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“What's the point in doing a thing if you can't show it off on social media?”

– Lisette


xxxxxBeing young, rich, and part of a well-known family, Lisette is one of several heir and heiresses who lived the party life in Fallcoast when she was growing up. While she didn't follow her father into Law, she did get into Georgetown, where she's been for the last few years. Soon after rumors began swirling about her younger sister having vanished and eloped somewhere in Los Angeles, she transferred to St John's University and returned home to Fallcoast in 2016.

xxxxxSince returning, Lisette Cavanaugh's become a promiment member of the High Society of Fallcoast, and has recently begun working on her business acumen by investing in local Fallcoast businesses.

RP Hooks
  • Heiress - The unkind suggest that her great-grandfather made his personal fortune during the first world war in less than upstanding fashion, a charge the family vigorously denies. These days the family business is law.
  • Fame 3 - A social media darling, Lisette has a large social media presence on twitter, instagram, and snapchat.
  • Socialite - A well known attendee of high society, Lisette can often be seen at the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club and at other charity and high society events.
  • Local - A Cavanaugh, she attended St Crispin's High School class of 2014, and left Fallcoast to attend Georgetown in New York shortly after.
  • Psychic - It's a pretty well open secret amongst anyone that knows her that she's a telekinetic. She doesn't much try to hide it -- quite the opposite, in fact. It'll more than likely get her in trouble one of these days.
  • Scandal - Rumor has it her younger sister Annabeth vanished from Berkeley, and that she eloped with a boy that her parents disapproved of.
  • Student - Lisette is attending St John's University, studying Business, having transferred from Georgetown in 2016.
  • Bodyguard - Due to some recent events, Lisette now has a bodyguard -- Daniel Kent -- who follows her around almost everywhere.

This Cavanaugh is definitely taking after her family and seeking suitable investment businesses in the Fallcoast area to increase her personal wealth. She's the current owner of the below businesses, and would be open to a silent-partner arrangement for other investments.

  • Hotel Cavanaugh - Reopened under Cavanaugh Family ownership in April 2017, Hotel Cavanaugh mixes the best parts of Fallcoast's old world charm with the luxury and sensibility of the modern world. The hotel provides stunning sea-side views and excellent five-star service to its wealthy patrons. Co-owned with her cousin, Killian Cavanaugh.
  • Hyacinth Ridge Day Spa - Located in the exclusive Hyacinth Ridge area, the Hyacinth Ridge Day Spa opened at the end of February 2017. Catering to wealthy and elite clientele, the spa provides heated pool, spa, sauna, massage and other beauty and body treatments.

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Lisette Agnes Cavanaugh
Date of Birth: 18 Mar 1996
Apparent Age: 21
Occupation: Socialite / Social Media Maven
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Race: Psychic
Family: Cavanaugh


Fun - We Are Young

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
Than the sun
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A Magical Evening - Albergo Gancia Harvest Ball 2016
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Albergo Gancia Tree Lighting
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Sint Rides Again - The Marina
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NYE Charity Ball 2016
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Cavanaugh Family Dinner - January 2017
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Godless Book Release Party 2
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Country Club Expansion
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Cavanaugh Family Dinner - April 2017
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Hotel Cavanaugh Gala Opening