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Black Ice: Denton's Abduction

"Put me down!"

Dramatis Personae

Denton and ST


The Long Night was trying to recapture an old minion. But finds a new one instead.


C01 Madden Estate and Arcadia

It's been a few days since the Winter Charity Ball happened and between meetings, interviews and other things, Brielle had been scarce. So this left Denton with a lot of free time at the house or just hanging around to see when his employer would need to call on him.

She'd called to let him know that she'd be home late and that he didn't need to wait up too long. Lots of paperwork. The clock ticks over to midnight and still no sign of the Fairest or her car in the drive.

Sighing Denton levered himself up off of the couch in the living room.. He couldn't read anymore, and it didn't look as if Brielle was going to be home anytime soon. A flash of disappointment coursed through the Brit as he gave in to the fact he was going to have to retire for the night without seeing Brielle.

Groaning he arched his back to work out the knots in his muscles, and then padded quietly to the kitchen to snag a glass of milk to take up with him. The house just seemed far too big and empty with just him rattling around inside it, and he had to wonder just how his employer coped here on her own before he showed up. "Creepy" Denton muttered to himself as he finished pouring his milk... Carton returned to the fridge he snagged his glass, and slowly started to climb the stairs, sleep beckoning him!

Denton's ears can catch the faint sound of glass breaking. Not something that's an everyday occurrence in the manor. Not in this neighborhood at least. Then there's the sudden lack of electricity, the heating unit grinding to a halt in the house and then there's silence. The sort of silence that is heard before the storm hits with tremendous force. He probably had moments before something was about to go horribly wrong.

The breaking glass has Denton pausing for a moment half way up the stairs, a faint frown starting to crease his brow. All sorts of thoughts race through his head but upper most is the likelyhood that Brielle is about to be burgled. As soon as the power goes out, the Brit turns and placing the glass down on the step begins to tread quietly back down the stair case. Being ex-forces there was no way he was going to turn away from danger, and given this was his territory as much as his employer's, he was damned if he was going to let it get violated.

Stealthily he began to make his way back toward the kitchen... His thinking something along the lines of... 'Carving knife!'

There's an icy wind that blasts in through the kitchen door as they are opened when Denton goes sneaking through towards the kitchen. The Fairest did have a good supply of sharp kitchen utensils at their disposal.

He's not unnerved at the turn of events, more... angry. Someone was going to pay for their cheek! Having reached the kitchen Denton selected a wicked looking blade from the knife block and then simply stopped to listen... Ears straining he stood in the dark and waited to hear where the intruders were within the house.

A few moments of strained silence and he almost cursed out loud for being a complete fool... With his left hand he fished in his pocket and pulled out his mobile phone, holding it close to him so not too much light spilled out from the screen he swiped across the screen with his thumb and began calling 911.

As soon as a little light from Denton's phone there's something that strikes out from the darkness. The phone goes flying from the Wolfbloods hands and there's a searing shot of pain that goes up Denton's arm as the phone spins on the floor. The sliver of light that flashes reveals something that could only have come from a horror movie.

The tall figure bends at the waist to fit into the room and not bump it's misshapen skull against the ceiling of the kitchen. "No calling for help." the voice hisses out. "My Master has asked for something to be collected from here. You'll do." it grins as it reaches out to grab Denton.

"Jesus christ!" Denton yells at the lance of pain and the sudden warm wetness coating his arm.. Bleeding, yep... Definitely bleeding and he practically shakes with the adrenaline flooding his system as his phone goes flying... Then something speaks sibilantly at him and he turns practically gawping at the horrific apparition looming over him... The moment of indecision alien to the man who'd spent more hours than he cared to remember in combat situations..

"Oh crap!" He managed to croak out, his brain not quite accepting something so utterly alien... Reflexively he swiped with the blade in his right hand, but it was a wild and unco-ordinated swing, a swing easily avoided by the nightmare in front of the Brit.

"RUN" his brain screamed at him, but his legs just didn't want to work!

Running would most assuredly be the right thing to do at the moment. But terror grips the man and his feet don't work. With the pain stabbing through his arm it's no surprise that trying to hit the monstrosity in front of him does nothing. There's no power behind the swing. Just a panicked need to get away from the thing.

Denton feels the monster move and then all of a sudden his back hits the floor. Something gripping him by the ankles as he is dragged across the kitchen floor with the care of a sack of potatoes. Denton's head strikes the table and counter before he can feel the cold of the outside as he is drug outside and onto the back lawn.

Dragged like a sack of potatoes and feeling both suddenly very much afraid and disorientated, Denton leaves a bloody streak from the kitchen all the way out into the grounds beyond the kitchen door... The cold doesn't bother him, but his arm is hurting like hell and the sheer strength of this /thing/ has the Brit truly worried.

"Let me go... What the hell do you want?" The yell is accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature around the ankle the nightmarish creature is gripping. Denton contemplates shouting for help but seriously doubts anyone is close enough to hear him!

The monster does not answer him and there's a chuckle from the thing as he feels the sting of the cold that Denton delivers. "You'll find that I do not mind the cold, human." it grits out. "The night is always cold. But you'll soon learn that." he cackles as he drags Denton towards the tree line.

There's another voice that joins once they are past the tree line and heading deep into the forest, "Where is the nightflower?" it hisses to the big one. The thing that has a hold of Denton shrugs as it drags him over the ground, "Not here. Found something else for the Master though." it announces as it stops for a moment. Then Denton can feel something open. A door of sorts.

"This is a nightmare.. I'll... wake up in a minute!" The muttered and panicked tone Denton's pathetic attempt to comfort himself as he gains fresh lacerations from being dragged over the rough ground... The pain sadly is all too real, and the Brit realises he's in serious trouble. Spirits... That is what they must be, and they're seemingly intent on dragging him off somewhere... He'd heard horrible stories about what could happen to someone at the mercy of a spirit!

"You'd better put me down!" Denton tried, sounding as brave and grim as he could even though he didn't really /feel/ that way.. "I'm part of a Pack... If you don't release me, you'll be hunted down and shredded!" A bluff... But one he had to try... He was now desperate; the knife he still clutched was more a comforter rather than anythingt that might do him any good... He didn't have the strength nor leverage to effectively attack this creature...

Dreading what he might see, he vainly turned his head to seek out the source of the second voice.

The 'door' opens and Denton can feel the warmth of a breeze that blows from somewhere. It's like someone opened a door to a beach, but there's no light. It's darkness. The second voice doesn't appear to take shape. Or the man can't focus on him. Then there's the feeling of tiny thorns that start to brush against the man's skin, opening little cuts and blood starts to bead up as the continue to drag him. The grass turns to sand underneath him, like they are traveling across a beach at night.

There's just panicked gasping now... This is too much to process... It doesn't go from a Winter's night to a warm sandy beach in a heart beat.. The voices, the creature... none of it made /any/ sense... "Please.... Can't we /talk/ about this? Even to Denton his voice sounds thready with fear... They didn't respond to his prvious threats... This was so outside of his scope, he had no way of truly understanding this.

Every tear from a thorn ellicited a hiss of pain, and soon there was more than just his arm leaving a bloody trail as he was dragged along by his ankle.. He could feel himsefl getting weaker due to the blood loss.. "Please" he all but whispered... "I need.. Help..."

Is it hours or days that they travel? It seems like days to Denton and he finally gives in to the want of passing out. Letting the darkness take him over as they travel. Then there's the sudden stop and the cold settles back in. Chilling Denton to the bone.

There's a voice that cuts through the darkness of the cage that he's been placed in. As Denton comes to he can see that he's hanging above a frozen plain. Or one that looks frozen. There's flowers that glitter in the moonlight but they are pale colors, nothing of the vibrant ones that are found in the real world.

This wasn't the real world.

"Ah. You're awake. Excellent." the deep voice seems to sink into everything around him. "Since we couldn't find her. We'll just have to make do with you." he smiles. The black eyes of the man flick over Denton. "I'll come again when I've decided just where we need to put you." he states. Then the tall slender man is turning to leave. Leaving Denton bloody and chained in his cage.

Unconciousness was a blessed relief from the horrors he was trying so hard to incoperate into his rebellious mind...Sadly though it wasn't the haven it should have been; half formed nightmares and horrors made his oblivion a restless one... Eventually Denton stirred waking to yet more impossibilities.. "What?.. Where?" He whispered through cracked lips only now becoming aware of the cruel chains that bound his bloodied form and the cold unforgiving blackened bars of his cage.

Blue eyes widen at the sheer unnatural scenery spread before his gaze.. "Wait" he croaks to the slender man even as he turns his back on the trapped Brit.. "Don't leave me here" he whispers, but he's just left alone with his growing sense of dread and the numbing cold...