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Breaking Bad

"Well anyway, just...take it easy. This isn't your problem. You're not paid nearly enough to deal with havin' yer face suspended over a vat of molten metal in a soundproof room. Alright...have a nice evening."

Dramatis Personae

Bryce, Gain and KiloST

30 January, 2018

Gain and Bryce hit a medical supply warehouse in order to load up on the lab equipment Gain needs for his project, but they weren't expecting competition.


Crow Valley Medical Supply Warehouse

The Crow Valley Medical Supply Company is located in the industrial section of town towards the outskirts of Fallcoast. Being a business area, it is fairly deserted at night save for the random security company car patrolling the buildings. Crow Valley Medical houses some incredibly valuable inventory so they have gone to great lengths with their security; it's a gates business park with a 24 hour security person staffed at the gate, a security patrol at night, key card and biometrics to enter the building and get through security points and of course tons of cameras everywhere. There are offices in the front of the building and a massive warehouse in back that houses everything from medical equipment to pharmaceuticals to straight up chemicals. They cover a large diversity of products and needs there. The items are all boxed in craft brown boxes with inventory coding on them, no labels and reside on 3 different levels of shelves, the third being only accessible by fork lift. So finding what they need will be a challenge for sure.

Bryce peels into the vicinity with the pickup truck. He's got a knit cap and a pair of shades on. It doesn't seem to bother him any. He's just wearing a pair of nondescript black clothes. He doesn't say much because Kid seems to get irritated when he speaks up. He's drinking a can of lemonade. Yep and ordinary can of lemonade. He drums his hands on the steering wheel while he waits for the game plan. He eyes the place with a pair of old binoculars he had just laying around just in case because a man needs binoculars sometimes.

Sitting in the middle seat of the U-Haul, Gain frowns in concentration and their eyes nearly close as they send an invisible pulse of plasm out into the surrounding area as they pull up. After a brief failed start they curse under their breath, “Fuck, gate guard’s dead, the gates open and three people are inside with oil drums. They also left a van by the warehouse entrance.” They mutter and then pull a scarf up over their mouth and nose, and the hood of their hoody up. “How do you wanna do this?”

"Well do they know the fecker's dead? Maybe now would be a good time for one of us to snatch em up before they notice and that could get us by the biometrics and all that other stuff while we stack them in the back there. I can knock one of em out if need be. I ain't the quietest but no use sneaking by someone whose unconscious I figure." Bryce shrugs.

Frowning and moving to get out of the U-Haul, Gainn responds over their shoulder, “All cameras are monitored off site, and unless the bad guys fixed that then the police are already on their way.” They start jogging towards the opened gate. “Sides the doors are already opened, we just need to fuck the bad guys up and go from there, right?”

Bryce sighs deeply. "Well....alright I guess I'm ready when you are then boy. I think our best chance is if we're nice and quick ya?" Bryce gets ready for for combat as he puts on his punchin' gloves. "Was hoping to avoid this kind of encounter but to be totally honest with you it probably suits me more than the other route."

Sliding through the gate as they go, Gain’s form seems to grow harder to see, as if the shadows pulled up and caressed them. They run past the van parked by the entrance to the warehouse and stop outside the door for a moment before slipping like a shadow inside and heading towards the last known locations of the three intruders.

Bryce follows behind Gain punching his fists together. He seems pretty confident despite not really having anything on him but a pair of gloves. He creeps up behind Gain but he's not really sneaking or anything he figures Gain is sneaking to save his own butt and doing his thing. He's just going to nonchalantly trounce around apparently.

There is indeed an open van waiting and is loaded with many mystery boxes already. Who knows what these guys are taking themselves. There are flashlight strobes visible here and there in the aisles if they peer in through the open bay door and then eventually they see two of them moving a very heavy oil drum full of something towards the door they're presumably standing near if they're looking in to see. No cops have shown up yet, so that's a plus, but it is about 1:45am so the security patrol might be a concern in the near future.

Gain will recognise they look like gang members and will identify the silver and black they're wearing as Vice Disciples, a particularly vicious gang from Moosetown

Reaching down to their belt, Gain slides free a Kukri Blade, using their body to shield any glint of it from the two guys rolling the drums of expensive chemicals. “Gang bangers, Vice Disciples” They whisper to Bryce them move around to the left hoping to get behind one of them, their Kukri now angled along their arm.

"Oh....a knife? Hrrrm." Bryce punches his hands together again. "Guess I got no choice but to use lethal force. Ah a shame." He whispers. "Ready when you are Kid's friend. Wasn't your first choice but I'm a lot less messy than the boss man so at least I got that going for me..."

It’s almost unnoticeable, but theres a little shiver that runs through Gain moments before they slide around the guy on the lefts back, knife coming up around and across their neck. A quick pull and they whip the blade across and past their neck, and comeing back up in a guard stance even as the blood sprays across the area in an arc.

Gain stabs forward with the knife, burying it in the guys back, and using his body as partial cover from his partner as he moves to finish the asshole off.

Bryce comes up and starts handing out naps. He seems to just trounce up to the man in his usual drunken gait and throws a big punch to the man's temple. "Sorry friend. It's lights out for you." WHAM! The irishman's fist buries itself in the man and he goes down.

Endo, searching for that one last box, hears the commotion, draws his knife and comes running at the pair that has practically done in his gang brothers. "What the fuck?" He looks to be making a move to attack.

Spider can't breath. He's spitting up and frothing up blood from his pierced lungs in fact. But he makes one last valiant effort to nail Gain in the face with his fist. Lucky for Gain, unlucky for him, he slides on his own blood like a cartoon character, wildly flailing his arms before face planting into the polished cement floor. Even the Russian judge gave him a 9.6 for that landing.

Seeing the third guy rush towards them with a knife drawn from around the isles, Gain leaves Gurgles to splutter on the ground in a pool of blood. They rush forward, feinting with a lunge to draw Endo out before taking a more solid stance and sweeping the blade around and drawing blood.

Bryce punches the other guy Gain just stabbed right in the jaw. "Come on friend that's no way to approach your elders." His fist draws back as the other man crumples to the ground. "Guess this counts as doin'....something." Out of the corners of his eye the Bryce spots the guy whose insides are probably torn up trying to get up and take a swing at him. "Ooooh no you don't!" Bryce says with a swift kick to the guy trying to get up. He turns to Gain. "Alright, load 'er up, let's get outta here ya?"

Gain yanks one of the little maps out of their pocket and hands it to Bryce, “Nice moves, guess I know why our mutual friend sent you.” They say, the maps are broken up for locations of items needed, should be six items total. Two on the bottom shelf, two middle, and two up top that they will have to get down with a lift or ingenuity. Gain immediately rushes off to grab things off the bottom shelf, cause well fucking short.

"Oh thanks I guess..." Bryce says as he goes for the top shelf stuff being about a head or so taller than Gain. "I have to wonder what they were doing mixed up in all this. Thought this was a supposedly legitimate enterprise but I suppose everyone these days it dirty some way or another..." He grumbles as he tries to load up as fast as he can.

As luck would have it there is a fork lift in one of the aisles if the pair search around long enough. The keys are in it but, they're not /that/ simple to operate. It may take some finesse if either is unaccostomed to driving things. But the rest of the items are fairly simple, if not somewhat time consuming to find in the vast warehouse.

Bryce hops on the forklift and manages to snag the stuff from the top. While figuring out the controls he hums to himself quietly, loading everything up bit by bit. He was the main driver from his group so even if or when he's slightly sauced he usually doesn't do all that bad all things considered.

The shadows fading from around Gain as they run through the isles looking for the specific crates, their form seems to bulk up a bit, their face hidden under the mask and hood grows more bestial. When they find the first crate, they manhandle it then move on to the second bottom shelf crate and pull that one out as well and rush them to the van. Once there, they start dumping anything in the van in their way, and start loading up the crates. “You wanna get the last two crates while I make room here? Since your so damn good with that thing.”

"Eh sure...whatever why not. Yep. Almost got all of them... so you go ahead and clear things out and we'll ber ready for takeoff cap'n." He wrinkles his nose but keeps at the getting of the loot. "Better get outta here soon so's we don't bump into any patrols..."

As Gain works to make room for the last two pallets, they turn in time to see Bryce come driving in with a gleam in his eye. “Ohh shit,” They mutter and duck around the side of the van out of the way, and well pray.

Bryce finishes up getting the loot and hops in the fan. "Alright Friend's Friend. Let's get the hell outta here." He turns the key and slams on the accelerator of the vehicle. "This could get awfully hair awfully quick sooo it's actually probably good that I don't know you too good." He chuckles.

The patrol car has just pulled up to the wide open get. There is only one security guard in it and he looks puzzled as to why the gate would be open. He's got a radio to his mouth as he drives through the open gate and starts to take a look around then he sees a black van coming his way. No plates. This can't be good. He doesn't get paid enough for this shit!

Sitting in the passenger seat of the black van, Gain takes a moment to look back and wonder what other shit the gang bangers had loaded into this van before they appropriated it. Then the Van is moving, and they turn back to see the gate approaching, as well as the patrol car. “Well fuck, at least this isn’t our car!”

Bryce rides up to the security van calmly and taps on the window. "Evenin' there Mr. Johnson...I just thought that I would give you a friendly reminder that you didn't see anything. It was like that when we got here. After all, the...persons involved have a very extensive information network. Names...addresses....family members...accounts. Well anyway, just...take it easy. This isn't your problem. This will be the most pleasant way to deal with this situation. You're not paid nearly enough to deal with havin' yer face suspended over a vat of molten metal in a soundproof room. Alright...have a nice evening Ian. Don't raise a fuss or you'll hear from us again. Go about like nothin' happened...and you won't." And with that Bryce peels off.

Brooding in the passenger seat, Gain doesn’t even have words for what just happened. They look over at Bryce, their face mostly obscured by the bandana and just gapes at him.

Johnson grips the steering wheel with white knuckles as the 'chat' becomes more of a threat and his mouth begins to gape open. He nods silently finally, really too afraid to say or do anything else. He's not even armed. /Definitely/ doesn't get paid enough for this shit. Tomorrow he's looking into driving for Uber!

Bryce glances over at Gain as he slowly rolls the window down. "What? Yeah we coulda dashed out but I f'gure better to coerce cooperation. Probably didn't go as well as you woulda liked but only a diversion woulda got those cunts away from the goods." He puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it up, breathing in sharply. "And that woulda been just as messy but you got your shite so I'm gonna consider this a...coulda gone worse scenario."

“Aint that the damn truth.” Gan mutters in response, tilting their head to watch out the side mirror as they drive away. “Good thing we parked the U-Haul so far away. Drop me off in a bit and I will head back to it and we can meet out on (Insert road here) about ten miles out of town and move the good and ditch the van. Sound like a plan?”

Bryce shrugs. "Eh yeah sure that's probably the pragmatic way to do things. I think that'd just about tie it together right before you do...whatever you were doing with it." He waves a hand dismissively. "Not too shabby working with you Friend's Friend."