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Beyond The Portal
Dramatis Personae

7 August, 2015

Part of The Abyssal Temple


The descent into the dark below, more literal and less metaphysical in this place is cold and uncomfortable, as it would be for most non-experianced divers. The faint threads of perverted resonance is their guide, little else to suggest directions in the dark waters. Once more it takes around half an hour to reach their destination.

Down here relatively little sunlight reaches, and to be sure the water is cold. Various rock formations spreads out across the bottom of the sea, and there is the one they seek. Suspiciously mundane to the senses, before they go lower and see the underside.

A unnaturally smooth stretch of stone, polished like marble which is decorated with various symbols, some are vaguely familiar to some, arabic, latin, but even those are barely able to be comprahended, they are old. Even High Speech can be seen, and weirder still symbols that defy comprahension and sting the eyes to look upon.

The water is not Rachel's preferred environment, and her experience in it is obviously limited -- that much is clear from the start. So she's perhaps a bit slower than she could be, being more careful than is absolutely necessary -- although considerable caution is already necessary when one is at the bottom of the ocean. Once they reach the stone with its peculiar engravings, she pauses long enough to inspect some of the symbols, being careful not to touch it. Not yet, at least.

Floating in front of the stone wall and waiting for Lance to activate it, Gregory floats with a large duffle bag showing far more preparation than he had the last time. He is at very least being careful not to smash it into anything, though being underwater makes the matter a tad bit easier. If nothing else he seems nervous, though its not exactly easy to tell one is nervous behind a scuba rebreather.

Lance moves through the waters with an ease which comes with the experience that is granted from his training back in the Academy. It is when the formation and magical entrance is reached he then slows up and shifts his dufflebag which he has on at his side. He looks to each person in turn and waits for them to notify that they are all ready and enter, for he won't do it without the team's go ahead.

Brando didn't get the benefit of any rebreathers this time around, for the sake of not digging into anyone else's possibly-limited money -- especially since he's the one among the group who actually IS able to grow gills and whatnot. So he's floating about within the group... well, not quite like a fish, since he still largely has human physiology, but still. When Lance looks on towards him, he makes a faint gesture with his hand through the water towards the wall, in a vertical wave. Move on.

There's a pulse of the Supernal as magic is channeled into the smooth symbol covered stone, bringing the dormant magic to life. The solid stone begins to shift, and blends into .. nothingness, before them where there once was stone now awaits a tunnel. Some invisible barrier holding the water back, it becomes a about six foot high tunnel, allowing perhaps two people in width across that leads into the rocks, no illumination offered within it's black as night.

Sage appears to become much more acclimated with the water when he goes down for the umpteenth time. Now, he wears the skin of an octopus as he rushes through the darkness of the water. The cephalopod that is Sage doesn't go too far from the gathered group of Mages, but when they're at the same old spot again he holds back to watch.

It's not the sort of thing anyone really likes to see, and Rachel's no more pleased at this perversion of the natural order of things than most people would be. But she doesn't let that stop her; once the tunnel is fully open and as stable as it's likely to get, she moves forward without hesitation. Without visible hesitation, anyway.

It as a subtle action, Gregories hands moving through the water, the ebbs of time parting like the water before him to find the perfect moment. He holds that moment as he steps through into the alcove beneath, sniffing the air a bit curiously to see if it has recovered its breathableness since they had departed or if it smells... stale.

Lance moves up his hands to make a few movements, then he allows the Aether into his pattern through his connection to the watchtower. It takes shape and pulls upon the threads within the enchanted wall's pattern and mimics the activation through the intricate weave of the Supernal. Once open, he moves through with the rest. When he's able and breath he takes off the non-essential pieces of the gear and opens up his dufflebag. He then slides his Beretta into a holster on his hip and slides his digital camera in a watersafe cover over his neck.

"...Dark as an abyssal's asshole in here," mutters the voice of Brando once he's up from the water and in the chamber, too, quickly clambering up to solid ground from there where he can recover his pistol and two extra magazines from a ziploc bag graciously provided to him by Rachel. "Remind me to bring a flashlight next time. Anyone else have one?"

Sage can't wait too long as the others head inside. He crosses the threshold, and lands upon his arms with a wet, squishy sound. The spell's dropped before he has to waddle through the joint, and he starts dusting himself off as if that'll remove the disgusting, odious sensation brought on by the Abyss here.

"On the other side of the portal bowl, I believe there is a temple at least based on what I could scry and translate," Gregory contemplates recalling what his brain would allow to remain. "The runes I could definitely translate were Temple, Worship, The Void, Transcendance and Joining. So well, you can probably make some good assumptions about what precisely that indicates." He lets out a sigh, and starts swapping his aquatic gear into the duffle bag, taking out some small pistols and bottles full of suspicious chemicals with fuses. "Sooo, learning new and scary things, and then burning it to the ground."

Rachel's waterproofing solution is decidedly on the low-tech side, but it seems to have worked. Maybe that's why she was being extra cautious? The more likely explanation is just that ... well, /diving/. Regardless, she extracts a handgun that looks like someone left a 1911 in the wash too long and shrunk it to about half normal size -- which she keeps in her hand -- and a couple of magazines, which go into carriers at the small of her back next to the holster. "We can skip part A," is her only comment.

Under the pale light of chemicals emitting from a glowstick, the tunnel is illuminated to some degree. The stones remain unnaturaly formed, although not smooth, instead jagged and sharp. Bumping into a wall might prove quite bloody. It doesn't lead in very far, eventually opening up into a rock chamber, its only true feature being a barely illuminated raised stone, it reaches about chest height on a normal man and the top is carved into a bowl.

"Isn't the bowl the key into it, or do we plan to activate it through Space?" Lance asks, as he takes a moment to move forward while he takes a glowstick also and flicks his into a lighted pattern. It is magenta. He also hands a few more to the others should they wish and don't have their own. The willworker looks at the chamber when they come upon it, "Remember, the entire structure is made with Matter magic, it could very well collapse if any source unweaves it."

"Agreed," Brando echoes after Rachel while he draws the slide on his pistol to check the chamber of it, and then the magazine after. "Wouldn't that be exactly what we want?" HE says then, with a pointed look sent to Lance. "Just makes our job easier."

"Should provide the blood sacrifice that it's looking for. When it was physically touched the last time, the guardian arrived and well, I personally would prefer Not to meet it again?" Gregory gets a shudder at that part. "And while I am sure that our illustrious compatriots are more than capable of temporarily dissipating it again, who knows if it or how many other guardians like it are waiting in the twilight for us to do it incorrectly?" He looks over the bowl itself to see if there are any particular instructions on the bowl itself for the ritual or if it simply looks thirsty for blood.

Sage shakes his head slowly, "The guardian shouldn't come back again. Whatever brought that thing here is gone." Beat. "Either that or hiding really, really well. However," he says thumbing in Gregory's direction, "he's right that. Let's not linger, and get this show on the road." To the bowl the Monk goes, and he says, "So who'll be the next contestant on bleed for forbidden, dangerous knowledge?"

"I volunteer as tribute," Lance mentions, as he allows a small quirk in his lip's corner. "It seems like we have little else available and assist us. I very well think we should follow its procedures else we fail it and... I don't know. Get eaten by an insatiable Gort." He looks to the others, "Unless anyone else would prefer it."

"No thank you, I've already been eaten by a Grue," Gregory says as he takes a step back. "Let me look before we leap though, I don't want us to jump directly into a firing squad or something." Thankfully he's seen the place far more often than a proper mind would ought to see, so it is easy for the reality stalker to find the right crack to peek through.

Gregory stands peering for a bit and frowns. "It's still dark in there, but it does not look any different than when I last looked. That does not mean there are unseen horrors, but at least there are no actively visible threats for us. Please feel free to have guns and various assortments of destruction at the ready though." He smiles at that bit. "Far be it from me to discourage self preservation."

"Way ahead of you," Brando calls over to Gregory, and in time disengages the safety of his pistol. And right after, he casts a vaguely sheepish look to Rachel. "...Don't suppose you can share a little bit of Luck, Razor?"

Lance nods a bit to the side, when noone protests he moves forward to take from the belt his combat knife, "Remember that all is vulgar in these cold abyssal halls," he voices, and holds up his palm while he holds it above the bowl shaped stone indent. He then allows a small prayer to the Aether, in the Atlantean High Speech which takes a moment, enough time for people to prepare. It is perhaps a protection for him, then he slides the blade clean across his palm and blood pools up as it begins to drip from that cut and fill the holder.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Blood is forever a powerful mystical sacrifise, and it seems to appease whichever old magic is settled in this place. There is no clash of thunder to acompany it however, but along the far side those with magical sights can easily see a tear in the fabric of space activating, previously having lingered dormany. It creates a man sized circle hole, leading into a hall, the only thing being seen is a stone floor, all else covered in darkness, Oncemore a lack of illumination proving a hinderance.

"Should have asked five minutes ago," Rachel says, grimacing a little. Well, five minutes ago they were underwater, and no one was likely to ask anyone anything, but the sentiment is clear. "Now that we're in here we'd probably have better luck if we keep whatever we do to a minimum."

Gregory says, "Lets toss a glowstick through first just to make sure," Gregory breaks another chemical stick and shakes it a bit till it flares to life. "At least if something has a hatred towards light, we'll know ahead of time. That and we'll see if the portal blocks us from bringing useful things like clothing..." He offers a shrug before he flicks his wrist tossing the glow stick into the man sized hole."

Sage looks to Lance, and says, "I don't think I can forget it, nor passing out down here." To that end he follows Gregory's suggestion, takes a glowstick from the other Obrimos, chucks it into the portal, and then follows after it.

The stick bounces a few times, illuminating the hall. It is a large hall, the roof reaching perhaps 12 feet up into the air and perhaps ten across, the walls are entierly covered in various symbols, glpyhs and runes. It is all very ornate, even beautiful to a degree. A few paces forward the tunnel shifts into a stair, leading up and beyond what they can currently see. Behind them the hall continues, smooth and beyond sight. Giving only two ways go.

"...Yeah, you're right," Brando mutters ruefully at Rachel's response. The instant the portal opens, he brings up his handgun and levels t he sights towards it, even if he isn't giong through right away, yet. "...Let's try to remember to discuss spell-sharing beforehand next time, huh? FOr now-- Who's gonna go in first? Right now I'm faster than I am strong, so I might not be put down instantly if I do."

"Go ahead," Rachel says to Brando, "I'll cover you." The muzzle of her weapon ticks toward the newly-opened portal, and she adds, deadpan: "And relax. I won't shoot you. Remember those things at the warehouse?"

"Probably best not to let him stay there too much longer by himself," Greg lets out a sigh and checks his own pistol and shrugs his bag over his shoulder. "We can at least find our way back easy enough if we have the bright spots of light like breadcrumbs." He nods at that and goes on through the portal along with the others, shuddering at the abyssal grossness.

"Beautiful though," Lance mentions, as he moves a hand to slide his knife back into the belt and pulls out some cloth wraps that he can tie his hand up with. The willworker then takes a moment to recover and pulls his beretta into his palms. One hand is pressed against the stomach of his vest, the other upon the magazine in the weapon, as he chants with the High Speech.

The words of power can be recognized as those that represent 'Prime, Ethereal, Dual'. It is a string in words which he has practiced the best he can with the limited speech that he has from it. The rote gestures can be noticed from those that watch. Then he holds the weapon forward when he has finished, no backlash from the spell. He moves forward when the others have.

"I trust you on that, at least," Brando offers over his shoulder to Rachel, and he makes a brief gesture with his hand set just over his shoulder -- two fingers held up and wagging in a gesture meant to signal following. "I'll duck if I need you to shoot something that's right in front of me. I won't mind if you shave off a couple hairs." And up forward he goes padding, with his weapon leveled forward still, in both hands, at the ready. Just in case something does decide to jump at him right after he's through.

"Dripping," Sage mutters wearily. "I'm starting to hate the water." The Monk stops a moment to slow his breathing while waiting for the others. Once they've crossed the spatial threshold he contonies the trek forward, and away from the portal.

While Rachel opens her mouth to speak up again, she decides against doing so, and instead edges forward as the rest of the group does, taking the rear position to watch their collective back. Her expression may not be /calm/, exactly, but at least she seems to have a firm hold on her self-possession.

"Hold up, before we get too far... I want to make sure that the portal will ya know, go both ways or at the very least stay up long enough for us to get back out of here," Greg is if nothing else paranoid Just enough for this sort of thing. Holding a hand out as he looks between the spaces of his fingers, he seems to be investigating the hole in reality to make sure it stays... Holey.

Frowning at what he sees betwixt his fingers, Gregory pushes some buttons on his diving watch. "We have an hour before this closes up. So if we want an easy way home? I suggest we use that. Elsewise... well, I can use this way home at least." He has a little smile at that, slightly worried but at least there is some relief as well. As he turns and examines what he can see in the glowstick light though, there is more recognition and hrming. "Well, this place at least is terrifyingly interesting. Hopefully it will just become more interesting and less terrifying as time progresses."

And Sage leads the 'charge' as he marches forward, in this case coming up to the stairs quickly and begins to ascend them. The steps are large, a bothersome climb to be sure, but doable. Eventually the stair becomes a small plateu before they continue, and to left and right large stone doors are raised, them too covered in symbols and quite clearly shrouded in magic. Perhaps like the door before.

Lance does take a moment in which he looks at the architecture, "The question is, just how ancient is the place? The magic which is used to hold it together might be useful to understand such," he voices. The willworker then moves forward a bit, as he takes a moment to look at a wall and study it. When he's finished, he heaves a low sigh, "The Speech is quite perverted, it is possible that it is a darker form. It might lend a reason however to why our spellweaves would hold such vulgarity in this place." He then continues on with the rest of the people.

"I think the best plan here is to just be done with this place quickly, even more so with how relatively little time we have with the portal," Brando calls over his shoulder back to Lance. While they're moving, he keeps his gun pointed down, so as to avoid any undesired side effects in case a neglicent discharge happens. "So we go there, break shit so none of this shit comes bothering people above the surface agaain, kill whatever gets in the way of doing that, and get the hell out of here."

"If we're still here an hour from now, something's probably gone really, really wrong," Rachel says curtly. Nonetheless, she takes her eyes off her surroundings for long enough to program a half-hour alarm into her digital watch. "As for studying it, that sounds like one of those ideas that sounds good and ends with a lot of screaming."

Sage turns to Lance, canting his head. "Is that so?" He goes about scratching his chin as the gears turn. "That'd make sense considering what happened last time. Speaking off..." He moves again, and knocks on the left door. "You think you can do this again, Ace?"

Gregory keeps his mind open for spatial distortions, glad of the portal's presence as a waypoint to keep track of at the very least. His gun is out and pointed to the ground, but he definitely is more interested in the walls and such than anything more active. "Hrm, I wonder where precisely we are in the world, or if we are even on the world anymore."

Lance pauses when it looks like Sage has also, and has asked for his assistance. He nods a bit to the other willworker and takes a few steps towards that door and presses his hands towards its direction and allows the Supernal to flow through him. He then attempts to pull into the weave and find its intricate Imago, "This place, these doors. Whatever made it, is indeed more powerful than we can dare hope to challenge."

With another surge of the Supernal, which clashes against the world against, as if the Abyss were stronger in this place. Never the less, when called upon the large door slowly slides to the side, vanishing within the wall, although rather than sliding into a hollow section, it seems to merge with the very stones. A gust of dry air meeting them, here they are greeted by darkness oncemore. Although it is a much more palpable darkness, a physical thing although seemingly not alive. For those with sights to see into the beyond, a Paradox have settled into the space here, an ancient Anamoly.

Those with sights to pierce all darkness, it is a large stone room, the walls still covered in sigils, glyphs and runes. In the middle the stone floow is lowered into a perfect circle, and a circular stone altar rests in the middle. At the side stands pillars, one broken on each side and at the far side rests a plain stone .. table? sarcophagus? It is difficult to tell, but it is plain every everything else is ornate.

"The place could be a huge ass labyrinth for all we know, so we just might end up that way," Brando points out ever-so-cheerfully to Rachel before he goes assuming a spot watching the stairway when the group stops to deal with the door. "I can try the next one," he offers to Lance, however. "So we don't pile all the paradox on the same person, you hear?"

Lance does take a moment to realize what it is that he views, then he allows a frown to slide onto his features, "I understand," he voices towards Brando. It is then he mentions, "It seems like an altar, it is hard to tell what such a place is used for." He holds up his beretta and points it to the darkness, "... Well, it isn't a manifestation, thank the gods."

"All the more reason we better be on our way out of here in ... twenty-seven minutes," Rachel says. "I don't want to get -- ugh. What the hell is this?" Grimacing, she moves back a pace, seeking elevation on the bottom step in case she needs to shoot over someone's head.

Gregory keeps back as the others pass into the room, taking the moment to light the wick of the cocktail, using the small bit of flame as a little candle in the meanwhile. "Double purpose. Good thrower anyone?" He olds it offering it to one of the others before assuming he will be delivering firey wrath.

Sage holds up a hand in protest, "Hold on a sec. I wanna see if I can figure out what is even the hell in here." Beat. "And fire may as well wake up what's inside that coffin." The intrepid Indiana Jones gives the room a cursory examination, careful not to move too far inside nor from the group.

"...WEll, the aerodynnamics are a little different," Brando murmurs when he goes stepping closer to Gregory, with his pistol left to be held by it's frame from his left hand, while the right reaches out for the offered bottle of flame and destruction. "But it's almost like a grenade. Let's see if we even should use it first, though, huh?" This said with a nod towards Sage's general direction.

"Grenades are harder to acquire," Gregory says with a smile as he hands it off to Brando as he watches Sage inspect the doom and gloom. "Watch out for traps, it seems like a fairly good place to set one." He like the properly nonbrave sort keeps back where he can run for the portal quicker.

Sage rubs the back of his neck after looking in, narrowing his gaze suspiciously. "Well, it's Atlantean, and a few Fallen languages. I can only tell it's older than the shit they taught us in high school. Something about summoning from the void or some other kind dark place, and using a sacrifice to bind." He shrugs his shoulders then. "Maybe ancient Mayan sacrifices, and alla that to summon or appease something."

"Well, I recommend no one die in the middle of the circle then, just in case it happens to be a self perpetuating sacrificial ritual," Gregory replies as Sage provides his feedback. "What is with the darkness in there? It's.. different."

"Could it be that this place has existed since the Fall? Or not much after?" Lance speculates, as he takes a moment to lower his beretta just a moment and scans the area. "Well, what should we do at this point? This is the place that the Abyssal fled back into." He moves a hand towards his digital camera on the neck. He tries to take a few pictures, "I believe it is a Paradox made manifest."

"So do we burn it?" Asks Brando now -- with the molotov cocktail in his hand, lit up and waiting to be used. "Because it seems like something we should burn."

"I hate to say it," Rachel says, "but there's not much point burning anything but whatever's *in* the sarcophagus." Most of the rest is stone, after all. "And if we're gonna burn what's in it, we probably oughtta know exactly what we're burning, yeah?"

"Well then, I guess we need someone brave enough to peek into a sarcophagus, and quick enough to get away in case of something jumping out of it," Gregory says, and from the sound of his voice his doesn't seem to fit those categories. "And perhaps... record the text, just in case we need to find a reversal ritual." Snapping another glow stick, he slides it into the room to see how it interacts with the weird darkness once it's farther away from them.

The glowstick goes into the room, there's not a sound but it almost feels like there should be as it hits the darkness, it noticeably seems to slow it down and the light becomes much fainter, dull. It seems to fall like water, then hitting the floor. Ripples go through the magical darkness.

"Well, sure, but what about that?" Says Brando, with his finger going pointing towards the... uh, darkness. "Because I don't think we're gonna be getting through it while it's there. And it could burn, unless someone with mightier magic than what I can toss around has better ideas."

Lance takes a moment to look at each person, then he motions a bit into the darkness, "Well, I've sacrificed my blood, if anyone believes that to search through here is the best path, it's their turn. We're limited in time." There's a frown at Brando, "It is more than likely it will just heavily hinder your magical prowess. I would limit using spells in it, at least. But beyond that, it should be traversible."

Sage takes a few steps backs, and as the others plot and plan he begins speaking in the old, Babel tongue. He makes two calls to the Primal Wilds to borrow a bit of the realm's power. Thankfully, he shed his clothing before coming down, and when he shifts up and out into the form of a silverback he huffs as he moves along. At the end of his casting ebon claws erupt from the tips of fingers. When caught in the light they shine almost beautifully, if not sickeningly so as the Paradox manifests. Without further ado Sage the Silverback moves into the darkness, and slowly lifts the sarcophagus' lid, however, he closes his eyes as if expecting to be smacked down by God Himself.

Seeing Sage become a giant monkey gets a nod of approval from Greg, and he points his pistol over towards the sarcophagus. "Well here is hoping that wasn't a terrible idea," he says to himself as he starts aiming where he Wont shoot the giant monkey.

"--Let's face it, we should probably assume it is," Brando tells Gregory in response quickly before he goes right after Sage. If something bad DOES come out of the damn coffin, he can at least toss the molotov right into it's face. Or down the coffin, depending on how things play out.

The gorilla vanishes into the darkness, leaving a corridor behind him before it closes around him, it's thick, like moving through mud but otherwise does not stop him. As he reaches the very plain sarcophagus lid, and with a display of brute strength he simply lifts it. Revealing, something. With closed eyes he does not see whatever rests within it. At first, there is .. nothing.

Lance had his beretta trained towards the same place, and nods when it looks like Greg has also. He then takes a moment to focus while he quirks his brow at the specific transformation, then he notices as the tendrils come about, "... Well, I can't voice I didn't see that coming."

"Oh, fuck," Rachel says. "Remind me next time to keep my fucking mouth shut." She clicks the safety on her handgun off and begins to take aim ... even if there's not yet anything solid to take aim /at/.

"I knew it!" Brando grunts out as he goes towards the coffin in the middle of the darkness. "Sage! Back up!" What with the molotov being prepped and all.

"Knew the... darkness... was bad..." Brando grumbles the whole time that he quite literally wades through the physical darkness, but he makes his way up by sheer stubbornness alone up to where he can at least toss down the fiery bottle of death right down into the coffin -- with the hopes that the fire will at least inconvenience whatever is about to come up.

For those with their sights beyond, there's another surge of strange deathly supernal will, reaching through a conduit into this plane. The magic reaches out for Sage's bestial form, which the beast shakes off with an iron will.

The molotov cocktail explodes into a fiery cloud, burning darkness, corpse and gorilla alike. The lights are grim and dull through the darkness that still envelopes the entrance to the room. But something rises from the resting place, thin and humanoid. Set aflame it .. steps past the fiery gorilla and begins to shamble through the room, straight for the people at the door.

Lance takes a few steps back while he speaks with those around him, "I can attempt to dispel it as it weaves, but it will be a difficult task," he mentions. The willworker holds the beretta and with the Nightsight that he has the dim glowsticks become an ethereal beacon in the darkness that allow a clean strike to pierce into the thick darkness, then strike home into the reanimated creature.

Sage burns, but at least it's not a bad look for an Obrimos. He feels something trying to affect him, but the only thing he can hear are the other Mages and the Mummy. Unable to swear at whomever set him ablaze, he turns his attention solely upon the Mummy. He shifts a bit to see where the Mummy's going, but he doesn't allow the undead abomination to flee or attack him compatriots. Instead, he chucks the sarcophagus' lid like it's a frisbee. However, it goes too far up, and slams into the threshold of the room. Welp. Brendan Frasier would be disappointed.

The young mysterium magician backs away slowly into the slightly brighter corridor away from the darkness and approaching flaming mummy. "Well, it's burning at least...," Gregory says and with that at least being vaguely in the direction of desired functionality, he takes out another prepared bottle and lights it up with the electric lighter as he wiggles peers through time for the right moment to act.

There's an undead abomination shambling toward them out of some kind of bizarrely material darkness. They're in an Abyssal temple where they'll be trapped if they stay longer than an hour. Shit is going weird. And none of it matters. What matters to Rachel is that she has a target. Sure, the obstructions and the darkness make it a pain in the ass to focus on the shambling mummy thing. Sure, people are yelling and someone just threw a friggin' sarcophagus and oh god there's things in here that will eat her soul. She lets a breath halfway out, front sight, and puts two shots in the creature's chest and one in its head in the time in takes to blink twice. That's all she wrote and all it gets to write.

With all the magic, suddently a new tinge of corruption settles over the place, this one more purely magica. The resonance of the place, already abyssal but old suddently quickens as if awoken by the sudden manifestation of the Abyss, it begins to flow and swirl, sickening and twisted. Another Anamoly settling over the room.

"Well isn't this just great," growls Brando while all the heavy magic goes on around them, fire blazes about and a mummy falls and tries to go on to bother everyone all over again. Keyword probably being 'tries'. "You said you can dispel it?!" He calls over towards Lance while he directs healing energies towars Sage after tossing his pistol back to his dominant hand. "If you try to focus on that, we can work security for you!"

As the corpse, now sorched beyond even what it was decomposed to falls. There is another sensation of the supernal, as deathly magic seeps through from twilight to try and seep into the fallen corpse, quicken it, reanimate it, in death nothing stops them.

Lance's beretta is trained upon the mummy, but then it looks like Rachel has brought it down, which causes him to turn his attention towards the silverback and other willworkers. He holds out a hand to make a few gestures while he speaks a word in Atlantean. It causes at least that attempt at a spell to unweave and ripple away into the tapestry. "We must take the source from it, I can't hold it up. My weapon is enchanted if you need it," he voices, as he flicks his palm about the magazine, and presents it aside, "LOCATE WHAT'S DOING IT!"

"I can keep shooting these things down all night," Rachel calls out, "but if we can't stop them popping up I'm gonna run out of ammo eventually." She shifts her point of aim several times in rapid succession, seeking a target and not finding one. "And if we can't do it /soon/ we better get the fuck out of here."

Sage is still on fire, but with the mummy put down. It doesn't take much for him to get the gist of things. The knuckle-dragging Theurgist bounds over the now dead mummy, and to the other Magi all he can do is roar with a clawed pointing towards the exit. That said he runs towards the exit, slowing down some as he nears the location of the portal.

Handing off the lit bottle to the more combative magician, Gregory gets to the part of his life he prefers, the thinking. Comparing various things he can pick up on he frowns, "The caster is in the Twilight. Unless you can blast there, we can't do anything." Frowning and taking another step back, "So we may need to torch and burn"

"...Do we have ANYONE with Spirit magic?!" Brando calls out to everyone gathered, after taking the offered molotov cocktail. "Even if we can get our guns enchanted to hit the goddamn thing, it won't do any good if we can't SEE it-" He stops his words there and peers down at the bottle in his hand, and then with widened eyes, he directs his eyes to Lance. "Can you enchant this thing?!" He asks, with the bottle of fiery death held up in indication.

Again, the ghostly supernal tinged magic cracks through the air, in vengeance against the petty Obrimos that soiled its magic. Necrotic energies leesh onto Lance, draining him as his very flesh begins to rot away before their eyes, turning yellow, then green and finally black as it falls off his bones. A stench spreads through the room as the Obrimos falls to the ground.

That's pretty much exactly the kind of thing Rachel thought might happen. One guy goes down, and, being slightly on the reedy side herself, she's not the best choice to sling him over her shoulder in a fireman's carry and get out of town. "Pull back," she calls out, and, suiting action to words, moves backwards toward the portal, throwing only occasional glances in the direction she's moving and keeping most of her attention on what she's moving /away/ from. Because it could still get worse.

Snagging the bottle from Brando, Greg offers a shrug "Sorry for pass the bottle," he says as he lobs the lit thing at the downed mummy, the glass bottle exploding as it hits a hard surface spreading the flammable mixture about. Rachel's orders to pull back are heeded tho as he makes his way towards the hole in the world and checks his watch for the time remaining.

For all the ideas that Brando might have been having about how to approach this situation, he still doesn't exactly seem too bothered by the idea of retreating after Lance drops, seeing as he calls out, "Copy that!" immediately after Rachel makes the call, and with his other hand freed from the bottle, he scrambles to Lance, shoves his russian-made pistol down into his own holster and ggoes to hoist the other Obrimos up and over his shoulder, with the possibly-dropped pistol grabbed quickly too. "How about we call Kara to come with us next time?!"

Sage waits at the foot the steps on the others. However, when he sees Lance being dragged it doesn't take long for the Theurgist to step into action. His overlarge gorilla finger form up the mudra of healing magicks. Immediately after it's cast he turns back around, and runs back to the gateway home.

Lance's beretta is a memory in his mind when noone takes it, as it has been slipped back so he can focus better in his resistance upon the Abyss. As he speaks the High Speech it manifests to take the spell and unweaves various pieces from it, but then he realizes that it is too much as his skin turns colors while he feels the life inside him drain, "Run, I can't hold it much longer!" he exclaims.

The willworker takes a dive and uses the last of his strength to pull the paradox into his pattern, which causes his eyes to dim while he falls backwards. But even as he does, the damage done with the Abyssal magic is repaired with the Primal Wild's power from Sage. It doesn't change the fact that he is barely even conscious. He will be thankful that the willworkers have decided to try and protect him. And, he is hoisted atop Brando's shoulder.

The corpse continues to burn, decomposed flesh turning to ash slowly, and then another surge of magic flies through it. Deathly magics seeping into it, changing it. As suddently spikes of steel erupt from the flesh, breaking it open slowly, putrid stench raising as a skeleton, now transmuted into shining black metal rises from its fleshy prison. Moving slowly at first, empty eye sockets stare ahead. Shaking the last of fleshy remnants it rises up to stand.

Looking back over his shoulder at the transforming mummy, Greg's jaw drops. "Oh that's just bullshit right there!" It does however spur the young magician to new heights of running as he huffs and puffs his way towards the portal. "Stay open stay open stay open," he chants as perhaps a prayer, perhaps just something to keep a pace.

"Explosives," is Rachel's immediate reaction to seeing a metal skeleton clambering up to its feet. "Lots of them." It doesn't stop her from moving toward the portal, though. It's time to leave, and there's really no good reason to stick around for the in-flight movie.

"Or pretty fucking heavy armor-piercing rounds," Brando suggests to Rachel quickly, and as they close in towards the portal, he yells over to Gregory quickly, "Can you close it?! We need it to NOT be open once we're through!"

"I'll go with a definite maybe and worry about that After we get through safely thank you!" Gregory is definitely keen on the part about escaping if nothing else, and is quite content with prioritizing when it comes to it.

The gorilla's waiting until everyone else is through, but when he catches sight of the now metallic zombie there's only one recourse left. He blindly runs out of the portal, roaring like he's King Kong and a pair of planes just crept through the temple.

They get through without issue, it would appear the spiky metal creation that stalks them is slow, much like a zombie mummy it shambles down the stone stairs. Toes changed to curved metal claws they clink against the stones, clink. clink. clink. Empty sockets raised after them, the creation does not emit a sound beyond metal scraping stone.

Dropping his duffle bag carefully on the other side of the portal, Gregory turns towards the portal, judging it abit. "Okay, a portal being maintained by the bowl and structure. I should be able to basically push a Ward down on top of the portal like a band aid. Use the structure of reality to basically ground out the hole and let it heal itself give or take." He nods to himself, at least vaguely confident in the magical theory being sound, whether or not reality will agree with him. If nothing else he is a specialist in holes in reality.

"Well let's fucking hope that works then," Brando declares with a grunt while he goes on to set Lance down on the ground, once they're the portal proper, and... he goes to take a knee on the ground, facing the portal, and with Lance's (borrowed) Beretta leveled at it. "I don't think I have the munitions to drop that thing, but can bloody well try if your plan doesn't work."

Confidence may be key, but the reality stalker is probably winging it at least when the rest of the group around him hears the high speach coming out of his mouth. Gregory is focusing heavily if nothing else, with fingers swiping deeply into the cracks of reality to seal over another hole like plumbers caulk sealing up a leak.

Eventually the metallic creation manages to shamble to them, the portal being raised still. Metal against stone, it scrapes against the floor as it steps against the invisible barrier, the Space magic halting its advance as it is stuck between two locations in space. A clawed hand striking against it, doing naught. Halted.