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Bloodied Black Feathers and Snow

But if it follows one of us, the other can track it.

Dramatis Personae

Siren, Saalah, and Saulot as ST

12 March, 2018

Siren follows Saalah along for a hunt, and things go honking south.


The Woods of Hanging Hills

It's later at night and a few days have passed since Saalah's first come out to the cabin. Tonight he's brought her out for what he says is the search for something malevolent. The presence has been felt the last few days, although its not been too easily seen. The result has been migraines for Siren while Saalah occasionally searches for it. Despite how cold it is and how bad the migraines she's gotten he's dragged her out to help take care of the problem as well. Teamwork and all that. Due to how dangerous things are his familiar is in the material while he's already scanning the area when outside the cabin.

Siren is not really used to headaches but she puts on her brave face and comes out into the forest dressed in a half furred cloak and carefully walking with the pair. Her movements are slow and she has a light covering over her eyes. She can still see, but the light isn't harming them as she sends her senses out while reaching to touch Saalah to keep her balance as they move.

The way forward is easy enough for now, and the pounding in her skull doesn't feel like a death sentence. At night it takes the use of magic to see in the darkness, and the snow doesn't make it that much better. "It shouldn't be too far, I think. It's probably a gulmoth or something close to that. It could be something simple, since I draw that kinda stuff out, but hopefull it can easily be dealt with." For his part the Moros is dressed in the peacoat and beanie he originally brought along with a pair of jeans and boots.

Siren gives a soft chuckle, her voice husky with pain and soft but still somehow lovely, "Probably, I will let you know if I sense something but in general that is about what I can do, unless I try and banish, but you are better at that.." She says almost thoughtfully as she steps through the snow, still touching from time to time to keep her balance.

Her headache slightly worsens, but it's still possible to focus. If barely. Saalah appears unfased, although he doesn't appear happy about what may be happening. He looks around, sniffing at the air for a moment before his gaze settles back on Siren. "I think we should be safe for a few kilometers, but if it comes to it maybe we should split up. Yeah?"

Siren rubs her temples slow and closes her eyes for a moment, she let's out a long sigh as she twists her head from side to side, trying to loosen up the muscle of her neck before she nods, "That should be fine." SHe says softly, "Push come to it, I can contact you if I need to. But if it follows one of us, the other can track it.." She doesn't mention again about her head, he knows about it and she isn't one to complain.

It's as if the drum beating in her skull is getting louder. The world around her shifts, and takes on a crimson hue. Saalah's voice grows distant despite the fact that he's right next to her. He reaches out for her shoulder to give her a soft squeeze, but it appears that he's reaching out with a clawed hand dripping with blood. All around she can see them, with much more intensity than before. The spirits haven taken on sharper, more ferocious shapes as they turn their attention upon her. Above it all a black, shifting cloud of darkness darts around, but it's as if its focus is solely on her.

The first sign something is wrong is the gasp from her throat as she wraps her hand around her head. Her whole body shakes and she does not yet look around. That is still Saalah tries to reach for her and her eyes widen and she jumps back, holding her hand up to keep him at bay. But she is in to much pain and confused to think of using a Blessing as she turns and takes one step, only to tumble and land on her knees. It is then that she sees the Spirits, in a way she has never before and she gives a screening sound as her eyes widen more and she let's out a whimper, "Get back!" Her voice raises in warning for Saalah, or a demand of the spirits it is hard to say.

Saalah's no longer there, likely departing elsewhere as the spirits draw closer. That black cloud nears closers and closer, and the beating doesn't stop. One of the spirits is in front of her already, cast in black and shadow as it bares razor sharp teeth. Its tongue lolls out as it snaps its teeth at her, ready to make her into a meal. ~Feed. Us,~ it grumbles in a hushed tone.

If she was able to think she might handle this better, but it is all pain and emotion among confusion. But she stares up at the spirit, her eyes gone wide and shot with the red haze that is covers her vision. She growls softly, almost like a refined animal and bares her teeth in return. "No.. You request, you DO NOT TAKE.." Yes her voice raises and probably makes her head pound more but she has never been the submissive type.

Even when rebuffed the creature doesn't deny itself it's hunger. It snaps its teeth at her again, this time only inches from her face. As close as it is the tenebrous thing could as easily take a bite of her face as it could her throat. Then that flying shade accompanies it by the side, both ready to start what would be a feast for the gathered spirits of decay ready to turn into a meal.

Siren kneels as she leans back and raises her hands, as a Blessing it is easier and harder but she simply has to cast the Blessing with a few muttered words. She tries to make a Shield between her and the Spirits and then twists her hands to banish them. Banishing is not something a Draoidh does lightly but each words sends pain through her head as her eyes narrow, in a way bring light to the darkness.

The magic snaps back at her, and sends the druid reeling. The spirit in turn roars in anger, and its shadowy companion joins in. Things were already dark, but they some how grow darker still as it raises a hand into the sky and in the next breath it's swinging at her for a chance to turn her insides outside.

The veritable demon howls out to the moon, and brings its claws down accross her chest. In the next instance it exposes the scent of blood to the cold night air, and soon enough the other creatures start howling with it. As the cacophany picks up the floating demon growls, "Feed!"

Ahh, Demons, that is not something she can has any powers over. But she does what she is taught and tries once more to put a Shield between herself and the spirits as she tries and gets to her feet as well. Not easy. She could try and open her mind to Saalah to call to help but the protector inside her doesn't want to draw him in till there is no other help.

This is... new. Maybe she has finally gone insane and since she can't see herself, she really has no idea what is going as she is lost in the pain of the attack and her figure grows from the delicate frame she is to over Saalah's normal height. glossy black wings appear on her back and her arms now end is useful weapons. She let's out a shreeking call and moves to slash at the Darkness in front of her.

The shadowy figure is soon joined by several others, all clamoring for a bit of her flesh even if she's changed. The one still at her isn't ready for the sudden return of pain as the newly made Brythian's beak tears into shadowy flesh. The taste that comes with it is somewhat familiar, but it matter for naught. The demon ducks back, and the others fall in to take its place. They all launch themselves at her - tearing, biting, and slashing at whatever purchase they can find through her feathers.

The new Swan Maiden is still not on her feet well, as she attacks with her beak she can only get to the closest of the Spirits. But she flares her wings trying to look bigger and more Magnificent as she let's out that sound that hard the dying hoping for her touch and the living shivering in awe.

The spirits don't seem the slightest bit perturbed as one of their number drops. Instead they continue circling Siren until they find an opening. They tear through what remains of her clothing, and carve further into her flesh as they slash and tear at her. As more of her blood falls to the snowy ground they howl, "Feed!"

Siren is silent, trying to hold in her pain as she moves with as quick of movements as she can, her wings flare as she takes a step back and to the side, but since she is surrounded that still gives him a chance to lash out with beak and hands/claws/nails.

Their numbers may be thinning under Siren's assault, but they're no less hungry for her death. With fewer still they claw and bite as her, and only get a few bloody feathers. They continuously howl, "Feed!" and despite their waning strength their combined voices are as powerful as their initial meeting.

Siren is either getting the hang of things, or her body is able to deal with the pain as things are healed as she goes along. She is silent now, letting her silent fury be felt as her form seems to swell as the Spirits start to disappear. Her beak catches one of the howling spirits and tosses it into two of it's bothers, letting them take care of eachother as she flares her wings and moves to lash out at the remaining pair.

There's little left of these malevolent things, and the remaining two keep soldiering on. They've hurt her already, and she should be softened up. Right? Wrong. Their attacks are ineffectual, and their raging hunger impotent as they can't even get a hold of her ebon feathers.

Siren is toying with them now, or so it might seem, she picks the one in front of her and her beak opens and she cries out in the way of her kind before she snaps her wings and her beak snaps on it's throat, tossing it to the side as she faces off with the one little malevolent thing that is lift all alone.

Now, there's only one spirit left. The rest of its comrades have discorporated, and without another word it slowly begin to back away. It looks around for a beat, turns, and then begins to high tail far and away from the Brythian.

As the spirit moves away, she simply blinks a few times, her wings flaring and then she shifts, one moment she is a beautiful Swan warrior and the next she is kneeling naked with afew slashes in her skin and her fingers buried in the earth.