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Blessings of Bathory - Life Aquatic

Part of Blessings of Bathory

Dramatis Personae

Molly, Ting,Isrieal, Dove, Deckard Candle as ST

7 February, 2018

JMolly and company head back down to rescue the crew of the sunken fishing boat and realize that they were in good *ahem* hands.




After planning on meeting at the ship, Molly coral's her crew and barks orders. Sails are set and anchor is lifted as La Vergaza heads out of the marina. Standing up on the quarterdeck, Molly checks the coordinates she recorded before. She knows right where this thing is now. At full sail, she lets Hank, one of the other sailors take over as she heads down to the deck, grabbing her wet suit. "We should be there soon people. Ok...plan is, we try to attrack this guardian thing that is down there and send it packing. I can lift the ship to keep it from getting pulled in." Pulled into what? "But that is going to take alot of effort." Moonlight shines over the deck as she grabs a few powerful lights. "Who else is diving with me? Izzy, you are on deck with the ....button, right?"

The moonlight reflects off of Isrieal's whtie hair with a silvery glow while she sits on deck, dressed in a long black fress with a victorian laced coat overtop. When Molly calls out to her she looks up from the spot she sits upon deck, strange contraption in her lap. She lifts her hand with a salute. "I've got the button!" The Russian calls.

Ting lifts her hand when the Captain is calling out orders. "I will dive," the little Spring says in a voice to match. "I can put protections on us when we go. Protection from water." She looks to Isrieal and nods. "If you want it. You will stay with the... her?" she asks as she looks to Dove. She knows very little about Vampires, so she has only clocked Dove as "special" and "worthy of secrets" like her mate, Jackson. What's a Vampire? "We could even just part the water and you lift the ship." Because that is SO easy, people.

Black leggings, t-shirt and chunky black boots are attire that make it clear that Dove wasn't expecting to go swimming tonight, but. "I can dive deep without any issues, but I'm not strong the way Jacks is. I am very quick though." The pink haired woman is already bending down to start to untie her boots so that they don't weigh her down in the water. "I can't offer any protections against the water itself, but I can protect against physical harm to an extent?" Hazel eyes sweep around the collected group, brows lifting.

Molly nods as she listens to the group. "We are dealing with a few threats. I can handle the water. I just wont breathe." She looks fairly serious about it. "From what I saw last time. There is a kelp forest down there. The kelp tries to grab you, so I am bringing my sword this time. The real threat is some dark creature that is swimming around. Its protecting this bubble down below. One ship is in the bubble, the other...well its laying somewhere close. Our goal is to rescue the sailors in the bubble. The beast..if it comes up here, Izzy knows what to do." Pulling her wet suit over her shoulders. "We ready?" Hank, the pilot, dings a bell, letting her know they have arrived.

Isrieal does know what to do, she thinks. "If it comes up?" She asks Molly. "I thought I was waiting until I heard your whisper. That's what your going to do, right?" She makes sure then gazes over Dove with her sharp blue eyes. That little Russian has an intimidating presence about her. "Hey there." She greets. "I'm Isrieal." If Dove is friends with the others then she must be okay. "You know Jackson too? Just met him the other night." She adds.

Ting nods, following along with all the known quantities avaialble to them at this time. "I can work with the grass. Flatten it, hold it. If Dove doesn't need to breathe...?" It's a question. "...Then we can have her helping both of us. Speaking underwater will be an issue, though. Unless we have air bubbles around us." She glances over to the Autumn and smiles. "Monster murder on deck seems right up your alley."

Boots off, Dove tucks them to the side and props her hands on her hips. "At the very leasy I can keep the beast distracted for a minute or two and then pray that I'm faster." Dove doesn't seem overly concerned, maybe eager is the better word? "Oh you're Isrieal!" Uh oh, they must have talked about her because Dove is tilting her head back and forth as if she's trying to tell something. No luck with whatever it is. "Nice to meet you." So offers a quick grin. "Uh, no. I don't need to breath," she offers back towards Ting. "So I'm good to go."

Swiming down into the depths of the frigid, black waters of the sea would have numbed the limbs of any mortal. Thankfully for the women such a thing doesn't necessarily apply. Still, as they swim down towards the kept forest, the verdant tendrils wave to and fro in an undulating pattern reminiscent of serpents. Further below, on the floor of an undersea shelf, a shimmering bubble is visible over a fishing boat.

Isrieal waits idly atop the deck, scythe beneath the bench she sits upon that she does peak down at. In the meantime she just watches the water, drumming her fingers against the 'button' and humming to herself. "Yep. Just me and the monster. Noooo problem." She makes the okay sign to the air and continues to wait to hear the signal or whatever is going to happen.

Molly swims down towards the fishing vessel. She will probably need Ting to get them up, or bring tanks down. But first, she knows there is something else lurking. That is what she came hunting for. Moving down to the kelp forest, she turnst to the others, letting the light illuminate the dancing green frond ropes then points down and signals to watch carefuly. Fingers to eyes, back to green seaweed.

Just before they were about to dive in, Dove stepped off to the side to mutter quietly to herself. Is she... praying? Maybe? It seems a little more like chanting than praying, and the words Dark Mother were uttered in there somewhere. Then she's ready, diving into the waters with the other. The darkness doesn't seem to effect her eyesight much as she glares around the area, keeping a look out for potential dangers.

And here we go! Ting is dive ready in a bikini, despite it being a god-awful 20 degrees or something out. It is part of her Contract, and they all benefit from it for a decent duration. They have a plan, slapped together with duct tape, which is really the coolest kind of plan when death is on the line. In the Spring goes, following Mol, using Deckard's illumination - that's handy! Ting swims like a fish, people, so she is blissfully happy to be going on the adventure. She sees the kelp and swims up beside MOlly, pointing that way. She wants a sign to take them out. Or something.

Deckard came along wearing his usual garb, but while the boat was making its way to its intended destination, he disrobed himself entirely, and used his blood red sash's unique ability to change shape, covering himself entirely. He was unfamiliar with Dove, whom he had kept an eye on during the trip, but was otherwise prepared mentally for whatever happened. Clutching the feather on the chain around his neck, Deckard withdrew the power from the fetter, and manifested his Keystone. He'd need it's ribbons of light to see, deep down in the dark. Looking to everyone once, he cracked his neck side to side, and hopped wordlessly overboard, into the cold water below.

Molly looks to Ting, noting that she has a direction. Nodding to her, she lets the Lost lead them. She warned her about the kelp. And the monster. Swirling until she

The person nearest to Molly is Ting. She grabs hold of the Captain and gestures quickly. Finger to her ears. Hand waving from her mouth, then she points down to the grass. A gesture for swimming. Best guess is, she hears something like words from a mouth? Down there? Swimming? In the grass? Artist interpretation! Then Ting moves a little ahead of Molly, because if nothing else, if needed, she can be the ultimate distraction.

Following near to the group, Dove seems to be doing just fine in the leggings and short t-shirt. There's no chest movements, no breathing, and she doesn't seem to be bothered by it either. Her eyes dart towards the other women as the miming happens, too far away to really make out what's being said. Her brows knit together as she just watches for now, swimming a little closer towards the group.

While Deckard wasn't the most fish-like swimmer, the Deathmask helped keep him at least a little dynamic in the water. It was hard to see, even with the cold glow of Expectation keeping him appraised of the surroundings. He was taking up the rear of the group in the water, but after seeing movement, he decided to pull ahead, diving deeper. He wasn't very good at sign language himself, so whatever hand motions he was making when he spun around in the water were likely to be lost on anyone, aside from perhaps him pointing to the glowing blade in his hand. More or less, he pointed to the same direction as Ting, so that must have meant something.

The strands of the kept seem to swish more in the water, almost reaching out from where they were content to sway originally. The dark shapes split up and there's now two swirling around the shimmery bubble and a third that's starting to come up to approach the group. It's a shark...maybe. Definitely long and thin but in these cold waters? Can't be a shark. Nope. As the form becomes more and more clear your eyes pick up traces of fin and tail and...arms? It's no shark.

Molly blinks a few times. This is not expected. She keeps in line with Ting, willing to follow up with these creatures. This is new and she has seen alot. Her sword is slide back to her side, not wanting to appear threatening. Tapping Ting on the shoulder, she points to the mermaids then back to Ting, making a hand movement for talking. Ting should talk to them.

Ting is excited! She is a nereid! Does anyone know this? Probably not. But the pale blue-haired Changeling hurries forward, like someone reuniting with family. This is either a very good idea, or a very bad idea. Some are friendly. Some are not. The hopeful Spring is taking a chance and ventures forward reaching out for the nearest nereid with an eager hand. She is gesturing to the part, then down to the ship. It is not easy to convey with her hands, but her gestures show her gathering up, then swimming up. She wants to collect people. This could be very bad... She gestures at her mouth, calling air to her so she can speak in a bubble.

Is that a mermaid??! Mermaids are real?! Says the vampire in her own mind. Hazel eyes widen at the sight of the creature, the knitted brows pushing together like one super long one in the confusion. Then Ting is swimming excitedly towards the creature, Dove taking a few strokes forward as if to warn her off. But she pauses, figuring that maybe these guys know more about this sort of creature than she does. Maybe it's friendly? Either way, she's starting to mouth to herself. No words in the water, but her lips are moving, ready if she needs to cause a distraction.

Weaving along the path that Ting and Molly had directed earlier, Deckard came to float alongside the divers, his eyes narrowing as the mermaid came into view. When Ting took off towards hit, his first instinct was to follow as quickly as possible, but with his weapon out and his only real means of sight that deep down, he err'd on the side of caution. He hung back a little, observing. It wouldn't take much to out an on edge Deck into action.

The Nereid, her long fins swishing in the ocean's current, raises her spear upon the sight of the others but hesitates from taking offensive action as it spies Ting. She cants her head to one side and peers curiously at the group.

Molly has no weapon out now simply staying back to where Ting swam out to the Nereid from. There is a bit of confusion in her eyes but she floats, waiting for the Lost to resolve this. Hopeful that she can resolve this. As much as it would be nice to take down a sea monster, there are far better things to do on a Tuesday night.

Not unexpected. Ting slows her forward momentum and holds up her hands in a relenting manner. "Hi hi. It's me, Ting." Because sea creatures all know one another, right? "My friends and I..." She gesture to the party. "...We are here to rescue the sailors in that ship. So they can live. On land. Like humans do. They will run out of food and air down there. It's not safe. We have to lift the ship and save them. Ok? Is that ok? Can you help us?" She glances to Molly and shrugs. "They might not know English. I don't know. They are protectors of the sea. They should be open to this." She looks back at the nereid and holds out her hand to her. "You can just take me. I can do it, Mol," she says back over her shoulder. Hope, hope, hope.

Lips still moving, Dove remains exactly where she is, not getting any closer to the mer-creature than she has to, not wanting to spook it. But even as she murmurs to herself, her eyes start to drift through the waters again. Where there's one, there could always be more. Quiet, alert. It's all she can do at the moment.

Deckard, once Ting had swam out to speak with the mermaid, tensed up quite a bit. As he floated there, his invisible wings flapped about, his eyes darting around. As he looked around, just to make sure there was no other danger, he made sure to keep the Lost in his line of sight. In the water, he wasn't as effective as on land, underground, or even in the air...it wasn't until Gnaw suggested to him a little whisper, inaudible to anyone else, that he decided to don another unseen ability...just in case.

The creature nods to Ting and urges her to follow with a quick and sweeping gesture of her wickedly-barbed spear. With a flick of her massively long tail, she changes direction as fast as a shark chasing a seal pup and starts to swim down to the bubble of air ahead of them to give word to her compatriots not to attack the group.

As the group approaches, the three creatures hover at the edge of the bubble and gesture that they should enter at a specific point so that they can land upon the fishing boat's deck.

Molly follows along, a bit dumbfounded for the Captain. How long have these things been down here? She has salvaged for years and not a glimpse of one. Letting Ting take full lead now, Molly keeps up and slips through at the indicated point, landing on the ship deck with a thump.

"Thank you!" Ting gushes as she begins to whip through the water after the nereid. She is fast, and doesn't wait for the others. "They speak English," she titters for Molly's benefit as she moves along. "Maybe we just swim them up one at a time..." The faerie is thinking aloud. "Maybe we let them keep the ship as payment for their good deeds." She goes to the appointed place on the deck, stopping to wait on her slow swimming pals.

Deckard also followed, once the universal sign for 'come along' had been provided by the water dwelling creature. As he did, little itty bitty spines began to poke out from underneath his blood red garment. What could they have been? If he were to simply readjust the scarf, fins and membranes of various sorts would pop right out. For the time being he kept them under wraps and swam slowly, and when he saw Molly pop through the air bubble he followed suit. Landing with a dull thud, as if he were heavy for his size, he opened his mouth immediately and sucked in as much air as he could muster. "Better." He looked around, and then up to the mermaids, expression curious.

Eyes wide and mood cautious, Dove follows along behind Ting and the mermaid. So there was more of them! It doesn't take terribly long for the pink haired woman to swim down to where Ting is waiting for the rest of the group. Air bubble? She doesn't have to worry about it, save the oyxgen for those who might actually need it. She does mouth the words 'Holy shit' though, gesturing towards the mermaids with excitement. Almost one hundred and fifty years and she's never seen anything like it.

After Dove has settled for a moment, her eyes narrow, head tilting towards the sounds of people. She makes a gesture downward. She releases the spell from earlier, and instead of a blast of light appearing, a trail begins to form instead, leading towards the sound of voices. Follow the lights.

Molly starts to walk across the deck. First things first. Looking around, she heads towards the front to see if there is a ships log. She tried this before with an army of annoyed ghosts. Now at least there is less commotion. Noting Dove's motion then the sounds, "Oh, they are alive. We are in time!" She instead turns to head downstairs, "They must be really out of it..."

Ting looks over at Dove and grins at her arrival. "I think they were holding them here to protect them. Probably from Molly's monster. When we pull them out, something bad my join us to reclaim its victims. We will need to be quick. We can take them one at a time, the fastest swimmers. I can have the water pull us all upward very fast. But if something shows up... Deckard..." she begins, shifting a truly wary glance on them all. "Wait! I hear something. Oh no. They need help!" Well, of course they do. That is why they are all in the Atlantic in 20 degree weather in the first place. The Waterborn moves toward the sound. "We're coming!" she calls out. "Hurry!"

Once he was within the air bubble, a peculiar piece of magic that Deckard had only ever encountered within The Market, he decided he'd have to look into the situation himself at a later date. The presence of mermaids alone would warrent some poking and prodding into things, and Dmwhile Deckard wasn't as old as Dove, he had seen some shit. When Dove conjured lights to follow, Deckard's keen land-based hearing came into play.

At Ting's insistance that they needed help, he coughed and 'ahem'd' really loudly. As if to say something. "They're fine. That moining isn't pain. The sailors are fucking." As if to punctuate his statement, he made a circle with one hand and poked his finger through it repeatedly. "What I'm concerned about is the monster wanting them when we bring them back up. You all go on ahead, I'll stay here to think of something." He waved the expidition onwards, turning to look up at the mermaids above. "Hmm..."

Dove could probably get them up really fast, but would they survive it? She really hasn't tested that theory, and chances are that the shock alone could kill them if they've already been down here for too long. A brow arches up as Deckard explains what the group is doing, a look of amusement dancing across her features for a moment. That has to use up a lot of air! Well, they're going to have to hurry up, because she's darting down there now.

As the group heads below deck they get an eye full of "Two Mermaids, one Flounder" or maybe "Floppy Fish F*ckers II". Two watery nymphs (with legs) are writhing in passionate embrace over one of the more burly and arguably attractive fishermen. The others are either passed out in various states of undress or left completely naked. Though the Nereids weren't planning on harming the men, they weren't about to let such vaulable resource go unused and, all told, the men even in their half-drugged state, seem more than willing to contribute

The faerie stops dead where she is and turns around to look at Deckard when he makes his prediction. "Well... at least they are in good spirits. Ready for Spring," she announces with glee. "Mm, do we wait? Captain?" Yes, Molly, is it protocol to wait until sailors are done doing what it is that they are doing before a grand rescue? Tell us, Miss Pirate. The Waterborn looks to Dove and shrugs. Not her wheelhouse. The sailors, or the wahetever. But whatever the plan, she is ready to rescue a freshly fucked sailor. Priorities! They head below deck and the Spring just stops and stares. "Hmm," she offers curtly. No rush on that rescuing thing. Again, best to be polite. "Um, we're here to... I don't know. Are we rescuing them?" she asks the group. Things change. Ting is blushing now and bursts into a fit of giggles.

Molly comes down, fully believing that Deckard is full of it. That is people moaning from dehydra....wha? Standing in the doorway, Molly just blinks and leans against the wall. Holding up a finger to Ting, she checks her watch, glances over at the current 'activity' then gives them a wave. "When you are done, just...we will come get them. Um...five minutes ok?" Wrinkling her nose, she looks over to Ting and starts to laugh as well. "Seems they are in good hands...ahem."

A new voice speaks behind the group from a woman who not so much walks down the stairs as she does slither. "You must forgive my daughters. They have so rarely the chance to bare children." The sound of scales rubbing against the stairs can be heard as she comes fully into view. "The landwalkers are unharmed. We had to keep them -mostly- sedated until the storm passed." With a hissing command that sounds something close to a cat's hiss and a whale's moan the apparent leader bids her two daughters to remove themselves. "Take them and be gone...but know that the Storm Witch prowls the nearby shores."

It didn't take long for Deckard to extend tendrils of Plasm into the environment, his mind's eye scanning the black for anything out of the ordinary. Well, more out of the ordinary than usual. It truly took no time at all to discover that the only residents of the immediate several mile wide radius were the fishies and the half fishies. With a shrug, he dropped the extension of his will and hurried to join the others.

Unlike the women in the group, upon arrival and bearing witness to the mermaids copulating with the sailors, Deckard didn't smile, or laugh, or anything of the sort. Completely stone faced, he rolled his eyes at the antics. "Really?" He asked Ting and Molly, clearly unaware that maybe letting some of them 'finish' was anything more than a waste of time. "While we wait for them, I can collect air in my scarf. Should be enough to give them each a small air supply tonreach the surface." Humorless and, was that a hint of irritation at the corners of his eyes?

The Waterborn bounce approaches the slithering female and offers her a little curtsy. "Lady Mother of the Nereid, we thank you for protecting these sailors and offering your beautiful daughters as fruitful entertainment. If you like, I can send you a lot of very eager men from Fallcoast to impregnate at least..." Ting seems to be counting in her head. "Oh, twenty easy. Rowdy bunch. Very fertile." By this time, Molly is surely urging her along. Men to save. The Spring picks a clothed one to ferry up, and will repeat this as many times as needed. "Hi hi, I am here to save you," she is telling a sailor who just minutes before was totally boning down on an ocean nymph. Timing.

When the matriarch came into view, Deckard's attention snapped to her. "Speaks English." He muttered, already standing in a defensive posture. When Ting approached her and gave her the spiel, he also approached. "Storm Witch?" He asked. Straight to the point, no greetings or unnecessary words. He almost growled them out, even, a curious expression on his face. He would help ferry the sailors to wherever they needed to go, and reel them in like fish on a net using his scarf when the time for it came, but he was interested in the mother...and what she might have to say. Not often does one get the chance to meet a mermaid, let alone speak with one.

The matriarch nods to Deckard and folds two of her arms over her chest and the other pair fall into fists at her 'hips' as she speaks. "We came at the behest of another but when we saw the storm's approaching we moved to investigate. One ship was quickly encased but we were able to save the other two." Turning her gaze to her daughters who slide by the group like teenagers who should have finished with their chores but were caught goofing off. They left the men half drunk and confused on whatever horizontal surface they had been laid out on for their 'contribution'. "We would have sent them back but another storm rose up and we did not think they would be safe."

Molly puts her hands on her hips, arms akimbo as she listens to the Matriarch. Should she introduce herself? She sails these waters, definately they have seen her before. She also killed half their rescues. Lets just save these people and leave. Turning, Molly swims up and gets some air tanks to bring more along. Over the next half hour, she has Deck help her gets some up top while Ting has her own way of offering salvation to the surface.

A job well done. Ting makes three passes herself, sonic swimming the men up to the surface with alacrity that is not meant for mere mortals. They are dumped, gently, on the ship, offered some story about how they are dreaming, sea sickness, and angels from Heaven coming down to save them. It sounds fantastic and just believable enough to those who have skirted death. Remember those hallucinations about having sex with mermaids?! Sleep well, sailors. Then she takes a seat below deck to ponder her life and what she is doing with it. They weren't moaning in pain... Weirdest night ever. A sea monster would have been less shocking.

"Behest of another. Able to oblige?" He was curious and didn't quite have the best manners, not yet anyway, but he couldn't help himself. "You did this to protect the sailors, sinking their ships. Noble. Why?" Why indeed. He was more curious about the Storm Witch, but questions had to be asked. When He started to get nagged on to help, he sighed. "Thank you either way. Surely there is a way to repay your kindness?" The question was asked without explicit intentions of procreation in mind, but to the others it might not quite have come across that way. After, he continued to assist Molly in smequipping the sailors, and bringing them safely to the surface.

The matriarch turns to slither-climb her way up to the deck to leave but pauses upon hearing Deckard's question. "My dear man...=you= are of no use to us in your present condition. But...thank you none the less for the offer."