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Acetylene Beach

"We have information to give you, yes, but it had to be done this way, or else we wouldn't have lost our tail."

Dramatis Personae

Damian, Darius, Frankie, and Freddy with Deckard as ST

28 August, 2016

The Jedi Krewe from L.A. are in town and they want to meet up to exchange information. What they don't mention is that they're being tailed. What they don't realize is that they've parked on a huge trap. Who likes traps? Homunculi do. Part of Plot:The God Eater Comes.


Worst Beach Ever

The sun was high up in the sky, and while the beach sands were warm, the clouds overhead kept everything from getting too hot. The waters of course, are only just above what most people might consider freezing as they lap against the beach. The charger that sat against the wet sands, leaving some tire tracks behind it from where it came out of a backwoods trail, with the two women leaning against the hood, both of them sipping on some sort of Starbuck's concoction. The location they picked was a few miles out of civilization, a few cliffs bordering the beach as the landscape made its way along the beach like a rollercoaster, up and down, up and down. The slight breeze in the air was there to caress any bare flesh that may be exposed, to give it a little tickle. Quiet Girl had her hair tied back in a long braid, and was wearing tight black form-fitting under armour, letting her ankles, belly, and upper arms show through underneath an intricate bead-work cuirass, her denim shorts cut off just above the knee. Constance on the other hand, is wearing more flowy attire, a long white skirt that flows down to her ankles, with a bright pink tank top, with her hair tied in a loose pony. Ever present on her hands are her driver's gloves. All in all, they would both look like regular people enjoying a mocha chino-double-espresso-with whipped cream, no foam, chocolate shavings and an extra side of complexity?were it not for the combat ready plastic lightsaber's on their hips. Both of the practice weapons radiated death, as if they were fetters. They both seemed to be more or less relaxed, talking between themselves and enjoying the maybe-coffee's.

Darius is leaning against his SVU limo with a cig hanging out of his mouth and his pistol is tucked into the back of his loose fitting jeans and he is watching the beach for a moment. Dressed in his leather jackert with the huge king logo on the back and a pair of black combat boots and a tight wife beater purple of course. He then exhales the smoke watching down the beach up and down waiting for them with a smirk. His eyes hidden behind a pair of raybands brand new and with tainted purple shades. He had been waiting for a bit now that they are here slowly making his way over with a wave of his hand.

"Hey there and long time no see...." His grin is wide and the cig is droped into the sand crushed under his boot for the moment and then he looks around for a bit."Just you two and hows the rest of the crew.....Not sure if you remeber me and it has been a long fucking time." He then stops not close enough to get in personal space but close enough to quietly chat.

Sometimes Frankie brings her own ride, and it is nowhere near the quality of Damian's car. The battered pickup truck has seen better days, and select parts of it are held together with duck tape and a prayer. She pulls up, climbing out and slamming the door behind her. A ghostly crow dips through the window, immaterial, and lands on the ground. A moment later, it's materialized and is strutting through the sand, pecking at pebbles and things. Frankie nods to Darius, eyeing the two unfamiliar faces. "Am I late?"

Damian is on edge for this meeting. It makes no sense what with the communication between him and Gregory. Especially with Gregory telling him they were coming. Something has to be up. Then again, Damian is rarely not on edge these days. He pulls up in his car, a BMW M3, which seems to fit when the man comes out dressed in a suit. It's how he was dressed last time they met. His laptop bag is left in the car, and shades are removed, put on the dashboard. He closes the door and scans the area first, not the women. He looks to his trunk then, a small little frown forming for a second and then wiped away. His approach begins, a nod to Frankie and then Darius as he makes it closer. Finally, eyes flow over the two women and land on Constance. The woman with the voice last time and he nods. "Long time. Gregory said you were coming. I feel like I should be concerned, since he didn't say why?" All business, all the time.

Screw this whole driving thing, not when you can feasibly fly and all. So Freddy is here but she is not here. Just this ghostly version of her Astral form wearing something that looks more like a kimono or a fancy bath robe than anything. Dark colors of black, crimson, purple and speckled with pale blue flowers. The silken garment lends her an otherworldly appearance in how it shifts and flows against the breeze that causes the edges of her turns to smokey whisps.

She wasn't there one moment, then she was, somewhere by Frankie and hovering several inches above the ground. "What is with the light saber toys?" she whispers to Frankie. Freddy's hair floating about her, giving her the appearance that she is underwater.

Constance spoke up when Darius approached. "Oh hey, you're that blood aren't you? Nice to see you joined the ranks of the dead. I recall hearing about what happened through the Network." They both waved, and when more people began to show, they both waved everybody over. "Yup. Just us two. Everybody is back home doing their thing, you know. Did you know we got a sneak peak of Rogue One? I mean, we work for the industry, so it's no surprise, but here's my advice: Go see it when it comes out." Straight away into the nerding. So hard. When Damian got down to business, Constance nodded and set her drink down on the hood. "Yup. It was a bit of a...how do you say..." Constance looked to the ground, scratching her chin. "Bait. We have information to give you yes, but it had to be done this way, or else we wouldn't have lost our tail." Wait. Did she just say they were being tailed?

A wide smile comes over Darius face and he slides his hand to the peace slowly and it is hold down low now and his eyes on them."Is it a living or dead already?" His voice is cold and his eyes drift over trying to watch the beach now and the cig is smoking up around him for the moment and it did not quiet die under the boot."Also yeah I'm that blood and I have recently moved out here for a quieter life how dumb of me and more trouble here then there for me it seems."

Frankie nods to Damian when he arrives. And then she takes a step to the side, away from Freddy's Astral form, making a face. It's not a friendly face. She recovers from her surprise, but the face remains. Scowly. "I dunno. The Krewe's called the Jedi Order," she murmurs back. She checks an eyeroll. Barely. The ghost crow quorks in Freddy's direction before it resumes poking about in the sand.

There was a time when Damian would have joined the nerding out. Appreciated the Star Wars talk even. Probably joined in and had an opinion. Everyone knows that movie is going to rock, after all. But they talk about tails and everything else that might have even flashed form the past is gone as piercing blue eyes sweep the beach again, specifically the way they came from. "Bait? As in you were trying to bring 'something' here?" His brow lifts slightly, and eyes flicker back to Constance. "I'm confused why the visit is necessary at all though? Gregory could have just sent some info. What's this all about?" He's quite serious now, a glance going to Freddy, he might have that answer, but he doesn't give it. They quickly return to Constance.

Freddy remains there where she had appeared, frowning a little bit and keeping herself floating for the moment. Looking out beyond the pair of out-of-towners when they mention being tailed. From time to time her attention drifts to the ocean and sloooooowly she drifts a bit further way from it completely. At least she is polite and not passing through anyone, moving around, staying towards 'the back' of it all but not without purpose. At least she is acting as a lookout on the Twilight side of things for the most part.

Quiet Girl replied to Darius' commentary. "Trouble brews everywhere. Just different kinds of trouble." She said, eyeing the crow on the beach. Constance looked over to Quiet Girl and gave her a quick nod. "What she said. As for why Gregory couldn't just give you the info, it's because he never had it in the first place. See, me and Quiet Girl here were taking a trip through the Underworld, trying to track down that one Gatekeeper from the Watchers. Eventually managed to catch up to him, and we convinced him to work with us. He's not a bad guy, Jean Bell, just a confused kid who needed some guidance. You know, of the light persuasion." Quiet Girl managed to finish off her coffee-thing, and remains slupring unneccesarily loud for a while, preventing Constance from clearly speaking. Eventualy she just slapped the other woman in the shoulder. "What?" Quiet Girl asked, and Constance just shook her head. "Anyway, we manage to catch up with him, and get him to tell us why he was dodging gate destructions in L.A. Right after he reveals the truth though, he gets a dart in the throat. The assassin was kind of off on his timing, lucklily for us." Quiet Girl interrupted. "Kind of like when Jango Fett killed Zam Wesell!" She exclaimed. Constance just nodded. "Yeah. Like that. So we get to chasing after this assassin, but it turns out, he was far more crafty than we anticipated. We narrowly avoided the traps he laid out for us, and figured it wasn't worth it to pursue. That's when he started pursuing /us/. We decided to just pop out of the nearest gate and figure out where we were afterwards, and as it turns out, we weren't far from you. So we texted Gregory, he mailed you, and we're here to hand off the information to you so you can get it back to him. Long cycle, right? Well, we're also here to try and get rid of our tail, like I said."

"FUck....."Darius speaks softly and his pistol still in his hand for a moment and letting all the info flow for a moment and then he looks over at the others."So then and Tail kill him or capture him....I prefer capture but up to you guys...."He makes his way over the svu slowly unlocking the trunk with a push of a button sliding out his rifle slowly starting to put it togther with the scope and silencer with a frown."I mean if he is human easy to capture if not....."

"Wonderful. And here we are, delightfully exposed," Frankie says, eyes narrowing. "Thank you so much for this." She does not sound thankful. At all. Frankie flexes her hands, plasm flowing over her form, shrouding her from harm and bolstering her resistance to numen and Manifestations.

An interesting story, if not a bit convoluted, says the expression on Damian's face. "Yes, given recent revelations, I imagine not all of the West End Watchers are bad people. Probably don't even realize what they are up to." Eyes move to where they came from again as if expecting movement form that direction. "So why was he dodging gate destructions in L.A. as you put it?" Then his gaze starts to scan the entire beach slowly. He's paranoid, sometimes it's a good thing. "And what can you tell us about this assassin? What did it look like? What kind of traps? What did its dart do to Jean?" All very important questions despite their rapid fire delivery. Eyes settling once more on the woman as hands drift into his pockets.

Freddy starts to rise into the air in Twilight. The underwater effect her hair and clothing has not condusive to how wind should operate. She doesn't do anything like put her arms out or something like that. She just slips her hands into whatever little sewn in pockets she has in her outfit as she does so. Trying to get a better vantage to see if there is anything in Twilight that is trying to sneak up on them.

Neither Jedi seemed to be too worried about the situation. "Yeah, we're definitely exposed. There's cliffs over there, woods and trees they can snipe us out from, an ocean to pop out of that we can't see...not to mention the potential for a Sarlacc, what with all the sand around us." Constance seemed unusually excited. "The assassin wouldn't show unless he felt he had an advantage, so we gave him one. Besides, we have Gregory watching our backs right now. This is what we do for a living, remember? The moment he senses danger in time ahead of us, we'll get a text message. Won't be able to read it, but hey, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, am I right?"

Quiet Girl nodded in agreeance, hushing the Fallcoastians. "Don't worry too much." She said, moving around to the passenger side of the muscle-car, setting her cup gently into a biodegradable plastic bag. Constance just shrugged, still leaning up against the hood casually. She looked to Darius after he retrieved his weapons. "Oh, he's definitely physical, if that's what you meant. He's one of those Homunculi, that much we know. Killing him would probably produce better results. Then again, we're kind of biased like that. Anyway, Damian, he was dodging gate destructions because he'd been contacted by one of these Homunculi. Given a deal or something. While he was running for the Watchers, he was there to lay blame on them because the Homunculus had his entire family held hostage. He helped the creature set its traps and provide more victims. But the best part is that he figured out --" Buzz buzz buzz. "Well, there we go. Get your danger faces on people!" Both Quiet Girl and Constance Blaize telekinesis their lighsabers into their hands, turning them on. Queit Girl's emits a deep blue hue, while Constance's radiates a purple light.

Freddy is the only one who can see the semi-tanker driving down the beach in the distance. It's far away yet, so you can't see exactly who's in it, but it's travelling /fast/. It doesn't look like there any ghosts in the area either. As the truck gets closer, Freddy would be able to make out the flammable and explosive labels on the truck. Coincidentally, there also seems to be a strange colouration in the water that only Freddy can see, a sort of greenish hue against the backdrop of blue that is constantly moving straight towards the charger on the beach.

Meanwhile, back on the beach...There is a distinct odour...almost like...garlic, that begins seeping up from the sands below. A small mirage starts to waft up against the sands. In addition, in the distance, the beach-goers can all hear what sounds like....a semi truck? It's getting closer, coming from behind Constance's charger.

"What the hell is that and smell......."Darius takes the old pistol inside that happens to also be his keystone out now and out of fear old broken and rusted but the trigger still works and there is still bullets inside of it. "Now a truck....."He looks off at the distance for a moment watching with a exhale of the stress for a moment pushing himself into the battle lust.

Frankie snaps at Constance and Quiet Girl, "You guys are assholes. You know that, right?" Frankie is moving now toward the forest, boots pounding in the sand. Norbert squawks, goes immaterial, and follows Frankie. Frankie sniffs twice, glances down at the ground, and mutters, "Shit."

As soon as the Homunculi are mentioned Damian frowns slightly. He's been studying what he knows of these things for a while. Hands come out of his pockets and again eyes start scanning the area. "So you know..." It's interrupted by their phones buzzing and something else. He sniffs at the air, making a bit of a face. For some reason he looks over at Frankie curiously. He doesn't go for the telltale shadow armor that usually covers his form in such situations. Instead, the plasm comes, but it turns metallic, like something out of a comic book. Steel starts to from fit to his body, strips of metal that gleam in twilight. "Next time you're bringing bait to us, maybe give us a heads up. Common courtesy." His eyes flow to the mirage and then the truck sounds in the distance and hold there, waiting and watching.

Well, Freddy was above them and serving as a lookout so when there is a blur of black, purple and red that is once more at their level? She tells them, "You got a gas tanker barrelling this way like something out of goddamn Terminator 2, guys." she gestures back with a thumb to where the truck was seen. She gestures out to the water, "There is some green... shit... in the water, making it's way to these cunts cars." she points to the Jedi trouble makers there.

"Yeah, not fuckin' cool." Freddy backs up Damian's words, in her own way. Calmly. Oddly calm. Then again she is Astral so she isn't in immediate danger. "I'd move your cars if I were you." she tells them all. "Otherwise you guys are gonna share something in common with France." she pauses, looking about, "Too soon? Anyways, B R B.".

She doesn't stick around to answer anymore questions because, once again, she is another blur but this time? Going towards the truck...

From afar, Freddy appears beside the driver. Not there one moment, a surge of black and purple and red and right there. Next to his face. Those crazy eyes staring holes into the driver's profile. Looking him over, "I wouldn't do this if I were you. You run this truck and cause it to explode I know your face now. I will give description to the cops. You will be hunted as a fuckin' terrorist for the rest of your days and nothing will save you. If your beef is with these cunts with toy lightsabers, there are other ways to do it. Doing it this way is fucking stupid and you know it. If you fuck up this beach, this land, this part of Maine? You won't just have US to deal with. You will have OTHERS to deal with too. You know goddamn well who and what I mean. Not ghosts, not Bound.. talkin' goddamn werewolves, motherfucker, and stranger shit. Stop stop this goddamn truck and fight like a fuckin' man, you little bitch.".

The driver, who's skin was purple and green, laced with black veins turned its head to look up at Freddy in her astral form. It's eyes were empty, cold. And then it smiled. One of those smiles that didn't touch the eyes, one that was definitely hitting the uncanny valley. And then it pushed on the gas even harder.

The homunculus in the truck with Freddy continued to grin at her while it made its moves. It grabbed a long metal ready-rod and stuck it against the gas, locking it into place through the steering wheel as he centered it on the charger down the beach....and then? He evaporated into a fine green mist, flowing out through the window of the truck. Hugh rose up out of the water and ran towards the truck, an unlit lighter in hand. He was flicking the flint, trying to get a spark. And in the trees? Jasdeep appeared from behind one of the thinnest trees there were, knife in hand, facing Frankie. "Remember me?" He asked menacingly.

Another black and red and purple streak that is Freddy comes screaching back. "Nevermind! Stick to plan A! That truck isn't stopping anytime soon so get the fuck out of here!" she tries to warn them, at least. Doing that much since there isn't much she can do in this form and what little she tried, well, that didn't work! Live and learn, Freddy girl!

"Hello there and I don't like people that threaten my friends...."Darius smiles at Hugh for a moment bring the old rustic pistol up slowly with a smile and then he pulls the trigger quickly aimed with all the rage in his heart and then he watches the truck for a moment with a frown."This is going to get bad quickly and I think...."He then looks around taking it all in as Freddy yells out.

Constance, smelling something off, couldn't quite grasp what all was going down. Not until Jasdeep was running out of the water, lighter in hand. It was especially evident to her what was about to happen when Freddy came to warn them. "Don't ignite!" She warned Quiet Girl, rushing to grab onto Darius. "You're lucky that was a Twilight weapon mister." She said, picking him up by his waist and tossing him onto the hood of her car. "Quiet Girl! Speed!" She called out to the other woman, and in an instant, the aboriginal woman was inside the car, behind the wheel. She didn't start the ignition; instead, she activated the fetter's numen, and the vehicle zoomed down the beach, away from the smell, with Darius on the hood of the car.

Frankie's eyes widen as she skitters into the cover of the trees, mentally connects some dots. One dot of which is garlic smell. "GET OFF THE SAND NOW!" she turns and hollers, her voice cutting through the noise and carrying remarkably well. Frankie has a good set of pipes. "IT'S A TRAP!" ...The Jedi Krewedicks must love that she said that. And then she whirls about, coming face to green face with Jasdeep. She might go a little green too, truth be told, suddenly sick as hell to her stomach. She reaches under her jacket and draws out a knife of her own. Wild-eyed, her only answer is to open her mouth wide and shout, "CAW!" A black dart whips out of her mouth, enlarging and unfurling black spectral wings. A crow, launched directly at Jasdeep's face. "CAW! CAW!" Two more crows burst into existence, battering Jasdeep with wings and raking talons and sharp beaks.

Damian's already moving before Frankie's words because truck barreling down. It's not a run, not yet, but he's making his way off the sand, especially now that he's received the warning. Plasm slips off of his form, off of the metal and coils its way towards the trucks. Seizing parts, the engine, the truck just stops running, break down in mid motion. It's not going to stop the truck, that outcome was decided a while ago, but it might buy range and time, and specifically put their would be trappers off. A literal wrench in the works. Hopefully it's enough.

Francis reformed from the gaseous green mist into a solid human form in mid-air, dropping into a combat roll and coming up on his knees, opening a case nearby. Hugh took the rage-fuelled attack straight through his chest, the attack blowing bits of greenish-purple gore and black blood out of his back. He didn't flinch or even stop moving at all, the black blood starting to pour out from between his teeth as he smiled, running straight for Constance even after Quiet Girl and Darius were away from the scene. The truck that was barrelling towards the group suddenly went grille first into the sand, its axles and engine block eroding enough to get the truck to flip end over end, like something out of an action movie. The tank of oxygen it was carrying flipped straight over the truck, time seeming to slow down as it came back down to the ground, and crashed. Sound was pushed away in that moment, the instant the tank cracked open. An explosive release of gas sent pressure into the surrounding area, causing sand to fly up into the air, pushing the water back in a large wave, and bending the trees ever so slightly as the leaves were torn from their branches. The beach was just far enough away that people would only feel a slight pressure, just enough to push hair back, but that was enough for the gasses to mix. Hugh's lighter finally ignited, and the beach turned to glass. Damian was caught in the very edge of the blast radius, and only managed to get his leg singed. Constance and the Hugh, on the other hand? Constance's flesh was set alight, all her clothes burned away in an instant, her lightsaber destroyed. Hugh, on the other hand, turned to liquid, managing to ablate bulk of the damage. Meanwhile, Jasdeep lunged for Frankie, even as his flesh was torn at by the crows. He didn't seem to notice the damage they were doing, as if he had no sense of pain. Instead, while he was being gouged, Jasdeep sought to bring his knife slashing across her side.

Freddy doesn't rightly know what to do with herself. Just looking around at all this carnage and chaos that surrounds her. Eyes wide and watching, witnessing it all. Powerless to help out. Her body too far away to zip back and make it over here before this is all possibly over. It's a hard lesson to learn!

Though she will try something and that comes in the form of distraction. What is the phrase? Fake it until you make it? She moves before Jasdeep and throws out her hands, striking a pose like she is about to do something horrible to him. Unleash some sort of unknown wrath or summon forth a Manifestation. Sure, she isn't got crap but it may, just may, give Jasdeep a bit of pause that could be an opening to help Frankie from getting cut up.

The explosion itself, well, fragments and flames just went right on through her.

Darius holds on to the top of the car for a moment and then he exhales slowly the air and then he drops down on to the hood of the car and aiming for the moment pulling the trigger right at the fucker that was mist a moment ago. The rifle has very little kick back normally but on the hood of a car and he knows after the shoot he will have to grab the side of the car and hold on. Good thing Hoax and Kilo and himself have done equally stupid shit back in LA pre sin eater.

Constance is screaming in pain as her flesh melts off of her, her hair singed entirely away. As she screams, she runs away from the fire on the beach and into the water, diving in to douse the flames. Quiet Girl stops the car, and gets out, running back to the fight. Her toy lightsaber /actually/ ignites, and she summons her Keystone to her other hand, another /actual/ lightsaber.

Frankie does her best to turn away from the knife strike, but it tears into her flesh anyway. Frankie winces and starts to try to muffle a pained noise. Then she thinks better of it and opens her mouth to spit out more crows at Jasdeep. "CAW! CAW! CAW!" Arms up, Frankie watches Jasdeep and his knife, trying to predict how he'll move, hoping to react before he can slice her again, crows assaulting his head and shoulders. Black spectral feathers are flying, melting away as they leave the forms of the crows.

In the meantime, Norbert the ghost crow is up on the branches above, scolding the shit out of Jasdeep.

Damian is blown wide of the blast, flames licking at him and his ghostly armor. His teeth grit as he falls to one knee. The armor looks to melt and reform, a ghostly apparition as Damian's leg burns. He pats it out rapidly, all the while pulling out a sword from inside him. People have seen him do this before. It's still super weird. He almost looks like he starts praying to the sword, but anyone that can see his eyes can see circuit like streaks across them, as his eyes become metallic, look robotic. Leg out, he starts to push himself up to his feet with a little lip, getting again through the pain. His dress pants are smoking a little.

Francis pulled a gun of some kind out of the case. Even as Darius' bulled pierced his leg, Francis continued to work mechanically to assemble the weapon, before laying on his belly and scoping in on the situation. Jasdeep, noticing the astral projection, was momentarily distracted from Frankie's pecking order, and swung at the ghost. It went straight through her, and then it realized it had the wrong target. Hugh slowly moved into the water, being the puddle he was, to chase after Constance.

Freddy laughs at Jasdeep, "Dipshit!" she calls him then jettisons back, starting to fly out towards the next person she can probably psyche out. You know, to go make friends with other guests they have on their beach! It isn't every day you have a Jedi get caught on fire and, well, Freddy does feel a bit bad for the girl getting all burnt up like that. Then again? Brought this on her damn self.

Gunfire has her looking over to the targets... oh.. Francis! What a lovely guy! He is also trying to aim? Well... lets see how he can do that with Freddy putting her face in front of the scope to peer back at his eyeball. "Hi!"

If you can't do much, you can always be a pain in the ass!

Darius frowns watching the scene and then he gets down on one knee this time and aiming with the sniper rifle trying to find a spot and to see if these fuckers will go down and he squeezes the trigger and his eyes locked down the scope. He then aims for Francis now that he has a weapon of his own that is not fucking cool.

Constance, while still shuddering from the pain, summons her Keystone to her hand. A pair of...purple fuzzy dice? They materialize around her neck, and she releases her plasm into the environment around her, surfacing a ways away from the fire. Everybody in the near vicinity can feel a Boneyard go down, and the beach get's chilly. Quiet Girl continues sprinting, and is amazingly fast, almost upon the beach fire.

Frankie bares her teeth as Freddy's astral self distracts Jasdeep; maybe it's a smile. A feral, feral smile. She backs up several steps carefully, mindful of the roots and such on the ground, and shouts out another trio of crows. They bat at Jasdeep ineffectually, dissipating as soon as they've hit him.

Damian flips the sword up into a proper position in his hand, a deft maneuver. It's perfect, the weight, the way he holds it, an extension of himself. Like he knows every little bit of the sword, the exact edge, the exact way to hold it. He stalks towards Jasdeep, sword raising. Constance is on her own, she brought this upon them and Damian will deal with his allies first. The sword swing that finds Jasdeep is not a power move. It's not a brute swinging a sword, but a perfectly handled blade in a dance, like an art form. A perfect arc as it finds the flesh of his back. There's no room for honor here.

Francis, after honing on his target, takes a shot back at Darius. A sonic boom cracks the air, deafeningly so, and the round rips right through the air, towards Darius. Jasdeep, after getting bat at by the crows and slashed with the sword, drops to a knee and smiles. "It ain't over for you yet?" He mutters, pulling a cord just inside his jacket. Suddenly there is a flash of light and heat and force. He'd planted a bomb on himself, and the resulting explosion levelled the nearby trees. Thankfully, Sin-Eaters were more durable than trees. Mostly. And Hugh? He reforms in the water, rising above it in physical form to strike down at Constance, slicing her open, even as plasm seeps out of her flesh.

Well, Francis still got his shot off and it was a doozy! She looks back at Darius who got hit, then back to Francis, then back to Darius. "Dick move!" she barks at him. "I can't wait until he blows off your fuckin' head, motherfucker." she hisses by his ear. "When he does? I am gonna tea bag you. Nevermind I don't have a tea bag. I'll come back here, chop off your nuts and teabag you with your own nutsack, bitch." she still tries to at LEAST bug the shit out of him. Maybe, just MAYBE she will get him distracted or pissed enough where he messes up, lets his guard down or looks away at the right moment.

Darius frowns watching the scene and then he gets down on one knee this time and aiming with the sniper rifle trying to find a spot and to see if these fuckers will go down and he squeezes the trigger and his eyes locked down the scope. He then aims for Francis now that he has a weapon of his own that is not fucking cool.

Constance, after surfacing herself, summons the frigid powers of the cold winds to freeze Hugh in place, causing the fires on the beach to go out completely, even as the plasm begins to replace her skin. Quiet Girl, being the warrior she is, takes the opportunity to leap through the air, and slash through Hugh's frosty form, cutting him into six, evenly sliced pieces.

Frankie's gaze flicks to meet Damian's as his slash is completed. Just for a moment, blue to blue, and then her attention is drawn to Jasdeep. She's puzzled, her lips parting, and then... boom. Then she's flying, sailing through the air through the heat and splinters and chunks of wood. She remembers to smack her arms down on the ground when she hits to absorb some of the impact - there's a proper way to break a fall.

Norbert, incorporeal, flaps in place where there used to be a tree branch. How does he 'perch' on a branch anyway, as a ghost? Whatever. No branch now. He sails toward Frankie, cawing. Frankie climbs to her feet, coughing, and squints into the distance. She's a sitting crow out here, so she turns and darts for the trees again. The ones that aren't smouldering.

Fwoosh. Metallic and blue eyes are surprised when they meet Frankie's in those brief second. Then they are angry. At himself. like he should have expected that. The armour might save him but that still smarts. A large impact on the ground. Damian rises, surveying the battleground. He doesn't run for cover though, he heads for Franic and his cover of where he thinks he is.

"You fucking cock sucker...." Darius then aims down the scope at the man so far away from them all and then he looks down and then he pulls the trigger. His aim is a little off compared to how it normal is but the bullet flies towards Francis and then he looks down the scope for a moment with a soft laugh.

Darius then drops down on the hood of the car with a cough of blood erupting from his lungs and then he drops the gun down on to the hood next to him."I gotttttaaaa get me one of those...."The voice comes out all broken as if the damage to his body is catching up with him and then he grins at the others."Fucking A that was wild.....So.....Now what and no hospitals they are for losers."

Frankie stays where she is for a few more moments. Nobody's being attacked? Finally, Frankie edges out of hiding, still wary.

So Francis has turned back, started to run and Freddy? Oh... Freddy is there, just floating along next to him. "Oh dude you are running?! What a -bitch- move. Wow. See, I knew the big gun was probably making up for a little dick but you running like this shows you got a set of itty bitty, teeny tiny balls to match. I bet when you are about to fuck a bitch for the first time she sees your little prick and she goes 'Awwwww!". Freddy makes a face like she had seen a cute puppy.

"I don't know why you are running, dude. Like, I am gonna follow you. I seriously don't have shit to do today. You and your asshole friends totally fucked up that nice beach and shot someone my friends know. I don't know him. He sort of reminds me of this guy Jake I knew back in highschool but Jake was way taller and was wicked good on guitar. OH! Speaking of guitar, I guess your career is shot. Your arm looks gnarly as fuck dude. Between that, your face and your micropenis you aren't getting far anymore."

It goes on... and on...

"I bet your father was a three time loser and was probably locked up in prison. How many boyfriends did your mom have? I bet you couldn't sleep at night hearing her moan like a whore through the thin walls of your trailer, huh? Must suck to have a mother who is that big of a fucking whore..."

Does she EVER shut up?

Probably not.

This is what you get Francis. Haunted by a motormouth Abernathy. At least for a bit. He'll have to see Twilight again sometime!

Damian is annoyed more than anything. Especially when Francis escapes into mist. He stands there for a long while just staring at the spot Francis sank away. The pain in his leg forgotten. Constance and Quiet forgotten, but that won't be for long.

Plasm bubbling through Constance's skin, she makes her way more or less naked back to her car, wincing the entire way over. Quiet girl dissipates her lightsaber Keystone, and stashes her regular lightsaber, looking down at the water. She just shook her head. "It's safe now!" She called out. Constance shook her head, and in the distance, a lightning bolt struck the ground. "Now it's safe..." She muttered, shuffling back over to her car.

"Holy fuck this hurts...." Darius rolls off the hood slowly and starting to stumble over towards the others with a smile. With another wet sounding cough and then he looks at the others."That went well....right...."The words might be filled with joking mirth but with the blood coughs and the wet sound might not be funny to the others.

Frankie picks up her pace, trotting over. "Fuck, Darius," she says, shaking her head. And then she's looking over at Constance and Quiet, fury in her eyes. "You ASSHOLES! You parked on a huge goddamn trap! Acetylene! You could have gotten us all killed!"

Damian turns almost the same time towards the Jedi. A small frown appears on his face. Eyes lock on Constance. "I hope that hurt.". He means it, too. "That's how you hunt? I think you guys might need to get a bit more serious. This isn't a joke.". And true to his words, he's definitely not laughing. "Next time you bring hear to our door give us a heads up. I'm going to have words with Kyle, too.". A shake of his head and he turns back to Frankie and Darius assessing their wounds. Not that he can do anything about either.

Quiet Girl shook her head. "You're welcome." She said, no malice in her voice. She made her way calmly over to the three physical Sin-Eaters. "I feel no need to defend our actions to you. Think what you want. In the meantime, however, if you're not too busy feeling sorry for yourselves, we have information to provide you." Constance hobbled back from her car, a light sundress over her char-broiled figure. "I think I might need a little Hollywood magic to get rid of this..." She said, chuckling even through the pain. She didn't seem too concerned about the welfare of her allies. "You're fiiiiiine. Anyway, as I was saying, Jean Bell, he figured out what those things are." She picked right back up where she left off, without skipping a beat. "Turns out those are indeed homunculi, but they're what he called 'venom' homunculi, whatever that means. He suggested it was a new Key, and that like every other homunculi, they have eggs of some sort. Now that we've cut one down, we can figure out what those are."

Frankie slips one arm over her side, pressing her shirt against the knife wound there. Her free hand curls into a fist. Chin tipped up, she glares down her nose at Quiet Girl and Constance, but stays silent.

"Glad we could help for fuck sake....I just like knowing and I'm walking into a death trap. Fuck me Michelle is going to fucking kill me...."Darius spits up a little more blood and then shakes his head slowly."First day back and we start dating again and then this shit." He waves his hand over his battered body for a moment with a soft chuckle."Well make her nurse me or some shit....."

Damian raises his sword, tip out, pointed in the direction of Quiet Girl even as he walks towards Frankie and Darius. It's jsut a menacing gesture really because the sword gets put away inside him again after that. Eyes meet Frankie's for a moment as he exchanges some sort of silent, emaningful look and then he turns back to Constance. "No surprise." Histone is a little cold and very dry. "It means the God-Eater invented two new Keys and that's one of them. That's what it means."

Scratch. Scraaaaatch. Scratch. Nails on a chalkboard. No... nails on metal? Talons on metal. Norbert the ghost crow has materialized, and he's presently standing on the hood of the Jedi's Charger, raking his talons along the paint job. Scraaaaaaape. Norbert struts a couple of steps away, and recommences dragging his talons, taking great care to dig in.

Constance nodded, waving away the replies. "Yes, well, if you arrived all shrouded up and armed to the teeth, they wouldn't have shown, simple. Had to be at a disadvantage." She coughed, her voice a little raspy. When she notices the crow scratching her charger, her brow lifts, but she does nothing out of the ordinary. "Nice to see our allies are so understanding." Quiet Girl says when Damian points the sword at her, balking at the gesture. "Venom Marionette, Jean Bell called it. He managed to figure it out through, after piecing some of the puzzle together himself. We couldn't get the full story out of him, but he said he met the man behind the homunculi, spoke with him after he threatened to let his family all die. He couldn't take it, the pressure, so the puppeteer actually came out from the shadows to talk to him. I can't fathom why he'd do that, to be honest." She shrugged.

"Well then....."Darius coughs again and then he looks over towards his ride for a the moment and starting towards it lean against the side trying to relax now and he is parked close enough to listen."So then that is fucked....."He then places his hand over his mouth coughing again slowly with a shake of his head."So a vemom and what the fuck...."

Freddy appears again after a bit, frowning now with her arms folded across her stomach. Looking between Darius, Frankie and Damian. Doing a quick inspection of damage so naturally she gravitates towards Darius. She doesn't offer help because, well, Astral but she is at least staring at the wounds while people talk. Listening to information that may filter in her direction.

"Oh, don't feel sorry for yourself," Frankie tells Quiet Girl. That said, she turns her attention to Constance. "Jean's family was threatened, or the puppeteer's family?" She glances sidelong at Damian, one eyebrow arching.

Norbert says, "Caw." The ghost crow rustles its wings. It's like the avian equivalent of a shrug. He flaps down from the car, having done his damage. The car may have been shot at, but Darius blocked most of the bullets with his body.

Damian's limping a little as he gets closer to the two others that are physical, Frankie and Darius. That burns going to hurt for a while. Nothing to be done about it now. Eyes flicker back again to Constance, he's still not pleased. "There's ways to send clues. These guys aren't all knowing." A shake of his head and he listens to Quiet Girl. He is interested in the information at least. A brow raises. "Met the man behind the Homonculi? The God-Eater? Did he give a name? What else did he say to Jean?" At Frankie's look, he gives her a slight shrug.

Quiet Girl looked to Frankie, stuffing her hands in her pockets. "I don't. If you have something to say, feel free to let it out. I won't hold it against you." She said calmly, not bothering to coddle even her teammate. Constance collapsed against a rock near where the beach merged with the trees, leaning up against it and looking out over the ocean. "We did send 'clues'. Doesn't matter now, I suppose, but them's the beans. God-Eater is some guy named Essex. At least, that's what Jean told us. It was Jean's family that was in danger. I don't think this Essex fellow has a family. We didn't get much further than 'he is not quite what Jean expected for an ominous figure'. Said he was polite. Courteous. Friendly, even. Had a lot to say about a lot of things."

"Well then and I want a piece of this fuck.....Essex is another word for injured and muliated when I get my hands on him." Darius's wolf like smile seems almost more disturbed as he coughs up again and the blood along the back of his elbow again with a shake of his head."Fuck me it has been a long time since I hurt this fucking bad....Anyone got pills or morphine?"

"Already said it. Shut up, people are saying important things," Frankie tells Quiet Girl, pointedly turning her attention to Constance. Norbert flaps over to Frankie and settles on her shoulder. "Another E-name. Weird."

"Essex." Damian is not even remotely surprised. Quiet girl is ignored. He looks to Frankie at that though because she just mentioned why he's not surprised. Turning back to Constance, he nods. "He seems to have a penchant for E-names. Eckhart, Elliot, Edward. Those are names he's sued. I'm starting to think there's a reason for that, but it might just be because he wants us to know." A little shrug. He's brought himself back to pure neutrality. "And that fits his M.O. He tries to be your friend, get to know you. That means though, I am guessing, he wanted something from jean. Did Jean say anything else about him? About what he had to say?"

Quiet Girl shrugged, moving to collect the remnants of the homunculi and their gear. Constance continued on. "He said...despite everything, depsite his friendly, casual demeanour, he was frightening. Essex was unarmed the entire time, with no apparent support, no armour, no manifestations, and Jean had his glock. Essex knew too, and even turned his back to Jean on more than one occasion. Said he couldn't do it. Couldn't bring himself to shoot Essex. Told us that he felt if he did? Everything he knew would disappear. We didn't get too much further than that. Essex showed him something. Something he could do. He touched Jean, and said that he no longer needed ghosts or homunculi to keep his family hostage. That he could kill them from anywhere in the world, at any point in time, and that would be enough."

Norbert squawks in Quiet Girl's direction; Frankie glances that way again and snaps, "Leave some body parts for us. We'll run our own tests. Compare notes later."

"Fuck that is heavy shit...."Darius then exhales slowly and trying to not fall right now and then he takes out a cig slowly form his pack and lighting it slowly with the golden zippo. He then takes a sharp inhale."So if that is true and also yeah we should take parts to our dude."

Damian nods, but he doesn't need to reiterate a third time. They want some of their own evidence. "That does not sound good." Damian's attention is mostly still on Constance and what she's saying. "Was there any mention why Essex had his family or even wanted them? I mean you take hostages because you want something." His brow furrows and he nods. "But yes, the God-Eater is definitely 'something' else. I have no idea what. I'm not surprised he's not afraid of a gun or a single Sin-Eater. He apparently killed an entire Krewe himself." A pause, brow raised. "What exactly do you make of all this?"

Quiet Girl made her way into the water and recovered the only thing that remained, bringing it back to the group. It appeared to be a broken glass vial, black inky liquid mixed with sea-water. It smelled absolutely terrible. There were no body parts around, despite the fact that the homunculi were mostly blown /into/ pieces. The Francis homunculi, it ended up leaving behind a single long shard of glass, with the rest of the vial charred black. Jasdeep's body parts and vial were nowhere to be found. "It appears this is the egg..." Quiet Girl said.

While that was going on, Constance continued to speak. "No, no it doesn't. I've never heard of a power that could do that. Amongst us, nobody has the ability to do something even remotely like that. Astral projection, Boneyards, transmission through telephone lines...but those all rely on something. By the sounds of it, Essex didn't need a vector. He could just..." Constance snapped her fingers. "Dead. Essex wanted Jean to continue working for him, and needed some sort of contingency plan. I assume it was the same for the other two Watchers we investigated. As for what I make of it..." She shook her head. "I don't know."

Frankie's eyebrows go up; she looks at the vial, and apparently this is important enough for her not to be a bitch to Quiet Girl. "That's the egg? Shit. We have two of those. Found one in with Sarah Binds' remains. 'Edward' dropped the other off at another local Bound's place of business." She does the fingerquotes for 'Edward'. "You keep that one if you want, no contest - like I said, we've got access to two others."

"Huh." That's Damian's response as he looks at Quiet Girl. His lips open again, but Frankie speaks and they close. "Why would he leave us two of his Homonculi eggs?" That seems directed sidelong at Frankie, but then he encompasses everyone else in his gaze. He just keeps staring out at the broken egg, before reaching out for it. "Makes no sense?." He doesn't actually need it. "Jean was creating traps to lure victims. Did he say for what purpose Essex wanted them? I will assume other Bound for their Geist's, but that's only conjecture."

Darius listens now and then he looks at the glass vial and then he looks around taking it all in and a little light headed. His body trying to become one with the ground and then he slides down slowly to sit down on the trunk of the car after pushing the open button.

Before Constance could speak, Quiet Girl interrupted her. "To eat them. To harvest their flesh and bones and blood, to bind their souls into his service. To make use of them in a way he felt they could best be used." She said. "Just a guess." Where she came up with that guess was anybodies...well, guess. "He also didn't give you those eggs. Like Constance was saying, he was trying to kill us. If it wasn't for her, that fellow over there would be rising from the ashes at midnight, as Constance very well could have." She holds her hand up as if to silence Frankie before she says anything further. "I get it." She said, pocketing the glass vials.

"I don't undestand," Frankie says after a few moments, squinting. "He gives people the bottles - they're the eggs - he gives them the bottles so that they'll come back when they're killed?" She doesn't understand it. Norbert quorks quietly from her shoulder. Frankie glances sidelong at Darius, frowning further. Concern?

Constance looked up. "He just what, walked up to you and said 'here you go, have my Homunculus?" She asked.

Damian's a little confused. It's easier talking to Constance, obviously. He gives Quiet Girl an inquisitive look. The reason for the trap is not touched on. Probably because her guess is as good as his. Or really, that's close to what he's assumed. Something more important. "What do you mean he didn't give us the eggs?" Another glance at Frankie and her words, a little self-nod. Looking back at Quiet Girl. "Darius would have?why? He's not dead." A glance at Darius. Well, not quite. "Maybe you should check out a hospital?" A shake of his head and he looks back at Constance. "No, he left one of these vials, these eggs with one of our community. Just left it, as a present, if you will. He also left one with the remains of one of the Bound Frankie found." He motions around the beach. "We're not talking about these eggs. We have two, intact. As gifts."

"One was a gift," Frankie corrects. "The other one was just in a plastic bag of the putrefied remains of Sarah Binds, a local Sin-Eater. But that was Francis, wasn't it? I never got tugged two ways for his Finding. That's what happened with Hugh and Jasdeep - I found the bags with their bodies, but ritual string kept getting tugged on. Maybe Francis took time to... hatch?"

Constance's eyes went wide at Frankie's statement. "Where are the eggs now? Tell me they're in an airtight vault somewhere." Her voice seemed to dip into grave concern.

"Um, no." Damian says rather quickly. "One of them is...I'm not sure where. Apparently in a same place. The other..." He looks to Frankie at that. "I did want to lock it away..." A shake of his head, a long sigh.

Damian pulls out his phone. He starts texting someone, but the looks of things.

"The one from the body bag is isolated," Frankie tells Constance and Quiet Girl before looking at Damian and wincing faintly. She's looks down at her side and gingerly touches her blood-sticky shirt.

Constance stood, groaning as she did. She moved towards Frankie. "You have to tell them to get rid of that thing. What if your friends are sleeping and it awakens?" She said, shaking her head. "I fear for your allies. Surely we have the ability to strike them down, but they are no minor threat. Who knows how many of them he already has running amok." Nearly falling over, she looked towards Damian. "Please tell me you're letting your friends know."

"I am, she's not replying." Damian's still looking down at his phone. "You better tell Cit, Frankie, or we're breaking into that lab tonight." He shakes his head a little, another sigh given. "I told her. I told him." Eyes flicker up from his phone, even as he types again. "Why air tight anyway? Wouldn't they need to infuse it with plasm first? What would it being air tight do?"

Frankie reaches into a jacket pocket with a wince, pulling out her phone. "She'll dispose of it. I'm not up to more B&E today," she says tiredly, tapping her phone's screen and finally raising it to her ear and waiting.

Quiet Girl moved towards Constance's charger, getting in and driving it back to her. "Time to go. Damian, get all of this back to Gregory. We will continue to coordinate from there." Without arguing, Constance nodded to her partner. "I wish you well, Sin-Eaters of Fallcoast." She said, before crawling into the passenger seat. "Aw damn, my drink is spilled all over the hood."