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Blessings of Bathory - Bridge Summonings
Dramatis Personae

Charley Candle as ST

29 January, 2018

Charley attempts to summon the ghost of the hanged man only to receive a message she was not expecting. This is part of the Blessings of Bathory Plot.


Old Bridge

A small section of the guard rail of the bridge has been crimped as though it were crushed. Based on the article's description of the man who hung himself, it is roughly in the same place (or what you'd imagine). The crimped section looks roughly four-five inches wide and could be a hand (if very powerful) grip.

Suicides tend to leave behind ghosts and ghosts tend to be bothersome to the living. A ghost lingering around an area that has a decent amount of traffic spells trouble, so Charley has decided to hopefully help him move on. It's what she does! So on this cold evening, she bicycles her way to the bridge. She's dressed warmly in a jacket, jeans, and sneakers, a scarf around her neck and a beanie covering her head, and her handy messenger bag with her. Setting her bike aside somewhere safe and out of the way, she approaches the spot where she assumes the man had actually jumped. First, she curiously peers over the side of the bridge. Then, she prepares for her little ritual. A candle is set out and lit, some grave dirt and ashes dusted over the area. Does it actually help? Charley's unsure but it certainly helps to get her into the right frame of mind. Closing her eyes, she calls out to the man's spirit. "I call out to the man who recently took his life by jumping from this bridge. Come to me, so that I may help ease your soul and assist you in crossing over to the other side."

A cold breeze blows up from the river below and stirs your hair a bit as though it was an answer to your summons but...nothing. None of the usual feelings of a ghost arriving, no prickling skin of some non-living entity. Nadda.

No one answers your call. A few minutes pass until you get even the sense that something's happening and then it's just a series of whispers. The nearby ghosts are talking to themselves but won't come onto the bridge so their voices are a bit muffled. *Should we tell her* one seems to ask. *She has to stop. She'll bring it back*

A few moments pass, then a few more. Charley opens one eye, then the other before she starts to look around with some bemusement. It was unusual for a suicide to not leave a ghost behind but not completely impossible. She's starting to pack up the candles when she hears the voices. Stopping almost immediately, she pauses in her movement so that she can hear them better. It takes her but a moment to realize that they're not from the living. Once more she peers off the ledge, raising her brow slightly. "I can hear you guys! What are you worried about me bringing back?" A pause before asking, "Should I come down there to chat to you guys?"

The whispers fall quiet and the wind picks up once more. Old newspapers blow from under the bridge and one picks up from the far end of the bridge, does a few rolls in the air, and starts to fall back down again. Like a leaf blown in an autumn breeze, the single sheet of newsprint finally lands near your feet. Though face-down, you'd swear it has writing on it.

Of course, the curious psychic picks up the piece of paper to better inspect it. There's a quick glance over where she had heard the voices before returning her gaze to the paper. She holds it rather delicately in her hands, not wanting to smudge, smear, or tear anything that might hold some important message or information.

The paper is old and weathered possibly a few months old. Upon the reverse side is written one word in what could be either dried blood or old paint. It says simply:


Well, that's certainly creepy. Ghosts are experts in being cryptic and spooky. She takes a quick glance around as if expecting to see something or someone. One last quick peek where she'd heard the voices, then she's starting to make her way back to her bike at a brisk pace. The clipping is folded up and carefully put into her bag.

As the young woman leaves the bridge, a pair of headlights suddenly breaks out of the darkness a few yards away from the bridge and crosses it at a near-reckless speed. The single-lane bridge makes for a narrow pass but since she's out of the way it's not much to worry about.