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Sentinel investigates timywobbly business.

Dramatis Personae

26 November, 2015



Jake & Sons

Our heroes find themselves at the outskirt of the city, approaching the fine respectable establishment that is Jake & Sons diner settled a bit too far away from the highways to actually be a profitable business, infact it's close to an industrial area and generally considered to be pretty shit and mostly sees business from nearby workers. There was a little incident that took place here which brought them the attention of the local Wise and other things.

Jake and his sons came out suddently having lose several days of time, saying they just spent it in there but when they came out several days had passed. The cops of course took them for being insane, and the diner was soon closed down by local wizard authorities. Now dispatching replaceable mooks to look into it. The diner is settled in the middle of a larger parking lot for trucks, at this time of day only three of them are there, probably with the drivers sleeping in the back. The diner is closed down but several lamposts scattered around light up the outside.

Leah's beaten up jeep is still pretty reliable. She drives herself and Sage to Jake and Sons' place. Pulling up into a parking spot just a little bit away from the building she turns the car off, and takes the keys out of the ignition. A glance is given toward the diner and then back to Sage. "Shall we?" Her car door is shoved open and she's getting out to walk toward diner.

For the ride along Sage is largely silent, staring at the sights as they go by. He's quick to hop out of the jeep, and gives a nod to his fellow Sentinel. "Nothing but. I just hope it's not ghosts. Starting to get real sick of their shit."

To the Supernal Sight it is clear that the Diner is under the influence of some spell or another, although much of it seems to be hidden suggesting a Prime Cloak of one manner or another. It seemd confined to the diner exactly, settling into the walls and doors.

"There's something stuck to the building. Some smell of some sort." says Leah, staring at the diner front. A frown is given and she reaches her hand for the door but drops it a moment later. A glance is given at Sage and she says, "What do you see on the walls?" A pause and then, "Hmm... Aah." She pulls her cellphone out of her pocket, takes off one of her shoes, drop the cellphone into her shoe-- opens the door of the dinner and nudges the shoe in far enough that she can pull it back out via the shoelaces.

The only scrutiny from Sage is pointed at Leah, "I'm just gonna take your word for that." His confusion becomes further obvious as he takes a step back and furrows his brow. "You know, if you wanted to break in I'm sure a lockpick or a big enough rock should do the job." The elborate trap activating device is empployed! Slooowly the shoe is pushed over the edge of the door, slowly crossing this barrier into the obvious trap that is waiting for them. Holding their breath, a heartbeat passes, then a moment, then awhile.

Nothing happends, not a thing.

Leah slowly pulls the shoe back out when after about thirty seconds. Said shoe is stuck back on her foot (sans cellphone). She looks at the phone and then tosses it toward Sage. "What's the time difference compare to your phone?" She goes about tying her shoe back up. "Wanted to see if just going inside the place made time go all catterwonky."

"You know Sand?" he asks when catching the cellphone. It's only given a cursory glance before he continues talking. "He does the same thing when he thinks the ghost spiders are coming for him. Cellphone in one shoe, lighter in the other. Anyway." He takes another quick study of the phone, and then pulls out his phone. "I don't really know. It looks like yours is about 2 years newer. I got mine a while back, but that thing was stolen so can't really say. Maybe mine is just a year older." Beat. "I always have 'Verne figure this stuff out."

Leah takes her phone back from Sage and steps backward. A glance is given to the phone and then back to Sage. "Okay. Go in, stay in for a minute, and then come back out, I'll time you on this side." She fusses with said phone as she does.

"Do I need to take my shoes off too?" he asks as seriously as a heart attack. "I don't wanna be rude or anything." A shrug follows, he opens the door, and heads inside with a quick glance back outside.

Stepping inside, there's much of nothing happening at first glance. The Diner is dark and empty, although it still smells of fries and grease, and it looks greasy. He can almost feel it on him already, but turning looking out again. Leah is stood there, moving very veeerrryyy slooowlllyyyy. Clearly someone cast a spell on her, everything is fine in here.

Leah doesn't answer Sage's questions, she just waits for him to go inside. A glance is given up to him and then toward her phone and then-- well he's moving around like a hummingbird. She lifts a hand calls out to him, "Come back out."

Sage takes his time inside. Literally. He looks around for a few moments, and when nothing is too out of the ordinary he turns to Leah. He stares at her, brow quirked. "Okay," he mutters, and proceeds back out. "Okay. This is strange and anoying."

"Well." says Leah with a shrug of her shoulders. She looks curiously at the building a moment and then looks back to Sage. "Think you could find the source of the spell?"

A moment passes, before the door behind Sage is suddently slammed shut. The motion of some shape can just barely be seen passing by, supposedly being what closed the door. And strange distorted sounds can be heard from inside the Diner.

"Well what, slowpoke?" His eyes narrow as he stares at her, and then he turns around to face the shop again. "Okay then. I now see your point." He pauses briefly, scratching at his chin until the door is slammed shut. He pulls from the Aether, and begins looking for source of whatever's causing this. Quickly he notes, "Service like this is why they can't get people out here."

Leah watches some shape in motion inside of the diner. A frown is given and she gives a shake of her head and looks toward the door again. A deep, deep frown is given. She lifts her voice to call out while Sage is working, "I will /burn this place down/ if you do not come out right this instance."

The strange sounds continue, they are hard to really catch as well, things don't really work the way they should when things are out of sync like this. Briefly they almost think they hear a power drill, wizzzzzzzzzzzz. But it seems whatever it is, they do not intend to come out.

Leah frowns at the door and the inside noises coming out. A deeper frown presses onto her lips and she touches her fingers against the bracelet on her wrist. A small hiss is given and she flicks her wrist toward the door which bursts into an explosion of fluttering bright bright blue and yellow wings, which scatter in all directions.

As the door becomes all alive and butterfly-y? It reveales a fishingline which was attached to it, which in itself was attached to a shotgun pointed towards the door. That was not there when Sage left, the line is still attached to butterflies however as they dispise and fly! A BANG! follows as the shotgun fires into a cloud of butterflies, it is a butterfly massacre.

"What do you think you're-" That question was answered relatively quickly via butterfly swarm, and then a new question arises with an explosion of butterflies. A short life, and a short end. Nothing short of a vicious cycle that leaves Sage blinking, and preparing a spell of his own. After a few whispered incantations of High Speech he goes about trying to remove the spell as best he can.

As Sage begins his mighty magic mojo, seeping away the potency of the spell that lingers around the diner. There's another quick movement of a shape running past, and something speeds towards Sage .. slowing down considerably once it leaves the diner. It looks like a birthday card or something which slowly moves on the wind towards him before landing halfway between him and the diner.

Leah walks over to the birthday card and picks it up, opening it if need be to see what is inside of it.

He begins to ready another casting when he's greeted by a birthday card that's a bit too late, or perhaps too soon all things considered. He stares at it a bit too long until Leah picks up. "What's it say?" he asks whilst casting the same spell as before. More High Speech, and more Prime are in order clearly, and it's what he serves up. The birthday card when opened starts playing a happy birthday tune, although it's a bit old and used which makes it sound weird more than anything. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday deaarrr... On the card it says "You are hereby cordially invited to The Gathering at <adress X> on the 27th of November at 9pm for pleasantries and fun. Formal attire is preferable, avoid obvious firearms. XOXO".

Leah frowns at the card and hands it over to sage, since he's asking about it. Or at least holds it out to him, waiting for him to finish his chanting and casting before handing it to him. A glare is given in the direction of the diner once more.

The spell is cast, and soon his attention turns to Leah and the card. "So?" It's handed off, and he reads it aloud as if an audience is waiting on bated breath. "Okay," he says when done, "I think this is to you. I haven't used a gun in a while, and you're the only one here packin' heat."

A moment later Leah is no longer holding a birthday card, she is holding a grenade. And its most prominent feature would be the lack of a pin. They barely register it before it explodes, seems it was of the explosive variety rather than the shrapnel one. BOOOOOOOOOOM! It goes kicking up dust and sending the two of then flying.

"Fuck!" says Leah before she goes flying backward, having tried to throw the grenade toward the diner in the split second she has to think. And then she's rolling across the ground. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" The entire way.

Before he can add in another snide remark there's an explosion in front of him. He's quick to throw up him arms for all the good it'd technically do him, but the supernal armor is enough to stop it all. The force is enough to still push him back a step, and give him a bit of shaky footing until he restabilizes himself. "Okay! Fuck this! You got some gas!?"

Leah pushes herself up off of the ground and frowns a little bit deeply. A shake of her head is given and she says to Sage, "Back of the jeep." Meanwhile, she closes her eyes and her skin? It begins to take on a strange ruddy tint to it.

"Good." Sage doesn't wait for her to give permission for what he's going to do next. To the jeep he goes to grab the canister, and slowly begins forming a line around the diner. Next he douses the walls, uses the remaining gas to form a nice little line to the door, and checkes it in for good measure. Back to the jeep he goes, and then returns again with a pack of matches. "If you wanna object nows the time to try to stop me," he says whilst waving a match.

He strikes the match against the box, and tosses that inside for good measure. He squats down, and stares inside awaiting another birthday card before he does it. The matches is dropped on the trail of gasoline, and the next thing you know the cold Maine air ain't too bad. He stands back up, and dusts his hands off on his sides. The flame snakes off in every direction, and Sage simply stands there to enjoy the fire. In seconds the place is up in flames like a giant candle. "Happy birthday, you rat bastard sons of bitches.