfully, he's easy to move.

The Puma girl shakes her head and chuckles. "Someone should get her out of the water. Or at least stop her playing with her food. "Think there should be a truck around here. We're maybe going to need a few trips I think." she points out with a shrug of her shoulders. "Good thing these guys..." she gestures with the spent Tranq gun towards the Rhino. "Came in illegally. No cops. Which is good cause we'd need a Bandit otherwise. Anyway. Shall we get to work?"

Nate says, "Challenge is going to be finding homes.. or moving them. Need money and people for that. If they any big cats up there.. I may be able to find them places, I have contacts with some rescue groups for Big cats."

For the Rhino Anvil grabs a cargo net, one of the heavy industrial kinds. Some tossing, some twisting and two and a half tons of rhino would be neatly tangled. Then muscles bunch and he starts to drag the rhino down the hallway, towards the deck. Once there it will be easier to get him off the ship...

Kitiara-Tiger eventually comes out of the water once the crew are swam off the way way long direction to buy lots of time with them not getting in the way. Shortly after a dripping run to get her clothes, a Indian young woman with those same green eyes comes prancing up the deck to see where she can be help with her very limited skill set. Yes, she very much so prances.. And she can help move things.. Yay unskilled labor!

Sheridan finds what she needs. A suitable truck. And keys to get it running... After a few false starts, she's pulling up close so Anvil doesn't have to walk too far from the dock. It allows her to get the bike she came on loaded as well. Be a long walk in the cold after dumping the truck.

Nate helps where he can so the containers and animals are moved to the bukota.. boy is Archie going to be surprised.. lets home someone can afford to feed a rhino here. "We should meet up later to talk.. I have some files from another raid i have been studying. Will need to share.. later"

Kitiara is all good natured and tempered as she helps where ever she can. Moving animals with care, wiping needed things down, and listening to others. All and all, being pretty good at working with others and following where they have a stronger skill set or more knowledge. "Sounds like a plan, need to learn more about our circle here."

Anvil decided to go shirtless hauling that massive beast up from the hold. Not that he had to, just it's a fun thing to do. It takes a bit to get him from the ground up onto the flatbed, shoved to the side so the rest of the animals can be loaded. Hopping up he nods to Nate and says, "Let me know. This is fun, havn't done this stuff since army."