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Bank Heist Debacle

"We kick door in now yes? Masks on time as American game say?"

Dramatis Personae

Hawker, Melek Taus, Ryland, Rictus and KiloST -- Southside_Kings

26 February, 2018

Round up the usual suspects! Four colleagues set out to rob the Federal State Union Bank and manage to successfully overcome most of the obstacles they face, except that big vault door. Unfortunately the FPD got tipped off before they could make a connection with the big bucks.


Federal State Union Bank, Fallcoast

It's around 2am in downtown Fallcoast at the Federal State Union Bank. It has a huge footprint, though only 8 stories tall, it's surrounded by city streets on three sides and an alleyway in the back where the more mundane services of the building are handled like trash and deliveries and such. Cement pillars line the outskirts of the building for vehicle security measures and there is a state of the art security systems protecting the bank. Inside and out. It's virtually impossible to move anywhere in the bank without being on camera somewhere, which is monitored off site through a security company and linked with the FPD. There light beam triggers strategically placed and of course the vault is locked behind several doors. They must have some pretty good stuff in there. There is also several secondary rooms full of safety deposit boxes also behind security locked doors.

Hawker was simply put..bored. He doesn't really feel he gets to do any thing any more. The Vigil had given him a way to vent his innate aggression, and now with out it? He languished with inaction. Other then one time he went on the Warpath with the Wolves, and the promise there was going to be further conflict had gone months with nothing. Thus? He was going to join a robbery. He expects they will not be thrilled if things invariably go south; nor does he overly care. He's got his black dragonskin on, a throat miac, headset..hidden under a long coat..and a Winston Churchill Mask..with the Homburg perched on his head. What is under that coat? Judging from the bulk, several firearms, not to mention what looks suspiciously like a single shot anti tank launcher. Probably for the vault, those things are supposed to be pretty darn tough after all! It's probably good no one caught him shooting up Morphilite, right? Or the grin on his face under his mask?

A job's a job and with his new wife off doing... well, whatever it is she does when Ric's not around, Ric's decided 'why not?'. And so he heads down to the staging area to meet up with the other hire-ons. And the first thing he sees is Hawker in a mask with a... anti tank launcher? He sighs, "Fucking great. Maybe we can get SWAT down here and shit before we even make it in the building.

Ric takes a quick moment to shoot out a text, to another criminal he knows, and then he's 'powering up'. Using plasm, he bolsters some of his social skills, should he have to interact with... well, hopefully not SWAT. And then he's growling in that German accented baritone, "You got the distraction, fucking perfect. I'll see you all on the other fucking side, yeah?"

With that, he's stepping into the shadows and, well, disappearing. That done, he goes about inspecting the perimeter, taking note of those lasers, cameras, angles, getting a feel for the layout of the place. The others might go in guns blaring (or not), but it seems the rather famous gangbanger is keen on keeping himself off of film.

For his part, Ryland could be just anyone. He's wearing nondescript jeans and a dark grey jacket, gloves, soft-soled boots and has his hood pulled up. A scarf covers the lower part of his face, so just his eyes are visible - or would be, if he weren't wearing mirrored glasses.

That's the thing, when you've got ink all over and eyes that glow in the dark. A courier bag is slung over his back, weighed down enough to be carrying a laptop or similar. He loiters near to Hawker's location, though not right next to the guy.

When Rictus had texted him, Melek Taus decided it was time to start making connections, and this model citizen was one of those connections he wished to make. Melek Taus makes a pass by the building, trying to see what security looks like, and if he does spot a guard, he would do a little something to help ease the impending robbery. Afterwards, he returns to where they'd decided to meet and reports whatever it is he'd seen.

Rictus spots Melek showing up just before he goes invisible. They trade what's been seen so far and Ric growls, "I'm gonna go in. I can probably open the doors from the other side and shit." And he proceeds to become invisible. To cameras, to animals, to people. He's still there, however, "You wanna take care of the guard? I'll head in, find the vault, open it from the inside. You just gotta be ready." An invisible glance towards Hawker, then, "And wrangle the scapegoat."

Hawker moves about, not really dipping out of the alley, but moving enough to see around the streets as others do their thing. His voice is muffled by the mask, and he speaks with a -Russian- accent. Who is this Hawker? This is Ivan Stroganoff! "No cops in the area I see. Yes? Lets do this." He says and unbuckles his long coat, revealing a MGL-6 and what suspiciously looks like Clyde's Scattergun. A Cut down BAR. Along with reloads festooned to his body, and a Saturdaynight Special .38. "We kick door in now yes? Masks on time as American game say?"

Melek Taus listens to Hawker while he puts his mask on. It's got seemingly no eyes and a mouth full of needle-like teeth. "Yes." His own voice is muffled by the mask as well, "Maybe instead of kicking the door in, I'll just make a door. Better have that cannon at the ready though, I imagine the guard is armed and the quieter the better." Melek Taus pulls the glove off his left hand, which looks deformed and atrophied. He uses the strange, clawlike fingers to draw a symbol in the air. He pauses and looks at Winston Churchill and Ryland. He says, "When you're ready."

Hawker will give the thumbs up to Melek when he ..is cheating reality. Not that Hawker couldn't have done that him self; but it takes some of the fun out of this. Thus with the BAR at the ready, he'll..move forward? He isn't sure what to expect actualy. "If he wasn't so far away, I could just rush him and tackle him into a wall." He Laments, hawker is pretty good at that! Still, he isn't sure -what- to expect!

Rictus is inside already, having walked through the walls and, /thus far/, avoided the laser beams. Those are going to be a problem and he feels like he's challenging his luck. He did spend some time scoping the place out, however, and he's careful to avoid doorways, or windows, or any such locations that most 'thieves' or the like might first transgress, as those seem most likely to have alarm systems focused on them.

The front desk is a risk. He's careful to keep to the employee side, and back against the wall, in the hopes that cameras and lasers are most focused on the customers. On his way to the desk, he rolls invisible eyes at the guard. He growls, "Fucking security. Won't you just sit down and shut the fuck up?" Always complications! His tone is direct, passionate - something people want to say every day because no one likes a security guard.

And then he's looking around, trying to find some sort of evacuation plan. It's law to have one posted, right? And even if the room isn't labelled 'VAULT', the layout will likely give them an idea of what rooms it /could/ be.

Then Hawker is..going through a portal, he played that game. If a fucking AI starts talking about Cake, he'll be -less- then thrilled. He doubts the Guard expects people to blast though a wall right? So there he is, suddenly, BAR aimed at the guard. "Drop your gun and your trousers! Then lay down and shut the fuck up!" He barks out. "Don Scaccia sends his regards!" Uh Oh. Hawker is going to try and make this seem like an -Italian- Job. He's also hoping the guard doesn't try to be a Hero.

The guy in the dark clothes and glasses walks through behind Hawker - and, unknowingly, behind Rictus. He almost bumps into the invisible Sin Eater once or twice, but doubtless the other guy is able to avoid such unintended clumsiness. He hasn't spoken yet, his purpose here unclear, but he remains within range of 'Ivan', his body-language relaxed as the Purified makes his demands, keeping to the darker areas of the room.

The guard nearly has a massive coronary when Hawker leaps out of nowhere and into the lobby with his massive gun trained on him and barking instructions. He pulls his revolver out and gently pushes it down and a small bit away from him. Then he cants his head at Hawker for one moment. His trousers? Freak! However, this allows him to discreetly press the wireless panic button on his belt that signals the security team at the company and the police that there is a major emergency. Roughly a three minute response time. But then would the guys have even noticed? he drops his pants down. Boxer briefs! Then lays down, the gun nearly in grasping range.

Melek Taus follows after Hawker. He doesn't say anything, but the guard is going to have a hell of a time remembering anything. The eyeless, grinning mask mirrors the expression of the man. There's an eerie grin as he watches the man's mind break.

Hawker doesn't overly care what the guard is doing for the moment, he's moving over to kick the gun with his boot across the floor. Doesn't need a bullet in the back. "Some one pull the fire alarm or some thing. We has to find the vault for Papa Scaccia." He barks out, already..sauntering off where the vault should be. I mean unless the vault people see isn't the real deal. He'll let what he assumes are smarter people deal with things. Though did Hawker just hint he doesn't want a buncha people inside? Is he trying to not murder every one?

Really? Is this all so hard? Ric gives up. He steps behind the guard and reaches out, grasping his shoulder, helping him up. At that moment, emotions run through the guard. Who is this man, in his punk gear, mohawk combined down with a dark beanie over it for the night. Because, well, that guard suddenly /loves/ Ric. Is in love with Ric.

Ric growls, "Sit the fuck down, enter the goddamned code to turn off all these fucking alarms, and call the security company. Tell them this ain't no break in. It's just a goddamned publicity stunt. A practical joke. And then... and then you and me, we'll have some fun, yeah?" He rubs the man's shoulder. "The quicker you do it, the quicker we get some alone time."

At some point, the map is given a little wiggle, hopefully catching someone's attention. He looks towards Melek and Ryland, then lets it drift to the ground. But there's no doubt that he's found something there. He's even punched his finger through the room he thinks the vault might be. On accident, of course. But right now, he's focused on the guard. "Hurry up, baby. I can't wait."

Rictus does try to keep himself angled away from the cameras, as now he's visible.

'Emmett' the overnight Federal State Union Bank lobby security guard finds himself infinitely attracted to this crazy punk rock guy with the mohawk. Funny, he was never attracted to men before, but this is just undeniable! He stands and sits down where Rictus tells him, with a dazed, happy look on his face and nods when the rock star tells him what his tasks are. "I don't know that that will work but I'll do anything for you." He nods enthusiastically and picks up the phone, dialing by memory. "This is Emmett White, 64281. I... It was an accident. I hit the button on accident. The code is..." he hesitates for just a second but finishes strong. "A-488392". He nods as someone talks on the phone to him and finally says "Sure... OK. Take care." And hangs up. "The Fallcoast police department will be 'round in 10 or 15 just to make sure everything is secure. It's just routine when there is a false alarm." He shrugs. He did what he was told, right? Now he beams at Rictus expectantly.

Glancing towards the map that Rictus is wiggling, Ryland heads over to the security guy's computer - hey, look at that, it's still logged in. Handy. With the practiced ease of someone who spends a lot of time on computers, he begins to navigate his way through the system, checking out the layout, the security features, the quickest route and so forth. Melek's shoulder-perching seems to help rather than hinder, so he doesn't comment, just absorbs what the strange man suggests from time to time.

They've got 10 to 15 minutes. Not a lot of time, but plenty if they act quickly. When Ryland sits down at the computer and looks like he knows what he's doing, Melek walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder. It's just for a moment, but that's enough. The Supernal flows from Willworker to Wolfblood and every obstacle that would be in Ryland's way seems easy to overcome.

Digging out a cheapish smartphone, Ryland takes a few photographs of what is on the screen, adding a coloured arrow or two to indicate the route they should take, and then passes the phone to Hawker before going back to make mental notes for himself of the security measures in place.

Hawker is already skulking off, he's pretty intent on breaching the vault. He isn't sure -what- will be in the vault, but hey, there should be good things in it! "I go to break vault door now, yes?" He asks, wanting to make sure others are ready for that. "And make sure every one gets out! Fire is very likely."

The map turns out not to be of use. And the security guard isn't really needed considering Ryland's skill. So Ric finds himself stuck with a really loving guard, and no long with his invisibility. He should have just stuck with invisibility.

Ric grunts, "Uh, yeah. So, let's go outside, yeah? Get some fresh air. And we can meet the fucking cops when they show up, tell 'em it was all just a fucking prank."

Emmett is more than willing to follow Rictus out front and wait for the cops. To be honest, he's kind of already forgotten who Rictus is and definitely everything else that has happened in the lobby.

Hawker doesn't like all the waiting; to be far once some one tells him where the Vault is, or he finds it, it's best people aren't close to him. Unslinging the AT-4, he'll kneel down and sight it; not that it's all that possible to miss. He just doesn't want people to be behind him when he fires..or you know, in front of him either. "Clear!" He shouts and then...off goes the missile at the vault door. If this doesn't work? He isn't quite sure how to open the damn thing!

Rictus is outside, distracting the guard, keeping his eyes peeled for cops to sound up an alarm if needed. the mohawk is under a cap and most of his tattoos hidden so he might pass as a normal person. "So, you like tacos?" Distracting Emmet.

Following Hawker down to the vault, keeping an eye out for any silent security measures he might notice, Ryland remains well back from the man with the missile, tucking himself around a corner so he's out of the path of any potential debris.

Melek Taus, for what it's worth, is not actually doing much of the stealing. He is trying to bolster those who are. When Winston Churchill fires a fucking rocket though, he's not sure what he can do to help with that. The strange man with the deformed arm avoids being roasted by the backblast and waits for the dust to settle to see if it worked.

The sound is deafening. Or at least really really uncomfortably loud; it makes impact with the heavily fortified door and rips right through it like a tin can. But the actual entrance and exit area are relatively small. Not the 'blow the door off the hinges' sort of results Hawker might have been hoping for. Still, a hole is a hole, as Hawker might say. And now there is a locked safe door, with a gaping hole in it the size of an oversized basket ball, and, the alarm has been tripped again.

In fact, this time the alarm is audible to everyone in the party: the alarm sounds and lights flash in a subtle strobe effect. Most likely this is the fast track to having the authorities there quickly.

Hawker isn't overly sure what he expected; but he made a hole in the door and he grins ferally under his mask. "Right, lets ransack the place!" He says in a far to chipper manner as he goes to see if -he- can fit into the hole he just made. Idly wondering how long till he should be concerned they -might- have to shoot their way out if Melek doesn't have..another trick up his sleeve. Darn mages and tricks.

Meanwhile, outside, Ric hears the blast. He winces, shaking his head, and looks towards Emmett, "Shit, looks like things are getting crazy. I think our date's gonna hafta wait. You see where that came from? Pretty sure someone shot something from that building," he points towards a nearby building, "I saw the shots. Call security, tell them to check it out. You see that broken window up there? Fuck, we should take cover!"

Ric then pauses a moment, as if listening to something, and then he's giving Emmett a shout, "Hurry, I think I saw a flash of movement!" Yeah, his lie isn't going to buy a lot of time, what with the way Hawker's blowing stuff up.

It is at this point that the man in the mirrored glasses turns away from the vault. He's done what he was paid to do, and now he's going to make an exit. That evacuation route he saw will do just fine - so he begins to head for the nearest emergency exit after lifting a hand to motion to Hawker that he's departing. Making no secret of it.

Melek Taus pauses as if in deep thought and watches the scene unfold. His expression is hidden by the mask and he turs to where Ryland is heading. He whistles, loudly, and begins pulling off the wrap on his deformed hand, as he had done before.

Hawker will look towards Melek and Ryland before shifting weapons, he has what, a minute? He's going to set about making a -real- mess of this place. "I strongly urge every one to most definitely get the fuck out." He says almost in a whisper, since it seems every one figured that part out. Then he'll begin to work his MGL, time to ..heat things up. Incedinary/Thermite rounds will pound out as he works from vault to security room. With the ground floor on fire, he can work his way up, spreading fire and chaos as he goes. Then fuck off on home with people not seeing him exit; he won't physically do so. Just..sort of disappear! Also hopefully rampant fire trashes any evidence of them.

When Ryland doesn't slow at the whistle, Melek performs the profane Mudra once again. The portal opens and closes just after he steps through.

Tipping off a salute towards Melek in return for the whistle, Ryland simply pops the bar of a fire alarm, letting yet another cacophany of sound join the security alarms, before melting away into the night.

Rictus laughs to himself at something or another and then gives Emmet a slap on the back. "I'll catch up with you later, dude." With that, he's off, disappearing back into the night, zigging and zagging and maybe stopping briefly at a late-night gyro stand before making his way through the city.