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Blessings of Bathory - Charley and the Crystal Skull
Dramatis Personae

Molly, Ting, Charley, Isrieal, and Candle as ST

6 February, 2018

Charley comes to investigate the skull with her powers, she finds it empowers her but greatly weakens the others.


The SUV pulls up outfront, back to the driveway now. Ting's yard is all torn up from all the emergency arrivals. Stepping out of the vehicle, Molly walks around to the back and starts to monkey with something. Chains rattle and plastic tarps are moved. Alot of ruckus before finally she is walking towards the house with a black bag, heavy with crystal skull. She steps inside , swinging it slightly as she moves towards the couch and falls into a seat, letting it rest, still covered, on her knee.

In usual Ting fashion, there is a lot of food available. As long as people keep bringing it, the faerie will keep cooking it. Today is sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches on cracked wheat sourdough. With avocados, which are woefully out of season on this side of the country. Mexico is so far! California is so far! The lunch items are paired with coconut and pineapple smoothies. And an assortment of way too many bowls of chips. Blame Hank.

This whole skull thing is fine in her book, under strict supervision. No touching, no looking. No getting near it. These are rules for the Spring. She is just feeding people. Charley seems crazy enough to like these investigation tactics, so...

Isrieals leaning against the back of one of the couches, sitting with one leg folded over the other. When Molly takes her seat Isrieal glances aside at the black bag in her lap but doesn't fully turn to acknowledge it or anything. She won't do /that/ again. She's fairly happy about the nice vegetarian food. Grilled cheese with avacado please! She leans forth to take one of the sandwiches and quietly chews on it for the moment.

There had been a quick errand by Charley during the day, where she very, very briefly went back to her apartment to grab some of her books. Mainly those concerning relics, artificats, and other fun things! Currently, she's sitting on a couch, enjoying a smoothie while she reads through one of her books. She's dressed casually as usual, a flannel unbuttoned shirt with a tank top underneath, leggings, and barefoot at the moment. When Molly wanders in, she perks up immediately. Her eyes are a bit wide with interest and curiosity as she takes a glance at the bag. "Unless you're making some sort of fashion statement, I'm assuming it's in there?" she questions, faintly smirking.

Ting glances between Molly, then Isrieal, then on to Charley. She nods in agreement when the psychic asks about the black bag in the pirate's hand. "You know what it does?" she asks, though she is aware that Charley has most all the information available to the group already. "When it comes out I might not be of any use to you. I am just handling the food," she adds as she lifts her own plate. The faerie sticks to the kitchen while people congregate in the main room. She is not willingly getting near it. A few towels are nearby should she have to toss something over the skull in a rush. Precautions!

The Scarecrow sitting there munching the grilled cheese looks between Molly and Charley, then swallows. "Wait. You're actually taking it /all/ the way out?" She asks then stands up as well, picking up a smoothie to take along with her. "I'll just be over here in the kitchen too." She notes while going to join Ting.

Charley gives a nod toward Ting's question. "Yeah, Isrieal told me that it put her in a temporary coma-like thing where she heard voices." There's a slight pursing of her lips as she returns her gaze to the bag. "I can't really do anything with it /in/ the bag," she warns the Scarecrow, briefly glancing her way. "I'd probably get a read on the room or the bag itself," she admits, shaking her head slightly. "Although... maybe me touching it might not be a terrible thing. I had a vision of what might happen if I examine it. Saw a butterfly emerge from a cocoon. Butterflies are good, right?" she asks, looking around at those gathered.

Ting hits the deck, because lunch while seated in the kitchen behind the safety of the large island suddenly seems like a great idea. "You just do you. Let us know how it goes. We will save you if necessary." The Spring looks to Isrieal and shrugs. "It won't kill her, right?" she asks. Maybe a better question for long before Charley is about to do this. But you know, Ting.

"Umm...well I warned her that I didn't know what it does to others. Only knew how it affects 'us' so hopefully not." Isrieal tells Ting while taking a sip of the smoothie. She does cast a glance back into the room. "Yeah. Butterflies seem like a good sign, its the moths that mean death."

"I like butterflies!" Ting pipes up before taking an impossibly big bite of her sandwich. The cheese is all melty and strings along with a divine gooeyness. "What if she turns into a butterfly? Maybe we should hear more about the dream?" Again, that kind of prep that should have proceeded this event. The Spring is nextled behind the kitchen island with the Autumn. They are eating, openly pondering whether or not Charley might expire soon. Light fare. Charley is closer to the sofa by Molly.

Molly looks over towards her, the questionable item perched on her knee. "Ok, here is the deal. You will sit on the floor, I will put this in front of you. If things go south, I'm tossing it outside. We know this can be bad so just..be careful. " She shrugs, clearly not knowing how one would be careful with this. She puts it on the table carefully then stands, backing up to where Isreal and Ting are. "When you are ready, just uncover it."

Now comes the moment of truth, or doom. Or both! Charley eyes the skull on the table, cautious even though it's obvious that she's determined to go through with her idea. No matter how silly it might prove to be. After taking a deep breath, she reaches over to pick the skull up in her hands, attempting to use some of her psychic and mundane abilities to get a read on what it is, what it might do before it potentially knocks her unconscious!

The second that the crystal skull is revealed to the room from its black velvet bag, every non-mortal in the room, nay on that entire floor, will feel a drain upon them. At first it's only a faint heaviness to the limbs and eyelids that would be barely registered. Then, as the seconds continue to tick on, the heaviness becomes a sluggishness that starts to slow their limbs. It's an all-covering and all-consuming weight like a large, body-sized lead blanket trying to drag them to the ground.

Ting makes a muffled noise and looks between those in the room on the hiding end of the spectrum. She feels it, and her shoulders slump. "Charley? We feel it. Don't... don't take too long. What do you see? What do you feel?" Now the Spring looks to her cohorts again with worry. "We can't be totally drained. We have to have the ability to move in case something happens." Can they imagine it? All passed out cold, waiting on Deckard to get home. Not the smartest tool in the box.

As Charley's hand brushes the surface of the artifact, a faint breeze picks up around her and brushes her hair around her head. The breeze doesn't seem to have an origin but it's quite dramatic. Because what -else- would happen when a psychic touches a crystal skull?

Charley is /very/ careful as she examines over the skull. She ensures that she doesn't look into the eyes, mostly keeping the back of the skull facing her as she studies it. The psychic's eyes widen as information about the object pours into her mind. It's only Ting's voice that draws her attention, and even then it takes a moment before she blinks and looks back toward where the Spring is hiding. "Oh uh." Gently she sets it down, face down of course. Though she keeps her gaze on it with apparent interest. "This relic is like, an enhancer for telepaths. Sort of like myself. Though, maybe with other... things that can read minds too," she explains, that last part more theory than what she figures she /knows/. "When touching it, it was like I was barely using my powers without uh, actually using them," she adds. Then her brows raise curiously as she eyes the others. "Wait... what did /you/ guys feel?"

Isrieal feels the weights upon her too and already starts to creep further away, as best as she can at least. "Yeah, cover that thing if you are done with it!" She seems to be able to move slightly faster than the others. "It just feels heavy, like a weight is trying to push me down to not move." She explains to her.

Molly falls to one knee, grinding her teeth. "Holy crap that thing is bad. Yeah, when you are done,just...bag...over top." Holding a hand on the counter, she tries to stay steady, continuing to look away.

"Assume everything is a trap. You are feeling powerful, effortlessly, as a form of flattery through manipulation." Paranoid Ting is paranoid. "Can it tell you anything? Can it help us? Hurry, Charley. This feels horrible." She looks toward Molly and shakes her head. "We should go outside. I'm so tired... I want to sleep." The Spring begins to curl up on the floor. "Where is Buddy?"

Staying down on a knee, Molly reaches up and grabs one of the towels used when people come in from swimming, which frankly, here happens quite a bit. Crawling over towards the living room, she stays low to not use as much energy to get close. When close enough, she sits up to try to toss the towel over the offending crystal head.

Isrieals not knocked down to crawling yet, she doesnt like this feeling at all and just wants to get away from it. It feels like walking through deep water as she heads for those doors that lead to the beach but she shoves them open and heads out to the sands, out till she can't feel it anymore.

The back doors that lead out to the beach are just /right there/. Ting tries to stand, but opts for crawling. It's not so far all things considered. Her gaze is on the floor, then the door. Her hand reaches up blindly to turn the handle, then whoosh! a gust of cold air floods into the kitchen. "Come on, Izzy. Mol, hurry! Leave her. She doesn't look hurt."

On her hands and knees, she shuffles slowly, like pulling a trailer behind her, or more, pushishing through pudding! Yes, pudding. Psychic pudding. Wincing, she gets closer and manages to get her arm up, trembling with the towel. Twisting it a little, she lurches forward with effort to cover it before falling forward. Her hand brushes its forehead briefly as she suddenly colapses to the floor, tightening up into a ball. The scream comes suddenly, hands to her head, blood curdling. Continuing on as she grows horse, she tightens, shuddering.

Charley's gaze lingers on the skull for a moment, her brow raising at... something! Is the bag securely attached to Molly? If not, she reaches over quickly and grabs it, stuffing the skull inside of it for now. "What the hell?!" Charley exclaims as she looks around at the others, the feedback from their emotions still fresh in her mind. "Why the hell does it effect you guys so... negatively but it seems to be an asset for me?" she wonders, her gaze slooowly drifting back to the bag. "This thing is... very interesting. Now that I know what it can do, I should be able to research it more. Figure out where it came from, maybe more of it's weaknesses or whatever." She lets out a breath. "As long as you guys aren't around when I use it, it could maybe help me like, find out more about those women and whoever else is involved with... all of this."

Outside Ting grabs one of those towels to wrap around her. There are a lot of them. Even now in this horrible weather people are suiting up and polar bear dipping from time to time. She hands one over to the Autumn. "It's better out here. We need to not do that again. We'll hang outside next time. If there is a next time," she remarks quietly. Peeking back into the house, she hears a bit of Charley's explanation. "We need it gone. Or locked up. If it goes with her there is a risk of it being stolen."

Charley gives Ting a curious look as she calls her mortal, differentiating the two of them in such a manner. "Well. If you guys don't want or need me helping with the ship thing, I can focus on this." She taps the bag that the skull is resting in. "I don't know if 'gone' is a good idea, but, locked up until we need to use it again, yeah I'm on board with that."

Isrieal nods. "We'll take care of the ship, then try and see what we can get from that museum. I've got plans for it Friday, if we're lucky enough maybe we can work with these Sentinels or at least learn their goals." She glances between them. "Should we try to take these items? Even if they are just lures?" She wonders.

Isrieal takes the offered towel outside and returns through the back doors once the feeling has dissipated and she peers into the living room. "You okay Molly?" She wonders after hearing her screaming. "I don't know..." She tells her. "It feels like some sort of mental attack to me." At least it pinged her token that helps block mental powers. "I wonder if the person it belongs to is like you...Jackson told me a man named Blackwell was looking for it. We can't risk him getting his hands on it."

Molly is slowly sitting up, looking still shellshocked as she leans against the couch. The captain looks out of it, shaking her head a little, eyes out of focus as she just leans there, breathing hard.

Ting wanders over to Molly and sits down next to her, wraps her arms around her. "Was it your head? We couldn't come in." She knows this, but it is worth repeating. "We can't do this again. We need... more mortals? That makes no sense," she says with a wide grin. "The information is not concrete. Nebulous with migraines and fear is hardly worth the price." She pets the pirate's hair. "We have to focus on the ship. The ship we understand. This... what is it for? Why does it matter? It's someone's toy."

But... the tiara. The Spring looks to Isrieal and her eyes go wide. "We should do it. The museum. I want the tiara." Ting is inching closer to crazed now. "We can leave her with Deckard or vanE. Or both. Let them have one another," she says, sounding a little snarky. "Not you," she tells Charley with a smile. "The guys. They're so... special." So special, in the dumbest way possible. "Or maybe we leave her with Ish?" A smarter boy.

"It's too dangerous. Someone would be tasked with taking you underwater, keeping you breathing, and protecting you. Whatever we find we will bring up and you can put your hands all over." Ting looks to Molly and nods, getting her weigh in. She is the Captain afterall. Is anyone still thinking this is a group of normal humans by this time? Come on, now! "Unless Mol and Izzy disagree with me. I'm the caterer, not the boss. I want the tiara," she tells the Autumn.

Molly seems to clear up a little. "Yeah, let ...her stay here. We can bring things back. I don't know if we should take the museum items or not. If we do, then we have Sentinal and these fae things after us. Would it be better to just let them come after Sentinal? Are we really upset if there is some grand smack down between them?"

Isrieal nods. "Yeah, I'm not sure about taking the items but maybe we should at least try and get some information from Sentinel? I mean...its their entire thing thats luring ass this nasty shit into our town." She does point out. "I think we need them to pack up their act and move on."