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“But my peace has always depended
on all the ashes I leave in my wake."

– The Arsonist's Lullaby, Hozier


xxxxxWhen she was young her mother told her that she was a monster.

xxxxxIt wasn't anything subtle. Nothing that could be put off to miscommunication or a lack of attention. No, it was that she was evil and her younger sister was good. The demon and the angel. Her mother believed that she could speak into her mind and tell both her and others to do anything she wanted. It had no rational basis, surely. No real logic that could be traced from A to B. But that didn't matter to her mother.

xxxxxIt certainly mattered to her. It did terrible things to her self confidence. Over time the way she was treated built up a steady throb of self loathing and hatred towards the rest of the world. Those horrible feelings, along with the void they eventually brought, never quite went away.

xxxxxMental illness is kind of a bitch like that. It can tear entire families apart. And when it does it can leave deep wounds on those that manage to drag themselves out of the wreckage. Now that she's all grown up she understands what it was they were going through. What they were made to believe. What sort of help her mother should have gotten before everything ended up broken and she felt so lost and burnt out inside.


xxxxxAfter her mother was dead and her sisters went missing it was made clear to her by those that took her aside that it wasn't her fault.

xxxxxBut that's just the problem, isn't it? She does have powers. She can look into people's minds. And if she pushes hard enough she can make people do whatever she wants them to do. She's fairly certain she never told her mother about it. Nor did she ever do anything to tip her off. So did that make her mother crazy or insightful? Does that make her responsible for all the horrible things she and her sisters went through? If one part of what her mother believed is true, does that make the rest true by extension?

xxxxxThose aren't questions she likes to think about. There's plenty of things like that that she doesn't think about nowadays. Usually she can get by without coming back to them.

xxxxxNowadays she dresses in a mix of dark and vibrant colors meant to catch the eye and contrast with her own pale complexion. She's all contrasts and pretty lies within and without. She aspires to be the life of the party while quietly wondering if she should even be there. She advocates living life to its fullest all while feeling a gnawing dissatisfaction with the way her own has turned out. She burns with a desire to be the center of attention while thinking little of herself.

xxxxxIt's the little things that ward off that void. That need to be appreciated. And when they don't cut it there's always her powers. She can find a street corner somewhere in the city and start playing and people will come and she can play them music that's secretly what they want to hear. A performance with the violin as much as it is of the mind. Willing or not, she takes a bit of money from the most appreciative of them afterwards; more as a trophy to so she can say that they really did appreciate her and her performance than because she really needs it.

xxxxxIt's enough, sometimes. It has to be.

RP Hooks
  • Violinist - Are you a musician? Are you someone who prefers to listen to music? Lisbeth can be found occasionally playing in both official venues and on the streets when the mood takes her. Just be careful about her ---
  • Creepy Psychic Powers - She's no street-side huckster of a "magician" trying to con customers into gambling at letting him guess the number in your head. Oh no. She knows. Just like how with a little effort she could know what you had this morning for breakfast. Or how you really feel about your co-workers. Or that horrible little secret or crime you decided to cover up and hide away from the world.

    And that's probably one of the nicer things she can do with her mind. Or to yours. Thankfully she's at least a bit guilty about the whole thing.

    It's not all sunshine and rainbows though. That sort of thing could get a person in a lot of trouble. Especially in a setting as nasty as the World of Darkness. Are you someone she'd have to worry about? Or are you someone that has to worry about her?
  • Abernathy - The middle sister of three, she belongs to that weird little family. She loves them all as much as their mundane and sometimes not so mundane oddities concern, distress, and confound her.

Friends, Family, and Tiny Regrets

Grace - Lisbeth's older sister. She disappeared along with just about everyone else in Lisbeth's life when she was young. She thinks Grace spent her teenage years living on the street after escaping from the mental asylum their mother had her institutionalized in. She'd never do it, but if she pried into the depths of her mind maybe she'd discover that the truth is far worse.

Maris - Lisbeth's younger sister. Probably just as unstable and odd as her older sister. She too disappeared to a horrible place and came back after Lisbeth had started picking up the pieces of her life. Much as she might hate to admit it, they haven't talked much since.

Alice - One of Lisbeth's cousins. Unknowingly departed from this earthly coil, thankfully returned, and from Lisbeth's perspective perhaps just as bonkers as her sisters. One of the last times they got together as a family she claimed that the candelabra Lisbeth had received as a gag gift had actually been used as a murder weapon. And that it could end up influencing Lisbeth in rather bad ways if she didn't get rid of it.

Because the last thing the Abernathy family's reputation needs is one of its family members reenacting "The Shining". Fun times.

Brand - Grace said it best: *Fans self*.

Lubomir - An oddity. Not that many people spend so much time watching her perform. Even less leave such a weird payment for her time. And no one has ever given her advice after she was done with a piece. Just who the heck is he?


Lis02.jpeg Lis03.jpg

Lisbeth Abernathy
Date of Birth: 16th of August 1993
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Violinist
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust


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