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Blessings of Bathory - Ice Ship
Dramatis Personae

Isrieal, Ting, Amastacia, Jackson, Molly, Candle as ST

28 January, 2018

Several parties, some from different directions and for different reasons decide to go investigate the ship that washed up after the Nor'Easter. This is part of the Blessings of Bathory Plot.


Impound Whar


It's late at night and the frozen yacht that washed up after the freak nor'easter has been drug over to the private, impound wharf and chained to the docks. Eight-foot tall chainlink fences capped with three rows of barbed wire and powerfully bright security lights guard the entrance. A sign reads "no admittance without approval" and a cop car sits in the nearby parking lot to keep watch over the thing. The cop within seems somewhat drowsy for his head is lowered though he could just be scrolling through his phone.

After speaking with Isrieal, Amastacia has told the woman to meet her in the impound lot's parking lot. So a few hours after sundown, a black McLauren pulls into the impound lot. In the back of the multi-million dollar sports car is three white lab coats, and a tackle box which will be replacing her satchel for the evening, stuffed full of her arcane ingredients and laptop, she'll leave the Colt in the glovebox for this venture. While she waits for Isrieal and her guest to appear, she opens her glovebox and pulls out a deck of tarot cards, closing her eyes as she focuses upon her own Pattern. Within her mind she forms an Imago of Fate weaving about her own Pattern, shuffling the tarot deck, mumbling in a strange slurring of words that if overheard by non-Awakened would sound like a crackpot's mad mutterings. As she goes to reach across the Veil to the Supernal Realms however, the Weave backlashes against her vulgar use of magic, and several discolorings cover the right side of her face as if a handful of rocks had been tossed at her head a few hours ago, but she manages to hold onto the spell despite the pain and force her Will upon the Fallen World.

Isrieal meets up with Molly and Amastacia at the impound docks. Knowing how all previous things have gone when people simply wanted to check something out, she's come in her ravenfeather dress. "Lucy, this is Molly." She points to the pirate. "Molly, this is Lucy. We've been on a few missions so far. Thanks for sticking around with the skull by the way. I want to run by the both of you something I found out about it." She glances between the two as they hang around the McLauren. "But we can talk about that later. How are we getting in here?" She glances to the lab coats and then lifts a brow at Lucy.

Molly is standing in her formal wear, well a pants suit. The difference is the lengths of chain she has looped from one shoulder to the opposite hip. "I can get us in, but not exactly the quietest way. Also, keep in mind if we need to examine it more closely, I say we take the boat out of there. I can do that, it just will take some...ahem...effort." Cracking her knuckles, she picks up a messenger bag and hanging it over her other shoulder."

And now the others arrive, so Lucy puts the deck into the glovebox and as the two women are talking she gets out the labcoats, putting one on, then handing the other two out, "I can get us in rather easily, just wear these and follow my lead." Once those are passed out she reaches back in to grab the tackle box, "Oh actually.." She glances at the cop car for a moment, "Just in case Izzy, give me your scythe for a moment, but uhh.. avoid letting mister officer over there see it yeah?" She motions to the other side of the McLauren so that the car is between themselves and the officer, walking around it herself, "Lets not steal a boat from the police yeah? At least, lets make that a last ditch effort. But I appreciate the enthusiasm." When she reaches the other side of the car she sets down the tackle box and awaits the scythe.

Isrieal noda and crouches down along the side of the car. It's there that she seemingly pulls the scythe from thin air and passes it off to Lucy, or lays it along the backseat. "Molly here knows all about ships. She's the captain of one." She says with a grin. "So we can get this thing out of here if we need. Or say if it started to sail off she could control it because I certainly can't drive a ship." She nods. Then she's taking up one of those lab coats and slipping it on overtop the raven dress, buttoning it down the center.

Molly folds her arms, thinking. "We need to be ready for whatever is on the ship, but if it's in a impound yard, most likely its hidden, otherwise we would have a bunch of dead cops to worry about." Thinking a moment, "If things go south, lets have a code word for getting out of dodge, scuttle the whole thing. "

Scythe in hand, Lucy begins muttering more mumbo jumbo, layering Fate over the weapon's Pattern, it only takes about twenty seconds and when she's done Amastacia hands the Scythe back, "There, should help you out." And then turning to Molly, "Well get the labcoat on, and scuttle code word is Apples." She nods self satisfactory, then once more, she's mumbling mumbo jumbo, doing a few arcane looking hand gestures in a sort of wavy pattern around Molly, though the Sin-Eater might not feel anything change about her right away before Lucy picks up her tackle box again, "Right then, so lab coats on, pretty smiles, shut up and follow me." And with that Lucy is headed towards either the cop car, or the gate booth, whichever has a person that is going to be able to let them into the yard

Isrieal stows the weapon back into the the either for now, until they can get past the cop at least. She combs her fingers through her moon white hair and nods. "Ready when you are. I assume you are going to do the talking?".

Molly pulls on the coat and adjusts it, tying her hair back. "I hope she is. I doubt they would trust much from you or me, Spooks. "

The guard booth is not actually a 'booth' but rather a connext shipping container mounted to a concreate pad next to the chain link fence. A walk-up window is located a few feet down from a simple metal door mounted in the side of the metal wall. Security cameras are strewn around the entrance to the gate as well as at the door to the box. A small sign next to the window reads "Push button for service".

While walking along, Amastacia is once again muttering absolutely garbage nonsense to herself as she forces one last Pattern around her within the Fallen World, smiling with herself as she feels the magic taking hold. As she arrives at the shipping container that serves as the guard booth she puts her tackle box on an appropriate counter-like surface and flashing the guard a big cute smile, "Hi there, I'm with the FPD forensics team, me and my associates here have to go in and get some more samples for this hard ass detective, wouldn't let us just go home and come back in the morning to do it." There's no ID badges or nothing, but by dint of her Blank Badges Legacy, her word alone should serve as all the identification she needs.

It takes a while for the guard to get to the window and the sight of three women, all in lab coats over what look to be rather non-professional attire, give him an oddly confused look. However, as soon as the mage works her will upon the man it all seems to suddenly make sense and his expression changes to something approximating sympathy. "Sure t hing...I'll buzz you through...but be careful of the ice. Already had to fish one person out of the bay because of it."

  • BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ* someone get the gate *zzzzzzzzzzzz* omy this is an annoying sound *zzzzzzzzz*

Isrieal follows along behind Lucy and waits for her to do her trick with the guard to get the gate open. When he actually lets them through she waves to him then glances to the others. "Alright, lets get this done with so that we can go home." She plays along and heads through the open gate.

Molly winces a little at the buzz but holds off her initial reaction to end it. Staying in character best she can, she simply follows Amastacia and Isrieal, adding in a little chirp of, "Yes, so we can watch Jeopardy and have dinner ready for our husbands." Thats what normal woman do these days, right? Heck its what she used to do when she was married so many years back. Maybe best Molly stay silent.

The dock is a maze of wharfs, jetties and such with boats, ships and all manner of aquatic crafts tied up here for one reason or another. However, there’s no missing the huge, 180 foot yacht tied up at the far end. The ship is one of those sleek, luxury-type models that appears to have been modified not for pleasure but for escort. There’s plenty of commo bits on the top and could easily have three or four decks in her. The ship is called “The Sentinel” as visible from the name on the side and is coated with a minimum of three inches of solid ice on the -sides- of the craft. The horizontal surfaces are covered by at least double that. http://imgur.com/nFKMvm7

Another cute smile, "Thanks hun." Amastacia grabs up the tackle box and tugs on the gate to open it up, rolling her eyes at Molly a bit as she lets the other two pass before her before stepping in and rolling the gate closed again. "Right then, I'm a bit stacked up so I can't do my amazing disappear and learn everything in two seconds like last time." She comments as she leads her way towards the dock containing their prize.

Molly follows along with the others. "It would have been out for days in a storm to get that kind of ice. Impressive..lets get on board and we can go from there. We may want to use a window to get in, if the cops have not cleared a doorway open yet. I wonder if the engine will start."

Isrieal pauses beside them and stares up at the boat. "Window works for me if there's no other way on. There's no stairs to the deck or anything?" She wonders. "We'll just have to be careful of that ice like he said, especially trying to climb through a window."

Amastacia nods a bit distractedly, she's already thinking since there's no gangway attached, they must have used something to get aboard, so without warning she splits off from the other two and indeed behind a nearby forklift a monster of a ladder, "Hey yo bird lady, get over here and help me with this." She puts down her tackle box, and Isrieal willing, the pair of them wrestle the massive ladder into position against the side of the icy yacht. She goes back to retrieve her tackle box and then nods, "Welp, I uhh.. guess I'll go first since I'm one handed, and if I fall one of you two wonderful ladies can catch me." And thus Amastacia begins making her crawl up towards the boat in question.

Isrieal helps Lucy prop the ladder and then let's her climb first, waiting at the bottom in case she needs to catch her. Once she makes it Isrieal begins the long climb up, moving carefully so that her footing doesn't slip. When she arrives at the top she hops to the deck and awaits Molly who's up in no time. "Is there anything specific we're looking for here?" She wonders and glances around the deck.

Molly reaches the deck by deftly scurrying up the ladder best she can. The bottom wobbles a bit but she makes it without issue, carefully moving to her feet, but keeping a hand on things. "We need to get inside I think. Which the key will be to do without making noise."

Amastacia offers a steadying hand to those climbing aboard after her, "Welp I'm good right here for what I want to do, but I know ya'll might have your investigations you want to do, so if ya'll can grant me a few moments here to do my thing, I'll gladly accompany you elsewhere up until I decide shit's too dangerous and then you're on your own." A light smile, hopefully she was just joking on that last part.

Someone, probably of that first team of investigators, was smart enough to rig some guide ropes along the edge of the ship so that you would have something to hang onto that wasn't covered in a coating of ice. There's only one door that's open and that's only because it was frozen in that position. It leads inside the ship.

Isrieals brows furrow as she stares down at the floor of the deck. Carefully she moves nearer to that frozen open door and looks up to look over at the other two. "I think some people may have been running from that room." She points to the open door. "Do we want to go in there to find out?" She lifts a brow. "I'm not going first this time."

Molly looks to Isrieal. "I will go first, just...hang tight. I mean, worst thing that can happen is I die, right?" Giving both of them a wink, she starts using the guide ropes to move forward, pulling the chain out as a weapon if need be, or even to catch herself.

Amastacia sets down her tackle box and pops it open. She pulls out her laptop and a book bound in ancient leather with several indecipherable runes running down the spine. She boots up the laptop and while that is happening she starts flipping through the leather bound book, though Molly's words catch her attention and she looks up, "Hey woah, hey, woah. Let me do this out here where there is certainly nothing going to interrupt me before we go poke the nest alright please?" She may be already too late but she doesn't really, care she's already back to the laptop, putting up a doppler radar reading from the time of the storm, then back to the book flipping through the pages to the spell she needs. Her finger runs down the page as she reads through the Atlantean text, mumbling to herself.

Isrieal crouches down somewhere between Molly and Lucy while Lucy works the spell. "Yeah, wait up a second." She calls to Molly. "It's better if we all go in at once."

Molly seems eager to get into the belly of this ship but hangs her head and turns, sliding back on her knees to them. "Ok, you make a good point, just over anxious."

Amastacia nods distractedly, "Thank you." Then she begins chanting in more garbled words that almost seem to warp as they leave her mouth. After a few moments of this chanting and doing strange motions with her hands, she falls still, then brings her hands up and starts moving them almost as if she was manipulating things in a Virtual Reality Interface before herself, her lips pursing thinner and thinner. She shakes her head sadly as she waves her left hand through the space before her and then looks up to the others "Kraken, or something similar, pulled the whole crew off the ship, except maybe some point down in the cargo hold, it's got a weird warping in it, heck there might even still be someone there now or something."

Isrieal nods then looks to Molly. "Should we head down and try to talk to someone then?" She wonders. "Why would they just be hanging out on a docked ship all this time?" She nods to Molly then. "We'll be behind you." She stands back up carefully and heads over to grab onto the ropes.

Water seems to have gotten into the ship - like it was submerged for a few moments out at sea and when it got back to the surface all of that water froze in place. As the women continue in and down through the ship, ice is everywhere. Stairs become a bit of a challenge because they're so slick.

Isrieal carefully steps down the steps but her foot hits sheer ice, its hard not too, and that sends her falling backwards and sliding rather quickly down the rest of the steps until she crashes into Molly at the bottom. She lays there for a few moments and then slowly sits up, rubbing at her her head with a squinted eye as she peers ahead.

Molly has been keeping a keen eye, looking about, just not down where she should have noticed the icey decent. Like a winter carnival, she goes sliding down , soon after impacted by Isrieal,"Damnit...this is why you keep a heater on."

One... then two... but not three. Amastacia shakes her head, "Amatuers." She calls out to them as she hears the resulting calamity and grunts of protest of people sliding down stairs and colliding into each other. She on the other hand grabs ahold of the railing, like a sane person, and takes each step slightly sideways to add to the traction as she descends, though her eyes do look up to the ceiling. She pauses a moment, then declares outloud, "Alright Scarecrow, I'm cashing in my debt to you, I'm here until we're both out." Does this include Molly? Who knows, find out next week on Dragon Ball Mage!

There are no rules as to who can go deep sea swimming to investigate all the mysteries of the ocean. No permission was asked of water dwellers. Ting certainly left no word with anyone that she was bent on exploring that shipwreck she heard about in passing in the news. It just seemed like something appropriate for an otter-like-curious Waterborne to do. Nose about in a sunken ship that is probably filled with ghosts and cursed treasure. A very Ting kind of Sunday afternoon.

No effort was made to be quiet. There was splashing, slithering, and bumping all below deck. Then she hears something above board and bolts out of the water. Sploosh. Then silence. Whomever is falling/sliding down the stairs is suddenly met by a wet faerie in their face. "Hi hi! This ship is enormous!"

Isrieals darksighted eyes focus in on..."Ting!" She screams out. "What the hell are you doing down here alone?" She wonders and from thin air she's suddenly grasping her scythe within her hands. She uses it to climb back to her feet and keep her steady. "We were just coming to see what was down here...anything?" She wonders.

Noises, greetings, there's something coming aboard from behind, and Amastacia has metaphorically tied herself to the mast of this operation, so since she can't really see in the dark, she dismisses the Luck Weave running through Molly's Pattern, and instead focuses on expanding her understanding of Space. Ever few milliseconds a pulse of Awakened magic runs through the immediate area, updating the map now constructed within Amastacia's mind, giving her the approximate location of objects and the topography around her without giving her exact details. Such in that she can tell a relatively short human-shaped thing has joined the two other human-shaped things at the bottom of the stairs.

"Shit." It's muttered under his breath as Jackson hears noise from below. He's making his way through the decks behind the others, somewhat obliviously, until now. Following in their tracks. A wolf on a scent without knowing it. But now he can hear them, whoever they are. The man moves quietly, coming up behind them, staying just back of them. Peering down the stairs. Not attempting to reveal his presence just yet. He listens.

Ting looks around for a moment, like the answer to Issy's question might be behind her. "I swam over. No one likes these waters. Too cold." Her bottom lip is blue, so she is not immune, but she has tricks to keep from seriously harming herself in unswimmable waters. "/I/ am down here!" she announces to Isrieal, though clearly that is not what the Autumn meant.

"Bullet holes. And the things the bullets sit in. Bullet house pants." Casings. She is gesturing to show a small thing inside another small thing. "Ice over it. Shooting. Wildly. Then ice." She shrugs. "Something bad was here. Like the bridge. They're all dead," she says, offering her own deductive guess. "Like the bridge man. Goodbye. Dead. Issy... you're awake." The Spring grins and gives her this look of pure joy. "I'm sorry," she whispers. "I still have the thing in the place where we went that time." She means the skull, in the house, where Ting lives. The faerie speaks like a Dr. Seuss riddle. "You brought friends?" the Waterborn asks once she hears more movement.

Amastacia glances up the stairwell as the moving blip of human-sized thing stops, "Hey, you up there, name your business before I splatter your insides on the surface of Alpha Centauri-4." Can she actually do that? Who knows! Might not be wise to test the Acanthus though, seems like who ever is down there with Izzy and Molly is friendly enough so Amastacia focuses on the rear.

Isrieal shakes her head. "Don't be sorry." She tells her. "I'm fine...but that skull? Yeah we have to talk about it more. I heard strange things the entire time I was 'frozen.' " She glances up as Lucy starts to yell to someone. "Yeah, Lucy is a good friend so far." Isrieal tells her. "Ish was there when I woke up, he told me to slow down on investigating these things." She chuckles. "But I promised him I would let my devotees open any strange things from now on so that evens it out." She pauses still for just a moment. "Did you feel that?" She asks Ting more quietly.

Molly moves up to the pair of Lost out of the darkness, rubbing her backside. "Well just because he is dead, doesn't mean we can't figure some of this out. So there is a guy up on the bridge? " Hey there Ting, what are you doing down here?" A glance to Isrieal, "Feel what?"

Jackson's pretty sure he hasn't made a sound. He's confident, actually, so that's odd. A brow raises at the threat, and he grins ever so slightly to himself. Decision time. He weighs his options, one almost certainly of the violent kind. But instead, the man walks down the stairs, reaching into his pocket. The grin is muted, small, as he peers down at Amastacia. "You would try, I am certain. May the best man, or woman, win? But..." He looks around a he area on the third. "I am guessing you shouldn't be here either, since you don't look like the cops. Seems a bit pretentious to be tossing out threats." He doesn't name his business, in fact.

The three women are actually wearing lab coats, and Amastacia is even carrying one of those tackle boxes that forensic teams tend to use! However, Jackson is probably right in that beyond lab coats and tackle boxes, they really don't look like forensic girls. "Right well, pretentious is my middle name when someone tries sneaking up on me." Her head turns down the stairwell, "Yo, there's a dude up here being an asshat, want me to blast him?" She turns back and grins at Jackson, hollering again, "I'm just kidding, but seriously if you hear me scream, assume I've disappeared shortly afterwards on you're on your own."

"You heard things?! Like what?" Curious Ting is curious, and if people thought those big blue eyes were big, they should see them when her adventure time triggers go off. The Spring goes quiet when a threat is randomly called near to them. Was it to them? "Who is that?" Then the ripple of a hedge gate. If she were a cat her fur would be standing on end. "If I grab you, I am taking us to the water." Period. With protections and what not, she doesn't even mention that. "What was that? Who is on this ship with us?" The unknowns are growing worrisome.

Ting peers past Isrieal at Molly and smiles. "Looking. At things. I know why you are here," she tells the pirate. Then Ama yells down and Ting tilts her head to the side like a dog hearing a whistle. "Is he a genetic lottery winner?" Because killing beautiful things is kind of the suck. Very un-Spring-like.

The Scarecrow immediately looks up. "Oh hell. What is 'that' doing here?" She mutters and gives Ting a look. Then she flicks her gaze up the stairs, she's the one in the lab coat with a raven feather dress underneath and moon white hair. But she also feels quite intimidating in her presence alone. "Tell Mr. Asshat to get it together if he wants to help. There's weird shit down here, don't have time for bickering." Isrieal looks back up and taking Tings arm guides her out from directly under it. Though she's not terribly afraid of a gate. "I'd like to know what came through that."

Molly can't see the gate, but curiously looks up where the other two are gazing. "Can we stuff something up against it, like, I don't know, a bulkhead or something?" How does one close one of these gates? Blinking, she realizes she is under where they are looking, and moves closer to them. "We need to just light this place up, is there something else down here with us?"

Amastacia glances back down, then shrugs and puts her butt up against the hand railing and pushes off with her foot, sliding down the ice-slicked surface with a gradually growing louder (or fainter if you're Jackson) "Wheeee!" She does a little hopscotch maneuver and gently crashes up against the bulkhead wall but remains on her feet and none the worse for wear.

"Nice getup, you don't actually think anyone is buying that if the cops come on here." That Jackson says as he looks her up and down. "Someone's been watching a bit too much TV." For his part, he's not keeping up any guise. He looks like a biker ruffian, or maybe some hard luck detective, but that'd be a stretch. Leather jack, wife beater, tattoo and jeans. He's a lot closer to Amastacia now, when her second threat is bellowed. "And as I said, take your best shot, but I'm not overly interested in splattering you against the wall, so your choice." It's either confidence or arrogance, but Jackson walks right be her, all the same, to examine a wall, touch the ice on it.

"That's not natural, boats don't freeze like this, even when they freeze." His hand comes off the ice, and then he turns around giving the boat a lot of scrutiny, he's done it on the other two decks. "And this is not just a boat. This is a military boat. A command post to be exact. Officers and the like." A shake of his head. "So any of you know how to be quiet?" Yes it's called down to them, but he's making a point. "What don't you guys also start firing off a few flares?" Nothing to see on this level, he starts moving to the next.

The Spring looks all around now and does nothing to stop Issy from yanking her above deck. "I don't know where it is exactly. Waiting to see is dangerous. Up, up, up." Loyalist, Gentry, the Waterborn is fine with being OUT. "It's freezing," she mutters to herself. "Mol, come with. A gate is opening. Could be bad." Could be really bad. "Nothing is natural about any of this. Issy. I can't let you get hurt again. Be scary faster this time." Introductions would be nice, but Ting is of the mind that trusting now and not dying to an unknown entity is way cooler than being dead.

Isrieal looks back. "I'm not worried about the police. I could have them running ten miles back in no time if they wanted to mess with us down here." She rolls her eyes at him then hones in on that ping once again. "Why is this thing moving?" She asks aloud and starts to look around. Scythe in hand to appear threatening to whatever creature is stalking them at the moment. "You want to leave?" She asks Ting. "If all thats down here is some creature then thats not very useful, is it? I wouldn't be quite doing my job if we just left it though." She bites at her lip.

And down the stairs Jackson goes, towards the others."I see we brought the think tank." He glances sidelong at Izzy as he passes her. "And then you have a bunch of questions of why several police officers shit themselves. More investigation, when you could just try talking a little quieter and not draw any attention. Seriously, sometimes I wonder how people live so long." He sighs, moving past all of them and heading towards the cargo hold.

As Amastacia arrives, they're headed back up, "Oh.. okay then.. welp..." She waits there for a moment, in the darkness, but human-shaped thing now labelled as asshat in her memory is moving towards her down the stairs, "I'll stay with asshat." She announces, then closes her eyes as Kaitlyn contacts her mentally and spends the time until Jackson arrives at her level watching through her Familiar's eyes.

People are chatty, which would normally thrill Ting, but right now she and Isrieal are chasing little pings of Hedgeness. Possibly. Her hand is on the Scarecrow's arm, even while said Scarecrow has a hold on her. "It moved. There, there," she says, pointing into the darkness. "Keep him back. The boy. It is moving away from him, yeah?" The Spring asks Isrieal. "Why would it not like him?" she asks her fellow Changeling. "We need to have introductions later." Yes. Then cake. Of course.

Isrieal narrows her eyes at Jacksons back. "Its not running from him, it's coming from him." She tells her and steps forth. "Excuse me." She tells the man. "Have you picked up any strange items lately that you might have on you? One of them could be fairly dangerous if so...and don't lie to me. I can feel it on you." Her voice alone is imperious along with that eerie aura about her.

"I guess we can call ourselves asshat and the moron squad. We'll make a great team." Jackson says dryly to Amastacia. He carries on to the cargo hold, not really caring for whatever the Changelings are talking about. He has little clue about anything hedge like. "Yeah, it's down my pants, want to check?" A glance back at Isrieal, brow raised. But he's got a cargo hold to look into.

Molly grips her chain tighter, coming up from behind Isrieal. "Id be glad to go fishing in there, I got my line right here...any idea what the little fish would look like Spooks?" She pauses, standing among Ting and Isrieal.

The Spring oohs loudly and tries to lean to the side to look around the Autumn to see Jackson. "What does he have? Oh," she murmurs when he makes a reference to his pant. "It did not seem like a big ping, Izzy. Maybe just let him keep it put away." Then she murmurs to the woman, "Or we knock him over and take it. Something like the skull? Did not kill him yet." Good news. Vampire guinea pig.

"Sounds like a plan." Amastacia says distractedly to Jackson without opening her eyes. By dint of the map constantly restructuring itself in her mind, she follows human-sized thing designated 'asshat' slowly, her attention focused elsewhere at the moment, but does manage to creep along without smacking into things.

"I dont know." Isrieal tells Lucy. "I just feel it pinging from him. What if he has a key or something?" She asks Ting. "We can't let him keep something like that or hell....well...if he goes into the Hedge let the locals kill him. It'll be the end of that." She shrugs. Though she does follow wherever he is headed, he only receives a scowl at his pants comment. "Not interested."

Jackson follows down a long, dark, ice-coated corridor until he comes up to a bulkhead that leads to what should be the cargo hold. The bulkhead is coated in an inch-thick layer of ice and sealed shut. A sign by the door reads “authorized personnel only”. There’s also a small security camera up in the corner of the ceiling with a tiny red light on it suggesting that it’s active. This is the only active electrical thing in the whole ship that you’ve seen so far.

Molly looks over to Isrieal, "Is the thing that you are talking about on this ship, meaning can we just get this ship out of Fallcoast and isolate it, figure out what is going on from there?"

Jackson continues through the darkness, saying quietly back towards Isrieal. "That makes two of us baby." Then he comes to the door and pauses, a glance up at the camera, and he gives it the middle finger. Such class. His eyes settle on the sign. "Well, I don't suppose that's me, or any of you, so I guess those of you who aren't up for a little larceny should probably stay here. Anyone have a sledgehammer?"

Amastacia almost walks into the door covered in ice but draws up two inches short with a miffed look on her face, then opens her eyes, "Uhhh, right then, who wants to tackle this one? Otherwise, I can make a portal for everyone, though I can't guarantee that we can use said portal to run away."

Isrieal glances to her scythe when he mentions a sledgehammer and just shakes her head. "We don't know if this is alarmed or not. What do you all want to do? If someone can melt the ice we could all get through possibly. But I can also pass through and not trigger any alarms if there happens to be any." She suggests. "Its up to you guys."

"We don't need a sledgehammer yet," the Waterborn says. "I can melt the ice. Then we might need one afterward. Additional obstacles." Like a lock. She looks to Isrieal for direction. Once a Queen... The others are kind of ignored mostly because she simply does not know them or their abilities.

Jackson glances at Amastacia, brow raised. Her idea seems better than his. Then he's listening to the rest, he looks to Ting. "How exactly do you plan to melt it?" He takes a couple steps back from the door. "I only ask because I would prefer this doesn't get messy."

Amastacia likewise steps backwards and lets Ting do her thing, since that seems to be the agreed upon thing, "Right, I'm going back to my other distractions for a moment, wake me when we get there mom." She smirks as she leans up against a nearby bulkhead and closes her eyes once more.

Ting looks unassuming and certainly acts as if her only purpose in life is to be a bubbly water faerie (to those able to see such things). The Spring glances to Jackson and shrugs. "I don't know. But somehow things get done. Don't they?" She cants her head to the side and stares at the door, then something "happens" and she is reaching for the sheet of ice covering it. Her hand presses down on the surface of the door and begins to melt a Ting-hand-sized print through. If Isrieal goes through the door at this point, this was just a cool party trick!

Isrieal eyes Jackson, trying to see where the source of the gate is pinging from upon him. "Don't let him leave." She nods to Jackson. "We need to talk with him first. There's something on him." She looks towards the door then. "Okay...am I going through to try and open it?"

There's a small breath taken by the man who doesn't breath as Ting start to do whatever she does. Like preparing himself for fire. Fire would be trouble. He seems relieved when it doesn't happen. Would've been messy if he couldn't contain his Beast. Real messy. A glance at Isrieal. "And anything on me is mine. You can't have it. How does that sound? That's how the world works. Who the fuck do you think you are? The holder of all shit not yours? Jesus fuck, I should have waited..."

While Ting works again, and there's no fire, he steps back closer, giving her space, but examining the door. Eyes flow around it. "Definitely alarmed, possibly armed. Possibly deadly." His finger traces something in the air."

Ting looks back over her shoulder as the ice is melting and smiles politely to Jackson. "Common dangers can be contained and remedied by a cooperative group. That is us. I'm Ting," she tells him. Might as well do this stuff now. "Sharing these details protects the city. Everyone in it. If your treasure is meaningless for protecting lives, you keep it. This is a good deal. I know your name probably isn't Asshat. What it is?" She looks to the Autumn Queen once the door is melted. "Do I open it?"

Amastacia keeps her eyes closed for a few moments then opens them up again as she starts chanting in a language that might harken at the two Changelings as vaguely familiar but all the while completely alien. Then she stops chanting and her eyes sort of glaze over as she stares ahead of herself.

The Autumn Queen is who she fucking thinks she is, but she merely narrows her eyes at Jackson. "Fine, whatever you have on you. I will let it destroy you." Is all she tells him, chances are it very well could. "Keep it." She hisses and looks back towards the door. The fear surrounding her picks up just a hint. "Try the handle, whatever is in there...we'll handle it."

With a booming voice, miss dead-eyes says, "STOP! Do not touch that door until I finish." (Amastacia)

Jackson looks down at the little Faerie melting the ice and nods. "Jack. Just Jack." He's not that impolite. "And I am keeping it safe, short round. That's the point, I've already seen what it could do, and trust when I tell you, it's a lot safer where and how it is, then me taking it out. It can't hurt me." He might not know that for sure, but he's had it on him a while, and he feels confident about it, anyway. A glance back at Isrieal. "And if it destroys me, so be it. No skin off your ass, but I do not intend to take it out or give it to anyone. When I leave here I will be putting it somewhere very safe." A look back to the door. "Did everyone just miss me saying it is alarmed and also possibly armed? I wasn't guessing at that. I can see the triggers."

The Spring, who is utterly sweet and gentle and all those sappy things, purses her lips when Isrieal condemns Jackson to death. That escalated quickly. "We have time to compromise. No one needs to be destroyed," Ting says as she reaches out to touch the door handle and give it a turn - then she STOPS. Her hand snaps back and she takes a step back. "Noted. Please tell me when. Thank you." Good thing this isn't tense or anything. Lazy Sunday. "I am not touching it. Jack. And despite your luck with the item so far, it would be really beneficial for all of us to work together. Share information. Eat cake. The city is on fire. I can walk through it, but not everyone is so lucky."

Isrieal looks to Ting. "He is only destroying himself." She points out. "I'm not going to do a thing to him when he has a bomb in his pocket. For lack of better terms. If he wants the help with it, then we can do something about it but obviously he doesn't." She's not as fair nor kind when tested. He made it clear what he wanted, if it is death then she won't stop it after its already been offered to possibly stop. For now, she waits for Lucy to finish up her spell. "Maybe I can pull one of you through with me. It will not trigger."

Molly just leans against the wall until she remembers its ice. "If you need someone, I'll go through with you, if I'm offed, I have least to worry about. Seriously. Plus I can bang something up before I go. " Brushing her hair back. "Id really like to take this ship. We could get some serious money for this thing in the open market. I mean, once Sunshine here melts the ice off." She nudges Ting.

Amastacia's eyes refocus, "There's a big bomb on the other side of that door... hold on..." She closes her eyes, once again speaking in that foreign weird warpy language that because of her Acanthus Path tingles maddeningly on the edge of comprehension for the Changelings. She then brings her hands up, spreading them apart. On the other side of the door, Space warbles underneath the big boxy claymore explosive thingy, and then thanks to gravity it simply drops through.....

Somewhere in Scotland an old manor that was once full of life, but has been sitting abandoned for the last six years get a very explosive surprise.

"Ting, is it?" A brow raises at her. He's oddly calm with her. "Trust me when I tell you touching it isn't a good idea. Secondly, we're talking about an exchange of information. This is a language I speak fluently. The problem with that, if I'm not hearing your side off the offer. Maybe I want to help, but information costs. Always does." His hands spread a little. "So, I'm listening. Tit for tat as they say? Hmm?" Though he moves back a little at that, giving room to people trying things other than what he has to offer. No more comments Isrieal's way or anyone else's.

Ting makes an excited 'oh' sound and bounces in place when Isrieal makes the offer of taking someone over with her. "Take me!" she exclaims. "I am a very good problem solver." She really is. Even when she has no idea what is going on. "The alarm is ok?" she asks the two people who mentioned things going sideways. Them versus the Autumn Queen. The Spring stupidly is siding with the minority. Then Molly offers herself up and Ting twists her mouth. Indecision. "Maybe Mol should go... Sunshine will melt this ship for you when we're done."

A lot just happened in the span of a few seconds. Ting is touching nothing, still, but Ama is doing really cool things with her hands and language, and Jackson is reinforcing the need NOT to touch the door. She's rescinding her volunteer status. "I have a crystal skull with glowing red eyes that can petrify people. I think I have the cooler object. I could be wrong."

Isrieal waits for the all clear and then nods. One final glance is offered to Jackson. "If you truly wish to share then we can work out negotiations later. I have no idea what you would want but we can most likely offer it." With that she reaches out to grab Mollys arm and she steps through the door as if phasing through, she pulls Molly right along with her. "Can we disarm to get this open for others?" She asks Molly. She knows her kind is capable of messing with electronics.

Molly steps through and blinks as she nods to Isrieal with a wink. "I think she said it was safe, didn't she? I mean I dont want to try to short it out and make it go off if she made it safe." Reaching out, she carefully puts her finger on the lock and clicking it to the 'UN' state.

Don't ever call Jackson unreasonable. But before he addresses Ting, he speaks to Isrieal, since she appears to be leaving this spot. "I have a vested interest in things happening, as it appears you do. Nothing more, nothing less." And then she is gone. Jackson looks back down at Ting. "And I have a mirror, or a piece of one, that among others things, appears to cause terror when peering into it. I also suspect something or someone can look out of it. Which is why I currently have it wrapped and covered." A brow raises then though. "That is a curious object. Where did you find it?" As if, an offer of information, he notes. "Something on the bridge was able to tear a safe open. Something very strong. Not an easy feat."

Amastacia's a bit out of it now, even more so than before, though what Jackson says brings her a bit more into the present, "Hmm sorry.. is there anyway you'd let me see it unwrapped? Just for a moment, we can make the mirrory part face the ceiling, I just want to see it, I'll stand over here with my hands in my pocket and everything, I just want to know if it matches the pattern of a busted mirror I saw the other day."

Isrieal eyes that burning candle for a moment yet steels herself against it. One tiny flame is okay. She's steps aside to let the others come in. "These is twice we've seen hasty protection now." She notes to Ting. "Do you think this has to do with what was in the safe?" She asks her. With talk of mirror fragments Isrieal turns around quickly. "Do /not/ point that thing near me." She looks to Ting. "This is impossible..." She seems concerned about something.

Molly thinks a moment, "Has anyone been to the bridge to see where the ship sailed from or a captain's log?" Narrowing her eyes to Isrieal, "What is it...few things are impossible...I mean..this thing is a popcycle, which isnt all that possible."

Ting knots her brow a little as Jackson talks then suddenly smiles. "The water, of course." Isn't it obvious? Water faerie. "The skull is hidden as well. Apparently it speaks to its victim too. I don't have those details yet." She bites in her lips a moment and winks an eye shut. "I pulled it out of the water. A friend opened it. We should talk. Safety of the city, first. Children are being harmed as well. Nightmares. Patients at the hospital, but I could not quite get in yet. These things take time." Isrieal and Molly vanish and Ting gasps. Wow, they poofed out. Then the door opens and Ting steps forward. "The thief. The thief from Denny's shop. This could be him. Oh no. They keep dying." She looks to Jackson. "This is serious. We can all owe each other later. But we /have/ to be a unit now. Ok? Companions now. We're all very smart." At least she thinks so.

"I might not have any clue what you're doing, or how sweet cheeks, but I know you're doing something. And it's shit I can't see. Even when you're waving your arms and talking in a strange language. Got to be honest with you, me taking it out and unwrapping it sounds a lot like a trap." Jackson looks over to Amastacia with a dry little laugh, sarcastic. "What exactly do you want with it?" It's going to take a compromise of some sort. Jackson has every reason not to trust anyone here. "I can describe it to you in pretty good detail. It's diamond shaped..." Then he's looking back to Ting and then opened door.

"Yes, I have heard." About a lot of what she said. "A friend huh? Well I suppose it's good that it wasn't a foe. Very strong, your friend. Perhaps we will talk." He walks into the room, examining everything on the other side. Eyes settle on the man. "Military boat, but he's not military. Security, possibly mercenary. Curious." A glance going to Molly with a nod. "I would suspect a manifest might also be in the captain's quarters, it would be a good place to look.".

Isrieal paces some. "They keep dying, why do they keep dying?" She whispers with a frown. "Was this ship transporting anything weird? Molly do you know where these logs would be? Are you able to see if anything was documented?" She pauses to lean against the wall. "You want to meet up at my club and try and figure this out? If you want the information about the skull from the safe I'll tell you just...don't open that mirror in there."

"Water. Treasures. People who know about these things are running and dying. Ghosts are afraid. Children are seeing a malevolent spirit in dreams. I think one child liked her. The spirit. We need to get inside the hospital and question these children." So much to do. Ting shows the urgency all over her face. "We need to stay connected. Watch the news. Report to each other. We fix this then we go our separate ways. Everything we are finding is cursed. Are they all hidden in water?" she asks Jackson, who has another cursed puzzle piece. "I think keeping it on you is dangerous. The entity that can see through it? Might be able to wield through it. No?" She has not noted the monitor yet. Lovely.

Amastacia shrugs, "I did just keep everyone here from being exploded? And sacrificed something with sentimental value to myself in the process? But, descriptions are fine, please do, as much detail as possible." She's beat, a lot of magic used in a row, and she's constantly being tugged in her mind by her Familiar what with other things happening elsewhere in the world. Sometimes, being Awakened is a drag, Lucy stifles a yawn.

Molly nods, "It should be up in the bridge. We can head up there, grab it and leave. I can grab the gps system and the book, should be most of what we would get from the captain. Hm....could pull his body. Frankie is able to see what he saw before he died. Well, we could try that but...why is that counting down?"

Isrieal pauses and stares at the screen for a moment when Molly brings it up. If there could be an exclamation point above her head right now there would be. "Apple!" That was the code word right? "No, not this shit again. Off. Club. Now!" Are the words she throws out and she grabs Lucy's arm since she doesn't appear to be caring too well and goes to run.

Abort! Things that count down in empty rooms are bad. Ting has seen enough films to know that to be fact. She is unfettered by "things" at the moment, so booking it out of here is easily done. "We gotta go! Go, go, go!" the faerie yells as she takes off. Saving herself is number one. To the water. She is going to bail over the side into the ocean and swim like a fish to get away from the ship.

With the bored air of someone detached from caring, "Apples? Right then... I can take us all to my yacht if you form..." And people are panicking, right then, "People.. people... Oh whatever, if you want to come to my yacht, just step into the wall over there." She points at the wall directly across from her.... then frowns, "Okay wait, that didn't work, try once more." And then she points dramatically at the wall one more time! She drops her hand, "Kay then." She walks forward, looks like she's going to smash her face directly into the wall! And then instead, she walks right through it and arrives in the personal cabin aboard her yacht the Arcadia.