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Blessings of Bathory - Hospital Hazards
Dramatis Personae

Kaleina and Ting Candle as ST

30 January, 2018

Kaleina and Ting arrive separately to investigate the rumors of nightmares plaguing the children of the local hospital.
This is part of the Blessings of Bathory Plot.


Local Hospital

Your request to meet in the evening is accepted and members of the Hospital administration, their board, the chief medical, chief of public relations, etc. are all in attendance to greet you and give you and your entourage a tour of the facilities. They show you their state of the art recovery suits, recovery, etc. They’re obviously trying to see if this is a one-time donation or something that might happen more often. Everyone is smiles and the staff has been on alert all day that “money is coming to the floor” tonight.

When Kaleina Mhairi arrives, she arrives with no particular fanfare, but it is definitely clear that she is someone of great importance, or at least self-importance. A set of three, full-sized SUVs arrive, the first and last filled with various retainers and private security but the center is for Kaleina herself. It features heavily tinted windows - for good reason - and is clearly more than just a regular SUV. Sort of like a mobile fortress to anyone familiar with armored vehicles.

Kaleina and several of her medical-oriented staff meet with the administrators, something that is pleasant and cordial, but also very promising for the hospital. She seems ready to let the money flow, and why not? It's a great cause and great for publicity. Everyone loves children. As their tour progresses, Kaleina turns to the administrators and sort of leans on her walking cane. "I assume you shall allow us to speak with some of your staff and, any patients that are willing. Of course, patients and family that take the time will be compensated. We will take care of their medical bills."

Ting's arrival is not so impressive. She is alone. Totally alone. And there is no car or parade of cars to speak of. She comes on foot. Her chosen form of recon work is to wear a lot of black and hide her hair beneath a dark knit cap. No backup, no SUVs full of gear, no grand plan. Her motivation is redemption for children and nothing more. She has no clue that this phenom is in fact connected to something much larger. She just doesn't like the idea of sick children suffering bad dreams. In her mind, she is doing nothing more than visiting to try to fix a small glitch. Faerie work.

The faerie is on the tail of this huge procession. She has no money to sway interests, and she certainly has no people on staff happy to do her bidding. But the voluminous crowd draws her in, and it is possible, perhaps, that she skates by a few people and/or doors simply by being at the right place at the right time. Stranger things have happened. Should people look her way, she smiles, friendly like they should know exactly who she is. She would do great in war.

The doctor on call for the peds ward looks to the head nurse when the mention of paying the medical bills of those patients who would be willing to speak with the “Money”. Did they just hear her correctly? “Excuse me, but are you -actually- offering to cover the -entire- medical expense of a patient whose family will talk to you about...whatever it is that you’d like to know about our hospital’s services?” The doctor can’t believe his ears but the head nurse is already making a list of people in her head who are either already struggling because of their child’s illness or who could use the financial help.

”I can think of about three…” the nurse pipes up, “...I can talk to them in advance to make sure that the parents can spare some time for you.”

Kaleina turns her single-eyed gaze towards the on-call doctor. "I do not make jests about such things." She frowns. "I came with the intent of donating a portion of my wealth to help children and their families. Some is to go to those who provide care, and I do not see why another portion should not go to those who have suffered greatly." She taps her cane twice and one of her retainers appears at her side. "My assistant will accompany you in case any assurances are required for the patients and their families. She will follow your instructions and wishes."

Kaleina turns her attention from the nurse that spoke up back to the doctor. "The others will accompany you to examine the equipment and see if we might be able to provide you with something newer and more up-to-date. If nothing else, perhaps a few new machines to supplement what you already have."

Someone is already getting access to children. How convenient. Ting is quiet, and being small might be working in her favour. It's just a lot of bodies touring the hospital, and someone throwing money at the problem of getting inside. What luck. Timing is everything, as they say.

She is paying careful attention to her surroundings, shifting her gaze from side to side in case there are any readily available rooms holding children nearby. Just seeing them might lead to information. Getting close enough to one would allow her to perceptive emotions that much easier. But patience is needed, so she remains embedded in this crowd. Silent. Watchful.

As Kaleina is detailing how her entourage will escort staff away, the Waterborn is left with the prospect of being a lone body left to face this woman with the cane. Well, that bridge shall be crossed when the time comes. The time might be within minutes, however. She takes a moment to step to the side, near a wall, and watches everyone with interest. She belongs there. She is with... that woman there.

The doctor and the nurse scuttle off with parts of Kaleina’s staff, eager to show off what they have and reveal what they could really use to help their patients recover faster and better. The members of the admin and the board, however, are like vultures swarming around a carcass in the woods. They continue to swerve and spiral around the power and wealth of Kaleina hoping to pick up a little more here and there just like how the woman so easily said that she’s covered the family’s medical bills.

”Is there anything that we can get for you?” a round-faced man asks dressed in his white ‘no really, I’m a doctor not just a member of the administrative team’ coat. “Perhaps you’d like us to set up a conference room for you to speak with the families?”

Kaleina's face returns to impassive as the administration team hovers around her. "No, I believe that it will be best, as well as easiest for the families and patients to do everything here in their rooms, or at least nearby." She then turns to face them all. "Likewise, I believe it is best that there are less of us. Your presence may intimidate your staff which would be unfortunate, and we do not wish to overwhelm and stifle the parents." She gestures with a nod to a man next to her. "Take them and see to preparing the donation." Kaleina rises up slightly, standing tall. "Now, allow me to conduct my interviews to determine just how much I am able to donate today? in peace."

Ting is not about to skitter away with anyone. She is here on her own, of course, and looks to the ceiling a moment so people overlook her. Ignoring people is a sure-fire way to have them move around you rather than through you. But as the crowd thins there comes the inevitable. She is going to have to make notable contact with the intriguing blonde with all the money.

The faerie tiptoes forward, clearly not hospital staff, also clearly not part of her procession of servants. A pale hand rises to remove her cap to reveal pale red hair. Innocence has worked to her advantage in the past, so the Spring gives it a go. At worst, she collects back hours of her night and tries again tomorrow. "I'm sorry I'm late," she offers politely to the woman definitely in charge this evening. "I was hoping I could go with you. To see the children..." Her wide eyes are fixed on the woman and she lets that sentiment hang heavy. They are presumably there for the same reason, because why on earth would anyone conduct business at night? (What are Vampires?) "... and their families. Most of whom will be asleep. But children are up all hours," she whispers. "Dreaming."

Eager for the donation like a nest of hungry birds, each one with their mouths open for a bit of the donation, the admin flocks around the assistant who’s told to go prepare the donation. Before they leave, however, an underling is told to stay and watch over the benefactor and see to her ‘every’ need. The suits and coats leave in a mix of hand-wringing and black-slapping leaving a single, slight-of-build personal assistant clutching a notebook to her chest. The woman, perhaps in her mid-twenties, waves a hand to Kaleina and shuffles off to wait by the nurse’s station, telling her that she’ll be around if she’s needed. Clearly the woman has more sense than half of those grumpy-old-men for she knows when she needs to just back off.

With everyone gone and out of the way, save for one small? problem. The strange girl standing about on her own. Kaleina just turns to her. "No." Clearly, she was not about to break hospital protocols and let someone in on their own into a closed pediatrics ward. "You'll have to check in with security like anyone else." She does, after all, care about the children. No unknown security risk is going to get in with her!

All of the children (who can draw and would be doing such thing) have drawn the same thing and have had the same basic nightmare. It's put the parents on edge. But, hearing that someone will pay their medical bills definitely opens the doors. There's 2 parents who will talk to you (and want to tell you their thoughts about the nightmares) and one room where there's a kid present but no parent.

Parents of one child say that they don't really have much time to talk to the other parents but found out that their kids were all having the same nightmares. The nightmares all happened late at night when the parents were either home or if they were staying overnight it's when they went down for coffee or something. And after the first two times, they started hearing other parents talk about the same thing. They believe that it's someone walking around that may be scaring the kids. They've raised holy hell with the nurses and staff but were told each time that the doors to the pediatric ward are secured to prevent anyone from 'wandering in' when visiting hours are over. So, for them, if you remove the possibility of a wandering patient - they don't know what to think."

The ghost that Ting is able to speak to tells her that there are many lost souls here, many are drawn to the light of the children for it is the strongest light they can see. But they know that it is a false light - not THE light that they seek. One, however, does not care. It wants their light. It wasn't to consume all of them. Outside the door to the kid's room, Kaleina meets with the parents, and after gleaning sufficient information from them, she fixes her gaze upon theirs and reaches out with her will, commanding them to wait outside as she enters the room.

The faerie could be any other late night visitor, waiting, hoping, praying. Maybe a younger sibling of hers is here, or she is a young mother herself. Her silence leaves her easily overlooked. Her lack of movement shows she is no immediate threat. Being still like a statue is how she avoids agitation. "The one who would steal light, where is it?" she whispers, her lips moving and her words like warm puffs of breath. "Can I speak to it? Tell it I have light. Tell it I know where more light is." Ting is certainly not lying, but she is playing the game she has found ghosts enjoy. Chase.

So, using her vampire techniques, Kaleina is able to peacefully infiltrate the room of one of the kids that had seen the probably apparition. She does her best to not be creepy or overly imposing, so when the kid does see her he'd hopefully not freak out too much. Kids are weird, anyway.

The goal here is information. Good, bad, misdirected, anything can end up helping. Ting is patient, quiet, a very good listener. Ghosts at the end of the day want to communicate. Out of boredom and/or need usually. They have a story to tell, or they are so over aimlessly wandering the planet they desperately want to connect with someone who cares. The faerie is all about shining a spotlight on people. Ghosts in unrest included.

No ghosts is an oddity. Ting moves about the halls, sticking to shadows when available, trying to look like she is moving with a specific destination in mind. Like she belongs there. The ICU is where she will begin a new investigation. Do any of these ghosts know what is happening in the peds department? Have they seen the bloody lady? Do they know what she wants? Why are ghosts afraid of her?

Ting and Kaleina, two strangers, are back together again. For her part, the faerie exudes a friendliness that speaks of safety and kindness. Zero threats here. For now. She up-nods her chin at Kaleina then settles into a plush chair in the girl's room. Hands in her lap, she speaks in a slow and quiet manner. Nothing abrupt or alarming. "Hello, Jenni. I'm Ting. We were hoping we could ask you a few questions. Would that be alright?" She glances sidelong to Kaleina then makes a slow nodding motion. Strangers, yes. In this together, also yes.

It is one-hundred percent obvious that Kaleina is not normal. That eye, in particular, is not normal. What is normally covered by an eye-patch is a swirling mass of underworld energies. Beautiful, in a sense, but definitely not normal. For now, she stands back, watching Ting operate.

The girl looks up at Ting and listens to her questions politely but doesn't seem to stop her drawing with her crayons. As a young girl it may seem odd that she's still drawing with such primitive art tools but they're what the nursing station had on stock so she's had to make due. "Yes," she answers the woman's question. "I could..." Her tone is rather mature for one of her age, like an older woman talking to a child rather than vice-versa. "But where would the fun in that be?"

Jenni is currently drawing herself and a blue-green version of what appears to be Ting and a red-black version of Kaleina. "I'm helping her find her children..." she smiles mischievously and then looks up and locks eyes with Ting, "...her LOST...children."

Ting makes a soft 'hmm' soft that seems more curious than afraid. But... the girl's words are alarming, to be sure. The hair on the back of the faerie's neck stands on end. "How many children did she lose? Does she... have a name? I like fun too." Then she glances toward the door and the presence of /all/ of those children causes her to stand. "That's a nice tricky. Did you do that, Jenni? Or did she? Do you know what I am?" she asks carefully. Her eyes move to Kaleina, a wary kind of look. A 'get ready' kind of look.

Jenni just starts singing a child's nursery rhyme as it was answer enough to Ting's question. Now that she's finished drawing Ting and Kale and populated the page with the other children, she draws the Woman in the Dirty White Dress. "One...two...she's comin for you. Three four..." and she turns to watch Kale move to close the door, "...try to lock the door. Five...six...gonna try your tricks." The lights start flickering in the room as though the fluorescent bulbs over head were either losing power or just their will to shed light.

And Ting picks up the faint ripple of a Hedge Gate opening nearby…

Ting's head shakes involuntarily as the little girl sings. This is wrong. All wrong. Then the awful ping of a Hedge Gate aches at the small of the faerie's back and she lets out a sharp breath. "Keeper," she hisses. "Protect the children!" she snaps at Kaleina. "She will steal them. Open the door!" The Waterborn is frantic and hurries over to Jenni, attempts to take her drawing from her. "You don't know what you're doing. She won't kill you. She will destroy you from the inside out over an eternity!" The air begins to shift as Ting attempts to activate a Contract.

Kaleina turns towards the door. "Keeper... interesting." She begins pulling children into the room, practically tossing them inside. Kaleina would trust that Ting knew what she was about here. "If we absolutely must escape, we can." She glances back into the room and looks towards the closet. "Granted, I'm not sure where we will end up."

Jenni continues to sing, seemingly unmoved by Ting's sudden rush to do things. "Seven...eight...gonna call the Gate..." And as Kaleina pulls the other kids into the room she finishes drawing and reaches under the covers for something, "...nine...ten..." and she clamps something shiny and metallic around Ting's wrist. "NEVER RUN AGAIN."

The image of the girl melts away to reveal grey-black mottled skin and the form which seems to resemble the blended features of a human girl, a baboon and a hyena. Her mane of red hair now frizzes out wildly around 'its' head as her overly-long, fanged maw screams out. "Get her!" and the children start to struggle towards Ting, ignoring Kaleina for the moment.

Ting, however, notices that the metal 'something' around her wrist has starved her of her abilities. The shield of air seems to fade as though it simply couldn't exist in this world. Turning to see what it is, the bracelet is a twist of silvery, metal thorns.

Image: http://imgur.com/1RnboSC

The sound that comes from Ting's mouth is unlike anything a human being could conjure and push forth. It is a warbled howl of agony that in and of itself is terrifying. The faerie, now rendered powerless, jerks back from the monster that was once Jenni and falls to the ground. "NO! NOOOoooOOOO!" She is struggling with the bracelet and trying to tear it from her wrist. Without fail she is immediately tearing at her skin and blood is beginning to flow. Then she pulls her wrist to her mouth and begins gnawing on her own flesh to remove her hand. This all happens inside of ten seconds. Her ability to think rationally is /gone/.

Baboon people are not supposed to exist. So, whatever that is is not good. Granted, Kaleina could fight, but that would mean reducing the hospital wing to ashes and the kids along with it. Pretty sure they are innocent. So, instead, she dashes forward with the speed Kindred have and wraps an arm around Ting. "Hold on to your trousers." She quickly spins in a circle, dragging Ting along with her, until she completes drawing a circle with the end of her cane which leaves behind a chalky substance. "Ciao." The floor then gives way like a trap door, dropping them into the next floor before closing up behind them.

Nothing of use is going to come out of or from Ting. She is a Changeling gone utterly fucking mad. Kaleina can handle the squirming, the kicking, the biting (the faerie is no physical challenge to a Vampire, period), but it is the howling of excruciating fear and pain that is going to ruin their escape. She is tearing at her own wrist and arm and blood is flying everywhere. That her rescuer is a Vampire could be yet another layer of icing on this nightmare cake. "Get it off of me! GET IT OFF OF ME!!! HELP ME!!!" she wails like a dying cat going through a meat grinder.

Having fallen down to relative safety, Kaleina is faced with the trouble of a freaking out changeling. So, she promptly winds up and delivers a swift bash to the back of the cranium. Its the best solution on a short notice.

Now faced with an unconscious Ting, Kaleina moves over to the nearest door and opens it. But what is on the other side is definitely not a hospital. It looks like a moderately luxurious suite. Kaleina promptly drags Ting through it and deposits her in Berlin, Germany, before returning to the hospital and closing the door. "This is getting annoying."

Kaleina doesn't leave the room, not yet. Instead, she opens yet another door. This time, to the Twilight. She steps through and begins walking the hallway, calling upon ghosts and spirits to aid her as she makes her way back through the Hospital, unseen by normal folk.

Upon making her way back upstairs, Kaleina removes herself from the twilight and makes her way back to the baboon room to ensure that whatever was in there is gone. If not... well, things might get a bit dicey.

The orphan girl is no long present in her room. There's the drawing that she was working on when things went wonky but written in the margin are the words, "See You Soon..." in red crayon.

Kaleina makes her way over to the bed and looks at the drawing, before picking it up and pocketing it. "Best hope not." She then walks through another door and back into Berlin where she left Ting. She'd call one of her assists to finish things up at the hospital on her behalf.