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A New Scholarship?
Dramatis Personae

Iezika, Valentina

17 April, 2017

Valentina is looking to spend money at the university. Iezika proves helpful.


St. John's University

It may be Easter Monday but there is still study to do for the truly dedicated. There may not be any classes but tutorials are definitely on and the due dates of papers don't care about holidays. There are also non-studying visitors on the campus today. One of them is Valentina. Dressed in a business suit, under a fur-lined coat, she is walking the halls of the university in the company of two men. One, a scarred hulk of a man, is her bodyguard Enrico. The other is the Dean of Science - a man in his fifties who seems to be giving a tour. Valentina seems to be ignoring much of what he says. She is much more interested in seeing if she can find a student who can speak the truth about the place without all the promotional crap.

Iezika runs around, trying to learn how the university is built. Similarly to Valentina, she is dressed in a suit. Her suit, however, is rather cheap. As is the woolen coat, with a blue N stitched on it.

Valentina stops and holds up her hand to prevent the Dean from saying anything more. "Thank you for your information" she informs him with a smile. Her voice has an accent - South American for those who know such things. "If you do not mind I would like to talk to this young lady." A nod towards Iezika before she steps towards the other woman. "Good morning" she greets. "Do you have a moment?" Valentina glances back at Enrico. "Enrico, could you take the Dean for a coffee while I talk with this young lady?"

Iezika nods "Sure, I have one. After all, it isn't as if I had anything to do. Just trying to learn how this place looks like. And how this town is made up... I mean, how to get home from here." Her accent is from New York.

"You don't know how to get home? That is not good." Valentina looks a little concerned before smiling sweetly and offering her hand. "My name is Valentina Vidal, a pleasure to meet you. It sounds like we are both trying to figure out the same thing. How this place works." She glances around before gesturing to a bench looking out over the spring garden. "Shall we sit? Enrico will get us some coffee if you like."

Iezika shakes the offered hand, nods, before smiling "Coffee is always good." she said, going towards the bench "I got lost a few times while getting home, but don't worry. I am sure I will figure the roads out. I am Iezika Immacolata Lucchese." she tilts her head "Are you Spanish?"

"Almost. I'm Argentinian" Valentina explains before settling on the bench alongside Iezika. A gesture to Enrico seems to be understood as a requirement for him to get coffee. "Lucchese? Italian? It sounds like we are both a long way from home" she smiles. "And don't worry, I can give you a lift home after we chat. So, tell me, Ms Lucchese, are you enjoying yourself here at Saint John's?"

Iezika tilts her head "Well. On one hand, it certainly is healthier than New Jersey... and it isn't New Jersey, unlike my previous college. However, I suppose it does have its benefits... like my roommate." she smiles "And it is rather calm here. And, sadly I am not Italian. I speak the language, as my mother taught me it. I read a lot in it... I have an Italian pass... but I am from New York. At least, I spent the first eighteen years of my life there." she smiles "Still, fairly far away. Although nothing compared to you. It is almost the other end of the world!"

"Oh...your roommate is a benefit?" That makes Valentina smile. "Did you follow them here? How romantic. I can speak Italian too. And Spanish. French. Japanese. Bits and pieces of others." She studies the young woman for a moment. "You cannot be much older than eighteen. So this is your first time away from home? And, yes, I think here is a lot healthier than New Jersey. For most of the time. So you came to Maine for love while I came to Maine for business. I much prefer your story."

Iezika shakes her head "It is nice you think I am so old, but I transferred here from the university of New Jersey. After three years of Medicine there. I transferred after I broke up... couldn't stand staying there... and I just met Elsa here..." she smiles "I never learned Spanish and Japanese seemed hard to learn to read. However, I learned Russian from friends. And the less said about my German and French, the better. And obviously, I can't hold a conversation in Latin." she laughs lightly, following the last sentence.

"I doubt anyone can hold a conversation in Latin, not even the Pope" Valentina giggles along with the other woman. "So Elsa is your girlfriend now? Sorry to hear about the break-up though I think whoever it was is obviously not very smart. You seem perfectly smart and charming to me...and beautiful too of course. I think I will need to learn Russian with the world like it is. And Mandarin." A shrug. "I have plenty of time on my hands." At that point Enrico wanders over with a coffee for them both. "So you are a Doctor? Or will be soon."

Iezika smiles "Well. Actually, I will finish college in a year, but then I need two more of med school." she smiles "And Elsa is my girlfriend." she grins "I would never have expected that, given how shy she is..." she chuckles "Well, what do you want to study here, Valentina?"

"Elsa is a very lucky woman" Valentina smiles as she blows gently over her hot coffee. "I am glad her shyness did not get in the way of love." A little snort of amusement at the question of what she wants to study. "Oh, I am not coming here to study. I have come here to fund a scholarship. Maybe pay for a new wing to have my name on. That kind of thing. But I wanted to talk to a real student to see if this place is worth supporting." She leans in to whisper. "I am ridiculously rich, Ms Lucchese." A wink for the other woman as she leans back once more and sips at her coffee. "Hmm...for a start I think I will buy the university a new coffee machine."

Iezika smiles "THAT may be the best idea. Even more important than a new wing." she grins "After all, nothing beats coffee. And scholarships are important, given a student loan is as good as a deal with the devil. I managed to get a scholarship, but Elsa needs to work a lot for her education..." she sighs "And I suppose this university could use support. At least more than Harvard or Yale." she said, before sipping her coffee.

"And what does Elsa study? Maybe she deserves a scholarship too? I would hate for you to break-up over money issues or anything silly like that" Valentina muses. "This university used to be owned by the Church, they are not as poor as they like to make out there are. But that is our little secret, okay? But, yes, I would much prefer to support this place over Yale or Harvard. But first...new coffee machines for the students. So you do not live on campus?"

Iezika shakes her head "I managed to rent a bungalow in Oakfield for a bargain price, thankfully." she smiles "And she studies Ancient History. But don't worry, we certainly won't break up over money issues. After all, neither of us really has a lot of it! But certainly enough to live a fairly comfortable live."

"Ancient History" Valentina repeats, making a mental note of the subject. "It sounds like a perfect course for a scholarship...if Elsa is a good student of course. I won't be bestowing it on her just because she has a pretty girlfriend. I am not even sure where Oakfield is though it sounds nice. And a bungalow is pretty cozy for lovebirds. I'm almost jealous."

The New Yorker nods "It is also nice. And I suppose she has to be rather good. After all, it would be a waste to be a bad student, if you work so hard to be able to study." she smiles at Valentina "And you don't have anyone?" she asks, surprisedly.

A shake of Valentina's head in reply to that question. "No. I guess I am too demanding" she giggles. "Or maybe I am too rich? No one wants to be a rich woman's lover" she teases. "I have my trysts" she shrugs, "But nothing permanent." A pause before she adds, "Do you know anyone looking?"

Iezika shakes her head "I am afraid, I don't." she smiles "But too rich? That is new..."

"Maybe it is not the money? Maybe I am just too ugly?" Valentina laughs before draining her coffee. "Oh well. Maybe if Elsa is silly enough to leave you then you can give me a call? Thank you for the chat, Ms Lucchese, it has been most illuminating. Would you like a lift home?"

Iezika shakes her head "I have my car here. And I am sure it isn't because you are too ugly, Ms. Vidal. You are rather pretty... Wait! I didn't give you my number, so neither of us would be able to give the other a call..." she said, just realising it.

"I will be giving your girlfriend a scholarship so I'm sure we'll be in touch" Valentina smiles before clicking her fingers. Enrico rushes over to produce her phone and hand it over. "So let's exchange numbers. And, please, call me Valentina. Ms Vidal is far too formal for friends."

Iezika nods, before pulling an old Samsung out "Then call me Zika. Ms Lucchese is to formal as well." then, the news about Elsa getting a scholarship reaches her brain. A second later, Valentina gets hugged

Valentina is surprised at the hug but she is soon returning it. "Zika it is." With the phone numbers swapped, she hands hers back to Enrico before gently pulling away from the embrace. "I am sure we will see each other soon. And I look forward to meeting Elsa."

Iezika smiles "I hope to see you soon as well!"