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A Tour of Tanglewood
Dramatis Personae

Hesper, Taylor, and Calliope

29 January, 2017




Hesper has arrived and opens up the front doors to the estate. There are staff outside clearing out the snow from the front walkway and there is welcoming lighting reflected inside where the windows look into the mansion itself. The resort sits upon Star Lake, and the winterland view of the lake frozen over with a dusting of snow looks like a snow-globe. Snowflakes are fluttering down as if promising more to come in this late January weather.

Calliope arrives on time for the meeting with Hesper, which may have been completely accidental since she's so bad with time. Either that or someone on her staff reminded her, which is far more likely. She pulls in and parks her car in front of the manor, passing her keys over if there's someone waiting move the vehicle for her, or pocketing them if no one is waiting. She's dressed like a high fashion Eskimo. Being from LA originally, she's not a fan of Maine winter. But she's got plenty of trendy layers to ward off the cold. She makes her way to the door, pulling her scarf loose from around her neck as she approaches.

Majestically behind Hesper steps in Taylor, a woman who at first glance appears to truely have descended from heaven, appearing akin to the Aphrodite of Cnidus yet in teenage form. There is very few aware of the supernatural that would not be suspicious and no one unaware that would not be awestruck by something hitherto thought beyond reach. That is not to say she walks in an overtly flirtatious manner, rather she is quite casual in movement and dry in expression. Strangely blonde ringlets of a quality beyond that of which only very young can achieve is sacrilegiously pinned down so tight that bum length hair appears nearly short. Light blue jean jacket that is open is worn, as is a yellow top beneath which is tucked into matching jeans, however her appearance elevates such more than one might expect. She arrives silently, but smiles politely as she obviously follows Hesper toward Calliope.

Hesper looks to Taylor with a smile when their guest finally arrives and she waits for the valet to take the keys to park the car more appropriately. "Bonjour!" She greets Calliope. "It is so very good to see you again, and welcome to the Tanglewood Estate! Please do come inside where the hearth is warm and we can show you around the old manse." She gestures over to Taylor. "And please allow me to introduce you to my house sister. This is Miss Taylor Watts."

Once inside, Calliope starts to peel off her layers and passes them to any nearby staff, or drapes them over her arm if no one is available to take them for her. She flashes a brilliant smile to Hesper, and manages (barely) not to stare openly at Taylor. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Watts. And lovely to see you again, Miss Honeywood. Sister? You live together then?" She straightens her dress once she's down to her main layer of clothing and stomps the snow off her heeled boots, which probably offer little in the way of warmth, but they sure look nice.

Taylor smiles politely back at Hesper as their gazes meet, as does she continue to look on Calliope brightly, though she remains in her relaxed, too cool for school posture. "It is nice to meet you..." she remarks in what would be a dry yet polite tone, if her voice was not as wispy and celestial as her appearance. While she noticed the stare it is quite obvious she is used to such scrutiny, as her light blue eyes just look away. "Ya we have been roommates for almost a year now." Taylor remarks casually as she enters into the Grand Foyer, pulling off her jean jacket and hanging it over her arm as well, such reveals a yellow tank top that is stylishly faded.

Hesper makes sure the front doors are closed and will take the opportunity to hang up Calliope's jacket herself in the main foyer closet check in room. The historical house looks expansive from this wide open angle, and the restoration process is complete. "Oui, a year we've been living with Dr. Viktor Abernathy now. We live at the Brownstone, and this great big old manse on the hill is our newest project. The house itself was built in the late 18th century by Captain Jonathan Brentwood. It is such a unique story from what we glean from the historical records, as he built it for his wife in hopes to win her over and have her move here. Just wait until you see the view of the lake from the ballroom!"

"It's delightful!" Calliope says, looking around. "I adore Historical buildings. Can you imagine what life must have been like? I'm so glad you're available for Ms. Chadwick's party. The Country Club is lovely, but this has a much more intimate feel. I wasn't thinking about getting too crazy with decorations or anything. And I don't remember if I mentioned that we're looking for a cocktail party type feel?" She hangs her purse over her shoulder and follows along with Hesper and Taylor. "Oh, but I do want to hear as much of the history as you know. I love that sort of thing."

All that history is news to Taylor, thus her light blue eyes are naturally drawn to Hesper as she conveys her knowledge, doubtles wearing an vaguely bemused smile as she does so. She lets Hesper take her jacket and hang it while this information is passed, Taylor touches the side of her head and slides any loose hair behind her ears, but glorious attentions do quickly return to Calliope, as she too exhibits a great enthusiasum. Taylor herself is more subdued, clearly not of the upper crust, though not boorish or vulger in any way, but strangely lacking grace dispite astonishing beauty.

Hesper settles them in to be comfortable and then takes them both on a walking to past the parlor and over to the double ballroom doors. "The house here does have a library and the local historian was quite helpful in understanding whom owned the house before it fell into neglect. It passed hands a few times, however it is such a sad love story as the Captain's wife died of consumption shortly after moving here. They had no children and then it passed to other relatives, before the house fell into disarray with lack of funding for its upkeep." The double doors are opened and slid apart, and she touches the lights to brighten the giant Looking Glass room as she welcomes them inside. "I certainly hope you would enjoy a cocktail party here. The house is meant for all kinds of gatherings. And the ballroom is why I bought this house. I fell in love with it instantly and I just -knew- it had to be restored."

Taylor arrives in the ballroom silently behind Calliope and Hesper whom continue to converse, the youngest of the trio is clearly taking in the room looking up and down the walls, even the roof gets a look and she does seem impressed. Though truely Taylor appears to aestetically belong in this room, as beautiful people often suit beautiful rooms, it as though a giant had built this room to house her. She does seem a little surprised by Calliopie's twirling and thus Hesper is given a look, though nothing is said beyond a pretty chuckle.

Hesper glances to Taylor as she gives her a knowing look once she sees how happy Calliope is with the room. She's got the same expression she first had when they found the place! And she can't help but laugh wonderfully. "And it will be even more exciting once the snow melts and Spring is here. We'll be holding summer parties and some boating on the lake with lighted lanterns. We may even set some of the water aglow beneath with a bit of theatrical imagination." She steps further into the room and smiles, "I was hoping to dream up a ballroom design based on the twelve dancing princesses. An underground experience that makes you feel as if you've stepped into a mushroom ring. However, I still need to figure out the transition from up to down. Or upside down, up." Her blue eyes are brimming with ideas. "And yes! You may hold as many parties as you like here. I do want to hold a large masquerade in the summer. And mix up the traditional sense of a party, with a little more wildness to the senses. But we shall see!"

Hesper suddenly has to step out to take a phone call. "Excuse me. Please feel free to explore!" She smiles.

Calliope beams at Hesper as the woman explains her ideas. She nods along and laughs in delight at Hesper's enthusiasm. "Oh, I shall. I have a few events booked at the Country Club already, but I think this is an enchanting setting for something like say, a Labyrinth ball." But then the hostess is called away and Calli looks a bit disappointed, but it's quickly banished as she turns to Taylor with a friendly smile. If she realizes that she's plain by comparison, it doesn't show. Not a hint of the jealousy that one might expect. "So are you a partner here as well? Or simply housemates?"

Taylor naturally watches as Hesper turns and leaves the room, though she herself remains standing right on her spot, doubtlessly returning her attentions to Calliope. Exhibiting a striking posture, she stands with hands folded, after a quick adjustment of the shoulder strap of her yellow top, the musculature of her bare arms, shoulder and chest are idealised in the extreme, there is little doubt she could subjugate a primative tribe or bring fright to the instinsive care ward of a hospital. But dispite everything she seems to attempt to diminish with her hairstyle, and clothing, to little effect, thus she does not seem bothered at all that past the initial stare there was no reaction. "She would like me to be I think, but I'm not nearly social enough for all that..." the teen says with a brilliant smile before giving the room another quick glance, "We'll see, I know she will continue to try and talk me into it. I just can't imagine what I'd be cut out for in that regard, me being the hermit that I am." Another smile, "But yah, right now we are just housemates, we have a rather sororal relationship. Have you known Hesper for very long?"

"Several months now," Calliope answers to the question of how long she's known Hesper. She starts wandering through the rest of the man, the rooms Hesper suggested, though she will undoubtedly end up in the Library where she may then overstay her welcome just a bit as she tries to take in every single book title before she goes. "I've only been in Fallcoast since last spring, myself. Though lately I've been so busy writing. I haven't been able to get out as much as I'd like."

Taylor proves to be at the very least pleasant company asking all manner of trivial questions till finally they find themselves in the library, "You are a writer you say?" she asks in her hauntingly celestial tone of voice while watching Calliope in the most casual of manner, "If you don't mind me asking, what do you write? I suppose it would seem by your enthusiasum that you must be writing something to do with history, am I wrong?" A delightful smile.

Calliope is well versed in pleasant conversation, especially what's expected in proper Society. She asks all the right questions and has all the appropriate responses. But when it comes to her writing, her true passion, she gets a little excited. "Not really historical. I mean, yes, one of them sort of is. It's a Historical Fantasy set in medieval times. The other is set in present time, but also fantasy. It was the one I was most focused on until recently, but I've had some revelations that are making me question and re-visit it. So anyhow, I'm mostly working on book 4 of the Godless series. Book 3 comes out in Feb. Oh, I forgot to ask Ms. Honeywood about that. I'd like to have my book release party here."

Taylor seems genuinely impressed by Calliope's response, this invokes a quick look over by the teen, "Truely? Well that is awesome... But forgive me I would not have expected so much work from a girl your age." the teen remarks seriously, smiling pleasantly as the conversation continues, "You must be just waiting for HBO or Netflix to call you." The smile brightens somewhat, the teen seems quite pleased to be around an older girl for a change, "But I'm sure Hesper will be more than happy than to host such a reception, delighted even... So I guess it would seem the Fallcoast has been good to you."

Calliope finds a seat in the library and manages to stay focused on Taylor, though she desperately wants to be looking through all the books. "I've been writing since I was about fourteen. It's my truest love. And you'd be amazed what an editor can do for you. But Fallcoast has been wonderful. Other than the weather, that is. Most notably, though, my parents aren't here. But what about you? Have you lived here all your life?"

Taylor is looking at the books also, but mostly just reading the spines, though her glorious attentions turn to Calliope as she sits herself and strikes up conversation, "I'm from London Ontario actaully, but I've been here for a few years now... My parents are still back there though, still talk to my mom every day." A smile at that notion before she moves to be seated as well. Such straight posture, legs cross and hands fold on her lap, this prim posture seems comfortable for her, doubtless her mother drilled it into her young, "You are luckly to have found your prime interest so young, and lucky it is something that can be carried into adulthood... I was not so lucky with my hockey."

"You play hockey?" Calli asks. "It's good that you talk to your mom. I didn't even visit my parents when I was in LA on boxing day. They're not especially happy about me being here. Or about me writing. They want me to go to business school. So if your parents are supportive of your choices, you're very fortunate."

Although this girly girl looks like a stiff wind would blow her over she nods in the affirmative, "Oh yes, I even got asked to try out for the national team and a third tier mens league in Sweden, in another life I would have been the next Hailey Wickenheiser." such is said so pridefully, though obviously both fell through. "But when it all ended I was depressed, so they let me come out here and change things up."

Calliope looks sad. She's a very empathic person. "I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I'm not sure who Hailey Wickenheiser is, sadly. I'm not very knowledgeable about most sports." She doesn't ask about why Taylor doesn't play hockey anymore. If the angelic girl wants to share her story, she will, and Calli will listen. But the older girl isn't going to pry. "What do you do here then? Have you found anything that strikes your fancy?"

"I was working at 'Macho Taco' downtown up till a few weeks ago, was a cashier... It was a fine job but I was advised to get out of there, I was getting a lot of uncomfortable attention there, so I thought it best I leave before there was trouble." Taylor relates calmly, though clearly if she keeps developing in her current direction the next few years are only going to be worse. "Right now I like going the saunas at the Exquisite, reading, I keep on the news, sometime play video games... Not much really." A winning smile is offered, "I'm sorry that I'm not more interesting, truely."

"One doesn't need to be a whirlwind of activity to be interesting," Calliope assures with a pleasant laugh. "If it's not too impolite, may I ask how old you are? If you're looking for employment, I may be able to assist." She opens her purse to withdraw a business card for Calliope Fund, a nonprofit geared towards helping underprivileged children. It's passed over to Taylor.

The truth is Taylor is not exactly sure, "Eighteen, I just turned eighteen a couple months ago." she remarks pleasantly, clearly unbothered by the asking despite a moment of confusion. A gentle hand reaches out to recieve to card and such is turned over as it is closely examined, "Yeh, I'm sure the kids would want me around..." she remarks sarcasitcally, underestimating how much little children are attracted to the good looking, "You think you'd have something that would be good for me?"

Calliope shrugs lightly and says, "I don't know. It depends on what your interest and experience are. Would you want part time or full time? Would you be interested in beginning a career, or just a job while you decide what you really want to be doing?" Her tone is very non-judgmental. She's not interested in trying to force people into a mould of any kind. She does what she's passionate about and she wants that for everyone.

There is a moment of visible contempation, "Would you mind terribly if I concidered my response and got in touch with you in a day or so?" she asks in her charming tone of voice. Smiles are heartmelting, as is her passive allure great, but strangely her manner is serious and dry, "But it does sound like something I might enjoy, though it remains to be seen if the kids like me." A smile is flashed, "It is awfully kind of you to offer though, thank you." The card is allowed to be hidden in her folded hands, the strikingly feminine woman quickly returns her gaze to Calliope. It is always a challenge when confronted with a sleeper, for there is no freedom of conversation, thus an awkward smile is offered, a deep breath is taken in as she slides a blonde ringlet that had escaped its bonds behind her ear, so suspicious she must seem to those in the know. "I shall have to pick up a copy of your book, curiosity has me now... You know I'm something of a nerd myself, I remember going to Back To The Future when I was a kid, I've been hooked ever sense."

"Do you know Milo Cavanaugh?" Calliope asks with a grin. "He's got a copy of all of my books, even the one that doesn't come out until next month. He won an advanced copy." She nods to the request, though and replies, "Take all the time you need. As for the children, I don't have any paying positions that work directly with them. Still, if you wanted to volunteer, we could look into that as well. Also, Mr. Strand, Autumn, a dear friend of mine..." the dopey look on her face suggests he's more than a friend, "... Is a business man and his company is involved in pretty much everything. He may have something to offer as well."

Taylor draws another deep breath which betrays her enthusiasum, "Well this is all coming as a great surprise, I cannot thank you enough... I have to admit that I'm not happy without some economic freedom, like to be able to eat out, goto the movies, buy clothes when I need to." Another smile, "All I can say is thank you, and yes I am vaguely familiar with Mister Cavanaugh, I know Hesper knows him anyways. I'm sure I can get in touch with him through her."

Calliope nods and chuckles. "And the libraries have copies of my books as well. I donated them. Not the schools, though. Apparently I'm somewhat of a heathen and some parents don't want my filth in their children's schools." She just grins and shrugs. She's not too worried about what Christians think of her." A sound from her phone causes a groan before she even looks at it. "It appears I must be going. That's my editor texting and he's never contacting me just to say hi." Her nose wrinkles and she stands. "It was lovely to meet you, Miss Watt."

Taylor rises at Calliope's indication to leave, while there converation had been pleasant the two strangers really did not have much further to discuss. Thus back at a glorious stand the teen remarks, "Thanks again, and do look forward to my call... I just need to discuss these things over with some people before I agree, I'm sure you understand. So, I guess that is that, it was a pleasure to meet you as well." A little bob is offered, by the teen as is a smile flashed. "Do drive safe, the roads might be slippery."